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More details revealed regarding Ladies" Code"s car accident + Sojung"s current condition

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Recently, the police investigating the car accident that led to the deaths of two Ladies" Code members did a reenactment to test whether the car was speeding at the time. This experiment enabled them to confirm that the vehicle was indeed speeding at the time of the accident.

The police, highway patrol, and Road Traffic Authority did a joint experiment recently. The result showed that at the time of the incident, the vehicle was going 137 km/h (~ 85 mph). The speed limit at the Yeongdong Expressway, the site of the accident, was only 100 km/h (~ 62 mph). However, the vehicle carrying the girls sped for over 30 km (~ 19 miles).

The police were able to acquire a CCTV in the section of the expressway right before the site of the accident to measure the speed

Polaris Entertainment gives updates on Ladies" Code"s Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung

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Polaris Entertainment has released updates on the condition of Ladies" Code"s surviving members Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung.

On September 23, Polaris told TV Daily, "All three are still receiving treatment at the hospital." As for Sojung, who received the heaviest injuries of the three, the agency revealed, "In Sojung"s case, she"s hurt a bone in her face, so it looks like it will take a long time for the bone to heal. That"s why we don"t know when she"ll be discharged from the hospital, and she"ll be resting at the hospital for now."

It was previously reported that Sojung underwent surgery for her jawbone, and she"s now in the midst of recovery. Zuny and Ashley were also reported to be resting and continuously receiving treatment. 

Let"s hope for the quick recovery of all three ladies

2NE1 share photos from the Guangzhou stop of their "All or Nothing" tour!

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2NE1 have shared photos from the Guangzhou, China stop of their "All or Nothing" world tour!


The girls rocked Guangzhou International Sports Area on September 20, officially marking the 15th stop of their 16-city "AON" world tour. As you can see from the photos, 2NE1"s stages were no joke with the girls even getting on motorcycles at one point. Chinese fans definitely appreciated the fearsome four.

Check out the photos below!

2NE1"s CL draws eyes with "HAZZYS ACCESSORIES" for "Harper"s Bazaar"

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2NE1"s CL drew all eyes to her with the help of "HAZZYS ACCESSORIES" in her edgy photoshoot with "Harper"s Bazaar"!

As the muse for "HAZZYS ACCESSORIES", CL rocked the brand"s gold bling and a trendy plaid pouch as well as other edgy bags with gold embellishment to top off her fierce look. Her long, blonde hair also made her look glamorous as always.

Check out the full pictorial in "Harper"s Bazaar"s October issue, but in the meantime, look at the preview cuts above and below!

WINNER"s own version of 2NE1"s "Missing You"

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On the September 19th episode of KBS "Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook," WINNER made an appearance and performed live in front of the show"s audience.

WINNER dropped their own rendition of acoustic version of 2NE1"s song "Missing You."

WINNER is a five-member group from YG Entertainment consisting of Kang Seung-yoon, Song Min-ho, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo, and Lee Seunghoon. They were first introduced in "Who is Next: WIN" as "Team A."

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Witnesses and experts give their account and statements regarding Ladies" Code"s car accident

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On September 17, SBS"s "One Night of TV Entertainment" covered Ladies" Code"s car accident, receiving witness accounts from people who were present at the scene of the accident as well as statements from experts.

An acquaintance of one witness disclosed on the program, "He says he saw the vehicle shaking. To avoid [an accident], they must have veered. He says while [the car] was [veering], it hit the protective wall and rolled over three times."

An ambulance worker who had gone to the site stated, "[At the site], about two or three men were signaling with their hands. Overall, the vehicle of the accident was crushed and one of the rear wheels was out."

The experts deemed that the rear wheel must have fallen out because there had been a problem with maintenance or it had gotten damaged through excessive use of the car

Comedienne Lee Gook Joo Considered Dieting for the First Time in Her Life Because of 2NE1′s Minzy

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On the September 17 radio broadcast of SBS’ “Horan’s Power FM,” comedienne Lee Gook Joo appeared as a guest and shared that 2NE1’s Minzy was the reason that she considered going on a diet for the first time ever.

It is known that Lee Gook Joo has been earning attention with her perfect dance covers for various popular female idols, including SISTAR, A Pink, HyunA, and more. In reference to this, the radio DJ, Horan, asked the comedienne which star she is thinking of taking on next, to which Lee Gook Joo responded that she would like to compete with Minzy.

She further explained, “If I want to be able to dance like Minzy, I had the thought that I have to be a little slimmer

Lee Kuk Ju reveals she once thought about going on a diet because of 2NE1"s Minzy

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Comedian Lee Kuk Ju, who will be one of the new faces on "Roommate" season 2, mentioned that there was a time that she thought about going on a diet, and that it was due to 2NE1"s Minzy!

On the September 17th airing of SBS Power FM"s "Horan"s Power FM", Lee Kuk Ju, who had been in the spotlight for her dance covers of female idols like HyunAA Pink, and more, was asked, "Which star do you want to take on next?" The comedian responded, "I want to compete with [2NE1"s] Minzy", giving a shout out to Minzy for a dance battle.

She then added, "However, I thought that I would need to be leaner in order to dance like Minzy, so I had this sudden urge to go on a diet for the first time in my life

Polaris pays tribute to EunB & RiSe with music video for Ladies" Code"s "I"m Fine Thank You"

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Polaris Entertainment has just uploaded a music video for Ladies" Code"s "I"m Fine Thank You", a song that recently climbed to #1 on music charts as netizens and fans joined efforts to pay tribute to the late EunB and RiSe. The lyrics have especially struck a chord with listeners with lines about saying goodbye and asking to be remembered.

The agency had previous remarked, "We saw the music chart. The workers and everyone saw it and gained strength. We are more grateful because even fans [from other fandoms] are coming forward to show support." So it seems the staff and the members decided to show their gratitude for the support, as well as pay tribute to the members who have passed with this emotional video, which ends with a clip of RiSe saying, "I"m really thankful", and EunB saying, "I love you

KBS airs Ladies" Code"s final performance on "Open Concert"

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KBS aired a touching tribute to Ladies" Code on the latest episode of "Open Concert".

The girls had performed their latest song, "Kiss Kiss", on the show prior to their horrific car accident that took the lives of members EunB and RiSe.

"We will never forget your drive to chase your dream," KBS added.

Watch their final performance below.

KBS Pays Tribute with Broadcast of Ladies’ Code’s RiSe and EunB’s Last Performance

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On September 11 KBS had announced that it would be airing Ladies’ Code member RiSe and EunB’s last performance for its “Open Concert” program. It aired the performance today, September 14.

The production team revealed, “We discussed long and hard about whether to air Ladies’ Code’s last performance, which they had recorded immediately before they had gotten into that accident. We wanted to give respect to the other members who have lost two of their precious colleagues. But we also wanted to respect the requests of family members and their management agency, Polaris Entertainment, who wanted us to air this last performance that showed them doing their best as what they did and looking beautiful. So we decided to air the show as usual without editing their performance out

Epik High, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and WINNER Bring Fun and Laughs to Singapore for YG Family Tour

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YG Family artists Epik High, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and WINNER came together to meet the media on Friday evening for “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore” press conference. This is the first time that a YG Family concert is being held in Singapore and also Epik High’s and WINNER’s first time to visit this sunny island.

Just before the start of the press conference, the emcee announced that BIGBANG’s member Seungri will not be participating in the 2-day concerts due to a car accident in the early hours of September 12. However, she assured the media that Seungri is recovering well in the hospital.

Pre-screened questions from the media were fielded entirely by the emcee

Noona Says: Reflection on the “So Wonderful” Ladies’ Code

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This is a sad week to start my editorial series on K-Pop.

As the resident Soompi Noona, I had planned for months now to start a (hopefully) regular series with lots of Noona thoughts on Korean entertainment. I waited patiently until I felt like the circumstances were ready for me to speak out on what matters to Soompi. Towards the end of August, I thought September 12 would be a good day to make my start.

Then, on September 3 there was a car crash.

What came next was a pattern of sad and dimly hopeful news as we learned of EunB‘s passing, Sojung and RiSe‘s serious injuries, Ashley and Zuny‘s trauma, and then it ended in the worst possible way with RiSe’s death on September 6

Super Junior"s Leeteuk pays respects to Ladies" Code"s RiSe and EunB on "Music Bank"

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Super Junior"s Leeteuk paid respects to Ladies" Code"s RiSe and EunB, who both passed away, on the September 12th episode of "Music Bank".


The group had just won the #1 trophy for their track "MAMACITA" when leader Leeteuk took the microphone to relay their thanks. After thanking everyone, Leeteuk said, "I pray that Ladies" Code"s RiSe and EunB rest in peace. I hope for the other members" complete recovery." 

MCs Park Suh Joon and SISTAR"s Bora addedd, "The MCs are also praying that the other members recover soon." 

Watch Leeteuk"s speech below.

KBS "Open Concert" to air RiSe and EunB"s final Ladies" Code performance

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On September 11, KBS 1TV revealed their decision to broadcast RiSe and EunB"s last performance with Ladies" Code through "Open Concert" with no editing. The girls took part in the recording back on September 2 before the tragic car accident. In the end, KBS decided to keep the performance in "Open Concert" when it airs on September 14.

The production crew stated, "We carefully discussed whether we should broadcast Ladies" Code after their two precious colleagues left the world following a tragic car accident at daybreak on September 3 with this being their last performance. We respected the bereaved family and the agency"s views that they would like the stage in which the deceased did their best to the very end to be prettily broadcasted, so we decided to show it as originally planned