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"Blade Man", Lee Dong-wook spotted sleeping in corners

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Actor Lee Dong-wook who is currently acting in the KBS 2TV drama "Blade Man" Joo Hong-bin, posted pictures on his Facebook saying, "I"m sleepy. It"s tough staying up all night, but I am working hard".

Pictures show him taking naps in-between breaks on the set of the drama. He"s even napping on a fold-chair outside in his polar bear costume.

When Lee Dong-wook is in his "blade" costume he can"t sit or lay down properly so he"s laying down sideways on a long bench. It really shows how much work he"s putting into the drama while trying to make it work with the rest of the team.

Netizens say, "He"s still handsome napping like that", "He"s so passionate about acting", "24 hours of sleep isn"t enough", "Poor thing" and more.

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Ha Dong Kyun drops self-composed and self-written album "Word"

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Talented singer Ha Dong Kyun has now dropped his self-composed and self-written mini-album, "Word"!

He unveiled pre-release track "Knots" beforehand, amping up fans for the entire album with the rich instrumentals and poignant feelings expressed through the song. Ha Dong Kyun does not disappoint with the full deal!

Check out the "Run" MV below!

Kim Dong Ryul, Akdong Musician, and Soyu & Urban Zakapa top Instiz chart for the second week of October 2014

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The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it"s also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the second week of October (October 6 to October 12) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Kim Dong Ryul - "How Am I" - 38,917 Points

2. Akdong Musician - "Time And Fallen Leaves" - 22,127 Points

3. Soyu & Urban Zakapa - "The Space Between" - 19,438 Points

4. Ailee - "Don"t Touch Me" - 18,996 Points

5. Roy Kim - "Home" - 17,700 Points


Kim Dong Ryul wins #1 on SBS" Inkigayo" + performances from Bernard Park, Raina, BOYFRIEND, & more

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SBSInkigayo has dropped another great hour of fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement! Joining us will be hosts Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A"s Kwanghee.

On this episode, Raina made her solo debut with "You End, And Me" featuring KantoBoyfriend came back with "Witch", Red Velvet made a comeback with "Be Natural", Jung Dong Ha made his solo debut with "If I", Mad Town debuted with "Yolo".

As for the winner, the first place nominees were the same as last week -- AIiee, Soyu X Urban Zakapa, and Kim Dong Ryul

[Spoiler] "Blade Man" Lee Dong-wook falls for Sin Se-kyeong once again

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Lee Dong-wook and Sin Se-kyeong"s romance is unfolding like a fairytale.

On the ninth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Blade Man", Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook) turned childish. He admitted to his sleazy ways of trying to get Se-dong (Sin Se-kyeong) interested in him again, then tried to ask for her forgiveness.

Previously, Se-dong was freaked out at his gift, which was a house, then broke up with him. Afterward, Hong-bin prepared a meeting to attempt at changing her mind. He asked her to meet at an amusement park and put on a character costume with a cardboard which read, "I"m sorry, please forgive me". People around them applauded and told her to forgive him but she didn"t respond well.

According to Seung-hwan (Sin Seung-hwan), Se-dong doesn"t like surprises like this

Kim Dong Ryul"s Kyunghee University concert tickets sell out in 2 minutes

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On October 8, Kim Dong Ryul began ticket sales for his Kyunghee University Peace Hall solo concerts. Within only two minutes, tickets to his three 10,000-seat concerts were sold out.

The singer has been the trend among Koreans lately as his ballad "How Am I" from his sixth album "Accompany" has been dominating several music charts such as Genie, Mnet, Bugs, Ole Music, Soribada, Naver Music, and Daum Music since its release on the 1st. As he"s known for his deep voice and vocal talent, it seems that he has swept the nation with his powerful, emotional singing to the point that people are clamoring to listen to him live.

Kim Dong Ryul will be embarking on a nationwide concert tour across 9 different cities starting in Busan on November 1, giving his fans plenty of venues at which they can watch his live performance

[Spoiler] "Blade Man", Lee Dong-wook stops step brother from committing suicide

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Lee Dong-wook stopped his step brother from killing himself.

On the eighth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Blade Man", Joo Hong-joo (Lee Joo-seung) tried to kill himself.

Joo Hong-joo was tired of his his father Joo Jang-won (Kim Kap-soo) cornering him all the time so he planned to commit suicide and wrote a final message to Son Se-dong (Sin Se-kyeong) whom he had a crush on.

Son Se-dong eventually checked the message and cried her eyes out as she called Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook) to tell him about it.

Joo Hong-bin found his brother who was just about to jump off from a building.

Joo Hong-bin was shocked to see his brother and tripped on his own feet. He was about to fall; however, Joo Hong-bin used his power to fling himself and save his step brother

Lee Dong Wook shows his fatherly side on the set of "Iron Man"

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Lee Dong Wook showed just why he is the ideal type of many ladies out there with snapshots from the set of his KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man"!

Not only is Lee Dong Wook a Mr. Congeniality among his "roommates", he seems to also get along well with children as he was spotted watching over his child co-star, Jung Yoo Geun. It"s said that he took care of the child actor like a friendly, big brother, creating a friendly atmosphere on set.

Stay tuned for another episode today at 10 PM KST!

Ha Dong Kyun drops pre-release "Knots" ahead of personally created mini-album "Word"

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Singer Ha Dong Kyun has dropped pre-release track "Knots", the third track off his upcoming self-written and self-composed mini-album, "Word"! With its rich string instrumentals and the dramatic emotions expressed throughout the song, "Knots" is sure to make fans anticipate the full mini-album release with even more excitement.

Agency Louders Entertainment expressed their excitement for the concert at the JBK Convention Hall also on October 8, through which he will share his music, thoughts, and more. The agency said, "We are looking forward to the coexistence of various thoughts that Ha Dong Kyun and lots of people would share in one space."

"Word" will be out on October 14, but in the meantime, check out the pre-release below!

Former Boohwal vocalist Jung Dong Ha releases "If I" MV starring actress Lee Se Young

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Former member of rock band Boohwal, Jung Dong Ha, has finally released his first album as a soloist "BEGIN" as well as the MV for his ballad "If I"!

The video features actress Lee Se Young who portrays the emotion and sorrow conveyed through of Jung Dong Ha"s own powerful voice and song.

Make sure to check the MV out as well as listen to Jung Dong Ha"s newest album, which will mark the beginning of his new solo career.

Ex-Boohwal member Jung Dong Ha takes his steps as a soloist with "If I" teaser

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Boohwal"s past vocalist Jung Dong Ha has released the teaser to his solo song "If I"!
The teaser shows a crying Lee Se Young, and near the end his amazing voice sings the chorus of his title song. His first album "BEGIN" will be out on the 8th, but listen to the snippet of the song above!

Are you excited to hear more?

Girl"s Day"s Minah and Jang Dong Min burst into an impromptu Crayon Pop dance on "Eco Village"

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The cast of SBS"s "Eco Village" took a moment to unwind after an episode of hard work with a good, old-fashioned dance-off!

Girl"s Day"s Minah and Jang Dong Min were working hard, pounding the dirt flat on the foundation of the house they were building. They noticed that their jumps looked very similar to Crayon Pop"s iconic "piston" dance from "Bar Bar Bar" - and they couldn"t let this opportunity pass them by!

They soon corralled the remaining cast members into an impromptu performance. Check out their antics above!

Jung Dong Ha unveils teaser images for his upcoming 1st solo album

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After parting ways with Boohwal, talented vocalist Jung Dong Ha will release his 1st solo album "BEGIN" on the 8th!

His agency Evermore Music got fans ready for his upcoming solo album with teaser images, and stated, "While recording in Ocean Way Studio and Westlake Studio in Hollywood last August, Jung Dong Ha took part in the photoshoot... As much as this is singer Jung Dong Ha"s 1st solo album, the images reflect his emotions."

It has been revealed that the photoshoot for the black-and-white images took place on the set of hit movie "The Dark Knight Rises".

Jung Dong Ha will "begin" on his new path as a solo artist when his album drops on the 8th!

Sixth album launch for Kim Dong-ryul

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Veteran male singer Kim Dong-ryul, 40, released his sixth full-length album yesterday at midnight, returning to the music scene three years after his last album came out in 2011. "Companion" is composed of 10 songs, including the title track, "How I AM." Its music video, uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, features actor Gong Yoo, 35. Other songs on the newest release include "Advice", a collaboration with singer John Park, and "Youth", featuring singer-songwriter Lee Sang-soon, who is better known as Lee Hyo-ri"s husband.Soon after the album was unveiled, the title track topped numerous local music charts, including Naver Music, Daum Music, Bugs and Genie, and managed to sustain the honor as of yesterday at 7 p.m.As for the reason why the singer named his album "Companion", Kim wrote on his personal Twitter account yesterday: "When I first started music, I was more interested in honing my own skills", adding, "But one album after another, I began thinking about those who actually listen to my music

Jo In Sung Gives Kim Jae Dong A Back Hug

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Actor Jo In Sung gave comedian Kim Jae Dong a back hug in celebration of the finale of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days Season 3." As a teaser of the upcoming episode of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days Season 3," which is going to air on October 5, 2014, the production team of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days Season 3" posted on its official Facebook page, "We present a picture of Jo In Sung giving Kim Jae Dong a back hug. Please watch him in action this Sunday!"

In the previous episode of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days Season 3," the 1 Night 2 Days members brought their best friends and competed playing games in Silmido. In the picture the production team of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days Season 3" posted on its official Facebook page, Jo In Sung laughed as he was giving Kim Jae Dong a back hug