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Lee Hongki Says "I Do" And Successfully Concludes His 'Proposal' Fan Meet In Singapore

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(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to DATZENTERTAINMENT)

Back in Singapore after 4 months, Lee Hongki was there this time alone for a solo fan meeting "Lee Hongki"s Proposal". The immense popularity he gained from his recent drama "Bride of the Century" has prompted for this special fan meeting tour. Singapore was his 3rd stop, after Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The multi-talented Korean singer-actor packed everything- his humour, energy and stamina, all ready to spend a memorable evening with his fans last Saturday, July 19 at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa. The venue was filled with mostly female fans, hoping to be Hongki"s "destined one" for that evening.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to DATZENTERTAINMENT)

He started the fan meet at around 7

Lee Hong Gi’s ‘Bride of the Century’ Carries on K-Drama Wave in China

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FT Island member Lee Hong Gi’s TV Chosun drama Bride of the Century has been gathering heated response in China.

According to one of China’s biggest portal site, Bride of the Century ranked number one on the Korean drama chart on March 24.

The drama raked in over a whopping 2,080,000 views as of March 24, beating out MBC’s Empress Ki with 610,000 views and SBS’s The Heirs with 420,000 views.

On top of ranking number one as the most searched word on China’s Weibo, Bride of the Century has now proven its popularity on Chinese portal sites as well.

The popularity is expected to rise as it features FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi, who recently held a live tour in China and the unique storyline unfolded in the fantasy melodrama

‘Bride of the Century’ Lee Hong Gi and Yang Jin Seong Seen in Couple Shirts

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Lee Hong Gi and Yang Jing Seong were spotted dressed in couple shirts.

TV Chosun’s drama Bride of the Century released a set of photos featuring the drama couple, Lee Hong Gi and Yang Jin Seong on March 20.

In the photos, Kang Ju (Lee Hong Gi) and Doo Rim (Yang Jin Seong) are seen dressed in animal print couple shirts and enjoying cups of tea as they enjoy each other’s company.

As another set of released photos depicted Doo Rim back hugging Kang Ju, the fans have been increasing their hopes to see them get married despite the ‘curse.’

Photo credit: TV Chosun, Aura Media

Kdrama “Bride of the Century” Ep4 Recap

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Kdrama "Bride of the Century" Ep4 Recap by kdramarecaps.tumblr

MadamM and YKyun (fiancée) are watching as DoRim goes to find drunken YHyun. MM warns her not to trust her half brother too much. They have to take their secret to the grave. Even full siblings will stab each other in the back.

DoRim finds oppa drunk in the street. He tells her the story of his seventh birthday party. His mother bought a cake but forgot the candles. She went out to buy them and was killed on the way home (another hit-and-run accident?)

DoRim takes oppa’s hand to comfort him and helps him home. He starts to caress her face and hair when CEO drives up. He remindes her that she invited him to the party. They help oppa in and put him to bed

FT Island’s Jae Jin to Sing OST for Lee Hong Gi’s Drama ‘Bride of the Century’

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FT Island’s Jae Jin has been selected to sing the OST for drama Bride of the Century.

Jae Jin will be singing Lee Hong Gi’s theme song in the drama Into my heart, supporting his fellow FT Island member. The theme song is a medium tempo tune featuring guitar sound.

As the bassist and vocalist in FT Island, Jae Jin proved his talents through not only live performances, but through the musical High School Musical last year, performing as the lead actor ′Troy.′

Meanwhile, FT Island is currently on its Asia tour FTHX.

Photo credit: TV Chosun

Soompi Weekly High Five – January Week 3

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five (Beta Version)!


1. Disturbing Facts Uncovered About EXO’s Anti Cafe.

2. Hyeri’s Condition Has Improved Since Fainting on “M! Countdown” Stage

3. Song Seung Hun Wins Legal Battle on Publicity Rights; Other Celebrities’ Cases Still Ongoing

4. Han Hyo Joo’s Blackmailers Receive Probation Sentences

5. Lee Seung Chul Countersues Core Contents Media for Defamation



F.T. Island look like action stars for ‘Men’s Health’

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F.T. Island seemed as if they popped right out of an action film or music video for their pictorial with "Men"s Health"!

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F.T. Island, who have been busy with both their group and individual activities, reunited for a pictorial that shows the boys in action. To pull off their dark yet thrilling concept, they donned edgy black jackets with Jonghun giving some fan service with muscles.

During the interview portion, they were asked, "All of you are busy with your individual schedules these days. What work are you focusing on right now?"

[Jonghun] "When the weather gets nicer, I want to go fishing."

[Minhwan] "I finished my musical safe-and-sound and I suddenly fell into games

SNSD’s Sunny and f’s Amber Make Faces, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Hits the Sauna and More

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preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview From the sofa to the sauna, stars shared their selfies with fans once more, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi posted a selfie in his Instagram on March 20, writing “Filming in a sauna ‘Bride of the Century.’”

The busy G-Dragon posted a photo with Taeyang on his Instagram on March 20, writing “Had an all-day shoot.”

SNSD’s Sunny shared a selfie with f(x)’s Amber on March 19, writing “Amber, who came to our first comeback broadcast to cheer us on. My dongseng giyomi.”

Following his appearance on MBC’s Radio Star on March 19, Simon D posted a selfie of himself relaxing on the couch on his Instagram on March 20.

4minute’s So Hyun tweeted a photo on March 20, showing off her new Moschino iPhone case and promoting the group’s new song, writing “4minute comeback! Whatcha Doin’ Today? I’ll tell you

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi is Struggling to Keep Up With His Schedules

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FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi revealed that he has been struggling to keep up with his busy schedules these days.

Meeting with reporters for TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century on March 13, Lee Hong Gi said, “I have to do the Asia tour and Japanese concert. The concert schedule is packed as it is, so I’ve been feeling like I’m going to die. It’s been hard to keep up these days.”

“I don’t usually say I’m having a hard time. But this time, I’m physically worn out. The drama team has been very considerate of my condition, but that’s been going away. But I’m still having fun,” he added.

Drama PD Yoon Sang Ho also said, “Most of filming involves Lee Hong Gi’s scenes these days. He struggled with his injury in the beginning, and now that he’s better, he has a very busy schedule

SUJU’s Ryeowook Wears No Makeup, 2NE1 Goes for a Ride and More

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The stars were all about letting loose, whether at rehearsal or during their downtime, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Minzy was ready to embark on a new chapter in her life, posting the above photo from her college orientation on February 24 with the message “Today is my entrance ceremony.”

The day before, CL posted an Instagram video, writing “#minzytakinmeforaride.”

Sandara Park also posted a photo on the same day, writing “CL’s special quick board ㅋㅋㅋ.”

She also tweeted a photo, writing “With a dog I meant while going for a walk~ The dog and I are rocking a couple look~ Cute.”

Big Bang’s Seungri shared a photo with his bodyguards in Japan, writing “Not afraid of anything #kobe #guard

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Rushed to the Hospital for Stomach Pains

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FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki was recently rushed to the hospital for having stomach pains.

On December 12, reported, “Lee Hong Ki showed signs of stomach pains this afternoon so he went to the hospital and got checked up. He was diagnosed with the early stages of intestine inflammation. He received some medicine and is taking some rest right now.”

Fortunately, Lee Hong Ki’s stomach pains has gone away after receiving hospital treatment. However, he will be seeing how things go with his health to see if his future schedule needs to be changed or not. It is reported that he already talked things over with the staff of his upcoming drama and has rescheduled his filming without any problems.

Meanwhile, FT Island is receiving a lot of love for their latest single, “Madly