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Taecyeon asks Hottests and Angels to stop fighting

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Taecyeon has asked Hottests (2PM fans) and Angels (TEEN TOP fans) to stop fighting amongst each other.

He recently tweeted, "Whether you are a Hottest or a Angel, let"s stop~ As your oppas are important to you, our fans are important to us~ In the time you insult each other and tear at each other, look at oppas faces once more and think of yourself as buddah, and let it pass~ Life is too short even when you look at pretty things, right?"

Although nothing has been confirmed, some Angels and Hottests took Jun.K"s previous tweets about chart manipulation to be aimed toward TEEN TOP"s win over 2PM on "Music Bank". Of course, there is no proof for either side, but arguments from both sides started to get heated, prompting Taecyeon to speak up

Secret’s Hyosung Reveals How She Got Revenge on Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Hyosung of girl group Secret recently revealed a story about a past relationship and the aftermath of the breakup.

On the September 13 broadcast of MBC’s variety talk show “Quiz to Change the World,” Secret member Hyosung brought up a breakup story with her ex-boyfriend by sharing, “The breakup was a big shock to me. I was a wreck and couldn’t eat food for three days following the breakup.”

The Secret member continued to explain what happened afterwards: “At a certain point I thought to myself, ‘I shouldn’t be like this. It’s not like this guy is the only guy in the world. I’m going to succeed and get revenge on him.’ I believe that the best revenge is to succeed and to become prettier.”

After hearing Hyosung’s story, comedienne Shin Bong Sun jokingly commented, “That’s why I still haven’t been able to get my revenge,” causing the other guests on the show to burst into laughter

'M! Countdown' Highlights: WINNER Beats SHINee's Taemin And Wins #1 On The August 28, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

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Another week of "M! Countdown" is here again that featured some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Fan chants and screams were all heard last night.

The stars who made their comeback on this episode were Zhang Li Yin with "Agape," JJCC flexed their muscles with "One Way," rock band Royal Pirates are in love with "Love Toxic," HIGH4 has a "Headache" for their comeback, LABOUM made their debut with "Pit-a-Pat," beautiful ladies of BESTie came back saying, "I Need You," sexy girls SISTAR returned with "I Swear," and new female group 4TEN are causing a "Tornado" for their debut.

Your nominees for the night were SHINee"s Taemin and WINNER. The artist that took the first place trophy on "M! Countdown" was WINNER for their single titled, "Empty." This is their fourth first place trophy

Joseon Gunman, Episodes 5-14: Gunning for Revenge

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Joseon Gunman, Episodes 5-14: Gunning for Revenge Written by Joyce On August 20, 2014

Joseon Gunman is practically synonymous with Lee Jun-ki, serving as an extension of his action-filled resume. The more I watch, the more amazed I am how how far he has come since his My Girl days, carving a niche for himself as an action thriller star.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead.

After the first four episodes laid the groundwork for his revenge motive, the darker plot and tone starts to really kick in from there onwards. Yoon-kang (Lee Jun-ki) doesn’t disappoint as a lead character, bringing to the plate an intricately woven transformation from a carefree nobleman to a gunman full of vengeance, equipped with a occasionally questionable moral compass

Performance Recaps From Girl's Day, Hyomin, SECRET, FIESTAR, Rainbow Blaxx & More At The 2014 'DMZ Peace Concert' On August 16, 2014

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The DMZ, the demilitarized zone at the boarder between North and South Korea, has long been a symbol of the continually strained relationship within the once-united nation.

On August 16, 2014, some of your favorite K-Pop stars attended the "2014 DMZ Peace Concert" to perform for an excited crowd of soldiers and other fans.

Check out the performance recaps below:

Performance Recaps From the 2014 "DMZ Peace Concert"


SECRET performed their sexy concept single titled, "I"m In Love." They did a great job of entertaining the audience. They showed their amazing vocals and sexy body figures. They wore a black leather outfit on that night.


T-ara member Hyomin showed her "Nice Body" to the screaming male fans at the "DMZ Peace Concert

Song Jihyo gets revenge on Kim Jongkook on SBS “Running Man”

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Song Jihyo has gotten her revenge on Kim Jongkook on the latest episode of SBS “Running Man.” Spoiler ahead!

Song Jihyo bit down on Kim Jongkook’s chest in order to get revenge for her team and beat Kim Jongkook.

The 209th episode of Running Man was broadcasted on SBS on August 17. On this episode the guests and the Running Man cast were split into 3 groups named the Original Idols, the New Idols, and the Running Man Idols.

The Original Idols dressed in blue, consisted of H.O.T’s Moon Heejun, Sechs Kies Eun Jiwon, G.O.D’s Danny Ahn, NRG’s Cheon Myeonghun and Kim Jongkook. The team called itself 핫젝가알지 (HOT-Jek-GOD-RG), a combination of the idol groups’ names.

The New Idols, dressed in green, consisted of SHINee’s Taemin, SISTAR’s Soyou, EXO-K’s Kai and Sehun and Haha

Trailer Released for Harry Shum Jr. and Justin Chon’s new movie, “Revenge of the Green Dragons”

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A trailer has been released for the movie, Revenge of the Green Dragons, which will feature Harry Shum Jr. and Justin Chon.

Directed by Andrew Lau and executively produced by Martin Scorsese, the movie will be about how two immigrant brothers survived poverty by joining the infamous Chinatown gang, the “Green Dragons”—a real gang that existed in New York in the 1980s.

The movie is quite the departure from the projects that Shum Jr. and Chon are most noted for (Glee and Twilight, respectively). With gritty action scenes and impressive acting, this movie is one to look out for in theaters.

Revenge of the Green Dragons is expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2014. Check out the trailer!

Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers, IMDb, Gorilla Convict

[Spoiler] "The Joseon Shooter" Lee Joon-ki"s final revenge

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Will Lee Joon-ki be able to stop the rebellion and protect his beloved?

On the sixteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Joseon Shooter", Yoon-kang (Lee Joon-ki) disguised himself as Queen Myeongseong"s (Ha Ji-eun) guard to stop Ja Yeong"s (Choi Jong-won) rebellion.

Yoon-kang tried to stop the rebellion by delivering a compact under joint signatures to Kojong (Lee Min-woo-I) but he was too late. Ja-yeong had made contact with regent Heungseong and settled a deal to protect the Kojong. However, he said he would get rid of the queen by saying, "That"s the only way the people will lower their anger. Calm the public first". Ja-yeong was plotting to drive out the Min"s and having the Kim"s gain authority once again.

Yoon-kang stepped forward to stop that

AOA celebrate their 2nd anniversary in new "Angels" Cam" video

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AOA celebrated their second anniversary since their debut in the latest episode of "Angels" Cam".

The group debuted with "Elvis" in 2012, and their most recent tracks "Miniskirt" and "Short Hair" have been major hits on music charts. In the video, AOA have a little party with balloons and a cake in the FNC Entertainment practice room. The girls thank their fans for the support during the past two years and ask that you love them until the end!

Check out the "Angels" Cam" above!

'M! Countdown Highlights': B1A4 Wins #1 On The 10th Anniversary Episode + Performance Recaps

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"M! Countdown" is back and this week the music program is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The venue was at the Goyang Gymnasium; which many of your favorite K-pop idols entertained the audience.

On this episode, many of your favorite K-pop idols performed on stage. The stars who made their comeback were gorgeous ladies of SISTAR with "Touch My Body", Block B performed their new single titled, "H.E.R", and INFINITE made their come "Back" last night.

Your winner for the July 24, 2014 episode was B1A4 for their new single titled, "Solo Day". Congratulations to the guys!

All this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night.

Performance Recap


The hot ladies of SISTAR are back as they performed two of their singles last night

A hidden traitor goes for revenge on next week's 'Running Man'

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When a fun and peaceful one-day vacation tour goes horribly awry on next week"s "Running Man", the cast and guests must hurry to solve the mystery - who is the vengeful traitor hiding in their midst?

This week"s guest list will carry over into next week, giving fans one more episode with A Pink"s Bomi and Na-Eun, Joo Ji HoonHeo Kyung HwanJi SungBaek Sung HyunSam Otswiri, Fabien Yoon and Cha Yoo Ram!

Check out the preview below.

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Two Korean Movies Make Time Magazine’s List of Top Female Revenge Flicks

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Time” magazine released a list of 12 top female revenge flicks titled “A Woman Scorned: The Top 12 Female Revenge Movies” on April 29 and two Korean movies made the list: Park Chan Wook‘s “Lady Vengeance” and Im Sang Soo‘s “The Housemaid“. Also on the list were some of Hollywood’s classics such as “Thelma and Louise” and “Kill Bill“.

Part of Park Chan Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy along with “Oldboy” and “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance“, ”Lady Vengeance” was released in 2005 and stars Lee Young Ae as vengeful Lee Geum Ja who plots revenge against Mr. Baek played by Choi Min Sik (“Oldboy”)

Rapper Swings Swears Revenge for Betrayal in Single “Fallin” Featuring Jay Park

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Rappers Swings is drawing attention for his new single “Fallin‘” in which he describes a real-life situation of being betrayed by a friend.

In the lyrics of “Fallin’,” Swings rants against a friend who betrayed him. He tells this once-friend to never mention him and that his name has been written on a list of people he will get revenge against.

The rapper’s agency, Brand New Music, clarified that this song has nothing to do with hip hop artists Simon D and Ugly Duck, about whom Swings released a diss track about last year. The story in “Fallin’” is true, but it is something that happened a long time ago and the track is about Swings looking back into his past and his resolve for the future.”

The track features the vocals of hip hop artist Jay Park

A Pink look like angels for 'Touch in SOL'

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The ladies of A Pink looked like angels for makeup brand "Touch in SOL" and a photo from their upcoming pictorial has been unveiled!

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During the recent photo shoot for their second pictorial for the brand, A Pink modeled the three concepts, "pure romance", "color crush", and "queen of rock". A Pink tested out looks that suit their pure and innocent image as well as explored vivid and smokey makeup.

A rep commented, "The five members all expressed the three concepts well."

Why the B.A.P Members are the Real Angels

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview Although they’ve been titled the ‘Bad Men’ of K-Pop, the B.A.P members should actually be called the 1004 (Angel)s, just like their upcoming new title song.

Behind their fierce concepts and powerful songs, the B.A.P members have actually focused and shown concern about the well-beings of humankind, especially for those less fortunate than they, and even nature.

Check out what makes all six members the kind of angels we need more of.


If you listen closely to the lyrics of B.A.P’s Badman, you’ll find out that the song strongly addresses current social issues.

B.A.P previously said in an interview that the song was created to make listeners be aware of some of the social injustices and crimes that are happening in our world today