2PMs Chansung and Big Stars FeelDog to Join Cool Kiz on the Block Taekwondo Episode

2PMs Chansung and Big Stars FeelDog to Join Cool Kiz on the Block Taekwondo Episode

2PM’s Chansung and Big Star’s FeelDog to Join “Cool Kiz on the Block” Taekwondo Episode 2PM‘s Chansung and Big Star‘s FeelDog will be appearing on the taekwondo episode of “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

A representative revealed to TV Report on February 18, “Chansung and FeelDog have been chosen as members for the taekwondo episode, and are currently practicing hard.”

The two idols showed off their teamwork in the badminton episode of the show, in which they played tennis doubles. FeelDog proved that he is a natural talent in the field of sports, and Chansung showed his strong fighting spirit by constantly doing his best.

As their badminton match ended with a defeat, causing the two to shed tears, fans of the show are already anticipating their upcoming appearance to see if their results will be better this time around.

On February 5, KBS held an open audition to choose members for the upcoming taekwondo episode. Around hundred applicants showed up, and the final selection was done by MC Kang Ho DongJohn ParkJulien KangSeo Ji Suk, and Kim Yeon Woo. After a careful document screening, Chansung and FeelDog were chosen as the guest members.


Block B takes second win for “Toy” on M! Countdown   Yesung, Eunji and more for April 21 episode

Block B takes second win for “Toy” on M! Countdown Yesung, Eunji and more for April 21 episode

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBlock Bs winning streak continues on as they nab their 2d trophy for Toy on the maximum recent broadcast of M! Countdown.

Aired on April 21st, Block B went up opposed to CNBLUEs Youre So Fine, taking the win with 9,092 issues over 4,883 points. Here's their moment win for Toy having taking on their first trophy on Show Champion the day prior.

Performers for the eveningincorporated GOT7, LABOUM, Park Boram, Berry Good, VOISPER, Bolbbalgan 4, Block B, Bizzy, BTOB, VIXX, Sam Kim, Boys Republic, Snuper, UP10TION, NCT U, Yesung, Oh My Girl, U Sung Eun, Jung Eunji, Tae Jin Ah and HISTORY.

U Sung Eun Jealousy ft. Kisum

NCT U Without You The 7th Sense

Park Boram Dynamic Love

VIXX Farwell Hands Dynamic

LABOUM Adventure to Atlantis

Eunji Love Is Like The Wind With a little of luck Sky

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10cm ranks #1 on Inkigayo with “What The Spring”   NCT U, Block B, CNBLUE and more for April 17 episode

10cm ranks #1 on Inkigayo with “What The Spring” NCT U, Block B, CNBLUE and more for April 17 episode

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFor this weeks Inkigayo broadcast, CNBLUE, GOT7 and 10cm went head-to-head for 1st place!

Aired on April 17th, 10cms What The Spring?? took house its first tunedisplay trophy with 7,660 issues over 4,292 and 5,146 elements for CNBLUEs Youre So Fine and GOT7s Fly respectively. As 10cm isn't officially selling their name track on broadcast, they were now notprovide to settle for the trophy themselves.

Performers for the evening included Kim Tae Woo, CNBLUE, BTOB, Block B, NCT U, Tae Jin Ah, HISTORY, LABOUM, Eric Nam, Hyosung, SNUPER, Oh My Girl, UP10TION, Sam Kim, Cosmic Girls, Rose Motel and Yoo Seong Eun with Kisum.

Congratulations to 10cm!

Block B A couple of Years Later Toy

NCT U Without U The 7th Sense

Sam Kim No Sense ft. Crush

LABOUM Adventure to Atlantis

U Seung Eun Jealousy ft. Kisum

Tae Jin Ah Concern About My Children

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Watch: Block B, BTS, CNBLUE, A Pink, AOA, EXID, and More in Special “Music Core” Episode

Watch: Block B, BTS, CNBLUE, A Pink, AOA, EXID, and More in Special “Music Core” Episode

Watch: Block B, BTS, CNBLUE, A Pink, AOA, EXID, and More in Special Song inwardness Episodecrystalcove April 15, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Block B, BTS, CNBLUE, A Pink, AOA, EXID, and More in Special Music Core Episode This week is the 500th episode of MBCs Music Core, and to celebrate, the display has ready special stages from your favourite K-pop idols.

For this week, the MCs are ZICO of Block B and Chanyeol of EXO joining normal MCs Kim Sae Ron and Kim Min Jae

Performances are from Block B, BTS, CNBLUE, A Pink, AOA, EXID, Hyosung, GFriend, BTOB, MAMAMOO, Tae Jin Ah, UP10TION, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, NCT U, Oh My Girl, Cosmic Girls, SNUPER, ASTRO, and KNK

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The First Episode of

The First Episode of "Block B's 5 Minutes Before Chaos" Was Chaotic and Rated "R"

They"re not like any other idols. While other idol groups are showing their love for each other on camera, Block B is acting like the young and mischievous boy band that they are. Meet the seven boys who have nothing to lose.

The first episode of Mnet"s "Block B"s 5 Minutes Before Chaos" aired on April 10th. Zico stated, "I"ve glad that we"re able to have a show on Mnet. I guess this means we are big time." This comment gave the other members a chuckle.

The mission for the first episode was "Expose The Deepest Secrets of other Members". Instead of caring about their own image, they all began to go after other members for their deepest, darkest secrets. Taeil found a picture while driving back to their home that had all the members worried, but the producer told Taeil that to reveal the picture would be too direct and inappropriate for television.

P.O. began to speak about Jaehyo, saying, "We often share videos and things like that so we can talk about them and what not, but Jaehyo never shares his videos. I looked over his computer files, and I realized that he"s just a healthy man who is not unlike other people our age."

U-Kwon stated that he had a similar issue about P.O. saying, "I know that P.O works on songs from his computer, but I wondered if he had any movies, so I searched for AV(Adult Video) files. Here are some of the movie titles." He then began to read the movie titles and had P.O. embarrassed.

Kyung then held up a picture and stated that he had a picture of Zico"s ex-girlfriend, adding that she was his girlfriend before she met and began to date Zico. Zico was initially shocked, but when he recovered, he clarified on the situation by saying that they weren"t really boyfriend and girlfriend because they only really hung out by chatting. Zico"s secrets about Kyung will be revealed next week.

"Block B"s 5 Minutes Before Chaos" was truly entertaining thanks to the 3-Screen broadcast. There"s the broadcast material, Block-B member"s instant TV reaction, and the follow-up chat continues in real time during the show via social networking sites.

Block B is known to be the mischievous boy band of K-Pop, and they proved it again through this show.


Cool Guys BTOB Reality Program Airs First Episode

Cool Guys BTOB Reality Program Airs First Episode

‘Cool Guys BTOB’ Reality Program Airs First Episode Boy group BTOB"s reality program "Cool Guys BTOB" aired it first episode.

BTOB"s reality program "Cool Guys BTOB" aired its first episode on March 4th via SBS MTV. In the show, BTOB members will show off their own charms with their interpretations of what it means to be a "cool guy".

The preview revealed that the members would be parodying "cool guy" actors" greatest scenes. Last week BTOB member were asked what they would do to become cool guys. They showed their answers in teaser videos.

In the videos, BTOB members revealed their own perceptions of what cool guys are. Lim Hyunsik answered "powerful man", Lee Minhyuk answered "sexy man", and Yook Sungjae answered, "A cool guy is a man like me", showing off his self-confidence. On the other hand, Jung Ilhoon answered "confidence", Peniel answered, "thoughtfulness for a woman", Seo Eunkwang answered, "a man that cares for a woman", and lastly Lee Changsub answered, "a man that cooks".

BTOB"s title song "Beep Beep" was chosen as a number 1 candidate on a music program last week. The members have been busy with their activities, appearing on MBC Every1"s entertainment program "Weekly Idol" and tvN"s "SNL Korea".

"Cool Guys BTOB" aired its first episode on March 4th.


SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Block B Wins #1 on the October 13, 2013 Episode

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Block B Wins #1 on the October 13, 2013 Episode

sbs inkigayo, SHINee, AOA, Ji Eun, T-ARA, G-Dragon, Kahi, Block B, 2EYES, Lim Chang Jung, Boys Republic, IU, nine muses, MYNAME, Seo In Young

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Block B Wins #1 on the October 13, 2013 Episode

This week was full of comebacks with great stages, eclectic sounds, as well as excitement on today's episode of SBS Inkigayo!!Hosts for the night were ZE:A's Kwanghee and Girl's Day Minah.

This episode, nine artists made their returns which were Shinee with "Everybody", IU for "The Red Shoes", Nine Muses with "Gun", T-ara with "Number 9" and "I Know the Feeling", Kahi "It's Me", AOA made a "Confused", 2EYES "Shooting Star", MYNAME had their "Day by Day comeback, and Boys Republic sang "You Are Special".

First place nominees for the night were Busker Busker, G-Dragon, and Block B.There is a new winner which was Block B for their song "Very Good."Congratulations!!!

So with this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night.

Performance Recaps:

Shinee made their return last night by performing not two but three of their songs which were "Close It", "Symptoms", and "Everybody."This guys were full of energy and vibrant in all their performances.Crowd cheered, screamed, and fan chanted!Great return definitely this week!

T-ara made an awesome return last night by singing "Number 9."With their club-style music, the crowd danced as well as fan chanted. They were truly entertained!

MYNAME came out with a smooth RB music titled "Day By Day."Choreography is great and the crowd screamed all throughout their performance.Great job!

Nine Muses came out by doing their sexy introduction and then moved on by singing "Gun."Colorful wardrobe for the night ladies and the crowd truly loved their performance!

G-Dragon performed "Black" and the crowd was entertained all throughout his performance.Great stage setting by having a dark atmosphere which definitely set the mood for the song.

Kahi came out with her sexy choreography as well as toned abs for "It's Me."The dance move is great and one that females can probably learn.Crowd loved her performance and cheered in the end.Great performance Kahi.

Lovable IU set the flowery stage for "Between the Lips" and then came out energetic for her other performance "The Red Shoes."Crowd was entertained and enjoyed her back to the future performance.

Seo In Young came out by singing "Love Me" featuring SPPED member Sungmin.Nice wardrobe was chosen for the night and the crowd truly loved her performance.Great job Seo In Young!

Block B came out energetic as well as had a "Very Good" performance.Crowd cheered as well as screamed throughout their performance.Full of charisma from all of the guys and colorful wardrobe chosen for the night.Great job guys!

AOA came out beautiful for their song "Confused" which truly makes you feel "confused" in the end of their performance due to their dazzling beauty.Crowd was entertained and enjoyed the performance.

Song Ji-eun came out beautiful in a white wardrobe for the night for her song "False Hope."With the beautiful stage setting for the night, the crowd truly enjoyed her performance!Great job!

2EYES came out energetic for their song "Shooting Star."The crowd watched and were entertained as they enjoyed their performance.This is a young group of ladies that are very good.Great job ladies!

Boys Republic said to the crowd "You Are Special" and in-return, the crowd screamed.They were full of charisma and kept the crowd entertained.These guys are young and has full of potential to make it in the music industry.Great job guys!

Lim Chang Jung also performed last night as well with his song "A Guy Like Me" which the crowd enjoyed.





Nine Muses




Seo In Young

Block B


Song Ji-eun


Boys Republic

Great comebacks this week!!


Weekly Idol: Preview for next weeks episode featuring Block B to be revealed

Weekly Idol: Preview for next weeks episode featuring Block B to be revealed

‘Weekly Idol’: Preview for next week’s episode featuring Block B to be revealed

After airing miss A‘s episode this week, Weekly Idol‘ revealed a short preview for next week’s episode featuring Block B.

In the preview with the title  ‘Block B! A project to improve their image’, members ZicoP.O, and Kyung could be seen dancing to the tunes of “NILLILI MAMBO“, “Nanrina“, and “Mental Breaker“, creating high anticipation from fans.

This episode is set to air on November 28th.

Meanwhile, take a look at the preview below!

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]


Block B to appear on pilot episode of ‘Survival King’

Block B to appear on pilot episode of ‘Survival King’

Block B to appear on pilot episode of Survival King

Fans will be glad to see Block B back on TV through the upcoming pilot episode of Survival King!

On March 1st, Zico, Jaehyo, and P.O. will be appearing on MBC Everyones brand new show program Survival King. The three members challenged the shows first mission, Survive without Light, while being filmed by a hidden camera.

The mission was the pass by electric bars through the dark, although in truth, there were no electric bars as only sounds of electric currents made. Since the members of Block B had no idea, it is reported that the boys could not even take a step as their hands shook in fear.

After the mission, Zico was asked the question, Without what would you have the hardest time surviving?, to which he answered, I dont think I could survive without the love of my fans, and expressed his love for the fans.

The first episode of Survival King was shot on February 15th, before the groups controversial interview in Thailand.

Block B to appear on pilot episode of Survival King

Source: Hankookilbo via Naver


“Beautiful Mind” Source Confirms Episode Relief And Unearths Backstory

“Beautiful Mind” Source Confirms Episode Relief And Unearths Backstory

Beautiful Brain origin Confirms Episode Aid And Finds Backstoryehk38 July 22, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind Source Confirms Episode Reduction And Exhibits Backstory KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama Stunning listen has showed that it'll exist wrapping up previous than at the start planned. A source from Lovely Mind has also shared the backstory at the back of the abridgment.

After it used to bepublished that the drama is thinking about an episode reduction, the actors and group of workers of Attractive Mind fell into despair. Most effectivethe better ups within KBS and starring actor Jang Hyuk knew about the abridgment, the source reveals.

The source continues, The alternative actors and staff were now not in the know and were taken aback and unsatisfied to be all of suddenfaced alongside such news.  Although the viewership ratings so far were low, it became being significantly praised as a well-made scientific drama, so they felt confident, yet even that confidence dissolved after they heard that KBS was making an allowance for an episode reduction.

KBS sought after to finishExquisite Mind as temporarily equally possible. It was to the point of them contemplatinga discount as steep as 16 to twelve episodes. From the start KBS needed the abridgment to 12 episodes, but author Kim Tae Hee insisted that this would have an effect onthe tale too much, so it was never realized, the source says.

The complete time, KBS wanted Beautiful Mind to end early, and after a couple of rounds of discussion with the manufacturers finally, they agreed on abbreviating the drama to fourteen episodes from 16 episodes, the source adds.

The source continues, We plan on informing the actors and workersby potential of the end of the morning these days (July 22). Numerous love was poured into this drama by actors and staff, and the experiences were not bad, so its a disgrace that the drama turns out to were evaluated onlyin reaction to ratings.

What are you mindin this situation?

Meanwhile, you can watch the most recent episode of Beautiful Mind on Viki below.

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