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Bride Of The Century Ep 5 Video Preview

MAMAMOO drops a teaser symbol  forward of 3rd preview video
Mamamoo Drops A Teaser Symbol Forward Of 3Rd Preview Video

MAMAMOO drops a teaser symbol forward of 3rd preview video

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The women are dressed in matching white blouses tucked beneath a black sweater or dress. Moon Byul looks adorable in a beret and Whee In is just as cute with her hairs in pigtails - the girls giving an overall unfashionable vibe, which is their signature look. 

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun Teases Solo Album With Emotional Video Preview

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JYJs Park Yoochun Teases Solo Album With Emotional Video Previewcrystalcove January 14, 2016 0 JYJPark Yoochun has released the primary video teaser for his upcoming solo album, How Much Love Do You've gotOn your Wallet? Here is Park Yoochuns first solo album and it used to be recorded ahead of the singer entered the armyremaining summer.

The video teaser presentations a lone man, his face now not shown and walking down a dimly lit residential street. He carries a yellow plastic bag in his hand, and his gait expresses weariness and loneliness. Park Yoochuns voice accompanies this unhappy walk and he sings the words, When one consumer falls in love, any othershould exist parting. His voice is without musical accompaniment, inciting a sturdy emotional response.

Strengthen the artist by potential ofpurchasing Park Yoochun Mini Album Vol.1 from YesAsia Related Tags JYJPark YoochunPost NavigationOutdatedTaleWatch: INFINITEs L Reacts to Getting Lingerie Thrown at His Face

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Video 'Descendants of the Sun' preview trailer unveils: Intense combat of exam on each and every other, Song Joong-ki vs Song Hye-kyo

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The printed video functions romance between Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki, that may make your middle flutter. Song Joong-ki asks Song Hye-kyo, "Since you are a doctor, I bet you would now not have a boyfriend? You may be also busy". "Since you're a soldier, you will have to not have a girlfriend? Because you're too intense", Song Hye-kyo retorts. Song Joong-ki says, "Someone wishes to give a solution here" and then the 2 looked at every other smiling.

The scene with the questions exchanged to inspectone another makes the audiencewatch for the romance between Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki.

The new drama, 'Descendants of the Sun' starring Song Hye-kyo will end filming originally of December this year. The production will crossin the process theultimate editing and the drama can be set to move on air after all of January or firstly of February next year after "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" has ended.

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Get in a position for G-Friend's season greetings with adorable preview video!

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The clip takes you behind-the-scenes in their pictorial for their season's greetings, appearing the ladies smiling and having a lookbeautiful for the camera.  They is alsoobservedgiggling and goofing off.  In the interview portion, they deal withfanatics as they talk about what they wish to do in the hot year.

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HALO to make a comeback in the route of controversy 'Young Love' preview video

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HALO printed on November 30 that the crowd would be freeing their first mini-album 'Young Love' with a preview video. "Feeling is Good" is their identify track, yet equallywe have already noticed from the group, the album will be full of pop.

The individuals said, "We're sincerely reflecting for causing sadness to our fans. We made up our mindsto comeso as to compensate for causing our fans hurt."

In comparable news, HALO bumped into some problem with their fans because of alleged mistreatment of fan letters and fan gifts in addition PDA with rumored girlfriends.

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Video 5-Minute preview video released for the Korean drama 'Oh My Venus'
Video 5-Minute Preview Video Released For The Korean Drama 'oh My Venus'

Video 5-Minute preview video released for the Korean drama 'Oh My Venus'

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"Oh My Venus" (2015)Directed through Kim Hyoung-seok, Kim Seong-yoon, Lee Na-jeongWritten by Kim Eun-jiNetwork : KBSWith So Ji-sub, Sin Min-ah, Jeong Kyeo-woon, Yoo In-yeong, Henry, Seong Hoon,...Mon, Tue 22:00Formerly referred to as "Oh My God" (오 마이 갓, oh-mai-gad)SynopsisA romantic comedy about a guy and a girl who met once when they were younger. They reunite and try to diet.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/11/16

Video + Photos Added 10 minute preview video and posters for the Korean drama 'You Will Love Me'
Video + Photos Added 10 Minute Preview Video And Posters For The Korean Drama 'you Will Love Me'

Video + Photos Added 10 minute preview video and posters for the Korean drama 'You Will Love Me'

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"You Will Love Me" (2015)Directed by way of Lee Jeong-pyoWritten by Yoon So-yeongNetwork : DramaHWith Oh Chang-seok, Lee Tae-im, Lee Min-yeong, Yoo Il, Kim Kyeong-jin, Park Hee-jin,...16 episodesSynopsisA romantic comedy drama about a drama author wannabe Park Ji-ho who acts as a guy and becomes knowledgeable in courting recommendation and transforms loser Oh Geun-baek into a winner. Lee Tae-im plays Park Ji-ho.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/10/29

Taeyeon unearths Alluring Track Video Preview for “I”

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The video capabilities Taeyeon in plenty of places and outfits. She may also be noticed driving, having a look contemplative, and more. At first, the photos has a vintage-esque clear out and later clears up to traditional top resolution. New Zealand’s stunning scenery in addition Taeyeon’s good looks is captured effectively. At the finish of the quick clip, the camera zooms into her eye and the words “I” and “Taeyeon” seem at the screen.

GOT7's preview video for mini-album 'Mad' sounds amazing

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The songs have that signature JYP sound you all know and love whilst GOT7 make it their own with their authentic voices and style.  The sound, especially the name tune "If You Do," sounds large good.