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SBS ‘Running Man’ and ‘K-Pop Star 3′ back on top in Sunday ratings battle

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The weekly Sunday ratings battle continues among the big three television networks!

After falling down to third place last week, SBS"s Sunday variety block "Good Sunday" is back on top with both "Running Man" and "K-Pop Star 3" taking first place in their respective time slots!

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"Running Man" scored a nationwide rating of 14.9%, a rise of 1.1% over last week"s 13.8% performance. This places the show above KBS"s "1 Night 2 Days" with 14.5% and MBC"s "Real Men" with 14.0%.

"K-Pop Star 3" also took first place with 12.7%, a rating that put it above competition from KBS"s "Superman is Back" with 9

Emergency Couple Episode 3 – 4 Recap

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Emergency Couple Episode 3 - 4 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

This week offered so much depth and interesting information about what really went wrong between Chang Min and Jin Hee. I know there’s more to see and we personally can’t wait to discover more. When two passionate individuals collide, we can expect a thrill like no other.

Tessieroo: Jin Hee inadvertently shocks Chang Min, he falls to the ground unconscience. Cheon-Soo rushes to his side. He’s placed on a gurney and his shirt is cut open to place electrodes on his chest. *stares, slack-jawed at Jin Hyuk’s massive chest*

Leila: Just as I thought, shocking Chang Min wasn’t intentional. I guess because of the urgency of the moment, all Jin Hee could think of is saving Chang Min

Yoo Hee Yeol Cries Over the Elimination of Contestant on ‘K-Pop Star’

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It’s not easy to let go of a talented singer, and as Hong Jeong Hee left SBS’ K-Pop Star, judge Yoo Hee Yeol couldn’t hold back his tears.

On Sunday night, the judges eliminated Hong Jeong Hee, who was stuck in a tough group to compete with.

As the judges bid her farewell, Yoo Hee Yeol broke down in tears, as he unfortunately had to let go of a talented student that he personally trained for three weeks.

As Hong Jeong Hee said she’ll visit him on his music program, Yoo Hee Yeol replied back that he learned a lot from her in the three weeks of training. He hoped that they’ll meet once again on stage and he’ll even play the piano for her.

You can watch the clip here.


8:00 PM

KBS King’s Family 41

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 15

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview And we’re back on track with the awesome in episode 15 of You Who Came From the Stars.

Chun Song Yi’s back, Do Min Joon is jealous (all the time), and we get a little surprise at the end of the episode that made us squeal out loud (like really).

Check out what we choice as our top 10 moments!!

Chun Song Yi:: There is a man who’s kind of like you.
There was this anxiety of not knowing when he’ll disappear.
But it’s over. I liked him alone.

Daddy Chun: I don’t know who that punk is, but I’m sure you’re not alone.
You are my daughter. I’m sure he likes you.

Chun Song Yi: You don’t even know anything

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 14

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview Episode 14 of You Who Came From the Stars was a strange episode with lots of repeated scenes from beginning to end.

We’re a bit puzzled and still scratching our heads, but here’s what we got for our top 10 moments!

Lee Hwi Kyung: How many patients are in this hospital?

Nurse: Why do you want to know?

Lee Hwi Kyung: Because this hospital seems big.
But you knew right away that there’s no patient of that name without even searching it.
You must be really smart.

No, Hwi Kyung, you’re the smart one (finally).

Do Min Joon:When I had an endless amount of time, I’ve never once thought of one moment to be special

Age of Feeling: Episode 7 Recap

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Age of Feeling: Episode 7 Recap by Drama Beans

The fight between Jung-tae and the bunch of thugs commences, with Jung-tae being smart enough to use one as a human shield against all the would-be blunt force trauma.

Despite being outnumbered, Jung-tae holds his own and even manages to kick some ass. He receives a few blows to the back and one to the back of the head (ouch), but it’s still not enough to keep him down. It’s brutal, but awesome.

While poor Ok-ryun continues to wait for Jung-tae outside the closed restaurant, we see him emerge, stumbling, from the warehouse. He’s covered in blood and barely conscious, but he’s won the fight. I don’t know why I feel like cheering

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E15 Recap by Softy Starts from when MJ goes into her hospital room and leans over to kiss her forehead. then in the morning her dad is holding her hand. she looks over at him and says dad. she sits up and stares at him.SY: what were you doing to come now. why did you come now (so late). her dad says sorry my daughter. SY: what were you doing for the past12 yrs when I grew up alone. why come now. why? he says sorry again. she says what is this- how can this be? why did my dad’s face get so old. why is it like this. he hugs her and night they are having chicken and beer but he wont let her drink even though she tries to get in one sip. she reminds him in the past when it snowed and he bought chicken he would say – when are you going to grow up so you can have alcohol with dad? now instead of just one I can drink a lot

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap by Softy Starts with previous scenes and MJ saying I came here from another place 400 yrs ago and lived here for 400 yrs. I was the one who rescued you 12 yrs ago. that child from 400 yrs ago - the owner of this hairpin -you resembled her, but if you are just Chun SY, then I have no interest – go! Then SY asks – not even for one moment – didn’t you like me? if your heart fluttered cuz of me. or if you sincerely worried about me- not having anything to do with that girl – didn’t you just like me even once? MJ: no not even once. Then HK asked – do you not like SY or is there another reason? MJ: protect SY from your hyung

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk Shares Son Junsu’s Kindergarten Graduation Photo

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Actor Lee Jong Hyuk recently shared a photo of his son Junsu in his kindergarten uniform for the very last time.

On February 4, the actor tweeted the photo along with an endearing message that reads, “Today is Junsu’s kindergarten graduation photo day. Looks like the clothes have gotten smaller on him…be sure to take your photo with a smile, Junsu.”

In the photo, Junsu has on a uniform and even a necktie. And just as his father had pointed out, the sleeves on Junsu’s uniform seem a bit short for him.

Netizens commented, “Wow, Junsu is already going to elementary school,” “I already miss Junsu,” and “Even looking at Junsu smile makes other people happy.”

In related news, Lee Jong Hyuk and Junsu left the “Dad, Where Are We Going?” variety program series, where the pair first gained recognition and public adoration for their father and son relationship

I Need Romance 3: Episode 8 Recap

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I Need Romance 3: Episode 8 Recap by DramaBeans

EPISODE 8: “It’s a relief that you learned how to cry again”

At the office, Joo-yeon feels another sharp pain in her chest, which tellingly happens right when Tae-yoon walks by. She’s too out of touch to make the obvious connection, of course, and just takes another pill for indigestion.

But then her thoughts float back to what Wan said to her last night, about the pain being caused by heartache because she likes someone. He tells her that he knows it sounds a little preposterous that she doesn’t even know her own heart, but says it’s understandable why she became that way—she spends most of her life at work, and work is not a place where you need a heart

‘Real Men’ shoots to #1 + SBS’ ‘Good Sunday’ falls to last place

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The weekly Sunday ratings battle continues among the big three television networks!

MBC"s "Real Men" shot to #1 for the week, rising 0.9% since last week to 15.8%. The new season of "Dad! Where Are You Going?" ranked 12.3%, up 0.4% since last week. The "Sunday Sunday Night" ranked at the highest for the night, at 13.5%.

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KBS "Happy Sunday" ranked at the 2nd for the timeslot. "1 Night 2 Days" rose 0.1%, up to 13.9% for the week. "Superman is Back" rose the same amount at 0.1%, up to 9.9%.
SBS" "Good Sunday" ranked last, with "Running Man" dropping 1.7% down to 13.8%. "K-Pop Star 3" also suffered a big drop down 1.9% to 10.8%

Additional preview cuts from ‘Dad, Where Are You Going 2′s first vacation released

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The new season two cast of "Dad, Where Are You Going?" will soon be showing viewers what unfolded on their first trip together, but if you can"t wait until Sunday, they"ve revealed some additional still cuts for viewers to enjoy.

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The fathers and children got to know each other better at a village in Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk and Yoon Hoo especially showed how much he matured as the oldest hyung among the kids. He led the other children around to buy ingredients for their dinner and took care of them by holding things for them, earning the nickname, "General Hoo".

Ahn Jung Hwan will also surprise the other fathers by suddenly bursting into tears upon seeing the children leave their side and go off on their own to do errands

“Empress Ki” – Episode 23 – 24 Recap

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“Empress Ki” – Episode 23 - 24 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

This week was equal parts heartbreak, frustration and excitement. Heartbreaking watching Ki suffer and frustrating watching the bad guys continue to win. But there is excitement that we’re moving into the revenge stage. Both ships have suffered blows however, there are signs a new ship is forming? LOL!
Tessieroo: Ki has her baby, alone in a cave. (depressing much?) It’s a boy and she names him “Byul” which means Star. In Yuan, Wang Yoo is thrown from his horse.

Rinchan: That baby’s cry was strong enough to knock some sense in his dad all the way from Yuan, I sense the burgeoning of strong, unconscious family ties here.

Tessieroo: Ki hears voices, she runs but they’re not far behind

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap by Softy MJ says When I first came here - I wanted to help people who were in difficult situations with the abilities I had. to do that – I had to reveal the truth that I was a different being than them.flashback to joseon when MJ walked by and helped a man whose leg was trapped under a rock. He uses his powers to lift the heavy rock and save the manas MJ walked away the man he saved reported him to the guards claiming he used magical powers and with his eyes he made the boulder lift up -all those strange things that happened at the village is probably because of him. catch him. as the guards go after MJ, he vanishes.MJ says they were thankful for my help for a short time. cuz of the abilities I have – cuz of the truth that I was a different being than them – it made me afraid

Age of Feeling Episode 4 recap

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Daddy Shin goes looking for Aka the Assassin, but ends up running into the Fortunetelling Elder instead. They speak cryptically, as though the Fortuneteller already knows what transpired, but the fact remains that he holds some kind of sway or power over Daddy Shin.

So when he orders Daddy Shin to come with him (to somewhere unspecified), he can’t help but obey. He only asks that the Fortuneteller promise him one thing in return.

Kaya goes to a riverbank to spread her father’s ashes while Shinichi stands as a silent sentinel not too far behind. Among her father’s effects are the pictures we saw, but also a letter addressed to her with a warning not to trust whoever wears the other half of her amulet—he’s the one who killed her mother, and he’ll kill her too

Prime Minister and I Episode 14 Recap

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EPISODE 14 RECAP by dramabeans

Yul confesses his feelings for Da-jung and wipes away her tears, apologizing for making her cry again. He takes her hand and vows never to let it go. Oh, swooooon, now that’s romantic.

But their sentimental moment is cut short when little Man-se bursts into the room seconds later, and then throws an adorable tantrum over how Da-jung chose to sleep here with Daddy last night and not him.

Boo, Na-young is still lingering outside the estate—I rather hoped you were just a figment of my imagination last week. A security guard asks her to state her business here, but she leaves without another word.

Looking at Na-young’s photo, Joon-ki wonders if Yul is really the reason behind her death

SBS wins Sunday ratings with both ‘K-Pop Star 3′ and ‘Running Man’ placing 1stin timeslot

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The weekly Sunday ratings battle continues among the big three television networks!

SBS"s "Good Sunday" variety block with "Running Man" and "K-Pop Star 3" was the big winner this week, with "Running Man" jumping to first place with 15.5% nationwide ratings, a huge jump from last week"s third-place 12.3% showing. "K-Pop Star 3" also took the lead in its timeslot with 12.9%.

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KBS"s "1 Night 2 Days" scored 13.8%, putting it at third place in its timeslot behind "Running Man" and MBC"s "Real Men" with 14.9%.

The other KBS Sunday variety, "Superman is Back", also stumbled with a third-place 9

Soompi Weekly High Five – January Week 4

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five (Beta Version)!


1. Kara’s Nicole Quietly Goes to the U.S.A. to Prepare for Solo Comeback

2. Sasaeng Fan Sells EXO Members’ Underwear

3. Puer Kim Refutes Rumors That Her MV Disses YG and SM

4. Actors Cha Seung Won, Lim Yae Jin, and Jang Hyun Sung Sign Exclusive Contract with YG Entertainment

5. Eun Ji Won Worries That There Are Too Many Sexy Concept Girl Groups



13 breakthrough stars of 2013

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The entertainment world sees a bunch of rookies every single year. But it"s not just rookie artists that get to see the light of day - sometimes, entertainers who have been in the game for years suddenly get their big break.

And 2013 sure had a lot of breakthrough stars, ranging from just-debuted rookies to veterans who debuted-15-years-ago. Check out the biggest breakthrough stars of 2013, in no particular order!

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How could we possibly talk about 2013 and leave EXO out? (On a side note: I keep using this picture for my EXO articles because I really like it for some reason.) When EXO debuted in 2012 with "MAMA", they had a lot of fangirls crying at their awesomeness. But then as 2012 rolled on and on, and then 2012 turned to 2013, EXO seemed to simply fade in the background with next-to-zero promotions

Goo Hara Reveals What She’s Been Up to on Her Break from Work

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Goo Hara, of girl group Kara, revealed what she’s been up to on her break from work.

In a short post on her fan page on January 24, she revealed details about her daily life. Kara’s fans are no doubt feeling a little unsettled by the departure of Nicole and Kang Ji Young, so Hara’s post may help ease the minds of fans, as she revealed how she’s been getting along and expressed her love for the fans.

She revealed her thoughts and expectations for next week’s Lunar New Year. “This Lunar New Year, I’ll be able to go home and spend it with my family. I’m really anticipating the New Year food.”

Hara even went into the little details about what she’s been up to. “I’m currently taking a break. When I wake up, I take my nutritional supplements, eat breakfast and drink fruit juice