Jang Nara in automobile twist of fate whilst on Her Way to movie ultimate Episode of I don't forget You Today

Jang Nara in automobile twist of fate whilst on Her Way to movie ultimate Episode of I don't forget You Today

Jang Nara in automobile Coincidence While on Her Way to movie ultimate Episode of “I Take into accout You” Today It’s being reported that actress Jang Nara used to be in a car accident around 12:50 a.m. on August 11 KST while on her way to film the lately airing drama “I Take into accout You.” Jang Nara and her workforce individuals were at the manner to the drama filming location in Anseong in their van when a sedan used to be driven into it by means of any other car crashing into the sedan.

While the alternative workforce individuals went to the sanatorium after the accident to get themselves checked out, Jang Nara endured to the filming location to shoot for the general episode of the drama airing today. It is reported that there weren’t any serious injures yet Jang Nara might be visiting the sanatorium after she finishes filming to make sure. Jang Nara went to her non-public Twitter account to say, “Thankfully, I am okay. There are some aches yet please do no longer fear at all. I am filming at this time ^^.”

KBS drama “I Take into accout You” starring Jang Nara and search engine optimization In Guk ends today with its episode 16.

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"Shine or Go Crazy" Episode 1 & 2: Could Fate Bring Us Together Again

By: Soompi

First Impressions: “Shine or Go Crazy” Eps 1 and 2 – When Darkness Meets the Light

“You’re destined to meet the person you’re meant to be with even if you try not to be with them.”


And so begins the “Shine or Go Crazy” journey of Wang So (Jang Hyuk), the fourth prince of Goryeo cursed with a dark prophecy of bloodshed for his nation, and the two princesses born from the energy of the North Star that could lead him into the light: Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo), the last Princess of Balhae, and Hwang Bo Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui), the Princess of Goryeo.


Wang So, exiled to Geumgang Mountain as a child, is finally taken back to the palace where the King extends his hand towards his son in hopes of a partnership to restore a kingdom befitting of his dreams. Their not-so-joyous reunion is unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of assassins and Wang So finds himself protecting his father as an intense battle ensues.


When failure seems inevitable, the only two assassins that remain standing escape into the night, but not before sending a couple of daggers flying first, one of which manages to nick the King in the neck. Intelligent deductions from Eun Chan (Kim Roe Ha), the King’s trusted guard, sends him and Wang So on a trip to Gaebong, China in order to find the perpetrator.

In Gaebong, Shin Yool is in trouble. Her stepbrother has bargained her hand in marriage to escape the wrath of General Kwak (Kim Bub Rae) for provoking his younger sister. Desperate to avoid the situation, Shin Yool spins a tale about her upcoming nuptials to a Goryeo man in fifteen days time. Unable to believe it until he sees it, General Kwak states that he will be there to attend her wedding and will offer his congratulations then.


Fate brings Wang So and Shin Yool together as she essentially kidnaps him as her one night groom, but when it’s all been said and done, Wang So doesn’t walk away empty-handed as she ignites a small source of light into his world of darkness. They part ways with Wang So never having seen her face and Shin Yool having fallen head over heels for him, her savior.

Back to the mission at hand, Eun Chan and Wang So finds the assassin they were tracking and learned the dagger was poisoned. They return to Goryeo at once, but it is too late as the King looks on the brink of death. Wang So gives his father the antidote and the doctor gets to work on healing him, but the poison streaming through his blood for the past two weeks is now irreversible and death, inevitable.


At this realization, Wang So finally takes the hand his father had extended towards him, accepting his duty to fulfill the King’s dying wish of his royal, yet loveless, marriage to Hwang Bo Yeo Won, who can protect him from his curse and from the schemes of the noblemen behind the poisoning, while working to turn Goryeo into the nation his father had visualized. While Wang So undergoes training with the King’s warriors, Shin Yool has moved to Goryeo, both to find her groom and to escape General Kwak when he unearths her ruse.

A new king, Wang So’s brother, is crowned. Five years pass and Shin Yool, never having stopped her search for her groom, finally catches sight of Wang So in the marketplace crowd.



LavelyShai: I wasn’t sure how this drama was going to start off and we did get a lot in these first two episodes, but I am satisfied with what we got so far. How did you like these episodes?

akinahana89: I thought the first two episodes of “Shine or Go Crazy” so far were very solid. The storyline was strong, the acting portrayed by the entire cast was phenomenal, the soundtrack fits in perfectly, and the cinematography was beautiful. I particularly like the creative route they decided to take on a sageuk drama and how they didn’t waste a single minute. It made me curious about the history behind it, but you actually researched that, didn’t you?

LavelyShai: I agree with everything. One of the first things I noticed was the nice soundtrack. Every song used seems to fit each scene perfectly. I started watching for Oh Yeon Seo and she didn’t disappoint (neither did anyone else so far). I have heard that this drama is based on a novel of the same name, but I am also intrigued by what parts of history they are going to twist to make fit into their story. Haha. Yes, I did research the history, I couldn’t help it. I had to know who was based on real life characters and who was from the imagination of the writer. One thing is for sure, because this is a fusion sageuk, we will not know what will happen next.

akinahana89: Haha. To be honest, I decided to watch this drama because the plot sounded interesting and because Jang Hyuk was cast in it. After “Fated to Love You,” I was totally on board with anything he was going to be a part of and I heard he was the best in sageuks. I love the humorous aspect he put into Wang So! I haven’t seen Oh Yeon So in a drama before, but she’s already won me over with her portrayal of Shin Yool.

LavelyShai: If they say Jang Hyuk is excellent in sageuks then I believe them. He’s done a great job so far as Wang So. I nearly cried watching his back story, seeing him being used for political gain and having him thrown out the palace thinking he really was cursed. He’s a prince, but he’s grown up as a normal citizen who suddenly gets thrown back into the palace because of those same founding fathers trying to take back the kingdom. He really isn’t perfect, but he’s not cursed. You could tell it got to him when Shin Yool told him he was a good person.

akinahana89: Actually, I don’t even think Wang So grew up as a normal citizen. Normal citizens don’t get exiled and abandoned at a mountain to fend for themselves at such a young age. It’s a miracle he even survived! His back story was definitely heartbreaking, but I confess that I actually did shed some tears in one of the scenes, the one where Wang So was desperately trying to hold back his tears after his mother slapped him as a greeting when they hadn’t seen each other since his exile. The way she cursed at him until he was reduced to tears from her sharp, cruel words totally tore at my heart. I was glad that Shin Yool managed to, in such a short time, make him think positively of himself, even if it was only for a brief moment.

LavelyShai: I didn’t actually mean normal citizen. I had a brain fart moment and couldn’t think of the actual term I wanted to use. lol. Oh my god, that scene with his mother really was heartbreaking. All he wanted was her to welcome him, but she cursed him instead. I know he was bitter, but you can tell he wanted to just be her son again. Seeing his older brother and staff die in front of him traumatized him so much, I am also glad he felt a bit at ease with Shin Yool (at least I kind of felt that by watching him with her). She’s also a little ray of sunshine despite her hardships.

akinahana89: It’s a shame Wang So didn’t get to see those dimpled smiles of hers! With her brightness and outgoing personality, he would have been a goner. Anyway, it says a lot when you see a grown man reduced to acting like an insecure child who only wants reassurance that he’s loved by his mother. Unfortunately, I really can’t see the Queen offering her love to him and I think putting Wang So in a loveless marriage with Hwang Bo Yeo Won is probably just a disaster waiting to happen. He already has so much darkness and resentment in him, after all.

LavelyShai: Oh, I know the Queen won’t ever love him. Once she heard that “prophecy” when she was pregnant, she was reduced into thinking her son was the cause of all that. It’s a shame she couldn’t see past it like her husband did, I know the late King saw that it was politically driven which is why he had him marry Yeo Won. While I can agree that it can end up being in disaster, but it’s also there to help keep him alive. Everyone else is being killed off one by one, but it’s a risk to kill someone from the Hwang family or their spouse. I kind of want to see what she’s been up to, she’s ambitious and wants to be queen. My question this week will be: What will Hwang Bo Yeo Won do?

akinahana89: There are definitely a lot of different possibilities on where next week’s episodes will go. I’m just as curious as you are about Hwang Bo Yeo Won, but any interference from her towards the OTP that I’ve already boarded the ship for and she’ll go on my next-to-be-assassinated list. lol. I’m eager to see if we’ll get more symbolism and parallels next week, like the rainfall during both of Wang So’s wedding and the power to change fate by taking someone’s hand.

LavelyShai: The symbolism is everywhere within this drama, but that happens quite a bit in sageuks and it’s welcomed because it makes you think. The rainfall during both weddings was an interesting part to me, does it mean that he never had luck to begin with and he can have good fortune as long as he believes? I am not deep, but it made sense in my head. We’ll see if anyone actually agrees. The changing your fate thing can actually correlate with the rain during his wedding with Yeo Won. He took his father’s hand and it can be perceived that he will have good fortune within the palace while the rain during his time with Shin Yool could mean that he has every right to be loved.

akinahana89: Actually, I thought it rained for both of his weddings because both of his bride was born with the energy of the North Star – the only two people who could protect him from his cursed fate. Does this technically mean that he’s married to both women? He never consummated the marriage to either one of them but both weddings were blessed by the Heavens… Hm… Interesting thought. As for changing fate by taking someone’s hand, I was referring more to how once Wang So officially took his father’s hand, there were several scenes that followed where they continued to hold hands. The healthy dose of symbolism is one of the reasons why I love a good sageuk drama and “Shine or Go Crazy” is definitely living up to my expectations so far.

LavelyShai: Your entire comment is why I should stop thinking too much. lol. But I guess that’s what’s good about symbolism, it can be one or all the things you’re thinking about. Technically speaking, he’s married to Shin Yool, but since he’s a prince, is it legal to have, like, two wives or something? The non-consummation of either marriage is what makes this tricky; however, his marriage to Yeo Won is recognized by the kingdom and no one knows he left her alone on their wedding night. Maybe he’ll need both women to achieve a better fate.

akinahana89: That’s definitely an interesting notion, a trio instead of a partnership. I wonder how well that would work out for Yeo Won and Shin Yool. The five year time jump was a bit abrupt too, but not unexpected and I’m curious to know if anything of importance had even happened during that time. Did Shin Yool just look for Wang So the entire time? What has Yeo Won been up to? Did Wang So really just leave the palace for so long or was it purely coincidence that he was just arriving back in Goryeo at that time?

LavelyShai: ‘Tis fate, my dear writer, fate. Remember what that old guy in the beginning said? When two people are fated to be together, it’ll happen even if they’re not trying to (paraphrasing here).

akinahana89: Ah… Very true! I loved that statement. It was so poetic!

LavelyShai: I just thought about something: Shin Yool was given the prophecy that she’d be the light for another nation, we never knew what Yeo Won’s was. Was she given a “fate” when she was born or is it the same as Shin Yool’s?

akinahana89: Oohh, now there’s a question that’s going to burn at me until the answer is revealed! Wouldn’t it be interesting if Yeo Won’s fate was the opposite of Shin Yool’s even though both were born from the same energy? While the King thought Yeo Won would protect Wang So, she would, actually, bring additional chaos into his life and his nation with a dose of… dark energy? Now I definitely can’t wait until next week! Monday, are you here yet?!


Soompiers, what did you think about “Shine or Go Crazy?” Any predictions for next week’s episodes? We’d love to know, so be sure to share your thoughts and observations in the comments below!


Korean Drama Fate To Love You Episode 19 Recap and Screen Capture

Korean Drama Fate To Love You Episode 19 Recap and Screen Capture

Fate To Love You Episode 19 Review by Dramabeans:



In this episode, everyone is so busy preparing for the second wedding of Gun and Mi-young. It seems that they skip the most important thing - the bride and groom. Grandma Wang is shocked when Gun and Mi-young didn't participate their  own ceremony.

Don't worry about it, because Gun and Mi-Yong is still happy to drive away their "Just Married" car .

Rewind. Gun enters his office to find Mi-young waiting for him, only for Gun to ask: “Who are you?” Mi-young isn’t fazed, and tries to jog his memory by telling him that she’s Keddongie’s mom, Dalpengie, and Superglue.

A lightbulb goes off over Gun’s head as he remembers who she is before he loudly proclaims, “Jang Na-ra!” Hahaha.

The moment Mi-young slaps him for that, Gun wakes up in her old apartment. It was just a dream. They share a cute moment baking bread, but Gun doesn’t want to let her go off to the studio to work—even though she jokes that she has to bring home the bacon now thathe’s not working.

He finally lets her go with a kiss, then heads to Mom’s restaurant for the day. It’s adorable how he practices satoori to try and fit in, because Mom is still not sold on him re-marrying her daughter.

He’s brought her supplements in what he admits is straight-up bribe, especially when they’re named “Mother, I’ll Be Filial So Don’t Worry.” Hah. Mom brushes him off, so Gun claims he’ll come back with something that really sparkles, even though he doubts that whatever he can bring will shine brighter than Mom’s eyes.

Mom doesn’t want anything from him and attempts to send him away, but Gun proves to be superglue as he begs Mom to at least let him eat before he goes, in terrible satoori, no less.

She reluctantly lets him stay, but doesn’t want him to keep calling her Mom. When he doesn’t get the point, she finally sits him down by calling him “Gun-ah” as she tells him that he really is like a son to her. Gun thinks she’s about to tell him good news and excitedly tells her that he thinks of her as his mother, too.

He asks her permission to marry Mi-young, but that’s not what Mom sat him down for. She doesn’t know how sick he is, but promises that because he’s like a son to her, she’ll help him no matter what… though that plan doesn’t seem to include Mi-young.

Gun defends his health as being more than perfect since he hasn’t even had a cold in the last three years, but Mom takes him by the hands as she pleads, “Can’t you let my Mi-young go?” 

She knows it’s selfish of her when Mi-young wants to take what will inevitably be a hard road, but she can’t just sit by and watch either. “I really do like you, Gun. But I’m still opposed to your relationship with Mi-young. You know how I feel, right? You understand what your mom is saying, right?”

Gun looks moved by her desperate pleas, but in a surprising turn, he lets out a hearty laugh as he asks her whether she thought he’d give up just like that. He takes her attitude as a challenge as he promises to come back even stronger next time.

Daniel, wearing alarmingly gold footwear, finds himself confused by Se-ra’s cold attitude when they run into each other in their building. He doesn’t know she saw the picture on his nightstand, but she can’t forget it.

Gun crashes Mom’s hair salon, and introduces himself to all the other ajummas as Mom’s soon-to-be third son-in-law. He turns on the charm when it comes to all the ladies, and acts all surprised when he sees Mom there, like he toootally wasn’t expecting to see her there.

Mom just rolls her eyes as she tells him to just give it up now—no means no. Gun praises her for her consistency, even as his voice lowers just a bit when he adds that he knows he’ll gain her approval in the end. Until then, he’ll just keep trying.

He goes home to find Mi-young and freshly-made ramen with fish eyes (which he’d been craving ever since she made it for Yong), and as he digs in she brings up the issue with Mom—she’s making it difficult for him, isn’t she? “Easy women are no fun,” Gun jokes in return.


Mi-young knows he’s not letting his true feelings show to spare her, but Gun just tells her to trust him. He’ll do whatever it takes to get Mom’s approval. Mi-young finally smiles: “Gunnie, fighting!” Gun: “Fighting!”

After sharing a Lady and the Tramp moment with the ramen, Gun breaks into his low voice as he insinuates that tonight is the night for amour.

But of course, the moment he leans in for a real kiss, they’re interrupted by sudden and unexpected visitors for an impromptu housewarming party: it’s the Soapsuds Duo and Mi-ja. 

Gun isn’t too thrilled at the interruption, even though they’ve brought the tools needed to play Go-Stop. (Meta Moment: They call Gunnie the similar-sounding “Go-ni,” his gambling character’s name from the drama Tazza.)

He’s not so great at the game, so Mi-young offers to step in and play in his place. Even though he doubts her claims that she’s not so bad herself, I love that Mi-young ties her hair back and puts her glasses on in preparation. It’s on now.

Mi-young ends up surprising everyone when she cleans them all out, and it’s funny how Gun can’t get her to stop even when he points to the rising sun. But at least she wins him all his money back? Hah. 

After Se-ra fails to have a heart-to-heart with her heartless mother, Gun and Mi-young provide some unexpected company to Mom on her morning walk. She knows that they’re working in tandem now to try and convince her, and reiterates that when she says no, it’s final.

Gun is determined to show Mom just how healthy he really is, and proceeds to do some challenging exercises in front of her. Mi-young is there to cheer him on the whole time, leaving Mom actually speechless—whether it’s at their teamwork or Gun’s amazing acrobatic ability is up for grabs.

It’s extra cute when Mi-young and Gun exercise together, and when Gun’s strength starts failing during a sit-up, Mi-young entices him to go that extra mile by offering him a kiss at the finish line. 

They’re both exhausted, but neither of them stop showing their collective strength until Mom finally walks away. Gun insists on carrying Mi-young home on his back even after all that, which doesn’t escape Mom’s notice. I doubt it’s his strength winning her over, but their love for each other.

After Gun reads an entry in his father’s diary detailing his regret for his noble idiocy act and how it caused him to miss out on valuable time with his family, Yong and Ji-yeon play house at Lee Manor as they work out what to call each other.

She doesn’t want him calling her “noona” anymore, so he instead switches to calling her Ji-yeon-ah. But Mama Yong intervenes before they get a chance to kiss, and another makjang drama scene plays out when Mama Yong’s disapproval of Ji-yeon causes her to run off crying. 

Gun returns to the manor to ask Mama Yong about his father—specifically, how he was the last time she saw him. She flashes back to the memory of him leaving as he told her he was sorry and thanked her, while in the present she tells Gun that there was nothing she could do when his father wanted to return to his family.

Both of them grow misty-eyed when she recalls that the day he returned to the wife and son he loved so much was the same day the car accident happened, the one that killed both Gun’s parents. Mama Yong sighs that if there’s only one good thing to be gleaned from the tragic situation, it’s that Gun’s father spent his last moments with the woman he loved.

Before Gun goes, he bows his head to thank Mama Yong for giving him his father’s diary. Mama Yong is in shock, since that’s the first time Gun’s ever thanked her. 

Gun and Manager Tak visit a private investigative agency populated by gangsters—and more specifically, CEO Doodoo of Doodoo Industries (the man Gun almost sold Mi-young’s island factory to). Of course, he’s not a big-time CEO anymore, which he explains as being due to a stint in jail for some illegal activities.

Unimpressed, Gun decides to leave only to find the door blocked by CEO Doodoo’s gangsters. He shadow boxes with them to show them his moves, and CEO Doodoo finally relents to offering him a ten percent discount to find whoever it is Gun needs finding.

He’s shocked when Gun hands him a picture of a tree, the same tree we saw in a flashback with Gun and his father. CEO Doodoo is up to the task, and swears he will find that tree. 

Se-ra brings Daniel an unidentifiable plate of food from her very first attempt at cooking, which Daniel describes as looking “metaphysical.” Hah. After admitting that she looked into his background a bit, she asks if he remembers the night he was so drunk she had to help him home.

When she admits to seeing the picture on his nightstand, Daniel openly tells her that it’s of his little sister, Mi-young, who he lost when he was younger. Se-ra’s expression looks somewhat panicked as she leaves with hardly another word, freeing Daniel from the obligation of eating her food.

There’s a ring at the door, and it’s Se-ra again: “The little girl in that picture… I think it’s me. But I don’t know why I’m in that picture.” Daniel looks understandably stunned. 

Daniel calls Mi-young out for a drink, unable to help himself from commenting on her beautiful smile—especially since it makes him want to start over as her neighborhood oppa again. Aw.

After making some small talk about work, Daniel says he called her to give her one last gift. He goes up to the stage and takes the microphone to sing her a ballad from the OST ofPrince’s First Love (specifically “Since That Day” by Sung Shi-kyung):

As usual, the sunlight was warm

And you were beautiful leaning against me

You talked about leaving, as if asking for time

I smiled so you wouldn’t suffer.

The things I said like a habit

I’ll do anything you want

I was a fool to keep that promise

Since that day, I’ve always been sorry

Worrying that even for a day I might forget about you

The saddest thing is to realize that

I still smile every now and then

Even though you’re not around

I feel sorry about breathing without you that I sigh

Since that day, it’s always like this

Since that day, I’m always in pain. 

As he sings his heartfelt song, Mi-young flashes back to all the precious moments she shared with him. Tears are streaming down her cheeks by the end of the song, and when he returns to his seat, she tells him how precious a gift that was and how she’ll cherish it always.

“Don’t forget it even when you become a grandmother,” Daniel warns her playfully. “Call me if you ever need a priest or a neighborhood oppa.” Aww, this actually sounds like a goodbye. The forever kind.

Mom calls Gun over to her restaurant where she serves him plain tofu, the national food for freshly-released prisoners and sinners. But the message is intentional, because Mom says Gun is a sinner to her: “Since you’re taking my perfect daughter away from me forever.” 

Gun’s eyes go wide—Mom’s finally changed her mind! “Can you promise to live a long time and protect Mi-young?” she asks. Gun takes her hands as he gladly promises that he’ll always make Mi-young smile and laugh.

He and Mom celebrate by getting wasted together, which is the scene Mi-young happens upon. Hahaha. She has to drag the both of them to Mom’s house, where Gun promptly passes out.

Mom’s still awake though, and Mi-young hugs her in happiness now that she knows they have her approval. After Mom blusters that she doesn’t need to attend the same wedding twice, she laments that she only gave in because of Gun’s tenacity, “But I can’t give my blessing with a smile.” 

Even so, it shows that Mom can’t help but love Gun regardless. As Mi-young cuddles up with her for the night, we find that Gun isn’t quite as drunk as he led them to believe, since he heard everything. “Thank you,” he whispers. “Thank you.”

Wedding day. After getting dressed in his tuxedo, Gun gets a call from CEO Doodoo about the tree. Mi-young’s sisters help her into her gown and apologize for Mom’s absence, explaining it away as due to her being stubborn.

That’s when Gun grabs his bride with the declaration that they have somewhere to go, and they have to hurry. The wedding party is left in shock as Gun drives away with Mi-young, telling her in the car that there’s just somewhere he has to go with her. 

She takes his hand and reassuringly says, “We’re already going there together.”

We return to the scene that opened the episode, with Grandma Wang all but collapsing at the news of the runaway couple. At least this time, Gun sends Manager Tak a text explaining that they’ll be right back.

Gun and Mi-young arrive at the tree, where CEO Doodoo and his men are just barely holding back a crew of men who were, coincidentally, about to dig it up and move it. The men agree to leave the tree alone for now so that Gun and Mi-young can have some privacy. 

It’s the same tree from Gun’s flashback with his father, around which he and his father had shared precious memories and happy times. But more importantly, it’s where his father had buried a box filled with keepsakes, including a pair of cufflinks Gun would only get to wear when he was an adult, and a signed baseball little Gun got from the first game he ever went to with his dad.

But Gun hadn’t understood at the time that they wouldn’t revisit the tree again, since he hadn’t known about his father’s illness. “Gun, listen to me carefully. Right now and from now on, whenever you feel scared, be like Daddy.” Dad laughs his trademark laugh, now Gun’s. “Laugh like this, okay? If you do, I’ll always be with you to protect you.”

In the present, Gun digs up the keepsake box, and cry-laughs when he pulls out the baseball first, then the cufflinks. After he puts them on, he reads a note left by his father for when he’d inevitably find it as an adult:


“Gun-ah, by the time you read this letter when you’re an adult, you’ll probably know everything about me. I walked the same path you did. Even though I decided to leave you and your mother’s side right now, I know that perhaps one day, I might come to regret this choice.”

Gun and Mi-young hold hands as they run back to their own wedding, while Dad’s letter continues in voiceover:

”Should there come a moment when you have to make an important decision, don’t be anxious about a time that hasn’t happened yet, like I was. Don’t waste this moment in the present, and I hope that you will enjoy living life to the fullest every day. My son, my loving son Gun.”


[Preview] Fate To Love You Episode 20

[Preview] Fate To Love You Episode 20

It's the final preview and we will have to say goodbye to Fate To Love You.

I'm so sad and regret to see the end. However, I appreciate that Gun and Mi Young will go on with their journey together in love and fulfilled. And it might be that baby Snail will be joining them soon as they find themselves experiencing and waking up from a buzzed night of whoopee.

Happiness isn’t exclusively theirs though; almost everyone will have a taste of it through reunions, hobbies, goofy bonding, etc. Yep, the finale will be throwing up so much fun, sweet stuff.

See the Fate To Love You Episode 20 Preview: 



Fate to Love You Episode 11 Review: Jang Hyuk Finally Gets His Memories Back

Fate to Love You Episode 11 Review: Jang Hyuk Finally Gets His Memories Back

Fate to Love You Episode 11 Review: Jang Hyuk Finally Gets His Memories Back

In Fate to Love You, episode 11, Lee Gun(played by Jang Hyuk) finally got his memories back.

Gun has been mean to Kim Mi Young(played by Jang Na Ra) ever since he lost his memories of her and their baby. Then one day, he found her diary and started to read it. As he read along, he realized himself crying.

The next day, he found a candy Mi Young gave him in the past in his drawer. Kang Se Ra(played by Wang Ji Won) tried to change the subject but Gun said, I feel like I lost something very important to me. Then he left the room.


Fate to Love You Episode 11 Review: Jang Hyuk Hurts Jang Na Ra’s Feelings “We Never Loved Each Other”

Fate to Love You Episode 11 Review: Jang Hyuk Hurts Jang Na Ra’s Feelings “We Never Loved Each Other”

Fate to Love You Episode 11 Review: Jang Hyuk Hurts Jang Na Ras Feelings We Never Loved Each Other

Previously, Gun lost his memories with Mi Young. One day, he read a news article about his contractual marriage with her and shouted at her, Was on hell was I thinking to marry you when I have my Se Ra(played by Wang Ji Won) with me? Is it true that we made a contract about you giving birth to my child and then getting a divorce? He also said, Well, our marriage was a contract and we never love each other anyway. By the way, is that child really my child?


Watch: Hit The Stage Teases Premiere Episode With Relay Dance Featuring Hyoyeon, Taemin, Bora, And More

Watch: Hit The Stage Teases Premiere Episode With Relay Dance Featuring Hyoyeon, Taemin, Bora, And More

Watch: “Hit The Stage” Teases Premiere Episode With Relay Dance Featuring Hyoyeon, Taemin, Bora, And Moreilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 Watch: “Hit The Stage” Teases Premiere Episode With Relay Dance Featuring Hyoyeon, Taemin, Bora, And More Mnet’s new famous person dance pageantdisplay “Hit the Stage” has shared a glimpse of what to be expecting from its upcoming premiere!

The show’s new teaser video incorporates a relay dance featuring the line up from the show’s premiere: Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, SHINee’s Taemin, INFINITE’s Hoya, SISTAR’s Bora, Block B’s U-Kwon, MONSTA X’s Shownu, TWICE’s Momo, and NCT U’s Ten. Most of the dancers, apart from for Taemin and Hyoyeon, carry out with dance crews in the teaser.

Check out the video below!

“Hit the Stage” can be premiering on July 27 at 11 p.m. KST on Mnet.

Who are you rooting for on Hit the Stage?

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Video Added Korean drama 'Uncontrollably Fond' episode 5

Video Added Korean drama 'Uncontrollably Fond' episode 5

Added episode five for the Korean drama "Uncontrollably Fond"

"Uncontrollably Fond" (2016) Directed by potential of Park Hyeon-seok Written by Lee Kyeong-hee With Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Im Joo-hwan, Lim Joo-eun, Jin Kyeong, Choi Moo-seong,... 16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 Often referred to as "Lightly, Ardently", "Arbitrarily Fond", "Indiscreetly Fond" Synopsis Two people, who were given separated throughout their adolescencebecause of an ill-fated relationship, meet back every bit an incredibly bossy celebrity and as a materialistic and servile manufacturer of documentary programs. The drama depicts a sassy and ardent love tale between the two. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/06

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