[Drama Review] ‘The Liar and His Lover’ – Episode 3

[Drama Review] ‘The Liar and His Lover’ – Episode 3

As expected, ‘The Lover and His Liar’ continues to pique our interest as Han Gyul starts showing a new side of himself (especially regarding his emotions towards Sorim). While the drama continues to have some moments that are a little cliche or predictable, the drama continues to enwrap us with the music-focused love plot.

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To my enjoyment, Han Gyul gives in and listens to Sorim’s additional lyrics and music that he threw away in the trash. It is cute to see his indifferent emotions suddenly struggle between being impressed and trying to maintain his bad boy demeanor. I was surprised he went the distance to text her the same night about her music (despite being a complete @$$ to her earlier that day).

The face you make when you feel hot air against your lap…

Ironically enough, Sorim’s phone is broken and she doesn’t have any plans to fix it anytime soon which only leaves Han Gyul with one option: to dramatically run to her and find her at her school! Now the romance is really pounding on deep this time because he does arrive at her high school and completely catches her off guard. Although I was her character would sort of hold a grudge or treat Han Gyul coldly, Sorim is too in love and charming to pull that card – which keeps her character authentic and optimistic in comparison.

I’m pretty sure everyone was melting at the phone booth scene in the rain. The drama is earning points for creating this entrapped scenarios that offer a bit of an alluring, sensual emotion yet teases the viewers since it is cut short before going anywhere. This will keep people craving the moment their lips meet even more! I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon, though.

Although I am a fan of the new romance between Han Gyul and Sorim, I am still a bit uneasy regarding the situation with Yoona and the company manager. Yoona is already having a hard time breaking away from Han Gyul (whether he realizes it or not) and he just makes things worse when Sorim answers Yoona’s phone call on his phone. 

While I think Yoona would only go as far as dating the company manager in order to make Han Gyul jealous, I am hoping she doesn’t pull a crazy stunt against Sorim. She’s too innocent for this entertainment world.

Checking your bank account and you’re not poor!

Believe it or not, the whole plot surrounding Crude Play isn’t as exciting as most may have anticipated. While I like the inside look of an idol life, it just seems to be an unnecessary secondary story. 

I’m sure a situation will arise that will create major conflict for Han Gyul and force him to choose between Sorim or the band – just my thoughts! With K-Dramas, it is pretty easy to predict the worst at times.

I don’t want to admit it, but I’m becoming a sucker for their playful, high school love ties. It is because Sorim is so much more innocent, naive and curious about love in a very natural way. It doesn’t seem like a fairy tale how must dramas highlight romance to be nowadays. Joy is really good at maintaining Sorim’s girlish mentality and charms, so kudos to her!

But now, Sorim is in a real pickle! Now that she is offered a chance to be signed to an entertainment company and become a star (plot twist, without her friends) she is completely torn. Does she pursue her new future or stay true to her friends? Similar to Han Gyul’s previous scenario, it will definitely create some conflict. Until the next episode, we can only hope she chooses wisely.

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