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AOA pull a hidden camera prank on ChoA on ‘Cheongdamdong 111 – N.Flying’s Way to Be a Star’

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AOA"s Mina spilled tears in a hidden camera prank for ChoA, who celebrated her birthday on March 6, on "N.Flying"s reality show "Cheongdamdong 111 - N.Flying"s Way to Be a Star"!

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AOA whipped up a plan to get ChoA out of the dorm for the members to prepare a surprise birthday party by getting Mina to feign sickness in a hidden camera prank. Mina had ChoA fooled with her impressive acting skills as she suddenly spilled tears during their game after which the responsible oldest member ChoA escorted her outside. Once ChoA came back, she was welcomed with a heartwarming birthday party and letters by her members.

Check out the girls trying to score a one-day vacation from their busy schedule and their hidden camera prank on the second episode of "Cheongdamdong 111 - N

FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun to Duet with Comedian Song Eun Yi

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FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun (age 21) and labelmate Song Eun Yi (age 41) will have a collaboration. This duet project will mark 14 years for Song Eun Yi since her last project as a singer, who has mostly been active as a comedian and variety show emcee.

Titled “Age-Height” (pending title, direct translation from Korea and pronounced “Nike”), the song hints to be an entertaining one for the fans. The two are 20 years apart as well as have a big height difference of 26cm (10 inches).

On a recent episode of “Cheongdamdong 111,” Song Eun Yi tried to convince the agency president to approve of her wanting a comeback as a singer, and made him laugh with her cute dance.

Meanwhile, the track will be released on January 9 while the music video will be unveiled several days later on January 13

FNC Entertainment’s “Cheongdamdong 111” Is Popular in China

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tVN’s reality show, “Cheongdam-dong 111,” which features various FNC Entertainment artists, is earning mass popularity in China!

On November 29 and 30, “Cheongdam-dong 111” was the top search on Weibo according to a compiled number of searches totaling over 100,000. On the same chart, SBS’s “The Heirs” came in third place for number of searches and “Reply 1994” in fourth place. Even in competition with dramas, “Cheongdam-dong” took the lead with 130,000.

FNC Entertainment houses popular bands like FT Island and CNBlue, who make appearances on “Cheongdam-dong 111″ without scripts and talks about real life drama. The second episode that aired on November 28 revealed FT Island and CNBlue give trainees advice

CNBLUE’s Minhyuk says he can’t help but smile due to Krystal’s cuteness in preview for ‘Cheongdamdong 111′

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CNBLUE"s Minhyuk blushed when mentioning "Heirs" co-star f(x)"s Krystal in a preview for FNC Entertainment"s new reality show "Cheongdamdong 111"!

When asked about his teamwork with his co-star, Minhyuk shared during his interview portion for the reality show, "[Krystal] is cute, so when I act, I can"t smile just for show, really. My smile just comes out naturally." The interviewer then warned him, "If you keep saying things like that, you might get caught in a scandal."

In another preview for the 2nd episode, FNC Entertainment trainees are seen comparing agencies in the nearby area, JYP, Cube, and SM, as they shared, "JYP [trainees] lean more towards the hip hop style. CUBE and JYP are similar

Lee Dong Gun Wants to Sing on Stage Again Someday

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Actor Lee Dong Gun confessed that he dreams of getting back on the stage as a singer again.

While filming the first episode of reality drama Cheongdamdong 111 airing on November 21, a conversation came up between Lee Dong Gun, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and FNC Entertainment CEO, Han Sung Ho, after playing a round of field golf.

Jung Yong Hwa asked Lee Dong Gun, “Why did you choose to work with FNC entertainment, when it’s known to work mostly with singers?”

“I thought that if I could help out a company when it’s trying to expand, it could be beneficial to both of us,” replied the actor.

But he surprised everyone when he added, “But the most important reason is because I want to go back to being a singer again someday.”

Lee Dong Gun had debuted as a singer in 1998 with the song Hoping my Wishes Reach Heaven, but gained more success as an actor later on