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Eric Nam and Park Ji Min do a sweet rendition of Adam Levine"s "Lost Star" + solo covers

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Matching in fall"s staple color, maroon, Eric Nam and Park Ji Min covers the next hit song, "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine perfect for the windy weather on a recent radio broadcast on MBC FM "Younha"s Starry Night"

In addition, Eric Nam sings a sweet rendition of Ra.D"s "I"m in Love" capturing the hearts of the listeners with his nicely flowing falsetto.

15&"s Park Ji Min flaunts her light yet powerful vocals with "Do you want to build a snowman?" a popular track that was highlighted in the hit Disney movie, "Frozen." The talented rookie singer not only hit the notes with ease but she also managed to make things more entertaining with her usual antics which you can watch in the video below

EXO's D.O. Talks About His Big Screen Debut In The Film “Cart”

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With "Cart" being his debut film, Do Kyung Soo had a lot of thoughts about being part of the production.

On September 30, upcoming movie "Cart" held a press conference in Apgujeong, and EXO"s rising star Do Kyung Soo was in attendance along with the rest of the cast and staff.

When asked about how different filming for a movie and drama is, he admitted, "I don"t think there is a big difference for the two. In both projects, I was able to learn from great senior actors, and work with talented production teams. I"m just happy that they accepter me. I worked just as hard in "Cart" as I did in "It"s Okay, It"s Love.""

He also said, "I"m glad that I was able to have a movie debut. Even before I was accepted for the role, I had a lot of worries about acting as my character because he"s a rebel

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "Arang"

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[HanCinema"s Film Review] "Going by the Book"

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"My Lovely Girl" releases making film featuring leads Rain and f(x)"s Krystal

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SBS Wed-Thurs drama "My Lovely Girl" has released a making film featuring its Jung-Jung couple, Rain and f(x)"s Krystal, to keep you occupied while you await next week"s episodes!

The romantic mood of the drama  is also carried on behind the scenes with Rain being Krystal"s tall prince charming, and Krystal playing the piano and showing her love for dogs. Krystal also almost had an accident on her scooter, but fortunately, staff were nearby to help her as shown in the making film.

Do you think they have chemistry? Check out the making film above with Krystal"s OST song heard in the background!

Yeon Woo Jin enjoys coffee and cake in a sweet pictorial for "Allure"

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Yeon Woo Jin made fans smile with his sweet boyfriend look for "Allure Korea"!

Yeon Woo Jin enjoyed coffee and a cake for the "This Man"s Day" concept, making fans wish they could join him on a date. The actor kept it simple in fuzzy sweaters and a white shirt that made him look even more chic.

A rep commented, "[Yeon Woo Jin] eats food really deliciously. He showed a variety of expressions so there were no more expressions that we could ask for. It was perfect."

Yeon Woo Jin was last heard to have been in talks for the upcoming 19+ rated movie "Service for People". Also check out his full pictorial in "Allure Korea"s October issue!

Director taps into own experience for adult film

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Sometimes, things don"t turn out the way people expect. Nonetheless, they get on with their lives, finding joy and happiness along the way. Filmmaker Park Beom-soo-I aims to provide reassurance to these kinds of individuals through his upcoming film "Red Carpet", which is about a group of people who unexpectedly end up working in the pornographic film industry. The synopsis is roughly inspired by the director"s personal life.

"I set foot in the movie industry about 10 years ago because I loved movies" said the filmmaker at a press conference held Monday at Apgujeong CGV in southern Seoul. "But the next thing I knew, I had made nearly 300 adult films, none of which I could watch with my parents".Looking back on how he spent his youth and to reflect on how closely he has gotten to his dream, Park decided to tell his story for the many others who have doubts about their lives

[Video] "Cantabile Tomorrow""s first teaser, Joo Won"s sweet narration

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The teaser for "Cantabile Tomorrow" is gaining lots of attention.

The drama is being released on the 13th of October starring Joo Won and Sim Eun-kyeong.

The teaser starts with a warm scenery with Joo Won"s narration saying, "I knew it the moment his baton started moving. The place classic music used to linger. I met her there".

The sound of Arnold Mendelssohn"s symphony, played by an orchestra in the background of Salzburg, Austria, stimulates the senses.

Joo Won"s hands moving along to the sound of music seem as natural as Sim Eun-kyeong"s fingers flying over the piano keys.

Joo Won and Sim Eun-kyeong take on the roles of Cha Yoo-jin and Seol Nae-il, geniuses in classical music and instruments

EXO's Do Kyung Soo Talks About His Film Debut In "Cart"

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Slowly but surely, EXO"s Do Kyung Soo is making a name in the entertainment industry as one idol-actor worth looking out for.

Do Kyung Soo, more popularly known as D.O., the vocalist of popular idol group EXO, surprised the audience and critics with his impressive performance in the SBS drama "It"s Okay, It"s Love," rising anticipation for his big-screen debut in the film "Cart."

In an interview with news portal X Sports News, D.O. discussed the film, saying, "I was very nervous because for my debut, I would already be acting with such big seniors in the industry. Because I am inexperienced, there was a lot that I learned from them, and I was able to complete my role successfully."

According to reports, Do Kyung Soo filmed for "Cart" before making his way to "It"s Okay, It"s Love," making the movie his first official project as an actor

Nana and Lee Soo Hyuk bundle up in "Skechers" winter jackets for "NYLON" + making film

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Model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk and Orange Caramel"s Nana got themselves all ready for the cold weather, bundled up in fashionable winter gear from the new F/W line of "Skechers" for "Nylon" magazine"s latest spread.

The two flaunted their height and proportions in the pictorial, effortlessly making thick down-padded jackets look stylish and cool. Both Lee Soo Hyuk and Nana are veterans when it comes to posing, and it showed as they took on the shoot with ease and poise.

Check out photos below and a making-film above!

Big Bang's T.O.P: From Rapper To Film Star

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(Photo : YG Entertainment, CJ Entertainment ) T.O.P has transitioned from Big Bang member to established actor.

“Tazza: The Hidden Card” starring Big Bang"s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) is opening in select American theaters on September 26.

“Tazza: The Hidden Card” marks the film return of T.O.P, who starred in the 2013 spy film “Commitment.”

(Photo : CJ Entertainment )
T.O.P in "Tazza: The Hidden Card."

T.O.P has is Ham Dae Gil, the male lead in “Tazza: The Hidden Card.” Dae Gil is an accomplished gambler, who is forced into a life on the run, following a botched deal. His situation is further complicated, when he is reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Mi Na. Mi Na is played by actress Shin Se Kyung.

“Tazza: The Hidden Card” is the follow up to the wildly successful 2006 film, “Tazza: The High Rollers

Cha Tae Hyun and Victoria of f(x) to Film “My Sassy Girl 2″

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Cha Tae Hyun announced during an interview on September 19 that he will soon begin filming for “My Sassy Girl 2” with Victoria from f(x).

“My Sassy Girl 2″ is the sequel to the extremely popular romance comedy from 2001, “My Sassy Girl.” Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun starred in the original movie together, and the movie is still considered one of their major works.

Cha Tae Hyun mentioned that he was initially reluctant to appear in the sequel. “I had numerous reasons why I decided to shoot this movie. I wasn’t going to at first, but I saw that ShinCine is producing it and director Jo Seung Sik will be directing, so I decided to take on the role

Song Ji Hyo To Film In China

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Song Ji Hyo will be spending more time in China during the next few months. She has accepted a role in the Chinese film "708090." And she recently traveled to Shenzen to appear at a press conference for the film, along with her co-star Taiwanese actor Kenji Wu.

The film tells the story of young people who lived in Shenzen between the 1970s and the 1990s. Despite often overwhelming obstacles, the film"s young characters work hard to realize their dreams.

Song will play Duan Yu Rong, a hardworking young woman who must overcome many hardships to accomplish her goals. She"s determined, optimistic, loyal to her friends and good at solving problems so this helps her succeed.

Song was warmly received in China because she has there

G.NA and Kim Tae Woo join their voices for sweet duet "Us"

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G.NA and Kim Tae Woo have joined efforts for duet "Us", a love song that narrates the everyday quarrels that all couples face throughout their relationship.

G.NA"s airy voice complimented Kim Tae Woo"s groovy R&B style in this particular track, creating a dreamy and lovely atmosphere for all listeners.

It sounds like a perfect song to transition us into the fall season, so make sure check it out above!

"CeCi" magazine share sweet pictures of Jessica in Prague

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"CeCi" magazine released a very sweet pictorial featuring the gorgeous Jessica of Girls" Generation on September 17!

With the picturesque sites of Prague serving as the backdrop, Jessica looks both sweet and classy with a frizzled, wavy hairstyle and natural make up that soften up her overall appearance and give her a flushed look from the autumn breeze.

Although modeling for a pictorial could be considered work, it does not look laborious at all as Jessica freely roams the city, having fun creating bubbles, enjoying the grandiose landscape, and nibbling on street food.

You can see her shoot in the October issue!