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‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Ends with Fans Hoping for a Return

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After two years, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast came to an end.
The program began with all six Shinhwa members bringing their own styles of entertainment, delighting fans, who waited for the group to return to the spotlight for four years.

In the course of two years, Shinhwa Broadcast tried out several different formats, from channel surfing to cooking, and finally ending with spotlighting little legends in Korea by season two. The last little legends were about two young brothers who dream of becoming pro boxers even under dire circumstances.

However, with Kim Dong Wan leaving the show after season one to focus on acting and Andy taking off to self-reflect after gambling issues, the rest of the Shinhwa members decided it wasn’t right to continue the show with only four members

Prime Minister and I – Episode 1 Recap

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Prime Minister and I - Episode 1 Recap by Dramabeans:

Next in the KBS rom-com lineup is Prime Minister and I, whose light and breezy tone took me by surprise. I knew to prepare myself for the cute, but I didn’t expect it to also stir the heartstrings in the first hour. There’s promise and potential in a story that moves fairly quickly that contains both heartwarming and funny notes. And damn, a prime minister has never looked this good.

Even though Prime Minister and I took in last place at 5.9% against its competitors (Empress Ki [♥] led the pack with 20.2% and A Warm Word followed with 6.8%), maybe a contract marriage is just the kind of hijinks medicine I need.


We open at a banquet hall where preparations are underway, leading up to the arrival of our hero, Prime Minister KWON YUL (Lee Beom-soo) and his wife, NAM DA-JUNG (Yoon-ah), who greet the roomful of dignitaries with a smile

Sunday Variety Shows’ Ratings Show Dramatic Flip

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Sunday night’s variety shows have displayed a surprising result, as the ratings show a dramatic flip in viewership.

December 8’s 6PM (KST) variety shows’ ratings exhibit KBS2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days Season 3” (hereafter “1N2D Season 3″) ranked first, followed by SBS’ “Running Man,” and MBC’s “Real Men.” The surprising results contrast sharply from last month’s ratings, as the viewers’ preferences have seemed to have experienced a complete flip.

Having broadcasted its first episode of season three on December 1, the second episode of KBS2TV’s “1N2D Season 3,” aired on December 8, brought in a rating of 15.8%. The second episode portrayed a 1.5% increase in rating compared to last week’s 14.3%. “1N2D Season 3” ranked first in ratings for its timeslot; the show has ranked first for two weeks in a row

G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don Nominated for Best Couple

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Earlier in November, it was revealed that G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don were “Going to Try” for the “Best Couple Award.”

The prediction became a reality on December 5 when the 2013 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards nominations were revealed and the Hyung Yong Don Jyong couple made it on the list.

Under the category for “Best Couple” are Yoon Hoo and Song Jia for “Daddy! Where Are We Going?,” Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon for “Infinity Challenge,” Ryu Soo Young and Park Hyung Shik for “Real Men,” and the three couples of “We Got Married Season 4” (Taemin and Son Na Eun, Jung Jun Young and Jung Yoo Mi, and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon).

The Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon couple received much support from viewers through displaying their affection for each other on “Infinity Challenge” as they were paired for the “2013 Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny – The Heirs Episodes 15 & 16

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laquetahodge is a Soompi Forum moderator / K-Drama blogger who is covering The Heirs for us on a weekly basis. Be sure to check out her great drama blog, K-Drama Central. 


I just realized that we have 2 weeks left until “The Heirs” ends..I’ll wait until everyone is done crying. No wonder all the action is coming in now, we have to get to that point when Won and Tan join forces to take down Chairman Kim. Dun dun dun!

Daddy Kim Truly Is Evil

This man wouldn’t care if his own children suffered as long as he feels like he’s “teaching” them a lesson. He made a fool out of Won and Tan at the shareholders meeting only to show them how powerful he is. Life is a game to him, and everyone around him are his game pieces and disposable

Top 10 Moments of The Heirs: Episode 15

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview

Episode 15 of SBS′ The Heirs was just full of tears and angst as the cute and fuzzy moments have gone and Kim Tan′s father is now 100 percent into ruining Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang′s romance.

But luckily, we were still able to pick out some adorable and meaning ten moments!

Kim Tan: What did you drink?

Cha Eun Sang: Juice! Three cups!

Kim Tan: Right, juice. Cho Myung Soo, you indecent punk.

Cha Eun Sang: Why am I so hot….?

Kim Tan: Don’t try to tempt me. I don’t know if I can resist.

Cha Eun Sang: Hey! Kim Tan!

Kim Tan: What?

Cha Eun Sang: Kim Tan, who’s really good-looking!

Kim Tan: Stop being so cute

Kdrama Recap: The Heirs Episode 15 Recap

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Kdrama Recap: The Heirs Episode 15 Recap At BN and CY’s party. Tan cups ES’s face in his hands and softly kisses her on her forehead.R is outside, angrily trying to take off the corsage on her wrist. YD approaches her and roughly takes it off for her. He’s mad that R called ES to the party as a catering service. He says he will let this one pass since ES revealed her secret with her own mouth, but he warn R that this is the last time. R asks if ES knows how zealous YD is with anything concerning ES, and he replies of course not- it would be embarrassing. He is about to go back in, but MS being the good friend rushes out, trying to distract YD. Unfortunately, other students come out gossiping about the kiss, and YD and R both end up finding out anyway. YD leaves.R is about to go back into the party, and runs into HS

Kdrama “Basketball” Episode 6 Recap

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Kdrama "Basketball" Episode 6 Recap by DramaBeans

After Chi-ho confesses his feelings to Shin-young right in front of San, San attempts to guard his territory by telling Chi-ho that he’ll pretend he never heard anything. Chi-ho: “It wasn’t said for you to hear.” Meooow.

San holds his and Shin-young’s interlocked hands up for Chi-ho to see. “This woman is in a relationship with me,” he all but growls. Chi-ho knows this well, but replies that San isn’t a suitable man for Shin-young, and San’s downcast eyes shows that he knows this well.

Shin-young stops Chi-ho from making a cool exit by slapping him across the face, chastising him for judging San so harshly, “That man is the best man I know!”

But Chi-ho has an admittedly fair retort: “When it comes to judging people wrongly, you’re the same in the way you judge me

‘We Got Married’ Rises with Laughs, Sincerity, and New Couples

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With the beginning of season for MBC’s We Got Married finally escaped the dread five percent, where the show has been stuck in for too many episodes.

The change in numbers came with the two new couples of Jung Joon Young and Jeong Yumi, and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon. The couples proved to be quite different as Jung Joon Young and Jeong Yumi turned out to be quite hilarious together as Jung Joon Young would throw 4D comments while Jeong Yumi vowed to capture this man and set him straight.

On the flipside, Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon had hearts fluttering with both looking to get married in real life soon. Just as the We Got Married PD hoped for during the press conference for the show, there could be a good chance that a couple could start dating in real life judging by the interaction between this couple in the first episode