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“Angel Eyes” to premiere in PH on September 29th!

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The long wait is over for Filipino fanatic of Korean dramas. SBS "Angel Eyes" will be taking its Philippine TV premiere through ABS-CBN.

On September 15th, ABS-CBN uploaded a full trailer of Tagalized "Angel Eyes." Ku Hye-sun is named as "Sienna" while Lee Sang-yoon is "Darren." It was already announced that "Angel Eyes" will be airing on September 29th.
Ku Hye-sun was first loved by her Filipino fans when "Boys Over Flowers" aired in the Philippines in 2009.

Watch below:

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10 Favourite Korean Actresses That Make You Swoon

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K-Dramas are taking over K-Pop right now, and there’s nothing more popular than the actresses and actors that go along with them! From the gorgeous Jung So Min to the stylish Park Shin Hye, we’ve compiled a list of 10 favourite Korean actresses!

10. Jung So Min

9. Lee Min Jung

While many of us first noticed her in Boys Over Flowers, the beautiful Lee Min Jung has gone on to gain 4,494 fans with hit dramas like Big, Midas, and the recently airing Sly And Single Again.

8. Gong Hyo Jin

While the talented Gong Hyo Jin gained many new fans with the hit drama of 2013, The Master’s Sun, her 4,603 fans also love her for Greatest Love, Pasta, and more

Big Bang’s Seungri Promotes “Angel Eyes” with Co-Star Gong Hyung Jin

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Big Bang member Seungri recently took a photo with actor Gong Hyung Jin to promote the next upcoming episode of “Angel Eyes“.

On May 2, Seungri shared the photo on Instagram with the caption, “The seventh episode of SBS Korean drama, ‘Angel Eyes’ will be airing this saturday at 9:55pm.”

In the photo, Seungri and Gong Hyung Jin are pictured holding up the script for the 7th episode of “Angel Eyes” together. The charming celebrities give big smiles to the camera while promoting the drama so that viewers will tune in.

Netizens commented, “I will definitely watch ‘Angel Eyes’ this week,” “You both strangely look alike,” and “You guys are both great actors!”

In related news, Seungri and Gong Hyung Jin play the roles of Teddy Seo and Ki Woon Chan in “Angel Eyes” together

Seungri and Gong Hyung Jin Show Bromance Chemistry on “Angel Eyes”

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Seungri and Gong Hyung Jin’s diplay of bromance on SBS’ weekend drama, “Angel Eyes,” is adding to the pleasure of the viewers.

In the drama, Seungri and Gong Hyung Jin work as 911 (119) emergency rescues workers. They bring laughter to the fire station that is always filled with a sense of anxiety. Gong Hyung Jin plays the role of Gi Woon Chan, who shows a deep paternal love towards his son, and Seungri plays Teddy Seo, a Korean-American from Texas who speaks Korean using the Choongchung-do dialect.


On the episode 5 “Angel Eyes,” which aired on April 25, Teddy Seo showed tears after he learns about Gi Woon Chan’s sad story.

When Woon Chan’s son Jin Mo told Teddy, “My mom is studying in America,” he tried to correct him

Seungri mistaken to be a pervert in a hilarious mannequin scene on ‘Angel Eyes’

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Big Bang"s Seungri was mistaken as a pervert in a hilarious mannequin scene on the latest episode of "Angel Eyes"!

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On the fifth episode that aired on April 26, Teddy Seo (Seungri) proudly showed off his first paycheck as a rescue worker to his deceased grandmother and presented her with red long thermal underwear (long johns) which is given to one"s guardian when he or she gets their first paycheck as a Korean tradition. While testing out the quality of the underwear on a mannequin as if it was his grandmother, Ki Woon Chan (Gong Hyung Jin) caught him red-handed and misunderstood him to be a pervert.

Check out the touching yet hilarious clip above!

Seungri poses with child actor and his ‘Angel Eyes’ script

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Seungri updated his Instagram on April 25 with a picture of himself holding up a script for the fifth episode of current drama "Angel Eyes." He is also standing behind an adorable child actor while the two show off matching bright smiles.

Meanwhile, Seungri plays Teddy Seo, who may not have a big role in the drama but is in charge of the important comic relief in an otherwise serious drama!

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Netizens replied, "Seungri is cute in "Angel Eyes,"" "His acting is integrated into the production better than I thought it would," "Teddy Seo is so funny," and more. How do you like his acting and role so far?

Swedish Singer Lasse Lindh Sings for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

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Continuing his participation in Korean OSTs, Swedish singer, Lasse Lindh lent his voice for the OST of SBS’ Angel Eyes.

On April 7, Lasse Lindh released the song Run to You, which was composed by music director Nam Hye Seung with lyrics written by Lasse Lindh.

The song played in the first two episodes of Angel Eyes, perfectly fitting in with the first love story between Park Dong Joo (Kang Ha Neul) and Yoon Soo Wan (Nam Ji Hyun).

Lasse Lindh has also participated in the OST for MBC’s Soul Mate and for tvN’s I Need a Romance with the song I Could Give You Love.

Photo Credit: Lasse Lindh’s Facebook, SBS

Seungri talks about getting advice from T.O.P + acting officially for the first time in ‘Angel Eyes’

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Big Bang"s Seungri appeared at the press conference for his first official drama "Angel Eyes" at the SBS building on April 3. There, he revealed his first thoughts on taking on this new challenge.

He said, "I am happy that I get to play a character who instills energy in the drama. I feel this way as a Big Bang member and am happy to get this chance to show a new side of myself to the viewers. I will engage in acting sincerely as an actor."

In addition, he revealed he got a lot of advice for acting, some from his fellow member T.O.P. Seungri said, "T.O.P was in movies and dramas before me; he told me that it would be good if I poured in my bright and upbeat energy into acting."

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He continued, "This is my first official drama in Korea

Drama ‘Angel Eyes’ reveal pictures of Seungri from their first filming

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Upcoming SBS drama "Angel Eyes" revealed pictures from the set on the first day of filming, showing Seungri acting in his first legitimate Korean drama. The drama is a youthful melodrama centering on two loved ones fatefully meeting again 12 years after they separate due to a car accident rendering one of them blind.

In the published pictures, Seungri has transformed into emergency rescue worker Teddy Seo, who hails from Texas and shamelessly mixes in English and Chungcheong dialect into his words, doing this with ease so that he immediately receives the okay from Producer Park Shin Woo.

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After wrapping up his first filming, Seungri said, "As an emergency rescue worker, there was a CPR scene, so I personally got training and prepared a lot for this drama

‘Angel Eyes’ Releases New Photos of Big Bang’s Seungri

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With just a week to go before the first episode, SBS’ Angel Eyes unveiled new still cuts of Big Bang’s Seungri in uniform.

On March 31, Angel Eyes released new photos of Teddy Seo, Seungri’s character in the drama.

The first shoot took place on March 18 in Paju with the new recruitment ceremony, including Seungri’s character. Seungri easily received the okay sign from director Park Shin Woo for his flawless acting, speaking Konglish (Korean+English) mixed with a Chungchung-do accent.

Seungri plays a gyopo (Korean American) from Texas, who dreamt of being an EMT. Teddy Seo is a passionate and energetic young man, who grew up in the hands of his grandmother in Chungchung-do. He will be acting as Ku Hye Sun’s partner in the drama

Big Bang’s Seungri Gets Everyone Laughing at the Script Reading of ‘Angel Eyes’

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Participating in the script reading of SBS’ Angel Eyes, Big Bang’s Seungri had the entire cast laughing.

Seungri, Lee Sang Yoon, Ku Hye Sun, Kim Ji Seok, Gong Hyung Jin, Joo Ahn, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Yeo Jin, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Ji Hyun, and others sat together for the script reading for the drama. The session began with director Park Shin Woo encouraging the actors and staff to create a good drama together.

With each line, the actors became seriously invested in their roles, and then Seungri’s part came along. With his character being a Korean American, who grew up in the hands of his grandmother from down south, Seungri made everyone roar in laughter as he presented his lines in a Chungcheong-do accent mixed in with some English.

After the script reading, the staff praised the actors and shared his confidence in the team work for Angel Eyes

Big Bang’s Seungri to Appear in His First Korean Drama

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Seungri of Big Bang will appear in a Korean drama for the first time.

Seungri confirmed his role in a new SBS weekend drama, “Angel Eyes (working title),” which will begin airing in April.

According to an affiliate of the drama, “Seungri attended the first scrip reading for the drama on February 27 with other actors including Lee Sang Yoon, Goo Hye Sun, and Kang Ha Neul. The script reading completed in a harmonious mood.”

Seungri will be playing the role of a 119 (911) rescue worker who return to Korea after growing up overseas. He was raised by his grandmother, so he speaks Korean with a Choongcchung-do Province dialect and English with a Texan accent. He shows an obsession towards elders who live alone and suffer from dementia and causes problems because tries to exceed the bounds of his duties

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap Tan is waiting outside the door of his house for ES. He gives her back her phone, and lightheartedly whines that he got hurt and was scolded by JS, wanting her attention. But ES just looks worried. Still, without saying anything, she tries to go in, but Tan stops her. ES pleads, “Don’t hold me and don’t block me. Don’t wait for me from now on.” She tries to go in again, but Tan turns her back. ES pleads again. She doesn’t want to be recorded on the security cam. Tan: “That darn CCTV.” HAHAHAHA! ES reminds him that he is the one who warned her about the camera. Tan yells, “What I do told you, what I warned you about…Did you ever really listen?”Won appears and sees Tan and ES together, Tan holding onto ES. ES bows and hurriedly goes in. Won motions for Tan to move, not saying anything about what he just saw

Which Dramas Will You Watch In October?

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Which dramas will you watch in October? It"s a new month and there are plenty of new offerings waiting to be aired. Here"s a rundown of what you can expect and which actors will star in them:

"Bad Guys": Following the rationale that it takes a bad guy to catch a bad guy, a detective assembles a team of some pretty bad guys, including a sociopathic killer, played by Park Hae Jin, last seen in "Doctor Stranger." The series, which also stars Ma Dong Suk and Kim Sang Joong, premieres on Oct. 4.

 "Modern Farmer": The rock band "Excellent Souls" has had enough of city life so they move to the country. But will they be happy there? The series stars Lee Hong Ki, last seen in "Bride of the Century," and Park Min Woo and AOA"s Min A, who were both in "Grandpas Over Flowers Investigative Team

“Two Wives” to have Filipino adaptation!

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Korean dramas are really invading the Philippine TV. Aside from showing the original K-dramas like "The Heirs," "Pretty Man," and "Angel Eyes," ABS-CBN is going to make its version of the 2009 Korean TV series "Two Wives."

The original "Two Wives" characters are actor Kim Ho-jin (the husband), Kim Ji-young (the original wife), Son Tae-young (the other woman). On the Filipino version, Jason Abalos will play the husband"s role, Kaye Abad as the original wife while Erich Gonzales is the other woman.

ABS-CBN uploaded the full trailer on September 26th.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ABS-CBN Online, photo

Box office picks for Chuseok

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Screen shots of films screened at local theaters during the Chuseok holiday season. From top left: "My Brilliant Life", "Tazza: The High Rollers 2", "The King of Jokgu" and "Hill of Freedom". From bottom left: "Lucy", "Step Up: All In", "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita in the New Haunts of Evil - Peko and the Five Explorers" and "Maya the Bee Movie".

After the period action film "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" broke box office records nationwide, this Chuseok will be quieter than usual in terms of heavyweight releases - especially compared to 2012 and 2013. For the past two years, big-budget costume films such as "The Face Reader" (2013) and "Masquerade" (2012) hit cinemas around Chuseok, the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving. This year, however, there are no widely anticipated movies coming to the box office in time for the annual holiday

Goo Hye Sun Reveals a Past Picture of Herself as a High School Student

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Actress Goo Hye Sun revealed a picture of herself taken when she was a high school student on his Twitter on July 29. Along with the picture, she wrote, “Found this picture while cleaning my house.”

Having been one of the most popular ulzzangs (Korean term for “best face” or “good-looking”) ever, Goo Hye Sun’s high school picture indeed looks very pure and pretty.

Contrary to some of the negative acting reviews she received in the past, through the SBS drama “Angel Eyes,” the actress received favourable ones and many have commented that her acting skills have greatly improved.

Goo Hye Sun will be back for the audience through the movie “Daughter” which will be released this year. While she is starring in it, Goo Hye Sun was also responsible for directing and screen-writing the movie

Staff Picks: Best Songs of 2014 (First Half)

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Now that it"s June and summer is just around the corner, that means 2014 is already halfway over (That was fast)! The year was a blur so far with all the dating scandals, tragedy, debuts, and more - but the crazy (good) music releases are what always has the K-Pop fans coming back for more.

To commemorate the halfway point to what hopefully will be an even more awesome second half of 2014, here are the staff picks of their favorite songs so far in 2014.

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Paul: JungGiGo ft. Beenzino "Want U"

Just listen to it above. The track is smooth and chill, easy to bob your head to and it doesn"t hurt that it was produced by the talented Duble Sidekick

K-Drama Feature: Makjang

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K-Drama Feature: Makjang
Love it or hate it, K-Dramas are rife with makjang, the Korean term for over the top or ridiculous subplots and coincidences that keep the viewers tuning in week after week. A drama doesn"t have to be terrible or illogical to be makjang, it could be extremely well-acted or tug at your heartstrings.

Despite the negative connotations, does it truly have to be a bad thing? There are some great dramas that are simply amazing to watch, but when you try and sit down to describe the plot, it seems to get, well, laughable. To wit, here are just a few entertaining dramas that have absolutely preposterous storylines (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD):


Three brothers are separated at a very young age as a result of their parents" death. A lovely overused trope that they play up here

Fans celebrate the birthday of JYJ’s Yoochun

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It"s June 4 in South Korea, meaning it"s the birthday of one JYJ"s Yoochun! He has now turned 28 (International age, 29 in Korean) and while he definitely has matured into an even handsomer man, he still has that youthful vibe with the adorable smile that has won hearts over from all over the world.

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Fans immediately took to Twitter, hashtagging "#빛나는유천아생일축하해 (Happy birthday to the shining Yoochun)"! Make sure you wish him happy birthday on Twitter, as well.

Happy birthday, Yoochun!