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GOT7 to Release Japanese Debut Single in October, Receives a Track from 2PM’s Jun.K

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The release date for JYP Entertainment‘s new male group GOT7‘s Japanese debut single, “Around the World,” has finally been revealed!

On August 27, JYP Entertainment launched the group’s official Japanese homepage along with details about their highly anticipated debut.

As hinted in the title, the single reflects the seven members’ dream to become recognized “around the world.” The title track is a collaborative effort between producers from Korea, the United States and Japan, whereas an additional track titled “So Lucky” has been fully produced by labelmate and 2PM member Jun.K.

To bring out GOT7′s unique charms, Jun.K made sure to compose a song with a strong hip-hop sound and powerful rap breaks, and the producer also advised his juniors during the recording process

GOT7 to make their Japanese debut with "AROUND THE WORLD" single album

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GOT7 will make their Japanese debut with single album "AROUND THE WORLD" on October 22!

They previously teased fans with an image that read "Around the world", and it turns out that was indicating the title of their single album.

The boys also opened their official Japanese homepage, which gives all the information fans need to know concerning their Japanese debut and tour. The single album consists of title track "AROUND THE WORLD" as well as "SO LUCKY" which 2PM"s Jun.K took part in composing, writing, and producing.

GOT7 will also kick off their "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014" in Zepp Namba on October 7-8 ahead of their Japanese debut on October 22!

GOT7 Reveals Prologue of Special Webcomics GOTOON Starring Group Members

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JYP Entertainment‘s male group GOT7 has delighted their fans by launching a special webcomics titled GOTOON.

Since August 20, the group has revealed teasers of the individual members’ characters through Twitter, but the wait was finally rewarded when the prologue of the series was unveiled on August 25.

The webcomics starring the seven members of GOT7 is a way for the group’s fans to take a peek into the boys’ daily lives in a fun and creative way. The stories depicted in the drawings are based on actual situations and events in the members’ lives, and the members’ unique personalities have been translated into the characters in a detailed manner.

It has been revealed that JYP Entertainment is intending to develop the characters a step further by turning them into various items, which will later be available for purchase

GOT7 show how they have fun backstage on 3rd episode of "Real GOT7" season 2

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GOT7 were being their goofy selves while backstage for their comeback stage rehearsal at "Inkigayo" on the 3rd episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

Some of the highlights of the episode are Jackson acting out how J.Y. Park scolded him when recording "A", the members dancing backstage with JB flashing his armpits, and Jr. sharing that he wants to learn how to be cute from 2PM"s Wooyoung.

Check out the fun antics in the 3rd episode above!

GOT7 reveals 4th “GOTOON” image teaser for Jr.

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The teasers keep streaming in, as GOT7 revealed their 4th cartoon teaser for member Jr. on August 21st.

As teasers for JB and Mark have included colors of red, the next two images for Jackson and Jr. now include a light shade of blue. Jr.’s teaser shows a cartoon face of him winking towards the camera with blushing cheeks and windswept black bangs. The colors are brightest on his teaser so far, suggesting a cute and light approach to the project as a whole.

Overall, fans may have begun to grasp a general idea of what the teasers may be leading to, especially as each concept image is distinct pertaining to the member they are representing. The next project could be a mini cartoon series of each member, or a photo book of some sort. Whatever it may be, JYP Entertainment has yet to reveal the complete idea, so stay tuned for more teasers and updates regarding GOT7!

In the meantime, watch Big Byung (produced by Defconn and Jung Hyungdon)’s comical music video for “Stress Come On,” in which GOT7’s Jackson is one of the featuring idols for the song and music video!

Source: GOT7 Official Facebook

GOT7 Has Got Fans Guessing over “Gotoon” Teaser Images

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GOT7 fans are speculating about the meaning of two mysterious cartoon teasers that have been posted to the group’s official Facebook page. The teasers feature cartoon images of members JB and Mark, and are both emblazoned with the title, “Gotoon,” as well as the JYP Entertainment logo. The two images were posted a day apart.

No further details have been released as to what the teasers are supposed to signify, though fans may well be expecting similar teasers for the remaining to be posted to the social media network.

On August 17, the group also uploaded a mysterious image to its Japanese Twitter account, which featured a world map tinted in red and the caption, “Around the World.”

GOT7 is currently promoting in Japan

GOT7 teases something new for Japanese promotions

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The boys of GOT7 teased an upcoming project with an enigmatic, mysterious image!

The group released the teaser image above on their official Japanese Twitter. It simply reads "Around the world", superimposed on a classic map of the world.

What could this possibly mean? Stay tuned for more from GOT7!

GOT7 take care of each other for their "secret angel" mission on 2nd episode of "Real GOT7" season 2

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GOT7 revealed their secret angel pairings on the 2nd episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

Leader JB noticed the love blossoming in his group thanks to all of the members being affectionate to each other for their secret angel mission. Each secret angel gave their assigned member extra care and attention, and later revealed their mystery members to the camera.

Do you think the members will be able to correctly guess who each other"s secret angels are?

GOT7 promote their 1st photobook "GOTCHA" through a video message

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After taking their fans to the shooting site of their 1st photobook "GOTCHA" yesterday, GOT7 promote their 1st photobook themselves through a video message.

The boys mentioned that they prepared themselves well for the photobook as a gift for their fans. Through it, they will be able to share their fun time during their stay in Malaysia.

The photobook titled "GOTCHA 1st Photobook in Malaysia" is going to be released on August 14. It contains a total of 200 pages and a 75-minute DVD.

GOT7 To Release Photo Book From Their Trip To Malaysia

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(Photo : JYP Entertainment )

While GOT7 prepares for their first Japan tour in October, they will be releasing a photo book for their excited fans.

The 200 page book will be titled, "GOTCHA: 1st Photobook in Malaysia." Pre orders will initiate on August 14th through yes24. Fans who purchase the book will enjoy glossy photos of Mark, JB, Jackson, Jr., Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom as they show off their handsomeness and charm in Malaysia.

With the overload of photos, fans will also receive a DVD and seven post cards. The DVD will contain a behind the scenes look at the making of their recent R&B single "A," interviews with the members, and fun activities that were caught on camera of them enjoying their time in Malaysia together.

GOT7 has released a short video that highlights some of the destination spots that the guys visited

GOT7 take fans to the shooting site of their 1st photobook "GOTCHA"

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GOT7 take us to the shooting of their 1st photobook which took place in Malaysia through their promotional video.

The photobook titled "GOTCHA 1st Photobook in Malaysia" is going to be released on August 14. It contains a total of 200 pages and a 75-minute DVD.

In the promo video, we could get a glimpse of their pictorial where members are captured in their most candid shots and more. Fans would definitely enjoy the photo story of the boys during their stay in Malaysia.

Watch the promo video below:

GOT7 entice fans with a promo clip for their upcoming photobook "GOTCHA: 1st Photobook in Malaysia"

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The charming boys of GOT7 will be releasing their first photobook, and what better way to entice you all to buy it than with a video clip? 

They"ve uploaded a video that gives you a peek at some of the shots you can expect to see in the upcoming photobook filled with pages and pages of your favorite members!

Titled "GOTCHA: 1st Photobook in Malaysia", it will come with a 200 page book as well as a DVD that will contain behind-the-scenes clip from the making of their "A" MV in Malaysia, a group interview, as well as fun self-camera footage. To top it off, a set of 7 post cards will also be bundled in.

Pre-orders will begin on August 14 through yes24!

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GOT7"s Jr. and Jackson reveal sex education is part of their trainee program

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GOT7"s Jr. and Jackson revealed that sex-ed is part of JYP Entertainment"s trainee program!

Jr. and Jackson were guests on the 9th"s episode of MBC"s "Quiz to Change the World", and Jr. revealed, "We got sex-ed during our trainee period. There"s a separate program. We took sexual education classes once every 2-3 weeks."

MC Kim Gu Ra joked, "Is the lecturer J.Y. Park?", and the boys revealed that the lecturer is Goo Sung Ae, a very famous sex-ed lecturer in South Korea.

Jackson then said, "We"re clean right now because we got sex-ed", and MC Lee Hwi Jae joked, "Were you not clean before that?", making everyone laugh

Jun.K oversees GOT7"s recording for their Japanese song "So Lucky"

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GOT7 got "So Lucky" with their sunbaes!

2PM"s Jun.K composed his label-hoobae"s Japanese song "So Lucky", and he came to their recording studio to give them advice and check up on their recording session! He gave each of them pointers on how to sing each part, and gave them praises after praises.

He also showed his love for his hoobaes by giving each and every one of them a tight hug after they finished recording their parts, telling them all they"d done an amazing job. 

Check out the video above!

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GOT7 make you swoon with their sweet talk on the 1st episode of "Real GOT7" season 2

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GOT7 make you swoon with their overwhelming flirting and aegyo for the "A" teasers on the 1st episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

After ending season 1 in March, GOT7 got back into the swing of things for season 2 by picking their secret member for the "Manito" mission. The members showed their individual talents with Jackson showing his basketball skills, Mark performing tricks on a skateboard, and Youngjae playing piano. But the highlight of the episode was GOT7 doing some sweet talk to the camera as if it was "A" for their teasers.

Revive your GOT7 feels by watching the season 2 premiere!

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