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Block B Set to Come Back With New Album in Mid January 2015

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BBCs, here’s some good news for you!

Block B, who held their second solo concert “2014 BLOCKBUSTER REMASTERING” in Seoul on November 22, has announced that they will be making their comeback very soon!

During the ending performance, Block B shared good news to their fans and said, “We’ll let you hear some good news. We are currently preparing hard. With a new appearance, Block B will be a group that would be hard to miss and will be closer than ever. We will come back with a new album and performance next year.”

Through a video, the goup’s statement was confirmed as the audience were given a hint on the group’s upcoming comeback track which translates in English to “I’ll Hold Your Hand and Sleep

SHINee to become a cool boy in CeCi issued Magazine December 2014

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It's been a year of many solo projects of the popular SMTown boy band. Taemin made a debut with his hit mini album "Ace" in this summer. Besides, fellow members hosted radio shows and appeared in plays and television programs. In addition, they briefly reunited for their "Downtown Baby" J-Pop single in September.The adorable boy band took a break from their current SHINee WORLD 2014: I'm Your Boy tour in Japan for a classic black and white holiday photo shoot. SHINee remained fashion-forward, wearing bold prints while draped in Christmas tree lights. The band wore heavy makeup with their satin and velvet suits, distinct printed sweaters, and wide brimmed hats that looked like they were recycled from their 2013 Everybody album photo shoot.In the exclusive photo shoot video, you see the To The Beautiful You actor Choi Min Ho starting to write a letter to ShaWols with the simple words "From SHINee" written on the outside of the envelope

2014 MelOn Music Awards: WINNER Nabs Best New Artist Award, Block B Takes Home Best Dance Artist Male Award

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(Photo : YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment"s WINNER have received the Best New Artist award at the 2014 MelOn Awards. The group wore a fashion-forward concept which drew attention on the Red Carpet.

Block B were the recipients of the Best Dance Artist Male award for "HER."

The hit song "SOME" by SoYou and Junggigo was recognized through the Hot Trend award.

Here is a recap of part one of the 2014 MelOn Awards.

IU kicked off the ceremony with the ballad her remake of Cho Deok Bae’s ‘80s hit “My Old Story.” Her stage was preceded by a video introduction of a woman who was reminiscing about the past. She was accompanied by live instrumentals from a band comprised of senior citizens

Song Jae Rim to Host “SNL Korea,” feat. Block B’s Zico

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SNL Korea” is set to welcome “We Got Married” star Song Jae Rim as the host for the November 8 episode of the show, as well as Block B’s Zico, who will be making a special appearance.

Previously, on November 6, “SNL Korea” posted on their Facebook: “All of the handsomeness in the world starts here! ‘Good Looks Weekly’ November issue cover model Song Jae Rim.”

According to a report by Xports News, Song Jae Rim will be putting some impressive saxophone playing skills on live display on the show, playing a love serenade. In addition, the star will be taking on various skits and parodies, including one of the Korean film “Frozen Flower,” which starred Joo Jin Mo, Song Ji Hyo, and Jo In Sung

Block B’s Zico Drops Music Video for Solo Debut “Tough Cookie”

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Zico has finally released his long-awaited solo track “Tough Cookie” featuring Don Mills, accompanied with a music video complete with cameo appearances from Jay Park, Loco, and his fellow Block B members.

The rapper takes a harder hip-hop musical direction with this new release, spitting more aggressive lyrics and appearances from his usual image with Block B and getting back more to his underground roots.

Watch the music video below:

Meanwhile, Zico will be back with Block B towards the end of this month on November 22 and 23 for the group’s 2014 Blockbuster encore concert.

Block B Zico Showcases The Worst Aspects Of American Hip-Hop Culture In His Teasers For 'Tough Cookie' [Opinion]

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(Photo : Seven Seasons )
Zico brandishes an automatic weapon, with his hair in cornrows, topped off with a bandana.

Guns, ski masks, twerking, and cornrows are all aspects of hip-hop iconography which allow for negative stereotypes. Unfortunately, these are all featured in promos for “Tough Cookie,” the upcoming solo release from Block B’s Zico.

While the imagery can be ignored, it is disturbing to many international fans who are viewing this promotional campaign as another K-Pop misstep.

Cornrows are not new to K-Pop and were probably best worn by Big Bang"s Taeyang. Weapons and militaristic imagery have been used in Korean pop videos for artists including 2NE1 and B.A.P.

Block B previously incorporated guns and bank robbery in their video for “Very Good

Olthakhuna couple looks so cool on "We got married"

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I am really joyful when calling this couple with the name OlthaKhuna Couple. This name is orginated from the name of their cats (Ola and Khun). In this episode, this couple continues to be cool and fuuny which make audiences can't help watching.This part reveals their dinner last week except for their hug in the preview. MBC got a small mistake when it cut the best scenes. I don't know why it cut these hug scenes. However, it is lucky that this couple have the happy time over 25 minutes.While finishing up their meal, So-Eun asked if he wanted more meat. He did but needed to unbutton his pants first. LMAO! Who hasn’t eaten so much that your pants become too tight? So-Eun tells him he’s too realistic but I’m gonna give that a big NO. We love his realism and don’t want it to stop!He asks what she wants him to call her and lists examples: So-Eun? My honey? Baby? Khunie’s Mom? Plus what does she want to call him? She asks what he wants to hear? *kekeke* He changes the subject completely when he points out he’s noticed her little habit of crinkling one eye when she talks and shows her

Block B’s Zico Drops Solo Debut “Tough Cookie” Teaser Video

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Block B member Zico has unveiled a video teaser for his forthcoming solo debut track “Tough Cookie.” The song features rapper Don Mills, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Beenzino.

Although it may still be too early to say, from the teaser it seems that Zico will be taking a much harder hip-hop musical direction with this release. The video, replete with twerking backing dancers, shows the boy band star alongside Don Mills in what looks like a warehouse setting, and both appear wearing bandanas.

The star has previously released a teaser image on Weibo that shows him pointing what seems to be a rifle, as well as cover art, designed by graphic artist Mina Kwon, who has previously made album covers for the likes of Pharrell Williams

Block B"s Zico releases MV teaser for solo track "Tough Cookie"!

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Block B"s Zico has revealed the music video teaser for his solo song "Tough Cookie"!

There were questions about whether the song is from Zico"s mixtape or if he"ll be promoting the song as a solo artist, but it looks like he"s getting his own release! His previous teaser image and MV teaser show a grungy, hip hop concept.

Check out the MV teaser above, and stay tuned for the release on November 7!

Maybee and Lucky J"s J"Kyun collaborate for duet "Cool Down"

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Maybee and Lucky J"s J"Kyun have joined the latest female-male duet collabs with a song of their own called "Cool Down"!

As the title suggests, "Cool Down" expresses the cooling down of a relationship, which once used to be hot with passionate love. The rhythmic flow of J"Kyun with Maybee"s sweet voice should be a combo that pleases listeners" ears.

"Cool Down" with the song above!

Block B transform into adorable "animals" for "Her" practice video

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Block B release a special version of practice video for "Her".

The boys are all dressed in adorable animal outfits to perform their hit song, check out their cuteness below:

VIDEO: Block B unveils hilarious dance practice of “HER” in animal onesies!

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On October 7th, Block B uploaded a very special treat for fans: practicing “HER” while wearing adorable animal-themed onesies!

The title of the video suggests Block B is just performing “HER” in a dance room, but the twist here is that they’re wearing incredibly cute animal-themed onesies! You can definitely tell that the onesies add a new level of showmanship for Block B, with members playing around with the hoods or tails of their onesies as they perform!

Meanwhile, Block B just released a creepy teaser for their upcoming “2014 Blockbuster Remastering" concert and were announced to be in the official lineup for the "2014 Asia Song Festival”!

Check out their hilarious kkap dance practice video below! Whose costume was your favorite?

Source: seven seasons

Block B transform into animals in a cute dance practice video of "Her"

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Old McDonald had a farm.. and it was filled with Block B members dressed as animals rocking out to "Her."

The ever humorous and quirky boy group dropped a dance rehearsal video in which they shook things up by dressing as farm animals, bringing smiles to their fans" faces. The outfits do bring an emphasis to the fun and lighthearted atmosphere of the track, but if only they could have done this on music shows, right?

Check out the cute dance above!

Block B releases terrifying teaser for upcoming concert "2014 Blockbuster Remastering"

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Block B spooked fans with the release of their teaser for their upcoming concert "2014 Blockbuster Remastering".

In the clip, the members have taken on a scary carnival-style clothes and make-up leaving fans curious as to whether the concert itself will be as spooky as the teaser. Tickets to the concert go on on sale October 8th. The concert is planned for early November.

Did the teaser creep you out?

Block B to hold 2nd solo concert in Seoul this November

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Block B will be holding their second solo concert in Seoul this November!

The boys will be rocking Olympic Park Handball Stadium on November 22-23 for their concert, "2014 BLOCKBUSTER REMASTERING". Leader Zico expressed his excitement, "I am unable to forget how touched I was during our first solo concert. As this concert is titled "REMASTERING", it will be a stage that will showcase Block B"s present and future."

Tickets will go on sale via Interpark, starting on October 8 for their fan club BBC and October 10 for regular fans.