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HI SUHYUN and iKON"s Bobby share more adorkable moments in "I"m Different" making-of film

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HI SUHYUN and iKON"s Bobby had an absolute blast filming the music video for "I"m Different"!

Although HI SUHYUN don"t win their crush"s heart in the official MV, the girls do have Bobby and everyone else on set happily soaking up their infectious charms. In behind-the-scenes footage from the set of "I"m Different" the girls use their down time to keep warm and have fun. There seem to be even more great scenes that didn"t make the cut in the official video, but are shared for fans who just can"t get enough of HI SUHYUN and Bobby.

Despite filming in frigid temperatures, the trio never lose their smiles or cheerfulness. Check out all their antics above!

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "The Gifted Hands"

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Despite the kidnapping and murders not being the main draw of the film, it does pretty well with that part of its plot, as it has all the necessary elements to make it engaging. Most will worry over a child, the investigative process is made highly suspenseful with a couple of well placed chases and as portrayed though Choon-dong"s emotional reactions to it and the killer is very unsettling when he does appear. An overall good production and the good cast do not disappoint here.

In its main appeal, the movie really hits all the right notes. We have a slightly naive, but good-hearted cop who is shunned by his peers, a mysterious young man who in behavior is the polar opposite to the protagonist and a brotherly bond based on a common goal and past trauma. The characters are written with just enough baggage and emotion to not be overly corny, at least for the most part, and the chemistry elevates this

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "Our Town"

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[HanCinema"s Film Review] "Dear Dolphin"

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The broader message of "Dear Dolphin" is pretty clear- just let it go. This is particularly well-typified by the scenes at the aquarium, where Cha-kyeong comes to terms with her death by analyzing it both psychologically, and relative to the free-floating spirit of the water-dwelling mammals who aren"t tied to anything. The closing metaphor is particularly beautifully shot, aptly demonstrating that it was the flexibility and freedom of Cha-kyeong"s spirit that drew Hyeok-geun and Gi-ok close to her. It"s unsurprising that Cha-kyeong is more comfortable with the spectre of death than either of them.

Note that while Cha-kyeong appears to disapprove of Hyeok-geun"s behavior, in the real world and otherwise, by the end it"s clear that this isn"t because his actions are upsetting her. It"s because he"s doing so in a blatant, fearful way that refuses to acknowledge that life must go on, and that Hyeok-geun"s trying to use strong emotions as a drug to dull the pain instead of just living life and accepting the grief that comes with that

EXO's D.O. Succeeds In Both Drama And Film

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This year EXO"s Do Kyung Soo, also known as D.O., had successful appearances on both the small screen and the big screen. The singer-turned-actor appeared as the mysterious Han Kang Woo, who turns out to be Jo In Sung"s alter ego, in "It"s Okay It"s Love." And in the same year, he played Choi Tae Young in the film "Cart." The film tells the story of temporary workers at a supermarket who stage protests after they are dismissed.

D.O."s performance in both the drama and the film received good reviews. D.O. never intended to be an actor andhe did not have lessons before appearing in "Cart." In an interview with Elle Korea, he said that he did discuss the scenes in great detail with Boo Ji Young, the film"s director.

What was it like to see himself on the big screen?

"Honestly, I could only see the other actors," he said

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "26 Years"

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Wu Yi Fan Drops Music Video for “There Is a Place” from New Film “Somewhere Only We Know”

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Recently, a music video for Wu Yi Fan‘s song “There Is a Place” and his new movie “Somewhere Only We Know” was released, featuring scenes from the film, which picture Wu Yi Fan’s romance with a woman in Prague.

Earlier on November 6, which was also his birthday, Wu Yi Fan first released the song, intended as a gift for his fans. At the time of the release, he attended a press conference for his film, where he stated he would like to pursue both music and acting, and briefly spoke about his time with EXO. Read more here.

Wu Yi Fan’s new film, directed by Xiu Jinglei, is slated for release on February 14, 2015.

Watch the music video below:

Jeju Island becomes ideal place to film scene "Good Day"

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Far from now, Jeju Island has become ideal place in Korean drama. According to a report, the production team of the Good Day decided to choose Jeju Island to film a scene between So Ji Sub and Heirs actress Kim Ji Won.According to a representative of the "Good day" in Ilgan Sports : "After being confirmed for the web drama Good Day, which will be exported overseas, So Ji Sub began filming. He will film about two to three episodes in Seoul after filming on Jeju Island. The web drama follows the story of one man who goes to Jeju Island and meets a new person. He is currently filming with Kim Ji Won."The representative added the following about So's participation in the series as a whole: "His heart is always open to any channel or production. When the opportunity came, he chose to be a part of [the production]

New Film “The Tailors” Starring Park Shin Hye, Go Soo, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Han Seok Gyu Drops Trailers

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Actors Han Seok Gyu, Go Soo, Park Shin Hye, and Yoo Yeon Seok are meeting in a new film!

On October 12, new film “The Tailors” dropped its extended trailer, featuring the stars against the rarely seen historical background of tailors and royalty. The trailer leaves much veiled in mystery, but with no doubt the film is set to be a visual masterpiece, surrounding the makings of royal attire, and what looks like it may even be a love triangle between Go Soo, Park Shin Hye, and Yoo Yeon Seok.

Extended trailer:

Previously released trailer:

Main characters:

“Clothes require respect, law, and rank

"SPAO" release pictures of f(x) sporting winter coats + Super Junior"s making film

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The ladies of f(x) cheered on students who are taking the college entrance exams as they collaborate in a unique and special photoshoot with casual clothing brand, "SPAO."

For each day of the week, the various members of f(x) gave the students witty and supportive words while sporting "SPAO"s latest winter coats. "SPAO" is also giving people an opportunity to enter their own handwritten supportive messages to students and they"ll have an opportunity to win special prizes.

Additionally, "SPAO" recently released the behind-the-scenes making film for Super Junior"s winter coat pictorial.

In the video, the Super Junior members are seen dressed in various fashionable padded jackets posing charismatically for the camera

Hyunseong drops individual "fashion film" for Boyfriend x Customellow

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A video of Hyunseong for Boyfriend"s collaborative fashion film entitled "The Look" with clothing brand "Customellow" has been released.

Looking quite romantic and sharp in a suit, Hyunseong is seen holding an alluring flower captivating the viewers with his mysterious gaze and sharp jaw line. Currently, Hyunseong and Jeongmin are the only ones to have released their individual "fashion film" for "The Look." More are on their way, so stay tuned for additional eye candy!

Actor Idols 5urprise Film First Music Video With Actress Kim Sae Ron

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Fantagio actor-idol group 5urprise and actress Kim Sae Ron had a fun time filming the group"s music video for their upcoming debut single entitled "From My Heart".

On November 7, the group tweeted (@the5urprise), "It was fun filming with the female lead of our MV, Sae Ron. It will definitely be good so please look forward to it." The tweet came with a picture of the group members together with the actress flashing V signs and showing their charisma to the camera.

The young actress is set to star in the MV as a girl who has a crush on member Seo Kang Jun. The song "From My Heart" is reportedly written by Kim Yi Na and composed by Cho Young Soo, the brains behind the hit songs of other K-Pop idols such as Orange Caramel, IU, and Brown Eyed Girls

Short drama "Old Goodbye", starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra, releases teaser and making film

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Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra got their ship sailing once again in the teaser and making film for their short drama "Old Goodbye", which will air this Sunday!

When asked if there was a period in their past that they would like to go back to, like in the drama, Jang Na Ra shared, "No matter how good [my past] was, I don"t want to go back." Jang Hyuk also shared, "Me too. More than thinking about going back to the past, I want to take the things from the past to move forward. It makes me feel like I should live the life I"m living now more faithfully."

Jang Na Ra also shared, "This is my first short drama since my debut so I"m very joyful that I get to work with people whom I love

EXO send supportive message for D.O."s film "Cart"

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EXO members display their brotherhood by supporting fellow member D.O"s upcoming movie "Cart" through a video message.

Leader Suho relays the good news and invited their fans to come and see D.O"s movie together with them. Meanwhile, "Cart" starring D.O. will be shown in theaters starting on Nove,ber 13.

Watch their video below:

Super Junior Leeteuk and Kangin film for Kim Jang Hoon"s MV

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Super Junior Leeteuk and Kangin are spotted filming together with Kim Jang Hoon for the latter"s upcoming music video.

Media have posted photos during the filming showing the three with the crowd this afternoon at Sinchon in Seoul. The MV"s concept is said to be a marathon-campaign type and will be released this month.

The single"s MV concept will feature a total of 30K participants including some cameo from celebrities. Apparently, the people who will join the marathon are going to donate some monetary donation and it"s being done for a cause.