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Chad Future remixes VIXX"s "Error" with new English cover featuring Golden

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Chad Future has just dropped another English cover for fans to enjoy, this time taking on VIXX"s "Error".

Chad turned the song into something unique with his own remix version, and topped it off with a full set of English lyrics for fans to enjoy. The cover features talented vocalist Josh Golden.

The music video"s concept is fairly simple; however, the video still gets the job done when representing the song with its shadowy dark scenes.

Check out the cover above, and if you missed Chad"s previous release "Rock The World" featuring Ravi himself be sure to check that out here.

Also, Stay tuned for the giveaway coming soon!

Beautiful Killers: VIXX Slays The Zombie Fangirl In Chicago [Blog]

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(Photo : Zombie Mamma)

This concert review comes from KpopStarz partner blog Zombie Mamma. For more information about Zombie Mamma, check out the links below.


Saturday, November 22, 2014 will go down in history as the day my inner Starlight died and I went to fangirl heaven, known to the rest of the world as the day six-member Korean boy band, VIXX, visited Chicago, marking the first of two stops on their whirlwind tour across the U.S.

Gathering with hundreds of fellow Starlights in front of the box office of the Star Plaza Theater, in Merrillville, Indiana, hours before the concert, those of us lucky enough to snag a spot in line, inside the building, squished together to chat about VIXX, K-Pop, concerts and life in general, as we watched the painfully slow hands on the clock tick down to showtime

[★FEATURE] K-Pop Idols First Tweets: 2PM, A Pink, and VIXX – Week 4

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Week four of K-Pop Idols’ First Tweets is back! Last week we featured the first Twitter posts of the BTOB, miss A, and Infinite members. Today we bring you a list of new tweets by the members of 2PM, A Pink, and VIXX. Let’s take a walk down memory lane!2PM

1. Nichkhun on March 5, 2010

I'm so new here O_o… what's going on??? im so lost.. can somebody help me???

— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) March 6, 2010

Hahaha, it’s so funny and cute how confused Khun is! How many of you remember when he first opened up his account? Were you one of the followers who helped him out like he asked?


VIXX release another promo video for their November concerts in Chicago and New York

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The dates are quickly approaching for VIXX"s takeover of Chicago and New York!

To get fans even more excited, the trendy boy group released another promo video, giving mere flashes of the dance moves and dark concepts that viewers will get to enjoy live and up close at one of the two concert venues.

The boys will be in Chicago on November 22 at the Star Plaza Theatre before heading over to New York"s Terminal 5 on November 23.  You can purchase tickets here before they sell out!

Chad Future drops video of his English remix of VIXX"s "Error"

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On November 12th, Chad Future uploaded a video on his YouTube account.
The video is Chad Future"s English remix of VIXX"s "Error." It also features Golden.
Watch below:

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Chad Future Releases English Remix Of VIXX's 'Error' Featuring Golden

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(Photo : Chad Future) Chad Future delivers an English remix of the VIXX hit "Error."

American K-Pop artist Chad Future dropped another English remix of a popular Korean hit on November 12. This time, he tackled the VIXX hit song, “Error.”

Chad Future"s remix features vocals by Golden and is accompanied by a music video which was shot at Hollywood"s Temple Base.

“Error” was released on October 14 and is the title track from the second mini album from VIXX.

Chad Future previously established a relationship with VIXX and Jellyfish Entertainment, prior to the release of his “Error” remix. In April 2014, Chad Future released the original track “Rock the World” which featured rhymes from VIXX member Ravi

VIXX’s Ken and Tiny-G’s Dohee Get Close in “Boarding House Number 24” Stills

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The makers of MBC Everyone comedy drama series “Boarding House Number 24” have released still images featuring stars Ken of VIXX and Tiny-G member Dohee.

The pictures appear to show the two stars lying on what appears to be a bed.

As part of a scene in the drama, Ken and Dohee’s characters were forced to share a bed after an accident caused the pair to be stuck in the same room. In the photos, Dohee seems to be wearing a large sun visor.

A spokesperson for the “Boarding House Number 24” production crew explained, “The love story in the series is about to come to a head. There are a lot of interesting plot twists ahead involving the characters’ relationships.”

The sitcom airs on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and is repeated at 9 p

101 Reasons VIXX’s Leo is the God of Idols

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101 Reasons VIXX’s Leo is the God of Idols Written by Nabeela On November 12, 2014

Let’s all stop kidding ourselves and layout the real facts here. Leo. God. Both are three letter words. Both have O’s in them. Coincidence? Ask the lords of the K-pop-verse.

Just kidding. You don’t need a divine Hallyu intervention to know (and perhaps against your will) a hundred some odd reasons for why VIXX‘s Leo is the god of idols as you know it.

1. That stone cold silence.

He knows something we don’t.

2. Apathy level 3000

Leo DGAFS. Even on your birthday.

3. He’s bringing sexy back

INFINITE, B1A4, Hello Venus, VIXX and more cheer for students taking college entrance exam

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KPOP idols never forget to cheer on their fans who are about to take their college entrance exam this week by releasing a support video.

INFINITE, B1A4, HIGH4, Dalshabet, MINX, Hello Venus, and VIXX are just few of those who have prepared a video greeting encouraging their fans to do well in their exams.

Watch the clips below:

Exclusive: SoompiTV 7-Day Giveaway – Win Albums From EXO, SuJu, GG, VIXX, BTS & More!

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Are you a fan of K-drama, Super Junior, EXO, Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo, GOT7, BTS, VIXX and Taeyang?

If so, we have a pretty awesome giveaway lined up for you!

To celebrate the recent launch of SoompiTV, where you can catch all of your favorite shows the same day they air in Korea, Soompi is launching a 7-day giveaway that includes prizes from your favorite idols! Yes, you read that right, we will be announcing a winner every single day for the next SEVEN days! Seriously, take it from us, this is a giveaway you don’t want to miss out on!

The awesome prizes include: GOT7 “Got Loveautographed album Super Junior “This is Love” album EXO-K “Overdose” album Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo “Holler” album VIXX “ERROR” album Taeyang “RISE” album BTS “Dark & Wild” album One Year of SoompiTV Premium How to Win:

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SoompiTV has over 250 Korean dramas – from the latest hit dramas and variety shows (Modern Farmer, Pinocchio, Misaeng, We Got Married to name a few) to those classics that you just have to see, to a bunch of classic films as well

VIXX release Errored(?) version practice video for "Error"

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VIXX relase the special version practice video for their title track "Error", check it out below:

VIXX thank their fans with release of "errored(?) Error" dance practice video

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VIXX"s "Error" music video surpassed 2 million views and they thanked their fans by releasing a dance practice video titled "errored(?)".

VIXX started off with straight faces as they performed their intricate choreography, but then Ken gave a V-sign to fans and soon enough, N started breaking out into laughter which led to a chain reaction of fan service. Although the boys had a hard time trying to hold in their smiles and laughter, they still managed to perfectly pull off the choreography.

Check out the "errored(?)" version above!

Tip: Jia, Linh

VIXX reveal BTS of album jacket shoot and MV for "Error"

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VIXX have revealed the behind-the-scenes of their album jacket photo shoot and music video for their latest track "Error"!

The boys didn"t disappoint with their dark, cool concept for the album, and fans can take a look at what went into making their MV and photos. Acting-dol Hongbin and KARA"s Youngji also impressed viewers in the "Error" MV storyline.

Check out the "Error" MV making-of above and the album jacket shoot below!

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] MC Mong, Epik High, BEAST, VIXX, And More; Who Ranks #1 For The First Week Of November

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(Photo : Facebook )

Another week is here and November kicks off with MC Mong releasing his new album entitled, "MISS ME OR DISS ME" on November 3rd. MC Mong has been on hiatus from the K-Pop industry due to him military dodging back in the year 2010.

MC Mong has received lots of support and encouragement from K-Pop idols and his fans. The stars who showed their support for his return were Baek Ji Young and Rainbow"s Hyunyoung.

MC Mong is doing a great job with his comeback because five of his singles debuted on our chart this week. Last week VIXX were number one. This week, MC Mong takes the podium for his single titled, "Miss Me or Diss Me."

The other four singles ranked on our chart is "The Happiest Time of My Life" which ranks number four

SBS MTV 'The Show': VIXX Wins #1 + Performances From The November 4th Episode

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(Photo : Twitter)

On the November 4th episode of SBS MTV "The Show," VIXX won their second first place trophy for their hit futuristic single titled, "Error."

VIXX competed for the first place trophy against artists 2AM, Strawberry Milk, BTS, and SECRET"s Song Jieun. After all the scores were added, VIXX won with a total of 8,059 points.

VIXX thanked all their fans for giving them their second first place trophy; which they uploaded a photo along with a comment on Twitter.

VIXX wrote, "I am ROVIX. Today, #VIXX agents were awarded #1 for the second time on The Show for ‘ERROR’. Unfortunately, ROVIX was sad that Agent Ken was not able to appear today. Thank you Starlight agents!" Congratulations to VIXX!

All this being said, enjoy watching the performances from yesterday