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HISTORY show off their 'Psycho' dance moves in rehearsal video

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HISTORY released their dance practice video for "Psycho"!

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Perhaps giving a sign that they would be great acting-dols, they boys bring a bit of insanity onto the dance floor with their dance moves as they roll their heads loosely around and even stick their tongues out. They also show off their manliness by flexing their biceps and through charismatic gazes that jump off the screen.

Check it out above!

Debuting girl group A.KOR have fun in 'Payday' teaser video + release jacket photos

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Although debuting girl group A.KOR will be considered a hip hop group, they have shown that they can be sufficiently versatile. Their first video teaser showed the girls doing very sexy dance moves for "Kill Ya," and now they released another one showing them returning to a tough, hip hop style for "Payday"!

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The song is upbeat, perfect for dancing to in the club and will be part of their first digital single for July 25! They also released more teaser images for the talented members, vocalist Ji Young and rappers Kemmy and Min Ju. Their first album will be released on September 10.

Block B Gets Goofy and Playful in Music Video for “H.E.R”

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Idol group Block B released the music video for their latest track “H.E.R” through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

“H.E.R” is once again produced by Block B member Zico. In the tradition of Block B’s flamboyant, loud, comical, and unique style, the teasers for “H.E.R” have drawn laughs from fans. This newly released clip is no exception, showing the members falling over at the sight of a beautiful female.

The music video plays with the saturated colored theme and the members do what they do best: act outrageously silly. The music video also has a short interview in the middle of it where Zico explains that this concept will be much cuter than their previous ones.

Watch the music video and tell us what you think of their new concept in the comments below!

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REX.D Drops Video for “Ordinary Love” Featuring Phantom’s Sanchez

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Hip hop star REX.D has released a music video for his latest track, “Ordinary Love.” The track features the vocals of Sanchez, a member of rap trio Phantom.

The video follows hot on the heels of the catchy and upbeat song “For Violet,” which dropped earlier on this month. The flurry of new releases comes just under two years since the rapper’s explosive mini album project, “Wrong,” a work compiled with vocalist Oh Su Min, first appeared.

Although many might have been somewhat taken aback by the somewhat violent scenes and lyrical themes in “For Violet,” fans of a more squeamish disposition may be cheered to hear that the video for “Ordinary Love” is a little tamer than its predecessor. It, instead, features the star looking pensive, sitting among books and pages of musical compositions

Homme Releases “It Girl” Music Video Featuring Cameo from Nine Muses’ Kyungri

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Duo Homme has released a music video for the group’s comeback track, “It Girl.” The video features Nine Muses star Kyungri, and scenes show the boys wearing camouflage-pattern suits, perhaps a reference to the fact that member Lee Hyun very recently completed his military service.

The track is taken from the new mini album, “Pour Les Femmes,” which means “For the Ladies” in French.

The group was founded in 2010 and comprises of Lee Hyun, one of the three members of 8eight, and 2AM’s Chamgmin. Their debut was “I Was Able to Eat Well,” featuring Lee Chae Young.

The track is a playful, upbeat number with a lively and energetic chorus and a piano accompaniment, and the video shows the boys fawning over Kyungri, interspersed with secenes of them singing and dancing with two non-Korean models

JYJ stir excitement with a 'branding commercial video' to be broadcast on TV

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JYJ will be taking a different approach to promote their name by utilizing "brand commercials" ahead of their awaited return. This means that they"ll be airing commercials on broadcast stations to reach out to a wider audience.

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C-JeS announced, "Starting on the 21st, JYJ"s brand commercial started airing.. The commercials are scheduled to air during the golden time slots on the various broadcast stations." It"s said the cost to produce and air these ads total 1 billion KRW (~1 million USD).

The agency also added, "This ad is not for JYJ"s album nor tour, but rather just to spread the awareness of the JYJ brand (name)."

The commercial has also been revealed through their YouTube channel so check it out above, and try to hold in your excitement for their comeback taking place next week!

C-Clown’s Rome Impresses MTV Taiwan with His Video Editing Skills

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Rome, the leader of male group C-Clown, has been praised for his outstanding video editing abilities.

During a recent interview with MTV Taiwan’s program “Idols of Asia,” the show staff got to watch a clip edited by the talented idol. Impressed by Rome’s professionalism, the MCs asked him to produce a special video for C-Clown’s Taiwanese fans.

C-Clown’s agency commented, “Rome’s video editing skills are known to the point where broadcast companies approve of them. His ability to use 2D and various other sources to edit videos is impressive. He is already a professional.”

In related news, C-Clown is currently promoting “Let’s Love,” the title track of their new mini album.

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Wonder Girls’ Yeeun To Make Solo Debut With Stage Name HA:TFLET, Undresses in Teaser Video

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Teasers were revealed today for the solo debut of Wonder Girls‘ member Yeeun (Yenny). Using the stage name HA:TFELT, the teaser video explains the name as a combination of “hot” plus “heartfelt.”

In the minute long teaser, we see her slowly undress and step out into the rain. She looks back at the camera with a very emotional gaze, as if she is about to start crying. A soft guitar track is heard throughout the teaser.

Yeeun’s debut mini album “Me?” and music video will be released next week on July 31 at midnight.

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Yenny strips down for a shower in her solo teaser video as HA:TFELT

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It looks like Wonder Girls" Yenny is going to debut as a solo artist!

On July 22, JYP Entertainment released a mysterious MV teaser for an artist called HA:TFELT, who was revealed to be none other than talented vocalist, Yenny! She also re-tweeted the post onto her own Twitter so that her fans could hear the great news.

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In the video for her mini-album, "Me?", she strips down naked to take a refreshing shower outside, wearing light make up for a very raw, natural vibe that suits the simple acoustic guitar strumming in the background.

The MV and mini-album will drop on July 31! How excited are you?

PSY to Work with the Director of “Gangnam Style” for New Music Video

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World star PSY has begun gearing up for his comeback by recruiting director Cho Soo Hyun for his new music video.

According to sources in the music industry, the singer is currently working on his new album in Korea, and has requested the help of Cho Soo Hyun for the music video for his new song “Daddy.” The director is the mastermind behind “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman.”

The two are in the midst of discussing ideas for the music video, and after coming up with a concrete vision, they can be expected to start filming.

A source revealed, “The music video for ‘Daddy’ will include PSY’s unique humor and wit. ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ became hot topics thanks to the sexy and comical cameos of HyunA, ‘Infinite Challenge‘ members, and Ga In

SM Rookie Taeyong Raps for New Video

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SM Entertainment′s rookies are slowly moving out from behind the veil, so make sure to keep a look out!

On July 22, SM Entertainment released a rap video of SM rookie Taeyong titled Open the Door.

The rookie is said to have written the rap himself.

Taeyong is 19 years old, and is renowned for his rap, dance skills and looks.

SM Entertainment launched the SM Rookies official website on July 17, aiming to get its rookies some exposure prior to debut.

It will continue to release content under the names SR14G, or SM Rookies 2014 Girls, and SR14B, SM Rookies 2014 Boys.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Ra.D Drops Video Teaser for “As Always” Ahead of Album Release

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Singer and music producer Ra.D has uploaded a teaser video for forthcoming release, “As Always,” another track from the star’s upcoming third studio album, “Soundz.”

The album promises a mainly laid-back R&B feel, although a few ballad tracks will also be included, too. Earlier this month, the pre-release song “Fly Away” was unleashed as a precursor to the full 12-track studio album, Ra.D’s first LP since “RealCollabo,” which was released six years ago.

The teaser features a brief snippet of the song and a glance at a few scenes from the video, which appear to show the singer floating off his chair and into the air at one point.

Earlier this month, Ra.D, uploaded an audio preview of the full “Soundz” album featuring a selection of still photos and a brief description of each song

Jeon Min Ju and Yuna Kim release a performance video of 'Good Bye Rain'

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Jeon Min Ju and Yuna Kim have released a performance video for their duet song "Good Bye Rain"!

The duo from the upcoming girl group The Ark collaborated with Bromance"s Hyunkyu for the song "Good Bye Rain". The girls had already released their MV, and now fans get a bonus "performance video" from the duo! The new MV focuses mostly on the choreography.

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Check out the video above as we wait for The Ark"s debut!

Block B Drools Over “H.E.R” in Brand New Teaser Video

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At 12 PM (KST) on July 20, Block B released a brand new teaser video for their title track “H.E.R” from the group’s upcoming fourth mini album.

Almost a week ago, Block B had unveiled a quirky and comical teaser image that featured all seven members, appearing as cartoonish characters.

With not that many days left until the release of the “H.E.R” music video in full—on this coming July 23—the newly revealed teaser clip drops even more clues for fans as to what the highly anticipated album’s lead single is expected to be like.

In the video, the members can be seen staring in awe at the beautiful main female actress, with their mouths dropped open, as she enjoys eating ice cream. Although they appear silly, you can see Block B’s playful and funny side even through the brief teaser clip

'It's Okay, That's Love' gives a better look at its cast in second teaser and greeting video

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Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" released its second teaser of Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung"s refreshingly hot and steamy romance as well as a video message from the cast!

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Gong Hyo Jin plays psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo, Jo In Sung plays detective novelist and radio DJ Jang Jae Yeol, EXO"s D.O. plays aspiring writer and Jang Jae Yeol"s fan Han Kang Woo, Sung Dong Il plays psychiatry specialist Jo Dong Min, and Lee Kwang Soo plays Park Soo Kwang who is patient with Tourette"s syndrome.

The romantic clinic drama is the work of writer Noh Hee Kyung and director Kim Kyu Tae, the same team that created the masterpiece that was "Wind Blows in Winter"