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Dynamic Duo’s Choiza to Possibly Join “The Human Condition 2″ Cast

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After filling in for Kim Giri on the recording of “The Human Condition 2,” Choiza of hip-hop group Dynamic Duo is currently in talks to be a recurring member on the KBS variety show.

Representative from KBS has said that although Choiza filled in for Kim Giri, they are still considering numerous factors before bringing him on as a recurring member.

Choiza replaced Kim Giri on the first recording of “The Human Condition 2″ as Kim Giri could no longer participate due to a surgery. Choiza was joined by Kim Jun Ho, Kim Joon Hyun and Jung Tae Ho from season one, and new members Jo Woo Jong and group-mate Gaeko.

The first episode of “The Human Condition 2″ starring the male celebs will air after its female counterpart which stars Kim Sook, Kim Shin Young, Kim Ji Min, Kim Young Hee, Kim Min Kyung and Chun Yi Seul

Jeon Hye Bin Joins Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi in ‘Joseon Shooter’

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Joining Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi, Jeon Hye Bin has been recently cast in KBS’ upcoming drama, Joseon Shooter.

The staff of Joseon Shooter confirmed on April 23 that Jeon Hye Bin was cast as the character Choi Hye Won.

Jeon Hye Bin′s new character, Choi Hye Won is a heaviy armed peddler with a cool face and strong charisma.

As an iron lady who is not easily approachable, Choi Hye Won desires to possess the wealth of the world due to an unchangeable past. But then she meets Park Yoon Kang (Lee Joon Gi) and is swept away by the fire of love, and her obession for him puts her in a tragic position.

Jeon Hye Bin previousy acted in KBS′ God of the Worlplace and Taste of Curry

Cha In Pyo-Shin Ae Ra Couple Pay Respect to Danwon High School Students at Temporary Memorial Altar

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To pay respect to the many students of Danwon High School, who passed away on the ferry accident on April 16, actor Cha In Pyo and his wife and actress Shin Ae Ra visited the temporary memorial altar.

The celebrity couple visited the Ansang Olympic Memorial Indoor Gymnasium in Danwon on April 23, where a memorial altar has been set up for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

It’s said that Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra went to console the victims’ families at the mortuary after hearing the news about the accident.

As the two are already known as active members of relief organizations, like Compassion, the couple’s most recent move drew much attention.

In addition to Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra, a countless number of Danwon High School students and citizens came to pay their respects at the memorial altar

Cha In Pyo, Hwang Jung Eum and More Attend First Script Reading for ‘Endless Love’

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SBS’s upcoming drama Endless Love held its first script reading session with the cast members.

On April 23, Story TV, the production company of Endless Love announced, “The first script reading took place on April 15 in Gyeonggi province, attended by Lee Hyun Jik PD, the production team members and the main cast members, including Cha In Pyo, Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Soo Young, Jung Woong In, Jeon So Min, Choi Sung Guk, Shin Eun Jung and more.”

Lead actress Hwang Jung Eun arrived three hours prior to the script reading to practice riding a motorcycle for her upcoming drama role. She also showed tears upon reading her scripts, putting in all of her emotion into the character.

Lead actor Cha In Pyo, who is making his return to the small screen after some time, brought admiration out from the others with his charismatic acting

Shin Sung Rok Poses with His Chef Brother

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Actor Shin Sung Rok, well-known for his role as a villain in SBS drama “Man From The Stars,” recently joined his younger brother Shin Je Rok in a photoshoot for the May issue of Styler magazine.

Shin Je Rok is a former basketball player of the LG Sakers who is now a successful chef of his own restaurant specializing in Morioka reimen. He is the only chef in Korea who can make this cold noodle dish. The brothers are shown in Shin Je Rok’s newly opened restaurant in the Styler photoshoot.

“At first the noodles were so different from Korean cold noodles they put me off. But a couple of days later, after a night of drinking, I was suddenly reminded of this dish. It’s really delicious, and I’m not saying this because I’m his brother,” said Shin Sung Rok

Kang Ha Neul to Sing for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

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Although his character has exited out of the drama, Kang Ha Neul will continue participating in the broadcast of SBS’ Angel Eyes by singing for the OST.

On April 22, Kang Ha Neul’s agency, Sem Company, confirmed that Kang Ha Neul will be singing for the OST of Angel Eyes. He was recommended by the director of the series and will record the son on April 23.

Kang Ha Neul will be singing the love theme song for the two main characters. It’s uncertain when the song’s release will be.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha Neul, who debuted in 2006 as a musical actor, previously sang in the OST of tvN’s Monstar.

Photo Credit: SBS.

The Next Generation of K-Pop Idols in Dramas

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With May rolling in, many idols have featured in the new spring dramas. Among the many idol actors, SISTAR‘s Bora, Rainbow‘s Woori, VIXX‘s Hong Bin, and BIG BANG‘s Seungri have created some buzz between drama viewers. So how are they doing acting in major dramas?

SISTAR’s Bora will feature as a North Korean defector in the upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Stranger.” Known as SISTAR’s sexy rapper, Bora will make her acting debut as Park Hoon‘s, played by actor Lee Jong Suk, close friend. Despite her closeness with Lee Jong Suk’s character, even calling him hyung, Bora’s character will be a one who has a one sided love for Park Hoon

Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee make the cutest couple in BTS photos from ‘Big Man’

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Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee paired up as a loving couple on the set of their upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Big Man"!

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Fans could tell that the two became close as friends through their natural skinship with each other with Lee Da Hee doing most of the initiating by hugging Choi Daniel"s arm and giving him an air kiss while the actor gives a big happy grin.

Lee Da Hee shared, "Choi Daniel and I think a lot about the production and share our opinions with each other. As Daniel tries to get along comfortably like friends with me and calls me, "Da Hee ya", we became close. As we get more scenes together, I think we will be able to work together comfortably."

The two"s feelings will be tested in the drama however as Kang Ji Hwan emerges to create a love triangle

Which actor would you want as your older brother?

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While there are some celebrities that make girls swoon and wish they were dating these hunky men, there are some celebrities who are popular and attractive just because they seem like really nice and warm guys - like an older brother!

So out of the choices of actors below, which would you want most as your older brother?

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Jo In Sung

Handsome and charismatic, Jo In Sung would make one of those awesome brothers you"d like to put on display in front of your friends to make them green with envy. He also played a brotherly figure in his last drama "Wind Blows In Winter" alongside Song Hye Kyo. Of course, he wasn"t her real brother

Production Company of “Three Days” Donates 30 Million Won to Sewol Ferry Rescue Operations

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The producers of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “Three Days” have joined the other media figures in helping the victims of the heartbreaking Sewol ferry tragedy.

The drama’s production company Golden Thumb Pictures donated 30 million won (~ 30,000 USD) through the Salvation Army of Korea on April 21. A representative of the Salvation Army shared, “Yesterday, they revealed their will to donate. They requested the funds to be used for the rescue operations of the Sewol ferry.”

After hearing the news of actors Song Seung Hun and On Joo Wan delivering their donation through the Salvation Army, the production company contacted the organization to sort out the details. The representative added, “Looking at the Sewol tragedy, I am sure everyone is waiting for the rescue [of the missing people]

Kang Ha Neul to sing the main characters’ theme for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

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According to Sports DongA, actor Kang Ha Neul will be taking part in the OST for SBS weekend drama, "Angel Eyes," by singing the theme for the main characters. Within the drama, he played the younger version of the male lead, Dong Joo, showing that he might not be appearing as often anymore, but his voice will be heard for many more episodes to come.

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Multiple broadcasting reps said, "Despite Kang Ha Neul"s busy schedule, he decided to take part in the OST because of his incomparable affection towards "Angel Eyes." The recording will take place on April 23."

Although this will not be his first time lending his voice for the OST, this will be his first time having an exclusive OST as he previously sang with other people

Actor Kang Ha Neul Sings for the OST of “Angel Eyes”

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Kang Ha Neul will be putting his singing skills to test by participating in the OST of SBS’ weekend drama “Angel Eyes.”

It has been confirmed that the actor, who has been under the spotlight for his role as the young Park Dong Joo, will be singing the theme song of the main couple.

A source in the entertainment industry revealed, “Despite his busy schedule, Kang Ha Neul has shown his special attachment to ’Angel Eyes’ by deciding to participate in the OST. The recording will take place on April 23.”

This is not the actor’s first time to sing for an OST. Together with actresses Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Cho Eun, he sang for the OST of music drama “Monstar,” but the upcoming OST song will be his first solo track

Cha Seung Won is the next generous celebrity to donate $100,000 to the ferry accident

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Many celebrities have been showing their generosity and sympathy in relation to the ferry incident by donating a large sum of money to help out in any way possible. Just yesterday, Kim Yuna and Ha Ji Won were revealed to have donated 100 million won (~ $100,000 USD). Now, actor Cha Seung Won was revealed to have done the same.

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On April 22, the Community Chest of Korea said, "Actor Cha Seung Won, who is preparing for SBS"s new Wednesday-Thursday mini-series "You"re Surrounded," donated 100 million won (~ $100,000 USD) in the afternoon today."

They are planning to use his donation to purchase relief goods for the victims" families and those involved in the rescue work

Gong Hyo Jin dishes on Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub… Lucky girl!

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Gong Hyo Jin dished on what her former co-stars Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub are really like!

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During a recent interview with Chinese media outlet Sina, Gong Hyo Jin commented on her "The Greatest Love" co-star Cha Seung Won, "He is a really fun sunbae... Not only does he have more eclectic experience than me, he acts with such delicacy... When Cha Seung Won acted with me, he really gave many words of encouragement."

Gong Hyo Jin also opened up about what it was like to work with So Ji Sub on "The Sun of My Master", "When I first met him, I thought he would be a very quiet person. But contrary to my expectation, he laughs a lot... He jokes a lot when we talk to each other

Kang Ji Hwan goes back to his character’s roots in a tracksuit for ‘Big Man’

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Kang Ji Hwan proved that with his good looks, he can pull off practically anything in still cuts for "Big Man".

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The "before" cuts of his transformation from a poor man to chaebol show Kang Ji Hwan looking like a "fashion terrorist" in a mix-and-match vest and tracksuit, which the actor suggested himself for his character"s style.

Kang Ji Hwan shared, "I tried to portray Kim Ji Hyuk well... Internal acting is important, but showing it externally is also important. Although it is a small aspect, I think that it will help viewers to empathize with the character."

"Big Man" portrays the story of an orphan who goes through a fight reminiscent of "David and Goliath" as he tries to protect himself and his loved ones

Lee Byung Hun Has Started Filming “Terminator: Genesis”

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Actor Lee Byung Hun has started filming for “Terminator: Genesis.” The production company for the film, Skydance Productions, recently uploaded a photo of the crank-in for the film on their official SNS site. Lee Byung Hun’s agency, BH Entertainment, also announced recently that the actor has gone to the U.S. and started filming.

“Terminator: Genesis” is the story of a young Kyle Reese, Sarah and John Connor’s father. It is a reboot on the regular series, and will be made as a trilogy. At the megaphone is Alan Taylor, who directed “Thor: Dark World,” and starring in the film alongside Lee Byung Hun are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke.

While curiosity is high on the nature of Lee Byung Hun’s character in the movie, a film official said that Lee Byung Hun’s role in the film is a secret at the moment

‘God’s Gift’ Cancels Wrap-Up Party; ‘Cunning Single Lady’ Donates Party Fees to Sewol Victims

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Although celebrations are in order for the conclusion of drama productions, with the mood still grim in light of the Sewol tragedy, drama teams are canceling their wrap-up parties.

On April 21, the production company affiliate for MBC’s Cunning Single Lady revealed that the fees for the drama’s wrap-up party were instead donated to the Korean Salvation Army. The total donation was four million won.

“We set aside a budget just for the wrap-up party dinner, but we decided to have a loud party during this tragedy would not be right” said the staff. “Instead, we decided to use the fees for the rescue operations in the Sewol incident.”

On top of that, Joo Sang Wook donated 30 million won separately to help the families of the victims, after seeing some of the actors on the team gathering money for donations

“Doctor Stranger” Releases New Teaser, Full of Spunk and Intense Drama

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Doctor Stranger” recently released a third teaser, full of promises of spunk and intense drama. And as a medical/spy melodrama, it looks like it’ll do good on its promises, telling the story of a genius doctor from North Korea who comes to work in South Korea’s top hospital.

The teaser gives a strong first impression, with Kang So Ra slapping Lee Jong Suk across the face, and slamming a giant rock into the windshield of a car, telling Lee Jong Suk, “You can keep it.” Lee Jong Suk then says with an arrogant wink, “Do you know what they call people like you and me? Quacks.”

The teaser then immediately switches from an almost comedic vibe to full-on drama, showing a storm of intense emotions and scenes from the actors, Lee Jong Suk saying to his first love, played by Jin Se Yeon, “This will stop your heart for a second

Kim Woo Bin warms hearts with his fatherly side in ’7even’ CF

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Kim Woo Bin had fangirls checking off another trait to look for on their ideal type checklist as he showed his fatherly side as the new endorsement model for yogurt brand "7even"!

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Kim Woo Bin held the baby model Tae Ah who grew up drinking the healthy probiotic fermented milk "7even". The actor was previously spotted with babies at signing sessions and his display of fatherly affection showed through again through this new CF, bringing smiles.

Although many fell for him with his bad boy charms displayed in his past dramas, the actor shows that he can be completely warm and cuddly as well.

Lee Jong Suk shows more of his abs in intense teaser for ‘Doctor Stranger’

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The third teaser for "Doctor Stranger" was released recently, showing some of the more lighthearted moments from the drama as Lee Jong Suk is first portrayed as a slightly clueless and clumsy North Korean defector in front of the South Korean doctors.

Although he doesn"t exactly gain the confidence of the other actors like Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra, he soon sets out to prove them wrong.

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The teaser gets quite dramatic and serious in the latter half, showing the gravity that comes with working in a hospital. There is even a scene in which Lee Jong Suk is left screaming in the shower, baring his torso to show off his muscular and fit figure, including his toned abs which we also got a peek at through his recent pictorial