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Movie Attendance Drops Due to Sewol Ferry Tragedy

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The number of moviegoers has dropped drastically due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that has cause the nation to fall into grief and anger.

Comparison of last week Saturday’s top five box office sales with this Saturday’s top five shows just how deep in sorrow the whole nation is under.

Last Saturday on April 12, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” ranked No.1 in the box office attracting as many as 201,313 people in one day. In No. 2 was the Korean action thriller, “Broken” with 157,412 people. No. 3 was the Hollywood blockbuster, “Hercules: The Legend Begins,” which attracted 52,324 people. In No. 4 was “Son of God” with 44,742, and in No. 5 was “Grand Budapest Hotel” recording 28,000 people.

The box office sales took a dip compared to previous months due to the fact that it is off-season and since the top seller, “Captain America,” has already has been holding a prolonged influence in the box office

Seungri garners up a storm of 1 million followers on Instagram

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Seungri is the next YG artist to surpass the 1 million follower milestone on Instagram, proving himself to be an SNS star, as well!

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Congratulations to the Big Bang maknae. If you want daily updates on his life through handsome pictures and fun videos, make sure you follow him @seungriseyo to help him reach the next million. Are you following Seungri yet?

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RELIVE IT: B.A.P Live on Earth 2014: New York

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On April 13th, the B.A.P boys touched down in New York for their 2nd ever concert in the Big Apple!

One of the staff members told me that there were girls waiting overnight, and I know some people who were there from the crack of dawn to see their boys up close. The doors opened at 6:30, and fans poured into the Best Buy Theater to get as close as they could.

Sadly enough, with so little space to breathe and move comfortably, I saw one girl getting carried out even before the concert started. Throughout the concert, the crowd had to part here and there to allow room for various girls to get carried out. All this even though the staff did their best to cool the audience down by fanning them, cranking up the AC, spraying them with cool water, and handing out water bottles continuously

Big Bang’s Daesung to Extend His Japanese Arena Tour

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Big Bang’s Daesung will be extending his Japanese arena tour D-Lite Tour 2014 in Japan.

Launching the arena tour in Yokohama Area on June 11, Daesung was scheduled to perform in Kobe World Memorial Hall, Marine Messe in Fukuoka and Budokan. He will now be adding two more concerts on July 26 and 27 in Oaska-Jo hall, meeting with more fans in Japan.

Daesung’s upcoming arena tour already received over 200,000 ticket requests and due to the fans’ heated response, the tour has been confirmed to take place in eight cities for a total of 15 concerts.

After releasing his solo album D’scover in Japan last February, Daesung recorded second on Oricon’s weekly album chart, ranking the highest for any solo Korean artist. He then launched his first solo tour D-Lite D’scover Tour 2013 in Japan, which gathered over 100,000 fans in 20 cities for a total of 26 concerts

Who is the Winner of “K-Pop Star 3” and Which Agency Did He Choose?

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The final competition of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 3,” which aired on April 13 consisted of two rounds: the first round was a mission round assigned by the judges and the second mission was a free selection round. 60% of the judges’ scores and 40% of the viewers’ votes were compiled in order to determine the final score.

The first contestant to take the stage was Sam Kim. He reinterpreted BIGBANG’s “Lies.” His mission was to “perform a song that would allow the audience to focus on your voice.”

After his performance Park Jin Young commented, “Sam Kim proved his performance abilities during the live shows. I wanted to know, as a composer and a producer, what his recorded voice would sound like, but I wasn’t able to hear his voice as much as I wanted to. However, the arrangement was amazing

‘Three Days’ Rakes in Over 200 Million Views in China

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Three Days has not only ranked number one out of dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays but it has also become a big hit in China.

According to China’s Youku, which has purchased the copyrights to the drama,Three Days has already reached 180 million views as of April 9, before the drama even reached the halfway point.

Three Dayshas also raked in 68 million views on another Chinese streaming site Tudouas of April 9, with the drama earning a total of around 240 million views in the country.

Three Days has also been receiving high ratings. Starting with 9.3 rating, the drama hit a 9.5 rating last week, the highest score for any Korean drama so far.

With the increasing popularity of Three Days, lead actor Park Yoo Chun’s other drama Rooftop Prince has resurfaced on the drama chart again after two years, ranking number 7

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Featured in Interview for Dazed & Confused

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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany was recently featured in a special interview for Dazed & Confused Magazine.

Titled “Girls’ Generation’s K-Pop Reign,”she was asked about the group’s recent comeback, the special bond between the members, her personal life, hopes to enter the American music industry and more.

Below are some excerpts from the interview.

DD: You know what they say about family – they love hard and fight hard.

Tiffany: Oh yeah, definitely. We fight hard and that’s the definition of loving hard as well. You know you won’t say anything unless you mean it or care for these people. We may be really tight but we still get our ground rules down and still keep boundaries and respect each other, and that’s the reason we can keep going

Big Bang’s G-Dragon Wins ‘Most Popular Artist Award’ in China

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon received the ‘Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist Award’ from one of China’s biggest music sites, QQ Music.

QQ Music launched QQ Music Awards on March 27 and announced G-Dragon as the winner of ‘Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist Award.’ G-Dragon was unable to attend the event due to conflicts in schedule but sent a video message thanking the fans for the award.

The winner was selected based on online voting, which took place between February 28 through March 26, and G-Dragon earned 2,205,786 votes, beating out Jang Keun Suk, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), EXO, Japanese girl group AKB48 and more.

G-Dragon performed actively in and out of Korea last year with his second full length album Coup D’état and received much love from greater China

Super Junior-M’s Henry Says He Has Fake Phone Calls in English to Attract Women

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Spilling his dating secrets one by one on television, Super Junior-M’s Henry shared another method to get girls on KBS’ Happy Together.

Henry appeared as a guest on March 27’s broadcast of Happy Together, where he said that based on his experience, Korean women tend to like men who speak English.

“It comes off a lot more polite,” said Henry. “I would go next to the woman I like and have a fake phone call. I use a lot of big English words on purpose and speak louder than usual.”

He then reenacted the fake phone call in English before wooing the woman by switching back to Korean and asking to get some coffee.

“If I play an instrument at this point, it’s game over,” said Henry.

He also talked about how he had the fake name ‘Yoo Hyun Sung,’ which he used to use to hide his celebrity status

Tickets for the Free LA K-Pop Festival will be Available Online this Saturday

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With the LA K-Pop Festival a little more than two weeks away, it has been revealed that tickets will be distributed through Ticketmaster this Saturday at 10am PST. While the concert is free, a small service fee for Ticketmaster is added.

Hosted by KBS America and the Los Angeles Korean Association, the event is set for April 12 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The event will start with a day long festival at 10am, followed by a concert at 5:30pm.

The revealed performers are 2PM, SHINee, SISTAR, CNBlue, Infinite, Dynamic Duo, Girl’s Day, Kim Taewoo, Lena Park, Sul Woondo and Song Sohee. More artists may be announced soon to this already amazing lineup.


LA Korea Festival Official site



Are you planning on attending this concert? With such big names performing along with free attendance, this is sure to become a very memorable K-Pop concert in the US

Big Bang’s T.O.P grabs the spotlight at a school gathering

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Dankook University recently updated its blog with pictures of T.O.P attending a school gathering, making fans completely envious that the students got a chance to hang out casually with this Big Bang star!

On March 25, T.O.P quietly visited the school to take a graduation exam and also took part in the gathering in order to encourage the students who were the honorary ambassadors for all enrolled students. The students prepared school souvenirs and even a teddy bear as presents for T.O.P who was visiting the school for the first time in a long while.

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Although T.O.P is casually dressed in a cap and jacket, he still looks as handsome and charismatic as ever

BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” MV Hits 100 Million Views

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BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” MV hit 100 million views on YouTube today, two years after its release in 2012.

This means that BIGBANG becomes the first male Korean group to break the 100 million barrier, following in the footsteps of PSY (“Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style”) and Girls’ Generation (“Gee”).

“Fantastic Baby” is an up-tempo track off BIGBANG’s fifth mini-album, “Alive,” with a strong beat, catchy tune and dynamic choreography. It is no wonder that the song still enjoys much popularity today.

Aside from “Fantastic Baby,” music videos of 16 songs have exceeded 10 million views, with three of the 16 crossing 30 million views (“Blue,” “Tonight,” and “Haru Haru”)

Three Days: Episode 6 Recap

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Three Days: Episode 6 Recap by Dramabeans

March 7, 5:30 AM. 33 hours, 30 minutes after the sniping.

Cha-young is investigating the tennis court gates at the presidential villa. If the sniper was stationed inside the villa, the gate had to be open to allow a clear shot. But in her interrogation at the end of Episode 5, Cha-young was told that the gates were closed at the time of the shooting.

She times herself running from the gate to the office. Seven minutes. Even if Ham could have made it in 5 minutes, it still wouldn’t be fast enough. The blackout and the shooting were almost simultaneous. There’s only one possible answer: Ham had an accomplice at the tennis court gate — someone else from inside the Secret Service

10 Korean Celebrities with Very Small Faces

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A couple days ago, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” aired a segment where a reporter told actress Yoon Seung Ah that she has a very small face- one that’s even smaller than actor Kang Dong Won. It is one of many features Koreans use to judge a person’s beauty and fans can easily hear reporters, the public, and even celebrities mention or gasp in awe complimenting how small one celebrity’s face can be.

I decided to compile a list of some of the smallest faces in Korean entertainment. There might be some celebrities you already know to have small faces, while there are some you probably never realized were small. I’m sure there are some more out there so please feel free to leave a comment below with additional small faces!


BoA vs. Scarlett Johansson vs. Emma Stone in April Box Office

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The April Korean box office is going to be a battle between three female powerhouses: BoA, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Stone.

In Korea this coming March 26, Scarlett Johansson will hit the big screen as Black Widow in “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” in some tight and sleek black suits, showing off an impressive physique and pulling off some impressive action. Next will be BoA as the dancer Aya in “Make Your Move,” premiering on April 17 in Korea, playing to her strengths as a skilled, charismatic dancer, and experienced live performer. The last to hit theaters will be Emma Stone as Mary Jane Watson in “Amazing Spiderman 2” on April 24 in Korea, the classic damsel in distress, caught between the man she loves and her father’s will

Celebrity Chatter of the Week

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There’s a lot of chatter in the Korean entertainment industry every single day, and we’re not just talking about the SNS World. We’re talking about the whole burrito with all of its delicious ingredients inside.

From variety shows to dramas, from Twitter to press conferences, we’ll be snooping around (almost) every corner and digging at (almost) every pothole to see who said what that was meaningful, controversial, or just something to chuckle at during our downtime.

Of course, we can’t cover everything, since that would mean this article would be endless.

So instead, we’ll be posting some of our favorites celebrity quotes from the week.

“Either way, Hyung already smoked, so I say we all just smoke together and call it even.”

Of course, Jung Joon Young would say something like this on March 16′s broadcast of KBS′ 1 Night, 2 Days as the members tried to think of a punishment to give to Kim Joo Hyuk, who was caught smoking during the program′s ′No Smoking Special

Crayon Pop to Open for Lady Gaga’s US Tour This Summer

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After having a breakout hit last year with “Bar Bar Bar,Crayon Pop has now been announced to be an opening act for one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Lady Gaga.

Announced today on Lady Gaga’s official Twitter, Crayon Pop will join her tour for about a month this summer.

I’m excited to announce June 26 through July 22 of Lady Gaga’s artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball will be opened by CRAYON POP!

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) March 20, 2014

Right now, there are 13 concerts scheduled between June 26 and July 22, giving Crayon Pop the chance to tour through a lot of the US.

June 26: Milwaukee, WI (Summerfest at Marcus Amphitheater)
June 28: Atlantic City, NJ (Boardwalk Hall)
June 30: Boston, MA (TD Garden)
July 2: Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
July 7: Buffalo, NY (First Niagara Center)
July 9: Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
July 11: Chicago, IL (United Center)
July 14: San Antonio, TX (AT&T Center)
July 16: Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
July 17: Dallas, TX (American Airlines)
July 19: Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Garden)
July 21: Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
July 22: Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)

This is definitely a big opportunity for the girls to be recognized internationally

Crayon Pop Shows Off Traditional Korean Clothes for Comeback Teasers

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Girl group Crayon Pop has released teasers for their comeback single on March 17 on their SNS sites. In the teaser pictures, we see the members wearing traditional Korean clothes made from ramie and rubber shoes for their airport fashion. The girls also wear scarves and sunglasses for a vintage style. Crayon Pop’s fifth single album will be released on March 31.

Crayon Pop’s management has released a statement on the group’s clothing concept saying, “The practicality and comfortably of Korea’s traditional clothes is a big reason why we chose it as our style concept.” The group is hoping international fans will get to know the unfamiliar ramie clothes.

The photos were taken in Songdo International Business District in Incheon and shows off the modern styled architecture of the new district.

Here is member Soyul looking cute with the blue scarf around her head

Lee Min Ho – From Nameless Actor to the “$9 Million Man”

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Recently, actor Lee Min Ho has risen to Hallyu star status, with explosive popularity not only in Korea and China, but all over Asia. However, Lee Min Ho’s success was not a straight candle-lit path to the top, but the result of years and years of hard work.

The actor debuted in 2006 in the EBS drama “Schoolyard Secrets,” with which he was slowly making himself known to the masses. However, after a serious car accident, Lee Min Ho had to suspend his activities for about a year, giving up following roles in “High Kick” and “9 End 2 Outs.”

When Lee Min Ho returned, he starred in “Mackerel Run,” which yielded poor results, ending early, as a result of problems with the production company and low viewer ratings

YG Confirms G-Dragon, CL, and Snoop Dogg in Psy’s New MV

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After not saying anything for a while, YG Entertainment finally confirmed that 2NE1’s CL, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) will be appearing in Psy’s new music video.

On March 13, Newsen spoke with a YG Entertainment rep, who said, “CL, G-Dragon, and Snoop Dogg did participate in the music video recording of Psy’s new song.”

“The song production and the music video filming began last year and is currently completely. We’re not confirmed on the time when Psy will make a comeback. Everything related to the comeback are still under discussion.”

Psy previously posted up pictures of G-Dragon and Snoop Dogg in a billiards club and a karaoke room, leaving proof shots of the music video filming. With the news that CL will also be participating in Psy’s music video, fans are already getting more anticipated