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Lee Joon Used to Be a Wig Model Before His Debut?

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Lee Joon of MBLAQ recently revealed that he used to be a model in the past, and not just any model, but a wig model.

On the April 15 episode of MNet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” the photos of Lee Joon modeling were unveiled by the MCs.

MC Shindong asked the guests, “Is there someone who has worked since a young age?” and Lee Joon was the first brave one to answer, “I appeared on the movie ‘Ninja Assassin‘ before my debut.”

When asked to reveal what he did before that, the idol confessed, “Stuff like home shopping… I even worked as a fitting model for wigs.” Hearing this, Shindong grabbed photos proving this and revealed old pictures of Lee Joon showcasing a variety of wigs.

Even though the photos are taken before his debut, his good looks and charming smile look exactly the same

Sung Joon Shows Off Charming Stares and Curly Hair for InStyle Magazine

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Actor Sung Joon has put on his model mode for a spread on InStyle Magazine.

The quirky but cool photos were revealed on April 16. Spring is in full bloom, and the concept of the photoshoot seems to have been inspired by pastel tones often associated with warming weather.

Dressed in muted tones of pink, grey, and green, Sung Joon is posing for the camera with charming confidence. His hair has been styled in a messy way, with his sassy curls giving him a fresh look. Being the professional he is, the model-turned-actor shows off his impressive variety of expressions that bring out the cool and carefree guy inside of him.

During the interview part of the shoot, he revealed his latest addiction; cycling. After wrapping up tvN’s “I Need Romance 3,” he confessed to commuting by bike from his home in Yangjae-dong to Apgujeong-dong

Son Ho Joon joins the cast of upcoming movie 'Doosaboo Begins'

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Actor Son Ho Joon has joined the cast of the upcoming film "Doosaboo Begins"!

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His agency Core Contents Media stated that his casting has been confirmed and his labelmate T-ara"s Eunjung is still in talks. Eunjung"s former "We Got Married" husband Lee Jang Woo is in talks as well.

"Doosaboo Begins" is the fourth film in the series following "My Boss, My Hero" (2001), "My Boss, My Teacher" (2005), and "The Mafia, The Salesman" (2007). The movie, which will be directed by Park Sung Kyun, is set to crank in this summer!

MBLAQ's Lee Joon reveals he used to be a wig model before his debut

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On the latest "Beatles Code 3D", MBLAQ"s Lee Joon revealed that he used to be a wig model before his debut. 

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Lee Joon commented, "I was cast in the movie "Ninja Assassin" before my debut," and MC Shindong asked, "Anything before that?" The MBLAQ member responded, "Something like home shopping... I worked as a wig model," explaining, "I was 20 years old," when photos of his past modeling showed up on screen.

MC Jang Dong Min joked, "They"re probably waiting for you to go bald." Shindong also mentioned that Lee Joon failed a lot of auditions before he debuted with MBLAQ.

Lee Joon said, "They criticized my appearance and said my eyes were too far apart. They said that through the television screen, my eyes would look even farther apart

Sung Joon updates fans on life after 'I Need Romance 3' in his charismatic pictorial for 'InStyle'

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Sung Joon updated fans on what he"s been up to after "I Need Romance 3" and his acting goals for "InStyle"!

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The actor revealed he"s been busy cycling these days, "After finishing "I Need Romance 3", I bought a bicycle, and I commuted with it from my house in Yangjaedong to Apgujeong for one month... Since I overexerted myself riding it, I got a bad cold and lost more weight than I did while filming my drama."

He also shared his goal as an actor, "Like Matthew McConaughey in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club", I want to take on acting in which I totally fall into the situation of a realistic production."

Check out his sexy and suave pictorial!

Actor Jung Suk Won Joins JYJ at C-JeS Entertainment

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Actor Jung Suk Won has joined a new home at C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on April 16, “Actor Jung Suk Won has become one of our family members. As much as he has devoted endlessly and worked hard since his debut, we will do our best to support Jung Suk Won to continue expanding his acting spectrum in the future. Please show him your support.”

Jung Suk Won made his debut through KBS’ “Belle.” He rose to fame in the 2009 SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” Since then he has appeared in various dramas including SBS’ “Midas,” KBS 2TV’s “Ojakgyo Brothers,” SBS’ “Rooftop Prince,” and KBS 2TV’s “Iris II: New Generation.”

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won joins many famous names in the Korean entertainment industry at C-JeS Entertainment including JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Kang Hye Jung, Song Ji Hyo, and Gummy

Actor Jung Suk Won joins C-JeS Entertainment

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Actor Jung Suk Won, who had been looking to get out of his contract with his former agency, has joined C-JeS Entertainment!

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C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 16th, "Jung Suk Won has joined our family. We will support actor Jung Suk Won, who has been consistently and diligently working in various productions since his debut, so that he can show a wider spectrum of acting."

Jung Suk Won joins Choi Min Shik, Suhl Kyung Koo, Lee Jung Jae, JYJ, Lee Bum Soo, Park Sung Woong, Kwak Do Won, Song Sae Byuk, Kang Hye Jung, Song Ji Hyo, Gummy, Jung Sun Ah, Park Yoo Hwan, Kim Moo Young, and Jin Hyuk in the growing agency.

Actor Lee Jong Suk Reveals His Sexy and Defined Abs for “Ceci”

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Actor Lee Jong Suk recently revealed his well-built upper body for a cover shoot to be featured in the May issue of “Ceci” magazine!

In the first photo, Lee Jong Suk has his pajama shirt unbuttoned, allowing the sunlight reveal the definition in his abs while striking a princely pose on the carpeted floor. In the second photo, Lee Jong Suk takes on the concept of a bad boy getting out of bed with tattoos on his fingers and left bicep. Even with bed hair and sweats, Lee Jong Suk manages to successfully give off a “homme fatale” aura. In the final photo, Lee Jong Suk wears a blazer featuring an interesting pattern with no shirt underneath for another sexy look.

In related news, Lee Jong Suk’s new SBS drama, “Doctor Stranger” will air its first episode in May!

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Actor So Ji Sub and After School's Jooyeon rumored to be dating?

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Actor So Ji Sub (37) and Aftrer School"s Jooyeon (27) are rumored to be dating!

According to the woman"s magazine Women Sense"s January issue, the pair have been dating for a year and 4 months already. They met in the Summer of 2012, where MBLAQ"s G.O introduced them to each other.

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The magazine said, "The two of them mainly dated at the Seoul Hannam-dong UN Village, where So Ji Sub"s house is. They had a date on December 19th, and the day after, So Ji Sub dropped Jooyeon off at a hair salon in Gangnam."

The two of them also visited the USA together. Apparently,Jooyeon introduced him to her friends as her boyfriend

Nam Sang Mi is Considering ‘Joseon Shooter with Lee Joon Gi

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After news went out that she’ll be joining Lee Joon Gi, Nam Sang Mi’s agency made a statement on her supposed appearance in KBS’ Joseon Shooter.

On April 15, Newsen spoke with Nam Sang Mi’s rep, who said, “It’s true that we received an offer for Joseon Shooter, but we’re still considering it. It’s not a confirmation.”

Joseon Shooter announced that Lee Joon Gi will be appearing in the new drama on April 6. He will acting as the character, Park Yoon Kang, the last swordsman in the Joseon dynasty, who later becomes a swordsman and a folk hero.

Nam Sang Mi is being considered for the role of Jung Soo In, a graceful figure, who slowly transforms into a strong woman as time passes.

Meanwhile, Joseon Shooter will begin in June after Golden Cross

B2ST Yoon Du Jun and Jung Joon Ha to Appear on ‘Happy Together’ for Lee Sang Hwa

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Celebrating friendship, Lee Sang Hwa invited B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun and Jung Joon Ha to KBS’ Happy Together.

According to KBS on April 15, Lee Sang Hwa, Jung Joon Hwa, and Yoon Du Jun participated in the recent recording of Happy Together in the ‘Best Friend Special.’

Jung Joon Ha and Lee Sang Hwa became friends through speed skater Mo Tae Bum. She attended his wedding in 2012 and also appeared on MBC’s Infinity Challenge with Jung Joon Ha in March.

Yoon Du Ju and Lee Sang Hwa became acquaintances after they appeared on SBS’ Intimate Note in 2010, where Lee Sang Hwa named the B2ST member as her ideal type.

Comedian Cho Yoon Ho will also appear as a guest.

The episode will air on April 24

Busker Busker's Jang Bum Joon and actress Song Ji Soo have a 'cherry blossom ending' + wedding pictorial

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Busker Busker"s Jang Bum Joon and actress Song Ji Soo tied the knot on the 12th and showed off their "cherry blossom ending" in a wedding pictorial!

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Jang Bum Joon and Song Ji Soo held a private wedding ceremony with family and close friends at The Laville in Samseongdong, Gangnam on the 12th and for the congratulatory song, Jang Bum Joon sang "Cherry Blossom Ending" for his wife.

The couple are expecting their first child later this year.

Actor Jung Il Woo Names “49 Days” Lee Yo Won as Best Kiss Scene Partner

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On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” actor Jung Il Woo held an interview session through the “Star ting” segment of the show. He appeared with his pet dog, which he received as a gift from his fans in 2010 at a pet café and showed off his barista skills.

The actor was asked, “Which actress lasted the longest at the celebration of the conclusion of ‘Golden Rainbow’?” Jung Il Woo names Uee and Cha Ae Ryun. He said, “Uee is a good drinker. She drinks soju very well.”

Jung Il Woo was also questioned which actress he had the best chemistry with for a kissing scene, in which he answered, “The chemistry with Lee Yo Won noona was the best.” He smacked his lips as he answered and evoked laughter on set. The two acted together in the drama “49 Days

Lee Joon chills spines with his portrayal of a psychopath in 'Gabdongi'

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Lee Joon sent chills down viewers" spines in "Gabdongi"!

Lee Joon plays the serial killer Ryu Tae Oh in the drama. In the 2nd episode, he had a cast on one arm and he tried to pull his motorcycle back upright again. A woman passed by him and hesitated, unsure of whether to help him or not. In the end, she decided to help him, and even led him to her workshop (because he was so charming).

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However, when they were alone, his warm smile turned into a frigid smirk and he said, "Let"s play the zombie game." He started unwrapping his cast, and told her, "Choose. Would you like to be the zombie, or the person running away?". She she chose the person, he smiled and said, "Too bad

Jung Joon Young makes a surprise visit to Jung Yoo Mi's drama set on 'We Got Married'

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Singer Jung Joon Young made a surprise visit to his wife Jung Yoo Mi"s drama set on the April 12th episode of "We Got Married".

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The actress, who is currently starring in the MBC drama "Mother"s Garden", was pleasantly surprised when Jung Joon Young showed up with a little snack for the cast and crew. He made sure to make himself useful by critiquing Jung Yoo Mi"s acting skills as well.

They then went over to the basketball court where they played a little ball with Jung Joon Young"s friends. The two made a bet, and Jung Yoo Mi promptly won.