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Choo Sarang is full of smiles and laughter in making film for 'allo&lugh'

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There"s no doubt that Choo Sarang is a "happy virus" wherever she goes and brought smiles in her "Love Is Fun" making film for "allo&lugh"!

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Choo Sarang has been following in her mother, Japan"s top model Yano Shiho"s footsteps and she"s always full of cute expressions and poses on set. She even got fans following along to her signature "strength" pose with the strength that she gets from her mixed martial arts fighter father Choo Sung Hoon.

Proceeds from the brand"s "Love is Fun" charity campaign will be donated to the Korean Red Cross.

“Doctor Stranger” Releases New Teaser, Full of Spunk and Intense Drama

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Doctor Stranger” recently released a third teaser, full of promises of spunk and intense drama. And as a medical/spy melodrama, it looks like it’ll do good on its promises, telling the story of a genius doctor from North Korea who comes to work in South Korea’s top hospital.

The teaser gives a strong first impression, with Kang So Ra slapping Lee Jong Suk across the face, and slamming a giant rock into the windshield of a car, telling Lee Jong Suk, “You can keep it.” Lee Jong Suk then says with an arrogant wink, “Do you know what they call people like you and me? Quacks.”

The teaser then immediately switches from an almost comedic vibe to full-on drama, showing a storm of intense emotions and scenes from the actors, Lee Jong Suk saying to his first love, played by Jin Se Yeon, “This will stop your heart for a second

Can You Guess What BEAST Members Do When Visiting Yong Jun Hyung’s House?

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What do you think BEAST members do when visiting fellow member Yong Jun Hyung’s house? A recent image shows the members enjoying Yong Jun Hyung’s home as if it was their own!

On April 15, MBC Every1‘s “Showtime” staffs uploaded a photo on their official Twitter that previewed this Thursday’s episode. The photo showed the other members sprawled on the rapper’s red couch, while the rapper lay stuck at the end. Furthermore, members Dongwoon seemed to stir laughter from Doojoon as the image showed the BEAST’s youngest member completely lying down on the couch in order to reach the coffee table with his feet. Furthermore, the image also showed member Hyunseung and Kikwang comfortably taking a mini nap

Yong Jun Hyung Forced to Reveal His House after Sudden Visit from B2ST Members

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With five uninvited guests, B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung found himself sweating bullets as he was forced to allow his members into his house.

For a recent recording of MBC Every1’s Showtime - Burning the Beast, Yong Jun Hyung revealed his beautiful house - but involuntarily.

The B2ST members decided to show up unannounced at Yong Jun Hyung’s doorsteps with the film crew, catching Yong Jun Hyung completely off guard.

The members are said to have yelled, “Your house is awesome! It’s a celebrity’s house!”

Then they began searching through Yong Jun Hyung’s kitchen, finding drawers full of instant food and a refrigerator full of expired products.

Yong Jun Hyung’s English Bulldog, Hyungnimie, was also introduced.

Meanwhile, Showtime - Burning the Beast was canceled on April 17 due to the tragic sinking of a passenger ship

Lee Jong Suk is full of aegyo in 'Skin Food' pictorial and CF

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Lee Jong Suk was full of aegyo in his pictorial and CFs for cosmetics brand "Skin Food"!

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Spring is here, which means it"s that time of year in K-pop to go back to fresh cute concepts, and Lee Jong Suk did just that with his irresistible expressions as he got one with nature. Lee Jong Suk shared in the CF, "Ate well. Who? My skin," with his cute smile and clear complexion.

A rep stated, "Lee Jong Suk"s clean and healthy image matches well with this advertisement"s new campaign "Good food makes healthy skin". We were surprised by how Lee Jong Suk perfectly expressed [the campaign] after only seeing the content for the feeling of the ad before the photo shoot

'Full Sun' airs its finale but which Mon-Tues drama came out on top this week?

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"Full Sun" aired its finale with unsurprisingly disappointing results, while "Empress Qi"s continued to reign at #1 in its time slot for another week.

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 8th episode of MBC"s "Empress Qi" achieved a 25.5% viewer rating, which is a 1.2% increase from its previous viewer rating of 24.3%.

SBS" "God"s Gift - 14 Days" dropped 0.3% from a 9.2% to a 8.9% viewer rating. KBS 2TV"s "Full Sun" slightly rose 0.1% from a 2.6% to a 2.7% viewer rating. The highest and lowest viewer rating "Full Sun ever reached was 5.2% and 2.2%, respectively.

What have you been watching?

Yoon Kye Sang presents 'Full Sun' staff with matching outfits

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Yoon Kye Sang recently lit up 100 faces by preparing thoughtful gifts for the staff members working on his now finished drama, KBS 2TV"s "Full Sun". He got them mountain wear perfect for the springtime from outdoor brand Lowe Alpine for which he models.

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The staff said, "We were touched by the surprise present he prepared as the drama neared its completion." It appears his sweet presents gave the extra push the staff members needed as they wrapped up the drama.

Did you enjoy "Full Sun"?

Son Ho Young gets teary when asked if he's okay in teaser for 'Share House'

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Singer Lee Sang Min asked the question that was probably on everyone"s minds to Son Ho Young in the teaser for Olive TV"s "Share House".

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In the teaser, Lee Sang Min asked Son Ho Young, "Because we"re drinking soju with just us guys... You must have really had a hard time... I wanted to ask you. Are you okay?", making all of the guys on set teary.

"Share House" is much like the SBS" "Roommate" program coming up as it will show what happens when celebrities live in one house together for three months. Fans have been awaiting his return to the entertainment scene with a bright image and they"ll get their wish as he returns not only through music with an upcoming digital single but also a new program after a year away

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min go house hunting on 'We Got Married'

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Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min went house hunting on the April 5th episode of "We Got Married".

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The actor showed up in a dress shirt that Hong Jin Young previously said she liked, and the two went off to choose their future house. Hong Jing Young asked, "Where do you live right now? Have you ever lived at your wife"s place?" Nam Goong Min responded in a surprising manner and she corrected herself, saying, "Why did I think that you were married before?"

She added, "Do you want to come live at my house?" Hong Jin Young later explained, "I didn"t want to decide, but I thought it"d be okay to stay at either of our houses before we choose a house." 

They discussed everything from how big of a house they want, the energy of the plot of land, and future children

Haru Listens to 2NE1’s Songs with Full Concentration on ‘Superman is Back’

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Tablo’s daughter Haru was seemly ‘possessed’ by Yang Hyun Suk momentarily.

April 6’s broadcast of KBS2’s Superman is Back will continue to show the families in Jeju island for the twins’ first birthday.

With Kang Hye Jung joining Tablo and Haru in Jeju island on the second day, the family spent the day together. Being the family of artists, they continued to engage in conversations about music in a moving car. Then Tablo handed his cellphone to Haru with 2NE1’s new music on.

Holding the phone by her ear, Haru started listening to the music with full concentration without moving, reminding her parents of YG’s Yang Hyun Suk.

Upon seeing Haru listening without any slight movement, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung said, “Haru, you’re just like CEO Yang Hyun Suk

'Full Sun' falls to its lowest viewer rating to date but which Mon-Tues drama was #1 this week?

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Viewers can always count on "Empress Qi" to get their fill of drama, so it"s not a surprise that the historical drama remained at #1 in its time slot this week!

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 1st episode of MBC"s "Empress Qi" achieved a 25.0% viewer rating, receiving the same rating for both nights this week.

Although SBS" "God"s Gift - 14 Days" broke its record by surpassing the 10% viewer rating mark last week, it fell back into the single digits and went up 0.6% from a 8.8% to 9.4% viewer rating this week. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV"s "Full Sun" dropped 0.1% to an all-time low from a 2.3% to 2.2% viewer rating

Crayon Pop ‘Uh-Ee’s Itself Back with MV Full of Cameos

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Crayon Pop is back with its jumping days in the past, for the most part.

Just in time for April Fool’s Day, Crayon Pop released its newest music video for Uh Ee. Newly styled with a red bandana over their heads and comfortably sporting outfits made of ramie fabric, the Crayon Pop members rushed to dance floor to pull of their newest chicken moves with their fast-paced trot-styled electronic song.

Not only did Crayon Pop showcase its newest song, the music video also featured plenty of special cameo appearance from K-Much, comedian Yoon Sung Ho, singer Kim Chan Ryeol, and Bumkey.

The group will begin promoting Uh Ee on April 3 on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN.

Photo Credit: Chrome Entertainment.

M.I.B return with full 2nd album 'The Maginot Line' + 'Chisa Bounce' MV

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M.I.B has released their 2nd full album "The Maginot Line"!

The title song "Chisa Bounce" is a party tune with an electronic hip hop sound. Leader 5zic re-imagined Young Cream and Sims" ideas. The album has a total of 11 songs, all of which the boys have been working hard on for two and a half years.

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M.I.B will be making a comeback with their title track "Chisa Bounce" ("Dirty Bounce") on the upcoming episode of "Global M! Countdown" on April 2 KST.

Check out the MV above!

Listen to other tracks from the album in the playlist below:

J.Y. Park shows off his house on 'K-Pop Star 3'

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J.Y. Park revealed his house on the latest episode of "K-Pop Star 3"!

He invited the remaining four contestants to his house, where he treated them to a warm, homemade meal. "It"s been half a year since these kids left home, and they probably would be stressed," he said. "I wanted to invite them to a warm meal and share some stories."

Viewers were surprised at his living room - filled with exercise equipment - and the adorable puppies!

Check out the clip below.

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Singer Lee Jung’s House on Jeju Island Revealed

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Singer Lee Jung revealed his home on Jeju Island.

On the March 28 broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” the singer’s single lifestyle and his townhouse located in Aewol-eup, Jeju Island was revealed.

Lee Jung’s house drew attention as it created harmony with the beautiful beach landscape resembling a cottage that would appear in a fairy-tale.

The singer was shown taking a walk at the beach near his house and watering the plants in his garden. His everyday lifestyle seemed like a vacation as he enjoyed a cup of coffee relaxing on his terrace and aroused envy from the viewers.

However, Lee Jung said, “It’s already been about a year since I lived on Jeju Island. At first, I came here to be alone, but being alone was fun only for a few days,” venting about his loneliness