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Park Shin Hye Reveals She Had the Best Compatibility with Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho

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Actress Park Shin Hye recently took part in a photo shoot and interview for the November issue of @star1 magazine, which will be released on October 20.

During the interview, the actress was asked, “There’s a saying that the actors that work alongside Park Shin Hye become Hallyu stars. What do you think the reason is?” to which she responded, “When I hear things like that, it’s also an honor for me because it means that I was able to help my co-star shine that much more.”

She continued, “Those [co-stars] possess enough charms to become Hallyu stars without me. I’m happy that people think there’s even a little bit of my influence there. To be honest, I think I’ve benefitted more from them, if I think about it.”

When asked to choose a male co-star she had the best compatibility with while filming together, Park Shin Hye mentioned actors Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho

Epik High Reveals Taeyang, Jay Park, Gaeko, and More as Featured Artists

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After revealing their rapper featured guest list for one of their songs on their upcoming eighth album, “Shoebox,” Epik High revealed more artists to their total featured artists line up.

In a teaser image released by YG Entertainment, Jo Wan Sun, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, Kim Jong Wan, Jay Park, Yankee, Younha, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, and MYK will be joining Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Bobby, Mino, and B.I. as the featured artists in Epik High’s album.

“Shoebox” will be digitally released on October 21, while the physical album will be released in stores nationwide on October 22.

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Epik High Releases Teaser Feat

Epik High latest "Shoebox" teaser reveals Taeyang, Jay Park, Younha, and more as featuring lineup

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Epik High continues to tease fans for their upcoming album "Shoebox", as they have released yet another poster containing a slew of featuring artists!

The poster is decorated with polaroid pictures of famous artists. While the top three are the Epik High members themselves, including Mithra Jin, Tablo, and DJ Tukutz, the cluster of pictures at the bottom appear to be the featuring artists for Epik High"s eighth album, including Beenzino, Jo Won Sun, Gaeko, Kim Jong Hwan, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, Yankee, Younha, Taeyang, Bobby, Mino, MYK, and B.I! With this star-studded feature lineup, Epik High is keeping fans on their toes for their album release.

Stay tuned for when the album drops online on October 21 and offline on October 22!

Park Min Woo reveals every "Modern Farmer" cast member was injured once during filming

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On October 14, the SBS building held a press conference for its upcoming comedy drama "Modern Farmer" when actor Park Min Woo revealed that the cast members were easily injured during filming. He shared, "[The actors] all got injured at least once."

He proceeded with the details, saying, "Honey Lee got a severe scratch on her forehead, Lee Si Un [broke] his nose twice, Kwak Dong Yeon"s arm got dragged across the floor." He added jokingly, "Hongki is scheduled to also get hurt soon."

Park Min Woo had a particular story regarding himself and Hongki to share as he continued, "When we were by the creek, Hongki"s elbow flew at me." He said, "My nose bled. [Hongki] justified himself, saying, "There was a bug in front of me"," revealing just how easily these minor accidents can happen on set

Park Shin Hye Talks About Jang Geun Suk And Lee Min Ho

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When asked which of her co-stars she most enjoyed working with, Park Shin Hye mentioned the two stars fans most liked seeing her act with. She talked about her "You"re Beautiful" co-star Jang Geun Suk and her "The Heirs" co-star Lee Min Ho.

The actress discussed them during an interview she did for @Star magazine. The magazine"s November issue, featuring her interview and photo shoot, will be released on Oct. 20.

The interviewer shared the saying that every actor who works with Park Shin Hye becomes a Hallyu star.

"Why do you think that is," the interviewer asked.

The modest actress said she was honored to hear things like that but she refused to take any credit for their stardom.

"I think it"s because I made the other person stand out," said Park Shin Hye

"Modern Farmer" with Lee Hongki, Park MinWoo, & AOA Mina releases highlight video

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Following the comic posters of SBS upcoming drama "Modern Farmer", a highlight video featuring the cast and the glimpse to the story plot is also released.

The video is equally comedic as the posters as it starts off showing the characters in cubicles doing funny acts. The clip also teases the appearance of the rock band Excellent Souls consists of FT Island"s Hongki, Park Min Woo, Lee Shi Un, Kwak Dong Yeon.

Aside from it, more twist and turns of the scenes are shown which leave viewers anticipating for more. What it below while we wait for it"s premiere on October 18 at 8:45PM.

Park Shin Hye reveals that she had the best chemistry with Hallyu actors Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk

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Park Shin Hye revealed that she worked best with actors Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho during a photo shoot and interview with @Star.

The actress was asked, "There was a saying that every actor who worked with Park Shin Hye becomes a Hallyu Star. Why do you think that is?" She answered, "I am honored when I hear those kinds of things. I think it"s because I made the other person stand out."

She then added, "They have the right charms to become Hallyu stars without me. I am happy to know that people think that I have some kind of influence over this. Honestly, I was the one who received more of an advantage because of them."

Park Shin Hye also talked about working with little prince Jang Geun Suk and said, "When filming for SBS" "You Are Beautiful", we worked really well together

[★VIDEO] Park Shinhye shows off her beauty in “Star1” photo shoot

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Actress Park Shinhye and Star1 magazine come together for a pictorial.

The actress shows off her elegance and charms, while striking poses in Star1"s recent behind-the-scene video. Park Shinhye can be seen switching between a few different outfits, and wearing a natural make-up look.

Park Shinhye, in the meanwhile, has been busy preparing for her upcoming drama “Pinocchio,” which she will star alongside Lee Jongsuk.

Check out her photo shoot below!

Source: Star1

SBS “K-POP STAR 4” Yang Hyunsuk, J.Y. Park, and Yoo Heeyeol to begin filming

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The newest season of “K-POP STAR” has taken off it’s veil with Yang Hyunsuk, Park Jinyoung (J.Y. Park), and Yoo Heeyeol all gathering to begin filming this coming 17th.

According to TV Report’s media official, survival audition program “K-POP STAR: Season 4” (also known as “K-POP STAR 4”) will undergo its first recording with the CEO trio of YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Antenna Music on October 17th.

Since July, the “KPOP STAR 4” producers and staff have been travelling to various countries outside of South Korea such as the United States, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more, to find auditionees for the upcoming season.

The SBS team has revealed that the number of contestants for season 4 has well over doubled the average number of contestants from the previous seasons

Park Joonhyun spent 200 million won on bulgolgi?

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On October 12th’s episode of “Roommate,” Park Joonhyun reveals that he has spent over 200 million Won on hot pot bulgolgi before.

Over dinner, Park Joonhyun shared that when he had an active schedule and was constantly working, “Others eat pork stir fried rice but when I ordered, I would always eat two bowls of hot pot bulgolgi.”

He goes on to say that once the catering bill came out to 200 million won which shocked the roommates. Actor Lee Dongwook immediately asked “What did you order for the bill to be 200 million?” Meanwhile, GOT7’s Jackson could not contain his surprise at the ridiculous story.

Catch more of g.o.d.’s Park Joonhyun’s stories on the new second season of “Roommate” during SBS’s “Good Sunday” every week!

Source: Star News Korea

Bernard park shares BTS stills and video for “Behind the Rain”

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SBS K-Pop Star 3” winner, Bernard Park takes us behind the scenes of his first music video after his debut under JYP Entertainment.

After just releasing his debut music video for “Behind the Rain” a couple of hours ago, Bernard Park is taking us behind the scenes with stills and a video to reveal how his ballad’s heartbreaking story came together!

With an umbrella in hand, Bernard talks about the weather in the video noting, ”We are currently filming the ‘Before the Rain’ music video… But it’s been raining a lot today, so the mood and atmosphere is really playing along well. So yes… I think this song is really going to do well.”

What usually is scene as poor weather was actually an unexpected bonus! Did the behind the scenes look enhance the atmosphere of the video even more?

Take a look at the video and some more stills below!

Source: Daum

Bernard Park releases music video for debut track, "Before The Rain"!

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Bernard Park has released his music video for the title track of his first album, "Before The Rain"!
His debut title track is a wonderfully smooth and orchestral experience, with his passionate voice complementing the instrumentals in a song that is perfect for the upcoming chilly winter season.

"Before the Rain" continues the theme of longing for a past lover that was previously expressed in his pre-release track, "I"m...". Check out the music video above!

Bernard Park releases “Before The Rain” MV

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JYP Entertainment artist and SBS “K-Pop Star Season 3” winner Bernard Park has unleashed his official debut music video, “Before The Rain.”

Bernard Park has finally made his entrance into the entertainment music with his official track “Before The Rain,” releasing his music video to it on October 13.

"Before The Rain" is a very soothing track carried strongly by Bernard Park’s soft, but calming vocals. The music video is equally alleviating with a blue filter.

Check out Bernard Park’s amazing debut track below.

Source: jypentertainment

[Spoiler] "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" Han Seung-yeon and Park Geon-il kiss

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Han Seung-yeon and Park Geon-il kissed.

On the final episode of the MBC drama "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!", Ga-eul (Han Seung-yeon) and Yoo Chun (Park Geon-il) were babysitting Nae-cheon"s (Choi Dae-cheol) child.

Yoo Chun thanked Ga-eul for taking good care of his niece. She then indirectly delivered her feelings for him by saying, "I want a child every time I look at her".

Yoo Chun had to go for work and Ga-eul picked up the cell phone that he"d left behind and ran for the stairs. Then she bumped into him on the stairs, on the lips.

The family then walked in and Dong-hoo (Han Jin-hee) yelled at them.

Meanwhile, "Rosy Lovers" is coming up next weekend starring Lee Jang-woo, Sunhwa, Kim Min-seo, Han Ji-sang, Yoon Ah-jeong and more

Bernard Park to release title track “Before the Rain” at noon today!

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Newest JYP rookie, Bernard Park, will finally be releasing his debut album title track, “Before the Rain,” at noon on October 13th.

At noon on the 13th (KST), Bernard Park will be releasing through online music sites his debut album, “I’m…”, which will also include his title track, “Before the Rain.”

The album will include other tracks such as the following, “A Girl Like You”, “Just One More Day”, “To Be Honest”, and “Even If I Become a Singer”, a total of six debut songs.

The rookie artist received much support, encouragement, and praise for his charismatic vocals and sensitivity after having his first television debut performance of “Before the Rain” on SBS Inkigayo on the 11th