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GOT7 Members Complain About Each Other on ‘I GOT7’

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The GOT7 members vented out their frustration.

July 22’s broadcast of SBS MTV’s I GOT7 will air the tenth episode where the members will try to resolve any misunderstandings they had about each other.

Kim Shin Young said, “In this corner, there is no such thing as hyung (older brother) or dongseng (younger brother). You can say whatever you want.”

Bam Bam said to JB, “Hey JB, I’m not satisfied with you. You have to do better,” and Jr. also said, “JB, could you please stop yelling?” shocking the GOT7 leader.

Maknae Yugyeom said, “Jackson, I know that you’re better than us in variety shows but I think you’re full of yourself.”

Unable to stay calm, Jackson got up and shouted, “Can we stop filming for a second?” and marched towards Yugyeom, making everyone laugh

GOT7 releases hilarious 'dance practice' version of 'A'!

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The boys of GOT7 have released a new dance practice video of their latest hit, "A" - but it might not be what you expect!

Dedicated to their fans, the video focuses more on the members goofing off and being their cheerful selves with the actual dancing falling by the wayside. That"s not a problem, though, as GOT7 have already released an "official" dance practice video.

So just kick back, relax, and enjoy watching GOT7 as they put on a show!

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GOT7’s Jr. Shows Love for JYP at Mwave’s MEETGREET

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GOT7 lit up the Mwave studio as a recent guest on MEET&GREET, where member Jr. showed a particular fondness for JYP.

During the live fan meeting, the boys talked about their favorite songs on the GOT♡, and the conversation elicited entertaining responses from the GOT7 members.

Jackson said his favorite song was U Got Me before adding proudly, “I wrote some of the rap.”

Leader JB shared, “When I look at the song as a whole, I like Forever Young.”

Before Youngjae could say his favorite song, however, Jr. jumped in to comment on Youngjae’s hair, saying “A horse must’ve licked you before you came on here,” drawing laughter on set.

Youngjae then shared that his favorite track was A, but when it came to Jr

GOT7’s Jackson Works Magic at Mwave’s MEETGREET

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Back with a new mini album, GOT7 returned to the Mwave studio to come and get it a second time at our MEET&GREET, and the boys came bearing gifts!

During the live fan meeting, GOT7’s Jr. walked fans through the GOT7 merchandise the Top 1 Supporter at the MEET&GREET would be receiving.

The boys livened up the set, modeling each item, from posters to towels, and Jackson even worked some magic, chanting “Wingardium Leviosa,” while waving a GOT7 light stick, bringing laughter onto the set.

Check out all of the GOT7 goods in the clip below!

GOT7 Bows to the Fans, Give Each Other Love and More on MEETGREET

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preview nextview 1/32 preview nextview Bam Bam welcomes you to MEET&GREET!

GOT7 joined Mwave for its second MEET&GREET to promote GOT♡ and meet with the fans on July 10.

Photo credit: Mwave


GOT7 joined Mwave for its second MEET&GREET to promote GOT♡ and meet with the fans on July 10.

Photo credit: Mwave

Jr. doesn′t even need hands to show off his aegyo - he′s got Mark to do it for him

GOT7 joined Mwave for its second MEET&GREET to promote GOT♡ and meet with the fans on July 10.

Photo credit: Mwave

GOT7 says "Sawadee Kap!"

GOT7 joined Mwave for its second MEET&GREET to promote GOT♡ and meet with the fans on July 10

GOT7 reveal they receive sex and ethics education at JYPE and talk about the things they did to grow taller

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GOT7 talked about the sex education that JYP Entertainment artists and trainees are known to receive and how their agency helped them to grow taller!

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On the July 9 broadcast of SBS Power FM"s "K.Will"s Young Street", DJ K.Will asked, "I heard that JYP Entertainment offers sex and morals/ethics education", which GOT7 confirmed, "Yes. We receive sex education and mental care."

Leader JB shared, "Ever since our trainee days, we would receive sex education from teacher Goo Sung Ae once every month. Teacher Goo Sung Ae once said, "I don"t know about anything else but JYP Entertainment is really clean when it comes to [sex education]

GOT7 Reveals JYP’s Special Curriculum to Help Trainees Grow Taller

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GOT7 revealed JYP Entertainment’s special ‘growth curriculum.’

GOT7 guested on July 9’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Young Street and talked about JYP’s unique curriculum for the trainees.

DJ K.Will said, “I heard that the members all play basketball together at JYP Entertainment,” and leader JB said, “Jr, Bam Bam and I played basketball. It was an exercise to help us grow taller.”

Bam Bam said, “We played basketball and drank herbal oriental medicine. We also stretched frequently. It helped me out a lot.”

JB then brought out laughter by sadly saying, “But I didn’t grow taller. I think my growth spurt ended in high school.”

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment

GOT7 look cool and comfortable in their dance practice clip for 'A'

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GOT7 have been bringing their "A" game as they capture more and more hearts with each comeback, and they"re back to do so again with a dance practice clip!

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It"s always a treat to see idol groups dance in their casual clothes and GOT7 let their fun personalities shine through the dance practice clip. They called out to their "A" and who could resist a calling from these charming boys?

Follow along to the choreography or just just enjoy the members giving a shout out to that special someone, their fans!

SNSD′s Taeyeon, EXO, Got7′s JB and More Top the Week′s Headlines

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview If you’ve missed out on all the hottest news of the week, but you’re too busy to catch up on everything that’s been going on - no worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be recapping the Top 5 articles of the past week, based on reader views!

5.EXO Selected as First Model of Global Brand MCM

EXO continues to prove its influence and popularity all around the globe by being selected to model for a fashion brand - and everyone rejoiced.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

4. SHINee’s Key Sets Up miss A’s Min on Blind Date with Cross Gene’s Shin

With more and more stars going public with their relationship, SHINee′s Key decided to set up two idols on a blind date on ′We Got Married.′ When idols fake-date idols

Top Quotes from Eric Nam, SUJU′s Kangin, GOT7′s JB and More

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview There were moments of surprise, moments of warmth, moments of slight embarrassment, and moments of complete memboong.

And they were all expressed by your favorite stars in this week′s Weekend Talk.

”Pigeons in korea dont fly away wen scared... They stare at you..."

f(x)′s Amber shared this piece of information to everyone who needed to know.

We have also experienced this situation in Korea as well.


"I was drinking coffee when these kids saw me and said ′Ajussi′.... Menboong. What is life?"

Eric Nam was hit with a load of menboong when the above situation happened to him.

The shock must have been great, because Eric Nam continued to tweeted, "They said Ajusshi

Got7 Has Fun in ′A′ Dance Practice Video

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Now you can finally get a full view of what happens every moment onstage during Got7′s A performances.

Got7 revealed a dance practice video of A on July 9.

The members seemingly had fun during practice, going atop windowsills and chanting to the music as they dance with big smiles on their faces.

Got7 is currently promoting A from its second mini album GOT♡.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment

ZE:A′s Kwang Hee Takes Selfies with Got7′s Jr, Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Continues Training and More

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preview nextview 1/12 preview nextview Stars gave us an overdose of cute on Twitter today.

Watch what happened in today′s Twitter Roundup.

JYJ′s Kim Junsu flaunted his colorful hair and shades, saying, "I′m going to sing.. in this sunny weather..!! Only one week left.. Hahaha;;"

ZE:A′s Kwang Hee showed off his friendship with Got7′s Jr in a quad-selfie.

Kara′s Goo Hara peeked out on Instagram. "Long time no see," she said.

Former After School member Bekah seemed happy to meet current After School member Raina. The two took selfies and Bekha said, "Raina gets it. Do you?? I missed you friend

Boyfriend and GOT7 parody K.Will's 'Day 1' choreography

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GOT7 and Boyfriend parodied K.Will"s "face dance" choreography!

GOT7 recently posted a photo of themselves doing K.Will"s "Day 1" choreography onto their Twitter and wrote, "To celebrate GOT7"s "Super Star K.Will" win! GOT7"s ceremony for K.Will sunbaenim! Tada-! See you at #MCountdownBegins at 5PM on Thursday!"

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K.Will had recently also posted a photo of himself and Boyfriend onto his own Twitter, writing, "With good looking Boyfriend, who I was with on "Music Bank" and on "Young Street"! They said they couldn"t agree with "Day 1", but they did want to do this, ke."

Which version do you like more?

GOT7 Says Yugyeom is Like Robot Because He is Always Dieting and Dancing

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The GOT7 members stated that the youngest member Yugyeom is like a robot.

GOT7 guested on the July 4’s broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza and said, “When we don’t have any schedules, we spend all our time in the practicing studio.”

When asked which member of GOT7 is especially hard-core when it comes to practicing, the members named Yugyeom.

The GOT7 members claimed, “There is a studio in the basement and whenever we go downstairs, Yugyeom is dancing. He is like a robot.”

They also added, “Yugyeom is currently on a diet and he really does not eat. We wonder, ‘Is it ok for him to do that.’ Even when we’re all eating, he doesn’t even seem like he wants to eat.”

Photo credit: Newsen

GOT7 Takes First Spot on Gaon Album Chart with Album ‘GOT♡’

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GOT7’s comeback album GOT♡ took the first spot on Gaon’s album chart.

According to Gaon’s weekly chart released on July 3 for the last week of June (6/22~6/28), album GOT♡ ranked number one, proving the fans’ enthusiastic interest in GOT7’s newest album.

The album, which was released on June 23, features bright energy and free spirited charms of the members and contains a total of eight tracks including the title song A written and composed by Park Jin Young.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is currently promoting the title song A and will be holding its first fan signing event on July 6.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment