[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ – Episode 2

[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ – Episode 2

This episode centers around Do Ha’s attempts to get Seol Woo fired. She does this with the full cooperation of the actor, as he’s not eager to have someone looking out for his best interests, either. But he wants it done quietly, and if Seol Woo leaves on his own it would look even better.  So she gives him an unorthodox job interview and tries to make him look bad. She fires him near the end, but Seol Woo climbs in a car and tries to save Woon Gwang when he hurtles out of control in a sabotaged vehicle…

And they leave it on a cliffhanger, just like that. I suppose it’ll keep people coming back next week, but it still raises my hackles sometimes. I wonder if this will be a constant thing, or if it will be an every once in awhile thing. I know we were promised twists and turns, so maybe they’re just delivering on their promise.

I think Do Ha managed to become less annoying. And it was funny to see the tables turned on her again and again as things start to fall apart, and Seol Woo is just doing his job. I think that’s the funniest part — the indignation when she finds Woon Gwang sneaking out to violate his diet, or when Seol Woo leads him out of the car and through a traffic jam to get him to a bus so he can get to the shoot on time. And he did ask for it. *snicker*

What I’d like to see is more of Seol Woo’s personality. He’s entirely professional, and he’s all business, and his straight-man shtick is a large part of the humor. But I think trading barbs with Woon Gwang would be fairly funny as well. Maybe if they get closer we’ll start to see some of that come through.

And again, we have a largely successful installment. This one was less awkward, although somewhat less action-packed as well. The humor here was large and in charge, and we were treated to several amusing situations, and largely due to Do Ha and Woon Gwang. Seol Woo was left to clean up after them. The writers have done a bang-up job here, and this series is just starting to get lit.

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