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GOT7’s JB Revealed to Have Been Involved in Minor Car Accident, JYPE Assures Fans He is Not Injured

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It has been reported that GOT7’s JB has become the fourth K-Pop idol to be involved in a car accident in a span of about two weeks, following BESTie, Ladies’ Code, and BIGBANG’s Seungri.

According to GOT7’s agency, JYP Entertainment on September 13, a city bus that was heading in the direction of G Tower ran into the vehicle in which JB was riding with his manager and stylist, near Songdo International Business District in Incheon. The accident occurred on the street in front of the Tri-Bowl (a large sculpture) at around 11 PM (KST) on September 12.

Reports stated that the vehicle carrying JB and two other JYPE staff was trying to switch into the third lane due to a parked car in the fourth lane

GOT7"s JB revealed to have been in a minor car accident with no major injuries sustained

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GOT7"s JB was revealed to have been involved in a minor car accident with no major injuries sustained.

According to reports, JB along with his stylist and manager were riding in a car together when a bus, which was heading towards G Tower, had a fender bender with their car near Songdo International Business District"s Tribowl in Yeonsugu, Incheon on the 12th at around 11 PM KST.

A JYP Entertainment told MyDaily, "JB got involved in a minor collision on the 12th at 11 PM KST... While the car, which was parked on a four-lane street, was backing up and attempting to change lanes, they saw an oncoming bus behind them and turned on their emergency signal, but the bus ended up colliding with the car."

The agency rep also assured the public that it was a minor collision, telling MBN Star, "Immediately after the accident, [JB] was transferred to a hospital and received an X-ray which revealed no abnormalities

GOT7 show their love for dogs and go skateboarding on "Real GOT7"

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The cuteness overload never ends when GOT7 is around and it was no different on the 6th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

GOT7 had the opportunity to have a play date with dogs during their photoshoot and Jackson, especially, couldn"t help but to show a lot of affection for one dog in particular that played hard to get with him. After impressing fans with his Rubik"s cube skills in the previous episode, Mark surprised fans yet again with his skateboarding skills as the group headed out to a skate park for another photoshoot. Meanwhile, Jr. and Youngjae spilled some of their sexy satoori while everyone was still trying to fulfill their manitto mission.

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Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, GOT7’s Jackson, and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Confirmed to Join Season 2 of SBS’ “Roommate!”

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It has been confirmed that Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, GOT7’s Jackson, and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung will be joining the second season of SBS’ variety program “Roommate.”

On September 11, the show’s production team revealed, “Park Joon Hyung, Sunny, and Jackson are joining “Roommate 2” as new members.”

Viewers’s expectations are at an all time high, as they are looking forward to what kind of new dynamics these three entertaining new members will bring to the show.

Additionally, it is being reported that there are at least three more unpredictable members that will also be joining the brand new season of “Roommate.” However, the production team is currently keeping their names under wraps for the time being

GOT7"s debut Japanese single "Around the World" lands at top of Recochoku ringtone chart

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GOT7"s debut Japanese single "Around the World" has landed at #1 on the "Recochoku" ringtone music chart!


Though GOT7 don"t make their Japanese debut until October, their song "Around the World", released on September 8, is already the most popular ringtone downloaded. The coupling track on the group"s single album is "So Lucky", which was written and composed by GOT7"s JYP Entertainment labelmate 2PM"s Jun.K.

GOT7 will make their official Japanese debut on October 22, but before then, they"ll be touring Japan for "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014" starting from October 7. 

Congrats to GOT7!

GOT7′s Jackson Teases Actor Kim Kwang Gyu on “Hello Stranger”

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GOT7‘s Jackson has had a run-in with veteran actor Kim Kwang Gyu on the Chuseok edition of MBC entertainment show “Hello Stranger,” which aired on September 8.

The GOT7 star seems to have decided it would be fun to tease the actor, who is 30 years his senior, as part of the show.

Kim Kwang Gyu first became upset with Jackson (originally from Hong Kong) when he first refused to speak Korean to him. When Kim addressed Jackson, the latter answered in Chinese, infuriating the older actor.

Later, Jackson was speaking to a Chinese-speaking participant on the show in Chinese. When Kim Kwang Gyu interrupted, Jackson said, “Do you mind? The two of us were having a conversation!” This only added to Kim Kwang Gyu’s embarrassment.

The older actor angrily told Jackson, “You are a real trouble maker!”

Jackson explained his attitude later on the program, saying, “I felt a real fatherly vibe from Kim Kwang Gyu, so I teased him a bit, just like I tease my real father!”

Kim Kwang Gyu explained his surprise at Jackson’s behavior later in the show, too, saying, “It is the first time I have met Jackson

GOT7"s Youngjae deletes his Instagram account

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GOT7"s Youngjae has deleted his Instagram account.

Recently, Youngjae deleted all the photos from the SNS, but now it seems like he"s gotten rid of the account entirely. Going to his previous page only gives the above message, where the page cannot be found.

There are many speculations on why Youngjae deleted the account, and Youngjae himself gave no reason as to why he was deleting his account. However, the main reasons why celebrities delete their SNS accounts are because of hackers. Hopefully, Youngjae will make a comeback to the SNS for his fans!

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GOT7"s Jackson to appear on new show "Hello! Stranger" featuring foreign cast

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A new MBC variety program "Hello! Stranger" featuring a foreign cast will be airing during the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday weekend! It will be taking place in a house hosted by Kim Kwang Kyu, and his house guests will include stars like GOT7"s Jackson, Fabian from MBC"s "I Live Alone", and Japanese celebrity Akiba Rie.

The premise of the show is to gain insight on the foreign perspective of Korean culture. The show will feature 11 different personalities that will interact, as they create a bucket list of what they would like to do in Korea and also discuss what"s unique to Korean culture and their experiences with it.

The guests will stay at the house for 1 night and 2 days bonding and at times bickering

GOT7 releases pictorial of their visit to Malaysia

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GOT7 visited Malaysia this summer; Starcast releases a narrative set of photos from GOT7’s photo book.

GOT7 couldn’t enjoy Malaysia during their last visit due to their busy schedules and shooting of their music video, “A.”

However, this time they were able to spend some quality time in Malaysia. First, they first decided to stop by the streets to grasp the atmosphere of Malaysia. They look like they are having fun, roaming the streets of Malaysia.

Shall we take a look?

"COME & GET IT! Just believe in GOT7 and follow us`"

"Want to officially start this trip with Jr. ?" 

Malaysia’s summer was hotter than imagined

GOT7 go to an amusement park and more on the 5th episode of "Real GOT7"

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GOT7 were full of bromance on the 5th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

JB, Jackson, Youngjae, and BamBam went to Lotte World, while Jr., Mark, and Yugyeom went on a night stroll near the Han River. JB and BamBam had no fear when it came to one adventurous ride, but Jackson and Youngjae just watched as they found it too "scary".

The other trio also pretended as if they were on a date at the Han River with Jr. and Mark doing a "Lady and the Tramp" reenactment with ramen and Mark and Yugyeom lying on the grass together. Mark also impressed fans with his Rubik"s cube skills.

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JYP Entertainment and GOT7 celebrate Mark"s birthday

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Happy birthday to Mark, who was born on September 4, 1993, meaning he is now 21 years old (International age)!

JYP Entertainment wished him happy birthday through a picture and SNS post while his fellow GOT7 members lovingly uploaded pictures onto their respective Instagram accounts with the same good wishes.

BamBam wrote, "Happy Birthday Mark," while Jackson wrote, "Happy birthday dimsum!!!!!! You are next to me sleeping now. Muah!!!"


— JYPnation (@jypnation) September 3, 2014

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Union J"s George Shelley tweets about GOT7 and being a fan of K-pop

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English boy band Union J member George Shelley tweeted about K-Pop!

He recently tweeted a photo of GOT7 members to his fellow Union J members and wrote, "Boys wanna try and pull this off? @JoshUJWorld @JJUJWorld @JaymiUJWorld what do you think @rikki_finlay ?x ". He"d attached the above photo of GOT7, perhaps suggesting to his fellow bandmates that he wanted to try out the concept.

He also tweeted, "K-Pop is awesome. Period," letting fans know how awesome K-pop was! 

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EXO-K, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute, VIXX, Block B, Ailee, B.A.P, GOT7, and More to Heat Up ‘2014 Hallyu Dream Festival!’

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The fifth ‘2014 Hallyu Dream Festival’ will be opening up on September 28 at Gyeongju Civic Stadium.

On September 1, it was announced that the festival’s amazing lineup will consist of a total of 22 different teams, including EXO-K, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute, VIXX, BTOB, Block B, Ailee, Secret, B.A.P, Crayon Pop, T-ara, Dal Shabet, Topp Dogg, F.Cuz, GOT7, BESTie, Dick Punks, LU:KUS, HALO, Red Velvet, and Boys Republic.

This particular music festival was created in order to emphasize Hallyu, as well as showcase the nation’s culture and its top singers

GOT7 tease fans with their censored abs on the 4th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2

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GOT7 continued their round of fun backstage on the 4th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

JJ Project (JB and Jr.) returned to the camera and got their GOT7 members to join them for a "meow" parade to see who can be the cutest cat. Jackson also performed Sunmi"s butt shake for "24 Hours" while Mark, Youngjae, and more tried to be nice to their secret members for their "manito" mission. The members also teased fans by lifting up their shirts, but sadly, their abs were covered by the chocolate bars.

Enjoy the cute charms of GOT7 in the episode above!

GOT7 to Release Japanese Debut Single in October, Receives a Track from 2PM’s Jun.K

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The release date for JYP Entertainment‘s new male group GOT7‘s Japanese debut single, “Around the World,” has finally been revealed!

On August 27, JYP Entertainment launched the group’s official Japanese homepage along with details about their highly anticipated debut.

As hinted in the title, the single reflects the seven members’ dream to become recognized “around the world.” The title track is a collaborative effort between producers from Korea, the United States and Japan, whereas an additional track titled “So Lucky” has been fully produced by labelmate and 2PM member Jun.K.

To bring out GOT7′s unique charms, Jun.K made sure to compose a song with a strong hip-hop sound and powerful rap breaks, and the producer also advised his juniors during the recording process