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Actress Shin Ae Ra Opens Up about Her Surgery on “Healing Camp”

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During a recent appearance on SBS’s “Healing Camp,” actress Shin Ae Ra discussed her hysterectomy surgery.

On July 28, “Healing Camp” broadcast its special three-year anniversary episode. Special guest Shin Ae Ra said “One day, I suddenly started bleeding. It turned out that it was a kind of benign tumor in my uterus… I chose to have a hysterectomy right away so that I could recover quickly. Even though the doctor warned me that I could not become pregnant and that I might experience psychological stress and other side effects, I said it would be okay.”

However, she revealed that her husband and fellow actor Cha In Pyo was opposed to her decision. “He thought his wife would be at a disadvantage after the surgery. Right before the surgery I told him to just let things be

Actress Lee Ji Ah to guest on "Healing Camp"

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Actress Lee Ji Ah will be featured as a guest on the interview show "Healing Camp".

According to an insider, Lee Ji Ah will be filming for SBS" "Healing Camp" on July 30. The actress" name has been followed by scandal ever since the shocking news of her former, secret marriage to musical icon Seo Tai Ji as well as her public relationship with Jung Woo Sung, and producers of the show have sought after her appearance. 

She was hesitant to be a guest because of headlines, but she agreed to appear back in April after a long negotiation, making the upcoming episode of "Healing Camp" her first time on a talk show. 

Lee Ji Ah is expected to delve more into her public and private lives. In other news, she recently joined HB Entertainment and is preparing to be a screenwriter in Hollywood

Actress Lee Ji Ah Confirmed to Guest on “Healing Camp”

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Actress Lee Ji Ah will be opening up about her past on SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp.”

According to a representative of SBS, the actress will participate in filming the show on July 30.

Lee Ji Ah has been actively sought after by the producers of “Healing Camp,” but as her issues in her private life have recently made the headlines, her responses to previous casting calls have been on the hesitant side. Back in April, she agreed to appear on the show after a lengthy negotiation, but the filming ended up being pushed back due to the Sewol ferry incident. This upcoming episode will mark her first-ever talk show appearance.

The actress is expected to reveal more of her career and private life, breaking the wall between her and the public

IU Reveals She Received Treatment for Bulimia on “Healing Camp”

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Singer IU, who previously talked about receiving pressure from her family before she made her debut, continued sharing her personal battles and has revealed her very personal experience of battling with an eating disorder at the filming for the episode of the SBS show, “Healing Camp.” 

The episode, which will air later tonight, July 14, features the young singer, who really opens up. “My heart was empty. I always felt anxious after I made my debut and from a certain time, I filled the void through food,” said IU. “Rather than feeling good, I always had that feeling of anxiety thinking there’s still something lacking,” continued the singer.

“At that time, I ate until I threw up and I even sought treatment,” revealed IU.

In this episode, IU also made some curious remarks, claiming that she is an “overrated singer” who really “cheated properly” with her latest album, “Flower Bookmark

Park Yoochun’s Special in “Happy Camp” Tops Ratings

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun proves his popularity once again when he came out as a guest of the Chinese HunanTV program “Happy Camp”. The special episode that was shown on July 12 was placed 1st on the ratings among all the programs on the same timeslot. Park Yoochun’s episode garnered a total of 2.242% in ratings, which was higher in comparison to the previous episode’s 1.922% and higher than normal with the show’s average rating as 1.844%.

CJES Entertainment further explained that during the show, Park Yoochun also topped search portals in China and was a trending topic in Weibo as well.

Meanwhile, JYJ fans are anticipating the much-awaited JYJ comeback album which is reportedly to be released late July. Park Yoochun’s movie entitled “Sea Fog” will also be released next month

Singer IU Reveals That Her Confidence Rises When in Love on “Healing Camp”

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The talented singer IU recently revealed her honest thoughts about dating.

On July 14, the singer appeared on SBS’s variety show, “Healing Camp” along with singer and actor Kim Chang Wan and the cute Akdong Musicians. IU shyly said, “For me, being in a relationship is the best. It’s the time where narcissism springs up.”

Continuing on, she said, “I usually have low confidence but when I start dating, I can’t help but love myself. Since the person that I like likes me as well, I acknowledge that, ‘I can look at myself in amazement.” She continued on by saying, “When I start dating, my confidence rises.”

Lastly, the singer was asked whether she was dating and answered with, “It becomes wishy-washy

IU Confesses Having Suffered from Eating Disorder on ‘Healing Camp’

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IU confessed that she suffered from bulimia in the past.

After debuting in 2008, IU has been promoting actively in the music industry as well as on small screens.

While recording July 14’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, IU revealed, “I always felt insecure.”

IU said, “I felt empty inside so I tried to fill the emptiness with food. I ate to the point where I had to throw up so I had to get medical treatment.”

The full story of IU will be revealed on July 14 on SBS’s Healing Camp.

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'Happy Camp' reveals the inside of EXO's dorm much to the delight of fans

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The EXO members revealed their dorm on "Happy Camp"!

The EXO members filmed China"s "Happy Camp" last month on the 11th, and it finally aired! The show revealed what the EXO dorms were like. Chen was up first to introduce his room, showing viewers his bed and his dolls. He said, "I like it when I sleep with my dolls." Xiumin explained the blanket that had a lot of dolls and wolves drawn on it was a gift fro his fans.

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The video also showed Lay playing on the piano, and Chanyeol and Baekhyun working on songs on their computer. D.O was so into his movie that he didn"t even know there was a camera, and he stared dully at it and made fans laugh

EXO's Lay comments that the difficult times will come to pass + members on verge of tears in 'Happy Camp' preview

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Next week"s episode of Hunan TV"s "Happy Camp" will be something fans won"t want to miss. The preview revealed footage of EXO"s aegyo, games, and even a tour of their dorm. But that happy laughter was also met with tears as EXO assured fans that it"s normal for groups to have their issues, especially when they"re are a lot of members, but at the end of the day, they"re a team.

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When the announcer opened up the discussion about Kris" lawsuit, the words, "You said we"ll be together. Then why did you just let go?", appear on the screen as the EXO members are seen being on the verge of tears during their personal interview. Lay, especially got teary as he shared, "When you have all these people together, of course there will be problems

EXO to Appear on Chinese Variety Show “Happy Camp” Without Kris

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Male group EXO has been confirmed to soon appear on one of China’s most loved variety shows, Hunan Broadcasting System’s “Happy Camp.”

A source in the Chinese entertainment industry confirmed to TV Report, “EXO’s 11 members have been confirmed to film ‘Happy Camp.’” As member Kris is currently in the middle of a legal dispute with SM Entertainment after filing a lawsuit against the agency to terminate his contract, he will not participate in the show.

“Happy Camp” is known for entertaining its viewers with talented MCs and the hottest celebrity guests. RainLee Min HoJang Geun SukPark Hae JinSuper Junior, and other Korean stars have confirmed their local popularity by appearing on the show

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Jung Joon Young plans a 'healing date' for Jung Yoo Mi on 'We Got Married'

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Jung Joon Young planned a "healing date" for Jung Yoo Mi on the May 10 episode of "We Got Married".

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The younger onscreen husband promised to buy Jung Yoo Mi tea (a car according to her) last week, so he took her on a date to an herb farm. Jung Joon Young said, "I"ll buy you tea. This place is full of teas from abroad."

Despite the miscommunication, the two went on to smell and enjoy a variety of teas, which was different than any date they"ve been on before. 

Jung Joon Young said during his solo interview, "Jung Yoo Mi is tired everyday. She"s always fatigued. I thought it would be a sort of healing for her."

Can you believe this couple is leaving the show soon?

After School's Jooyeon and Lizzy go on a 'healing trip' to Jeju Island for 'The Celebrity' magazine

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After School"s Jooyeon and Lizzy went on a healing trip to Jeju Island for the latest issue of "The Celebrity" magazine.

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The After School members chose the beautiful island for their first trip with just the two of them. For the "Wonderful Jeju" concept, Jooyeon and Lizzy modeled with the amazing scenery behind them as well as in a posh hotel suite, showing what Jeju Island has to offer.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip of the pictorial above! 

Lee Ji Ah Confirmed for “Healing Camp,” First Appearance on Variety Program

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Actress Lee Ji Ah will make her first appearance on a variety program since debut.

On April 16, her agency HB Entertainment revealed that she’ll be a guest on SBS’ variety talk show “Healing Camp.”

She rocked the entertainment world in 2011 when word got that she used to be married to pop legend Seo Tae Ji during her teenage years. Lee Ji Ah’s entrance into the entertainment world was a major topic amongst netizens since she was part of Bae Yong Joon’s blockbuster drama “The Legend” as one of the main cast, and netizens weren’t able to dig up her past. She was nicknamed “alien” since there was not an ounce of information about her that could be traced.

Lee Ji Ah will film her episode next week where she will open up about her life from her acting projects to other areas of her life

Baek Ji Young and Lee Seung Gi Perform “My Ear’s Candy” on “Healing Camp”

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Singers Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young have attracted a lot of attention for their adorable dance break to “My Ear’s Candy.”

On the April 14 episode of SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp,” Lee Sun Hee talked about her career and life as a singer. To make the episode a bit more special, Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young made special appearances on the show.

They entered the stage and performed “My Ear’s Candy,” a collaboration hit by Baek Ji Young and 2PM‘s Taecyeon from 2009. This was not the first time for Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young to show off their chemistry, as they performed the song at the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun.

After seeing their cute and entertaining performance, Lee Sun Hee praised Lee Seung Gi’s improved dancing skills, “Compared to the past, your dance has a better vibe now