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Actor Park Hae Jin Donates 100 Million Won to the Flood Victims in Busan

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Actor Park Hae Jin donated 100 million won (approx. $100,000 USD) for the people in Busan who were recently affected by the harsh floods. The actors hopes that his donation does some good to the people, especially while the Korean traditional Chuseok holidays are nearing.

It has been reported that the actor had previously made a donation through UNICEF when the Sewol ferry accident ensued last April. While the amount has not been revealed, Park Hae Jin said that he hopes the money goes into helping the victims’ living expenses and psychotherapy.

After his appearances in “My Love from the Star” and “Doctor Stranger,” Park Hae Jin is preparing for his role in the upcoming OCN drama “Bad Guys.”

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young wrap up their outdoor adventure on "We Got Married"

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young wrapped up their outdoor adventure on the August 30th installment of "We Got Married".

The couple went parachuting, which was less scary than they had anticipated. Up in the air, Park Se Young told Wooyoung, "I wish you were next to me," and he responded, "I love you!" The couple then spent the last of their mission money on a small cabin and hung out at a nearby river that they found to be a little too cold.

The two ended the night with some ramen, and Park Se Young gave Wooyoung a refreshing splash with cold water. Wooyoung joked, "Let"s go sleep. Let"s spend a hot night together!" 

2PM’s Wooyoung Heats Things Up with Park Se Young Through Bold Skinship on “We Got Married”

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On the August 30 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” 2PM’s Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young took their virtual marriage one step further by displaying bold ‘skinship.’

During the episode, after Park Se Young poured cold water over Wooyoung’s back, the 2PM member playfully pulled his wife in for a tight hug.

The reason being, Wooyoung asked Park Se Young to stop pouring the water, however, the actress jokingly continued to do what she was doing. Upon realizing that she ignored his requests to stop the cold water, he wrapped his arms around Park Se Young, with his soaked body and even while shirtless.

Then, Wooyoung screamed out, “Let’s go sleep. Let’s spend a hot night!”—as a way to warm himself up after his cold shower—causing people to laugh with his 19+ statement

InStyle Magazine Releases More of Park Ji Sung and Kim Min Ji’s Lovely Wedding Photos

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Former soccer player Park Ji Sung and announcer Kim Min Ji recently released their wedding photo spread and the behind-the-scene stories on the September and October issues of InStyle Weddings.The newlywed couple’s photo shoot spread was full of diverse concepts, such as the ones from the day of their wedding ceremony on July 27th at the Walker Hill Vista Hotel, the wedding photos from the Island of Jeju, and the photo collections taken by KAMA studio. With Park Ji Sung looking dapper in clean-cut suits, and Kim Min Ji looking beautiful in a range of white dresses, this pictorial is attracting the public’s gaze.

Cho Chul Young, a representative of the KAMA Studio, will be presenting their wedding story and funny episodes through InStyle magazine

Jay Park reveals what he looks for in a woman + how he acts around a crush

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Singer Jay Park had a lot to say on the August 29 edition of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt". He opened up about what he looked for in the opposite gender and how he acted around a woman he liked.

He said, "For me, I think because I came from America, I find the butt and hips important. I also like smiles. I have an obsession with teeth. I like people who have a bright smile like Kim Yuna. I find it more important to have good body proportions than big boobs."

Sung Si Kyung also asked Jay Park, "Are you the type to flirt with a woman if you have interest in her?"

Jay Park revealed, "When I was younger, I was so shy that I could not even speak to her

Gong Hyo Jin and Jay Park show how to style snapbacks for hat brand "Hats On"

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In addition to the photos with endorsement models B1A4 that were recently revealed, "Hats On" has dropped more eye candy for consumers with photos of Gong Hyo Jin and Jay Park as well!

The two stars don various snapbacks and showcase the different ways to style them for the hat brand"s fall and winter line. While the actress goes for a more playful and casual image, Jay Park takes on a bold and edgy vibe with his set of photos.

Check out more photos below and take a look at B1A4"s photos here if you missed it!

John Park Suits Up for the September Issue of GQ Magazine

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Recently, John Park modeled for the September issue of the GQ Korea and displayed a fresh and a charming look.

In the photos, John models a sharp tuxedo balanced with artistic floral designs matched with a black turtleneck underneath. He brilliantly completes the bold and formal appearance with his usual mysterious expression.

In addition, the casual suit outfit put together by a low-cut and loose-fit knit top and a shawl collared jacket is a comfortable look that matches well with John’s image.

In this photo, John’s black silk double-breasted jacket is classic and modern and meshes well with his vibe. A pair of black and elegant slip-ons complete this trendy look.

Seo In Guk and Park Min Young are ready to take on the outdoors in "ISENBERG" apparel

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Outdoor brand "ISENBERG" released new pictures of youthful models Seo In Guk and Park Min Young dressed in apparel from the 2014 fall and winter collection!

The concept was, "Your Stylish Outdoor Life", and featured the happy and clearly energetic models posing for a refreshing pictorial that brings lots of attention to the cute apparel.

A rep said, "Seo In Guk and Park Min Young correctly portrayed the brand concept with their bright and refined image, so we look forward to how big of a help they will be in relaying "ISENBERG"s image to the public."

John Park suits up for "GQ Korea"

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John Park suited up for "GQ Korea"!

Turtlenecks are back in style and John Park pulled off a turtleneck-tuxedo combination with his charisma. His jackets also had a flower pattern and shawl collars that gave a suave upgrade to his suit fashion.

Meanwhile, John Park is preparing for his comeback with upcoming single album "U" this September!

Check out more of John Park"s pictorial and interview in "GQ Korea"s September issue!

Jay Park reveals that it was his actual butt shown on "SNL Korea"

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Jay Park revealed that the butt shown on an "SNL Korea" skit featuring the legendary actor Choi Min Soo was his actual butt!

Heo Ji Woong, one of the hosts for JTBC "Witch Hunt", commented, "I enjoyed watching "SNL Korea" featuring Choi Min Soo," referring to the hilarious parody of the movie "Holiday". In the parody, Jay Park is laying on his stomach on a hospital bed getting ready for a shot and as the doctor pulls down his pants Choi Min Soo comes out of nowhere and shoots the doctor. The doctor then falls face first on top of Jay Park"s bare bums.

Jay Park then commented, "The producers told me that they would blur it out before we filmed but it was actually my butt

Jay Park is asked to choose between IU and Suzy

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Jay Park had to choose his ideal type through a world cup on the August 29 installment of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt."

He chose Suzy over Eunji and IU over Taeyeon, saying for the second one, "I originally did not like women like IU that much. I did not like the cute style very much, but now, [I like] slightly cute...Taeyeon recently got a boyfriend, so IU."

This left him to choose in the final round between Suzy and IU. He said, "In Suzy"s case, I think the company [JYP Entertainment] would be against me, so I will choose IU."

Sung Si Kyung joked, "Do you think IU"s agency would like it, then?" making Jay Park flustered

Jay Park chooses Suzy and IU as his ideal types on “Witch-Hunt”

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Jay Park recently made a guest appearance on JTBC’s show “Witch-Hunt.” On the show, he participated in a game called “Ideal Type World Cup.” The premise is simple: a bracket filled with various female K-pop idols, with the contestant choosing winners for each ‘battle’ until only one “ideal type” remains.

Jay Park’s chose Miss A’s Suzy and IU to be his top two “ideal type” finalists. On “Witch-Hunt”, he also discussed a story submitted by a fan regarding the topic, “I don’t like younger girls.” Jay Park commented on the issue, saying, “according to one my close bros, you’ll like younger girls as you grow older.”

Also, regarding idols, Jay Park stated that he wasn’t interested in dating any idols 3 to 4 years ago, but jokingly said that he now loves every female K-pop idol

BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, 4Minute’s Gayoon, and Model-Actor Do Sang Woo Chosen as New MCs for “Style Log”

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On August 29, OnStyle stated, “Lee Ki Kwang, Gayoon, and Do Sang Woo have been chosen to be the new MCs of ‘Style Log.’” “Style Log” is a culture guide program that reveals popular places that are hidden throughout Seoul and shows how to enjoy these places stylishly like ‘fashion people.

Not only does “Style Log” incorporate hot places for fashion and beauty, it also introduces various hot places that are related to living, interior, art, dining, and more. In the previous season, model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, After School’s Nana, and model Jo Min Ho hosted the program, so many are curious as to what new charms this change in MCs will bring.

4Minute‘s Gayoon and BEAST‘s Lee Ki Kwang have proven to have a great sense of fashion, as well as a lot of interest in this area

Park Bo Ram rocks her first fashion photo shoot for "Oh Boy!"

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Park Bo Ram proved to be "Beautiful" in her very first fashion pictorial with "Oh Boy!" magazine! And she had the perfect furry friend to help her along the way, although perhaps she needed no help because she posed with perfect ease despite being a rookie.

The concept she took on was a shy and innocent young girl, which she pulled off naturally.

You can see the whole photo shoot in the 50th issue of "Oh Boy!"

B1A4, Gong Hyo Jin, and Jay Park Model for Hat’s On

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Stylish hat brand Hat’s On has released their latest fall collection, and B1A4, Gong Hyo Jin, and Jay Park have appeared in a pictorial promoting the brand’s new accessories.

Showcasing a new type of snapbacks called “folding cap,” Hat’s On’s latest photo shoot with the stars are simple and cute, as each celebrity models the accessories in their own unique way.

Hat’s On’s latest “folding caps” are a hybrid between a snapback and bike hats. More pictures of the celebrities modeling the hats will be released in Hat’s On stores.

Check out the pictures of B1A4, Gong Hyo Jin, and Jay Park sporting some interesting hats below!