Everything You Need To Know About 'My Secret Romance' K-Drama

Everything You Need To Know About 'My Secret Romance' K-Drama

The hit K-drama, “My Secret Romance”, is already on its fifth episode, and with it, more surprising revelations need to be expected. One of these is that the characters will be discovering their love rivals.

In a recent report, it is said that viewers must expect an issue to happen between Jin Wook, Yoo Mi and Hyun Tae, knowing that there is something going on between the two. With this, it is likely that the fifth episode of “My Secret Romance” will be the start of the love triangle between Jin Wook, Hyun Tae and Yoo Mi.

It surely is a must watch to see how the CEO will react to knowing that Yoo Mi has another man in her life. It is also good to expect that there will be a huge issue on jealousy. This would then provoke Jin Wook to push his effort harder in making Yoo Mi’s life at work more difficult.

The reason why Hyun Tae is frustrated would also be revealed in the next episode of “My Secret Romance”. It is probable that the novelist might really be feeling something romantic for Yoo Mi. If ever this is true, then it might just be one of the hidden secrets all this time.

According to Korea Portal, Jin Wook will also realize that he really is in love with Yoo Mi. This will surely make the whole storyline of “My Secret Romance” more interesting and thrilling. Hopefully, things turns out good for the two, as they make their way in the complicated world of falling in love.

With all of these being said, there is surely a lot of reasons why you should watch the next episode of “My Secret Romance”. Episode 5 of “My Secret Romance” airs on OCN every Monday and Tuesday. Keep watching and stay in love.