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‘Cool Kiz on the Block’ release profile photos of Chansung, Hoya, and FeelDog in their Taekwondo uniforms

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KBS 2TV"s "Cool Kiz on the Block" has released profile cuts of Chansung, Hoya, and FeelDog!
Taekwondo is the variety show"s 5th sport, and the three members are the new members for this round. The three of them actually have a level-3 certificate in Taekwondo, so viewers are hoping to see a lot from them.

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Chansung said, "Please forget badminton. I prepared to be a Taekwondo athlete until I was in the 2nd year of high school." Hoya added, "This is the first time I worked so hard to be on a show." FeelDog has also revealed he"d won the silver medal at a nationwide youth athletics meet for Taekwondo.
Are you excited to see the trio on the show?

2PM’s Chansung and Big Star’s FeelDog to Join “Cool Kiz on the Block” Taekwondo Episode

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2PM‘s Chansung and Big Star‘s FeelDog will be appearing on the taekwondo episode of “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

A representative revealed to TV Report on February 18, “Chansung and FeelDog have been chosen as members for the taekwondo episode, and are currently practicing hard.”

The two idols showed off their teamwork in the badminton episode of the show, in which they played tennis doubles. FeelDog proved that he is a natural talent in the field of sports, and Chansung showed his strong fighting spirit by constantly doing his best.

As their badminton match ended with a defeat, causing the two to shed tears, fans of the show are already anticipating their upcoming appearance to see if their results will be better this time around

TVXQ’s MAX Changmin to leave “Cool Kiz on the Block”

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K-pop group TVXQ! member MAX Changmin is leaving KBS’s variety show “Cool Kiz on the Block” next week.

MAX Changmin will step off from the sports variety show after his last taping next Wednesday, the KBS show’s promoter Dramatic Talk said on Wednesday.

After the idol star delivered his will to leave the show to focus on activities with his group’s seventh album, the producing crew of “Cool Kiz on the Block” has decided to film the last episode of him.

Starting with the TV show’s first episode last April, MAX Changmin began to appear on the show and received much response with its previous events from table tennis to bowling, badminton and basketball.

With the K-pop star’s leave, “Cool Kiz on the Block” will begin its new episodes with Taekwondo after scouting a new star guest

Infinite’s Hoya Changed His Real Name Because of Kang Ho Dong?

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Infinite’s fans know that Hoya’s real name is Lee Ho Won, and that “Hoya,” is simply the singer’s stage name. However, Hoya’s recent comments on KBS2TV’s’ “Cool Kiz on the Block” indicated the possibility that Lee Ho Won isn’t his real name either. On the March 11 broadcast, the Infinite member appeared as a guest of the show for the Taekwondo edition, displaying his athleticism. As the singer walked side by side with MC Kang Ho Dong, Hoya expressed, “it’s an honor to be able to do a show with you.” Delighted to hear such praise from his junior colleague, Kang Ho Dong said, “Our names, Hoya and Ho Dong are even similar.”

However, Hoya shockingly responded, “Honestly, my real name is not Lee Ho Won. Everyone knows it as Lee Ho Won, but that name is also a changed name