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K-Pop fans celebrate B2ST"s 5th anniversary and GOT7"s 9 month anniversary

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K-Pop seems to be dominating Twitter hashtags today as not only was MBLAQ Seung Ho"s birthday trending, but so were the anniversaries of veteran group B2ST and rookie group GOT7!

October 16 marks B2ST"s fifth anniversary, hence the hashtag #BEAST5thAnniversary. As the well-established group is gearing up for a comeback, fans are eager to both congratulate the group on making it so far and to spazz in anticipation for their upcoming comeback. Some popular tweets include:

there"s no such thing as forever. "let"s have fun together as long as we can.", it is :") #BEAST5thAnniversary

— 아말리아 [hiatus] (@acciodongwoon) October 15, 2014

[OFFICIAL] PLAYB2ST New Main Photo #BEAST5thAnniversary pic

[★VIDEO] GOT7 Jackson’s wishes of being low-kicked by MMA fighter Song Gayeon comes true

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After GOT7’s Jackson revealed on SBS “Roommate 2” that he wishes to be to low-kicked by Song Gayeon, his wish comes true with a painful, yet joyful kick.

On the 12th, during an episode of “Roommate 2”, MMA fighter Song Gayeon (a former cast member of the first season of “Roommate”) visited the home to greet the new season two cast.

Upon her arrival, Jackson transformed into a timid teenybopper fan-boy and ran into the bathroom to hide from the beautiful fighter.

However, after the fan-boy craze, Jackson admitted to wanting to be “low-kicked” by Song Gayeon, her signature MMA move. Although Park Junhyung, the eldest of the roommates, avidly attempted to dissuade Jackson from getting kicked, the GOT7 member’s wish was fulfilled

[★VIDEO] TVXQ’s “Mirotic” Covered By BAP, GOT7, VIXX, and BTOB

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At Dream Concert, members of BAP, GOT7, VIXX and BTOB shared the stage and paid tribute to their seniors TVXQ.

Previously, we shared a fancam of their performance at Dream Concert, but now SBS has released the official performance stage!

BAP’s Daehyun, GOT7’s Youngjae, VIXX’s Leo and BTOB’s Eunkwang collaborated together to perform an orchestrated version of “Mirotic”. The members are seen dressed up, performing their own heartfelt version of the popular song, as immense cheering pours in from fans.

Check out their performance below!

Source: SBS

GOT7"s Jackson reveals he had actually failed the audition for first season of "Roommate"

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During the press conference for SBS"s variety program, "Roommate," at Seongbuk-dong on October 10, GOT7"s Jackson revealed that he had actually auditioned for the first season of the show.

He said, "Honestly, I auditioned for the first season, too, but I was dropped for not being fun. Luckily, I stuck in the [audition for] the second season. I think living together is so fun, which is why I wanted to be on the program no matter what."

Jo Se Ho stated, "Since Jackson entered [the show], I thought I should learn tumbling, too, because of his bright and showy charms. He is overflowing with energy."

Good thing "Roommate" decided to add in Jackson this time!

GOT7 throw a birthday party and more on the season finale of "Real GOT7"

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GOT7 threw a birthday party for Jr., Mark, and Youngjae on the season finale of "Real GOT7"!

The rest of the members pulled a prank on the birthday boys by making them play charades as well as surprising them with a birthday cake and seaweed soup. In their celebratory mood, they also sang and danced along to 2PM"s "GO CRAZY!" in the car on the way to their fan meeting.

The fun didn"t stop there as JB and Mark also showed their aegyo, while Youngjae surprised his members by doing the dougie dance.

Check out the season finale above!

GOT7"s pre-release track "So Lucky" ranks #1 on Japan"s Recochoku chart

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GOT7"s pre-release track "So Lucky" has charted at #1 on Japan"s ringtone site Recochoku!


The group will be making their Japanese debut with the album "Around the World" on October 22, but they unveiled the track "So Lucky" on the 6th beforehand. "So Lucky" was written, composed, and produced by their JYP Entertainment labelmate 2PM"s Jun.K.

GOT7 are also set to start their first Japanese tour "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014 Around the World" in Osaka on the 7th.

GOT7 hold their "Manitto Awards" on the 9th episode of "Real GOT7"

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GOT7 finally revealed each other"s "manitto" on the 9th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

The boys held their "Manitto Awards" in adorable animal costumes at 2AM Changmin"s restaurant and had an "eating broadcast" in honor of the awards show. Jackson, who was busy with his individual schedule, also joined them just in time to watch the footage of all the manitto action. Jackson was determined as the winner of the manitto mission, while Yugyeom was determined as the one who was easiest to catch!

It"s hard not to love these boys!

GOT7 drop full PV for Japanese track "All Around the World"

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GOT7 has now dropped their full PV for Japanese track, "All Around the World," for their big debut in Japan! 

The boys are charismatic and energetic to this catchy track in this full-length PV, which also includes messages from the handsome members in fluent Japanese at the end.  The eponymous single album also includes "SO LUCKY," which was composed, written, and produced in part by 2PM"s Jun.K

The boys will embark on "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014" before making their big splash in Japan through an official debut on October 22!

GOT7 Jackson"s character card for season 2 of "Roommate" revealed

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SBS" "Roommate" has released the character card for GOT7"s Jackson!

Jackson joined the new lineup for season 2 of the reality show, which is introducing its new cast members. His character card says: "Curious person from Hong Kong. Toying with the hearts of noonas! Wild and sexy Wang. Eats, jumps, rolls, dances! Wang never gets tired. (Wang who has to suspiciously leave every night) Talent: 360 spins. (His body and mind are crazy.)"

Stay tuned for "Roommate" this Sunday!

GOT7 take you behind the scenes of their farewell stage for "A" on 8th episode of "Real GOT7"

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GOT7 had fun imitating each other backstage on the 8th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

They were spotted backstage for their farewell stage for "A" on KBS 2TV"s "Music Bank". The boys continued on their manitto mission with Mark complimenting BamBam on his "baby face". Jackson also made fans laugh as usual with his on-point expressions of his members and the rest of the group joined in on the fun with their own imitations. Leader JB also proved himself to be the best at imitating BamBam.

Also check out their previous episode below if you haven"t watched it already!

And for old times" sake, watch their farewell stage all over again!

GOT7 drop short PV for Japanese debut track "Around the World"

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GOT7, who will make their Japanese debut with single album "AROUND THE WORLD" in October, have dropped a sneak peek at the upcoming video with the short version clip!

As mentioned previously, their single album consists of title track of he same name as well as "SO LUCKY", which 2PM"s Jun.K took part in composing, writing, and producing. The boys have also taken the top spot on the ringtone chart "Recochoku" with this song in Japan, so anticipation seems to be high for their official debut.

GOT7 will also kick off their "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014" in Zepp Namba on October 7-8 ahead of their Japanese debut on October 22.

Take a look at the short PV above!

Happy birthday to GOT7"s Jr.!

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GOT7"s Jr. turned 21 years old today!

JYP Entertainment celebrated his birthday with a colorful poster. Although he"s just 21, he still looks far younger than he is with his smooth skin and child-like face.

Join us in wishing him a very happy birthday!

GOT7′s Jackson Is Afraid of Orange Caramel’s Nana?

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On September 21, the new members of SBS’ “Roommate Season 2” were shown moving into the share house.

On this episode, the old and new members of “Roommate” got to be acquainted with each other.

While the other members went ahead and moved in to the house, other members such as co-JYP Entertainment artists Park Min Woo and GOT7′s Jackson as well as g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung were able to talk with each other.

“I’m scared of Nana noona (older sister). I don’t know why but I’m scared (of her),” Jackson shared to Park Min Woo and Park Joon Hyung.

Park Min Woo, who has already spent some time with Nana in the house during Season 1 of the show, assured Jackson, “Nana is not a scary person

GOT7 perform a crazy cover of 2PM"s "GO CRAZY!"

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GOT7 did their JYP sunbaes 2PM justice by performing a crazy cover of "GO CRAZY!"!

BamBam shared on his Instagram on September 19, "#2PM #GOCRAZY #GOCRAZYwith2PM hyungs~~ We are not crazy~~," along with the dance cover.

After kicking into gear with their motorcycle dance, GOT7 went full-out crazy by having a dance party in the practice room with Jr. and Jackson, even falling on the floor. Of course, this doesn"t surprise fans who already know GOT7"s wild antics.

Go crazy with GOT7!

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Seo Kang Jun and GOT7"s Jackson pair up as "Roommate"s for season 2

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SBS" "Roommate" has revealed the 4th set of roommates for the new season and its none other than first season veteran Seo Kang Jun and newcomer GOT7"s Jackson!

With Seo Kang Jun"s random 4D moments and Jackson"s hilarious spontaneity, it seems like their room will be one to keep an eye on for plenty of laughs!

In addition, Seo Kang Jun will now shed his maknae image as the youngest male in the house, as Jackson will be taking over the role. It"s said with a younger roommate, Seo Kang Jun will be showing sides of himself that we haven"t seen before as a hyung, while Jackson will leave all the roommates of the share house in laughs with his hilarious actions and words.

They are the fourth group of roommates revealed following the pairings of Park Joon Hyung-Otani RyoheiSunny-Bae Jong Ok, and Lee Kuk Ju-Nana-Youngji