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Jung Yoo Mi Admits Not Keeping in Touch With Jung Joon Young After “We Got Married”

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Actress Jung Yoo Mi got real and revealed that she hasn’t been keeping in touch with his then on-screen husband Jung Joon Young after their stint in the MBC variety show, “We Got Married.”

In an interview with OSEN on August 1, the actress talked about her relationship with the rock singer after they finished the show. “We don’t contact each other. Even when we were filming the show, we weren’t the type to contact each other,” said Jung Yoo Mi.

“I’m currently working with Choi Tae Joon in a drama and he’s Jung Joon Young’s best friend. The two really meet often. Whenever I meet (Choi Tae Joon), I hear news about him (Jung Joon Young). That’s why even when ‘We Got Married’ is finished, I feel that there’s still an extension (of our relationship)

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Features in Commemorative Stamps in Japan

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s face will be all over the mail in Japan as special commemorative stamps featuring the singer will be available for pre-order starting today, August 1.

According to C-JeS Entertainment on August 1, “Kim Jaejoong was chosen as the model for the commemorative stamp of a stamp company’s 10th anniversary. Being chosen as the face of the 10th anniversary commemorative stamps of a stamp company in Japan means that he is receiving a lot of love in Japan wherein it is said that Hallyu is experiencing a slump. It is a great honor and a happy news.”

“Kim Jaejoong’s popularity in Japan is high so the company chose him for its 10th anniversary commemorative stamp. As soon as news of Jaejoong being chosen for the commemorative stamp came out, inquiries from his fans came pouring in

SHINee”s Taemin with EXO” Kai and Sehun to appear in “Running Man” on August 17th

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Taemin, Kai and Sehun will make their appearance in August 17th"s episode of SBS" "Running Man".

On July 31st, according to official sources, Taemin, Kai and Sehun participated in the recording of "Running Man" on July 29th at a swimming pool in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do. The other guests were previously revealed were H.O.T"s Moon Hee Joon, Sechskies" Eun Ji Won, g.o.d"s Danny Ahn, NRG"s Chun Myung Hoon and Sistar"s Soyou.

As the guests include idols from both old and young generations so many people are anticipating for their meeting on the show.

Don"t miss this episode of "Running Man" which will be broadcast on August 18th.

Summer Fashion Trends: K-Pop Idols In Magazines [Blog]

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Korean fashion magazines love featuring K-Pop idols in their pages and showcase the latest trends on them. Fashion plays an important part on K-Pop idols" lives; whether these be through their stage outfits, press events, magazines, or airport fashion.

Korea sets trends that are later adopted on a global scale by big fashion houses. And even though a stylist coordinates their outfits when an idol appears on a magazine, and sometimes these looks seem too "out there" for the "real world," they can work with the proper adjustments.

If you wish to emulate K-Pop summer trends, you can always apply them to your everyday style. Be trendy this summer with these different trends that are the season"s "musts."

Upgraded basics, monochromatic, and black and white

Basics are one of the standout trends for this summer since they are a very easy trend to apply

JYJ’s Jaejoong Speaks Up About Original Ending for “Triangle”

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JYJ’s Jaejoong recently finished filming for his drama “Triangle” and finally spoke up about the original ending of his character, Jang Dong Chul.

Kim Jaejoong explained, “The drama has ended and I know I can speak up about it now, but honestly, Jang Dong Chul’s death was certain. He was supposed to die at the airport on the way to attend the Hold ‘Em Championships. However, the drama was extended by two episodes, so the ending changed. Im Siwan had other filming schedules and could only attend the filming of one extended episode, so that is why his character Jang Dong Woo died instead.”

Kim Jaejoong further explains, “Oh Yeon Soo, who plays Hwang Shin Hye, had to go to the U.S. for personal family matters, so we weren’t able to film together at the end

Actress Jang Shin Young Joins “The Spring Day of My Life”

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Actress Jang Shin Young has joined the cast of the upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Spring Day of My Life.”

According to MBC on July 30, Jang Shin Young will play the role of Bae Ji Won, a cold-hearted but fast-calculating team leader of the public relations department. The character has exceptional beauty, refined language and sagacity, receiving the affection of Myung Hee (Shim Hye Jin.) Jang Shin Young will be rivals with Sooyoung for Kam Woo Sung.

Jang Shin Young is generating interest as she has shown off her great acting ability in the popular dramas “The Chaser” and “Empire of Gold.”

Meanwhile, “The Spring Day of My Life” is a melodrama is about a woman who is terminally that receives a new heart through an organ transplant, and then she meets the husband of the woman who donated the heart, and the two fall in love

Kim Jaejoong Has No Time For A Girlfriend

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In a recent magazine interview, Kim Jaejoong confessed that he has no time for a girlfriend.
Because he once said he would not go public with a relationship until he dated someone for over a year, @Star1 magazine asked him if maybe he had a secret girlfriend.
He said no. Not even a secret girlfriend. Even though he confessed to having secret relationships in the past, he said that he simply did not have the time to see anyone.

“A hidden girlfriend,” he told the magazine. “Even if I had one she would run away.”
He has been very busy with his role in the drama “Triangle,” which ends this week. In that drama about three brothers who were separated in childhood, he plays the middle brother, Heo Young Dal. Kim Jaejoong won praise for his performance. His character starts out seeming like a hopeless petty thug but transforms himself into a competent adversary

“Fashion King Korea 2″ Releases Its Celebrity Lineup, Including Block B’s Zico and P.O, Sunmi, and Others

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SBS variety program “Fashion King Korea 2” finally revealed its star-studded lineup.

In a group cast picture released by SBS were Clara, Sunmi, Yoon Jin SeoHong Jin Kyung, Kwang Hee of ZE:A, Jung Joon Young, and Block B members Zico and P.O. It is interesting to see how each cast member’s own unique style comes through with just this one photo.

“Fashion King Korea 2″ will see these celebrities pair up with a fashion designer to compete with each other. The fashion designers who will be on the show are Choi Bum Suk (General Idea), Ko Tae Yong (Beyond Closet), Han Sang Hyuk (Heich es Heich), Song Hye Myung (Dominic’s Way), Kwak Hyun Joo, and Vandal

Free Outdoor Market and Live Stage Added To KCON for First Time, as 2014 Convention Continues to Grow

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KCON 2014 Includes Two Night of K-pop Concerts, Appearances from Top Korean Drama Stars, "League of Legends" Exhibition Match, and the "Taste of KCON"

A Larger Convention with More Panels, Workshops and Special Guests from Across Hallyu Storm Downtown L.A. August 9 and 10

KCON, the largest annual fan celebration of all things Hallyu, announced today that the third annual convention will feature a free marketplace with vendors from around LA and a free outdoor stage. KCON 2014 also revealed its program schedule for this year"s two day convention taking place August 9 and 10 in Downtown Los Angeles. Building on last year"s highly successful event at the Los Angeles Memorial Arena, KCON 2014 will return with a programming slate double the size and more varied than ever. In addition to two star-studded K-pop concerts (up from one in 2013), special guests and a new program of panels and workshops, KCON 2014 will add a slew of first-time features to the convention

Shin Dong Yup, Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung are a fierce family on the set of ‘Fashion King Korea 2′

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Shin Dong Yup, Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung looked ready to compete with their fierce expressions on the set of "Fashion King Korea 2"!

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MC Shin Dong Yup was the man of the hour, getting the attention of Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung at the "Fashion King Korea 2" studio in Paju, Gyeonggido earlier this month. The MC and three celebrity contestants looked their best in matching black-and-white outfits and posed playfully for the camera.

Jung Joon YoungClaraBlock B"s Zico and P.OSunmiZE:A"s KwangheeYoon Jin SeoJo Se Ho, and Hong Jin Kyung will team up with designers Go Tae YongChoi Bum SeokHan Sang HyukLogan,Song Hye MyungKwak Hyun Joo, and Yang Hee Min for the fashion survival program

Upcoming Film “Sea Fog” Releases Character Posters

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Seven different posters showing the characters of the upcoming film, “Sea Fog,” has been released.

On July 21, the publisher of “Sea Fog,” NEW, revealed the character posters of Kim Yoon Seok, Park Yoochun, Lee Hee Joon, Moon Sung Geun, Kim Sang Ho, Yoo Seung Mok and Han Ye Ri.

In the character posters, it has each of the character’s distinct dialogue as well as their lively facial expression. On the boat vessel, Jeonjinho, each of the crew have their stories. Kim Yoon Seok plays the captain, Chul Joo, Moon Sung Geun plays Wan Ho, who is the chief engineer. Kim Sang Ho plays the role of Ho Young who is the senior crewman, Yoo Seung Mok is the tough crewmember and Park Yoo Chun plays the youngest, innocent member, Dong Shik

Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong, Kim Junsu Spill What JYJ Means to Them

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Coming back together in three years for the second full length album, JYJ decorated the cover of the August issue of Marie Claire.

In an interview that followed the photoshoot, JYJ revealed their tighter friendship despite being occupied with their individual activities for the past three years, as well as their congruent philosophy on music.

About JYJ as a team, the members stated, “Even when we are apart we can sense each other’s presence and it’s like a resting place where we can always lean on and come back to in order to take a rest.”

They added, “In terms of music, we each express different colors in our individual activities but when the three of us come together, we go back to doing music that best suits JYJ. The upcoming album also contains music that features a harmony of our voices, instead of trendy ones

Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In’s New Film “Sado” Holds First Shooting

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Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In‘s new historical film “Sado” has officially gone into productions.

The first shooting of the film took place on July 8, and it consist of scenes with the young Prince Sado (played by Yoo Ah In) wowing the court, including his father King Yeongjo (Song Kang Ho) with his intelligence.

In the film, Song Kang Ho will portray King Yeongjo, a determined man who climbed his way up to become the King of the Joseon dynasty. Yoo Ah In will depict King Yeongjo’s son Crown Prince Sado, who was sentenced to death by starvation by his own father. The Prince ultimately died of suffocation after eight days of imprisonment in a big chest.

After the first shoot, Song Kang Ho said, “the film ‘Sado’ has made me shiver, the pressure I get from the material is so great

f(x) win #1 + Performances from July 17th ‘M! Countdown’!

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Mnet"s "M! Countdown" is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists! 

On this episode, Skull returned with "I"m Getting Married" featuring Eugene, Parc Jae Jung debuted with "Ice Ice Baby", Eddy Kim came back with "Darling", Lucky J debuted with "Can You Hear Me", Kim Wan Sun returned with "Goodbye My Love", J-Min debuted with "Shine", and B1A4 made their comeback with "Solo Day".

As for the winners, the first place nominees were f(x) and K.Will, but in the end, f(x) won this episode with "Red Light"! Congratulations!

Other performers of the night were Taeyang, Hyomin, f(x), Jung Joon Young, NU"EST, AOA, 100%, HISTORY, and GOT7

Park Hae Jin gives goosebumps during script reading for upcoming OCN drama ‘Bad Boys’

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Park Hae Jin and more attended the script reading for the upcoming OCN drama "Bad Boys".

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Kim Sang Joong, Park Hae Jin, Jo Dong Hyuk, Kang Ye Won, Kang Shin Il, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Byung Choon, Park Hyo Joon, Lim Sung Un, and more showed up to the script reading at CJ E&M Center in Sangamdong, Seoul on July 15. Park Jae Jin reportedly gave goosebumps as he read the chilling lines of his psychotic character with emotionless expressions.

"Bad Boys" is an 11-episode drama about the fight between detectives and criminals. Park Hae Jin will play the role of genius psychopath Lee Jung Moon. The cast and staff will begin filming this month, and the drama is set to premiere on October 4!

Shim Eun Kyung once again in talks to star in Korean remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile’

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It"s been reported that Shim Eun Kyung is once again in talks to star in the Korean remake of the much-loved Japanese series "Nodame Cantabile"!

SEE ALSO: Shim Eun Kyung turns down "Nodame Cantabile" to focus on a new movie

Though the actress" reps previously announced that she had turned down the offer due to her schedule for the movie "Waiting for You", which also stars Ryu Seung Ryong and MBLAQ"s Lee Joon, negotiations are back on as filming for "Waiting for You" has been pushed back. Her agency stated, "The filming for the movie "Waiting for You" has been delayed to the end of this year. The producers of "Nodame Cantabile" asked to meet with us again. Nothing has been decided as of yet."

Shim Eun Kyung has been chosen by netizens as their top choice to play the main character Nodame opposite the male lead Joo Won, who has already been confirmed

Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, and more confirmed to star in upcoming tvN drama ‘My Secret Hotel’

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Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, Jin Yi Han, and Lee Young Eun have been cast in the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama "My Secret Hotel"!

SEE ALSO: Yoo In Na and Shin Hyun Joon to be the opening MCs of the "Pusan International Fantastic Film Festival"

"My Secret Hotel" portrays the story of Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) who is in charge of the wedding department of a top-rated hotel and reunites with her former husband Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) as his wedding planner seven years later. The drama also adds a murder to the mix, giving the perfect combination of mystery and romance. Nam Goong Min will get himself into a love triangle with Yoo In Na and Lee Young Eun in the 16-episode drama directed by "City Hunter" and "Doctor Stranger"s Hong Jong Chan and written by Kim Do Hyun. 

Yoon In Na shared, "I am happy that I get to work with tvN a second time for a good drama

‘Weekly Idol’s Jung Hyung Don and Defconn (Hyung Don & Dae Joon) to kick off their comeback with a pre-release track

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There have been rumors of Hyung Don & Dae Joon (Jung Hyung Don and Defconn)"s comeback for months and now it"s confirmed!

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Defconn tweeted on the 10th, "We will share news on love and friendship"s symbol Hyung Dong & Dae Joon"s new album starting tomorrow."

And sure enough, Defconn"s rep then revealed details, telling media outlets, "Hyung Don and Dae Joon"s new mini-album is set to be released early next month. They will pre-release a song on the 14th."

The hilarious "Weekly Idol" MCs will once again show their close-knit friendship through their comeback in one-and-a-half years since their mini-album "Sweet Gangsta Rap Volume 1" in February 2013, so make sure to keep an eye out for their return!

SHINee’s Key Explains Dating Rumors with Infinite’s Woo Hyun

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SHINee’s Key explained the dating rumors between him and Infinite’s Woo Hyun.

July 3’s broadcast of MBC’s Star Gazing featured SHINee’s Key, Lim Ho and Song Eun Yi as the panel and Fly to the Sky, trot singer Park Hyun Bin and Jung Joon Young as guests.

About the rumors saying that Fly to the Sky’s two members are dating each other, Key commented, “I heard that rumor too. I heard there were some misunderstandings about the relationship between you two,” and Hwanhee said, “There were so many rumors saying that ‘the two members kissed,’ or that ‘they are in love with each other.’ There was a rumor claiming that we kissed in a car but that’s not true.”

Then Key asked, “What do you do when rumors like that come up?” and MC Kang Do Hong asked Key “Are you speaking from your own experience?”

The Key said, “Every time I’m promoting I hear things like that

2PM′s Chansung Drinks, Lee Joon Gi Eats, MBLAQ′s Mir Sleeps In and More

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Stars chowed down as the week started to wane with Thursday.

Check out what all these stars were up to on today′s Twitter Roundup!

Chansung jumped on the ′My Bottle′ trend burning through Korea with a bottle of his own named ′Chan Bottle′. "It′s so refreshing, ah, ah," he said as he drank his fill.

After School′s Jungah was given fruit packets as gifts. "I′m easily moved.. Feeling great again today~ Thank you~^^ I′ll be enjoying this♡," she said in thanks to her fans.

The shooter also energized himself with food. Lee Joon Gi tweeted a picture of himself at a restaurant, saying, "A short break in my busy schedule. You′re best healed when you have good food. Thanks for all the love~ This gunner will work harder after this good food~^