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A hidden traitor goes for revenge on next week's 'Running Man'

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When a fun and peaceful one-day vacation tour goes horribly awry on next week"s "Running Man", the cast and guests must hurry to solve the mystery - who is the vengeful traitor hiding in their midst?

This week"s guest list will carry over into next week, giving fans one more episode with A Pink"s Bomi and Na-Eun, Joo Ji HoonHeo Kyung HwanJi SungBaek Sung HyunSam Otswiri, Fabien Yoon and Cha Yoo Ram!

Check out the preview below.

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Two Korean Movies Make Time Magazine’s List of Top Female Revenge Flicks

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Time” magazine released a list of 12 top female revenge flicks titled “A Woman Scorned: The Top 12 Female Revenge Movies” on April 29 and two Korean movies made the list: Park Chan Wook‘s “Lady Vengeance” and Im Sang Soo‘s “The Housemaid“. Also on the list were some of Hollywood’s classics such as “Thelma and Louise” and “Kill Bill“.

Part of Park Chan Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy along with “Oldboy” and “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance“, ”Lady Vengeance” was released in 2005 and stars Lee Young Ae as vengeful Lee Geum Ja who plots revenge against Mr. Baek played by Choi Min Sik (“Oldboy”)

Rapper Swings Swears Revenge for Betrayal in Single “Fallin” Featuring Jay Park

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Rappers Swings is drawing attention for his new single “Fallin‘” in which he describes a real-life situation of being betrayed by a friend.

In the lyrics of “Fallin’,” Swings rants against a friend who betrayed him. He tells this once-friend to never mention him and that his name has been written on a list of people he will get revenge against.

The rapper’s agency, Brand New Music, clarified that this song has nothing to do with hip hop artists Simon D and Ugly Duck, about whom Swings released a diss track about last year. The story in “Fallin’” is true, but it is something that happened a long time ago and the track is about Swings looking back into his past and his resolve for the future.”

The track features the vocals of hip hop artist Jay Park

A Pink look like angels for 'Touch in SOL'

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The ladies of A Pink looked like angels for makeup brand "Touch in SOL" and a photo from their upcoming pictorial has been unveiled!

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During the recent photo shoot for their second pictorial for the brand, A Pink modeled the three concepts, "pure romance", "color crush", and "queen of rock". A Pink tested out looks that suit their pure and innocent image as well as explored vivid and smokey makeup.

A rep commented, "The five members all expressed the three concepts well."

Why the B.A.P Members are the Real Angels

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview Although they’ve been titled the ‘Bad Men’ of K-Pop, the B.A.P members should actually be called the 1004 (Angel)s, just like their upcoming new title song.

Behind their fierce concepts and powerful songs, the B.A.P members have actually focused and shown concern about the well-beings of humankind, especially for those less fortunate than they, and even nature.

Check out what makes all six members the kind of angels we need more of.


If you listen closely to the lyrics of B.A.P’s Badman, you’ll find out that the song strongly addresses current social issues.

B.A.P previously said in an interview that the song was created to make listeners be aware of some of the social injustices and crimes that are happening in our world today

Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk get revenge in teasers for 'Emergency Couple'

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"Emergency Couple" previewed Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk"s love-and-hate relationship in several teasers!

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Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk look like they"re the ones having an emergency in their relationship as they dish revenge to each other. Things couldn"t be more opposite behind-the-scenes where Choi Jin Hyuk is spotted holding Song Ji Hyo"s hand, leaving fans wondering how their onscreen marriage landed in divorce.

As mentioned previously, the two characters marry but later divorce, practically as enemies. However, they end up reuniting unexpectedly after six years apart as interns in an emergency room

Lee Jun Ki Calls His Fans His Guardian Angels

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Actor Lee Jun Ki recently updated his fans with a handsome selca and warm message to his fans.

On January 4, Lee Jun Ki uploaded a picture of himself onto his Twitter with a short message, saying “Meeting done. I have to check the script and go to sleep. Good night, my guardian angels.”

In the revealed picture, Lee Jun Ki wears a short-sleeved, casual T-shirt and simply styled hair. Enhanced by the lighting, his flawless skin simply glows in the picture.

Meanwhile, the actor released a mini album “My Dear” last year in December as well as holding a fan meeting. For the early part of this year, the actor plans to travel to Japan, China, and other regions to meet his fans through special fan events.

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Ha Ji Won, Kang Yea Won and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain Transform into ‘Three Joseon Angels’

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A set of still cuts have been released for an upcoming movie Three Joseon Angels starring Ha Ji Won, Kang Yea Won and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain.

The three actresses have transformed into sexy bounty hunters during Joseon dynasty, who would do anything to hunt down wanted criminals in order to earn reward money.

Ha Ji Won, who has previously been praised for her actions scenes in various dramas and movies, will show off her strength once again by acting as the leader of the group, Jin Ok, who is smart, creative, and can easily transform into different appearances to hunt down criminals.

Kang Yea Won, who has also pulled off different characters through a variety of movies, will act as a married woman, Hong Dan, who goes after the money for her economically struggling family

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Recaps His 1st Album Asia Tour Concert in Osaka

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With around 22,000 fans screaming his name in a span of two days, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong rocked out at his concert in Osaka.

The Kim Jae Joong First Album Asia Tour Concert in Osaka took place on December 17 and 18, as the singer went through the songs in his album.

The highlight video showed Kim Jae Joong rocking out to each of his songs as the fans chanted his name.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong will be touring in Korea starting January.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Actress Kim Jung Eun Is a Real Angel for “Letter from Angels” Photo Exhibition

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Actress Kim Jung Eun was the subject of a famous photo exhibition titled “Letters From Angels.” The project is sponsored by the Social Welfare Society and directed by photographer Jo Sae Hyun.

The “Letters From Angels” project began in 2003, when Jo Sae Hyun received a request from a social worker to photograph orphan children for their 100th-day celebrations. The project especially gained recognition and fame with celebrities who gladly posed with children in order to promote adoption. As for Kim Jung Eun, she has been participating in this project for the past thirteen years since gaining the title of honorary ambassador.

Kim Jung Eun said, “I’ve been doing this for the past thirteen years, but still every time, I get very excited at the mere sight of these kids. I feel such happiness in shooting with them

TaeTiSeo, 4minute, KARA, A Pink, & SISTAR show their motherly side for the 'Angels' Letter' project

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TaeTiSeo, KARA, A Pink, 4minute, and SISTAR showed that they"re beautiful inside-and-out as they participated in the worthy cause, the "Angels" Letter" project.

The "Angels" Letter" project was started by photographer Jo Se Hyun back in 2003 as part of a campaign to bring awareness to adoption by taking the 100th day photos of orphans with celebrities. The 11th annual "Angels" Letter" project will be displayed at Insa Art Center in Gwanghundong, Seoul for one week starting on the 18th with the theme of "innocence".

Jo Se Hyun shared, "I"d like to thank the idol stars and staff who took precious time from their schedules to partake in the filming and exhibit once again."

Check out the girl group edition of photos released below!

2AM Holds a Baby Close for ‘The Letters of Angels’ Project

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Hoping to get one more baby adopted, the 2AM members participated in photographer Cho Seihons’s ‘The Letters of Angels’ project.

On November 26, Big Hit Entertainment tweeted 2AM’s picture that was included in the project to bring more awareness to adoption in Korea.

In the photo, Jo Kwon holds a baby to his chest, while the other members surround him and smile.

‘The Letters of Angels’ project began in 2003 when Choi Seihon decided he needed to help break the social stigma of adoption in Korea. For more than ten years, Cho Seihon has held photo exhibition with popular celebrities, each holding an orphaned child, bringing awareness and a higher chance of these children being adopted by a happy family.

The 2013 photo exhibit, which includes pictures of 2AM, 2PM, 4minute, SISTAR, BTS, and more, will be set up at the Insa Art Center in Jongno on December 18

Teen Top Holds Fanmeeting with their ANGELS

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preview nextview 1/12 preview nextview

Teen Top puts on a special ′Desk performance′ at its fan meeting

Teen Top held its fan meeting titled ANGEL CLASS on November 24 at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Gymnasium.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Jung Yoo Jin

It′s time to party!

Teen Top held its fan meeting titled ANGEL CLASS on November 24 at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Gymnasium.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Jung Yoo Jin

Putting on a charismatic performance!

Teen Top held its fan meeting titled ANGEL CLASS on November 24 at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Gymnasium.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Jung Yoo Jin

Is Chunji cheating off of Niel?

Teen Top held its fan meeting titled ANGEL CLASS on November 24 at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Gymnasium

BTS Joins The Letters of Angels Project to Promote Adoption

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Joining the annual campaign, BTS became the newest group to be a part of the ‘The Letters of Angels’ project.

Wearing white tops and black pants, the BTS members were revealed in a black and white photo, happily holding a baby, tugging at heartstrings and putting a smile on people’s faces.

‘The Letters of Angels’ project began in 2003 when photographer Cho Seihon was asked to take photos for the 100th days of orphaned babies. The photographer’s heart broke for these children as adoption still remains a social stigma in Korea.

He began to ‘The Letters of Angels’ project, asking celebrities to take photos with orphaned children to put the spotlight on these children and raise the chances of adoption.

The project has been running for more than 10 years with big named stars, such as Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hye Soo, Rain, Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Lee Min Jung, Kim Jung Eun, Choi Ji Woo, Jang Hyuk, Yun Eun Hye, Kara, Yoo Ah In, Go So Young, Lee Min Ho, CN Blue, and more

BTS Are Angels Advocating Adoption, With “Letters of Angels” Project

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BTS is participating in photographer Jo Sae Hyun’s “Letters of Angels” project.

“Letters of Angels” started in 2003 when Jo Sae Hyun received a request by a social worker to take orphans’ pictures on their 100th day (100th day is a milestone in Korea), and has since been going on for eleven years.

It’s a project for increasing awareness of the importance of adoption, and what Jo Sae Hyun does is snap photos of children waiting for adoption together with various stars. The recent shoot with BTS had a theme of ‘innocent,’ with the boys dressed in white, and the baby carefully cradled, showing a completely different side of the boys from when they are on stage.

Other stars that have participated in the “Letters of Angels” project include 2AM, 2PM, TaeTiSeo, 4Minute, and Sistar’s Hyorin and Soyu