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BTS Counting Down to August Comeback, to Release First Full Album Since Debut

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The countdown has begun for BTS’ comeback! The date is set for August 6, their first comeback trailer release, and the seconds are ticking away on BTS’ official website! The group’s album release date is set for August 20, their first full album release coming a full year and two months after their debut.

Big Hit Entertainment said, “This will be the group’s first comeback in six months, since their promotions for ‘Boy in Luv’ in February. As it is their first album, a lot of work was put into it, and they aim to find their hip hop identity with this comeback.”

BTS, who debuted in June of 2013, swept up six rookie awards from various ceremonies, and entered the music industry as ‘super rookies.’

BTS confirm the release date of their upcoming first full-length album

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BTS, who recently told A.R.M.Y that they"re all in danger (of getting a heart attack from excessive squealing that is) with the start of their comeback countdown, have now confirmed their comeback date along with some more details!

BTS will make their comeback with their 1st full-length album on August 20! The countdown , however, is set to end on August 6, which is when the first of their comeback spoilers will be released.

Big Hit Entertainment revealed, "[BTS] will make their comeback in six months since the release of "Boy In Luv" last February... As much as it is their first full-length album, we put a lot into this album in terms of music and all aspects. Through this album, they will show their identity as a hip hop group

‘Trot’s Lover’ Ji Hyun Woo bursts into Jung Eun Ji’s house

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The new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover" actor Ji Hyun Woo burst into the house of actress Jung Eun Ji, drunk.

On the most recent episode of the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover," which aired on July 29, 2014, the star trot singer Jang Joon Hyun, played by actor Ji Hyun Woo, got to the house of the new trot singer Choon Hee, played by actress Jung Eun Ji, without knowing and fell asleep there. The next morning, Jang Joon Hyun saw Choi Choon Hee and said, "What? Why are you here? Did you kidnap me?" When Choi Choon Hee went to the kitchen, he said, "Did we do this before?" and made her feel sad. In related news, the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover" is a comical drama about a twenty something female trot singer Choi Choon Hee, played by actress Jung Eun Ji, who meets a genius composer and musician Jang Joon Hyun, played by actor Ji Hyun Woo, and rises as a popular singer

JYJ reveals additional video teaser for their next full length album “JUST US” ahead of their comeback

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In the midst of preparing for their well-anticipated comeback, JYJ has revealed an additional video teaser with a little surprise at the end!

Showing clips of their music video teaser that was previously released, as well as concept photos of the three individual members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, the clip ended with the familiar message, “THE RETURN OF THE KING.” The last few seconds raised additional hype with the short phrase: “JYJ CONCERT 2014/8/9.”

JYJ reported beforehand amidst additional details of their title track “Back Seat” that they would be holding a comeback showcase on August 3rd at the Seoul Coex D Hall. Fortunately, fans can also anticipate the start of their Asia tour, “The Return of the King,” just six days later on August 9th

JessicaKrystal Invite Their Fans to ′JeK House′

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal will be inviting over special guests to their house.

July 22’s broadcast of On Style’s Jessica &Krystal will show the Jung sisters meeting their fans at the ‘JeK house.’ Although they felt awkward at first, they soon opened up to the special guests, enjoying their time together.

Jessica and Krystal headed over to a market upon hearing that their fans will be visiting the house. After the sisters prepared various kinds of snacks, the door bell rang and a number of fans, from teenagers to those in their forties, faced Jessica and Krystal.

Jessica reportedly led the conversation naturally, showing her mature side, while Krystal was amazed and touched by the special encounter with the fans.

The production team of Jessica &Krystal said, “A total of 3,000 fans applied for the ‘JeK house visit event

f(x)'s Sulli lives out a princess fantasy in 'Etude House' CF

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f(x)"s Sulli lived out a pink princess fantasy in her "Etude House" CF!

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The CF starts with what sounds to be Krystal"s voice-over as she tells girls that they"re all born a princess. Following that introduction to her true identity, Sulli entered a secret entryway to a dream house where she can turn anything pink!

Watch Sulli let her pink out in the CF!

Jang Keun Suk′s ‘Team H’ to Release Third Full Length Album Today

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Team H, theproject group between Jang Keun Suk and his music partner Big Brother, will be releasing its third full length album Driving to the Highway today (7/16).

The album contains a total of 14 tracks, including Take Me from Team H’s single album and other tracks.

The album includes many of Jang Keun Suk’s upgraded songs, such as the title song Raining on the Dance Floor, which is an electronic pop song, and Gold Digger and I’m So Ghetto, which are hip-hop tracks with trap feel.

Jang Keun Suk said, “Every time we make an album, we try to make it uniquely ‘Team H.’ It’s the product that came out after we had plenty of discussions so I hope the message can be well conveyed to the listeners.”

He added, “This album is a good album to listen to while you’re driving

SM singer-songwriter J-Min to put her domestic promotions into full swing with 1st mini-album

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SM Entertainment singer-songwriter J-Min will release her first domestic mini-album "Shine" this month!

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Although J-Min already made her debut in Japan in 2007 and has released a few OSTs and singles in South Korea, this will mark J-Min"s first domestic mini-album.

We"ve already heard the pre-released the track "Hoo" from her upcoming mini-album, but there will be five more songs coming for a total of 6 on the tracklist. The mini-album will be released on music sites on the 18th at noon KST ahead of its physical release on the 21st!

Lee Hyori Says Her House in Jeju Island Has Turned Into a Tourist Attraction

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Lee Hyori expressed her discomfort on having her house turned into a tourist attraction.

During a recent filming for SBS’ Magic Eye, Lee Hyori shared a story about high school girls randomly coming to her house and revealed that her house has turned into a tourist attraction in Jeju Island.

Lee Hyori revealed, “A number of high school girls rang the door bell to my house. I told them not to but they asked me back, ‘didn’t you say to come play at your house?’”

Lee Hyori then realized that she wrote ‘come play at Hyori’s house’ as a greeting message to her blog and couldn’t help but to laugh at the situation.

The show is set to air on July 8.

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f(x) give fans a 'Red Light' special with new full album release

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f(x) has switched on the "Red Light" making their long-awaited comeback with their third full-length album!

Although the group has already begun promoting the album on music shows this past weekend, f(x)"s 3rd full-length album "Red Light" has finally been released earlier today.

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The album consists of eleven tracks. Aside from the title track, "Red Light", there is "MILK", "Butterfly", "Rainbow", "All Night", "Vacance", "Spit it Out", "Boom Bang Boom", "Dracula", "Summer Lover", and "Paper Heart". The songs are of a variety of genres including pop, dance, electronic music, R & B, and more

Kang Ji Hwan Spills His Plan to Build a House for Future Family

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“I’m going to be looking around for land starting next week.”

Recently acting as ‘Kim Ji Hyuk’ in KBS 2TV’s Big Man, Kang Ji Hwan received many positive comments on acting out as a rebel who becomes a true leader in the end.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Kang Ji Hwan said, “I’m going to be looking around for land to purchase starting next week.”

The actor further explained himself by saying that it is a part of his preparation for marriage. He revealed that his goal is to design and build his own house for his future family.

When asked, “What about marriage?” he answered, “I want to build a house first. It is my goal to get everything ready and be able to say, ‘come and live with me.’”

Kang Ji Hwan then said, “I’ll invite you when the construction is done,” and smiled

IU Fulfills Her Wish by Featuring in g.o.d.’s 8th Full Length Album

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IU fulfilled her long time wish by featuring in g.o.d.’s new album.

An afiiliate of g.o.d. told Newsen on July 4, “IU featured in a song called Sing for Me (translated) which is included in g.o.d.’s 8th full length album. It is not the title song.”

An affiliate of IU also told Newsen, “IU recently finished recording with g.o.d.The featuring was accomplished when Kim Tae Woo made the suggestion.”

IU is widely known as a long time fan of g.o.d. IU’s affiliate also added, “IU was very happy to be featuring in g.o.d.’s album.”

Meanwhile, g.o.d.’s 8th full length album will be released through online and offline on July 8 and 9, respectively.

g.o.d. will also be launching a national concert tour starting with Seoul on July 12 and 13, Gwangju on August 2 and 3, Busan on August 15 and 16, Daegu on August 23 and 24 and Daejeon on August 30 and 31

Lee Dong Wook invites veteran actor Lee Duk Hwa to the 'Roommate' house

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Lee Dong Wook invited his "Hotel King" co-star Lee Duk Hwa to the "Roommate" house!

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The actor got all of his female roommates excited as he shared, "I invited a guest. He"s a tough and sexy icon. A male actor." When Lee So Ra asked, "Is he on the level of Jung Woo Sung?" Lee Dong Wook raised anticipation by hinting, "He"s above that."

The roommates couldn"t hold in their nervousness when they were introduced to Lee Duk Hwa. When Hong Soo Hyun asked Lee Duk Hwa, "What is important when it comes to female acting?" He replied, "Sexiness." Nana and Jo Se Ho also danced to a "90s song, and Lee So Ra recalled the days when she used to be an MC with Lee Duk Hwa on "Saturday Night Music Show"

EXO's Chanyeol hangs out with Lee So Ra and Jo Se Ho at the 'Roommate' house

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EXO"s Chanyeol showed that there"s never a boring moment with his "Roommates" Lee So Ra and Jo Se Ho!

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Chanyeol shared on his Instagram on July 2, "New piano student Jo Se Ho #Secret," and "Posing like a model with So Ra noona!! #It"sChic," along with the behind-the-scenes photos. Chanyeol is seen teaching Jo Se Ho how to play the piano, but when he"s with Lee So Ra, he becomes a student who learns how to pose from the veteran model herself.

Stay tuned for more Chanyeol cuts on "Roommate" this Sunday!

G-Dragon, CN Blue, Teen Top, B1A4 and More Confirmed in Full Lineup with Featured Guest Lee Seung Gi for KCON 2014

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KCON 2014 has proved it’s going even bigger this year, revealing the full lineup of artists set to perform at this year’s two-day concert M COUNTDOWN: 2NIGHTS in LA.

The complete powerhouse lineup was released on July 3, confirming B1A4, G-Dragon, IU, Teen Top and VIXX will be performing on the first night, August, 9, while BTS, CN Blue, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Jung Joon Young and Spica will color the stage on August 10.

This year, Lee Seung Gi will also be making a special appearance as a featured guest.

KCON 2014, the largest K-Pop fan convention in North America, will be returning to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on August 9-10, where attendees can participate in panels, workshops, eat and engage with other K-Pop fans at booths set up during the day and watch their favorite K-Pop stars perform live in the evening