[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 14

[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 14

We find out about Mi Eun’s past, and why she broke up with Woon Gwang. We also find the true architects of all this, the ones who own the slush fund. As chairperson, Mi Eun gets key documents for Seol Woo. Seol Woo and Mr. Seo foil Baek’s child-napping attempt, and he implicates himself while dictating terms, since the VIP Lounge is monitored. They arrest Baek. Seung Jae offers Seol Woo a full-time job. Looking at Byung Do Mo’s will, Seol Woo figures out the portrait in the VIP Lounge hides a safe. Do Ha tries to break up with him, but he asks for one more day. The tapes implicating Baek are in there, as well as material on first generation ghost agents. The bodyguard asks Dong Hyun to look into a recurring dragon design. Seol Woo intends to retire but gets some distressing news about Dong Hyun. The director of NIS has a hunting rifle with that familiar dragon design…

I knew Mi Eun had a larger part to play in this than what they were giving her. But at least we know why. The visits to the chapel, her weird, loveless marriage to Seung Jae, the connection to Mr. Jang. It all makes more sense now, and she was on a mission the whole time. But marriage? I guess they all have their parts to play, and maybe that’s where they felt a female agent would be the most useful. And I want to see Mi Eun and Woon Gwang together again.

Now that Do Ha has gotten her cajones back, she’s able to straight out tell Seol Woo she wants a different life, that she can’t be with him. I was glad that got straightened out quickly enough. We need a good romance. Now, if she sticks around, and doesn’t run off to Jeju or something (an old trope we’ve seen in other dramas) then they can live happily ever after, once he’s done with all this. I hope.

The Dragon must mean the NIS director is part of the “old fogeys” club, as Seung Jae refers to it. We’ll call them the Dragon Fogeys because that’s what they are. They’re all very old, they have the dragon as a symbol, and they have had their hands on the reins of power for a long time. And with Dong Hyun’s death, I hope our ghost agent lives through this.

And I’m not sure who that old woman was that was talking to Baek in the spa, but obviously, she had more power than he did. He refers to her as “the people above me,” when he talks to Seung Jae. I’m pretty sure she’s part of the Dragon Fogeys, and I’m also pretty sure they’re the ones calling the shots.

R.I.P. Dong Hyun. Sadly, we won’t have him to laugh at anymore, and I thought he was one of the best characters in the drama. He had this style about him that set him apart from the rest, and now he’s gone. At least we had him for most of the series, but I was hoping he might survive unscathed. I hope more good characters don’t die, especially the ones we’ve grown to love.  

Well, the safe behind the painting was a bit meh, although I sort of thought there was something going on with that anyway. I didn’t want them to be that cliche. And Seol Woo can figure out what’s going and save the day. Or something. Ultimately, though, the episode was pretty fast-moving. Everything’s coming to a head, and we’re hurtling along with it. Nice job.

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