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Basketball: Episode 16 Recap

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Basketball: Episode 16 RECAP by Drama Beans

Chi-ho proposes, San interrupts, and the factory grandma makes it her goal in life to sing San’s praises so that Shin-young doesn’t have a chance to give her yea or nay on the marriage.

Chi-ho elects to wait while the grandma drags Shin-young with her and a few other workers to see a doctor, and it’s only after they get a checkup that Shin-young hears that the surgery for Bong-soon’s father has already beenpaid for.

And who else should be the benefactor but Chi-ho, who Bong-soon graciously thanks while Shin-young bites her lip nervously. He tells her that he’s going to visit his father to receive his blessing for their marriage, which only makes Shin-young more uncomfortable as her eyes keep darting between him and San

Basketball: Episode 15

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Basketball: Episode 15 RECAP by Drama Beans

After San scores Korea’s first one-handed basket, Chi-ho congratulates him. San replies that it wouldn’t have been possible without his help, to which Chi-ho smiles and says, “Thanks to you, I was reminded why I play basketball. My calling as a basketball player… I’ll never forget it again.”

They decide to work together as a team, and we only hear of their win when Daddy Choi does, through the radio. This news, like all other news ever, makes him angry.

Bookie Gong celebrates with his team now that they’ll be competing in the semifinals, and tells everyone that he had a dream about vomiting—so by that logic, he’s vomited out all the bad and that means there’s only good ahead

“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 5 (Episode 9-10)

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“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 5 (Episode 9-10) by Couch-Kimchi:

Ah, the holidays – it’s when family descends on your home and interrupts your drama viewing. (LOL) Not that I don’t love my family and turkey but how to explain how important it is to watch this weeks episodes of Empress Ki? I described the plot and our baby Emperor finally seeing Ki so they would allow me some time alone with my computer. At least until the pie is ready. Must have pie. *hee*

As Ta Hwan makes his way to the concubine quarters, he runs into Ki and orders her to look at him. He stares into her face and mutters that she looks really similar. *facepalm* Dowager Empress shows up to try forcing him to visit Lady Park. He’s not interested in her dancing and gets angry with Dowager Empress. He storms out, passing by Ki and glancing at her again

“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 4 (Episode 7 – 8)

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“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 4 (Episode 7 - 8) by Couch-Kimchi:

I’m continually amazed at the story progression and the pace of this drama – things move quickly. That suits me just fine – I hate repetition, flashbacks upon flashbacks, long silent staring and no character development. Having said that, I don’t expect much just yet – it’s still very early.
In episode 7, our creepy brother Ki-Se “smells” that Ki is a woman and rips open her shirtt. He orders her dressed and brought to his tent, while Byung-Soo stares at Ki like he can’t believe it. Two of the Goryeo slaves are brought in to dress her up and apply make-up. She’s brought to Ki-Se’s quarters and he’s momentarily speechless at her beauty. She’s forced to her knees, her hands tied.

Ki immediately scouts the room, finding the location of the cross-bows

Empress Ki: Episode 1 – 2 Recap

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Empress Ki: Episode 1 - 2 recap by daebakdramas

Empress Ki/Hwatu/기황후 started last week after MBC’s previous sageuk drama (and sadly snooze-fest) “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”. I consider this a one-off recap for now since Empress Ki will be 50 episodes long and I don’t know if I can hold out that long… Sageuks in general tend to lose me after the first 16 episodes

“Secret” – Finale Recap

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“Secret” – Finale Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

I can’t believe its the end! This drama is definitely the best thing I’ve seen this year and I’m kinda upset it’s almost over. However, I’m also very curious to see how this rookie-writer decides to wrap things up. I’m crossing my fingers that the wonderful story will continue right to the last moment.
We left off with Do Hoon threatening Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung listening to those threats over the phone. Do Hoon says he will destroy K-group and Shin Hwa both. He’s confident Min Hyuk will choose K-group, after all – does Min Hyuk really believe he is different from Do Hoon? He calls Yoo Jung again, asking what she’s going to do? Min Hyuk uses his own phone to call Yoo Jung and asks if she trusts him? He calmly tells her no matter what Do Hoon says, to go ahead and do whatever she needs to do

“Secret” – Week 4 Recap

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“Secret” – Week 4 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

This drama just keeps getting better and better, the writing, the acting, the music – just everything! Each week, I wait for and kind of expect some drama cliché to work itself into the script and each week, I’m delighted that the writer has managed to avoid cliché stuff. I am literally on the edge of my seat with every episode. This drama is excellent, I highly recommend!
This week begins with Yoo Jung in the hospital and Min Hyuk sitting beside her bed, wiping the sweat from her face and telling her to wake up. It seems she was over-fatigued and not eating properly. When her eyes flutter open, he quickly shifts the tissue so she won’t see him. She falls back asleep and he leaves. In the car, he says to himself that he doesn’t want to see a woman die because of him and cutely snaps at his assistant, Gwang Soo (Choi Woong) that he doesn’t want a reply from him

Answer Me 1994: Episode 14 Recap

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Answer Me 1994: Episode 14 by Drama Beans: “The people who changed me, Part 1″

2013. The houseguests start getting hungry, and the boys prod Binggeure to pay for some food (I’m taking that as a good sign that he’s successful). He pretends not to know what they’re talking about, so they call out Chilbongie next, who defers to Garbage because he’s eldest. Heh.

So Garbage gets up to get his wallet (interesting), and then Na-jung hands the folder of takeout menus to Chilbongie, who calls to make the order (iiiinnnnnteresting). Garbage tells him to add some soju to the order, only to have Na-jung scream at him for drinking too much.

Back in the summer of 1995, we rewind to Oppa swooping in for The Kiss. Pssh, as if we didn’t all re-watch that a thousand times last week

Girls’ Generation Shares Details About Upcoming Concert “Marchen Fantasy”

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Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and Sunny received a surprise visit from maknae member Seohyun during their rehearsal for their upcoming concert. The trio then sat down to send a message to their fans about their upcoming concert titled “Marchen Fantasy.” The concert will take place during the Kpop music festival “SMTOWN Week.” The concert should be a magical one, since the german word “marchen” means fairy tale.

Girl’s Generation will hold their special concert on December 2 at the Ilsan Kintex. The show will include performances of their hit songs along with heartwarming Christmas songs. Girls’ Generation will also show a special preview for their upcoming album.

SMTOWN Week will be held from December 21 to 29 and will include appearances from Shinee, f(x) and Super Junior

Kdrama “Basketball” Episode 13 Recap

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Basketball: Episode 13 Recap by Drama Beans

The crowd currently set on stoning Shin-young to death are suddenly startled by the sound of a gun—Japanese police officers have shown up to break up what they deem as an illegal protest.

Sung-won tries to rally the people to hold their ground, but another shot fired into the crowd scatters them. Meanwhile San, unconscious from having protected Shin-young, is helped up by Chi-ho and Sung-won. The latter rejects the former’s offer to take San to the hospital, claiming that the only way Chi-ho can help is to pretend like he never saw them.

While Sung-won patches San up, he also chastises him for taking such a big risk in helping Shin-young

Mi Rae’s Choice: Episodes 13-14 recap

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by La Petite

Se Joo walks into the meeting room, introduces himself as Miranda’s grandson who inherits her blood and money but there is one thing that cannot be inherited and that is a challenging mind. He delivers an ambitious speech of his plans for making YBS into a media station that keeps challenging itself and into a media conglomerate that is recognized worldwide.

Mi Rae tries to get a grip of herself in the ladies after getting officially rejected by Shin, Writer Bae walks in and queries her regarding her Christmas date. Meanwhile, PD Lee wakes up from his little drooling nap (yes, there is drool on the desk) and sees Se Joo looking down on him, frowning. LOL. PD Lee obviously has no idea and continues to mock Se Joo but changes tone straight away and shuns Se Joo aside when the vice director enters the office

Interview with Producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer: Working with XIA Junsu on “Uncommitted” and “Incredible”

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Back in the summer of 2012, many fans were excited to learn about the release of Junsu’s (XIA‘s) new English single album, “Uncommitted.” The album opened a new understanding towards the singer’s ability to digest and express different musical ranges. Many have wondered about the American producer behind the English song “Uncommitted”. The question might have occurred again this past summer, when the same producer of “Uncommitted” had worked with Junsu to create the song “Incredible,” the Korean and English title song featuring Quincy Brown in Junsu’s second solo album.

American producer Bruce “AutomaticVanderveer, CEO of InRage Entertainment, is the mastermind behind “Uncommitted” and “Incredible,” two completely opposite styled songs that managed to fit perfectly with Junsu’s vocals

“Nunas Over Flowers” Posters and Character Introductions

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tvN’s “Nunas Over Flowers” uploaded their second poster picture on their official Facebook page on November 28, along with the text, “Would you like to go on vacation with me?” The poster depicts the cast of nunas and Lee Seung Gi sitting on a flight of stairs in the course of their vacation.

There’s a leisurely lazy atmosphere. Everyone is holding a cup of coffee while sitting comfortably on the steps. The four nunas, Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon, have all eyes on Seung Gi, and have satisfied looks on their faces, while Seung Gi appears to be looking intently at his map.

Croatia provides a warm backdrop for this “Nunas Over Flowers” poster. The steps the cast is seated on seems to continue on forever, while textured brick buildings flanking the steps rise on both sides, while the warm sunshine beats down from behind, producing an image of European tranquility

Wish Your Favorite K-Stars #HallyuHappyHolidays on Instagram

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As Soompiers in America prepare to spend Thanksgiving with their families and loved ones, we’re happy to present you a fun event to bring the international K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Movie communities together to wish our favorite stars happy holidays.

It’s simple – just post an Instagram video wishing your favorite K-Stars happy holidays. It can be just you, or with your friends, family, pets, strangers, computer – be creative! Be sure to tag your post with #HallyuHappyHolidays so we can find your videos.

At the end of the campaign, we’ll compile all the videos and feature them in one heartwarming holiday video for all of your favorite K-Stars to watch! Everyone who participates will be entered to win special prizes from Soompi & Mnet America.


1. Follow @MnetAmerica & @SoompiKpop on Instagram


Kdrama Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 13 Recap

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Kdrama Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 13 Recap by Drama Beans

Se-joo is introduced as the new executive director of YBS and has no qualms about obtaining the position through an act of nepotism. With his ambitious plans to build the network into a media empire, he’s met with warm reception by the execs.

He thanks Shin for the introduction afterward, to which Shin dryly retorts that he’ll gladly provide his emceeing services in the future.

Mi-rae is still in shock from Shin’s cutthroat words in the bathroom when Writer Bae walks in to ask about her big date, only to frown to hear things didn’t go as planned.

News travels fast within the company, but it’s no surprise that Jokey PD hasn’t gotten the memo as he wakes up to a familiar face and orders him around in banmal as usual

The Awesome that is The Heirs Episode 13 & 14

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The Heirs episode 13 and 14 left Frau, BBSwooner, The Crazy Ahjumma and I with many feelings that can not be expressed in just a few words. We decided to create this post with all our favourite scenes from the two daebak episodes. We will rant, swoon and die as we discuss each scene and why we love it so much. Come and swoon/rant/die with us!!!!

Episode 13

“The Emotional Hug”

Ducky: My first favourite scene is the emotional hug that we waited one whole week for! Why was it such a great scene and delivered so much emotions?

Frau: Yes, I love it! It was full of warmth and comfort as well as reassuring. It also signifies ES accepting Tan not only taking his hand but him as a whole

Park Shin Hye Is Caught Between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in “The Heirs” Ep 13 Preview Stills

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Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye finally ignite their burgeoning relationship with an emotional embrace on SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Heirs.”

Picking up where the last episode ended, the November 20 episode of “The Heirs” shows Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) finally facing her feelings, as she walks up to Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and passionately embraces him. In the episode 12, Kim Tan had come to see her at work, and the two stood face to face shedding tears without exchanging a single word. The teaser pictures show that Cha Eun Sang clearly understands that he is deeply upset, and in spite of her complex feelings, moves forward to give him a hug, pressing herself close to him while on tiptoes.

The hug scene between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye was filmed in front of a Mango Six café in Daechi-dong, Seoul, on November 11, and the pair took more than three hours to complete the scene, filming in the cold

Marriage angst and partner-swapping in Warm Words

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Here’s a peek at SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Warm Words, set to take over Suspicious Housekeeper’s timeslot in just a few weeks. The 20-episode melodrama is about two married couples and one affair that threatens to unravel both households. It’s purported to be Desperate Housewives-y, but the teaser seems just straight melo to me, not that the thirty-second teaser reveals much about the show other than the affair that will wring tears. It does start with an intriguing line: “I meet my husband’s lover every day…”

The drama comes from the writer of Can We Get Married and the PD of Five Fingers, and is about the two extended families that hang in the balance when a married man and woman start a dangerous love affair

Kdrama The Heirs Episode 12 Recap

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Kdrama The Heirs Episode 12

At the crosswalk. ES pulls out of Tan’s hold. Tan throws away YD’s hand. ES says to Tan, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.” Tan replies, “I know it’s hard. I’m sorry. I can’t promise that it will be better from now on.” Tan reaches out his hand towards ES. “Still, let’s go. Holding hands.” YD: “Don’t hold his hand.”

ES puts her hand in his, and also brings her other hand up, cupping Tan’s, as if in a handshake. Tan realizes what she is doing at first and whispers, “Don’t do this,” but he gets louder and louder. ES tearfully responds, “We’ve come far already. Let’s not go any further.” Tan yells again, “Don’t do this,” but ES drops Tan’s hand. She leaves, saying let’s just see each other around.

Just the two of them, YD says to Tan, “You still make people leave

Kdrama Mi-rae’s Choice Episode 10 Recap

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Mi-rae’s Choice EPISODE 10 RECAP

Shin is shocked to see Mi-rae dine at the same table as Chairman Lee and whom he now knows to be her grandson, Se-joo, who returns a tiny smirk.

He’s still trying to piece it all together when Se-joo calls to confirm his family lineage and apologize for keeping him in the dark. Shin asks if Mi-rae knows this truth as well, to which Se-joo smiles, amused to hear Shin suddenly speak to him in jondaemal. He asks that Shin keep it under wraps for now.

Shin tears into Ajumma Mi-rae afterward—is his future demise due to being fired by Se-joo and therefore blacklisted from the industry? He accuses her of working with Se-joo to orchestrate this scenario tonight, saying she could have just told him, but why did she let him be humiliated like this?

“Would you have believed me if I told you?” Ajumma retorts