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“It’s Okay It’s Love” Sets Us Up with Some Tantalizing Stills, and a Word from the Producers

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The new drama “It’s Okay It’s Love” is airing its first episode tonight (July 23, KST), and the production has revealed some preview stills to whet our drama appetites!

The first set of stills shows Jung Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) in a sea of pretty ladies at his pool birthday party, where he is the DJ. Jung Jae Yeol’s brother then shows up, with whom he has had a bad relationship due to an unknown past event, and we see in subsequent photos Jo In Sung lying on the floor and his brother being restrained, gripping a knife.

In yet another set of stills, we see Jung Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) and Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) in what seems to be a tense conversation. The next photo then shows a passed out Ji Hae Soo, being held by Jung Jae Yeol, who is bleeding

'Superstar K4's Honey-G croon 'Fluttering Heart' for 'High School King' OST

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"Superstar K4"s Honey-G are singing "Fluttering Heart" for fellow "Superstar K" alumni Seo In Guk"s tvN drama "High School King" OST!

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"Fluttering Heart" is by producer Kim Ji Soo and expresses Min Suk (Seo In Guk)"s heart towards Soo Young (Lee Ha Na). With this, Honey-G croon another love song with their soft and tender voices, and like the song"s title, they left listeners feeling the butterflies in their stomachs from the nervous excitement of romance expressed in the song.

Feel the love in the air through the song!

IU and Ulala Session sing 'Yearning Heart' for part 5 of 'The Lyrics' project

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IU and Ulala Session have come together for the 5th part of "The Lyrics" project!
"The Lyrics" is N.A.P Entertainment"s CEO and producer Choi Kap Won"s project that has been running since 2012. Although the song was recorded in 2012, the song is just now being released. The song combines Ulala Session"s vocal and rap with IU"s lovely voice. It has a retro beat with an 80"s synth sound in the beginning.

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"The Lyrics" project started in 2012 with Wheesung and Lee Seung Woo"s "Should I Catch a Cold", and continued onto Youngji and Lee Kyu Hoon"s "Be Happy", Lee Ji Young and Phantom"s Hanhae"s "Uncomfortable Truth", and Gummy"s "You"ll Think Of Me"

IU and Ulala Session reveal teaser for 'Anxious Heart', the last project with the late Lim Yoon Taek

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IU and Ulala Session teased their upcoming collaborative song, "Anxious Heart", with a bubbly teaser video!

"Anxious Heart" is the fifth song in N.A.P Entertainment"s Choi Gab Won"s ongoing "The Lyrics" project, and is a bright and cheerful re-imagining of the traditional Korean 1980"s disco sound.

The song, in production since 2012, is also notable for being the last project to include the voice of Lim Yoon Taek, the Ulala Session member who passed away due to cancer early last year.

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Check out the teaser above as you await the release on June 30

Kris Joins Fan Bingbing′s Community Service Project to Help Children with Heart Disease

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Having left EXO with an ongoing lawsuit with SM Entertainment, Kris is looking to take his first independent footsteps with a community service project.

On June 20, Kris retweeted a Weibo post written by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. The post read, "Kris has decided to join our community service team, Heart Ali," and "I believe that we can do many more things. For the innocent laughter of children! Thank you."

Although it wasn′t posted by Kris himself, as he retweeted Fan Bingbing′s post, he shared the news of his community service activities to his fans.

Heart Ali is a community service project that helps take care of children suffering from inherent heart disease in the Xinjiang area of China. As the sponsors, Fan Bingbing and Chen Li Zhi have been helping children in the region

SHINee Captures Heart of Indonesia with First Solo Concert

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SHINee successfully ended its first solo concert in Indonesia, heating up the night in Jakarta.

SHINee launched its concert SHINee Concert “SHINee World III” in Jakarta on June 22 in Meta Elang International Stadium, getting explosive responses from the audience.

SHINee performed a total of 26 songs, including a parade of its hits Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Sherlock, Dream Girl, Everybody as well as the album tracks Real, Hitch Hiking, Like A Fire, Destination and more, presenting unique music and powerful performance that harmonized with the sophisticated stage setting.

The audience shouted out SHINee’s name and sang along the songs during the entire concert, passionately enjoying the concert.

The fans also prepared a special event for SHINee, holding up signs that said ‘let’s be together forever,’ when the group performed Selene 6

Yeo Jin Goo enjoys a beverage cart sent to set of 'Shoot My Heart' by fans

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Little Big Pictures, the distributor of upcoming movie "Shoot My Heart", revealed on June 16 that the staff members got to enjoy a variety of beverages from a mobile cafe sent by actor Yeo Jin Goo"s fan club!

The fun menu that included clever play-on-words using drink names and the movie title made the staff member laugh. In addition, the movie actors, both Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Min Ki, posed cutely and happily in front of the cafe to show their gratitude for the fans" thoughtfulness on the hot day. Lee Min Ki later took the staff members out for dinner.

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Yeo Jin Goo said, "I"m really grateful for the fans who showed concern through preparations like this

U-KISS' AJ updates fans with news that he's recovering from heart surgery

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U-KISS" AJ has revealed that he"s currently recovering from heart surgery.

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The last we heard from AJ he was temporarily taking a break from U-KISS to study at Columbia University, and according to NH Media, he enrolled in school for this past January. New member Jun then joined U-KISS for their latest album "Mono Scandal" and track "Don"t Flirt". However, it seems that he"s run into a health issue.

On June 11, AJ tweeted, "After the heart surgery, I am in recovery," along with a photo of what appears to be his arm at the hospital. Not much more about his condition is known at the moment, but hopefully, he"ll recover soon. 

After the heart surgery, I am in recovery

Got7 Members to Hold Competition to Win miss A Suzy’s Heart

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The Got7 members will be competing against one another to win the heart of ‘everyone’s first love’ Suzy.

Miss A’s Suzy will be guesting on June 10’s broadcast of SBS MTV’s I Got 7.

I Got 7 is a reality show featuring the Got7 members trying to earn the seven abilities to win the hearts of the fans.

The upcoming episode will continue to show the members trying to ‘win the hearts of women’ by targeting miss A’s Suzy, representing all women.

During filming, Suzy claimed that a man needs to have good sense in order to win the heart of women and gave out a quiz about herself.

The Got7 members then fiercely engaged in a competition to run to Suzy on their knees in order to get the chance to answer first.

Jackson, in the process, shouted out, “It’s difficult to live this life!” making everyone burst out laughing

GOT7 Fights for Suzy’s Heart on the Next Episode of “I GOT7″

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The preview for the next episode of “I GOT7″ was released on JYP Entertainment‘s official YouTube page on June 9.

In the preview, members of JYP’s newest boy group GOT7 are seen fighting for Suzy‘s attention and will play a game for Suzy’s heart. At the end of the first segment, Suzy can be seen choosing a member by giving him a hug from the back.

In the second half of the preview, the members of GOT7 showed their candid moments through self-camera, garnering much anticipation from the boy group’s fans.

This next episode of “I GOT7″ featuring Suzy will air on June 10.

Check out the preview for the next episode of “I GOT7″ below.

In related news, GOT7 will be having their much-awaited comeback on June 18 with a showcase

S.E.S show their lasting camaraderie at the annual 'Green Heart Bazaar'

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Singer Bada updated her Twitter account on June 2 with pictures of herself alongside fellow S.E.S members Eugene and Shoo! What a sight for sore eyes as these girls proved that no matter how many years it has been since they last promoted as a group, they were still close friends and "fairies"!

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Bada wrote, "Is everybody having an awesome day? The "Green Heart Bazaar" wrapped up well this year too thanks to everybody"s heartfelt participation. Starting from this campaign, it"s S.E.S" "Green Heart" with UNICEF to help children all over the world. Thanks to everyone who did it with us. You"re going to do it with us next year too, right? S.E.S" "Green Heart Bazaar" will prepare a fun time next year to help more children, animals, and the natural environment

BEAST’s Yoseob Leaves Warm Message Previewing Comeback

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As BEAST will make their comeback in mid June, member Yoseob left a message to his fans previewing the group’s return. On May 30, the video featured Yoseob standing on what seemed to be the set of the group’s upcoming music video. In the short 42 second video message, Yoseob expressed, “Our comeback is very soon, and I am filed with many emotions. However, thinking about how long our fans have been waiting for us makes me feel sad for our fans. We have been working hard to bring good contents, so please look forward to our new song. Thank you!”

The heartfelt message displayed just how long BEAST had been waiting to make their comeback, as well as how long their fans have waited for the group’s return. Beast will be returning on June 16 with their new song. Watch Yoseob’s video message below!

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon lends her beautiful voice for ballad 'Love, That One Word' for 'You're Surrounded' OST

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"You"re Surrounded", the drama that has been grabbing viewers" interest lately, is here to further pull you in with the OST by none other than Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon!

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Taeyeon has lent her voice for the song "Love, That One Word", which is an emotional ballad that comes alive with the idol"s beautiful vocals.

Judging by the album cover for this OST release, it seems the song serves to communicate the potential blossoming love line between Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara"s characters.

Check it out above!

Sweet Sorrow Releases Sweet and Retro “Pounding Heart” MV Teaser

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Four men vocal group Sweet Sorrow has released the first video teaser for title track “Pounding Heart” from their upcoming mini album, “For Lovers Only.”

“For Lovers Only” will contain five tracks, including the pre-released “Beautiful.” The title track, “Pounding Heart,” is composed, written, and produced by member Kim Young Woo. The song is arranged by Kim Ji Soo, who has worked as Busker Busker‘s producer and as a drama music director.

The album also includes songs composed and written by the other members, Sung Jin hwan, In Ho Jin, and Song Woo Jin.

The band is also set to play a series of concerts called “Harmony” beginning on July 3, to July 20, at Ewha University’s Samsung Hall

Choo Sarang gets her heart broken by Yuto on the next 'Superman is Back'... D'awww!

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Everyone"s favorite "choovely" star is getting her heart broken on the upcoming "Superman is Back".

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On the May 25th episode, Choo Sarang is meeting up with her "boyfriend" Yuto at a picnic. During filming, they wore matching couple outfits, ran around hand in hand, and Yuto gave Choo Sarang a ride in a toy car.

Things then got turned upside down when a rival appeared. Sarang had some competition as another girl had her sights on Yuto, and he ended up pushing her around in the toy car instead. Sarang seemed heartbroken, crying out loud as her mom Yano Shiho joked, "It"s Sarang"s tragic story."

Check out the episode this weekend!