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G-Dragon called racist slur, “ching chong”, at Paris Fashion Week caught on video

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In a video on YouTube that has recently resurfaced, fans have discovered that while G-Dragon was in Paris for Fashion Week in June, he was called racial slurs.

G-Dragon was attending the Yves St Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week last month when some bystanders yelled, “ching chong” and “ni hao”. G-Dragon.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts:

G-Dragon Puts on a Bear Costume, Possible Hint for a Comeback

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Popular singer and BIGBANG member G-Dragon posted two pictures of himself on Instagram that are causing quite a stir among fans.

In these pictures posted on G-Dragon’s personal Instagram profile on July 25, G-Dragon is dressed up in a huge bear costume at a set. In one picture, he looks tired as he takes a break in the costume, and in the other image, he is filming in front of a green screen in the said bear costume.

Fans are now speculating whether he is getting ready for a possible comeback, or at the least an appearance in another YG music video for a fellow labelmate.

In BIGBANG-related news, the five-member boy group will be performing at “AIA Real Life Now Festival” in Seoul on August 15.

Check out G-Dragon’s Instagram pictures below!

G-Dragon shows off his perfectly split hair with a humorous expression

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As usual, G-Dragon has a hairstyle to be proud of and show off to fans!

This time, it"s a simple black do that he"s split right in the middle. Emphasizing it by pulling back the hair on the sides, G-Dragon strikes a funny expression as if it somehow hurts him to pull his hair like that. This picture was uploaded onto his Instagram on July 22. Proving to really be a fashionista, he also sports a funky, patterned jacket and a large gold peace sign on a long chain.

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Netizens commented, "G-Dragon, what are you doing?" "Playful G-Dragon," "G-Dragon is an interesting person," and more.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be taking part in the "AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014" on August 15 and 16

G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung Enjoy Some Wine Together

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Big Bang leader G-Dragon posted a picture of himself taken with fellow members Taeyang and Daesung on his SNS.

In the early hours of July 21, G-Dragon showed the three men enjoying some wine on his Instagram. Along with the picture, the singer wrote “FAM” as well.

Following his posting, some of the comments from fans included, “Where is TOP and Seungri?,” “The three are together for the first time in a long time!,” “Oh yeah~ wine,” and “Daesung looks way too serious lol.”

In other news, Taeyang is enjoying unanimous praise for his solo track “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” His new album “Rise” was once the number one album on the iTunes Album Chart in ten countries and the highest charting K-Pop album by a solo artist

G-Dragon Talks About Marriage, Tablo’s Daughter Haru, and BIGBANG’s Comeback

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On the July 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to the set of an advertisement photo shoot, where he took part in an interview for the entertainment news program.

During this specific interview, G-Dragon talked about various different topics, including his thoughts on getting married, as well as Epik High Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru.

When the interviewer asked the BIGBANG member about Haru—who has previously proven herself to be a huge fan of G-Dragon—he expressed, “Haru is so pretty. I really like that she calls the BIGBANG members ‘uncle,’ but she only calls me ‘oppa.’”

Previously, on “Superman Returns,” Haru asked Tablo if she could buy G-Dragon with his credit card, and in this interview, he shyly responded, “You can’t buy me, but I’ll buy you delicious food instead

G-Dragon reveals he wants to have a kiss scene, shows his love for Haru, and more on 'Entertainment Relay'

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G-Dragon talked about fashion, Big Bang, and Haru on the July 19 edition of "Entertainment Relay"!

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G-Dragon sat down for an interview with "Entertainment Relay" on the set of his photo shoot and talked about his love for fashion, "Rather than being [especially] concerned with airport fashion, I"m the type to put effort into whatever I wear whenever I go out." When asked for summer fashion tips, G-Dragon advised, "Since it"s summer, it"s appropriate to simply wear a white t-shirt and jeans."

The reported pointed out Lee Joon, Kim Woo Bin, and Yeo Jin Goo as the male stars who have fallen for G-Dragon"s charms as fans and asked, "What is the secret to how other men fall for your charms?" G-Dragon guessed, "Since they"re younger than me, they might think that if they hang out with me, it would be fun

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Shows Support for Daesung’s First Solo Concert in Japan

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon attended fellow group member Daesung’s very first solo concert in Japan, in order to show his support.

On July 18, G-Dragon posted a picture taken together with Daesung on his personal Instagram account.

In the uploaded photo, you can see the BIGBANG members showing their bright smiles for the camera. The two of them can also be seen posing happily with support goods that are covered with a character that resembles Daesung’s smiling face. The picture is especially heartwarming due to G-Dragon personally showing up at Daesung’s solo concert in Japan, as a way of showing support.

Meanwhile, Daesung successfully wrapped up his very first solo concert on July 17 for a total of 13,000 fans who filled up all the seats at Nippon Budokan arena in Tokyo, Japan

G-Dragon Sends Wreath for 3rd Anniversary of “Weekly Idol,” Leaves Out Jung Hyung Don’s Name

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The MBC show, “Weekly Idol,” is celebrating its third year anniversary and various idols who have appeared in the show have come again to send their congratulations.

A total of 100 artists including G-Dragon, IU, BEAST, INFINITE, and EXO were invited to “Weekly Idol” for the special project in celebration of its third anniversary.

G-Dragon even sent a congratulatory wreath to the show which was posted on the official Twitter account of “Weekly Idol.” The show sent its gratitude to the singer and said, “TO. G-Dragon. We received the wreath you have sent to congratulate the third anniversary of ‘Weekly Idol.’ We would like to convey Cony’s sincerest gratitude and Dony’s sincerest jealousy. Thank you, loyal G-Dragon! May you be blessed

Big Bang G-Dragon Gifts ‘Weekly Idol’ with Flower Wreath with Only Defconn’s Name On It

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Big Bang G-Dragon gifted Weekly Idol with a flower wreath.

On July 15, MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol revealed the flower wreath that G-Dragon sent over through its official Twitter.

Weekly Idol tweeted, “To. Honorable G-Dragon. We’ve received the Weekly Idol third year anniversary flower wreath that you sent over. We send over Conny (Defconn)’s sincere thanks and Doni (Jung Hyung Don)’s sincere jealousy to you. Loyal G-Dragon! Thank you! May God bless you.”

The picture shows G-Dragon’s flower wreath, which only shows ‘I love you Defconn, G-Dragon.’

It brings out laughter as it seems like G-Dragon left Jung Hyung Don’s name out on purpose, after G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don ′broke up′ after they worked together on Infinity Challenge

'JE PARFUMES' to include a special G-Dragon photoshoot for perfume consumers

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J.Estina"s perfume line "JE PARFUMES" will be gifting a special 20-page G-Dragon photobook to perfume buyers!

G-Dragon is the muse for the perfume line, and he expressed JE PARFUMES" 8 different scents in his own way. G-Dragon smelled the scents himself to be able to express it through photos, and he was able to make one perfect cut after another.

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JE PARFUMES said, "We planned this photoshoot to give back to the customers who have been supporting us after the launch of JE PARFUMES. G-Dragon"s detailed styling matched with the world"s best perfumiers and the best ingredients and created a meaningful photobook

G-Dragon and Female Model Pose Topless for Vogue Magazine’s 17th Anniversary Cover

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On July 16, Vogue magazine tweeted three different cover photos that feature G-Dragon for their 17 year anniversary.

The first cover photo features G-Dragon with top model Soo Joo, who are both topless and blonde. Soo Joo hugs G-Dragon from behind as both display their lean bodies and chic expressions. With the same blonde hair and smokey makeup, the two almost look like twins.

The second cover photo contains G-Dragon with model Kim Sung Hee. G-Dragon sports a unique hippy look, giving him an edgy and free-spirited atmosphere. G-Dragon also didn’t fail to deliver his charismatic eyes.

The last cover photo expressed a more modern feel. G-Dragon poses with model Park Ji Hye for a black and red concept

G-Dragon, CN Blue, Teen Top, B1A4 and More Confirmed in Full Lineup with Featured Guest Lee Seung Gi for KCON 2014

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KCON 2014 has proved it’s going even bigger this year, revealing the full lineup of artists set to perform at this year’s two-day concert M COUNTDOWN: 2NIGHTS in LA.

The complete powerhouse lineup was released on July 3, confirming B1A4, G-Dragon, IU, Teen Top and VIXX will be performing on the first night, August, 9, while BTS, CN Blue, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Jung Joon Young and Spica will color the stage on August 10.

This year, Lee Seung Gi will also be making a special appearance as a featured guest.

KCON 2014, the largest K-Pop fan convention in North America, will be returning to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on August 9-10, where attendees can participate in panels, workshops, eat and engage with other K-Pop fans at booths set up during the day and watch their favorite K-Pop stars perform live in the evening

IU, G-Dragon, K.Will, Fly to the Sky, and more congratulate Yoo Hee Yeol on 'Sketchbook's 5th anniversary

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IU, 10cm, G-Dragon, Dynamic Duo, Fly to the Sky, ALi, K.Will, John Park, Lee Seung Hwan, Yoon Do Hyun, Lucid Fall, Jun In Kwon, and more congratulated Yoo Hee Yeol on the 5th anniversary of KBS 2TV"s "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook"!

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On the June 27th anniversary special, Yoo Hee Yeol was surprised by video messages from his previous guests on the show who shared their wish for "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" to go on for a long time. Yoon Do Hyun also shared his hope that it lasts longer than "Yoon Do Hyun"s Love Letter".

IU said, "Hello, it"s IU. It"s already "Sketchbook"s 5th anniversary. Congratulations. Thank you, uncle Hee Yeol. Uncle Hee Yeol"s hawk eyes made who I am today

Big Bang's G-Dragon sends out thank yous to his 3 million followers on both Instagram & Twitter

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Big Bang"s G-Dragon reached 3 million followers on both his Instagram and Twitter within days of each other!

Ever the conscientious idol, he took to his SNS and thanked his followers for their never-ending support. The Big Bang leader utilizes his Twitter & Instagram often, updating fans on his whereabouts and gifting his followers with selcas.

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Congratulations to G-Dragon! Do you follow him?

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Super Junior's Siwon to join Jackie Chan and John Cusack in upcoming action movie 'Dragon Blade'

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Super Junior"s Siwon is truly advancing in his acting career as he will be working alongside worldwide star Jackie Chan and well-respected actor John Cusack in a new action/historical movie, "Dragon Blade."

The movie, directed by Daniel Lee, depicts the story of a general (Jackie Chan) who becomes a slave during turbulent times and a Roman prince (John Cusack) who ran away to the east.

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It is yet unknown what specific role Siwon will be playing in the film, but SM Entertainment said on June 10, "Siwon has decided to appear in the new work, "Dragon Blade." He was given a major role alongside Jackie Chan and John Cusack