[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 13

[Drama Review] ‘Man to Man’ — Episode 13

Seol Woo offers to be Sung Jae’s black ops agent. He meets with Dong Hyun, saying they can profile the deceased Chairman Mo to find information on the documents and Baek’s involvement. Jang shows up at a Woon Gwang signing, and Seol Woo deflects his questions. Baek captures Director Park of Songsan and tries to find out more about the slush fund. Director Park turns around and makes a public statement implicating Sueng Jae. The Director can’t get a break, as Seol Woo also kidnaps him and Park turns over the documents on the slush fund to Dong Hyun. Seol Woo meets again with Jang, who threatens him, but the former ghost agent laughs it off. Mr. Seo gives Baek damning info, and the lawmaker resigns. Our bodyguard turns over the papers to Seung Jae and gets the $5 mil he asked for. Seol Woo heads back “home,” and plays video games with Do Ha, who keeps winning. That night, Jang meets with Sharon, who makes a roundabout proposition of marriage, and Jang resigns from NIS. Searching again on the 58th floor of Songsan building, Seol Woo bumps into Mi Eun. He greets her as a fellow ghost agent…

So you can marry to establish your cover. Interesting. I had no idea Mi Eun was an agent, though I did wonder why she was working with Mr. Jang. Now we know. I guess it makes sense why she would be feeding him information. I wonder if she’s still with NIS. It makes sense that a lovely woman who can use her attractiveness as a weapon would be an agent. I’m guessing her model/actress thing was just a cover too? I wonder how this ties in with Woon Gwang?

It’s nice to see Seol Woo lighten up a little. He does that here, and finally, you get to see something beyond the stoic, stiff, Agent K. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Woon Gwang and Do Ha have welcomed him into their hearts, and even the strongest ice can melt when subjected to the right heat. And it’s nice to see him try and settle into a normal role. I’m pretty sure it’s for real this time.

It’s also nice to see Do Ha back to feisty and reckless. Her cutesy lovesick act was just grating and an example of character drift. Often drama writers when they want to show a change in a character they do that. But it’s important to make a distinction between change and drift. Do Ha can learn to accept Seol Woo’s love without losing her edge. At least, IMHO. It was nice so see some of that chutzpah return.

I like Dong Hyun. The more I see him, the more likable he becomes. I was hoping he wasn’t really a secret part of anything, because of his dry humor, his irreverence and just his overall warmth. He’s so unlike Seol Woo that he’s just the perfect foil. And yet he still gets the job done. He just seems like the guy who you’d love to share chicken and beer with.

Mr. Jang is starting to annoy me. I was really hoping he’d start straightening up, but no, he’s still working for the shadow government behind the scenes. Which makes me wonder…who is behind this? Who’s a part of it, and who’s just doing their jobs, unaware of what’s going on. The ghost agents apparently have no idea what’s going on, or else Yoon would still be alive, and Seol Woo wouldn’t be “dead.” At least he finally seemed to do the right thing in the end.

We have a pretty good run here. We’re getting to the point where everything’s wrapping up, which IMO is a good thing. I have a feeling there will very little filler and fewer slow chapters. This at least was interesting because of the intensity of the actors, and we need more fun love scenes. Maybe we’ll finally get that next week.

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