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VIXX"s N to join Girl"s Day"s Sojin in upcoming SBS weekend drama "Family Outing"

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VIXX"s N will join Girl"s Day"s Sojin in the upcoming SBS weekend drama "Family Outing"!

His agency Jellyfish Entertainment rep confirmed media outlets on the 21st, "N will star in the SBS weekend drama "Family Outing". He will use his real name, Cha Hak Yeon, for his role as a detective."

N will play detective Cha Hak Yeon who will be the one investigating the mysterious return of a grandmother who unites with her family, bringing along with her a great amount of inheritance. Following his role in the MBC weekend drama "Hotel King", N is expected to showcase his improved acting skills on "Family Outing".

The drama is set to air following "Modern Farmer" in December!

VIXX’s N Confirms Casting in Upcoming SBS Weekend Drama

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On October 21, VIXX’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, revealed to TV Report, “N will be appearing in SBS’ new weekend drama ‘Family Outing’ (tentative English title), using his real name, Cha Hak Yeon. He will be portraying a warm-hearted character that is similar to his real self.

Within the drama’s storyline, N will be taking on the role of an investigator by the name of Cha Hak Yeon. The character is one that well-mannered and cute, with a very good sense of fashion, all the while having a bright personality like that of a child.

The VIXX member is said to play an important role in one of the biggest cases in the drama, for which he investigates and determines the identity and assets of a grandmother who is connected to the case

VIXX Releases Dance Practice Video for “Error”

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Having finished their weekend of comeback performances this past weekend, VIXX has now released their dance practice video for “Error.”

The song is an intense electronic dance track in which VIXX wanted to show off their strongest concept ever.

Going along with the theme of the song, they show off a lot of robotic movements and interesting parts when the members are attached together. Of course, you cannot forget the the “power down” when they “unplug” themselves at the end.

Watch their dance practice below!

Check out their most recent performance of the song from Inkigayo this past weekend.

VIXX release dance practice video for "Error"

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VIXX are going to make their fans" jaws dropped as they release the choreography practice video of their latest single "Error".

The boys impress with their killer moves and flawless formation while also dwelling to its emotional mood.

Every dance step and formation tells story so check it out!

VIXX short-circuit themselves in dance practice video for "Error"

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VIXX released a practice video for "Error"!

The boys turn into humanoid robots for not just the MV, but also the dance of the song, electrifying each other to life and short-circuiting themselves at the end, one by one.

Check out the dance above!

VIXX pick the member with the hottest body in "hashtag" interview!

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VIXX are back with their new song "Error" and sat down with 1theK"s "hashtag" for an interview!

The boys, who transformed into cyborgs for their second mini-album, picked the "Hottest Body of VIXX" and shared the members" nicknames, cracking up the studio. They also talked about their album jacket photo and more!

Check out VIXX" interview above with captions!

VIXX ERROR Reaction / Review by MRJKPOP

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This is not an “Error,” VIXX transforms into cyborgs in newly released comeback MV

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Male idol group VIXX has made their return with a never before done concept for their title track, “Error.”

Releasing their music video on October 14, VIXX reveal they are actually cyborg idols. Hongbin takes the helm as the lead actor of the music video, his memory seemingly returning to him and remembering his love, who had passed away.

She makes a return as a cyborg with the former’s full memory, but men in black appear and reveal her to be an illegally made cyborg. Hongbin fights them off before they can take her away, and in a Romeo-Juliet scene, walks to the operating table where he is also revealed to be a cyborg. The two are dismantled together as their last act of love.

Meanwhile, VIXX has already announced their music video pledge ahead of its release

VIXX drop "Error" MV featuring KARA"s Youngji

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After getting fans super excited with the eerie and intriguing teasers leading up to the big release, VIXX did not disappoint with mini-album and MV for "Error"!

Handsome member Hongbin shows he is a true acting-dol with his expressions of agony and sadness as he recalls his lover, played by KARA"s Youngji. The two have impressive chemistry that might make fans jealous!

In addition, the song is amazingly powerful while their dance moves are crisp, clean, and manly. Check out the MV above!

VIXX reveals 2nd group photo D-1 to their comeback with 2nd mini-album “Error”

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With just a day left prior to their anticipated return, VIXX has released one final black and white group image teaser prior to the release of their second mini-album and music video!

Sticking close to their dark, edgy concept for “Error,” this latest photo portrays the six members posing in distinct ways behind a simple white background. Clothing ranges from suit jackets to coats, shirts to flannel, and lean pants to shorts. Only two members are seen wearing wide-brimmed hats, while the rest are letting their hair out and loose. Expressions are solemn or distant, though this image is much calmer than the wild cyborg images that they’ve been releasing throughout last week.

This image had been posted on the group’s official Twitter, with the following message “[I am a cyborg

[★VIDEO] TVXQ’s “Mirotic” Covered By BAP, GOT7, VIXX, and BTOB

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At Dream Concert, members of BAP, GOT7, VIXX and BTOB shared the stage and paid tribute to their seniors TVXQ.

Previously, we shared a fancam of their performance at Dream Concert, but now SBS has released the official performance stage!

BAP’s Daehyun, GOT7’s Youngjae, VIXX’s Leo and BTOB’s Eunkwang collaborated together to perform an orchestrated version of “Mirotic”. The members are seen dressed up, performing their own heartfelt version of the popular song, as immense cheering pours in from fans.

Check out their performance below!

Source: SBS

VIXX unveils highlight medley teaser for 2nd mini-album “Error”

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With just 2 more days left to their comeback, VIXX reveals a highlight medley of the songs that will be included in their 2nd mini-album “Error”!

VIXX is scheduled for a comeback this coming Tuesday, October 14th. The album will include 7 songs: “Steel Heart”, “After Dark”, ”Youth Hurts”, “Time Machine”, “What U Waiting For” and an instrumental for “Error”, with ”Error” being the title track. In particular, “Youth Hurts” sounds contrastingly different from the rest of the tracks in the album, with a slow R&B feel unlike the rest, which has a feel to VIXX’s previous style of music.

For this comeback, the group has unveiled behind the scenes photos from the jacket photoshoot, a teaser video for “Error”, concept images, a special puzzle teaser featuring Hongbin, their album tracklist, a unique moving image teaser, as well as a mysterious video teaser

VIXX release highlight medley for "Error"

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VIXX released the highlight medley for their upcoming 2nd mini album "Error"!

The highlight medley alone was enough to give goosebumps of excitement especially because member Ravi has taken part in the composing and writing for the album. Fans were able to listen to a preview of "Steel Heart" (Intro), "Error", "After Dark", "Youth Hurts", "Time Machine", and "What U Waiting For".

Listen to the highlight medley while you wait for the album release on the 14th!

VIXX releases a poster for a “Music Video Pledge” event

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Set to return with “Error” soon, VIXX has released a poster detailing the special videos that will be released if the music video can achieve certain view counts.

The group most recently teased fans with an intense music video teaser for their comeback title track as well as various behind the scenes stills, puzzle teasers, and concept photos.

Now, ramping up even more excitement for the second mini-album’s release, VIXX pledges to release special videos and events if the music video can achieve high view counts.

One million views will give the fans a choreography video, while two million views will cue the release of a special choreography video. A whopping three million views will let fans have the opportunity for an exclusive live chatting event while the pledge for four million views remains a mystery

VIXX releases teaser video for their upcoming concert in US

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VIXX dropped a teaser video for their upcoming concerts in the USA.

VIXX will be having two concerts in US in November. They will be performing at Star Plaza Theater in Chicago on November 22nd and at the Terminal 5 in New York on November 23rd.

Watch the video:

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