[Video] B1A4 Releases  candy woman Teaser

[Video] B1A4 Releases candy woman Teaser

--> B1A4 has given enthusiasts a sneak peek at the approaching track video for candy woman.

a fast, 16- 2d clip used to be released on B1A4′s reputable YouTube channel on August five, featuring fast glimpses of the contributors as a jazzy melody plays in the background.

[Video] B1A4 Releases ′ candy woman′ Teaser

Lead unmarried candy woman used to be composed and written by way of leader Jin Young and includes a funky rhythm and genuine band sound.

B1A4′s 6th mini album < robust> candy woman may be released on August 10.


DSP Media

DSP Media"s new woman team April free up A teaser video featuring the entire participants

DSP Media

some other bubbly woman workforce is headed your fashion! DSP Media has right Away dropped An overall workforce MV teaser for their new idols, April.

those fortunate gals were given to play amongst doggies All day in A box... glance At how lovable the ones doggies Are! The women themselves Are tremendous stunning in matching white dresses And long hair.

Excited for their debut?

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[Funcurve Review]

[Funcurve Review] " the woman Who Sees Smells"

The odor of Crime i assume maximum of the other individuals, upon hearing the identify of the drama, will now no longer know how a resounding plot can revolve around a wo guy who sees smells. then again, " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" (a.k.a. Sensory Couple) will have struck passld by means of weaving this outlandish idiosyncrasy into a crime/mystery series. There are several dimensions to the drama which make it compelling and revel in in a position. I"m certain the primary query on everybody"s brains is, "How precisely do you visualize scents?" The drama does a flavorful task of depicting her talent whilst tying it in properly with enigmatic murder situations that could simplest be solved with her assist. Not simplest that, " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" delivers this type of suspenseful narrative, and audience alternate into so engaged with how the maximum important arc unfolds, that they could just in the end turn out forgetting that seeing smells isn't very believable.

Funcurve Graph

Intro photo 1

the tale commences with our two leads, Choi Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun) and Choi Eun-seol (Sin Se-kyeong), who are either suffering from means of circle of relatives murders. Eun-seol, who gets hit by means of a automobile after witnessing her folks" murder, suffers from reminiscence loss. She is surprised to notice that she sees abnormal, floating colours and shapes, which she later identifies as smells. Moo-gak is so torn by means of the wrongful death of his sister that he loses sleep and alternate intos desensitized to all pain. Their lives in the end collide (literally) as they sign up for forces to in the end catch the "Bar Code" serial killer, who is attached to the murder in their contributors of the circle of relatives.

Intro photo 2

although I maximum normally revel in the intensity of mysterys, I in sectionicular appreciate that " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" interlaces murder mystery with weird and wonderful comedy. Choi Eun-seol, who assumes the alias of Oh Cho-rim, pursues her hobby means of of acting &# four7 five6 four;&# four five812;&# four four060;&# four four five36; ( guy dam gae geu, Korean slapstick comedy), and ropes Moo-gak in as her sectionner. Thus, the ordinarily stoic Moo-gak transforms into this type of laugh in a position dork that you'll be in a position to"t assist yet in locateing him totally ador in a position.

Screen 1Screen 2

Most of all, what makes this drama memor in a position is that the villain is so hauntingly villainous that the mix of the target audience"s trepidation and insist for justice beckons them to continue observing. in truth, unlike other mystery dramas, the crook is recognized early on in the taleline. So, the tension that hooks audience isn"t in looking to infer who the master brain is at the back of the murders, yet in knowing the identity of the culprit yet being powerless to do anything else about it.

Episodes 1-3 Review although the identify turns out to indicate to a gentle- c inputed drama, the plot setup indicates suspense and mystery. straight away, we witness a dramatic opening scene from the beyond as we bump into separate murders. First, Eun-seol"s folks are recognized as sufferers in the "Bar Code Murders", in which the killer inscribes cuts in the sufferers" internal wrists such as bar codes. Soon after, Moo-gak"s sister is cruelly stabbed at the health c input bed. these two crimes appear unrelated, till we realize that Moo-gak"s sister stocks the similar call, Choi Eun-seol.

Screen 3Screen four

Flash ahead to offer day, and we be told that Moo-gak is attempting to pass into into the murder leavement of the police force to catch his sister"s assassin. At the similar time, Oh Cho-rim lives a glad- pass- fortunate lifestyles, blind to her beyond. While in pursuit of a crook, Moo-gak is hit by means of Cho-rim"s automobile, and Cho-rim in the end ends up the use of her special senses to assist capture the culprit. Their lives continue to intertwine as Cho-rim desperately wishes Moo-gak to be her comedy sectionner, and Cho-rim convinces him that she can use her olrealityory sight to extra assist him with his investigations.

Screen fiveScreen 6

It"s a unprecedented treat to look the maximum important feminine lead in a Korean drama with severe thinking qualifications! At this point, I"m beautiful sold at the 2 major characters. I in locateing Sin Se-kyeong refreshing, and i suspect her chemistry with Park Yoo-chun is spl endid. I especially revel ined the scene when Cho-rim convinces Moo-gak of her sensory powers by means of passing all of Moo-gak"s petty tests, to his infantile discould. I"m also get begineding to shop for in to Cho-rim"s sleuthing qualifications as she exposes some severe clues all through the investigations. It"s a unprecedented treat to look the maximum important feminine lead in a Korean drama with severe thinking qualifications!

Episodes four-6 Review There is way to highmild in these episodes. I really appreciate that " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" doesn"t have a cliche love triangle. The relation send between Moo-gak and Cho-rim is progressing at a rate that fits my flavor. You can obviously notice the guyners that they subtly flirt and are arising in appeal against one any other. On maximum sensible of that, I cherish how the once aloof Moo-gak is now exhibiting playfulness and characterlity.

Screen 7Screen 8

Screen nine

Mean whilst, things are temporarily surfacing, which is a refreshing speed from the standard Korean drama taleboard. these episodes are constituted of smaller murder situations, so for the maximum section, I"m kept inputtained by means of the detective paintings and crime solving. Along the guyner, there are c input-wrenching confessions and disturbing crook chases, which motive me to query my assumptions about who will also be relied on. It also assists that the supporting forged is moderately like in a position with their endearing facet reviews, this type ofs Detective Ki, who can"t withstand answering calls from Elena Vashilivnashivanova.

Screen 10Screen 11

i can"t say that there aren"t any filler scenes all through these episodes, yet it"s tough now no longer to be utterly engrossed when stunning truths in regards to the "Bar Code Murders" are hastily printed.

Episodes 7-10 Review The pursuit of the "Bar Code" assassin ensues except for, unlike the maximum important characters in the drama, we've alternate into omniscient. It just kills us to notice that the killer is ideal beneath the police"s nose, and yet he guyages to elude them. It"s a race between the law enforcement officials and the crook to look who can outsmart the alternative, and it roughly feels the villain has the higher hand, at all times being one step ahead.

Screen 12

Many audience could alternate into exasperated that the special investigation unit constantly fails to appreh end the crook. characterlly, I didn"t have this type ofverse frustrations about their incompetency. in my opinion, the detectives made astute observations and devised suave methods, yet ended in deficient execution for the reason that villain was once made to be moderately shrewd and calculating. in truth, just whilst you're thinking that the crook has blbeneathed and given himself away, you realize that he"s outwitted you too.

Screen thirteenScreen 1 four

i'm passing to concede that there are portions of the taleline that " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" can have just unnoticed. Most incessantly, I by means ofpassed any scenes involving Cho-rim"s adoptive father, who reputedly deserted her for the simpler a section of this drama, and Detective Yeom, who falls beneath the notorious "noble idiocy" character.

every scene in which the killer appears feels ominous and lifestyles-threatening. Yet, this a section of the drama flourishes for me bemotive everybody is so just about finding pivotal knowledge that could also just alternate the whole lot, and my nerves are tingling, hoping that the nice guys will figure it out sooner than the bad guy does. Mean whilst, the killer is too close for convenience, and each scene in which he appears feels ominous and lifestyles-threatening.

Episodes 11- thirteen Review In my expertise, this segment of a Korean drama (episodes nine and on) is maximum normally when my interest begins to wane. Unfortunately, " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" isn't resistant to this trend. bemotive the maximum important war has already been arising for the primary element of the series, the drama now want to guyurealityure new war by means of forcing characters to make silly choices, intellectless self-sacrifices, and fundamentally renounce all sound good judgment. In this situation, the victim of bad writing is our heroine, Cho-rim, with the investigation unit trailing close at the back of.

Screen 1 five

At this point, the detectives are beautiful certain who the killer is yet are un in a position to supply bloodless, tough evidence to capture him. This beautiful much remajors the prestige quo for the following 3 episodes. the sole new intel I"m in a position to collect is that Cho-rim can"t see smells when it"s raining. On the alternative hand, our killer is benefiting from all of the snooze and is really getting closer to achieving his purpose.

Screen 16Screen 17

Episodes 1 four-16 Review I won"t spill the beans on how " the wo guy Who Sees Smells" ends, yet audience will expertise a rollercoaster of feelings up to the overall moments, adding a hilarious dream collection by means of Moo-gak that i can also rewatch for all time. I also applaud the calm and accumulated Detective Yeom, held hostage in the killer"s concealed lair. She plays brain games with the obviously disturbed assassin, who has shown now no longerhing yet fantastically chilling acting. The importance at the back of the bar codes could be in spite of the whole lot brought to mild.

Screen 18Screen 1 nine

The concluding episodes prove to be one of the maximum robuster endings I"ve observed, fillers and all. I desection the drama feeling content and convinced, with a new admire for maximum of the actors and a new send that has sailed.

Written by means of: Stephanie from "< robust>Funcurve"

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[Spoiler] Added episodes 25 and 26 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added episodes 25 and 26 captures for the Korean drama "Make a Woman Cry"

Added episodes 25 and 26 captures for the Korean drama "Make a Woman Cry" (2015)Directed by Kim Geun-hongWritten by Ha Cheong-okNetwork : MBCWith Kim Jeong-eun, Song Chang-ee, Lee Soon-jae, Ha Hee-ra, Oh Dae-gyoo, Lee Tae-ran,...40 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45Also know as "Let the Girl Cry"SynopsisDeok-in is an ex-detective from a serious crime unit. She quit her work after she lost her only son and runs a small restaurant in front of her deceased son so that she can reserve the memory about her son. She fights through the staggering process of healing and forgiving while she goes on a journey to discover the truth behind her son"s death.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/04/18



Get That K-Pop Look: Minah in 'I Am A Woman Too' Music Video

Get That K-Pop Look: Minah in 'I Am A Woman Too' Music Video

Welcome to this week"s Get That K-pop Look, where we showcase an original K-Pop outfit and give you tips on putting together your own similarly styled, affordable outfit.

The days are getting warmer and the nights are getting sultrier, which means it"s about time we feature a look that"s ready to paint the town red. Or, in this case, gold. Minah of Girls" Day launched her video for the hit single "I Am A Woman Too" recently, and it"s full of great outfits. Minah champions the outfits that are trendy and bold, but are also accessible for the average woman who wants to get a little dressed up for a night out.

Keep reading to put together your own undeniably fierce "I Am a Woman Too" inspired outfit.

Ella One Sleeve Silky Woven Top, $14.99 from Boohoo

These days, we"re seeing more one shoulder summer crop tops than we are silky, flowy shirts, so this is a nice change of pace. The soft color and design lets the gold shorts (rightfully) stand out here, but also guarantees that your top half looks just as good in all the pictures from a night out on the town.

(Photo : Boohoo) Raga Sequined Shorts, $32.95 from Daily Look

These shorts are the perfect focal point for a year"s worth of nightlife outfits. You can take a cue from Minah and wear them with a silky evening top, or throw them on with some black tights and a chunky black turtleneck in the winter. They"d even be a fun way to spice up a vintage graphic tee.

(Photo : Daily Look) Bamboo Crisscross Ankle Strap Chunky Heels, $30.99 from Charlotte Russe

If you"re old enough to have some chunky sandals left over from the 90s, dust "em off, cuz these suckers are back. And if you"re new to the chunky sandal scene? Snag this crisp, perfect-for-summer pair before they"re gone.

(Photo : Charlotte Russe)


Kim Jung Eun’s New Drama “Make a Woman Cry” Lands High Ratings for First Drama

Kim Jung Eun’s New Drama “Make a Woman Cry” Lands High Ratings for First Drama

MBC’s new weekend drama “Make a Woman Cry” is off to a great start after its first broadcast achieved 15 percent viewership.

According to the viewer ratings research company Nielsen Korea, the April 18 broadcast of “Make a Woman Cry” recorded a 15 percent viewership rating. Compared to 7.4 percent for the SBS drama “Take Care of My Dad” and 23 percent for KBS 2TV’s “Bluebird’s House,” the rating was a strong showing for the series’ first episode.

The 15 percent rating is 1.3 percentage points higher than the first broadcast of the show’s predecessor, “Rosy Lovers.” As “Rosy Lovers” was the top weekend drama when it went off the air, “Make a Woman Cry” looks like it might be able to take advantage of its predecessor’s success and capture the first place spot.

Meanwhile, “Make a Woman Cry” centers on the story of Jang Deok In, played by Kim Jung Eun, a former detective who opens a small restaurant after the loss of her son.

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Jinusean releases teaser video for

Jinusean releases teaser video for "Tell Me One More Time" + new teaser image featuring a mysterious woman

The teaser video for Jinusean"s upcoming title track has been revealed!

According to the latest teaser image released by YG Entertainment on April 9th, the song is called "Tell Me One More Time". It"s co-composed by Tablo, Jinusean and co-written by Tablo, P.K and Fraktal.

The MV has attracted much attention since it will feature various big names in the industry including Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Sung Soo, S.E.S"s Shoo, Epik High and iKON"s Bobby.

Don"t miss the release of "Tell Me One More Time" on April 15th.