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Fellow idols tear up as Ladies" Code win award at 2014 MMA

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Idol groups, singers, and celebrities gather for this year"s MelOn Music Award. Major and minor awards are given to the deserving entertainers who made this year"s hallyu a colorful one.

In the middle of the festive mood, hosts announce that girl group Ladies" Code win the "MBC Music Star" award and bring silence and tears to fellow artists who are watching a recorded video of the girls where they hope for a year-end award and now finally granted.

The host expressed, "To our two friends who are in heaven EunB and Rise, as well as to the remaining three, we care for you." MC Jeon Hyun Moo added, "To our friends, EunB and RiSe, who hoped to receive a year-end award, left this world earlier before they could even see it. I hope this trophy be delivered well in heaven."

After the announcement, they give a big applause to the lovely and energetic girls, especially to EunB and RiSe, who had once brought smiles to everyone

Ladies' Code Was Tearfully Recognized Through The MBC Music Star Award At The 2014 MelOn Music Awards

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(Photo :Polaris Entertainment)

Ladies’ Code were recognized during a tear filled segment at the 2014 Melon Music Awards.

A video montage of the group’s music and promotions was incorporated into the ceremony. Celebrities in the audience and fans visibly tearful during the segment.

The ceremony then memorialized Ladies’ Code awarding them with the MBC Music Star Award.

During the segment, members of A Pink and other idols present for Top 10 awards were tearful for as they watched scenes featuring deceased Ladies’ Code members EunB and RiSe.

EunB died on the scene of the September 3 motor vehicle accident, while RiSe died on September 7 from injured she had incurred

2NE1′s Sandara Is Steven’s Yeun’s Love Interest in “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”

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Here is a collaboration you didn’t know you wanted to see until now: 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and “The Walking Dead‘s” Steven Yeun. The idol and the actor stars in Be Funny Studio‘s debut mini series, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”

In an alternate universe, Sandara Park is the loyal girlfriend to the ambitious Steven Yeun who wants to break into the Korean industry by becoming a popular Mokbang star. With actor Park Hyuk Kwon as his no-nonsense manager and comedian Park Young Kwang as the clumsy sidekick, Steven Yeun will rise to Mokbang fame, but at what cost? You can watch the trailer here, and all three episodes of Steven and Sandara’s journey can be found on the Be Funny Studios website

2NE1 Member Update: Disbandment Rumors, Alexander Wang Launch Party & A Possible Rift In The Group

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(Photo : Facebook) 2NE1

Rumors Came Up Regarding 2NE1 Possibly Disbanding

Since CL is making her debut in the United States, netizens initiated a rumor regarding 2NE1 possibly disbanding.

However, on October 17th, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk denied the rumors. "2NE1"s disbandment is a ridiculous story," he told media outlet TenAsia.

Nevertheless, fans still seem wary that the group might be on the verge of some major changes, especially with CL"s upcoming US debut, the group"s decision to refrain from appearances at the year-end awards shows, Park Bom"s continued retraction from the public eye, and Minzy"s recent changes to her social media accounts.

2NE1 Were In Shanghai, China For Alexander Wang H&M Launch Party

On November 4th, 2NE1 were the guest performers for American designer Alexander Wang"s party at his H&M event in Shanghai, China

2NE1"s Minzy to feature in Epik High"s "Happy Ending" stage on this week" music shows

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Following Akdong Musician"s Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Hi, 2NE1"s Minzy will be the next one to perform "Happy Ending" with Epik High.

On November 5th, YG Entertainment revealed that Minzy will feature in Epik High"s "Happy Ending" stage on Mnet"s "M! Countdown" on November 6th and SBS"s "Inkigayo" on the 9th.

In addition, Minzy also performed "Happy Ending" with Epik High at Wonder Live showcase and the performance video of Epik High was already released at noon today on November 5th.

Check out the video below

2NE1"s "I Am The Best" tops Billboard world digital chart

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2NE1"s "I Am The Best" tops Billboard"s World Digital Songs chart. (photo courtesy of YG Entertainment)

"2NE1 fans have been ecstatic over the reaction to the K-pop track, originally released in June 2011 on YouTube and radio, too. The song"s official music video broke 100 million views over the weekend", said Billboard in its article published on October 6.

The song was released over three years ago and remained on the chart for around 84 weeks before it hit its top spot.

The song was recently used as background music in an advertisement for one of Microsoft"s new tablets. A representative from YG Entertainment, 2NE1"s agency, said, "Its popularity is partly attributed to the fact that it was used in the advertisement as background music. It took 84 weeks to top the chart, proving itself as a song that has gained popularity quite steadily"

2NE1 Member Update: FKC Ranking Chart, 'I Am The Best' Reaches 100 Million Views & CL Joins Twitter

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(Photo : YG Life)

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2NE1 Wins On The "FKC Ranking Chart"

2NE1 has a lot of supporters and devoted fans around the world and they proves as much when they beat out other top K-Pop girl groups T-ara, Girls" Generation, After School, KARA, SISTAR, miss A, and 4Minute for the "FKC Ranking Chart."

2NE1 received a total of 3,000 votes from their fans to give them the win. The results were posted on M-Wave"s website.

"I Am The Best" Receives A Total Of 100 Million Views

The popularity of 2NE1"s single "I Am The Best" has been on the rise ever since the song was used in a recent Microsoft"s Surface Pro commercial

2NE1 track is No. 1 on Billboard World

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Girl group 2NE1"s upbeat track "I Am the Best" topped the Billboard"s World Digital Songs after selling 6,000 copies last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan.It is the second time K-pop artists have earned the No.1 title on the chart after Psy"s "Gangnam Style" in 2012. Although "I Am the Best" was originally released in June 2011, the track has been used in a Microsoft tablet commercial in the United States since August, which is what made it climb up the chart, according to music industry insiders. The song"s music video also recently achieved 100 million views on YouTube. By Sung So-young

2NE1’s 100 million views causes “I AM THE BEST” to top American Billboard’s “World Digital Songs” chart!

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2NE1 has proven their power as a steady seller even just four years after the release of “I AM THE BEST”!

After their music video for “I AM THE BEST" hit 100 million views, the iconic single became a hit single yet again by taking the number one spot on American Billboard’s “World Digital Songs” chart. The song has topped the chart 84 weeks after entering it, showing its incredible, almost “zombie-like” rise to the top.

On October 6th, Billboard’s online site published a news article titled “2NE1’S ‘I AM THE BEST ’ Tops World Digital Songs Chart After Big Sales Week”. Billboard stated that this is a huge moment for 2NE1. Not only because their music video hit 100 million views, but also because “‘I AM THE BEST’ is the only non-PSY k-pop song to hit No

VIDEO: MBC “Idol School” airs pre-recorded Ladies’ Code segment on latest episode

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MBC “Idol School” has aired Ladies’ Code’s segment on October 7th previously recorded prior to their fatal accident in early September.

Ladies’ Code participated in two recordings for “Idol School” on August 26th and September 2nd, which also marks the same day of Ladies’ Code’s tragic car accident when the girl group returned from the KBS “Open Concert.”

Ladies’ Code perform the choreography to their track “Kiss Kiss,” with particular attention given to the late EunB and RiSe. The decision to air and include the pre-recorded segment for Ladies’ Code rested on the girls’ families and their agency, not the production company of “Idol School,” who after discussion and careful editing, proceeded

"Idol School" airs pre-recorded footage + tribute for late Ladies" Code members EunB and RiSe

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On October 7, MBC Music"s "Idol School" aired the episode featuring Ladies" Code before their tragic car accident so that fans could see the bright and smiling faces of late members EunB and RiSe once more. The other groups on the show were Tahiti and B.I.G, and the three groups performed and engaged in fun activities on the show.

Before the show began, the MCs left a thoughtful message, saying, "Through an unexpected and sudden accident, RiSe and EunB had left our sides. We relay our deep condolences to the bereaved families and fans. "Idol School" will forever remember Ladies" Code. We pray that they rest in peace, hoping they are comfortable and without pain wherever they are."

When introducing themselves on the program, RiSe said, "I"m RiSe, who"s in charge of being the grandmother," while EunB stated, "I"m EunB-tamin, EunB," using a play on words to show she could be like a vitamin to others

Ladies" Code appear on broadcast for "Idol School" episode

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After discussing with Ladies" Code"s families, MBC Music airs the "Idol School" episode of Ladies" Code which was recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

In this episode airs earlier today, we see the five lively girls Ashley, Zuny, Sojung, EunB and RiSe dancing to their single "Kiss Kiss" and actively and cheerfully participated in the challenges.

Without wavering, the girls brought much laughter on the set with their bubbly and witful comments and acts.

It"s bringing back good memories that EunB and RiSe had shown to us so watch the cuts below:

MBC Music to broadcast "Idol School" episode with Ladies" Code

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MBC Music will broadcast the pre-recorded footage of Ladies" Code on "Idol School".

According to the production crew, they will air the episode featuring Ladies" Code on "Idol School" which they previously recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

A rep from MBC Music also said they weren"t sure whether they should broadcast the episode or not, but after dicussing with the families of the Ladies" Code members, we have decided to go with the broadcast as it"s the will from the families to see the girls" beautiful performance on tv for the last time.

This episode will be broadcasted on October 7th at 6pm kst and later will repeat at 11pm kst.

2NE1 "I Am The Best" MV hits over 100M views

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2NE1"s hit song "I Am The Best" music video has reached over 100 million views on Youtube. It is the 7th digital single released by 2NE1 on June 24,2011 with the MV released 3 days later.

It is one of their most successful songs and was even performed on "The Bachelor" aired on January 28 by the girls themselves earning them a 3rd rank on Electronic single chart in America’s iTunes and #1 in Canada’s.

Having to reach over 100 million views on Youtube only proves that 2NE1"s "I Am The Best" is still exciting fans all over the world after more than 3 years since its release.

Watch it again below! Congratulations!

2NE1"s "I Am the Best" reaches 100 million views on YouTube!

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2NE1 has hit another milestone with "I Am the Best"!

The girls had topped Billboard"s World Digital Singles recently, and now this is another milestone under the belts with their song. "I Am the Best" was released in June 2011, so the girls took a little over 3 years to reach the views.

Congratulations to the girls!

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