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Song Jieun is beautiful, young and free in “Beautiful 25” MV

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After a long anticipation, Secret’s Song Jieun has finally released the title track music video to “Beautiful 25” off her 1st solo mini-album, “25.”

Showcasing a bright and refreshing feel, Song Jieun reveals a complete 180 transformation compared to her last single, "Don’t Look At Me Like That."

Song Jieun celebrates the beautiful age of 25, singing “beautiful, young and free.” The music video also reveals the energetic choreography, matching the light mood track.

Check it out below!

Source: TSENT2008

Actress Min Hyorin stuns with her beautiful shots through Instagram

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Min Hyorin’s Autumn life has been revealed.

On October 8th, actress Min Hyorin uploaded a gorgeous photo of herself on Instagram, flattering the fans. In the photo, Min Hyorin is seen with a black cardigan, white skirts, black socks and white shoes, showing a matched-look of black and white.

Meanwhile, Min Hyorin is set to appear on the upcoming film “Twenty,” which will be released early 2015. While we have not seen very much of Min Hyorin acting wise this year, she was seen as the main actress in Taeyang’s hit music video tracks “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and “1AM” earlier this year, as well as in 2PM Junho’s “Feel.”

What do you think of Min Hyorin’s photo? She sure is a gorgeous girl.


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Source: TV Report via Nate

Son Dam Bi is beautiful in a wedding dress for "What"s With This Family"

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Son Dam Bi became an October bride for KBS 2TV weekend drama "What"s With This Family" in an elegant wedding dress.

The singer-turned-actress opted for a simple and conservative dress with a white bouquet to match. Fans would agree that she doesn"t need all the bells and whistles of other wedding dresses anyway because she already has a flawless figure and a sunny smile.

Stay tuned to find out if Hyo Jin (Son Dam Bi) and Kang Jae (Yoon Park) will walk down the aisle this weekend!

SECRET’s Jieun shines in her video teaser for “Beautiful 25”

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After revealing a series of photo teasers for her upcoming mini album, Song Jieun finally releases her video teaser for her title track “Beautiful 25”

TS Entertainment revealed Song Jieun’s teaser for her upcoming track “Beautiful 25”. Dressed in fun, bright outfits, Jieun charmingly shows off both her fresh flowery looks and fabulous dance moves for her lighthearted song.

As Jieun is currently 25 years old, this is the perfect song title for her! Her album ‘25’ will be released on Oct. 14th!

Source: TS Entertainment

Ga In lends her beautiful voice for OST song "I Believe" for "My Spring Day"

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Sentimental vocalist Ga In released an OST track for MBC "My Spring Day," "I believe."

This was the first time that Ga In took part in a drama OST and with this, it was reported that Ga In will be planning on broadening her scope in music.

The song "I believe," expresses the ardent love that Dong Ha has for Bom Yi in the drama with its soft ballad instrumentals complimented with affectionate lyrics.

Check out "I believe," above!

So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin reveal photos from their beautiful wedding

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So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin revealed photos from their beautiful wedding!


The two actors walked down the aisle on October 4 at The Raum in Seoul. Joo Sang Wook presided over the wedding, and musical actor Hong Ji Min sang the congratulatory song. The lovely couple will depart on their honeymoon to Bali, Indonesia on the 5th.

In Kyo Jin stated, "The only words in my head are thank you. I"m really happy today," and So Yi Hyun commented, "Thank you for coming on this good day. We"re live prettily and kindly."

Congratulations to the newly married couple!

A.KOR"s Jiyoung does a beautiful cover of Hyorin"s "You Make Me Go Crazy"

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A.KOR"s talented vocalist Jiyoung may be all charisma on stage, but she softened it up for a recent cover of Hyorin"s "You Make Me Go Crazy," which was part of the OST for drama "The Sun of My Master."

She captures the sad emotions of this love song as she wanders the nighttime or stops for a cup of coffee, all the while looking appropriately forlorn and deep in thought.

Check out her skillful rendition above! Looks like she"ll be getting OST requests soon.

g.o.d"s Kim Tae Woo shows off his beautiful family ahead of their appearance on "Oh! My Baby"

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g.o.d"s Kim Tae Woo unveiled a beautiful family portrait showing off his lovely wife and daughters!

His agency Soulshop Entertainment shared the family portrait to thank fans for their interest in the news of Kim Tae Woo"s family joining "Oh! My Baby". An agency rep stated, "The family portrait was taken for their second daughter Ji Yool"s 1st birthday."

Kim Tae Woo, his wife Kim Ae Ri, and two daughters So Yool and Ji Yool look like the perfect family as they look happily into their reflection in the mirror. Fans especially noticed how much the singer"s children have grown, raising anticipation for the family"s appearance on "Oh! My Baby"

B2ST announce Japan tour "2014 Beautiful Show in Japan – How About You?"

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B2ST have announced their upcoming Japan tour "2014 Beautiful Show in Japan - How About You?"!

The Cube Entertainment group will be starting in Aichi prefecture on November 20 for a total of 5 concerts in Kobe, Yokohama, and Fukuoka with over 50,000 fans. The tour is starting about a week after B2ST"s third Japanese single "How About You", which was produced by Junhyung, releases on November 14.

If their last two tours are any indication, B2ST will be selling out all 50,000 seats for this upcoming tour as well. 

Mnet Airs Beautiful Tribute in Honor of Ladies’ Code Member EunB

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On the September 4 broadcast of Mnet’s “M!Countdown” and “M!Countdown Begins,” the broadcast station prepared a special memorial tribute in honor of Ladies’ Code member EunB, who unfortunately lost her life in a car accident on September 3.

During these two shows, Mnet aired two very heartfelt compilation messages to share in the grieving of the loss, as well as the celebration of the life of a beautiful young woman.

The message in one of the videos read: “A young lady who appeared as a present to us one year ago…To the always-bright girl given the nickname ‘Eun-vitamin’ from fans…the beautiful smile that lit up the stage, we will continue to remember you in the future…Go Eun Bi, we offer our sincerest condolences

A.KOR’s Daya and Taehee release cover video for Park Boram’s “Beautiful”

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The two beautiful ladies of A.KOR, Daya and Taehee, have released their own rendition of Park Boram’s “Beautiful,” sharing their cover video via SNS on September 1.

To help introduce the new members, Doo Republic released the cover on A.KOR’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Both girls, seated at a table laden with food, charmingly sing towards the camera as they show off their aegyo. With a fun twist, Daya and Taehee reinterpret the lyrics “I Want To Eat,” arousing the sympathy of women on a diet. Near the end of the video, Daya (left) and Taehee (right) engorge themselves with the food that had been teasing them this whole time.

Meanwhile, A.KOR is preparing for a comeback as a 5-member group on September 5 with the single “But Go,” to which the first teaser and album cover has recently been released

BEAST back at studio to record new Korean album; will honor words at “Beautiful Show 2014”

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It seems that BEAST is back in the studio recording for a new Korean album!

Earlier this month, BEAST had requested that their company, Cube Entertainment, let them release a Korean album in fall. It seems that their request is coming true, as BEAST’s Yoseob yesterday tweeted the above picture of a recording studio, with the caption “Recording”.

Shortly after, he had also tweeted, “What recording can this be. It is now the struggle between BEAST and Cube (Entertainment) for us to honour the words we said at Beautiful Show 2014. We will try our best and try to honour those words.. kk Goodnight kk

무슨 녹음이겠어요. 뷰쇼에서 뱉은 말 지키려고 비스트와 큐브가 고군분투하는 중 입니다

BoA Snaps a Photo with the Beautiful TVXQ/Boy’s Day Member Changmin

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Singer BoA recently revealed a photo taken with TVXQ’s Changmin, who was dressed up as a Boy’s Day (male version of Girl’s Day) member for a special stage performance of “Something,” together alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, and EXO’s Suho.

On August 15, BoA posted on her own personal Instagram account, “Oh my, oh my, is this Changmin~~~~?!?! So beautiful~~~~” along with a picture of herself with her fellow SM Entertainment labelmate.

In the uploaded photo, BoA and Changmin can be seen standing next to one another, as BoA crosses her arms while Changmin displays a coy expression on his face with his arm around BoA’s shoulder

BEAST Gets Excited for “Beautiful Show” Concert

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On August 15-16, BEAST will be performing in Ilsan for their “Beautiful Show” concert. This will be their first concert since last year. With the upcoming performances, the members of BEAST couldn’t hide their anticipation. After their rehearsal August 14, they each left a message on their personal SNS accounts expressing their anxious determination as well as their excitement.

Here are some of their comments:

Yoon Doo Joon (leader): “Hoping that today’s anxiety and nervousness turns into thrill and excitement tomorrow. It’s been a while since we’ve been together. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to perform on such a huge stage. Thank you.”

Son Dong Woon: “My biggest happiness in this moment is this opportunity to perform at our concert

KARA’s Seungyeon is as Beautiful as a Flower for “Mamma Mia” Teaser

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Following members Gyuri and Youngji‘s individual teasers, KARA has just released the “Mamma Mia” comeback preview for member Seungyeon!

In the teaser, Seungyeon poses lovingly with a beautiful flower, as the catchy refrain for “Mamma Mia” closes out the video. “Mamma Mia” is the title track of KARA’s upcoming sixth mini-album, “Day & Night.”

“Day & Night” will be revealed on August 18.