[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 7

[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 7

Seol Woo races against the clock to save Do Ha. Not only does he have to get to the shipping container, but he has to disable the bomb. Doing both, he finds that Do Ha is not there, and there’s a laptop showing him her location. Mr. Seo orders Seol Woo to bring the ring and carving. Meanwhile, Do Ha’s captors pretend they are NIS, in order to get the items they need, and also poison Do Ha against Seol Woo. Taking the detonator from the bomb, our agent tracks down a weapons dealer and learns of Mr. Seo, and the Baek Infantry. Seol Woo resigns from NIS. At gunpoint, Congressman Baek tells Seol Woo where their HQ is, but they vacate. Seol Woo finds where they’re hiding, and stages a raid with the help of Woon Gwang. They rescue Do Ha, find Mr. Seo, and disable an army of goons.

I didn’t know Woon Gwang could really fight. I know he talked a good game and did his own stunts, but I wasn’t sure he really knew anything. At all. And eight different martial arts certainly seems like hyperbole. I’m trying hard enough to master one, thank you very much. But still, his action sequences were truly awesome, and if an ordinary man took on that many thugs at once, he’d be beaten to a pulp quickly. The more I see Woon Gwang onscreen, the more I like him.

Do Ha now can’t stop thinking about what they told her about Seol Woo. That it was all an act. That it was just his cover. That he didn’t really care. But was it an act? Sometimes, the writers don’t want us to know one way or the other. But he gave up being NIS and went on the record saying his actions were his own, and risked life, limb, and career to save this woman. Even deep cover, those are not the actions of a man who does not care.

I’m not sure if Baek staged his restraints or not, given that he wanted a photo op. I’m guessing it’s going to get NIS in deep doo doo, and they’ve already confronted the director on this. Now, I’m not sure he actually did any of that, and simply rescued Do Ha, but I think they figure that he’s been a thorn in their side long enough. It would make sense that he did, to buy him some time. I’m still confused about it, but I’m guessing we’ll find out more about this in Episode 8.

This episode really got me pumped. I like the heavy amount of action and the investigation. I also enjoy the heavy-handedness of “tell what I want to know, or I pull the trigger.” Finally, a great way to make these people talk, whether it’s an arms dealer or a cowardly chaebol. Fighting off the minions were awesome, and getting to directly deal with Mr. Seo (who got roundly trashed) was awesome. I love mini-boss fights. But if Mr. Seo is down for the count, then who is going to make things difficult for Seol Woo?

We also get some time for bromance here. Despite the difference in ages, I like the idea that Seol Woo and Woon Gwang are close. The fact that they can drink together and fight together really makes both of them more human. Seol Woo really needs to stop playing the stiff upper lip guy and be the friend that Woon Gwang needs him to be. Professionalism is all well and good, but sometimes you just need to let your guard down and be yourself. Or does Seol Woo even know how he feels?

I love this. There was not a wasted second in this episode, and this has to stand as one of the best yet. We get fights, investigation, high action, gadgets, and the single-minded determination of the hero in search of the heroine. While I would have loved to see Do Ha bust some heads, this was still a very satisfying installment. Can’t wait for the next one!

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