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VIXX’s N Gives a Sweet Kiss to His Baby Nephew

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Male group VIXX member N has celebrated Chuseok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving, by spending some time with his lovely nephew.

On September 9, the idol posted two photos on his Twitter along with the captions, “Our dashing Young Eun.. I already miss you…^^” and “The cutie, who helps heal me~ Kiss.”

In the pictures, N is looking happier than ever while gently holding his nephew and locking his eyes on the baby. It is difficult not to swoon at the sweet atmosphere, with N puckering his lips for a peck and his nephew touching N’s lips with his tiny fingers. Adorable!

In related news, VIXX is currently in the midst of their “Live Fantasia – Hex Sign” tour. The next stops will be Hungary and Poland, on September 12 and 14, respectively

VIXX"s N is a happy uncle during Chuseok in adorable snapshots

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It looks like VIXX"s N got to spend some time with his family during Chuseok and showed his fatherly side to an adorable baby, who is reported to be his niece!

N tweeted on the 9th, "Our strong and spirited Young Eun. I miss you already...^^ My healing baby~ BboBbo [Kiss]", like a happy uncle with photos from his Chuseok family reunion.

After spending quality time with their families, VIXX will focus on their upcoming concert "LIVE FANTASIA-HEX SIGN" in Hungary on the 12th and Poland on the 14th.  

EXO-K, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute, VIXX, Block B, Ailee, B.A.P, GOT7, and More to Heat Up ‘2014 Hallyu Dream Festival!’

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The fifth ‘2014 Hallyu Dream Festival’ will be opening up on September 28 at Gyeongju Civic Stadium.

On September 1, it was announced that the festival’s amazing lineup will consist of a total of 22 different teams, including EXO-K, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute, VIXX, BTOB, Block B, Ailee, Secret, B.A.P, Crayon Pop, T-ara, Dal Shabet, Topp Dogg, F.Cuz, GOT7, BESTie, Dick Punks, LU:KUS, HALO, Red Velvet, and Boys Republic.

This particular music festival was created in order to emphasize Hallyu, as well as showcase the nation’s culture and its top singers

VIXX exude chic charisma for "STAFF"s fall pictorial

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If you haven"t already fallen in love with the charismatic boys of VIXX, you will after seeing their latest shoot as the models of "STAFF"!

The members, who were chosen as the new faces of the fashion brand earlier this year, leave fans" hearts beating a little faster as they showcase their superior proportions and visuals in the contemporary wear for the fall and winter season.

Check out the photos above and below!

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VIXX"s Leo is a chic gentleman in "Arena Homme Plus"

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VIXX"s Leo, who recently collaborated with Lyn for "Blossom Tears", showed a mature, charismatic side in "Arena Homme Plus".

A rep from the magazine said, "Recently, we completed a photo shoot that showed the manly charms of VIXX member Leo, who recently released "Blossom Tears" with singer Lyn."

Leo does look very manly and chic with his serious facial expressions. He said in his interview with "Arena Homme Plus", "I tried my best to express the faint yet pained feelings in "Blossom Tears", which was revealed through a project."

You can read more in the September issue!

EXO"s Kai, SHINee"s Taemin, and VIXX"s Ravi talk about their close friendship

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On the August 19 edition of Mnet"s "4 Things Show", EXO"s Kai, SHINee"s Taemin, and VIXX"s Ravi talked about how close the three of them were.

Kai said, "We are all really compatible. Really compatible. We don"t like to drink. We play in a very soundly way. We play soundly but also have a lot of fun."

Ravi said, "At first, I was close to Kai. Kai always knew Taemin for a long time; they were close since they were young. As a result, the three of us naturally became close."

Taemin said, "When the three of us meet up, we either go to a cafe or just talk. We do a lot of really fun things."

He also appeared on radio program "Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School" on this day and brought up Kai, saying they were close since they were trainees

VIXX reveals how they want to be remembered in 20 or 30 years

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Koreaboo and VIXX sat down for a heart-to-heart talk about their return to KCON, acting careers, and their solo concert. We asked about how they want to be remembered, and VIXX answered.

Q: In 20 or 30 years, when your juniors and fans think about VIXX, what kind of group would you like to remain as?

A: In simple terms, we would like people to think, “VIXX was a legend”. And also, we would like to be a group that was a trend for that era. We would like people to think that we were a group that led the trend during that era, after 20 years.

VIXX has already showed that they are the “trend”, receiving 1st place for their most recent comeback with “Eternity" and has been releasing OST songs and collaboration songs with highly acclaimed senior singers, like Lyn

VIXX promises to tour across the world in message to international fans

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While attending the KCON 2014 convention in Los Angeles on August 9th, Koreaboo had the chance to talk with VIXX to ask them a few question. And international fans, pay attention! VIXX left a few words about their solo "HEX SIGN" concert!

Koreaboo mentioned that international fans were disappointed for not being able to see in person VIXX’s first solo concert, which was held in July.

Check out the message below, and the full video interview with VIXX!

With the promise of returning to the United States with a concert, Starlights can only anticipate and wait for VIXX’s return! Make sure to watch the full interview below!

VIXX’s Ken to star in his first drama “Boarding House 24”!

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VIXX’s Ken will be making his drama debut next month!

Starring alongside such stars including Tiny-G’s Dohee and ZE:A’s Dongjun, Ken will debut as an actor through a brand new sitcom titled “Boarding House 24” that will air through MBC Every1. Ken is the third idol to have been confirmed as part of the cast, as Jewelry’s Park Semi and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung are still in discussion.

So far, main characters’ personas vary from meokbang jockeys to lost news broadcasters; in Ken’s case, his character will be a first time dater who has had no previous experience – a motae solo. Contrary to VIXX’s dark and charismatic concepts, Ken is said to be portrayed in a completely different light, as according to his agency.

All in all, Ken will be the first member of VIXX to step out into the drama industry

VIXX"s Ken to play a character with no dating experience on "Boarding House #24"

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It turns out VIXX"s Ken, who was previously announced as part of the upcoming cast with Tiny-G"s Dohee and ZE:A"s Dongjun and more on MBC Every1"s new situation-sitcom "Boarding House #24", will be playing the role of a "motae solo".

According to his agency Jellyfish Entertainment on the 13th, Ken will play "motae solo", which is a term that refers to a person who has no dating experience. Despite his no dating experience, it doesn"t seem like his problem has to do with attracting girls as it"s said he"ll be that guy that seems to be good at everything. As much as this will be his first time acting since his debut, it has been reported that he is busy practicing for his role

Chad Future releases Episode 2 of “I AM CHAD FUTURE” ft. VIXX Ravi

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The second episode of Chad Future’s reality show has been released, and it episode features VIXX’s Ravi!

"I AM CHAD FUTURE" will chronicle Chad Future’s beginnings as a producer and his start in the K-POP industry. The first episode was released in April on Mnet America and four months later, the second episode has finally been released, which features the making of “Rock Your World”, a song that was released featuring VIXX’s Ravi.

This new episode of “I AM CHAD FUTURE” shows the adventures that Ravi and Chad experienced around L.A. It begins with the two introduced, celebrating Ravi’s birthday as they ate In-And-Out burgers. They proceed to go-cart, play arcade games, and enjoy not one, but three birthday cakes. The special behind-the-scenes recording of “Rock Your World” is also revealed, as well as the making of the music video

VIXX’s Ken releases MV for “My Girl” for “You Are My Destiny” OST Part 5 

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On August 7th, VIXX member Ken released a track for Part 5 of the “You Are My Destiny” OST.

"You Are My Destiny" is a drama that is currently airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC. The drama features some of Korea’s top actors and actresses including Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jinhyuk, and more. The drama is set to air a total of 20 episodes.

Ken’s track, “My Girl,” is an upbeat song that has a slight 1950’s feel. The lyrics tell of people meeting by destiny and falling in love through the course of their encounters. With a happy heart, Ken’s vocals give hope and encouragement to the lyrics.

A music video for “My Girl” was released through 1theK. The music video contains scenes from the drama featuring the main characters as they progress through the storyline

VIXX Ken sings "My Girl" OST for "Fated To Love You" + MV

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VIXX Ken lends his voice for the 5th part of the drama "Fated To Love You" OST by singing the song "My Girl".

The song is composed by Oh Jun Seong, and features the sweet voice of Ken in a bright and lively tropical rhythms of the song which provides exciting mood.

Check it out below:

VIXX’s Ken Sings Fifth Theme Song of “Fated to Love You” OST Titled “My Girl,” MV Released

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VIXX member Ken has lent his voice for “My Girl,” the latest track in the OST of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Fated to Love You.”

“My Girl,” newly released on August 7, is the fifth theme song for the drama. It is the production of composer and OST maestro, Oh Jun Sung. The song shows off an energetic mambo rhythm and a refreshing atmosphere, with a lovely chorus and a tropical tempo. The overall mood of the song combined with Ken’s sweet, smooth voice gives off a pleasant yet exciting vibe for the listener.

Meanwhile, this is the VIXX member’s second time participating in a drama OST, as he has previously sang “In the Name of Love,” for the popular SBS drama “The Heirs

VIXX"s Ken declares she"s "My Girl" for "Fated To Love You" OST MV

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VIXX"s Ken has lent his charming voice for the song "My Girl" for "Fated To Love You" OST!

"My Girl", is by composer Oh Joon Sung and lifts your spirits with its upbeat tune and Ken"s sweet voice.

Ken"s "My Girl" is the fifth track to come from the drama"s OST following Baek Ah Yeon"s "Morning of Canon", Jeff Bernat"s "Be The One", Megan Lee"s "Ready For Love", and Jung Dong Ha"s "Destiny Sonata".

Get ready for another episode of "Fated To Love You" today by listening to the song through the OST MV above with scenes depicting the love triangle from the drama!