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Jiyoung signs with Japanese agency Sweet Power to start her acting career

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It has been reported that Jiyoung has signed with Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power, confirming the past rumors and speculations that have been circulating since earlier this year.

Various Japanese media outlets including Oricon reported on the 21st, "Jiyoung has signed with Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power and plans to promote using her name, Jiyoung."

A Sweet Power rep apparently stated, "Jiyoung will show more mature charms than previously shown. We anticipate her activities as a global actress with her proficiency in Japanese and English."

According to her agency, Jiyoung has been taking acting and English lessons in England after leaving KARA and signed her contract this month

Gong Hyo Jin lends her sweet smile as a model for "2econd Floor" clothes

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Actress Gong Hyo Jin went for a cute and lovable look as the model for clothing brand "2econd Floor"s 2014 fall and winter season.

She looks completely at ease and comfortable in her own skin, appearing like a complete pro when it comes to natural modeling. As usual, she showcases her trademark, winning smile for a bright and sweet look that never gets old.

You can also catch her in her starring drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love". Are you enjoying the story so far?

INFINITE are cool and chic for "Vogue Girl" making film

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Inspirits, it"s time to thank "Vogue Girl" as they unveil some handsome preview photos and a video of the INFINITE members from their latest photoshoot! The boys are laid back in more ways than one in this shoot, casually lounging around and looking like they have no care in the world.


You can catch the full pictorial in the September issue of "Vogue Girl", but in the meantime, you can check out some of the preview photos and B-cuts released by the magazine below as well as a behind-the-scenes video above!

Film Review: 'The Admiral: Roaring Currents' Is The Best Korean Film To Hit The U.S. In 2014

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(Photo : CJ Entertainment)
"The Admiral: Roaring Currents" is a gripping Joseon Dynasty film which is best viewed in theaters. “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” opened in select theaters on August 15, to widespread praise from critics and audiences. The epic Joseon Dynasty film departs from the usual storyline of domestic conflicts over the crown, to present the mythical historic tale of Admiral Yi and his incredible triumph over a Japanese naval fleet at The Battle of Myeong Nyang.

The Battle of Myeong Nyang was a surreal naval conflict which took place in 1597, during the Japanese invasion of Korea. Admiral Yi Sun Shin conquered a fleet of 330 Japanese warships with a meager 12 Korean battleships, in the treacherous waters of the Myeong Nyang sea.

Admiral Yi was a legendary leader of the Korean naval whose battle technique was reliant on reinforced turtle ships

Son Ye Jin Declines Drama For Film Role

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Son Ye Jin considered taking a leading role in the upcoming historical drama "The King"s Face," starring Seo In Guk and Lee Jung Jae. If she had taken the role of Kim Ha Gee, she would have played a woman who was loved by both a prince and a king.

And while that might have been tempting she chose instead to sign on for a thriller directed by Lee Kyung Mi.

According to CJ Entertainment, the actress will appear in a film tentatively titled "House Full of Happiness."

 "Son Ye Jin has been confirmed to star in director Lee Kyung Mi"s new project, "House Full of Happiness," which is due to start filming in September," said a representative of CJ Entertainment, which will distribute the film.

The film is a thriller about an ambitious politician who dreams of becoming a member of Congress

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo’s Upcoming Film “The Technicians” Completes Filming

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Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo‘s upcoming heist action film “The Technicians” officially wrapped up its filming on August 12 and has gone into post-production.

After 79 shoots spread over five months, the filming for “The Technicians” wrapped up at a set in Seoul. At the last shoot, lead actor Kim Woo Bin showing some impressive action skills, jumping off a high-building on wires.

“The Technicians” is a heist action film where a very talented group of technicians attempt to steal a large sum of gang money.

Kim Woo Bin will play the multi-talented robber Jihyuk, while Lee Hyun Woo will portray a young, highly-skilled hacker named Jongbae. Go Chang Suk will portray an accomplice and provide comic relief to the film

Lee Je Hoon and Shim Eun Kyung Win Awards at Jecheon International Music and Film Festival

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Rising young actors Lee Je Hoon and Shim Eung Kyung took home awards at the 10th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival.

The two actors won the “Music Film Actor” award, as voted by the audience. Lee Je Hoon won the award for his role in the movie “My Paparotti,” while Shim Eun Kyung received the award for her work in the film “Miss Granny.” They received the physical award at the opening ceremony of the festival held on August 14.

Both actors currently have big projects lined up, as Lee Je Hoon is in the process of shooting his upcoming historical drama “Secret Door,” while Shim Eun Kyung has been cast as the female lead of the Korean remake of the popular Japanese drama “Nodame Cantabile

Film critic Heo Jiwoong thinks HyunA should practice singing more

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On the August 14 broadcast of “War of Words” on the JTBC channel, film critic Heo Jiwoong critiqued HyunA’s singing skills.

Heo Jiwoong stated, “I hope that she would practice her singing more. For this concept, compared to what others have shown, her singing is weak.”

In contrast, comedian Lee Yoonsuk praised HyunA’s voice and the fact that she sung the chorus for “Red” by herself.

HyunA is currently promoting her title track “Red,” which has garnered a lot of interest and has received more than 7 million views on Youtube. She also recently released the choreography video to her track "Blacklist" featuring EXID’s LE.

What are your thoughts on their comments on HyunA’s singing?

Source: X Sports News

WINNER and Kim So Hyun are full of energy in their "Elite" uniforms in photo shoot making-of film

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It"s back-to-school season for many of you, and WINNER and actress Kim So Hyun inspired fans to look their best for school in their "Elite" uniforms!

WINNER and Kim So Hyun transformed from celebrities into students in their clean-cut and spiffy uniforms from the "V Line", "Skinny", and "Act Free" lines of the brand"s 2014 fall collection. They made fans smile with their youthful and vibrant energy, which shined through their aegyo and active poses.

Also stay tuned for WINNER"s debut stage on SBS" "Inkigayo" this Sunday!

Check out the making-of film above!

Lee Jin Wook, Im Soo Jung, and Jo Jung Suk Confirmed for Upcoming Film “Time Escapee”

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Actors Lee Jin Wook, Im Soo Jung, and Jo Jung Suk have been confirmed as the three leads for the upcoming film “Time Escapee.”

On August 14, it was announced that the three actors will be appearing in director Kwak Jae Yong‘s new movie, which will begin shooting this September.

The director of the film, Kwak Jae Yong, is known for his romance films like “My Sassy Girl” and “The Classic.” It will tell the story of a man from the past and a man from the present who struggle to affect a woman’s destiny.

The three lead actors, who have each shown great performances in a variety of projects, are garnering a lot of attention, as fans wonder what kind of chemistry they will have with each other

K-dramas' Sweet, Sweet Gestures And "Aw" Moments

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Whether they provoke tears or sighs, one of the things k-dramas do best is create the "aw" moment. It"s that sweet demonstration of a character"s feelings designed to make your heart flutter.

Two recent examples come to mind. One took place in the comedy "Fated To Love You." Choi Jin Hyuk put a bandage on Jang Nara"s scrape. Taking care of someone"s injury is a pretty common way for a k-drama character to express protective feelings for another character but in this case it was delivered with a twist.

When Jang Hyuk later noticed that Choi Jin Hyuk had placed a bandage on his wife"s arm, he slowly peeled it off while she was sleeping and replaced it with one of his own, fully reclaiming his territory. And although Jang Nara did not seem to wake up during this tender act, she later pasted Jang Hyuk"s bandage in her baby book as a token of his affection for her

Lee Ji Ah’s Debut Film as Hollywood Screenwriter in the Works

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Actress Lee Ji Ah will be leaving for the States soon, in order to put the final touches on the screenplay for her Hollywood film “Conscious Perception” (working title), which will be her debut as a screenwriter.

“Conscious Perception” is a film about a future in which there is technology that can alter people’s feelings, creating an upheaval in society. The film will be produced by Maybach Film Productions, at a budget of roughly 10 billion won (approx. 9.8 million USD). The actress will be stateside for about a month, during which she will be discussing another screenplay that she currently has in the works, as well.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Ah has been caught up in a buzz over her recent appearance on “Healing Camp,” during which she spoke of her past marriage with Seo Taiji, who subsequently responded to the press that not all of what she said was true

Clara is sexy, sweet, elegant, and sporty for "International bnt" + making film

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Actress Clara took part in a diverse photo shoot with "International bnt," going for a natural mood as she dons comfortable, everyday clothing whether she"s working out at the gym, chilling at the poolside, ordering a cocktail, or just taking it off. As usual, she shows off her fine figure.

In the interview portion, she said, "I enjoy fashion styles that emphasizes a "Coca-Cola" bottle figure. I especially like a variety of one-piece styles and mostly pick out looks that make my body appear slim. I mostly prefer the nude toned color."

As for maintaining her body line, Clara stated, "I think ballet from my student days was helpful." In the past, she also mentioned wanting to do a nude photo shoot, which became a hot topic. She explained that she wanted to strive for the best body before she got any older: "I wanted to do a nude photo shoot for my private collection, but that became a bigger deal than expected

Shorry releases sweet duo MV for “Snapback Girl” ft. K.Will!

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After releasing a teaser for his first solo debut just yesterday, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry has officially revealed the MV for “Snapback Girl” featuring prime vocalist K.Will!

Intermixing powerful rap and melodic singing, Shorry manages to showcase a unique love song with rhythmic piano and overall soft beats. Acting out various comical and cute scenes with the girl of his dreams, Shorry entertains viewers through randomly riding skateboards, partaking in a photoshoot with the girl, holding a dog next to her on a car hood, and more. Filmed in both colorful studio rooms as well as the outside in the city, the MV ends with Shorry jumping high in the air after she returns his love for her.

Other props and characters further contribute to the whimsical plot of the music video, so tune in below and tell us what you think!

Source: YMC Entertainment (YMCent) Official YouTube Channel

U-KISS give a belated treat with making-of film for "Mono Scandal"

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U-KISS gave a belated treat to fans, who"ve been needing to refuel their feels, through their making-of film for "Mono Scandal"!

U-KISS took fans behind the scenes of their album jacket photo shoot and showed some skin in their white shirts. They also had fun taking a selca together on set and made sure to film the sexiest scenes possible for their "Don"t Flirt" MV by monitoring themselves and getting into the groove with the female dancers.

Listen to "One Love" ("One") play in the background as you watch the making-of film!