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2NE1’s Sandara Park and SUJU’s Donghae Catch Up, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Takes Selfie with SHINee’s Onew and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and More

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preview nextview 1/14 preview nextview The celebs took selfie Sunday seriously, sharing photos of themselves all weekend. Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Miss A’s Suzy treat fans to a rush of photos on March 30, including the one above with the caption, “I’ll just post some photos.”

She also tweeted the above selfies with the caption, “Squint.”

Lee Hyori update fans with a selfie with Soon Shim on March 30, writing “Good morning~.”

Former Wonder Girls member Sohee popped up on Ha Yeon Soo’s Facebook on March 30, as the actress posted a photo from an agency outing, writing “Again, dinner outing! Everyone in our family is so warmhearted. Like the words itself BH. Be happy.”

Another idol actress, Uee, tweeted an update on March 30, posting the above photo with the message, “The last episode of ‘Golden Rainbow’ airs today! Feels weird~

2NE1 Sleeps in the Airport, SUJU SIwon Sips on His Favorite Drink, and More

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview It′s Friday!!!!

And the stars were feeling it, traveling off to different countries, taking a sip of their favorite drink, and eating their favorite food.

Check out today′s Twitter Roundup!

Infinite′s Woohyun was feeling the love as he tweeted, "The most beautiful messages in the world."

2PM′s Junho tweeted a selca Polaroid of himself, tweeting, "I arrived at home~ Everyone go home and rest up. Good night!"

Block B′s Zico was having fun in the sun, as he wrote, "Garden."

Super Junior′s Donghae was "So so so tired !!" but still in good spirits with his V-signs.

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon was having a good time (responsibly) as he tweeted, "I′m spending time with my favorite beer

SM Rolls Out for EXO Concert, Tao Takes Love Shot with Lee Soo Man and More

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The weekend was all about EXO as the group’s senior labelmates shared photos from backstage. Life went on for the other stars as well, as they update fans from all over the world. All that and more in today’s Twitter Roundup.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee was macaron happy, posting this photo with the caption, “Yummy~~caron caron.”

A happy EXO makes happy fans, as Se Hun posted this video with the simple caption, “Happy.”

Se Hun continued to spread the happy virus with Super Junior’s Donghae, posting this video and the message, “I was happyyyyyyyyy~~”

Tao kept the happy feels going, posting a selfie with Se Hun and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, writing “So happy~.”

Tao showed leader Su Ho some selfie love as well, writing “Mom and son

EXO Takes Over Instagram, 2NE1’s Sandara Park Takes Over YG Family Concert and More

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EXO fans rejoiced as the boys recently joined Instagram, giving fans more ways to stalk their favorite idols, while 2NE1 took over our feeds with photos from the recent YG Family concert.

All that and more in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park posted a photo with Epik High on her Instagram on May 7, writing “#epikhigh feat. #dara #ygfamilypowertour2014 #lovelovelove.”

She also posted a Polaroid photo with member Minzy, writing “#ygfamilypowertour2014 #tokyodome with minzy.”

Sandara Park also popped up on Park Bom’s Instagram, as she posted the above photo with the message,”I fell head over heels after seeing her at the YG Family concert, so I joined the fan club. Doomdaranim, whom, when I said, plwase take a photo with me~ agreed happily

Lee Min Woo Chills with Papa YG, Hyung Sik Runs into EunHae in Japan, and More

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It was a busy weekend with lots of concerts, music video releases, and simply having fun for our favorite stars, so check out what happened in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior’s Heechul was still obsessing over Frozen, posting up this picture, “Hey, how do you make things like this? Kekeke Hrm… Anna’s head is a bit big.”

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang was enjoying the sun, writing, “I didn’t add a sun effect. Haha. I took a picture and the sun got in the way. Automatic halo effect. Of course. I am hoo kwang (halo) Gi Kwang.

SISTAR’s Bora had her concentration poured on beads as she tweeted, “Bora’s surprise event!! Bora bought it!! To eight STAR1 fans, I’ll give a bracelet as a gift. Check out the fancafe for more info!”

Super Junior’s Ryeowook tweeted, “I told him I was going to Incheon so Kangin hyung gave me allowance ^^ and a scented candle

Super Junior’s Donghae is in Awe, 2NE1’s Sandara Park Escapes and More

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The stars were abuzz in the SNS world, capturing moments from their busy day to share with fans, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior’s Donghae helped spread some Christmas cheer, sharing an Instagram video of Salvation Army workers doing their thing, writing “So beautiful.”

Shindong shared a photo on Instagram, writing “Beatles Code 3D!! I’ll do it again now~~^^ㅎㅎ.”

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong was sizzling on December 11, sharing the following Instavid.

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a photo of some winter treats on December 11.

On December 12, Taeyeon treat fans to a selca, writing “Morning. Out Christmas concert is coming up soon! It’s going to be a fun day

2NE1 Surprises Sandara Park, Super Junior’s Donghae Leaves London and More

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From drama sets to airplanes, the stars kept busy shooting and traveling, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park, who celebrated her birthday on November 12, tweeted a series of photos from the festivities, including the one above, writing “Hur~!!! I thought I’d be spending my birthday quietly at home this year…The surprise birthday party our members and staff prepared…!!! Touched…”

She also tweeted a photo with CL, writing “Chaelin’s mom, who has the same birthday as me!!! Who knew we’d have another connection~^^ I think it’s weird every year~ Happy birthday mother! Be happy always and I hope for only good things to come!!!”

For her Instagram followers, she posted the above photo with the simple caption, “Happy!!!”

She ended the party with another photo and the message, “What is this!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Shinhwa Suits Up, 2NE1’s Sandara Park Goes Dragon Ball Z and More

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From Shinhwa in suits to ab action, the SNS world was filled with eye candy, and we′re sharing it with you in today′s Twitter Roundup.

Lee Sang Soon tweeted a few photos of himself and wife Lee Hyori on their honeymoon on October 14, writing “Hyori, who’s excited riding her bike.”

G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram on October 13 with YG trainee Jennie Kim, who is featured on track Black, writing “With J #Black.”

2NE1’s Sandara Park tweeted a hilarious photo on October 14, writing “Fireball shoo~!!! Dodgeball King Ssanki!!!”

She later tweeted a photo of a distraught CL, writing “Chaelin has lost her watch. It’s a rose gold watch she always wears, and she’s really upset

Super Junior Takes a Family Photo, SNSD’s Seohyun Turns into a Unicorn and More

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preview nextview 1/16 preview nextview The stars warmed fans’ hearts with quirky selfies and heartfelt messages – see it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

A hungry Yo Seop tweeted this photo with the message, “I want to eat chicken.”

He also posted a photo with B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung, writing “Jeju Island! Good good good! Slightly coldㅜㅜㅜ.”

Teen Top’s Ricky appeared to be feasting on clams, tweeting this photo with the message, “Niel hyung, eat up aing.”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon tweeted a family photo with his fellow members, writing “brothers. love you all always.”

SNSD’s Seohyun switched up her look, tweeting this selfie and writing “Short hair Hyun~~ㅋㅋ Ehehehehe.”

She returned to her old self later, tweeting this selfie with the message “With strength gained from the hot response to the babo concept short hair Hyun photo I took with puffy eyes in the morning!! Starting the day with a weird unicorn? Concept ㅋㅋ Laugh lots and have a good day^^ㅋ Wow my lips are hearts!!”

VIXX’s N tweeted the above photo with the message, “Always on my side

SNSD’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Se Hun Take Selfies, Baby G-Dragon Returns and More

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preview nextview 1/15 preview nextview We have celebrity selfies galore and more to share, so flip through to see today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Hyoyeon posted a photo with Yuri, twinning in matching overall dresses, in what appears to be a firring room, writing “hyoyul.”

Yuri updated fans on her coffee obsession, posting this photo with the hashtag “#Brewmarvel.”

Sooyoung popped up in Rome, sharing this photo by the Trevi Fountain with the caption, “#makeawish #rome #TreviFountain #TellMeYourWish.”

Taeyeon kept it simple with a selfie, posting this photo on her Instagram with the hashtag, “#NormalExpression.”

EXO’s Tao posted a photo of his #OOTD on May 13 with the hashtag, “#Thombrowne.”

Se Hun posted a photo of his “Love” Nutella on Instagram before heading to bed, writing “Love

Super Junior and EXO Unite, Baek Hyun Takes a Smokey Selfie and More

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The EXO members continued their reign over the SNS world, even popping up on their stars’ accounts. See what we mean in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior’s Donghae got chummy with EXO’s Se Hun and Tao (and emoticons), posting this photo on his Instagram on May 8 with the message, “Good night.”

Kim Heechul posted this photo on Instagram, making a point of his plaid pants, writing “Me, who makes even sleeping look like a photo spread. Kim Heechul’s life pants, red plaid pants. I have five pairs of just red plaid pants at home..”

The ever-popular EXO also popped up on Danny Im’s Instagram, as the Danny From LA host posted this photo with the message, “Catch EXO-M on DFLA.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted an adorable mother-son selfie for Parents’ Day

Super Junior Hits Up Bruno Mars Concert, SNSD’s Jessica Gets Her Bagel on and More

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While some stars were busy on set, others took it easy, catching bites to eat to shows, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Jessica posted a photo of herself grabbing a quick bite at a cafe on Weibo on April 8.

Actress Go Ara was seen getting prettied up, as she tweeted this photo on April 9 with the message, “Preparing to shoot (Be careful of catching a cold with the change of seasons).”

Super Junior’s Donghae posted a photo with actress Jung Ryeo Won from the audience at the Bruno Mars concert in Seoul, writing “Long time no see with RW^^.”

He also shared an Instagram video from the show, writing “I don′t know how to say ... It was great show!! Bruno Mars Just the way you are!!”

On April 9, Kim Heechul posted a photo on his Instagram with his fellow Flower Grandpa Investigative Team cast members

SNSD’s Taeyeon Receives Stinky Gift, Super Junior-M Comeback is in Full Swing and More

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview The stars showered fans with updates, from concerts to comebacks, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a hilarious photo on her Instagram on March 24, bringing the inner kid out of all of us, with the hashtag “#pooptoy.”

Sooyoung celebrated the warm weather with a selfie on March 24, writing “Why is the weather so nice? Let’s go on a picnic.”

Lee Hyori updated fans with a photo she tweeted of herself stuffing herself with jjajangmyun on March 24, writing “Visited Seoul for the first time in a while~~inhaled the jjajangmyun I wanted to eat and now I’m going back down~~byebye.”

Super Junior-M’s Kyuhyun posted a photo of himself with fellow member Choi Siwon on March 24 with the unit group’s new album in hand, writing the simple message, “Swing,” the title of Super Junior-M’s new album

Super Junior’s Eunhae Hits the Studio, SNSD’s Taeyeon Pops Up in the Woods and More

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview

The stars kept busy shooting movies to hitting the recording studio, and they took to SNS to share about it.

It’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s CL shared a photo of her bad self on her Instagram on December 19, with the hashtag “lookfomae.”

Beauty junkie Minzy shared a photo of her latest additions, writing “special santa ‘MAC’ Thank u.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park tweeted the above photo on December 19 with the message, “Ok~ everyone!!! Turn on the radio~ Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope!!! 2NE1 is on standby with sweet voices.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon was a woodland fairy, sharing the above photo from the set of her latest Nature Republic ad and teasing, “Soon

Eric Nam Meets Amanda Seyfried, Heechul Brunches with Homies, B1A4 Weeps for Baro, and More

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preview nextview 1/12 preview nextview

Taking a chill hump day, our stars sat down and enjoyed their day by chilling at cafes or by the beach with their bestest buddies in Today’s Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior’s Donghae was enjoying some downtime, instagramming, “Coffee time :)”

So was Heechul, who instagrammed his man-date with Siwon and Kim Min Jong. He wrote, “With New Yorker, horse-Siwon who enjoys brunch, soup, coffee and hangover-relief Jongie hyung, who’s eating brunch for the first time. And me, who doesn’t eat hanwoo in Seoul because of eating Hoengseong hanwoo since a young age.”

Meanwhile, Eric Nam had his own ‘date’ with a very pretty lady, instagramming, “Great time with Amanda Seyfried. Enjoy your stay in Korea and thanks for the great interview!!

He also wrote in Korean, “Amanda!! Thank you for such a fun and refreshing interview!! Enjoy your time in Korea and see you again

Super Junior is Crazy for Cosplay, 2NE1 Tours London and More

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From Mexico-bound Super Junior to London ladies 2NE1, the SNS world was filled with jet setting idols, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park tweeted a photo from London on November 7, writing “London watdara (Came to London).”

Park Bom responded by writing “ㅋㅋㅋCute~~^___^.”

Sandara Park posted another photo, writing “Tourist Dara in London!!!”

Minzy posted a photo on her Instagram on November 7, writing “Beatles store yeh!”

A few hours before, she posted a few selfies, writing “ATOM style.”

Park Bom dialed up, sharing a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, “On the phone.”

Super Junior’s Ryeowook tweeted a photo of himself ajumma styling for the group’s 8-year anniversary that SM Town shared on November 7, writing “Who knew they’d post this

Super Junior Works on New Unit, 2NE1 Chills with M.IA and Jeremy Scott, and More

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Keeping the long workday entertaining, here’s what the stars did in Twitter Roundup.

Shinhwa Company’s admin continued to shower love on Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung writing, “Words from the admin: How about seafood sujebi-bokki for lunch today? Ah yes, there are no scallions. This is created by Shin Hye Sung.”

Shinhwa Company later added, “Don’t be suspicious. There are no restaurants that make something like this.”

2NE1’s CL was busy hanging out with superstars, posing in a photo with M.I.A, writing on her instagram, “WE ASIAN BITCHEZZZ.”

CL was spotted once again, this time on Sandara Park’s twitter, as she tweeted, “With Jeremy & CL.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu tweeted, “After a simple filming, I’m on my way to watch a musical~^^ Feels good