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5 Things I Loved About “Misaeng” Episodes 11 & 12

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What a week at One International!

In episodes 11 and 12 of “Misaeng” Manager Oh (Lee Sung Min) is finally promoted, we get another new face on Sales Team 3, and Geu Rae (Im Siwan) makes a bold and radical move on behalf of the team – all of which should be good things. But in the corporate world, you don’t work as an individual, and the consequences of an action or inaction have a ripple effect across the whole company. So even if we celebrated a win for the Team!GoodGuys last week by revealing Section Chief Park’s internal corruption, Sales Team 3 can’t rest easy because the fallout from exposing one of their own has ramifications that I don’t think anyone could have imagined.

Here are the 5 things I loved most about “Misaeng” episodes 11 & 12

Korean tvN Drama Misaeng Episode 10 Recap and Screenshots

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 by Dramabeans: During his coffee break, Chief Park decides that he’d prefer his coffee made by a woman, and requests one of the female staff members also taking a break to make a cup of coffee for him. She politely obliges, but she and the other women silently tense up when he makes them uncomfortable with his lewd remarks (which he excuses by pretending he’s actually referring to a car in the magazine he’s reading, ugh).They report the situation to Deputy Director Sun, and she immediately tracks down Chief Oh to tell him to keep a better handle on his employee. Chief Oh wastes no time in confronting Chief Park (in full view of the department), warning him that he’ll put up with negligence in his work, but he won’t tolerate Chief Park’s verbal abuse to the weak (aka Geu-rae) and sexual harassment of the female employees

Korean tvN drama Misaeng Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Chief Oh and Dong-shik freeze and stare at their unwelcome new team member, who smirks at their reaction and notes Geu-rae’s impressive luck in his position, considering his lacking credentials. He chooses to settle in at Dong-shik’s desk while the rest of Sales Team 3 remain stone-faced.Chief Oh requests a new team member, but Manager Kim refuses to comply. He says that Chief Park is a great addition to his team, since he’s had a great record in the company. He tells Chief Oh to compromise and just prioritize work.In the break room, Chief Oh confronts Resource Team Chief Jung about him recommending this new team member. He knows that Chief Jung has had problems with him, but Chief Jung feigns oblivion and says that he simply didn’t have the leadership to control this guy. Korean tvN drama Misaeng Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots Back at Sales Team 3, Chief Park (Kim Hee-won) calls Geu-rae over and asks him how he passed the intern presentation test and landed his position with only a high school equivalency exam

Actor fashions his own future

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The year 2014 should be unforgettable for rising actor Ahn Jae-hyeon. The actor, who debuted through SBS megahit drama "My Love from the Star" as the younger brother of lead actress Jeon Ji-hyeon"s character, quickly became a heartthrob for teenage girls. The 27-year-old has now advanced to the silver screen as high school sweetheart Won-ho in webtoon-based film "Fashion King - Movie", which opened at local cinemas on Thursday."I still have a long way to go for the people who believe in me", Ahn said humbly. Ahn talked about his short but sweet career and his expectations for the future during an interview with the Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

In "Fashion King - Movie", Ahn plays Won-ho, left, the most stylish boy in school. Provided by the distributor


So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won reported to be filming on Jeju Island for web drama “Good Day”

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Actor So Ji Sub was revealed to be engaged in filming for his new production after getting cast in web drama, "Good Day," with actress Kim Ji Won ("Heirs")!

One drama rep disclosed to Ilgan Sports on November 10, "After getting confirmed for web drama "Good Day," which will be exported overseas, So Ji Sub has begun filming. After filming on Jeju Island, he will film about two to three episodes in Seoul. The web drama follows the story of one man who goes to Jeju Island and meets a new person. He is currently filming with Kim Ji Won."

In relation to appearing in a web drama, the rep stated, "His heart is always open to any channel or production. He ended up participating in it when the opportunity came and he thought it would be fun

Korean tvN Drama Misaeng Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:It’s just another normal day for Sales Team 3, complete with Chief Oh yelling at Geu-rae for his incompetent work. He throws files at him to redo, and Geu-rae rushes to his desk. In a voiceover, he tells us, “It’s a relief that nothing has changed, at least for me.”We see what he means as we get updates from our other newbie employees. Seok-yul struggles to adjust, having been planted in the office from the factory. Baek-ki has little to do, being valued less than his boss’s Bluetooth headset. Even ace Young-yi is demoted to handle the food and other trivial item deliveries on her team while also being treated coldly by her superiors for no apparent reason. The next morning, Geu-rae and Young-yi are met with Chief Oh, who smiles widely as he greets Young-yi. Deputy Director Sun Ji-young joins the group by the elevator, and Chief Oh notes that she’s arrived later than usual

Spotlight: Park Yoochun, The Successful Idol-Turned-Actor

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Spotlight: Park Yoochun, The Successful Idol-Turned-Actor Written by Joyce On September 3, 2014

With his boyish grin and smiley eyes, one would have expected Yoochun to always stick to the role of Prince Charming in rom-coms. Compared to thrillers and melodramas, rom-coms are much easier to navigate for an actor coming from the music scene. But instead, Yoochun has taken it upon himself to challenge his abilities beyond that of a mere flower boy, by selecting projects from a variety of genres such as action thriller Three Days, melodrama Missing You, and now, the at-sea film Sea Fog.

After four years in the acting industry, our resident JYJ actor has finally made his big screen debut in Sea Fog,opposite much lauded veteran actors

So Ji Sub Shares He Prefers To Be Called Sexy Over Handsome At Singapore Press Conference

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(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Fast Track Events Pte Ltd)

So Ji Sub visited Singapore for the first time after an overwhelming success of his recent drama, the highly acclaimed "Master"s Sun." The open press conference at City Square Mall Atrium on August 21 drew a huge crowd of avid fans and supporters from places all over the world such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Upon his arrival, Ji Sub was all smiles as he was welcomed with defending screams from his fans. Ji Sub started the press conference by greeting the crowd and thanked them gratefully for allowing the drama "Master"s Sun" to be so well-received.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to Fast Track Events Pte Ltd)

On the character he played in "Master"s Sun", he shared it is a total opposite of who he is in real life, "I am quite reserved

K-pop Takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Headfirst

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K-pop Takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Headfirst Written by Willis On August 25, 2014

The social media fad that has swept up awareness for the ALS disease — the ice bucket challenge has been gaining major press for how many people are taking up the bucket. More recently, it has become a growing occurrence among the K-pop elite, with celebrities and idols such as Yoo Jae-suk, Siwon, and Amber all taking part in this challenge. Let’s take a look at the origin of this social media campaign for awareness and donations, and see what K-pop has to offer it.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a debilitating disease that is a part of the Motor Neuron Disease (MND) category where “control muscles undergo degeneration and die.” People with this disease are usually expected to only live for 2 to 5 years after first experiencing symptoms, and there is no known cure for it

Lee Kwang Soo Takes On the Ice Bucket Challenge, Assisted by Fellow “Running Man” Member Kim Jong Kook

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Lee Kwang Soo recently joined in on the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Lou Gehrig’s disease) ice bucket challenge with the help of fellow “Running Man” member Kim Jong Kook, after he was challenged by “It’s Okay It’s Love” costar Jo In Sung. He uploaded his video on Facebook on August 20, saying that “it’s an honor to be a part of such a meaningful campaign, and I hope that through it, many will gain hope and strength.”

Kim Jong Kook then made his entrance, pouring the ice water over Lee Kwang Soo’s head. “You’re doing a good thing!” he said.

Shivering, Lee Kwang Soo challenged three more to participate: speed skater Lee Sang Hwa, actor Yoo Yeon Seok, and of course, Kim Jong Kook, who subsequently kicked Kwang Soo and grabbed him by the collar in protest

[HanCinema”s Idol Actors] Kim Jae-joong and Yoon Kye-sang

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In his acting, Kim had many issues, from control of his body language to convincingly emoting the things he had to convey. However, even if slow, progress was there. Despite this, he was still in the category of idols who some would wish stopped acting, his progress at the time not being nearly impressive and fast enough to show he would be getting anywhere fast.

All of this changed with "Triangle - Drama", where Kim showed considerable improvement and a glimpse at real potential to win his place in the acting industry. Despite the dismally messy show that it was and with little help from the writing, he gave his 100% to this character and it paid off. His performance was the sole saving grace of the series. If he can now show consistency, Kim Jae-joong will be here to stay.

Yoon Kye-sang

Yoon Kye-sang was part of g

Kim Dae-myeong in “Misaeng – Drama”

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Actor Kim Dae-myeong is starring in the new tvN drama "Misaeng - Drama".

He stars as Kim Dong-sik in his drama debut.

"Misaeng - Drama" is based on an original web-toon. Jang Gre (Si Wan) who put everything on the line for the game of Go, fails to make it to the pro team and is put out into the real world.

Kim Dae-myeong takes on the role of One International deputy manager. He"s trusted by his superiors and is strict to his subordinates. He respects deputy department head Oh (Lee Sung-min).

Kim Dae-myeong voice acted in the movie "The Terror Live" in July last year. He also starred in "Broken" and "The Target" continuously. This is his first drama.

His agency claims, "Kim Dae-myeong is one who can be normal and extraordinary at the same time

Actors Who Play Two Characters In The Same Drama

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Seo In Guk did a very convincing job of playing the goofy high school student pretending to be a corporate executive in "High School King of Manners." He did such a good job that when you finally meet his coldhearted older brother, also played by Seo In Guk, it"s easy to believe that he is played by another actor. His body language is different. He speaks differently. Even his face seems different. Seo In Guk"s eyes are bright and expressive when he plays Min Suk but flat and emotionless when the actor plays his older brother.

Seo In Guk nailed both roles but he is not the first actor to manage two roles in the same drama.

In "Phantom," So Ji Sub plays the police detective Kim Woo Hyun. When he dies in a fire, an avenging hacker named Park Gi Young is badly burned and has plastic surgery to look like Kim Woo Hyun

Jung Ga Eun Once More The Subject Of Dating Rumors

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Jung Ga Eun, who played a meddlesome Kingdom Mall employee in the horror rom com "The Master"s Sun," is once more the subject of dating rumors. This time the rumors say that she is dating a non-celebrity. She is allegedly dating the second oldest son of a company chairman at a small conglomerate. He is two years younger than she is. It is said that the two met in February through mutual acquaintances and have frequently been seen together, often playing golf.

According to her agency, the rumors are not true. The two did meet and play golf together but they only played once. And they are not a couple. Not yet anyway. They are just getting to know each other.

It"s not the first time that the actress, model, disc jockey and online dress mall entrepreneur has been the subject of dating rumors

K-Drama Actors Who Once Had Other Career Plans

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Viewers who saw the episodes of "Fated To Love You" that Wang Ji Won dances in, might wonder if the drama"s producers had to use a body double. But it"s actually Wang Ji Won dancing in those scenes. She trained as a ballerina with the Royal Ballet School in England, studied dance at the Korea National University of Arts and was a member of the Korea National Ballet in 2009.

She did not start acting until 2012 when she appeared as Kim So Yeon"s frenemy in "I Need Romance 3."

Many k-drama actors began their careers as singer or models. But Wang Ji Won is one of the few actors who really had no idea they would become entertainers.

Lee Jin Wook, who will play a prince in the upcoming drama "Three Musketeers," attended college with a view toward becoming an engineer

‘Infinity Challenge’ reported to have teamed up with Duble Sidekick for their ‘World Cup’ cheering song

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The "Infinity Challenge" cast will reportedly team up with the producer team that seems to be everywhere these days, Duble Sidekick, for their cheering song for the "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil"!

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Multiple broadcast insiders told Sports Seoul on May 28 that in light of Gil"s drunk driving incident, his cheering song will be substituted with Duble Sidekick"s: "The "Infinity Challenge" members" "World Cup" cheering song "Victory", which was composed by Gil, was substituted with Duble Sidekick"s song... The recording was recently completed, but the song title has not been decided yet."

The cheering song, created by Duble Sidekick, will be played during South Korea"s match against Russia and Algeria during the "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil"

Kim Jong Kook signs with subsidiary of ‘Running Man’s production company, Urban Works Ent.

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Kim Jong Kook, who has been under a one-client agency, has signed with the subsidiary of "Running Man"s production company Urban Works MediaUrban Works Ent.

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Urban Works Ent. stated on May 8, "Kim Jong Kook has decided to join Urban Works Ent. to work under better conditions under the condition that there is no contract fee and he would be able to work with his original agency staff."

"Starting with his activities "Running Man", "Asia Fan Meeting", "Strength of Love Public Concert", and more, Kim Jong Kook signed with us based on the trust that he established with Urban Works Media... With the recruitment of Kim Jong Kook and Soya into Urban Works Ent., which used to be primarily an actor management agency, we will newly establish a music business, and we plan to recruit more artists in the future

Eddy Kim shows off his 6-pack abs, English skills and more in ‘I’m: Eddy Kim’ interview

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Mystic89"s newest singer Eddy Kim has been on a role lately, dropping three MVs for his mini album "The Manual" as well as promoting on music shows. In an interview with 1totheK, he reveals even more details about himself.

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A self-proclaimed "Push & Pull" novice, Eddy Kim is actually a sweet and calm guy. However, underneath his warmness are 6-pack abs of steal which he shyly shows during the interview.

In addition, Eddy explains that he wants to be an all-around entertainer, sings the acoustic version of "Push & Pull" live, plus tells the story behind how he received pocket money from actor Oh Kwang Rok.

Find out all that and more in the above video with English subtitles

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Soo Hyun Kim Walks the Hollywood Red Carpet at “Captain America: Winter Soldier” Premiere

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Many actors and actresses dream of walking the Hollywood red carpet, and it has become a reality for actress Soo Hyun Kim.

Actress Soo Hyun (Claudia) Kim, who was cast for the new Hollywood film “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” stepped onto the Hollywood red carpet for her first official schedule as a member of the Avengers cast.

On March 14, she posted on her Twitter, “It’s actually happening..!” with a photo of herself posing for the press at the premiere of “Captain America: Winter Soldier” in Los Angeles. She was invited to the premiere as a member of the cast of the upcoming Avengers film, in which she will star next to big names such as Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Scarlett Johansson

Recent Episode of “1N2D” Challenges Members to Stop Smoking for 2 Full Days

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In an earlier episode of KBS2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days,” the members expressed their New Year resolutions for 2014. Among the goals, actor Kim Joo Hyuk had said that he wanted to quit smoking in 2014, stirring agreements from the other members. However, the members never would have thought that a future episode would require them to film for two full days without smoking. The March 9 episode of “1 Night, 2 Day” followed the members on a no-smoking trip, with each member being closely monitored, even being followed by a staff to the restroom. Out of all six members, actor Cha Tae Hyun was the only one who did not smoke; thus to be able to fairly implement the rules for the next two days, the actor’s friend and smoker, singer Hong Kyung Min, became a special guest for the no-smoking episodes. So what were the rules? The members were not allowed to smoke, and if they were caught smoking, they would have to fully submerge in to the icy cold ocean water