Hong Suk Chun Offers Fanatics a Peek Into G-Dragon and Taeyangs Episode of Please deal with My Refrigerator

Hong Suk Chun Offers Fanatics a Peek Into G-Dragon and Taeyangs Episode of Please deal with My Refrigerator

Hong Suk Chun Affords Fans a Peek Into G-Dragon and Taeyang’s Episode of “Please look after My Refrigerator” The moment all BIGBANG fans had been looking ahead to has after all arrived: G-Dragon and Taeyang can be performing on today’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

On August 30, to give fans a sneak peek, Hong Suk Chun posted an image on Instagram in conjunction with the caption, “’Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.” G-Dragon and Taeyang’s refrigerators will eventually be published this Monday night. Get in a position for the additional special ultra suspenseful universal display ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.’ GD and Taeyang are patently the best.”

In the revealed image, chef Lee Yeon Bok, Choi Hyun Suk, Lee Won Il, Sam Kim, Hong Suk Chun, and Kim Pung are fortuitously posing with G-Dragon and Taeyang in a selfie.

The two BIGBANG participants will expose their refrigerators on August 31 at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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Oh Yeon Seo and Chun Woo Hee

Oh Yeon Seo and Chun Woo Hee"s agencies deny the actresses got offers for upcoming drama "Cheese in the Trap"

Oh Yeon Seo and Chun Woo Hee

Despite rumors, actresses Oh Yeon Seo and Chun Woo Hee are not in talks to join the upcoming tvNdrama "Cheese in the Trap".

Oh Yeon Seo"s label stated on July 7, "It"s not a project she"s considering," while Chun Woo Hee"s agency said, "Though we"re thankful for the interest, she never received an offer." News outlets previously reported that the both were in the running for roles in the anticipated drama. However, it seems it was just talk by netizens who were hoping to see the two actresses in the drama.

In related news, miss A"s Suzyis in talks to play the female lead in "Cheese in the Trap" opposite Park Hae Jin.

Stay tuned for udpates!

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JYJs Park Yoo Chun Has Been Filming Drama Despite Rib Injury

JYJs Park Yoo Chun Has Been Filming Drama Despite Rib Injury

--> JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun has been filming his drama despite getting injured.

In SBS’ The Girl Who Sees Smells, Park Yoo Chun will be acting as detective ‘Choi Moo Gak,’ who has lost his senses after losing his younger sister from the ‘Barcode Murder Case’ three years ago.

Unable to feel pain, Choi Moo Gak jumps into dangerous situations without hesitation, as he has no fear of pain. Acting as Choi Moo Gak, Park Yoo Chun naturally faced many action scenes and injured his ribs filming one of them.

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Has Been Filming Drama Despite Rib Injury

An affiliate of C-JeS Entertainment, Park Yoo Chun’s agency, told Newsen on March 31, “Park Yoo Chun got injured while breaking and jumping through the window for the scene that has been included in the highlight video. He wounded his muscles when his ribs got hit by a chair. He did not break any bones.”

The affiliate added, “He rested for about two, three days after the injury and currently he is filming as he is getting physical therapy. It hasn’t been affecting his filming yet but we will be watching the recovery progress as he continues to receive physical therapy.”

Meanwhile, The Girl Who Sees Smells will begin on April 1.

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Jun Ji Hyun Discusses Her Lifetime Drama Role:

Jun Ji Hyun Discusses Her Lifetime Drama Role: "Chun Song Yi Was a Difficult Character to Play"

Jun Ji Hyun Discusses Her Lifetime Drama Role: Chun Song Yi Was a Difficult Character to Play

Jun Ji Hyun has become one of the year's most talked-about stars, following her hit dramas such as “The Assassination,” “The Berlin File,” "You Came From The Star" and more! The April issue of Elle sees Jun Ji Hyun bare a little bit of herself and her view on acting.

In addition to the stunning photo shoot, she sits down with the magazine and dishes on some of her past and present works. Jun Ji Hyun just wrapped up filming for the film “The Assassination,” which is her second film with director Choi Dong Hoon, who also directed “The Berlin File” (2013). “I’m playing Ahn Ok Yoon, who is the head of a hit team and a top sniper for the freedom fighters. While there was a lot of pressure to do well, I did my best to stay calm and composed,” says the actress.

jun ji hyun elle april 2015 -1

Regarding her most recent TV character, Chun Song Yi from “My Love from the Stars,” Jun Ji Hyun says that it was a difficult character for her. “While I was playing Chun Song Yi, even as there was a consistent enthusiastic vibe from her, I felt a pressure to show a different something by the end [of the drama]. I even felt like I needed to do at least one funny thing per episode,” Jun Ji Hyun says.

She’s more at ease and comfortable with her roles in “The Assassination” and “The Berlin File,” says the actress, rather than a role like Chun Song Yi. “Acting as someone who is nothing like myself makes me really feel like I’m acting. Of course, it’s not good if the role ends up looking unnatural, but that’s the most comfortable for me.”

jun ji hyun elle april 2015 - 2

Jun Ji Hyun closes, saying, “I’ve never once thought that I was special. If you think like that, you’re bound to end up lonely. So I tried not to get caught in those types of mindsets, and the same goes for me now,” and, “I’m not afraid of get older and getting wrinkles. It’s possible that I could be doing more things than I am now; it’s something you just don’t know.”

The full interview and pictorial with Jun Ji Hyun can be found in the April issue of Elle.



[Video] "Sensory Couple" Sin Se-kyeong and Park Yoo-chun"s first teaser video

The teaser for "Sensory Couple" is out.

Park Yoo-chun and Sin Se-kyeong leave a strong impression from it.

The teaser shows the two fighting with intense eyesight. Sin Se-kyeong looks at the camera and narrates, "Everyone says he"s manly but he doesn"t feel anything. He"s senseless".

"But why do I laugh every time I see him?"

Meanwhile, "Sensory Couple" is about a girl who sees smell particles with her eyes and a boy who doesn"t feel pain. It is a mystery investigative drama with romance. The first episode is to be broadcasted on the 1st of April.



"Sensory Couple" Great chemistry between Park Yoo-chun Sin and Se-kyeong raises levels of expectation on the drama

SBS" new WednesdayThursday drama, "Sensory Couple" opened their first script reading session to the press.

The first script reading session was held in the production center in Il-san while the production team and the entire cast gathered together in the beginning of March.

Executive producer Lee Yong Suk said, "The success experts including director, writer and the cast all joined together" and "Thanks to them, I expect a good drama will be born".

He introduced Park Yoo-chun, Sin Se-kyeong, Nam Goong-min, Yoon Jin-seo, Kim So-hyeon-I, comedian Jung Chan-woo, Kim Byeong-ok, Lee Won-jong, Jo Hee-bong, Oh Cho-hee, Oh Cho-hee, Nam Chang-hee, Park Jin-joo, Choi Tae-joon one by one.

Director Baek mentioned about the fact that Park Yoo-chun and Kim So-hyeon-I met again since "The Rooftop Prince" by writer Lee Hee-myeong and complimented the writer by saying, "He is such an attractive man. If I were a woman, I"d want to date him".

He also mentioned about cinematographer Lee Gil-bok. "Since he was awarded Best Cinematography for "My Love from the Star", the cinematography of our drama will also be amazing".

And then the script reading session followed. When the heartfelt script by Moo-gak, who became a police officer, was read informing why he could not help it but became a police officer, everybody in the room was concentrating.

Sin Se-kyeong"s script reading was humorous and full of emotions as she is a comedian in the drama. Kim Byeong-ok, Lee Won-jong, and Jo Hee-bong kept presenting each comical act on the right timing.

The production team said, "Thanks to the harmonized and tense script reading by the entire cast of "Sensory Couple", we could not notice how fast time was passing" and "Once the drama has started, the viewers also will be so immersed into the drama that they would not notice time passing".

"Sensory Couple" is a romantic comedy drama between Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun), who cannot feel anything, and Cho-rim (Sin Se-kyeong) with a supersense and its first episode will go on air on April 1st after the completion of "Hyde, Jekyll and I".


Park Yoo-chun and Suzy considering roles for new drama

Park Yoo-chun and Suzy considering roles for new drama "Girl who can see smell"

Park Yoo-chun and Suzy are currently considering roles in SBS"s new drama, "Girl who can see smell".

A media source reported, "Suzy is considering the offer for the role in "Girl who can see smell" positively. Park Yoo-chun is being talked about as the male lead".

The agency for Suzy , JYP Entertainment and the agency for Park Yoo-chun, C-JeS Entertainment said, "It is true they are reading script and considering the offer, however it has not been decided to accept the offer yet".

"Girl Who Can Smell" is based on a web-toon of the same title. It depicts a story about a man who cannot feel any sense and lost his younger sister through "Barcode murder case" three years ago and a girl who has a supersense and survived the same incident, but lost all the memory before the event.


Chun Jung Myung and Sohee Attend the First Script Reading For Drama

Chun Jung Myung and Sohee Attend the First Script Reading For Drama "Heart to Heart"

Sohee, Chun Jung Myung, Choi Kang Hee, and more attend first script reading for

It is reported that the main cast and crew of upcoming drama “Heart to Heart” has gathered together for their first script reading!

Chun Jung Myung, Choi Kang Hee, Sohee, Lee Jae Yoon, and others attended their first script reading at CJ EM Center in Sangamdong, Seoul.

Chun Jung Myung plays the role of a psychiatrist Go Yi Suk, who suffers a trauma from his older brother"s death. Choi Kang Hee plays the role of Cha Hong Do, who has a social phobia. Lee Jae Yoon plays Cha Hong Do"s "daddy long legs" Jang Doo Soo. Sohee will also play aspiring actress Go Se Ro.

"Heart to Heart" is a romantic comedy which is set to premiere following "Miseng" on January 9!


Transformation of Park Yoo Chun In 'Rooftop Prince' Drama

Transformation of Park Yoo Chun In 'Rooftop Prince' Drama

Man Crush Monday: “Rooftop Prince’s” Lee Gak

This week’s episode of Man Crush Monday, we will welcome our dreamy prince, Lee Gak of “Rooftop Pince”, who comes from the Joseon dynasty.

His story is certainly a rather strange one, but Lee Gak tugged on the heartstrings so much, we just went with the flow and found ourselves enraptured by his exciting journey. After the unexpected death of his Crown Princess, Hwa Young, Lee Gak secretly assembled a team to do a little detective work. He was keen enough to suspect foul play, rather than an accidental death as everyone believed, and it was for that specific reason, that Lee Gak found himself in the modern times, falling in love with Park Ha, the reincarnation of Hwa Young’s sister, Bu Yong.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons that makes Lee Gak so crush-worthy (spoilers ahead):

1. He’s a fair and kind Crown Prince.

MCM_Lee Gak_Crown Prince

Due to their privileged lives, royalties can be arrogant, conceited, and downright mean sometimes, especially to those of a lower status than them. With Lee Gak; however, that is not the case at all. He’s constantly bright, friendly, and pleasant. He has a love for poetry and simplistic beauty, such as his Crown Princess and nature in general. He treats others with respect and even when he was a child, he was well-behaved rather than mischievous. In the end, although he dealt out a harsh death penalty for the perpetrators of the crime, it wasn’t unwarranted. He even, despite his reluctance, showed Hwa Young and her mother mercy because it was what Bu Yong wanted.

2. Lee Gak is hilarious, even if it’s often unintentional.

MCM_Lee Gak_Unintentional Humor

I think there’s something just so amusing and endearing about his childlike innocence when it comes to discovering something new. Of course, it’s understandable that he would be absolutely mesmerized by all the modern day items and technology, but it doesn’t make it any less comical to see his face light up in pure delight or to see the wits getting scared out of him by moving images on a television. His sidekicks make it even more hysterically funny, but Lee Gak is always at the center of their shenanigans. Spending time with him would never be a bore because there are too many things in the world to show him and, more often than not, he loves them! What’s truly amazing about this particular trait though, is that Lee Gak adjusts pretty quickly and even turns situations around to suit his needs. Remember when he called a tow truck to take him and his vehicle to the park so Park Ha could teach him how to drive? Ha! Talk about clever!

3. He has a teasingly playful nature.

MCM_Lee Gak_Playful

When Lee Gak isn’t busy trying to figure out the modern world and trying to calm his racing heart due to sheer terror, he actually already has his own playfulness. His carefree attitude is nicely countered his by dedication to his duties – like tracking down the ones responsible for his Crown Princess’s death. He certainly knows how and when to be serious, but he also knows very well when to kick back and enjoy himself. He finds amusement in teasing Park Ha, but she always returns the favor with equal fervor, making them the perfect match. I dare you not to smile when you watch their antics, especially that one time where he pretended to have another allergy attack and demanded Park Ha give him CPR again! HA! Lee Gak is really the best of both worlds and he is honestly such a sweetheart now that he knows what true love really is… without all the saeguk restrictions! He he!

4. Lee Gak can be fierce.

MCM_Lee Gak_Fierce

Don’t let his laid back demeanor fool you though, because when Lee Gak roars, even the lions might tuck tail and flee the scene. He can have a short temper, but they honestly don’t last long if it’s completely unreasonable – only because he was raised to have a full staff waiting on him hand and foot. Now that he doesn’t have that luxury, it took him a bit to adjust, although he does pretty well for himself. That kind of short-temper wasn’t the fierceness I was talking about though. No, I’m talking about the unforgiving side of him. The side that goes head to head with those trying to take him – or his reincarnation – down. Lee Gak constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the game and carries the burning negativity in his heart as fuel to defeat Yong Tae Mu.

He can be scary, cunning, manipulative, threatening, and strategic. He’s also a mega talented actor with the way he pulled off being Yong Tae Yong. It’s such a big contrast to his usual attitude, but it fits him and his status of Crown Prince so well! I loved watching him surprising the living daylights out of Yong Tae Mu and Hong Se Na on a normal basis, all in the name of protecting, not just himself, but Park Ha as well.

5. He’s a fantastic mystery solver.

MCM_Lee Gak_Mystery

Hide all the crossword puzzles and Clue games! Lee Gak has a brain for solving mysteries! I will never know how he managed to connect the dots so completely from his Joseon era to the modern times simply by living with Park Ha for a short period of time, falling in love with her, and realizing that Hong Se Na was almost completely devious, especially with Yong Tae Mu planting ideas in her head. Still, the man managed to do it, much to the surprise of everyone back in the palace (of course, the fact that only a day had passed there might have added to the surprise factor…). But not only that, Lee Gak also displayed his amazing talent numerous times when unveiling both Hong Se Na and Yong Tae Mu’s individual and combined schemes and catching Hong Se Na, with evidence, as the culprit behind the death of Yong Tae Yong’s grandmother. Sometimes, you just have to wonder if he’s got eyes and ears everywhere…

Do you approve of Lee Gak from “Rooftop Prince” as this week’s Man Crush Monday? On our scale of 1 to 10, how does he rank on your crush list? Let us know in the comments below and remember to keep nominating those crushes for our December Mystery Reveal!


Chun Jung Myung and Choi Kang Hee to join Sohee in new tvN drama

Chun Jung Myung and Choi Kang Hee to join Sohee in new tvN drama "Heart to Heart"

Chun Jung Myung and Choi Kang Hee to join Sohee in new tvN drama

Chun Jung Myung and Choi Kang Hee will join the previously confirmed Sohee in upcoming tvN weekend drama "Heart to Heart"!

A tvN rep told MyDaily on the 4th, "Chun Jung Myung, Choi Kang Hee, and Sohee have been confirmed to star in the new tvN Fri-Sat drama "Heart to Heart... The first script reading will be held on the 4th."

Chun Jung Myung will play the role of a psychiatrist Go Yi Suk, who suffers a trauma from his older brother"s death. Choi Kang Hee will also play the role of Cha Hong Do, who has a social phobia. "Heart to Heart" is a romantic comedy which is set to premiere following "Miseng" on January 2!