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Ailee Bursts into Tears as She Steps Off ‘The Laws of the City’

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Ailee will be leaving The Laws of the City.

July 16’s broadcast of SBS’s The Laws of the City showed a preview for next week’s episode, showing Ailee bidding her good bye to the New York family.

Ailee has been helping out the members of the NY family, namely Kim Sung Soo, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Chun Hee, Baek Jin Hee and Moon, get acquainted with life in New York. She acted as the ‘endorphin’ of the show, sharing her knowledge of the city with the members and getting close to them with her friendly personality.

However, Ailee will be leaving the show she passes on her baton to John Park, who has been assigned as the second helper.

Ailee and the NY family members were sad to part from each other and Baek Jin Hee and Ailee burst into tears as they hugged each other to say good-bye

Ailee does a beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'

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No one can deny Ailee"s impressive vocals--especially when they listen to her chillingly moving rendition of Whitney Houston"s classic, "I Will Always Love You," which aired on the July 16 installment of "Laws of the City."

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In front of the New York City crowd as well as the other cast members, Ailee showcased her incredible skills through a wide vocal range, spot on notes, and well-controlled vibrato. The people of New York were unable to hide their smiles and clearly impressed faces in front of her passionate performance.

Check it out above! You can even listen to her speak about her dedication to and love for music while enjoying some cute childhood photos of Ailee

Ailee Performs Live at Famous Club in NY

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Currently on SBS’s The Laws of the City, Ailee presented a passionate live performance at a famous club in NY.

The place that Ailee recently performed is a hot spot in NYC, where top stars, such as Bruce Willis and John Mayer, visit regularly and it is known to only stage performances of talented artists.

Ailee had previously sent in her profile along with her promotional video and received a permission to perform at the club.

Having spent her days in comfortable clothes since her arrival in New York, Ailee was excited to be dressing up again in a long time.

Ailee sang Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, Beyonce’s Halo, Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only and more, showing herself as a true diva in front of the New Yorkers and receiving enthusiastic response

Ailee & 2LSON drop collaborative remake 'I'm In Love' for 're;code' project

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After releasing the previous teaser with appearances from actors Park Soo JinSeo Kang Jun, and SNS star Dave,  Ailee and 2LSON are following up with the full MV for their remake project "I"m In Love".

Like it was said earlier, this song is part of the ongoing "re;code" music profject. "I"m In Love" is actually a remake of 2LSON"s existing song and Ailee has lent her voice for it for a different feel from the original.

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Listen to the song through the MV above!

Park Soo Jin, Seo Kang Jun, and more star in Ailee & 2LSON's 'I'm In Love' teaser for 're;code' project

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Actors Park Soo Jin, Seo Kang Jun, and SNS star Dave have lent their support for an upcoming music video for the song "I"m In Love" sung by Ailee and 2LSON.

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The three talk about the importance and meaning of love and kindness for this teaser of the song, which is actually a part of the ongoing "re;code" project. "I"m In Love" is actually a remake of 2LSON"s existing song and Ailee will be participating in it to add a fresh spin.

The full MV and the song will drop on the 11th!

Ailee and Shin Bora partner up on 'Immortal Song 2' summer special

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Ailee and Shin Bora partnered up on the July 5th summer special of "Immortal Song 2".

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As Shin Bora is a comedian, the two started out with a short, comedy sketch before launching into their cover of Cho Yong Pil"s "I"m Leaving on a Trip". Their upbeat, cheerful choreography and smooth, R&B inspired vocals impressed the audience, but JK Kim Dong Wook and MC Sniper took the final trophy.

Check out Ailee and Shin Bora"s cover above! How did you like their duet?

Baek Jin Hee and Ailee show off their pretty bare faces on 'Laws of the City'

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Singer Ailee and actress Baek Jin Hee revealed what they look like with no makeup on SBS variety program "Laws of the City in New York" on June 25!

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The two woke up in the morning, and after washing up, they showed their pretty bare faces! Both were surprised at their own appearances in the camera, but Baek Jin Hee said with some confidence, "It"s okay. We just need to meet and marry a guy who loves us like this too." However, neither really had anything to be worried about as they still looked bright and pretty.

Check out some of their clips below!

Ailee Invites Fans to Have a Peek into Her Personal Life in Her Reality Show “Ailee’s Vitamin”

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Singer Ailee will be the star of her very own four-part reality series on MBC Music titled “Ailee’s Vitamin,” which started airing on May 28.

The purpose of Ailee’s new show is to express her gratitude to the special people in her life who have been the ‘vitamin’ of her life, as she currently lives on her own in Korea and away from her family in the US, where she grew up.

Through “Ailee’s Vitamin,” the singer will be revealing her personal life on television for the very first time—including the people (and her dog) she lives and eats with. She also plans to show the time she spends with her fans, who have become her biggest source of strength.

“Ailee’s Vitamin” aired its first episode on May 28.

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2014 World Cup Cheering Show – Performances by EXO-K, A Pink, Girl’s Day, Block B, Ailee and More

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With the 2014 World Cup beginning soon, MBC aired a special program “2014 World Cup Cheering Show, Let’s go to Brazil” to cheer on team Korea.

Check out performances below by EXO-K, VIXX, Ailee, Crayon Pop, Girl’s Day, A Pink, Block B, AOA, Orange Caramel and more!

EXO-K – “Overdose”

VIXX – “G.R.8.6.” & “Arirang Mokdong”

Ailee – “Fighting Spirit”

Crayon Pop – “Uh-ee”

Girl’s Day – “Twinkle Twinkle”

A Pink – “Mr

Ailee takes fans into her personal life on her first reality show 'Ailee's Vitamin'

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Ailee is starring in her first ever reality show, MBC Music"s "Ailee"s Vitamin"!

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"Ailee"s Vitamin" is a four-episode reality show that will give viewers a look into Ailee"s life off-stage as she lives on her own in Korea, away from her family in the States. She will introduce viewers to her dog, labelmates, and friends and will also be seen spending time with her fans.

"Ailee"s Vitamin" will air every Wednesday at 7:30 PM KST! Check out a clip above!

Ailee’s Variety Show to Air First Episode Today

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Ailee will be challenging herself with a variety show under her own name.

MBC Music’ Ailee’s Vitamin set to air on May 28, is a 4-episode long variety show about Ailee thanking the people who have helped her out during the time spent away from her family and home as a singer in Korea.

Revealing her personal life on broadcast for the first time, Ailee will be introducing everyone, including her pet ‘Som yi,’ who she refers to as her daughter, senior and junior singers at her agency, close friends and more. She will also be showing her time with the fans.

The first episode will feature Ailee transforming into a high school girl, a jobless person, a housewife and more as she films for the show’s opening credits.

Dressed in blue training suits and thick glasses as a jobless person, Ailee said, “I will show you how pathetic I can get

EXO-K, A Pink, VIXX, Girl′s Day, Block B, Ailee and More to Participate in World Cup Special

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With the 2014 Brazil World Cup nearing, MBC will be celebrating the occasion with the 2014 World Cup Cheering Show with a line up of talented stars.

On May 28, the 2014 World Cup Cheering Show will air live on MBC. YB, whose music fired up the nation in 2002′s World Cup, will kick off the show with Oh Pilseung Korea, followed by a special performance by Park Jung Hyun and Kim Yeon Woo.

Also participating in the grand show will be EXO-K, currently one of the most popular idol groups, and Ailee, who will especially be performing the official cheering song Fighting Spirit for the first time. AOA will showcase the other official song Red Devils ′We Are The Reds as well.

Other artists include Block B, Orange Caramel, Crayon Pop, A Pink, Girl′s Day, VIXX, and more, along with cheerleading teams and a Brazilian performance team

Eric Benet Teams Up with Ailee for a Remake of “Almost Paradise” from American Classic “Footloose”

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Singer Ailee has been featured in a duet with American singer-songwriter Eric Benet. In Eric Benet’s remake album that was released in Japan on May 16, Ailee is featured in the song “Almost Paradise,” originally from the soundtrack of the 1984 classic “Footloose,” sung by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson. The duet was also released in Korea on May 16 in the form of a single.

The two singers came to work together through Warner Music Japan’s recommendation of Ailee to Eric Benet as a duet partner, after which Eric listened to Ailee’s music and readily agreed.

Check out the clip of their duet below!

Eric Benet has previously worked on collaborations with Brown Eyed GirlsJeA, as well as the five-member girl group Fiestar

Eric Benet recruits Ailee for powerful duet remake of 'Almost Paradise'

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Eric Benet is back in the eye of the Korean public as he releases his new song featuring none other than Ailee!

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The Korean release took place today of the remake of the 1984 classic "Almost Paradise", which was the theme song for "Footloose".

The two of course sing in English and their voices seem to complement each other quite well, so give it a listen above!

Ailee Releases Song “Day by Day” for “Triangle” Drama OST

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Singer Ailee has released her second song for the OST of the popular current drama “Triangle.”

Day by Day” is a simple ballad and the main song of the “Triangle” OST. The song was produced by Bum-E and Nang-E, the duo behind songs such as Huh Gak’s “I Told You I Wanted to Die” and “Monodrama.” The song will be used to describe the intensity of the love drama the main characters have. Ailee uses her powerful voice to sing about the loneliness and hurt that can come from a difficult love.

You can listen to the song here:

Ailee had previously sang another song for “Triangle,” “Do My Hair,” which was the first song released from the OST.

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