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Kim Soo Hyun brings thousands of fans to Chinese motor show

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Hallyu actor Kim Soo Hyun brought in over 8,000 fans who clamored for a glimpse at their favorite Korean actor at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show!

The actor had been signed as a promotional model for Hyundai at the auto show. Despite a delay due to safety issues, a multitude of fans still remained to welcome him for his apperance.

He only stayed for a few minutes, however, as he paused for a brief photo session and remarks before he had to hustle off stage for another engagement.

Meanwhile, fellow Korean actor and Kia promotional model Lee Min Ho also appeared via video message at the event, giving his fans a few moments as well.

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Prays for a Miracle

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Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun joined other celebrities in expressing their grief over the Sewol ferry incident and support for the victims.

Seohyun tweeted on April 20 KST, “They must have cried until their tears have dried up..their pain from having their hearts torn apart is unimaginable…I hope nothing more happens that will hurt them..I hope a miracle happens..I earnestly pray..All those people who died…I pray that you go to a good place…We mourn for you..”

눈물이 마를정도로 흘린 눈물은..이미 갈기갈기 찢어진 마음은 상상하지 못할정도의 고통일텐데..이제 더는 상처받을 일이 생기지 않길..기적이 일어나길..정말 간절하게 기도합니다..이번 일로 희생하신 모든 분들..부디 좋은 곳으로 가시길

Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki Fans Get Involved In Sewol Ferry Relief Efforts

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Fans of Hallyu actors Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki are offering their hand towards the Sewol Ferry rescue efforts.

On April 18, a rep from Jang Geun Suk’s official fan club stated, “We posted the details of a wire transfer we made to the Nonghyup Hanaro Mart located near the Sewol Ferry accident site on our official fan café. The mart is delivering things needed by the family members who are waiting at the Jindo Gymnasium.” The total amount was over 5 million won (approx. $4,800).

Lee Jun Ki’s fan café is also accepting donations. Posted on the fan café was, “If we gather our sincere hearts, we believe a miracle can happen. We are accepting donations.” It has been also reported Lee Jun Ki cancelled his fan meeting and birthday celebration with fans which was originally scheduled to take place on April 19 at the Seoul Olympic Park Woori Financial Art Hall

Actor Park Seo Joon Apologizes For Not Being Able to Smile

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Park Seo Joon tweeted an apology to his fans.

On April 20, the actor posted on his Twitter account, “I don’t have any other means of apologizing, so I’m writing it here. I believe and understand that I have a job that brings laughter to people. However, our country is in grief, and I, too, am very sad, disappointed, and confused that I can’t focus on anything. It is difficult for me to smile and take photos with you while we’re in the midst of praying for a miracle.”

따로 사과의 말씀 전할 길이 없어서 이렇게 글 남깁니다. 웃음을 파는 직업이라는말 어느정도 맞는말이라 생각하고 이해합니다. 하지만 우리 나라가 비통해 하고있고 저 역시도 슬프고 안타깝고 혼란스럽고 아무것도 집중이 안되고 기적만을 바라는 상황에서

— 박서준 (@BN_SJ2013) April 20, 2014

He ended his Tweet writing, “If you felt offended by my behavior, I hope you will understand and pray with me that a miracle will really happen in Korea

Jewelry’s Yewon Lands a Role in “Hotel King”

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Kim Yewon, actress and member of girl group Jewelry, was cast in the MBC weekend drama, “Hotel King.”

Kim Yewon recently made her small screen debut in MBC’s “Miss Korea,” which concluded earlier this February. She played Oh Ji Young’s (Lee Yeon Hee) colleague and had many opportunities to appear in front of the camera. However, the amount of her appearances drastically decreased midway of the drama and she dropped out before the drama ended.

She was going back and forth from her singer activities when she made her acting debut. Although she had a minor role, she prepared for the part thoroughly through doing character analysis. Nevertheless, she was not able to fully demonstrate her passion for acting.

While the drama was still ongoing, she appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and sent a video message asking the production staff of the drama to give her more camera time on the drama and showed a strong will

BoA Was Startled By Paparazzi When She Filmed Kiss Scene On Street

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With her first Hollywood film Make Your Move about to premiere, BoA shared her thoughts on having starred in her first film.

In a recent interview with Newsen, BoA said, “Even though I showed my acting previously through KBS 2TV’s Looking Forward to Romance, my actually first project is Make Your Move. So my first kiss scene was not with Im Si Wan, but was with Derek Hough.”

She continued, “Before I started filming I received some acting lessons. I took them with Derek Hough. So we ended up practicing the kiss scene once, because the teacher asked us to. Practice definitely made a difference. So I wasn’t too nervous during filming. I was more distracted by many things.”

“You’ll see in the movie that Derek Hough and I have a kiss scene on the street

Song Seung Hun Would Marry Right Away If His Dream Girl Appeared

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Preparing for his new movie release, Song Seung Hun posed for star style magazine @star1 and talked about marriage and kids.

Through the May issue of @star, Song Seung Hun posed in a casual environment wearing very simple and comfortable clothing, perfect for the spring weather.

Despite being 18 years in the business, Song Seung Hun said he has a lot to challenge himself in, especially with his new movie Obsessed coming out in theaters in May.

“Because it’s something I’ve never shown before, I’m quite nervous and burdened,” said the actor. “I hope that through this project, viewers can see Song Seung Hun in a different light.”

Reaching the age when marriage becomes an avoidable topic, Song Seung Hun said, “I think dating and selecting a spouse are very different issues

‘Very Good Days’ drops in ratings despite being the only drama to air on Saturday

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KBS 2TV"s "Very Good Days" was the only drama to air on Saturday.

However, understandably in light of the Sewol ferry incident, the drama dropped 4.7% in terms of ratings, down to 19.4% from 24.1% last week. During the episode, Taecyeon shared shocking news with the two child actors Hong Hwa Ri and Choi Kwon Soo.

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"Very Good Days" will be airing again on Sunday during its normal times, and will be again the only drama to air while MBC and SBS has cancelled all their varieties and dramas for the weekend. 

Kang Ha Neul explains the reason for his back-to-back filming schedule and reveals he’s a fan of Jung Woo

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Kang Ha Neul is one of several rising actors these days who has been keeping himself busy with back-to-back productions, but he explained that he keeps himself busy because he wants to and not because he has to, and revealed he"s also a fan of "Reply 1994"s Jung Woo!

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During his recent interview with OSEN, Kang Ha Neul, who made a two-episode cameo on "Angel Eyes" on top of his two upcoming films, shared, "People misunderstand and ask if my agency is giving me too much work. [laughs] On the contrary, my agency ask me if it would be too difficult and worry on my behalf. Most of the time, I chose a production because I liked the script upon reading it. If I see a good production, I want to do it

Korea’s Favorite Actor Ryu Seung Ryong Poses For A Funny Yet Charismatic Pictorial in “First Look”

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Everybody’s favorite actor Ryu Seung Ryong recently posed for a First Look pictorial just before the release of his new movie “The Target.”

Through this pictorial, the actor showed various comical as well as his well-known charismatic expressions.

Netizens and fans who saw the pictures commented, “This is so Ryu Seung Ryong. Dirty but sexy,” “How can we not love him,” “His pictorial pictures are always so funny.”

Ryu Seung Ryong began his acting career in early 2000s but rose to fame after his starring role in the blockbuster movie “All About My Wife” in being the “dirty-sexy neighbor” and in “War of the Arrows.” He subsequently became more loved through his role in “Masquerade” and in early 2013, “Miracle in Cell No

8 Artists with that ‘Unique Voice’

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Korea is completely inundated with singers from the pretty idols and talented dancers to the indie artists and OST stars. However, amongthe Korean artists I know, the names that immediately flood my head when I hearthe phrase "unique voice" form a much shorter list. Much like the "it factor", it"s a bit hard to quantify but when you hear it, you just know that there"s something special there.

Keepin mind that this list is solely based on my opinion and the artists are who I deem to have unique voices. Also, I"mlimited to the scope of artists that I"ve been exposed to so I apologize in advance for notincluding your favorite artist!

Kim Yoon Ah

Let"sstart with Kim Yoon Ah. If you don"t know already, Kim Yoon Ah is the leadsinger of alternative rock band Jaurim

G.NA is a dreamy goddess for ’1st Look’ magazine

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Solo artist G.NA is known for her sexy, cute concepts, but she went for a dramatic, dreamy look for the May issue of "1st Look" magazine.

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G.NA transformed into a beautiful dreamy goddess, wearing whites and blacks against paint-chipped walls and windows for the rustic yet modern concept. She definitely looks more pensive than she usually looks on stage.

Take a look at more of her pictorial below! Do you prefer the usual sexy concept you"re used to from G.NA or do you think this more serious look suits her?

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young meet again for ‘Maxim’ coffee ad

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After endorsing outdoor wear brand "Merrell", Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young have joined hands once again as models for "Maxim" coffee.

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Lee Na Young has been the face of "Maxim", and Kim Woo Bin has now joined her. Though he"s been playing a prankster-type character for the CFs he"s featured in until now, Kim Woo Bin will transform into a strong yet sensitive hoobae for the upcoming endorsement.

As the two actors know each other, the shoot is reported to have gone smoothly and comfortably. How do they look together?

20-Something Male Actors + Older Female Actresses = Boys into Men?

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This is how boys became men. With their baby face charms 20-something male actors are partnering up with actresses who are significantly older and displaying romance that is more intense than anything we’ve imagined. Their sometimes innocent and sometimes reckless ways of expressing love cause female viewers to have butterflies in their stomachs.

One of the hottest “younger man” is Yoo Ah In in JTBC’s “Secret Love Affair.” He portrays a character names Lee Sun Jae who is a piano prodigy. He and actress Kim Hee Ae, who is 19 years his senior, continue their love story in the drama. Due to the fact that the set up in the drama is adultery and because the there is a big age gap between the characters, it seemed the couple would not seem well suited for each other. However, their exceptional acting skills connect the gap displaying an excellent chemistry

Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his views on love, dating and marriage.

In a recent interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong shared his thoughts on dating and marriage.

As he is getting close to turning 30, marriage is no longer a strange word to discuss for the actor.

When asked about his marriage plan, Kim Hyun Joong said, “I don’t think I can get married. I would be 35 years old if I finish my duties in the army. I used to think that I must get married but I’m not sure anymore. I don’t think I can commit myself to family because I enjoy work too much. I think I would consider marriage if I face a dilemma with doing dramas and concerts.”

Then what are his thoughts on dating?

Kim Hyun Joong gave an honest answer again. “It would be a lie if I said I don’t date

Song Seung Hun Donates 100 Million Won to Sewol Ferry Rescue Operations

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Actor Song Seung Hun has assisted in the rescue operations of currently missing people of the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

To help the families of both the deceased and rescued, the actor has donated 100 million won (~100,000 USD) to those in need through the Salvation Army. Song Seung Hun, who is currently residing abroad, decided to contribute after hearing the miserable news of the tragedy.

The Salvation Army shared, “Song Seung Hun’s representatives revealed his intention to donate. Members of Salvation army, who are currently at the scene of Sewol Ferry rescue operations, felt very encouraged after hearing the news [of the donation].”

In 2011, the actor donated a large sum to the victims of the Great Sendai Earthquake through the Salvation Army. Since then, he has worked closely with the organization and participated in volunteer activities

When Will Won Bin and Han Ga In’s “Success Dilemma” End?

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The gap in Won Bin and Han Ga In’s acting career is growing longer.

Although they are continuously considered every time a new film or a drama is produced, but both actors have been unable to select their new project and their hiatus has prolonged already 3-4 years.

Won Bin demonstrated his influence in the box office through his role in the 2010 film “The Man From Nowhere.” He was showered with different offers, but he continues his search for his next project for the fourth year. There have been pieces he considered during that time.

Last year, he had the opportunity to star in a film directed by Lee Chang Dong but changed his mind when the production of the film got delayed. Won Bin was also the first actor who was offered the male leading role of the SBS drama, “That Winter, the Wind Blows

Hyun Bin is Glad that Good Things Happened to Jung Woo

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Speaking about his good friend, Hyun Bin said he’s glad things worked out for Jung Woo.

In a recent interview with style magazine High Cut, Hyun Bin talked about fellow actor Jung Woo.

“After Reply 1994 ended, I talked to him on the phone,” said Hyun Bin. “I’m so glad good things happened to him.”

Regarding Jung Woo’s statement in an interview that Hyun Bin helped him a lot during his rookie year, Hyun Bin said, “I didn’t give him any help. We actually suffered a lot together.”

Hyun Bin and Jung Woo both acted in the movie Spin Kick as rookies in 2004.

Talking about his recent movie Fatal Encounter (King’s Wrath), Hyun Bin admitted that he really wanted to do well in the movie

Hyun Bin makes a ‘grand return’ to ‘W Korea’ magazine with his striking good looks

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We were teased with BTS photos of Hyun Bin"s latest photoshoot earlier, and now we"re being graced with stunning shots from his "W Korea" pictorial that fans will surely want to add to their collection.

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The actor embodied the modern day prince charming posing besides his white horse looking ready to sweep us off our feet in the magazine"s pictorial titled "The Grand Return". In addition to making a grand return into our hearts after his military discharge, he is also about to make his comeback to the big screen with the movie "The King"s Wrath" scheduled for premiere on the 30th.

Check out more photos from the magazine"s May issue with Hyun Bin below and try not to stare too long!

Celebrity Baseball Team ZomaZoma Donates 10 Million Won to Ferry Tragedy Victims

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Celebrity baseball team ZomaZoma has donated 10 million won (~10,000 USD) to help the victims of the Sewolho Ferry tragedy.

Comedian Shim Hyun Seob, the leader of the team, revealed on April 18, “The members of ZomaZoma have joined their forces and collected 10 million won for the families affected by the Sewolho incident.”

“After talking about Sewolho in our chatting room, we felt bad, and someone suggested we should raise funds together. ZomaZoma has won a lot, but we also do a lot of charity work,” the leader continued.

In just a few hours, the members raised 10 million won for the victims of the tragedy. Out of the 30 members, around 20 active members were the ones to donate funds.

“We requested the help of broadcast workers. YTN’s Jung Chan Bae anchor told us he is currently at the scene, and we are considering delivering the money through him after he returns to Seoul