Weekly Recap: 
sour tensions, social media shutdowns, and disbandment of your 
favourite lady crew

Weekly Recap: sour tensions, social media shutdowns, and disbandment of your favourite lady crew

This week turned into once just chock filled with drama and tensions from interior tensions in idol teams to puzzling entertainment firm-idol inter movements. You certainly want to take a breather at this time and catch up on what went down ago seven days.

Mino apologizes for his offensive lyrics

WINNER"s Mino taught us all a lesson that we truly want to observe what we say (or, in Mino"s case, rap) either now and then. On a contemporary appearance on " display Me the money four", he turned into once pay attentiond rapping, "Mino goals the entire daughters, spread (your legs) like you"re at the gynecologist." shocked at the offensive lyrics, audience demanded an apology for the lyrics, causing him to thing a public apology thruout the WINNER reputable Facebook page. at the alternative hand, for some, that turned into once now now not adequate. The "Korean  arrangement of Obstetricians and Gynecologists" released a remark at their web site online, where they demanded an apology from Mino, as Mino"s lyrics now now not maximum competitive "sexually humiliate all ladies of Korea yet they also defamed Korean ladies"s fitness, in additi at the four,000 obstetrics and gynecology doctors registered in our association, who give scientific exam and remedy round the clock, 2 four hours an afternoon for 365 days a year to cope with the fitness of ladies and the hot lives ( small children) that might also additionally just be wearing on Korea"s long term in the 21st century." thank completey, either Mino and YG Entertainment sent in formal letters of apology to the association,

while rap has turn out to be a genre here's now now infamous for being profane and jarring either now and then, Mino did take a touchy subject and function it in a negative, vulgar spotmild. Let"s hope that Mino truly has learned his lesson!

Tao"s social media shutdown + Z.TAO"s upcoming de yet

while EXO-Ls are seeking to stay positive referring to Tao"s pleisureige as an EXO member, a flurry of social media job appear to indicate at tensions between Tao and other participants. each person now now spotted when Tao went on an unapplying spree and unapplyed eitherone on his Instagram account. To make subjects even more startling, Baekhyun and Chanyeol unapplyed Tao at their Instagram accounts. Tao also deleted the word "EXO member" from his Weibo account.

in the meantime, Tao, aka Z.TAO, printed more main points of his upcoming solo de yet, which has been scheduled for July 23.

while it"s at all times excellent to stay positive, it"s not easy to do in order fresh social media job point against anything going on between Tao and the remainder of EXO. Only time will tell what"s in truth unfolding between Tao and EXO.

Zico gets into minor automobile coincidence + might also additionally just lose role in "SMTM four"

fanatics were worried when news of a automobile coincidence involving Block B"s Zico broke out. fortunately for either frame concerned, no frame turned into once injured. at the alternative hand, it got here to mild that the executive, who turned into once at the back of the wheel, have been using beneath the affect. while Zico turned into once now now not the motive force, he turned into once now now not totally out of the woods, as he might also additionally just face felony action if he had pres certaind his manager into using while knowing of his manager"s drunk pleisureige. Seven Seasons, however, insisted that Zico had now now not known that his manager turned into once drunk. regardless of this, representatives of " display Me The Morning four" printed that they're still discussing whether or now now not Zico will remain at the show.

while it"s fantastic to pay attention that no frame turned into once injury this time, it"s very significant and very very significant to perceive that using beneath the affect is a deadly resolution that might potentially lead to fatal results. Managers especially want to deal with their idols and en certain they don't come to injury. Let"s hope he learned his lesson neatly.

Sexual harassment victim speaks up

a few weeks ago, a feminine actress got here ahead as she accused a male coworker of sexually harassing her thruout movieing of a movie. Since then, actress "A", actor "B", and the director have spoken up to speak extra about the incident.

Actress "A" remained corporation in her stance that actor "B" had sexually assaulted in a scene where a drunk husband physically attacks and abuses his wife. "We entered movieing after agreeing that [B] would rather pull my blouse which would divulge the drawn-on bruise on my will have toer. But once the got hereras began rolling, he tore off my blouse and my bra. "B" harassed me so aggressively that I even suffered wounds on my frame. He even attempted to drag my pants off and attempted to lay his hands on my decrease frame," she stated of the ordeal.

at the alternative hand, actor "B" persevered to disagree with actress "A"s" claims. "there are many sides which aren't true. He feels wronged via the accusations," his lawyers stated. "There is certainly a thing that either one and either particular person translates the jobs and scripts a now now nother way."

in the meantime the director persevered to distance himself from the incident, announcing "It"s a toughy that maximum competitive the 2 know." The movie production corporate in a similar way echoed the director, pointing out, "Since this is a controversy between the actors, we will"t give a undeniable solution on what"s got here about with who," as the actor and actress were in an enclosed area which made the functionment tough to observe and assess for outsiders.

Improvisation does now and again happen on set, either now and then with shiny effects. at the alternative hand, for a violent scene that might also additionally just already finish up to be intense to shoot, the male actor will have to have got her transparent-cut consent for his movements prior to placing her in one of these quandary, which turned into once made even more humiliating as her garments were ripped off in front of the movieing team without prior now now realize or preparation. What"s especially anxious is the reality that folks have been concentrated on the actress as they say that this is simply a exposure stunt to extra her automobileeer. Let us all now now not victim-blame here while keep in minding the significance and absolute necessity of consent in all regions of our existence.

TASTY"s sour tensions

Just what the heck is occurring here?! fanatics were now now not the just ones left at a loss for words and flustered at an reputable SNS post that spoke of TASTY"s unexpected halt in promotions in Korea.

"We are flustered. We are looking ahead to TASTY to touch us," a rep from Woollim Entertainment mentioned. "We are shocked that TASTY have wrote such words on SNS without consulting the corporate. TASTY were planned for a comeback back in June and advertise in either Korea and China. The recording turned into once already finished and we had even scheduled broadcast appearances when the duo unexpectedly left for China and bring to a halt touch in early June."

Two fresh tweets from TASTY, however, made it appear as even although that turned into once now now not the case. "?? What do you mean we didn"t tell you and disappeared? Then what is it that we mentioned with the entire executives and CEO prior to?? What we will"t perceive is we sufficiently explained our function and the corporate stated they beneathstood us... But now you return and say it like as although we unilaterally determined to disappear.. We can"t perceive this," the primary tweet read, suggesting that the verdict to halt TASTY"s promotions in Korea had now now not been so one-sided in spite of eitherthing. "What do you mean the recording for our new song turned into once finished? Who turned into once it that picked the song without paying attenti directly to our critiques and told us that if we didn"t settle for this new song as our identify music that our comeback might also additionally just also be driven back to who knows when? we are the sort who don"t love to discuss either one and either and either little thing, yet it kind of feels the time has now come for us to do so," they added.

Woollim Entertainment answered via proceeding to insist that TASTY had one-sidedly determined to halt all activities in Korea. "TASTY have never discussed halting their promotions in Korea with the executives of the corporate. We maximum competitive mentioned activities that might also additionally just apply their comeback," they mentioned. "As for the choice of identify musics, this is naturally the obligation of the corporate. What"s very significant here is that despite never having discussed halting their promotions in Korea, they've got got left for China and bring to a halt touch with the firm."

What do you suspect is happenring between TASTY and Woollim here?

Is your favourite lady neighborhood about to disband?

in step with Newsen, a neatly-liked lady neighborhood might soon be facing disbandment because of jealous tensions. Member "A" of this lady neighborhood is expounded to at all times have been an outcast since the crowd"s de yet, because of her narrow figure and excellent looks. When member "B" attempted to alienate her from the crowd, "A" went directly to r either one and either luck in acting roles, causing the alternative participants to protest to the CEO to foleisureall pushing "A" against luck. while "A" even asked the crowd participants if she will have to just retire or drop out, tensions persevered to persist even as participants persevered with particular person promotions, with the crowd at the verge of disbandment nowadays.

The names doping up maximum on a regular basis among netizens are SECRET and pass over A.

What do you recall to mind the rumors? Who do you suspect the rumors are about?

BTS Concert

The allkpop team were excited to wait the BTS concert in new york city! Kicking off their first ever US excursion "2015 BTS are living TRILOGY IN usa Episode II. The Red Bullet" in the concrete jungle, the participants vehicleried out fan favourites like "N.O," "We On," and "Hip Hop Lovers." while the concert turned into once filled with BTS participants" amazing making a song and dancing skills and fan love with a banner that read "just one Day with BTS," the joys turned into once unfortunately cut short after just one encore and no performances of "Dope" and "Heungtan Boys." It turned into once later printed that the concert had finished early for the sake of participants" and fans" protection applying a gun risk on Rap Monster.

regardless of this unseen and fappropriateening finish, the concert turned into once still a terrific revel in! Don"t fail to bear in mind to take a look at allkpop"s exclusive interview with BTS!

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Weekly Recap: A tragic loss, GG with GG, and controversy that

Weekly Recap: A tragic loss, GG with GG, and controversy that "rang a bell"

This weeks seems to have been a particularly busy one with countless girl group comebacks, controversies, and more! Read on to find out exactly what happened this week!

A tragic passing

The Korean entertainment industry experienced a tragic loss recently with the death veteran of actress Han Kyung Sun. In what can only be considered a series of unfortunate events, the actress was reported to have lost consciousness on June 30 after having a meal with the staff of her daily drama. The actress was taken to the ICU and was diagnosed with cerebral infarction which caused her to suffer a stroke. She passed away painlessly and peacefully on July 4 at midnight, after being in a critical condition for several days. Her vigil was held at Seoul St. Mary"s Hospital, and her funeral procession was this past July 6. Our hearts go out to all the people who held Han Kyung Sun near and dear to their hearts and hope that the actress is in a better place.

Luhan keeping busy in China

Luhan"s popularity in China managed to shock Hollywood A-list celeb Matt Damon! The "Bourne" actor who recently wrapped up filming a US-China joint movie "The Great Wall" with the singer, expressed his astonishment at Luhan"s popularity in China as he told the audience at "The Great Wall" press conference, "I think the first night where we started shooting there was something like 400 flower arrangements that came to the hotel and took up the entire hallway."

Luhan has not only been keeping busy with filming but he has also been productive by rubbing shoulders with artists in China! The singer released a song with David Tao called "Please Come to the Great Wall to Ski," which will be the theme song to China"s 2022 Winter Olympics. 

T-ara"s Jiyeon and Lee Dong Gun a hot new item?

The Korean entertainment world has been rampant with dating news and it looks like T-ara"s Jiyeon and actor Lee Dong Gun have joined the ranks of new celeb couples! It was reported that the two became interested in each other after filming a Korean-Chinese joint production. Both Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon"s agencies confirmed that the two are indeed dating. The singer opened up about her budding relationship with the actor as she told the reporters on the July 7 airing of "The Show Season 4," "It still hasn"t hit me, and I really don"t know."As for her fans, she commented, "Fans are people who always give me strength. This is the beginning if our relationship, so I"ll be thankful if you look upon us kindly. I"ll work harder as well." Jiyeon even took to her fan cafe to write a heartfelt message to her fans. She asked them to "watch over us and cheer us on," and promised that she will work ever harder to return their love.

This month is GG with GG

Sones had much to celebrate in the month of July with the return of their favorite girls! You know who I"m talking about. Girl"s Generation dropped their new song called "Party," an upbeat, catchy summer dance track that makes for an incredibly fun listen! The MV for "Party" surpassed 1 million views in a matter of six hours on YouTube and took over the music charts as soon as it was released, achieving nothing short of everyone"s expectations as one of the biggest girl groups in the K-Pop scene.


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Weekly Recap: Big Bang

Weekly Recap: Big Bang"s takeover and dilemmas, "call me the most watched video baby", and real-life "Pinocchio"

From sexual harassment reports to rumors of a possible real-life drama couple, there was just too much to keep track of in the past seven days. If you need to catch up on the news of the K-pop world, just keep reading!

The Wonder Girls are back!

We now know that the Wonder Girls will be coming back as an idol band, and we"ve managed to learn even more about their August comeback! J.Y. Park is said to be composing the title track himself, giving his most senior girl group even more support as they get ready for their first comeback in over two years. Are you excited to see what the girls have to show us?

Big Bang"s global takeover

Big Bang is dominating the charts in not only South Korea but also all over the world! If you want to know the countries who have the most love for Big Bang, their latest single reached #1 on iTunes in Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Congratulations to Big Bang for dominating global charts!

Plagiarism claims?

Despite their dominating success, not all was well for Big Bang. With the release of Big Bang"s "Sober," netizens pointed out that the song sounded similar to The Wanted"s "Glad You Came." While some thought that the songs were way too similar for it to be coincidental, others pointed out that it"s impossible to find songs that sound similar to each other in this day and age. What do you think?

The music video dilemma

While 2PM"s comeback was scheduled for June 1st, a cancellation in the filming of their music video may cause inevitable delays in their return. According to JYP Entertainment, director Han Sa Min of DEXTERLAB abruptly stopped filming, as he stated, "I cannot film the MV because of personal relationships to an artist that is releasing music near the same time."

Netizens soon began to speculate that this "artist" that director Han was talking about was Big Bang. Despite YG Entertainment"s statement that Big Bang"s MV was filmed by Digipedi, Han Sa Min"s online portfolio continues to list Big Bang"s "Loser" and "Sober." He has also listed "Crooked," "Blue," "Bad Boy," and "Eyes, Nose, Lips" among others.

Luhan wants you to come ski

It seems Luhan has been busy over in China! It was previously reported that Luhan would be working with Chinese artist David Tao for the theme song for the Winter 2022 Olympics in China. Now, the MV teaser is out, featuring the song "Please Come to the Great Wall to Ski." Although brief, the teaser shows Luhan singing along happily and getting chummy with top Chinese artist David Tao!

Tao"s in the studio

Tao also found himself getting attention as photos of him in a recording studio made their rounds on the Internet. He uploaded the photos onto his studio"s Weibo account with the caption, "A hard-working man is really attractive. I"m giving my greetings to everyone who I have missed for so long." Complete with headphones and recording equipment, Tao appears to be recording some new material in the released photos, giving his fans many reasons to get excited!

"Call Me "the most watched video" Baby"

EXO-Ls rejoice! EXO"s "Call Me Baby" is the most watched K-pop video of the first half of 2015! Despite the video"s release in March, the Korean and Chinese versions of the music video boast more than 52,485,000 views today. Congratulations to both EXO and EXO-Ls!

SM Entertainment under scrutiny

SM Entertainment seems to be finding itself in a few problems. While artists from big agencies like JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be attending MBC"s "Infinity Challenge Music Festival," no singers from SM Entertainment will be making an appearance. To address this absence, an SM rep stated that "the musicians under SM Entertainment have no plans to appear on "Infinity Challenge Music Festival" this time. There is no special reason for it." 

That wasn"t the end of the scrutiny of SM Entertainment for this week, however. Previously, actor and former member of TRAX, Noh Min Woo, had claimed that he had been a victim of one of SM Entertainment"s slave contracts, resulting in his being blacklisted from promotions after his departure from the agency. Now, the Fair Trade Commission has stepped in to investigate the validity of these claims.

Fake sex tapes prompt legal actions

As rumors of a sex tape featuring actress and boxer Lee Si Young started to spread on SNS, her agency quickly moved to counter these rumors. Stating, "We confirmed the contents of this rumor, and it is absolutely false. It"s such a shocking rumor that we will be taking aggressive action against it," her agency quickly moved towards legal actions. However, some individuals have apparently falsely labeled videos around the Internet as "Lee Si Young video" to entice viewers. Because such videos could tarnish Lee Si Young"s reputation, her agency is throwing all leniency aside and aggressively pursuing a lawsuit against such individuals.

Sexual harassment claims

The K-pop world was shaken by an actress"s claims of an instance of sexual harassment. The female actress of the case claimed that a male actor went overboard and undid the buttons on her top without her consent during filming of their movie. While the scene involved a scene of a husband drunkenly assaulting his wife, the act of unbuttoning her top was not in the script, nor was she consulted prior to filming. Due to the lack of consent regarding the unplanned act, she went on to file a police report. However, the male actor told the police, "If she thought it was problematic, she should have consulted me about this at the time of filming... I considered it a part of acting, and I had absolutely no intention of sexually harassing her."

As the news of the claim began to abound on the internet, fingers were pointed at actor Kim Bo Sung for being the accused assaulter. However, he denied the rumors were of him, stating, "The relevant misreport is not true. I"ve never been investigated by the police nor have I ever been accused." While he did work in the same movie as the two actors, he continued to clarify that he is not the actor in question.

Is "Pinocchio" real life?

When dating rumors of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye spread throughout the Internet, the responses were overwhelmingly excited at the prospect of the two dating. Formerly appearing as the main couple lead on the drama "Pinocchio," the possibility of the two as an actual couple was proposed by media outlet Dispatch, which claimed that the two were a couple and had been dating for almost four months. To follow up on their claims, they released photos of their secret dates and nighttime car rides which strongly hinted that the two were more than friends.

While excitement grew, "Pinocchio" fans were left disappointed as their respective agencies released statements stating that the two were merely good friends. Sorry everyone, but looks like the "Darling Couple" is just a thing of dramas!

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Weekly Recap:

Weekly Recap: "Secret" tensions, catch Jessica if you can, and continued legal woes

It"s been a busy week for the K-pop world. Catch up on the latest rumors, legal troubles, and long-awaited comebacks!

Miss Jessica? Catch her if you can in the leaked video!

Earlier this week, SONEs were besides themselves with excitement over leaked screenshots of former Girls" Generation member Jessica from the previous music video of "Catch Me If You Can." To add onto the nostalgic excitement, the leaked video came out shortly, giving fans one last time to see all 9 original members together.

Meanwhile, the 8 current members of Girls" Generation are scheduled to appear on "Running Man," so SONEs definitely have something to look forward to!

Continuing legal woes Kim Hyun Joong

As Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi continue their legal feud, his agency came out this week with their own doubts of the alleged pregnancy of his former significant other. After his lawyers examined the sonograms, they claimed, "There is a disparity between the time recorded on the sonogram pictures and the time Ms. Choi went in for a checkup. Her name isn"t even recorded on the pictures." They also cited other suspicious submitted evidence, such as a lack of pregnancy-related medical records as well as edited text messages.

The next trial between both sides is scheduled for July 22.


Originally sentenced to 9 years of jail time for fraud, CEO Cho of label Martin Kyle, Clara"s former label, found his sentence reduced to 7 years.

If you find his punishment too harsh, the court explained their decision for the ruling and sentencing, saying, "He denies all accusations and does not show any remorse for his actions even though the victim"s financial losses were not recovered. He even threatened the victim by saying he would reveal his secrets, so a strict punishment was unavoidable." 

Yoo Seung Joon

Notorious for being barred from entering South Korea after evading his mandatory military service and for a recent video where he apologized profusely for his actions, actor Yoo Seung Joon once again recently expressed his wishes to reenter Korea. On his Weibo, he posted, "I didn"t give up yet. I am still being brave. I am still praying. I am still dreaming. Thank you for giving me courage. I will stand up once again." 

Drug use investigation in the idol world

According to a report by "The Fact," a 32-year-old staff member tested positive for cocaine usage. Prosecution is now looking into idols who may have used the drug with the staff member. One user in particular, a Hallyu star who is under the same entertainment company as the staff member, was specifically named by the staff member as someone he/she took drugs with. Authorities are still investigating this case.

Is Sulli leaving?

Rumors of Sulli"s departure from F(x) abounded on the Internet, stating that she was to remain under SM Entertainment"s management for an acting career. SM Entertainment was rather quick to respond, saying "There is nothing that has been decided. We will make a decision on Sulli"s future group activities after careful consideration." They also added, "We are flustered that such articles have come out when nothing has been concretely decided on regarding Sulli." 

A wonderful comeback!

After a long, long wait, the Wonder Girls are back! After rumors spread about the girls filming a new MV as well as their new formation of an idol band, JYP Entertainment finally responded, confirming their upcoming comeback. To make matters even more exciting, former member Sunmi will be joining members Yubin, Yenny, and Lim to form an idol band! As band members, each member will play an instrument, with Yenny on keyboards, Lim on guitar, Sunmi on bass, and Yubin on drums

It"s been three whole years since we last saw the Wonder Girls together. Are you excited to see what they could do as a band?

Secret tensions between members?

What"s going on between SECRET members? Previous SNS posts seemed to hint at some sort of discord between members Sunhwa and Hana. When fellow member Hyosung appeared on MBC"s "Radio Star" to discuss the situation and assure viewers that the posts were misunderstood by fans and that the two members are actually still quite close, Sunhwa tweeted a mysterious message that some took as a direct reply to Hyosung"s remarks. Saying "I was falling asleep but awake now... That"s not what it is," her words seem like a response to Hyosung.

SECRET"S management at TS Entertainment also responded, releasing their own statement on the situation. Saying "We saw the words that Sunhwa posted on SNS. We think she just posted them about a personal matter... Because of her words, there are rumors of discord, but they are not true. They have an Asia fanmeeting coming up and all the members will be attending without any problems," they assured fans that there are no problems between members and that things will continue smoothly as planned.

What do you think of the situation? Are there hidden tensions, or are Sunhwa"s tweets about something else entirely?

Sizzling summer comebacks SISTAR"s "Shake It"

Admit it, you shake it whenever this song pops up on your summer music playlist! After a series of mysteriously sexy teasers, SISTAR released their newest mini album and music video for "Shake It." To make matters even more exciting for them, the song quickly achieved a perfect all-kill while the video quickly garnered more than 2 million views! The girls are planning a special video to celebrate these achievements. Despite their success with this summer hit, the girls remain modest and humble, even as they placed in the top tier on Sport Chosun"s girl groups column along with 2NE1 and Girls" Generation. "It"s such an honor. But we"re not thinking about rising up by stepping down on our sunbaes," said Dasom.

Watch the video here:

AOA"s "Heart Attack"

Meanwhile AOA gave us all heart attacks over their newest hot music video! Despite joining the wave of girl group summer comebacks, members remained confident in their success as well as honored to be promoting alongside their sunbaes. "It"s an honor to be able to promote with our senior groups and we believe that there could be a lot to learn from closely watching the seniors," said Chanmi. To highlight their own strengths as AOA, she added, "However, we want to show charms that are unique to ourselves." 

And it seems that Chanmi"s wishes to show off AOA"s unique strengths and charms were answered, as the music video easily surpassed 2 million views just a few days after its release! Congratulations to them for their success!

Meanwhile, both SISTAR and AOA appeared on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" to throw on some hot performances of their respective summer hits!

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Weekly Recap: tragedy strikes, banned banned banned, and Western love for K-pop

Weekly Recap: tragedy strikes, banned banned banned, and Western love for K-pop

So much can happen in just 7 days, from joyful baby announcements to amazing concerts to sorrowful tragedies. Catch up with the events that happened in the K-pop world this past week.

Rest in peace Jung In Ah

Tragic news hit the world of K-pop about the unfortunate death of model and actress Jung In Ah. While practicing skydiving for an upcoming movie, she met with bad weather that led to an improper and unsafe landing. After three days of searches, her body was ultimately found.

Our condolences to her family and loved ones, and may she rest in peace.

EXO-L"s Breathe A Little Easier

Following last week"s rumors of opening his own studio, Tao reportedly filmed a solo Chinese CF. The new commercial is supposedly related to food, although the brand name is still unknown.

However, EXO-Ls were relieved with the announcement of an upcoming paper toy set of EXO members. Despite talks of departure from the group as well as his solo activities in China, a paper toy for Tao was included in the set.

Epik High Concert The allkpop staff was lucky enough to attend Epik High"s New York City concert! The trio definitely threw some awesome performances of songs from their latest album Shoebox as well as fan favorites like "Fly," "Umbrella," and "Happen Ending." We even got to see glimpses of their awesome personalities and hidden agendas here and there, from Tablo"s comments on everything to Mithra"s wish to "spread the Korean language in America." Plus, it turns out that the trio really, really loves Shake Shack!

Don"t forget to relive the experience here!

"JYJ Law" fails to pass

The "JYJ Law," proposed by Choi Min Hee as a measure to protect artists, failed to pass. While this law aimed to help artists by banning broadcast companies" actions of unjustifiably prohibiting the appearance of artists, the bill was instead put on hold on continuous evaluation as it was said to need further revisions. Let"s hope a law like this one can get passed soon to protect our favorite K-pop idols.

Western love for K-pop

The West showed its love and appreciation for all things K-pop!

American wrestler Xavier Woods revealed his status as a Shawol. Tweeting a screenshot of Shinee"s "Alive," he gushed, "On repeat all day & is now my Gym Jam - about to learn these romanized lyrics SHINee I think I"m a Shawol." Welcome to the club Mr. Woods!

Meanwhile, American actress Chloe Moretz continued to appear on "We Got Married." To have a little bit of fun, she joined Henry, Yewon, Eric Nam, U-KISS"s Kevin, and 15&"s Park Ji Min in some hilarious rounds of karaoke. She even sampled a collection of unique Korean dishes, like soondae (pig intestines stuffed with blood and rice), sannakji (live octopus), spicy ramen, and bundaegi (steamed silkworm pupa)!

Banned Banned Banned

Unfortunately for VIPs, Big Bang was banned from SBS"s "Inkigayo" as a penalty for previously missing a live broadcast: "It has always been problematic when a 1st place group does not appear on the live broadcast unless they had an unavoidable reason." While Big Bang was filming for an MV, this apparently was not a big enough reason to excuse their absence from the show.

Despite the ban, Big Bang went on to win the 14th"s episode of "Inkigayo." Congratulations to them!

What"s the difference between Big Bang, Shinee, and EXO? Ask G-Dragon.

Amidst the flurry of comebacks, G-Dragon bravely responded to a question on what set Big Bang apart from fellow idol groups SHINee and EXO. "What sets us apart is that we make our own songs, which appeals to the public, and the public likes the songs," he said. When he was reminded of EXO-L and Shawols" potential angry responses, he casually said, "They might get mad, but it"s true, so there"s nothing that can be done about it."

The Girls Are Back

Looks like we"ll be seeing a lot more of Girls" Generation this summer than we thought! In addition to their scheduled summer comeback, the girls are preparing for a group appearance on SBS"s "Running Man." Members Yuri, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon will also be making individual appearances as well as continuing their current roles on various variety programs.

And if that"s not enough Girls" Generation for you, do not fear! The girls are gearing up to star in their very own reality show! We"ll be able to see the girls candidly talk about fashion, beauty, and their favorite "hot spots." Hold onto your seats SONEs!

Welcoming future K-pop idols! This week brought some happy news of future Korean stars!

Celebrity couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung welcomed their first child, a healthy baby girl! Both mother and daughter are doing well, with Lee Bo Young reporting through her agency, "With all your support and love, I was able to give birth to a healthy baby. Although it was a long wait, I"m just so grateful that she has come to us healthy. I"ll try to greet you all with a good production as soon as possible. Thank you."

Yoon Sang Hyun and Maybee also revealed that they are expecting their first child! The two were married back in February and jumped straight into married life without a honeymoon. She is currently 15 weeks pregnant.

Kim Tae Woo excitedly announced that his wife is currently pregnant with their third child! He revealed, "I"m a father of a daughter, daughter, son. I"m going to work even harder. I have everything now."

Congratulations to these proud parents!

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Weekly Recap: Fandom wars, breakup rumors, and an

Weekly Recap: Fandom wars, breakup rumors, and an "epik" flash mob

Conflicting dating rumors, continued feuds, ranging fandom wars, and an "epik" flash mob rocked the K-pop world in this crazy week. Catch up on the latest gossip and news here!

Relationship rumors

A flurry of dating rumors and contradictory statements surrounding After School"s Jung Ah and basketball player Jung Chang Young suggest that there"s some sort of relationship between the two! While representatives and After School"s management at Pledis Entertainment continue to insist that the two are not in an exclusive relationship and are merely good friends, Ilgan Sports claimed that the two are actually in a relationship. Fans themselves have noticed mysterious hashtags and tweets from their SNS accounts that suggest the initials of both Jung Ah and Jung Chang Young. Honestly speaking, if those hashtags don"t stand for initials, I don"t know what else they could even stand for.

Meanwhile, breakup rumors surrounding Brown Eyed Girl"s Ga In and actor Joo Ji Hoon were proven to be false! The two are reported to be "happily still together," with Joo Ji Hoon himself saying, "We are meeting well." I"m definitely glad to hear that!

"Burning" resentment between fandoms

The feud between VIPs and EXO-Ls continues to rage at out-of-control proportions. As both Big Bang and EXO continue to promote their most recent releases, fandoms are declaring an all-out war against each other with the situation only getting worse with a voting fiasco on "M! Countdown." What was originally attributed to be a small voting glitch for "M! Countdown" turned out to have been the result of some underhanded means that allowed fans to continue voting well past the 9 o"clock deadline, skewing the results.

Fans were quick in their responses. A purported EXO-L was found to be burning a photo of Big Bang"s Taeyang, resulting in shocked responses from VIPs. Some EXO-L"s took even more extreme measures with another EXO-L posting a bomb threat for a Big Bang concert in the Philippines! Although the fan has since apologized for the threat, only time will tell if things will actually calm down. We"re all K-pop fans here - can"t we all just get along?

MBLAQ"s Emotional Turmoil

It seems that MBLAQ has not been feeling 100% okay after the departure of two members. When asked about how they were feeling, members G.O, Mir, and Seung Ho all revealed their thoughts of emotional turmoil and how they were coping with distress. While they didn"t specify a cause for these feelings, we can probably assume that the departure of former members Lee Joon and Thunder really shook up the boys. It"s probably also safe to say that their latest hit "Mirror" is a result of these hard times as the song tackles feelings of betrayal and abandonment.

Despite leaving the group, the former members keep in touch and even continue to stay on cordial terms with the current members. In fact, Thunder showed his support for his former bandmates, uploading a supportive post on his Instagram for the remaining trio.

The end of 2NE1?

Rumors surrounding 2NE1 hinted at a possible disbandment, which were only fueled by events such as CL"s American debut and Minzy"s Instagram name change. According to an alleged insider, members CL and Dara already had post-disbandment plans, with CL kept busy with her American debut and Dara focusing on acting.

Luckily for Blackjacks, however,YG Entertainment has denied these rumors, even letting fans know that the girls will be out with a new song later this year!

Tao is on his own + SM Entertainment responds

EXO"s Tao was reported to have set up his own management, "Huang Z. TAO Studio." Based in China, his new management, complete with its own Weibo account, is set for his own solo activities. In response, SM Entertainment released a vague message, which seemed to indicate that they would continue with some sort of communication with Tao. Let"s hope things will smooth out between the two parties.

MERS: Life (and K-Pop) goes on

South Korea continues to be plagued by the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), with even once-in-a-lifetime events finding themselves affected. K-pop artists themselves have seen and felt the impacts of the terrible disease. For the sake of their fans" health and safety, boy group BTS canceled their 2nd anniversary fanmeet while MBC "Show! Music Core" required its audience members to wear face masks. Comedian Park Myung Soo came right out with an uncharacteristic seriousness as he discussed the problems caused by MERS on Korea as well as the inadequate response from the authorities as they handle this medical emergency.

Despite the worries and concerns surrounding the disease, TVXQ announced that the duo would hold their concert as planned, helping to maintain some sense of normalcy through these trying times.

An "Epik" flash mob

To create more buzz around Epik High"s concert this weekend, NYC"s I Love Dance dance crew threw on an awesome flash mob. To cap off the monumental moment, Epik High themselves showed up, documenting the scene for themselves and even dancing along. We"re glad we were there to watch NYC"s strong love for K-pop and meet our amazing readers!

Don"t forget to check out our giveaway for a chance to win TWO tickets to Epik High"s concert on Saturday night!

Summer Comebacks! Fans of Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo, 2PM, SISTAR, and B2ST can all look forward to an amazing summer filled with their favorite artist"s comeback!

Brown Eyed Girls" fans are in for a treat, as it has been revealed that Miryo will be making a solo comeback! With Miryo"s new release scheduled before Brown Eyed Girls" group activities, she"ll definitely keep her fans on their toes.

Meanwhile, 2PM released their newest tracklist of twelve songs. We continue to see the members" involvement in their own music with most of the lyrics and composition done by the members themselves!

In reparation for their comeback on June 22nd, SISTAR continues to release mysterious teaser images with sexy silhouetted images. STAR1s can hardly wait!

Finally, B2ST have finally announced a summer comeback! Although the date has yet to be confirmed, we"ll definitely be seeing them soon.

What are your thoughts on this week"s K-pop news and events? Comment below!

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[RECAP] Epik High Flash Mob in NYC

[RECAP] Epik High Flash Mob in NYC

Yesterday NYC showed its love for Epik High! A day filled with screaming fans, an awesome dance crew, and even a visit from Epik High themselves proved that NYC definitely has the best K-pop fans around!

(Some of our awesome readers!) 

When "I Love Dance," an NYC-based K-pop and hip-hop dance class and crew, announced their Epik High appreciation flash mob, the allkpop team knew that we just had to be there. I thought that we would be the earliest arrivals at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square, but to our amazement, there was already a huge crowd lined up on the sidewalk by the time we arrived. Fans were eagerly waiting for the flash mob to begin, unable to hide their joy for such an awesome event. Between cheering fans, bustling personnel, and the allkpop team, it was definitely a lively and exciting scene that just buzzed with so much energy. (We"re also so glad that we got to meet so many of you, our readers, and we hope you enjoyed the merch!)

Because of the huge turnout of supporters and fans, the sidewalk turned out to be way too small for the crowd and dance team to stay in front of the theater. For the sake of everyone"s comfort and safety, the dance crew thoughtfully decided to move to a larger pedestrian area, where everyone gathered around to watch, cameras and smartphones at the ready. Then, the music began, and the dancers began to show us their moves to a spirited medley of Epik High"s very own songs!

Despite some glitches and problems with the music, the dancers remained smilingly composed during the awkward pauses in the music. I couldn"t help but admire the way they would pick their routine right back up the moment the music started again, acting as if nothing had happened. The dancers made sure the performance sailed smoothly, pumping up the crowd with energy as everyone cheered their support.

Right when we thought that things couldn"t get better, Epik High themselves were spotted! Full of smiles and cheer, they made their way into the crowd, Tablo documenting the scene for himself on his phone. Mithra Jin even began dancing along with the beat! A spontaneous chant of "Epik High! Epik High!" rang from the adoring crowd, punctuated by even more cheers. I was particularly impressed by the respect the audience showed for Epik High, cheering and screaming with joy, yet not crowding like crazy around them despite the high level of enthusiasm in the air.

After their performance, the dance crew members were rewarded for their hard work with a group photo graced by Epik High themselves. Tablo even showed his love for allkpop with his own unique and quirky charm.

(Thanks Tablo!)

It was absolutely amazing to see the hard work and effort put in by the dance group. Despite the summer heat, relocation to another area, and technical difficulties, they threw an awesome performance that really represented NYC"s love for all things related to K-pop. And of course, Epik High showing up was the perfect conclusion to an awesome day!

Check out our very own video of the Epik High flash mob!

Tickets for Epik High"s concert are available at Ticketmaster! You can also check out our giveaway here.

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[GIVEAWAY] Get ready for allkpop

[GIVEAWAY] Get ready for allkpop"s recap of Epik High"s flash mob appearance in NYC!

[GIVEAWAY] Get ready for allkpop

Were you able to see Epik High at Times Square in New York City yesterday? It was so much fun! Tons of fans got to be up close and personal with this talented trio and even win free merch from allkpop which was there to capture the moment.

Which also means there is no need to fret about missing out on the awesome flash mob because allkpop has covered everything! We"ll be releasing a recap later on today with tons of fun details and photos on the event, so stay tuned.

But as you wait, get ready for our giveaway. When the recap comes out later on, make sure you re-tweet it in order to win two - yes, two! - tickets to Epik High"s concert Friday night.

In order to win a pair of tickets, just re-tweet the recap later. We will be picking one winner today and one winner tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check out the video below!

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Weekly Recap: Bae finds a bae, the best revenge is living well, and brewing legal battles

Weekly Recap: Bae finds a bae, the best revenge is living well, and brewing legal battles

Gird your loins readers, as this week was pretty hectic. News of dating, scandals, and hot music releases ran rampant for the past six days, which probably left you dazed and confused and asking, "Wait, what, he"s dating her!? She did what? Ermahgerd EXO!! Ermahgerd Big Bang!!" It"s okay. I"ll hold your hand through it.

EXO and Big Bang dominate charts and playlists

It"s a known fact that whenever EXO or Big Bang (or any YG or SM artist for that matter) make a comeback, the K-Pop world is never the same again. Okay, maybe I"m being overdramatic but from what I"ve seen in the past, comebacks from these two labels are not to be taken lightly. Anything SM or YG does will be the talk of the century into the indefinite future. The power of SMYG is real, I tell you.

Big Bang"s bombastic new song "Bang Bang Bang," which dropped on June 1, garnered over 2 million views in 12 hours and slayed music charts by placing number one on pretty much every music chart ever created. "We Like 2 Party" placed at number 2, right behind "Bang Bang Bang" (my guess is if it weren"t for "Bang Bang Bang," "We Like 2 Party" would have placed first). Big Bang built additional hype for their own releases by uploading a hilarious live countdown video in which they put their best aegyo forward and react to "Bang Bang Bang."

EXO was another boy group contender to sway your hearts and sweep the charts this week. The group returned--a mere two months after the release "Call Me Baby"--with a brand new repackage album titled "Love Me Right" containing four extra songs! The album"s title song which is eponymous to the album, is a bouncy dance number with hints of jazz. Much like the earlier release of Big Bang"s songs, "Love Me Right" slayed real time charts by placing number one on a total of nine different music charts. Let"s not forget the MV which gained over 2 million hits in a matter of 12 hours, to the joy of EXO-Ls. What"s even more impressive is that the repackage album sold nearly 400,000 copies upon its initial release, which, combined with the ~750,000 figure of "Exodus" sales, make EXO the first group to reach 1 million album sales in over a decade. Congrats to the boys!

Kris, Luhan, and Tao have left SM in the dirt

It seems the past EXO members are doing quite well for themselves, now that they aren"t under the aegis of SM. In fact, Kris and Tao were discovered to be busily furthering their careers over in China, what with Kris"s recent Vogue China photo shoot with Kendall Jenner, and Tao promoting a new mobile game as not an EXO member, but simply a "popular Asian idol."

The legal battle between SM and Kris and Luhan is progressing as well, with the courts forcing both sides to reach an agreement through compulsory arbitration. The two parties couldn"t reconcile within the two weeks time courts allowed them, and SM even raised an objection to the arbitration, meaning attempts to reach an agreement has failed. Now both sides are preparing to move on with their respective suits.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are "bae"

It"s official. Our Young Bae is with his very own bae, Min Hyo Rin, an actress with delicate, feminine beauty. Both YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have confirmed that the two are seeing each other. Everyone is a little late with this particular dating news, as the two stars have been dating ever since Min Hyo Rin feature in Taeyang"s MV for "1AM." Their chemistry was instant or so says one acquaintance, who revealed that their on-screen chemistry continued off-screen, as they really hit it off and commented that their relationship progressed "fast." Let"s wish the couple all the happiness in their newfound love!

Kim Hyun Joong fights back

Kim Hyun Joong, who is still swept up in physical assault rumors to her ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi, has had enough of her accusations. Things are appearing a bit fishy on Ms. Choi"s end, who wasn"t able to submit the requested pictures of her alleged pregnancy and miscarriage. Instead, her side insists that they have all the documents and evidence necessary, and even an witness to "fully prove Ms. Choi"s pregnancy" and that "[Kim Hyun Joong"s side] can"t hide the truth."

Now the singer is countersuing Ms. Choi, who filed suit against him for psychological and emotional suffering. In turn, Kim Hyun Joong"s side stated that they are planning to bring suit against Ms.Choi on grounds of defamation. Taking into consideration the settlement of 600 million KRW ($540,000 USD) that Ms. Choi received last year and another 600 million KRW fine for breaching the terms of settlement, the total compensation Kim Hyun Joong plans to seek is 1.2 billion KRD ($1 million USD).

Couples continue to come and go on WGM

Despite We Got Married producers initially denying rumors of Henry and Yewon"s departure, their leave has been officially confirmed. The couple will no longer appear on the show after they shoot their last episode, which planned to be filmed in the middle of this month. Many are speculating that the couple"s run on the show was cut short due to Yewon"s "informal speech" scandal involving actress Lee Tae Won, even though it wasn"t specifically mentioned as the reason for her abrupt leave. The fact that Yewon uploaded a verbose apology letter to the producers of WGM, Lee Tae Won, and Henry give some indication as to why the singer ultimately decided to leave the show.

If you"re said about Yewon and Henry leaving WGM, then don"t be! Another young and fresh-faced couple will be joining the show to fill the air with love, and that new couple was announced to be BTOB"s Sungjae and the adorable Joy of Red Velvet. The two seem like they would make quite the well-matched couple, as they are both young and have bubbly, outgoing personalities.

Secret"s Sunhwa and Hana get into a petty tiff

Secret"s Sunhwa recently spilled her discontented feelings on Twitter, expressing her discomfort at the words fellow member Hana said about her on Mnet"s "Yaman TV." Apparently Hana was describing Sunhwa"s drinking habits, revealing that when Sunhwa is drunk, she "has a lot of dissatisfaction with the world," and that she "grumbles and grumbles." Sunhwa took Hana"s comments a little too personally and posted some words of her own on her personal Twitter account and fan cafe.

This little misunderstanding between the two members caused their agency, TS Entertainment to step forward and attempt to mediate the situation. A rep stated that there is absolutely no hard feeling between Sunhwa and Hana and that Sunhwa was simply concerned that Hana"s words may shed some negative light on her image.

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Weekly Recap: Relationships end, families begin, and welcome back soldier!

Weekly Recap: Relationships end, families begin, and welcome back soldier!

A lot has happened in the last week... what, with the continuation of Yoo Seung Joon"s controversy, breakups--both real and pretend--and teases of the return of artists from both YG and SM!!

It is a lot to take in so be sure to read on to be caught up with all the latest news.

Tiffany and Nichkhun go their separate ways

"Smiling eyes" Girls" Generation member Tiffany and "beast" idol 2PM"s Nichkhun made headlines when their relationship was first announced to the public. Now, a year and five months after making their relationship public, they are making headlines yet again for a reason that may come as a disappointment for some and a boon for others. The two starlets decided to go their separate ways and have parted amicably. Both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have confirmed the validity of the breakup, after checking with their respective artists. The main reasons for the split were the typical "busy schedule," and "no adequate time to spend with one another," which comes as no surprise as many idols are worked through and through, to the point of exhaustion. Though this is disheartening news as the idols made such a cute couple, they are still good friends and it won"t be the last time they see one another.

SM & YG continue to tease us

Dear EXO fans, no need to hold your horses any longer; let them loose and run free. What do I mean? Feel free to let your inner fangirl/fanboy explode with uncontrollable excitement and glee and let the "feels" take over! Your favorite boys in the entire world--no, scratch that--the entire universe have announced the release date for their repackage album of "EXODUS," which will be titled "Love Me Right." The repackage album is said to contain four new tracks, with the title track being the same as the album title. The group also heightened anticipation with various teaser images which I"m sure you either joyously cried or drooled over. In the group teaser photos the members are decked out in football gear, giving some hint as to what the theme for their new song will be. Be sure to also tune in for all four of EXO"s comeback stages, the first of which will air on "M! Countdown" on June 4.

EXO wasn"t the only group that had fans stirring with excitement. VIPs can hardly contain their emotions what with the announcement of Big Bang"s second portion of the "MADE" project. The first part "M," was already revealed earlier this month with the release of two tracks, "Loser," and "Bae Bae." "A" is the second part in the series, and the boys have already teased us with promotional images for the new songs which are titled "Bang Bang Bang" and "We Like 2 Party." The new tracks are expected to drop online on June 1 at midnight so you better be on the lookout!

KARA members are sexy "CUPID"s in their comeback

The stunningly beautiful ladies of KARA shot arrows of love right through everyone"s hearts with their comeback song "CUPID"! In the MV, the girls look gorgeous and perfect as usual but unfortunately, the MV lacks a clear plot. Throughout the video we get to witness the group pose and dance provocatively for the camera, but I couldn"t make sense of the video no matter how many time I replayed it. There are snippets of a dapper young man puzzling over a tiny present which he never got to open because he was assassinated by a rose that was shot through his heart. That scene baffled me a bit, as his presence didn"t seem to play an incredibly significant role in the overall story of the MV. But my little drivel matters not as the song itself is very catchy and I"m sure Kamilias are just happy that their favorite girls finally returned. On a related note, you can check out my review of KARA"s album here.

Yoo Seung Joon is heard cursing and B-Free & J. Yoon add their two cents to controversy

It seems Yoo Seung Joon isn"t so sincere in his remorse about evading military service thirteen years back. Though the singer stepped on his own ego to beg for quarter from the Korean public, now it may be even harder for him to be accepted back into Korean society due to his recent unacceptable behavior on his second live broadcast. In said broadcast, the singer is heard letting out a stream of expletives near the end, completely unaware that his mic was still on. His acts of repentance and all that crying have all been for naught, poor man.

Interestingly enough, Yoo Seung Joon seems to have some people that, though not his close allies, appear to at least sympathize with him. Rapper B-Free and MC the Max"s singer J. Yoon voiced their own opinions on the matter right on their personal social media accounts, and they both disapproved of the country"s intense reactions to the whole controversy. To summarize, B-Free (who by the way already served in the military) openly scorned the Department of Defense for its harsh verdict regarding Yoo Seung Joon. J. Yoon was a bit more subtle in his criticism as he didn"t attack anyone outright but simply commented that the whole situation is "ridiculous," and that Korea is a "dirty place" for sensationalizing this issue to such an extreme degree.

Song Joong Ki returns to life as an actor

Beloved-by-all actor Song Joong Ki has finally returned to our field of vision after having completed his mandatory military service! During an interview after his official discharge ceremony, the actor confessed that Lee Kwang Soo was his savior and light that lent him strength while he was serving in the army. The actor"s confession comes as no surprise as the two have become quite the buddies on Running Man.

Song Joong Ki already has various gigs lined up including an offer to feature in a film, a role in upcoming KBS2 drama "Descendants of the Sun," and ad endorsements.

A memorial concert to be held for deceased Ladies" Code members RiSe and EunB in Japan

It has been a little over half a year since the tragic accident which took the lives of Ladies" Code members RiSe and EunB. News has leaked recently that in order to honor the two members" memories, a tribute concert will be held on August 22 in Tokyo, Japan. The concert, titled "RiSe and EunB Memorial Concert," was planned to fulfill the wish of RiSe who had hoped to hold a Ladies" Code concert at a big stadium in Japan--the country that she was born and raised in. Polaris Entertainment, the agency the girl group is under, stated that other Polaris artists will help prepare and facilitate the tribute concert. Reps from the agency also reported of a possible comeback from the group but nothing--including when and how the group will make their return--has been confirmed. For now, the members are resting, spending time with one another, and diligently practicing for their future return.

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun will indeed depart from WGM

Rumors were circulating that the Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple shot their last "We Got Married" episode on May 20, but a PD from the show initially refuted those rumors. However, as it turns out, the couple will indeed be leaving the show for good. Kim So Eun"s agency Fantagio released an official statement to Newsen which related the reason for the actress"s departure, which is that she needs to focus more on her filming for the upcoming fantasy-historical drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night." A PD from WGM also confirmed the couple"s departure by stating that the couple will be leaving sometime next month. Don"t be too sad though because there is still one more episode to be filmed featuring the adorable couple!

In more WGM news…

Yewon shocked everyone on a recent episode of WGM by planting a wet smooch on her pretend-beau Henry. After committing the dirty deed, the actress couldn"t even look at Henry straight in the eye and bashfully buried her face in Henry"s arms. AWWWWWW. Yewon, you don"t need to be so embarrassed; it"s only natural that you want to physically express your love for your husband--though he may not be your actual husband. Just look at this opportunity as good practice for the future when you get married for real.

Brace yourselves for little miracles

What do comedian Jung Joo Ri, actress Lee Yoon Ji, and Park Ji Sung"s wife have in common? All three are expecting a child soon! Jung Joo Ri, known for her hilarious and down-to-earth persona, is not only tying the knot with her boyfriend of seven years but is also twelve weeks pregnant. Actress Lee Yoon Ji, who married a dentist last September, is reported to be pregnant as well. She is three months into her pregnancy but that isn"t preventing the mom-to-be from forging on with her schedules! Soccer player Park Ji Sung"s wife Kim Min Ji is also expecting child soon, in November. The retired soccer player happily babbled on JS Foundation"s Facebook page about his baby, referring to him/her as "dumpling." Let"s wish all the couples happiness and health!

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