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Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Donates to “Comfort Women” Charity

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Shinhwa star Kim Dong Wan has donated 30 million won (about 29,000 USD) to a charity that supports former Korean World War II sex slaves. Referred to as “comfort women,” these women were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers before and during the war. Kim Dong Wan’s donation, made to charity group House of Sharing, will be used to help construction of a memorial hall, built to commemorate the women’s plight.

Kim Dong Wan explained that he wanted to ensure that the comfort women’s ordeal would never be forgotten. The Shinhwa star said, “I think even a painful history should be remembered and not forgotten.”

This is not the first time that Kim Dong Wan has made a noteworthy donation to charity. In the past, he has also given money to the victims of the Yeonpyeong-do Islands attacks in 2010, as well as the survivors of typhoons in the Philippines, and has been involved in various other charitable endeavors

Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung, and more attend first script reading for "Iron Man"

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Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung, and more attended the first script reading session for their upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man"!

Directors Kim Yong Soo and Kim Jong Yeon, writer Kim Kyu Wan, Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung, Shin Seung Hwan, Jung Jin, Jung Yoo Geun, and more greeted each other with bright smiles during their first meeting at the KBS building last weekend.

"Iron Man" is a fantasy-melo drama that portrays the love story of a bitter man named Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook), who carried feelings of resentment and revenge, and the warm, loving woman Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung), who always puts others first.

"Iron Man" is set to air following "Joseon Gunman" early this September!

Shin Se Kyung and Lee Dong Wook Show Great Chemistry at the First “Iron Man” Script Reading

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Upcoming drama “Iron Man” held their first script reading recently at the KBS hall with the main cast and writers in presence.

Despite not being familiar with each other, the two lead actors Shin Se Kyung and Lee Dong Wook showed great chemistry together from the get-go. The supporting cast, consisting of actors like Shin Seung Hwan, Jung Jin, and Jung Yoo Geun, also showed an impressive understanding of their characters, heightening the expectation for the upcoming drama.

“Iron Man” is a fantasy melodrama about a cold and hurt man with supernatural powers, played by Lee Dong Wook, and a caring woman who tries to heal him, portrayed by Shin Se Kyung.

The drama will start airing in September after the completion of the currently airing “The Joseon Gunman

Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo Enjoy “One Fine Day” in Paris for Vogue

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Actors Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo participated in a couple pictorial and it is becoming a hot topic.

Vogue Korea recently uploaded an interview and pictorial under the title of “One Fine Day,” showcasing the pictorial between Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won, stars of the upcoming movie “My Brilliant Life,” that took place in Paris, France.

In the couple pictorial, Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo flaunt their superior visuals and display their unique chemistry. While in one picture they are giving off an intimate pose by grabbing each other’s hips while holding an umbrella, in another, they are doing a friendly pose while putting their hands around the other’s shoulder, with both poses giving off the vibes that they are truly dating.

You can see the full pictorial in the September issue of Vogue Korea

Lee Da Hae Gets Jealous Over the Female Cast of “Roommate” in Front of Lee Dong Wook

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Actress Lee Da Hae has expressed her honest thoughts on SBS’ reality show “Roommate.”

On the August 17 broadcast of the show, viewers could see actor Lee Dong Wook attend the ending party of his latest drama “Hotel King.” He was joined by co-star and actress Lee Da Hae, who stopped by to reveal her thoughts on the popular reality show.

Lee Dong Wook opened up the discussion by saying, “You should appear on ‘Roommate,’” to which Lee Da Hae replied, “I heard there are a lot of women and people develop feelings for each other,” expressing her jealousy over the show’s female cast.

Finally, the actress expressed her protective nature over Lee Dong Wook, saying, “Do you think it is easy to get rid of me?” causing the actor to burst in laughter over her dramatic reaction

Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are a chic visual couple in B-cuts for "Vogue Korea"

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It"s a shame that Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won denied dating rumors because they make a good looking couple as evidenced by their B-cuts (photos not chosen for print) from their "Vogue Korea" pictorial!

Song Hye Kyo took on an Audrey Hepburn-esque look, drawing all eyes with her stand-alone charisma and beauty, while Kang Dong Won looked superbly handsome in his suit. They also donned matching sunglasses to perfect the couple concept with the black-and-white pictorial giving off a vintage vibe.

Their A-cuts and interview will be revealed a bit later on through "Vogue Korea"s September issue! Their upcoming movie "My Brilliant Life" ("My Palpitating Life") is also set to premiere on September 3

Secret Members Choose Individual Ideal Types: Kim Soo Hyun, Chu Sung Hoon, Kang Dong Won, and Jo Seung Woo

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On the August 15 radio broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Sora’s Music Plaza,” all four members of group Secret appeared as guests and shared about their ideal types.

During the radio show, DJ Lee Sora asked the members of Secret to discuss their individual ideal types. Member Song Ji Eun answered first saying, “[My ideal type] is Kim Soo Hyun. It’s almost an openly known fact. I’ve really liked him since I was a rookie.”

Then Jung Hana revealed, “For me, it’s Chu Sung Hoon. I dream of a man who can be a ddal-babo (daughter-fool).”

Member Hyosung also shared, “Kang Dong Won [is my ideal type]. I only look at personality and not at faces, and my ideal type is a man who can love me

Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won Take over Paris for Vogue

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Actors Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won took over Paris with their amazing styles for a photo spread with fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

On August 14, Vogue released the b-cuts from the photo shoot with the two beautiful actors, which were all good enough to be a great spread themselves. The two actors, who co-star in the upcoming film “My Brilliant Life” posed in a variety of locations in Paris for the fashion spread. They channeled classic French looks, reminiscent of Godard films.

The final cuts that made into the magazine will be revealed in the September issue of Vogue Korea.

Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won’s melodrama movie “My Brilliant Life” will open in theaters on September 3.

Check out some of the gorgeous shots below!

Song Hye Gyo Turns Into a Loving Mother for “My Brilliant Life,” Also Starring Kang Dong Won

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Top actor and actress Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo have come together again for the movie “My Brilliant Life,” which will be released on September 3. This will be the second time they have starred in a movie together.

“My Brilliant Life” is a touching movie based on a novel about a young couple, Mira (Song Hye Gyo) and Dae Su (Kang Dong Won), who conceive a child at the young age of 17. Their newborn son, Ah Reum, is diagnosed with Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic defect that causes him to age rapidly from an early age.

Actress Song Hye Gyo diverges from her goddess image to play the realistic role of Mira: a beautiful girl that once dreamed of becoming a pop idol, yet through the turn of events of having a child, ends up becoming a hard-working mother who has great love for her son

IU and Shin Dong Yup to be the MCs of Chuseok pilot program "Tray Relay Song"

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IU and Shin Dong Yup are reported to be the MCs of upcoming pilot program KBS 2TV"s "Tray Relay Song" (working title)!

A KBS rep stated on the 13th, "IU has been decided on as the female MC for the Chuseok special pilot program KBS 2TV"s "Tray Relay Song" (working title)," joining the previously confirmed Shin Dong Yup.

According to the various reports, "Tray Relay Song" is an upgraded version of KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together" season 1 corner "Tray Karaoke Room", in which one would get hit on the head with a falling metal tray if they get the lyrics wrong. The format for this Chuseok special reportedly consists of 4-5 teams competing against each other.

So far the mentioned names for those participating in this special include Tae Jin Ah, Lim Chang Jung, Kim Chang Ryul, Park Hyun Bin, Huh Gak, Ailee, K

IU to Partner Up with Shin Dong Yup as MC for Chuseok Special Program

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On August 13, a representative of KBS’ entertainment department revealed to Star News, “It has been decided that IU will be hosting KBS 2TV’s Chuseok special pilot program ‘Metal Tray Relay Song’ (working title) as the female MC.”

“Metal Tray Relay Song” is reported to be an upgraded version of the ‘Metal Tray Karaoke’ segment from the first season of variety program “Happy Together.” The show will consist of four to five teams that will be battling it out in a survival competition.

Earlier, Shin Dong Yup was confirmed as MC for this upcoming program, and viewers’ expectations are now on the rise with news of IU joining as his MC partner.

The show’s lineup is already drawing interest, as it includes well known singers Lim Chang Jung, Kim Chang Ryul, Huh Gak, Ailee, K

Lee Dong-wook and Sin Se-kyeong in "Ironman"

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Actor Lee Dong-wook and actress Sin Se-kyeong are starring in the new KBS 2TV drama "Ironman".

King Kong Entertainment revealed that Lee Dong-wook stars in "Ironman" as Joo Hong-bin and Sin Se-kyeong as Son Se-dong.

Lee Dong-wook takes on the role of Joo Hong-bin whose anger and pain inside him stick out of his body as knives. He looks hot tempered and cold on the outside but actually he"s full of pain.

Sin Se-kyeong"s role of Son Se-dong is a character who is so nice she takes care of other people more than herself. She"s so pure and innocent and bound with morality but never stands down in front of anyone.

A drama producer stated, "We hope Lee Dong-wook and his charismatic character of Joo Hong-bin create a synergy effect and satisfies all the five senses"

Actor Lee Dong Wook Confirms “Iron Man” Role, Partners with Shin Se Kyung

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Actor Lee Dong Wook has confirmed that he will appear in the upcoming KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama “Iron Man.”

According to Lee Dong Wook’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, on August 11, Lee Dong Wook will play the male protagonist Joo Hong Bin in “Iron Man.”

In the drama, Joo Hong Bin is a man with a special ability in that the anger and scars within his heart shoot out of his body as sharp blades. Lee Dong Wook will play a character that is hot-tempered, cold and powerful on the outside, but carries a lot of pain inside.

A person related to “Iron Man” stated, “Lee Dong Wook is an actor that has a gentle but warm emotional charisma that melts you. As Lee Dong Wook should satisfy the five senses of the viewers as he creates a unique synergy with the character Joo Hong Bin, please anticipate the drama and show interest in it

Actor Sung Dong Il Brags about His Son, Sung Joon, on “Dad, Where Are We Going?”

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On the episode of MBC’s “Dad, Where Are We Going?” that aired on August 10, actor Sung Dong Il‘s son, Sung Joon, displayed his “mother’s friend’s son” appearance, a term used to describe a “perfect” son that a parent would compare his or her own kids to.

Sung Dong Il was very pleased as he stated, “Recently Joon has been scoring 100s on his final exams. When I asked him what he wanted for a present, he asked me to buy a book.” Joon, who had heard what his dad said, dove back into his book as if the praise was nothing and only cracked a smile.

On this day, Sung Dong Il was working on his bucket list, and one of the items was to dress his daughter Sung Bin up in a pretty manner. Later, Sung Dong Il went to a beauty parlor with his daughter

Kang Dong Won Wants to Film Dramas But Was Recently Rejected

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Kang Dong Won confesses that he wanted to film dramas but he was rejected recently.

On today’s episode of MBC‘s “Section TV,” Kang Dong Won was interviewed with co-actress Song Hye Gyo for their movie “My Brilliant Life.” Kang Dong Won said, “I wanted to film dramas, but I don’t think I got a good response and they didn’t call me back. I really wanted to do this certain drama for a long time, but I was rejected.”

Song Hye Gyo responded to Kang Dong Won’s sad confession about his rejection, saying, “Maybe we should film a drama next year.”

Kang Dong Won was last in a drama in 2004. The drama was titled “Magic.”

The movie “My Brilliant Life,” which is about a couple who has a son with Progeria syndrome, will premiere September 3 this year