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allkpop’s Top 50 K-Pop MVs of 2013: 1-25

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Throughout the month of December, we brought you our list of the best and most important K-Pop songs of 2013. Now, with the new year, we"re pleased to present the best K-Pop music videos of 2013! 

Read on to find out where your favorites rank in our list. On today"s list, we bring you the second half - numbers 25 through 1.

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25. SHINee "Dream Girl"
SM Entertainment
Release Date: February 19th, 2013

SHINee"s been a busy, busy group this year, knocking out comeback after comeback with very little time for breaks in between- so much so that it seems like "Dream Girl", their first video of 2013, came out much earlier than it actually did. The video features all five guys navigating a strange, topsy-turvy dream world while chasing a faceless girl in a painting through rooms where time and gravity have no meaning

Answer Me 1994: Episode 20 Recap

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Answer Me 1994: A Special Finale Discussion by Couch-Kimchi:

Episode 20 was a big blow for me because I really saw how the story came about in this episode. Watching it with subtitles really had a huge impact, not to say that it didn’t stir my emotions already. My initial assumptions had a new light, seeing how each moment comes in full view. It brought a different kind of experience that made me think otherwise. It is a hard pill to swallow at first. But don’t let yourself miss out on the story because of this.

Now a simple surprise for you all. I’m not going to do this alone. As you already know, I am a biased Chil Bong shipper. So just to balance this post and to help us all understand the story much better, with a different point of view and amazing insights, I am writing this with a good friend whom I respect as a blogger herself

Trends that stood out in 2013

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2014 may have begun more than a week ago now, but people are undoubtedly still writing 2013 on applications, papers, and such, aren"t they? The transition is never as easy, plus it is always nice to look back at the past year and sum it up so you can move onto the next with a fully refreshed mindset.

This is why allkpop writers alim17 and jennywill collaborated to put together some of the biggest trends of 2013. Check them out below!

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Dramas that deal with the supernatural

We think it"s fairly safe to say that 2012 was pretty saturated with time traveling, particularly between the modern era and something more like the Chosun Dynasty

Kim Jin Pyo, Ahn Jung Hwan, and Ryu Jin to be new cast members on ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’

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While it had been confirmed a few days ago that Kim Sung Joo, Sung Dong Il, and Yoon Min Soo would be returning on "Dad, Where Are You Going?", MBC has now revealed the new cast members who will be joining the show for its second season.

Various media outlets reported on January 6, "Kim Jin Pyo, Ryu Jin, and Ahn Jung Hwan are confirmed to join MBC"s second season of "Dad, Where Are You Going?" as new members."

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While the show had featured five families for the first season, they added one more for a total of six in the upcoming second season! Are you excited to for the new episodes?

“Dad, Where Are You Going?”: Lee Jong Hyuk & Junsu say farewells to viewers

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To the sadness of many fans of the show, "Dad Where Are You Going?"s Lee Jong Hyuk announced his departure the other day with the upcoming conclusion of season 1. With the new year here and the news of his leave becoming a hot topic, the actor reached out through Twitter to say his goodbye and thanks.

"Thank you for showing love for "Dad Where Are You Going?" for the past year. Thank you for loving our children, and thank you for loving Junsu. I"ll also love him even more," the actor wrote as he posted a picture of the adorable Junsu studying (below).

It seems like Junsu was glad for the much needed break from his math studies as evidenced by his bashful yet bright smile for the camera.

We"ll miss you Junsu and Lee Jong Hyuk!

2013 SBS Entertainment Awards – Running Men in a Star Filled Jungle

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Previously on Day Two of the live blog jam, we brought you the 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards and the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun. Now it’s time to jump over to SBS to see who will come out on top on the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards. Get ready for another three hours of live streaming, award speeches, zany performances, and usual trademark cynical written commentary. Will Yoo Jae Suk be able to win the “Grand Award” for the third year running or will he be beaten by the star of the jungle, Kim Byung Man? Perhaps Kang Ho Dong will make his triumphant return? Only one way to find out.

2013 SBS Entertainment Awards

The SBS Entertainment Awards is probably the hardest one to predict. In previous years, it would have probably been safe to say that SBS’s flagship Sunday program, “Running Man,” would have safely taken up most of the awards, but it has faced much stiffer competition in the last two years

The Winners of 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards

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Congratulations to all the winners of 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards. While we covered all of the award winners in our extensive live blog, it is probably easier to read a summary of the winners on this extravagant night.

Opening Performance - 
Dynamic Duo – Friday Night

The Radio and Current Affairs Program Awards

Radio Related
Achievement Award – Nam Kyung Tae 
Scriptwriter Award – Lee Seung Hee
Special Award – Shin Ji Hae
Special Award – Park Il (voice actor)

Current Affairs Program related
Scriptwriter Award – Go Hee Gab & Kim Yoo Mi
Special Award – Park Hye Kyung & Kim Seung Joo
Special Award – Cultwo

Rookie Awards

Comedy Female
Maeng Seung Ji & Park Hyun Jung from “Addicted To Comedy

Comedy Male
Do Dae Ong
from “Addicted to Comedy”


Variety Show Female
Kim So Hyun & Jung Yoo Mi from “Music Core” & “We Got Married Season 4″ respectively

Variety Show Male
Park Hyung Sik
and Sam Hammington from “Sunday Night – Real Men”

Popularity Award – Variety Shows

Noh Hong Chul from “Infinity Challenge
Jang Hyuk from  ”Sunday Night – Real Men”
Defconn from “I live alone

Popularity Award – MC

Seo Kyung Seok from “Sunday Night – Real Men”
Kim Gura from “Golden Fishery – Radio Star

Popularity Award – Singers
2PM & SHINee

Lifetime Achievement Award 
Singer Lee Mi Ja

Scriptwriter Award
Shin Myung Ji from  ”Sunday Night – Real Men”

Star of The Year Award
Song Jong Gook, Yoon Min Soo, Lee Jong Hyuk from  ”Sunday Night – Daddy! Where are we going?”
Ryu Soo Young, Son Jin Young  from “Sunday Night – Real Men”
Tae Min, Jung Joon Young, Yoon Han, Son Na Eun from “We Got Married Season 4

Crayon Pop with special guest Kim Gura

Special Award 
The Children From “Daddy! Where Are We Going?” 
Yoon Hoo, Song Jia, Kim Min Gook, Sung Joon, Lee Joon Soo

Part 2 Opening Performance
DJ G-Park (Park Myung Soo) & Jung Hyung Don

Radio DJ Rookie Award
Yiruma from “Yiruma’s Golden Disk

Radio DJ Excellence Award
Jeon Hyun Moo from “Good Morning FM
Park Joon Young & Yoo Chae Young from “Good Morning

Radio DJ High Excellence Award
Kim Shin Young from “Song At Noon
Super Junior‘s Shin Dong from “Shim Shim Ta Pa

Best Couple Award Picked By Viewers
Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon from “Infinity Challenge

The Bits and Pieces Award
Eating On TV AwardYoon Hoo from “Daddy! Where are we going”
Not Great at Much AwardSam Hammington from “Real Men
Variety Show Latecomer Award - Kim Young Gwon From “I Live Alone”

Friendship Award
Kim Young Gwon from “I Live Alone
Jo Hyung Gi from “World Changing Quiz

PD Award- picked by PDs
Kim Sung Joo from “Daddy! Where are we going?”
Seo Kyung Suk from “Real Men

Excellence Award For Comedy
Choi Sul Ah From “Addicted to Comedy

Hong Ga Ram from “Addicted to Comedy

Excellence Award for Variety Shows
So Yi Hyun from “Section TV
Lee So Yeon from “We Got Married Season 4

Sung Dong Il from “Daddy! Where Are We going?”
Kim Kwang Kyu from “I Live Alone

Most Popular Program Voted by Viewers Award
Infinity Challenge

High Excellence Award for Variety Shows
Park Mi Sun from “We Got Married Season 4″ and “ World Changing Quiz”

Jung Hyung Don from “Infinity Challenge
Kim Soo Ro from “Real Men

Grand Award
The team from “Daddy! Where Are We Going?” 

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2013 MBC Entertainment Awards – Third Times A Charm

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We came, we saw and while we didn’t quite conquer, it was more than good enough to give this another go. Thanks to the interest we saw from the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards live blog, we have decided to press forward and continue our live blog coverage of the other year-end events. This time, though, we are going for the full double whammy, going where no writing team on this site has gone before, solving a dilemma brought forth by the evils that is event schedule clashes.

Note! Click Here To Watch The 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards Live Blog At The Live Blog Site!

In the interest of ”fair” competition and all that good will stuff, most of the broadcasters have decided that the best way of taking glory away from each other was to schedule events in such a way that they clash horribly on the same day

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2013 – December Week 3

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For the first time in eight weeks, a song repeats as No. 1 on our chart. Hyorin’s “One Way Love” remains on top this week to claim the last No. 1 spot of this year. She edged out EXO’s new Christmas song “Miracles In December” by 17 points. The two songs were about even on all our sources, with each winning two music shows. The main difference was on KBS Music Bank where “One Way Love” was No. 1 and “Miracles In December” was No. 9. That gap enables Hyorin to continue to top our chart and becomes the first two week champion since IU’s “The Red Shoes” on November Week 1. Congratulations.

There are four new songs on the top 10 this week, leading by the brand new entry of “Miracles In December” at No. 2 as mentioned. EXO is enjoying a huge breakthrough year on their sophomore campaign, having a mega hit “Growl

1 Night 2 Days Continues Climb with New Cast and PD

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After dragging along, KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days is finally seeing happier days with its ratings spurting up like no other.

Season 3 kicked off on December 1, allowing the show to jump from 8 percent to 14.3 percent. Looking at December 8’s numbers, 1 Night 2 Days is looking to slow down, as it recorded 15.8 percent.

With the new cast of Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Jun Ho, Cha Tae Hyun, Defconn, Kim Jong Min, and Jung Joon Young, as well as Gag Concert’s previous producer, Seo Soo Min, and the famous ‘rookie’ producer from the first season of 1 Night 2 Days, Yoo Ho Jin, the new and improved 1 Night 2 Days has been receiving nothing but praises as viewers complimented the show for bringing laughs once again.

It maybe have also helped that miss A′s Suzy made an appearance as the morning angel to wake up the members in the morning

New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 November Week 3

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FT Island mini-album Vol. 5 – The Mood (Nov. 18)

01 To the Point of Going Crazy
02 You That I Can’t Have
03 The Way Into You
04 Siren

FT Island makes a comeback this month with their fifth mini-album, “The Mood.” There are a total of four tracks which the members took part in composing themselves. The title track is “To the Point of Going Crazy,” a ballad song perfect for this season.

San E mini-album Vol. 2 – ‘NOT’ Based On The True Story (Nov. 21)

01 Voice Message (Skit)
02 Wish It Was More Unfortunate
03 To My Ex-Girlfriend (feat. Sunwoo Jeong Ah)
04 Jiyoung’s Mother
05 Where Did You Sleep (feat. Verbal Jint, Swings)
06 Farewell Table (feat

“Daddy! Where Are You Going?” Sends a Love Call to Kwon Sang Woo

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Despite recently denying rumors of a new season, it has been reported that MBC’s “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” has sent a love call to actor Kwon Sang Woo.

According to the show’s representative, they are working hard to persuade Kwon Sang Woo to join the program. “‘Daddy! Where Are You Going?’ has a strong emphasis on the personalities of the fathers and the children. Kwon Sang Woo and his son Ruk Hee are receiving a positive response from the public for their family-oriented image,” the source explained as the reason for the love call.

The top actor is currently acting in MBC’s drama “Medical Top Team” and has been loved by the viewers for his role as a talented and warm-hearted doctor. The representative added, “Kwon Sang Woo, Son Tae Young, and Ruk Hee are gaining interest amongst the online communities

Kwon Sang Woo turns down casting offer from MBC’s ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’

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Although the staff of MBC"s hit variety show "Dad, Where Are You Going?" had denied that they were looking for fresh faces for their show, it seems that wasn"t quite true as actor Kwon Sang Woo has revealed that he has received an offer for the season 2 of the show.

However, it"s been revealed that the actor has turned down the request. Kwon Sang Woo"s rep announced, "It"s true he has received an offer from "Dad Where Are You Going?". He receives a lot of family CF offers too, but he turns down most of them. He wants to raise his child quietly... The actor also wants to do dramas and movies more so than variety. He"s also busy with his filming for "Medical Top Team". He"ll be concentrating on his acting career."

So it seems unlikely that we"ll be seeing him on the show, unless the actor changes his mind

“Daddy! Where Are You Going” PD Denies Rumors of Second Season with New Cast

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There have been rumors of “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” starting up a second season.

On October 30, a particular news agency reported, “The five father and son pairs will be stepping down from the show and the production team is working on recruiting new celebrities and their children for a second season.”

But the production team commented, “We have not even held a meeting to discuss possible new cast members. We also have not even discussed having a ‘graduation’ system for the current cast.” However, they did state that they are positively reviewing the need for a second season.

Kim Yoo Gon PD commented, “The current cast cannot be on this program forever so it is true that we need new members in the future.”

Meanwhile, “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” first aired in January of this year, featuring Sung Dong Il, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Sung Joo, Song Jong Gook, Yoon Min Soo and their adorable children, Sung Joon, Lee Junsu, Kim Min Gook, Song Jia and Yoon Hoo, respectively

Korean Drama Pinocchio Episode 4 Recap

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By: Dramabeans We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether. In-ha knows that Dal-po gave up college for her, and says she can’t live off of his taxi-driving income forever.But Dal-po stops her from burning all her books by declaring that he needs them now, because he’s going to become a reporter too. Just like that, her hiccups stop, and fireworks explode in the distance.As they head back down with her suitcase full of books, In-ha offers to give Dal-po her precious notes that she spent three years compiling. She worries about Grandpa finding out that Dal-po isn’t dumb, but he’s not concerned at all, since he plans to keep his cabbie job and just study intermittently because he’s positive he won’t be hired

Recap for SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 4

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Okay, I seriously love this episode. I swear it’s not even because our hero finally gets a makeover (even though that’s worth a round of applause in and of itself—fare thee well, Mop of Shame!), but because the family stuff hits all the right chords. It’s an episode about fathers, and the kind of love that’s so steadfast that sometimes a reminder is a shock to the system—a poignant, tear-filled, affectionate DramabeansTiger J.K – “첫사랑” (First Love) for the Pinocchio OST

EPISODE 4: “Romeo and Juliet” We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether

Akdong Musician Reveals Why They Chose YG Entertainment

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Successful sibling rookie duo Akdong Musician recently revealed why they decided on making their debut with YG Entertainment. According to the competition rules for audition show “K-Pop Star Season 2,” the winner of the show could choose to debut with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment or JYP Entertainment.

The sibling artists told TV Report in an interview, “First off, we made our decision without any other motives. We reflected back on the entire audition process. YG gave us the most freedom. He heard us out as artists and allowed us to experience for ourselves what that would look like.”

About SM and JYP Entertainment, they said, “Both companies taught us well. But YG didn’t try to teach us anything. Instead they told us, ‘You guys decide for yourselves, do something that’s fun for you

Actor Jung Woong In’s daughter says she wants to be a comedian… So adorable!

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MBC"s upcoming episode of "Dad, Where Are You Going?" will invite viewers to watch the cute interactions between actor Jung Woong In and his daughter Se Yoon. Despite his often antagonistic roles, like the frightening role he plays in "I Hear Your Voice", he showed his cute, fatherly side on the show.

SEE ALSO: Jung Woong In confirmed to join "Dad, Where Are You Going?" season 2

He personally took his daughter, Se Yoon, to school and spent the whole day with her. Though she"s an adorable little girl, she also proved to have mature taste as she ate traditional foods, such as bean-paste stew and soybean-paste stew.

At one point, Jung Woong In asked about her hopes for the future, and she replied, "Comedian (literally: gag woman)," which took her father aback to everyone"s amusement

‘Real Men’ shoots to #1 + SBS’ ‘Good Sunday’ falls to last place

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The weekly Sunday ratings battle continues among the big three television networks!

MBC"s "Real Men" shot to #1 for the week, rising 0.9% since last week to 15.8%. The new season of "Dad! Where Are You Going?" ranked 12.3%, up 0.4% since last week. The "Sunday Sunday Night" ranked at the highest for the night, at 13.5%.

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KBS "Happy Sunday" ranked at the 2nd for the timeslot. "1 Night 2 Days" rose 0.1%, up to 13.9% for the week. "Superman is Back" rose the same amount at 0.1%, up to 9.9%.
SBS" "Good Sunday" ranked last, with "Running Man" dropping 1.7% down to 13.8%. "K-Pop Star 3" also suffered a big drop down 1.9% to 10

Soompi Weekly High Five – January Week 4

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five (Beta Version)!


1. Kara’s Nicole Quietly Goes to the U.S.A. to Prepare for Solo Comeback

2. Sasaeng Fan Sells EXO Members’ Underwear

3. Puer Kim Refutes Rumors That Her MV Disses YG and SM

4. Actors Cha Seung Won, Lim Yae Jin, and Jang Hyun Sung Sign Exclusive Contract with YG Entertainment

5. Eun Ji Won Worries That There Are Too Many Sexy Concept Girl Groups