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Actress Lee Min Jung Is Full of Elegance For Cosmopolitan

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Actress Lee Min Jung showed off her elegant side through her recent Cosmopolitan pictorial. The pictures seem to focus on the bags that the actress is holding but one would find it difficult to concentrate on the accessories as the actress looks truly stunning.

During the interview that followed the shoot, the actress talked about participating in promoting the handbag brand Vincis Bench and said, “I feel like someone who was about to take a test. I was so lost in watching other people’s handbags. I really felt like I was the designer behind these bags and I had lots of fun.”

Earlier this year, the actress appeared in the drama “Cunning Single Lady,” for which she received positive reviews on her acting skills.

Shin Se Kyung is full of smiles and laughter in BTS photos from "Iron Man"

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Upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man" hinted that Shin Se Kyung will show a never-before-seen side of her through the drama. Fans were able to get a peek at the fun that happens when the cameras aren"t rolling through behind-the-scenes photos!

Shin Se Kyung was spotted monitoring the footage and breaking out into laughter, leaving fans excited for the possible comedic relief in the drama. The drama"s rep hinted that the actress will show a new side of her, commenting, "Shin Se Kyung has been immersed into her role as Son Se Dong and is showing never-before-seen charms of hers through her character... We ask that you show a lot of interest and love for Shin Se Kyung, who will get closer to viewers through a different image

Jay Park Reveals the Full Track List to “EVOLUTION” Album and Shares His Thoughts on His Music

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Jay Park has uploaded two photos onto his Instagram account revealing the full track list to his soon-to-be released second album, “EVOLUTION,” along with a screenshot of a note that expressed his thoughts on his music. “EVOLUTION” is a very personal album that is filled with elements that reference to his life. The album’s titled track, “So Good,” was collaboratively produced with his AOMG member/longtime friend Cha Cha Malone. “So Good” is a song about the two friends’ reminiscent childhood inspiration Michael Jackson. Jay Park has confidently took part in producing and creating all 17 tracks to his new album “EVOLUTION,” and will be showing his unique colors and progression as an artist

Upcoming Korean movie "House Full of Happiness"

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Added the upcoming Korean movie "House Full of Happiness""s page to HanCinema database

"House Full of Happiness" (2014)

Directed by Lee Kyoung-mi

With Son Ye-jin,...

A man who wants to join the political world, is at risk of having news of his affair leak out.

Release date in Korea : 2014

EXID give a full look at their previous "blinded" teaser images for comeback

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EXID finally gave the full view of their "blinded" teaser images from top to bottom for their upcoming digital single "Top Bottom" (or also "Above Below")!

Although they surpassed 1,000 likes on their 5 "blinded" teaser images before their August 19th deadline, EXID kept fans waiting a bit longer before the reveal of their sexy photos.

As mentioned before, their new title track is the work of Shinsadong Tiger and NAMKING Nang. Member LE also participated in composing and writing the lyrics for the song.

Stay tuned for their hot comeback on the 27th!

BILLION go on a trip to the beach in full MV for "Sallang Sallang"

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Rookie girl group BILLION dropped their second MV, this time for a very fun and cute summer track, "Sallang Sallang"! The song is sweet and super catchy as they repeat, "sallang sallang," while they go on a trip to the beach.

The girls seem to be enjoying a nice vacation as they bike around as a group, play on the beach, jump in the pool, and more. The MV even shows additional footage from their dance practice room and car rides, showing the girls getting along like close pals as they smile and laugh along.

This is the perfect song to listen to as summer starts coming to a close, so check it out above!

Taemin is full of charisma for his "Dazed and Confused" pictorial

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Having dropped his very first solo mini album, "Danger," Taemin has entered full-scale promotions, including plenty of eye candy for fans! Recently, he graced the pages of magazine, "Dazed and Confused", showing off more of his new look.

Although he can have a cute and lovable image as the maknae of SHINee, he proved that he had matured into a man as his pictures are packed with powerful charisma. Still, he is not scared to show his playful side.

In the interview portion, he talked about his expectations for his solo activities as well as the burdens he feels. He also discussed stories while working on his music, the food he enjoys, and getting to know his non-celebrity 22-year-old self

"EXO 90:2014" releases full version of EXO-K"s voice messages

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One way that idol groups communicated with fans back in the "90s was through voice messages that were able to be heard when a certain phone number is dialed. EXO-K followed in the footsteps of H.O.T by creating their own voice messages for EXO-L on "EXO 90:2014"!

Although this was shown in the show, it seems some of what they said were cut out perhaps due to time constraints, so Mnet has gone ahead to release the full version.

EXO-K"s voice messages are as follows:

Sehun: "I am always thankful. I miss you. I love you."

Kai: "It"s my first time leaving a voice message like this. Since it"s my first time, I am very nervous, but I think it"s very good

WINNER and Kim So Hyun are full of energy in their "Elite" uniforms in photo shoot making-of film

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It"s back-to-school season for many of you, and WINNER and actress Kim So Hyun inspired fans to look their best for school in their "Elite" uniforms!

WINNER and Kim So Hyun transformed from celebrities into students in their clean-cut and spiffy uniforms from the "V Line", "Skinny", and "Act Free" lines of the brand"s 2014 fall collection. They made fans smile with their youthful and vibrant energy, which shined through their aegyo and active poses.

Also stay tuned for WINNER"s debut stage on SBS" "Inkigayo" this Sunday!

Check out the making-of film above!

IU suggests that it isn"t likely that she will release a full album later this year

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IU brought some disappointing news to fans by suggesting that we won"t be seeing an album from her for the rest of this year.

The singer took to her fan cafe "Uaena" on August 13 and responded to a fan who asked, "At the earliest, your next album should come later this year. What are your plans?" IU replied, "I think it would be a bit difficult to release an official album this year."

IU previously released her third full-length album "Modern Times" in October 2013 followed by her remake album "A Flower Bookmark" last May. You can catch her on the upcoming pilot program "Tray Relay Song" this September as you patiently wait for her comeback!

BTS reveal tracklist for their awaited first full length album "Dark & Wild"

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BTS, who are already driving fans crazy with their first MV teaser, are now dropping even more details on their return with the tracklist for their first full length album "Dark & Wild"!

Revealed through the boys" Twitter and Facebook page, the tracklist shows us that we can expect to hear 14 songs on their jam-packed new album!

In addition to the tracklist, the boys have already started the count down to the release of their 2nd MV teaser, which you can check out on their site here!


1. Intro: What Am I To You

2. Danger (Title track)

3. Hormone War

4. Hip Hop Lover

5. Let Me Know


B.A.P release full PV for Japanese single "Excuse Me"

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B.A.P release the full MV for their 4th Japanese single "Excuse Me".

The boys are groomed well just like their teaser photos in the music video. Their powerful vocals and new dance moves are all over the place captivating fans.

"Excuse Me" will be released on September 3. Meanwhile, enjoy the MV below:

Jay Park Will Be Releasing His 2nd Full Album “EVOLUTION” in September

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Jay Park is set for his comeback with his 2nd full album titled “EVOLUTION” on September 1.

On August 10, Jay Park uploaded a cover photo as a teaser for his new ballad song ‘The Promise’, which is dedicated to his fans who have been waiting for his return. Since it has been nearly over one year and six months since his comeback, many fans are eagerly anticipating what is in store for his new album.

In addition, the track titled ‘NaNa feat. Loco and AOMG’ was leaked on July 25 as a sneak preview to his soon to be released album. The track ‘NaNa’ resembles a reminiscent soundtrack to a summer night party. Jay Park has been receiving a lot of love from his fans for his distinct variety of songs to top the charts

Jay Park to come back with full album "Evolution" + prerelease "The Promise" on the 18th

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Jay Park will be releasing a full album after a year and a half!
He"ll be releasing his full 2nd album "Evolution" on September 1st. But before that, he"s going to be releasing "The Promise" on the 18th as a gift to all the fans who"ve been waiting for him.

"Promise" is a ballad song that uses Jay Park"s sexy voice to the fullest. He"s going to also be releasing a teaser video on the 13th, so stay tuned!

Sunny Hill releases teaser image for their first full album, "Sunny Blues"!

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Sunny Hill is about to show the world their quirky music once again! They"re set to return with Part A of their first full album, "Sunny Blues", and kicked off the teaser cycle with a brand-new image teaser. In a contrast to their usual colorful style, the monochromatic photo shows the ladies dolled up in sexy yet understated skirts. Which legs belong to which? The full album will drop on August 21!