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Lee Michelle Participates in the OST of New Drama “Make a Wish”

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Singer Lee Michelle, who is known as the Korean Beyonce, has participated in the second part of the OST of MBC’s new drama, “Make a Wish.”

The song that Lee Michelle sung, “If You Come To Me,” will be released on August 5. The beautiful piano melody and the use of string instruments, that stimulates emotions, is what make the song stand out.

Lee Michelle is known to be a participant of the first season of SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” and was acknowledged for her singing abilities. Lee Michelle has continuously put on a strong image but through this OST, she is planning on showing her feminine charms.

The famous songwriter, Jang Young Soo, has participated along with songwriter, Fourth Hitter

Chansung To Play An Idol In A Korean-Chinese Production

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2PM"s Chansung has become the latest k-celeb to sign on for a Chinese production. He will appear in the musical film titled "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." It is a title inspired a Beatles song.

This coming of age film is actually a collaborative effort between Korea"s JYP Entertainment and the Chinese entertainment company East Entertainment Group.

According to a JYP representative, Hwang Chansung will appear as G.O., the youngest member of Stars, a once popular idol group.

That"s fitting because in real life, Chansung, 24, is also the youngest member of the band 2PM. Except that in real life, 2PM is still popular.

The JYP representative said that the singer and actor plays a supporting role to fellow JYPE actor Wei Da Xun, who has been cast as the film"s lead

Actress Lee Young Eun to Get Married This September!

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Actress Lee Young Eun (32, Korean age) will be tying the knot this coming September 27!

A broadcast official told TV Report on August 1, “Lee Young Eun will become a bride in the fall. The couple will be shooting their wedding pictorial next week.”

Despite having an incredibly busy schedule in the midst of filming for the drama “High School King,” as well as “My Secret Hotel,” which will be airing its first episode on August 18, the actress has been making preparations for the upcoming wedding ceremony with her fiance. It has been reported that the groom-to-be is not involved in the entertainment industry, but an ordinary company worker who is two years her junior.

Lee Young Eun first made her debut as a clothing brand model, and began actively promoting in the industry after appearing on the variety program “Kang Ho Dong’s Soul Mates” in 2003

Notes on a Scandal: What Can SM Entertainment Learn from 2014?

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Notes on a Scandal: What Can SM Entertainment Learn from 2014? Written by Kelsey On July 30, 2014

All is not well in the house of SM Entertainment. To be fair, 2014 thus far has given us a host of scandals across the entertainment companies, but SM has had more than a full plate of controversies, most of which have been handled really, really poorly.

I’m sure the big wigs in the management offices have asked each other the question we’re mulling over now: how can so many things go wrong in a such a short time period?

Over the course of just seven months, SM Entertainment has lost grip of the strict, faithful schedules and procedures by which they have always done their business.

These scandals give the public even more reasons to hold SM accountable for their actions, and if there’s anything that the Great Scandal Season of ’14 has offered, it’s that SM is fundamentally failing at managing their idols

[Video] Added Korean drama “Trot Romance” episode 12

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Added episode 12 for the Korean drama "Trot Romance"

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"Trot Romance" (2014) Directed by Lee Eun-jin, Lee Jae-sang Written by Kang Yoon-kyeong, Oh Seon-hyeong With Ji Hyeon-woo, Jung Eun-ji, Sin Seong-rok, Lee Se-yeong, Son Ho-joon, Sin Bo-ra,... 20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Trot Lovers" Synopsis A woman in her 20s who has a talent for trot, meets a genius trot writer and becomes a trot singer. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/23

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Note : due to licensing, videos may not be available in your country

[Video] Added Korean drama “Trot Romance” episode 11

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Added episode 11 for the Korean drama "Trot Romance"

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"Trot Romance" (2014) Directed by Lee Eun-jin, Lee Jae-sang Written by Kang Yoon-kyeong, Oh Seon-hyeong With Ji Hyeon-woo, Jung Eun-ji, Sin Seong-rok, Lee Se-yeong, Son Ho-joon, Sin Bo-ra,... 20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Trot Lovers" Synopsis A woman in her 20s who has a talent for trot, meets a genius trot writer and becomes a trot singer. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/23

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Which Star Of ‘The Heirs’ Will Be The Next Top K-Movie Star?

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(Photo : Star Haus Entertainment,SidusHQ, Atree Media) Which of these four stars of "The Heirs" has will be the next top K-Movie star?

“The Divine Move” starring Jung Woo Sung, Lee Bum Soo, and “Fated to Love You” star Choi Jin Hyuk opened in theaters throughout North America, this past weekend.

Choi Jin Hyuk has one of his first major film roles in “The Divine Move” the GO hustling gangster Sun Soo. he role is a departure from the sweet yet slightly detached characters he has portrayed over the past year in the popular Korean dramas “Emergency Couple” and “The Heirs.”

Choi Jin Hyuk delivers a captivating performance as Sun Soo and is featured in one of the best scenes of “The Divine Move

5 K-Dramas that are perfect to get your friends addicted to

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If you’ve been struggling to find ways to get your friends into Korean dramas, or just Asian dramas in general, fear no more! These K-Dramas provide everything from romantic comedy to science fiction. I’m sure many of you have already watched at least some of these dramas, but if you haven’t, you should consider marathoning them with some of your friends! This will probably end up succeeding in getting them into Korean dramas, at least a little bit. So next time your friends have a sleepover, bring out the junk food and put on a K-Drama for all to enjoy! Here are 5 new shows you can start with:

1) My Love From Another Star

People all over the world were bewitched by this show about a 400 year old alien who falls in love with a modern-day Hallyu actress

Furniture startup breaks traditional framework

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From left to right: Jeong Jae-yeob, Ahn Oh-jun and Tak Eui-seong in their furniture cafe in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul. By Kim Kyeong-rok

Middle-aged Korean women may single-handedly be contributing to the success of multiple retailers and fashion lines. This demographic has a reputation for being savvy shoppers as well as avid fans of dramas.They are quick to find out what kind of handbag their favorite character was carrying or what type of table the most popular fictional family had in their dining room. When the latest episodes conclude, many instantly look up the brands and products that caught their eyes and add them to their shopping list. Businesses are eager to capitalize on this trend and are often willing to pay a small fortune to the producers of television shows or drama series to go toward product placement

Free Outdoor Market and Live Stage Added To KCON for First Time, as 2014 Convention Continues to Grow

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KCON 2014 Includes Two Night of K-pop Concerts, Appearances from Top Korean Drama Stars, "League of Legends" Exhibition Match, and the "Taste of KCON"

A Larger Convention with More Panels, Workshops and Special Guests from Across Hallyu Storm Downtown L.A. August 9 and 10

KCON, the largest annual fan celebration of all things Hallyu, announced today that the third annual convention will feature a free marketplace with vendors from around LA and a free outdoor stage. KCON 2014 also revealed its program schedule for this year"s two day convention taking place August 9 and 10 in Downtown Los Angeles. Building on last year"s highly successful event at the Los Angeles Memorial Arena, KCON 2014 will return with a programming slate double the size and more varied than ever. In addition to two star-studded K-pop concerts (up from one in 2013), special guests and a new program of panels and workshops, KCON 2014 will add a slew of first-time features to the convention

K-pop and Biases: When You Lose One

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K-pop and Biases: When You Lose One Written by Alolika On July 25, 2014

I went through a bad breakup recently. It involved a lot of crying, whining and pleading at the other end but I had made my decision. His questionable past, poor articulation skills, invisibility on variety shows and undivided attention to his owl-eyed friend compelled me to take the final step. I am sorry Kai but things had gone too far. You are just too boring.

And having no new bias take his place, I have officially lost all purpose in life. So here is an attempt at mapping stages of mental degradation while consuming K-pop having lost a bias, and hopefully, at least some of it will strike a chord. (Please don’t tell me I am the only dysfunctional one).

Somewhat, kind of, probably, sort of, fairly, based a bit on a true-ish story

Stage 1: The Celebration of Singlehood

Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” becomes your new anthem and there’s no one stopping you from quoting it at all times

K-Drama OST Roundup: EXO Chen Sings For ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’

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(Photo : SBS ) EXO"s Chen sings for "It"s Okay, That"s Love."

K-Drama original soundtrack releases are back in full swing, following a summer that has been dominated by idol group releases. EXO member Chen, Kim Jaejoong, and Seo In Guk are among the high caliber artists that have participated in K-Drama soundtracks.

Chen delivers the track “Best Luck” for part one of the “It’s Okay, That’s Love” soundtrack. "Best Luck" topped real time charts Olleh, Genie, Bugs, and Soribada upon its release.

"Best Luck" is a soulful R&B track which captures the emotional range of "It"s Okay, That"s Love." 

“It’s Okay, That’s Love” stars actors Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Running Man’s Lee Kwang Soo, and EXO’s D

Kara Releases Teaser Image for Comeback Mini Album “Day and Night”

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Kara has just revealed a teaser picture for their August comeback “Day and Night.”

The group will definitely be receiving a lot of attention for this comeback as they are now a four member group with departure of Nicole and Jiyoung, and the addition of new member Youngji.

After the “Kara Project” finale earlier this month on July 2, it was reported that the group had already started filming music videos in preparation for an August comeback.

One source was quoted as saying, “Kara will be making a comeback with a new collaboration with [music producer and song writer] Duble Sidekick. They filmed the music video on July 9 at a location somewhere in Gyeonggi Province.”

This will be Kara’s first Korean comeback in 11 months since last September’s “Full Bloom

Roy Kim Shares Story Behind Song ‘Becoming Dust’ on Jung Joon Young’s Radio Show

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Roy Kim made a surprise appearance on Jung Joon Young’s radio show.

Roy Kim guested on the July 8’s broadcast of MBS FM’s Sim Sim Ta Pa hosted by new DJ Jung Joon Young.

During the show, Roy Kim shared a story behind the song Becoming Dust, which became a hit after he sang it with Jung Joon Young on Super Star K4.

Looking back at the time he sang Becoming Dust with Jung Joon Young two years ago, Roy Kim said, “At the time, we were so satisfied after we sang it, that we started laughing as we ate Korean beef together. We even hid ourselves to laugh, worried that other people might think we’re crazy.”

Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young shared, “We had this assurance that Becoming Dust was going to become a hit

‘Fated To Love You’ gets viewers ready for premiere with teaser, posters, and behind-cuts

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MBC"s upcoming Korean remake of Taiwanese drama "Fated To Love You" released the teaser, posters, and behind-cuts of leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra and two"s twelve-year reunion!

SEE ALSO: Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra seem like polar opposites during first filming of "Fated To Love You"

The profiles on the teaser clip start to set us up for the characters we can expect to meet with descriptions that read,

Kim Mi Young (29) [Jang Na Ra]

Large-scale law firm worker

Pros: Expert at odd jobs or chores

Cons: Timid, vulnerable, plain, low self-esteem

Lee Gun (33) [Jang Hyuk]

Humane 3rd generation chaebol

Pros: Rich and has a big sense of responsibility

Cons: Wicked laughter, 99% chance of early death in his thirties

As mentioned previously, the two actors will be reuniting for the romantic comedy which will center around the story of a woman and a wealthy man who end up in an unwanted marriage, making fans anticipate the return of the Jang-Jang couple

K-Drama Feature: Makjang

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K-Drama Feature: Makjang
Love it or hate it, K-Dramas are rife with makjang, the Korean term for over the top or ridiculous subplots and coincidences that keep the viewers tuning in week after week. A drama doesn"t have to be terrible or illogical to be makjang, it could be extremely well-acted or tug at your heartstrings.

Despite the negative connotations, does it truly have to be a bad thing? There are some great dramas that are simply amazing to watch, but when you try and sit down to describe the plot, it seems to get, well, laughable. To wit, here are just a few entertaining dramas that have absolutely preposterous storylines (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD):


Three brothers are separated at a very young age as a result of their parents" death. A lovely overused trope that they play up here

“No Tears for the Dead” Starring Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Hee to Play in North American Theaters

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Action movie “No Tears for the Dead” starring Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Hee, and Brian Tee will begin playing in North American theaters this month starting June 20. It was directed by Lee Jeung Bum, who had previously worked on Korea’s highest grossing 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere.”

Screening locations include, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Fullerton, DC/Virginia, Honululu and Toronto. For more info, times and locations, check out movie’s official US website here.


Abandoned by his mother shortly after immigrating to America, Gon (Jang Dong Gun) is raised by the mafia and grows up to become a cold-blooded hitman. Though usually flawless in taking out his targets, Gon makes a terrible mistake of killing an innocent young girl

Interview with Swedish YouTube Singer Impaofsweden

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YouTube singer Impaofsweden, like her name reveals, hails from Sweden. She first discovered BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in 2010, which was a great intro to the world of K-Pop. She discovered her love for singing later than the usual child who dreams of becoming a singer as a teen. Despite her “slow” start, it quickly became her biggest interest. Impaofsweden started uploading her first cover on YouTube in December 2011, which was labelmate 2NE1’s “Hate You.”

December 2011 || 2NE1 – Hate You

“Wait- did 2NE1 release an English version?” That’s probably one of the first thoughts that popped into your mind while listening to the audio. If you check out her other covers, you’ll realize that all the covers are in English

Former F.Cuz Member M.Pire’s Lumin Talks New Start with New Name

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M.Pire made its debut less than a year ago, but the rookie group has already been through a member reshuffle, including the addition of Lumin, a former member of idol group F.Cuz. And for Lumin, a new name means a new beginning.

The seven-member group recently sat down with Mwave, where the M.Pire members revealed the special meanings behind their names.

Lumin opened up about the meaning behind his name, sharing “I promoted with the name LeeU first, but rather than continue with that name, since it’s a fresh start, I thought let’s create a new name.

He continued, “While looking for a new name, I came across the word ‘Luminary.’ It means shining brightly, and because I’m starting part two of my life, as the seventh M.Pire member, I thought let’s shine brightly, be a lucky guy, and that’s how I made the decision

Boyfriend Holds Japan Concert for 10,000 Fans Ahead of “Obsession” Comeback

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Boyfriend has successfully wrapped up a solo concert in Japan ahead of their upcoming comeback!

On Boyfriend’s official Twitter on June 2, a message saying, “Boyfriend’s Japan concert has finished well thanks to our supportive fans! We sincerely thank all the Best Friend fans that came~ We will show a great stage soon in Korea as well!!!” was posted, along with a group proof shot with all the fans who attended the concert.

보이프렌드 일본콘서트가 응원해주시는 팬분들 덕분에 무사히 마쳤습니다! 와주신 모든 베스트프렌드 팬 여러분 진심으로 감사드립니다~ 本当にありがとうございます! 한국에서도 곧 멋진 무대 보여드리겠습니다!!! pic.twitter.com/JAwwRph22A

— BoyFriend (@G_BoyFriend) June 2, 2014

On May 28, Boyfriend released a Japan single, “Start Up!” Following the release, the group held their solo concert on May 31 and June 1 for the first time in nearly a year, for more than 10,000 fans