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VIXX Successfully Completes Taiwan Fanmeeting

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This week, six-member boy group VIXX successfully completed their first meeting, “2014 VIXX Fan Meeting Starry Night,” in Taiwan, where they were greeted by over 1,000 local fans.

The boys performed some of their iconic hits, and got a chance to interact with their fans through games and conversation on stage. The event was particularly memorable, as it was also member Ken’s birthday!

The group also immersed themselves in local culture, as Ken performed C-Pop singer Jay Chou’s hit song “Xing Qing” in Chinese, rousing loud cheers from the crowd.

In related news, VIXX is currently expanding their talents in musicals and dramas.

Check out some photos from the event below:

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VIXX look dashing as they travel around five cities in trailer for 1st global photobook 'Hello, Stranger!'

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VIXX traveled to five cities across the world in the trailer for their first global photobook "Hello, Stranger!"

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VIXX did some globetrotting in LA, Dallas, Milan, Stockholm, and Tokyo and blended in with the exotic environments like a chic chameleon. From the desert to the streets, fans could instantly feel the heart of each city and VIXX looked like they were enjoying every minute of it.

You can also enjoy it as well along with VIXX as they show off their handsome looks through the photobook, for which the pre-orders begin on the 8th ahead of its release on the 15th!

VIXX Fans Show Support for N by Setting Up Mini Coffee Shop at ‘Hotel King’ Site

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VIXX fans showed their support for N and his new drama.

VIXX N’s fans recently gathered efforts to set up a mini coffee shop named ‘Seven Star Quality Café AmericaNoah’ for the cast and staff members of MBC’s Hotel King. Noah is N’s character in the drama.

The mini coffee shop provided various kinds of coffee along with snacks for everyone at the filming site, brightening up the atmosphere.

N said, “Noah’s popularity exploded thanks to AmericaNoah! Thank you. Thank you so much for allowing the cast and staff members to have an enjoyable moment amidst tough filming.”

Meanwhile, N will be taking the role of ‘Noah,’ a cheery and bright hotel worker, acting alongside Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae.

Photo credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

VIXX show their fatherly side with kids in second BTS video for 'The Celebrity'

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VIXX got in touch with their fatherly side in the second BTS video for their "The Celebrity" pictorial!

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As previously mentioned, VIXX will be selling personally designed hats for the "Green Umbrella Children Foundation"s "Love, One More" campaign with the proceeds going to children in need.

VIXX showed that they"ll be the fathers who make sure their kids are always having fun as they played with the babies while lifting them up in their arms. Of course, there still were some crying babies who are too young to realize how any fan would love to switch places with them and opted to be in their mother"s arms instead and one even fell asleep in the members" arms

VIXX to Hold Fan Meeting in Taiwan Next Month

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ST☆RLIGHTs in Taiwan, mark your calendars!

6-member boy group VIXX will be heading to Taiwan for a fan meeting titled “Starry Night,” which will take place on April 6 at 4pm. The venue will be held at TICC (Taipei International Convention Center). Fans will be able to purchase tickets from March 23 at 2pm.

This will be the first time VIXX greets fans in Taiwan after the group releases a special Taiwanese album.

Meanwhile, VIXX will be one of twelve artists to perform at “Simply K-Pop Tour 2014 in Shanghai” along with Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Crayon Pop, f(x), and more.

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SNSD Celebrates Taeyeon’s Birthday. VIXX Goes to SHINee Concert and More

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preview nextview 1/12 preview nextview From concerts to birthdays, there was much to be celebrated over the weekend, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

BTOB’s Sung Jae got dolled up over the weekend, tweeting the above photo of himself looking ultra-femme on March 9, writing “I guess Min Suk unnie is pretty? Although not as pretty as me hoot.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon shared a photo with her members from her surprise birthday party via her Instagram on March 9, writing “Happy and precious. 309. Taeng’s birthday. Girl’s Generation.”

Sooyoung also shared a photo on her Instagram, writing “Happy birthday taengu love you!”

Seohyun took to Twitter to wish Taeyeon a happy birthday, writing “Yesterday was our TaengTaengGu Taeyeon unnie’s birthday. I’m thankful for unnie’s existence

'The Celebrity' releases video of VIXX playing and working with kids for a campaign

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"The Celebrity" released a cute video of VIXX on set for a photo shoot with little children for a campaign.

In the video, the members of VIXX are having a fun time with the adorable children, smiling brightly when the cameras are off and then snapping right back into charismatic mode when the lights go on.

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"The Celebrity" wrote, "Popular group VIXX stood in front of the cameras for "The Celebrity" with lovable children. This is for the Green Umbrella Children Foundation"s "Love, One More" campaign. They will be selling personally designed hats and giving the profits to the young children. How would you like to join VIXX in sharing the warmth?"

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B2ST Yang Yo Seop, A Pink Jung Eun Ji, VIXX Leo, Joo, and More to Star in Musical ‘Full House’

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Based on the popular manhwa, Full House, the highly anticipated musical production will star members of several idol groups.

In April, the stage production of Full Hosue will open up with a star-studded cast. The cast includes B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, VIXX’s Leo, Joo, Bestie’s Yoo Ji, Kim San Ho, Seo Ha Joon, Kwak Sun Young, and more.

Yang Yo Seop and Leo have been cast as the movie star, Lee Young Jae, who was played by Rain in the KBS drama production. Jung Eun Ji and Joo will share the role of writer Han Ji Eun, played by Song Hye Gyo in the drama.

Full House started out as a manhwa (comic book) by Won Soo Yeon in 1993. Its popularity made the series into a drama in 2004, starring Rain and Song Hye Gyo, receiving close to 40 percent in ratings and much success abroad

VIXX N Says His Ideal Type is SNSD’s Seohyun

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VIXX N confessed that his ideal type is Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun.

February 25’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show invited BTS’s Rap Monster, VIXX’s N, TopDogg’s Sangdo as special guests.

About his ideal type, N said, “I like girls who are innocent and intelligent. For the outward appearance, I think SNSD’s Seohyun sunbaenim is the closest to being my ideal type.”

“I also think that Seohyun sunbaenim reads a lot and she is smart,” added N.

Then DJ Jung Chan Woo made everyone laugh by saying, “If you like smart girls, you should date a librarian.”

Meanwhile, N surprised everyone by revealing that he once ranked number one in his class.

Photo credit: SBS

VIXX Participates in Children’s Charity Photo Shoot in Handsome Suits

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VIXX‘s most recent charity photo shoot has been revealed.

The handsome VIXX members sported black and white suits and gave off an air of maturity and class for the March edition of “The Celebrity” magazine. The main cut for this photo shoot shows some of the VIXX members holding babies, for a warm atmosphere.

This photo shoot was to spread awareness for the Green Umbrella Child Fund‘s “Love, One More” campaign. VIXX has actively participated in this campaign, not only by posing for this photo shoot but by designing hats, selling them and donating the proceeds.

It is also said that VIXX was very good with the children, almost looking like pre-school teachings, all throughout the shoot. Despite their busy schedules, VIXX took much time to carefully discuss their designs for the hats for the campaign

VIXX raise awareness for a children's campaign through 'The Celebrity'

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VIXX made their pictorial for "The Celebrity"s March issue extra meaningful by posing with adorable children to raise awareness for a children"s fundraising campaign.

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VIXX have been doing what they can to help out those in need ever since their debut and continued to serve for a good cause by taking part in ChildFund Korea"s donation campaign titled "Love, One More". VIXX warmed fans" hearts by posing with children and suiting up to show that they"re serious about the cause.

VIXX shared, "Although we are lacking, we are happy to take part in this warm project and it was a fulfilling experience."

Fans can also support the campaign by clicking on VIXX"s banner here!

Vixx Records 90′s Hip-Hop Group Deux′s Tribute Album

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Vixx will be recording Look Back at Me as a tribute to Deux.

Vixx will be taking part in recording Deux’s 20th anniversary tribute album on February 14.

Look Back at Me, a song originally sung by one of Korea’s most successful hip-hop groups in 1990’s, will be re-produced by producer Duble Sidekick.

Vixx previously performed Deux’s song when it appeared on KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook as well as on Immortal Song.

An affiliate of J One Partners, the album production company, stated, “We’re in the final stages of making the tribute album and it will be released in March. We would like to thank all the hjunior singers and producers who have helped us put the tribute album together.”

Check out Vixx′s interview about the tribute album here!

Photo credit: J One Partners

VIXX sing for Deux' tribute album with 'Turn Around and Look At Me' + interview clip

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As Deux" tribute album project continues, the next hoobae artist to cover the veteran group"s song is none other than hot rising boy group VIXX!

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VIXX sing Deux" hit classic "Turn Around and Look At Me", which was remade with the help of producing team Duble Sidekick for a modern approach.

So check it out above and also watch VIXX and Duble Sidekick"s interview below regarding the release!

K.Will & female rookie group MAMAMOO sing 'Some Guy Some Girl' + MV starring VIXX

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Rookie 4-member girl group MAMAMOO signed under WA Entertainment, which has been introducing itself before debut with special project songs, has just dropped their latest MV to further show their talents.

They already released an impressive song "Don"t Be Happy" featuring Bumkey and now, they have released the MV for their song "Some Guy Some Girl" (the international title is "Peppermint Chocolate"), which they sing with K.Will and features Wheesung -- two powerful vocals. The girls also have their own impressive skills that work well with these two men.

In addition, VIXX members N and Hongbin also star in the teaser so make sure to check it out above!

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K.Will and Mamamoo release 'Some Guy Some Girl' MV teaser featuring Wheesung and starring VIXX

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It was revealed that upcoming 4-member girl group MAMAMOO signed under WA Entertainment would be releasing some special projects along the way before making their official debut.

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They already released an impressive song "Don"t Be Happy" featuring Bumkey and now, they have released the MV teaser for their song "Some Guy Some Girl," which they sing with K.Will and features Wheesung--two powerful vocals. The girls also have their own impressive skills that work well with these two men. In addition, VIXX will be in the MV--in the teaser, you can see members N and Hongbin!

The full song will be out later today so check back in at allkpop