[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 5

[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 5

Seol Woo hooks up with Do Ha again, as instructed. His partner tells him that it’s because she has the Black Auction Ring, which is the key to finding the second wood carving. It becomes increasingly obvious that Seol Woo gives Woon Gwang the motivation he needs to get up and at ’em in the morning. As the episode progresses, Do Ha establishes boundaries: there must be no less than one meter between her and Seol Woo. That evening, at a restaurant, Woon Gwang gives his autograph to a very young fan. His delight turns to disappointment when he finds out his mother is Mi Eun. Mr. Ji re-establishes a relationship with Woon Gwang, while the actor continues to kindle a bromance with Seol Woo. Do Ha tries to sort out her feelings for Agent K, while he engages in a cat and mouse game with the other agent, Mr. Seo. Do Ha’s dad shows up and embraces Seol Woo as a son…

Not that much of a cliffhanger this time, other than the fact that Seol Woo looks really uncomfortable at this prospect. So much that he simply reminds himself that he is Agent K, a man without a past, fighting for the future. Or something flowery like that. It’s interesting because as much as they drop hints that he loves Do Ha, we also get reminded that it’s just his cover and that he will walk away when it’s most convenient.

Which I don’t think is necessarily true. I think he tries to hide it from everyone, even himself, but I think the solemn spy act is just that — an act. And the sad fact is that he goes into such deep cover, he doesn’t get it. He focuses on his mission, rather than on his heart. He lives in a world of floorplans, alarms, and electronic bugs. I suppose it’s better than a world of high rises, high-stakes financial deals, and corruption, but it doesn’t allow him to stop and smell the roses once in awhile. But I think he’s starting to, and it’s all because of Do Ha.

Do Ha has actually really grown on me.  I wondered why every other actress outstrips Min Jung as far as beauty goes (in this series). It’s not just the hair, but the outfits, the attitude. What’s funny is that they finally revealed it — at the start of the episode, Seol Woo reveals that this is tougher because he doesn’t find her all that attractive. But the nice thing is, as lovestruck as she is, Do Ha is still a spitfire. The fact that she doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat makes her a stronger character than we see in a lot of dramas these days. And her character is key to why we’re all still watching, I think.   

The appearance of Do Ha’s dad aka “Goldfinger” worries me. I’m not sure why, but I know that Do Ha indicated that he could never keep his nose clean. I have a feeling he may end up tipping their hand to the bad guys and making the whole thing go south. He’s just uninvolved enough in what’s going on to give him a disadvantage, regardless of how cagey he is. I’m sure Seol Woo will get the upper hand if Goldfinger finds himself outmatched, but still… His appearance in this drama, from the jail to the outside world, can’t be a coincidence.

I feel bad for Woon Gwang. This episode was another one that highlighted his loneliness and his sadness.The encounter with Mi Eun’s child really rattled him. He pretends to be happy, but that is overshadowed by what’s really inside. He still carries a torch for Mi Eun, so anything that reminds him of her hurts him. So he pushes it away, and memories of her.

So this episode was another remarkable installment, filled with all the humor, spills, and thrills that this series has set as its bar. And the bar has been set high. I really look forward each weekend to catching this show. It’s a fantastic addition to my Friday and Saturday TV lineup.

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