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Ma Dong Suk Behind-the-Scenes Stills Show Contrasting Characters from OCN’s “Bad Guys”

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On September 19, the production team behind OCN’s upcoming thriller, “Bad Guys,” released new stills of Ma Dong Suk behind the scenes of filming. In the photos, Ma Dong Suk can be seen giving his all while filming action scenes, such as hanging onto a car or getting on top of a windshield. In other photos, Ma Dong Suk is seen with a happy, child-like expression on his face and a towel over his head. His on-and-off camera behaviors are so contrasted, garnering much attention from fans.

According to the production team, “The actors are all doing their best despite the filming taking place in hot July weather. Ma Dong Suk especially gives his all in his action scenes. He even ruptured his thigh muscles, which required a recovery period of six weeks. Something to watch out for in ‘Bad Guys’ are the action scenes between Ma Dong Suk and Jo Dong Hyuk

[Spoiler] "Blade Man" Lee Dong-wook questions Jeong Yoo-geun about a monster

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Lee Dong-wook questioned Jeong Yoo-geun about a monster.

On the fourth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Blade Man", Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook) delivered a letter to Chang (Jeong Yoo-geun).

It was a letter written by Chang to his grandfather. He wrote, "I saw a monster. Come and take me quick. If you don"t, the monster will eat Chang".

Joo Hong-bin wanted to know what the monster was. He suspected himself of being "the monster".

Joo Hong-bin questioned Chang, "Tell me quick, who is the monster? Is it me? Chang started crying".

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MBC’s “Star Gazing” Hosted by Kang Ho Dong to Be Wrapped Up Next Month

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MBC’s variety show “Star Gazing” will be coming to an end after five months.

According to a representative, the show will air its last episode within the next three weeks. As the schedule might be pushed back due to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the final air date is currently undecided.

“Star Gazing” has finished filming material enough for two episodes. The follow-up show is yet to be revealed, but MBC is planning to announce a new variety show in mid-October.

“Star Gazing” has provided a talk show-like setting for fans and their favorite stars, but from week to week, the show has failed to draw in the viewers. Compared to its competitors KBS2TV’s “Happy Together 3” and SBS’ “Honey,” the ratings have been fairly low, and the unique format has not lived up to its initial expectations, resulting in the cancellation

Who Wore It Better: Lee Dong Wook vs. Gong Hyo Jin vs. Krystal

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It"s a 3-way battle on "Who Wore It Better." This edition is extra special because it"salso co-ed! Actor Lee Dong Wook, actress GongHyo Jin, and f(x)"s Krystal wereall spotted wearing the same top by "Juun.J."

The piece is the oversize "knock" tee—it"s a white tee withcolorful graphics and the word "knock" in big bold letters going across theshirt. Lee Dong Wook wore the tee in the variety show, "Roommate." He went for acasual look, wearing the tee with a white backwards baseball cap. Gong Hyo Jin opted for an even more casuallook wearing the piece as pajamas in her drama, "It"s Okay, That"s Love." She had her hair in a messy up-do—theup-do we all do when we"re washing up. f(x)"s Krystal went in a completely oppositedirection, however

[Spoiler] "Blade Man", Lee Dong-wook and Sin Se-kyeong"s first ending

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Netizens are showing hot interest in "Blade Man".

The first episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Blade Man" showed Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook) reacting to Son Se-dong"s (Sin Se-kyeong) scent.

Joo Hong-bin smelled the scent of his first love Kim Tae-hee (Han Eun-jeong) from Son Se-dong.

Also, Joo Hong-bin was thinking about the past when his father Joo Jang-won (Kim Gap-soo) manipulated Kim Tae-hee to break up with him; shortly after, blades began sticking out of Joo Hong-bin"s back.

Netizens say, "It"s going to get even more interesting", "Sin Se-kyeong is so pretty", "It"s shocking, but addictive" and more.

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Sung Dong Il"s family to join the "It"s Okay, That"s Love" cast on vacation to Thailand

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Sung Dong Il"s family, including Sung Joon and Sung Bin of "Dad Where Are You Going?", will join the cast of "It"s Okay, That"s Love" on a vacation to Thailand!

A rep from the drama revealed to OSEN on the 10th, "Sung Dong Il"s family will join us on this vacation to celebrate the end of "It"s Okay, That"s Love"."

115 cast and staff members will go on a 6-day vacation in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand from September 17-22. Jo In Sung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, and more have reportedly adjusted their schedule to go on this vacation with Gong Hyo Jin not yet confirmed due to her rehabilitative treatment and EXO"s D.O. unable to join them due to scheduling conflicts.

The drama"s production company rep stated, "Since the majority of the team have been working together since "Wind Blows in Winter" ("That Winter, The Wind Blows"), this vacation was planned and prepared before the drama aired

Jo Se Ho visits Lee Dong Wook on the set of "Iron Man"

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Chuseok is a time for families to gather together, and Jo Se Ho made sure to send some love and support to his "Roommate" family member Lee Dong Wook! During the holiday, the comedian visited the set of Lee Dong Wook"s upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man"!

The actor shared on his Weibo on September 7, "Filming during the Chuseok holiday made me lose my energy, but Se Ho made a surprise visit!!! ^^ Thank you for the chicken as well~~~~I love you!!" He also added heartwarming photos of the two roommates showing their brotherly bond.

"Iron Man" will premiere on September 10 at 10 PM KST! Do you plan to watch?

Sung Si Kyung’s Tennis Nagging Inspires Jung Hyung Dong on “Cool Kiz on the Block”

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Singer Sung Si Kyung and comedian Jung Hyung Don have been bonding through a series of social media messages as part of the two stars’ participation on the latest edition of KBS2 reality show “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

During the show (which will air on the evening of September 9), the celebrities were trying their hand at playing tennis, and were asked to collaborate as part of a team.

Sung Si Kyung started to nag his teammate and told him that he needed to improve his tennis-playing stance and posture.

Jung Hyung Don jokingly complained, “Not even a coach would treat me so severely!”

The stars became involved in a long conversation through Kakao Talk, a social network application, which was revealed by the shows producers as part of the show

Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung ask you to catch the premiere of "Iron Man"

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Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung asked viewers to catch the upcoming premiere of their KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man!

The lead stars also relayed their Chuseok greetings through handwritten notes. Lee Dong Wook wrote, "Catch the broadcast when it airs! Please~ Have a happy Chuseok!" Shin Se Kyung wrote, "Hope you have a happy Chuseok holiday! Please give "Iron Man" a lot of love!"

The drama"s rep stated, "As we await the premiere, the entire cast and staff are showing strong determination so we ask for a lot of interest."

For those who haven"t heard what the drama is about, it"s a fantasy-melo drama that portrays the love story of a bitter man named Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) who carried feelings of resentment and revenge, and the warm, loving woman Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung) who always puts others first

Kang Dong Won talks about what it was like to work with TaeTiSeo on "My Brilliant Life"

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Actor Kang Dong Won talked about what it felt like to work with TaeTiSeo.

In the movie "My Brilliant Life", Kang Dong Won plays a young father who is obsessed with girl groups. In the beginning of the movie, when TaeTiSeo comes on TV, he can"t take his eyes off the screen. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun came out as cameos in his movie to add to his character line. 

He was asked about working with the girls by Sports Hankook, and he said, "I"ve almost never seen idols after I debuted, so it was kind of amazing. Girls" Generation being on set was weird. We took a commemorative photo afterwards, but we didn"t really talk to each other. It was unfamiliar to have idols on set

Rain V. Lee Dong Wook V. Kam Woo Sung

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Soon the Wednesday-Thursday night lineup of dramas will feature three new leading men. For this week Jo In Sung is still in the mix but after that it"s Rain V. Lee Dong Wook V. Kam Woo Sung.

Lee Dong Wook just finished starring in the drama "Hotel King" but Kam Woo Sung has not been in a drama since "The King of Legend" in 2010. Rain has worked on two films since finishing his mandatory military duty. He appeared in the American film "The Prince" which co-starred Bruce Willis, and his Chinese film "Difficult Love." And he is said to be in talks for two more Hollywood films. But he has not appeared in a drama since the 2010 "The Fugitive: Plan B."

But the lack of recent drama credits may not predict who wins the ratings battle. Even top star status does not always make for a ratings winner

Lee Dong Wook, Park Min Woo, and Chanyeol Succeed in Making Jo Se Ho and Nana’s Movie Date ‘More Memorable’

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Jo Se Ho‘s dream movie date with Orange Caramel’s Nana would’ve been perfect. The two were seated comfortably beside each other in a private theater as they watched a horror film all by themselves–at least that’s what they thought!

Little did the two know, they were in for a surprise. On the September 7 episode of “Roommate,Lee Dong Wook, Park Min Woo, and EXO’s Chanyeol were shown brewing some mischievous plan outside the theater to make Jo Se Ho and Nana’s movie date an even more memorable one: by scaring them to death while they’re watching a horror movie.

The three mischievous guys who dubbed themselves as “007 Roommate Operation Group” followed Jo Se Ho and Nana on their way to the theater, driving behind them

Lee Dong Wook Looks Sharp in New “Iron Man” Stills

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Actor Lee Dong Wook has released some new photos KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Ironman.”

On the September 6, Lee Dong Wook (who plays the role of angry man Joo Hong Bin, a man so full of pain that he gains the supernatural ability to sprout knives from his body) unveiled a series of “paparazzi” stills taken on set.

In the unveiled photos, Lee Dong Wook shows off his 184 cm height, wide shoulders, and hidden six pack. Above all, his uniquely patterned and well-fitted suits are eye-catching–all the better to convey the personality of the character that he plays.

A representative for the show said, “Through Joo Hong Bin’s character and Lee Dong Wook’s charms, we hope to present you with many exciting stories

Lee Dong Wook & Shin Se Kyung take a compatibility quiz on "Entertainment Relay"

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"Entertainment Relay" met up with Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung during the press conference for their upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man"!

Lee Dong Wook revealed his reason for choosing to star in "Iron Man", sharing, "First off, the fact that my character has knives coming out of him from his emotional scars was very unique. I was very curious to how it would come out on screen and what it would be like to act it out. And Shin Se Kyung was cast before me so I wanted to act with her."

The onscreen couple also took a compatibility quiz. When asked, "Cola or cider?", they both answered chose cider, surprising themselves. When asked, "Transformers or Iron Man?", they chose "Iron Man", of course

Jo In Sung Makes Surprise Appearance to Support Sung Dong Il on “I’m Going to School”

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Actor Jo In Sung will be having a surprise appearance on the variety program “I’m Going to School” to support his cast member Sung Dong Il.

On the September 6 episode of the jTBC variety program, Jo In Sung appeared in a video message in front of Sung Dong Il’s class. Sung Dong Il, who is in the hit drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” with Jo In Sung, managed to receive a video message for his class, who burst into cheers at the personalized message from the popular star.

Although he jokingly mentioned being jealous of his co-stars’ popularity in his own classroom, Sung Dong Il seemed pleased at how successful his surprise event for his classmates turned out.

“I’m Going to School” is a cable variety program where celebrities join real-life classrooms as students