Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 recap

Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 recap


Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 “Romeo and Juliet” by jooni


We pick up where we left last episode with Dal Po asking In Ha to join him in becoming a journalist. This time we learn that In Ha’s dad, Dal Pyung, had been watching.


In the elevator down from the roof, In Ha worries about her grandpa. He can’t know Dal Po is smart enough to become a reporter! Dal Po assures her that there is no chance he will become a journalist so there is no need to worry. In Ha corrects him that his chances are 50-50, not zero, since he either becomes one or doesn’t.

Dal Pyung comes home and In Ha is afraid to tell him she is going to try to become a journalist again. But unexpectedly, Dal Pyung calls out Dal Po to talk outside and In Ha wonders why her dad would need to talk about her with Dal Po.

Outside, Dal Po also thinks Dal Pyung wants to talk about In Ha’s future but he doesn’t. Dal Pyung confesses he saw the two on the roof and that scene in addition to the picture, he suspects… Dal Pyung asks Dal Po, is he mistaken again? Dal Po can’t lie this time. But he assures Dal Pyung that In Ha does not reciprocate his feelings. She doesn’t even know how he feels about her. Dal Po confesses that he doesn’t know when his feelings for her started but he has had these feelings for a long time.


Dal Pyung explains to Dal Po that since In Ha is his one and only daughter, she is the the most precious and beautiful girl in his eyes. So no matter what type of guy is she brings home, he won’t like him.

Dal Po replies that he understands. He knows he has nothing- no money, no education, no family. That is why he has never desired In Ha and he never will. This family is more important to him than anything and he will not do anything to break this family. He will get rid of his feeling soon so there is no need to worry. Dal Pyung thanks him.

Dal Po and Dal Pyung come home to a yelling In Ha who demands to know why her dad is talking about her future with someone either than her. Dal Pyung is embarrassed once he looks at his daughter because he just described her as the most precious and beautiful person and here she is, yelling through a mouth full of toothpaste and dressed in a stretched out sweatsuit. Her nagging and his embarrassment gets her his permission to become a journalist, though, so something comes out of this hilarious situation.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h10m59s35 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h10m59s31

Jae Myung gets the confirmation from his friend to work on the demolition job of the factory. The guy says there are rumors there are ghosts in that building. Jae Myung thinks to himself, “I want to see him, even as a ghost.”

In Ha shows Dal Po the notice for YGN broadcast journalist recruitment. Theirs is the last station of the year. The network is not looking at applicant’s  education history or anything else. They just have to pass four tests so this works for Dal Po and her. In Ha also shows him the books she studied from and the notes she took. She thinks it will take Dal Po a month to get through them all, but Dal Po says it will take him a week. And he is right. Dal Po studies more by reading through other people’s newspapers being delivered at dawn. What Dal Po doesn’t know is that his dad (grandpa) knows Dal Po is studying and is happy about it. In fact, grandpa finds Dal Po asleep at his desk after studying. Grandpa gently pats Dal Po’s head and decides something.


Next day, grandpa goes to a bookstore and buys a fashion magazine for men. He calls Dal Po out and takes him to the beauty salon and suit store, describing to the people there exactly what should be done to Dal Po or given to him to wear by reading line by line from the magazine. It is beyond cute.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m19s238 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m32s116 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m31s110 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m34s132 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m40s193 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m46s254 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m48s17

Dal Po cleans up nicely! He looks amazing with a short cut and a slim, black suit. Dal Po stares at his reflection on the bus stop glass wall and looks worried- he says to his dad that he doesn’t look like his son anymore. Grandpa assures him that Dal Po is his son- look how handsome both of them are! So there is no need to worry. He doesn’t have to hide anymore. Dal Po realizes grandpa knows he is not his real son.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h15m20s89 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h15m52s146

On the bus, Dal Po kneels by grandpa to hear his story. He learns that grandpa realized that Dal Po was not his son come back alive after a year since Dal Po’s first arrival. But he couldn’t say anything because he was worried Dal Pyung might kick out Dal Po. He was worried about Dal Po and then he was worried about himself who will miss Dal Po so that is why he continued lying all these years. Dal Po cries as he hears this story.


Grandpa tells Dal Po to no longer hide and live life as splendidly as he could. Don’t hide his good looks or his good brain. Live his life to the fullest. Grandpa and Dal Po hug each other, still father and son even after the truth is revealed. Grandpa whispers, “I’m sorry, Dal Po. Thank you, Dal Po.”



Dal Po and grandpa come home and at first Dal Pyung can’t recognize him. In Ha is pleasantly astounded about Dal Po’s transformation. Dal Pyung is once again forced to look at his daughter, in comparison to Dal Po this time. She is wearing those sweats again and he is embarrassed by her after what he told Dal Po about In Ha being the most beautiful girl.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h17m17s230 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h17m23s35

Dal Po and grandpa go to their respective rooms and In Ha remains to question why her dad has been on her case so much these days. Dal Pyung warns his daughter of the possibility that Dal Po might look down on In Ha and think she was easy to just nab up. He can’t have someone like Dal Po think like that when he raised her so preciously. In Ha scoffs. She assures him that it could never happen. Dal Po has never thought of her as a woman and she has never thought of him as a man. Ouch, Dal Po hears this from his room. He closes the door.

Dal Po doesn’t hear her say, then, that Dal Po should not be looked down by her father. He is smart, kind, and handsome- the top 0.1 percent of the pile, the best kingka. Of course, she is also the best queenka.




In Ha enters her bedroom all riled up and hot. She blames her condition on her dad’s nonsense.

Reporter Jang Hyun Gyu and camerawoman Im Jae Hwan are filming the YGN reporter recruitment process as a PR move for their network. They are planning to market this in preparation of competition from MSC news. Their news show is being moved from nine to ten o’clock to be in direct competition with YGN which has double the ratings currently.

The people over at MSC is watching this news report about the recruitment process. Cha Ok sees her daughter captured as one of the applicants for YGN. As they ponder over what they can do in response to YGN, Cha Ok looks at her daughter and thinks, “A marketing idea that will turn the tables…”

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h18m53s170 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h18m52s156

It is the day of the final round of tests for YGN. All the applicants, including In Ha, Dal Po, Beom Joo, and Yoo Rae wait inside a room. There Dal Po notices the button necklace around In Ha’s neck and offers to buy back the dream for her since didn’t turn out to be a good once. In Ha refuses, saying it was a good dream. She received her father’s permission to continue her pursuit to become a journalist and both of them passed the first round of exams and nobody has found out about her Pinocchio Syndrome. So it is a good dream.

As In Ha and Dal Po wonder what the “camera test” is going to be about, they are called in as a group for the test, including Beom Joo, Yoo Rae, and another male applicant. In a separate room, they meet their judges, which includes Hwang Gyo Dong, Lee Young Tak, and Jo Won Goo. Dal Po recognizes Gyo Dong as the producer from the quiz show and Gyo Dong recognizes Dal Po but can’t exactly place from where.


Yoo Rae and In Ha also share a moment of recognition, except in this case, Yoo Rae is the only one to remember In Ha from the MSC interview. In Ha doesn’t recognize Yoo Rae at all.

Yoo Rae stares at In Ha and Seo Beom Joo does the same. His stare is different, however, because he is staring at In Ha with a huge, satisfied smile on his face. In Ha and Dal Po hve no idea why this strange person keeps staring at her.




In a flashback, we learn that Beom Joo has applied to be a broadcast journalist so he can meet In Ha. He doesn’t know if In Ha passed the written test for YGN, however, so his mom offers to look it up for him. In the end, she doesn’t need to because Beom Joo sees In Ha on the bus he has pulled up next to in his convertible. In Ha had sent him selfies in the past when she thought his number was her mom’s. He keeps staring and driving right alongside the bus, freaking In Ha out a bit and making Dal Po a little protective and jealous.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m22s29 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m23s44 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m36s169

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m40s217 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m48s40

Back to the camera test. The applicants are asked to view a video and report on it. It’s a video of a bird attacking a cat and the cat finally catching the bird in its mouth. They will all be shown the same video and the other reporter and camerawoman there debate on who will be at the most disadvantaged- the person who goes first or the following people.


Dal Po is the first to go and his reporting is brief, succinct and devoid of any extra storytelling. Yoo Rae is next and hers is more colorful, setting up a relationship between cat and bird as eternal enemies and adding even a little idiom at the end. The evaluators look a little more pleased with Yoo Rae than they did with Dal Po.

The third applicant is another male and he employs the same type of storytelling as Yoo Rae but adds that the bird is attacking the cat because her nest is nearby. The bird becomes a protective mother in his reporting.

Next up is In Ha and the two people in the peanut gallery debate on whether In Ha will use the same tactic as the applicant before her since it seems to be the right answer. In Ha struggles with the question herself and finally just ends up reporting in the same way as Dal Po- clean and straightforward with no frills attached. She makes a face after she finishes and Gyo Dong asks her why.

In Ha replies it is because she thinks she failed this test. She thinks she failed because the person is front of her was good. Gyo Dong inquires why she didn’t follow that guy then. In Ha replies, “I wanted to but I couldn’t. I can’t lie.” Jo Won Goo asks why she can’t and before she can answer, Dal Po and Beom Joo try to help her out by replying for her, both at the same time, “Because she is a journalist.”

Dal Po elaborates. He doesn’t think journalists should lie and what the male applicant said was a lie. So was Yoo Rae’s. With that video alone, you can’t know for sure whether the cat is gentle or the bird is foolish, or whether there is a nest nearby.

In Ha smiles at Dal Po’s explanation and speaks up too. She adds that while the applicant before her was very persuasive and insightful, a journalist shouldn’t report on something they didn’t verify. Lee Young Tak asks, “Even if it means the broadcast is ruined?” In Ha replies with a quiet yes.

They move on to Beom Joo but he declares that he won’t report. What In Ha said was right and he feels that the video has no value in being reported.


The three judges sit in a room going over the scores from the camera test. They talk about the applicants and bemoan the fact that this is a blind selection and they haven’t been able to look at the resumes of the applicants. But rumor has it that there is a taxi driver, a sasaeng fan, and a 2nd generation chaebol among the applicants.

At the moment, the former sasaeng fan is staring at them through the tinted glass wall, trying to find out what the evaluators are doing. It’s Yoo Rae and she is putting her saesang skills to use by persistent and insistent peering. Thankfully, they can’t see it is Yoo Rae. Young Tak teases Gyo Dong who did the same thing as Yoo Rae in the past.


Dal Po and In Ha sit crouched in the hallway waiting. In Ha worries that Dal Po might have failed because of her, but Dal Po reassures her that it is better to fail together or pass together. In Ha is of a different mind and Dal Po is hurt that In Ha will be okay even if he fails and she passes. He traps In Ha in between his arms and the wall and this makes In Ha a little hot as she stares into his eyes. Dal Po declares he will give up if In Ha fails. In Ha tells him not to do it.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h22m53s4 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h22m55s29 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h22m54s19 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m12s200

Beom Joo sees the two like this from down the hallway. He doesn’t like it so to break them up, he yells really loudly that the results of the camera test are out. Everyone rushes to the results poster and In Ha, Dal Po, Beom Joo, and Yoo Rae have all passed, along with many others.

Dal Po calls home to tell grandpa the good news. Grandpa tells In Ha’s dad (Dal Pyung) and adds that In Ha and Dal Po might now be going to the same job together. This realization doesn’t make Dal Pyung happy and he starts to imagine a scene in the kitchen in which Dal Po and In Ha are both going off to work. In Ha fixes Dal Po’s necktie while holding a piece of toast in her mouth. Dal Po bends down to bite off the toast little by little. This erotic scene totally makes Dal Pyung mad and he throws a pillow at them. In reality it is at his father and Dal Pyung ends up receiving a pillow in his face in return.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m19s9 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m30s116 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m32s142 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m34s156 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m33s151 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m33s148 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m35s175

It’s time for the next test- the survival debate. The applicants have to debate on an old news coverage, and ouch, it’s Dal Po’s family’s story. Dal Po watches in pain and shock while others look at the footage curiously and take notes. In Ha also sees her mom reporting on the issue in the past. Cha Ok’s appearance is not pleasant for either In Ha and Dal Po.

After the video ends, Young Tak admits that the coverage back then was not good. He wants them to discuss here how they would have reported the story. Yoo Rae asks before the debate starts what happened to Ki Ho Sang, the fire captain.

It is then that Dal Po learns his father is dead. Gyo Dong replies to Yoo Rae that Ki’s bones was found near the factory a few days ago.


Dal Po sits there in shock, his breath coming out in bursts as he tries to keep together.

Jae Myung was at the scene when his father’s bones were found, working there as part of the demolition team. Jae Myung can’t act like he knows who it is, so holding back his tears, he walks away from the other men. A distance away and by himself, Jae Myung falls on his knees, crying out “Father.” He remembers his heroic and kind father and how happy he and his brother were with him.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h25m47s210 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h26m02s104

Back to the present time. Yoo Rae begins the debate. She believes the journalists acted poorly in this situation and made Ki Ho Sang out into something he wasn’t. Beom Joo blames the police and lawyers who came up with the conclusions; the journalists only reported them. Yoo Rae questions whether journalists are only scribes, taking down what they are told without doing any sort of investigation on their own.

Dal Po sits listening to this debate, his necktie starting to choke him. He remembers back to all those reporters in his face and at the moment he remembers Cha Ok, In Ha speaks up. She believes the main cause of this tragic story was the testimony of the Pinocchio and the problem was that everyone believed him. But they couldn’t help but believe him, In Ha argues, because a testimony from a person who can’t lie is the most solid evidence. She feels sorry that Ki Ho Sang was found dead but this situation was an unfortunate event and  no one’s fault.


This hits Dal Po hard. He begins to speak, quiet and listless at first, but he gets louder and more angry as he argues: “People believe that Pinocchio and journalists only tell truth. So the Pinocchio and journalist should have known that people will believe them without doubt and therefore know that their words are scarier than other people’s. They should have been more careful. MORE CAREFUL!” Dal Po slams on the table and he practically growls: “It is their fault that they didn’t know!!! It is their thoughtlessness that ruined one family. They must be held responsible.”


In Ha is shaking at Dal Po’s attack. Her voice shakes as she argues: “The Pinocchio only stated what he saw. He couldn’t remain silent just because he might be wrong.”

Dal Po’s face grows cold as he leans back in his chair and stares at In Ha directly and states: “Looking at you, I now know why a Pinocchio can’t become a journalist.” Dal Po continues, ” I see how dangerous it will be for a person who just talks even though they might be wrong, to become a reporter. I see how scary a person could be, when not knowing the weight of their words, opens their mouth.”


In Ha asks Dal Po gravely, “Are you talking to me?” Dal Po replies yes. And like that he outs In Ha as a Pinocchio. Everyone now knows In Ha is a Pinocchio and In Ha, hurt and embarrassed, hurriedly tries to leave the room. She can’t open the door, but Beom Joo helps her out, saying he is done and walking out of the room with her.

Dal Po sits in his chair, regretting what he did. Gyo Dong looks at him and finally remembers Dal Po as that kid from the quiz show who said television broadcast could kill someone with just one word.


In Ha gets on the elevator and Beom Joo also gets on. In Ha is fanning herself, hot. Beom Joo assumes it is because she is mad at that guy since he betrayed her, but In Ha replies no. It is a debate so just because his opinion is different from hers, it doesn’t mean he betrayed her. It’s also not because she failed the test.  In Ha realizes she is so flustered and hot because she wanted Dal Po to be on her side. Just because. Because he is Dal Po. In Ha hits herself on her head for being so mean and selfish.


Beom Joo figures that In Ha likes Dal Po, but she vehemently denies. Except, she hiccups. She keeps saying no to Beom Joo and calling herself crazy but she keeps hiccuping. Her hiccups don’t lie.



Dal Po throws up in the bathroom. The broadcast station really has made him barf like he said years ago to Gyo Dong on the day of the quiz show. Dal Po walks out to a little green area in the building. Weak, he drops to his knees and starts to cry. The tears come out in a flood and he can’t breathe. Dal Po clutches his chest as he calls out “Father.” He mourns for his father and his sad fate. Dal Po sheds the tears he kept inside all these years.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h28m39s143 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h28m50s247 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h29m04s133

Elsewhere in the building, In Ha turns to Beom Joo and exclaims she can’t be like this. Dal Po is her uncle and he has a girlfriend. “It can’t be like this. If it is…!”




Kdrama "Pinocchio Episode 1" Video Recap and Screenshots

SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Video


More videos from SBS Pinocchio Episode 1. Let's check!



Can't wait for the English Sub of Pinocchio Episode 1. Let's check the clip cut below. Lol, so funny :))


Young Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 20.59.07

scr17 scr18

Choi Dal Po meets Choi In Ha in rain

cap1 cap2 cap3

Choi In Ha in School

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.00.51scr1 scr2 scr3 scr4

Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po - SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Screenshots

scr5 scr6 scr7

Korean SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Screencaps

scr19 scr20 scr21 Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.02.15 Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.02.40

scr12 scr13 scr14

scr8 scr9 scr11 scr16


Kdrama Liar Game Episode 5 Quick Recap

Kdrama Liar Game Episode 5 Quick Recap

Highlights: “Liar Game” Episode 5

After last week’s clever minority game, I couldn’t wait to see what surprises would be in store for us this week. I eagerly waited for the next episode, refreshing after every couple of minutes or so, and thankfully, my efforts were not in vain. As I sat down after a rough day to catch the latest episode, I’m still completely floored by how amazing this “Liar Game” journey has been so far.

By now, you all probably know that I can’t wait to gush about Ha Woo Jin‘s brilliance, Nam Da Jung‘s naivety, Kang Do Young‘s craftiness, and even Jo Dal Goo‘s surprising loyalty, so let’s get down to business and talk about the five scenes that made episode 5 rock.

1. Ha Woo Jin and Nam Da Jung’s connection.

Liar Game L Company

No, not that connection.

If we thought that Ha Woo Jin and Nam Da Jung working together and helping each other in the game was nothing but a coincidence, we can go ahead and toss that notion right out the window.Ha Woo Jin gets the shock of his after jail life when Jo Dal Goo unknowingly offers him even more of a reason to be suspicious of Liar Game and Kang Do Young in general. It turns out that Nam Da Jung’s father went into such severe debt because he purchased stock with borrowed money as an investment in L Company, the very same company that Ha Woo Jin ruined in order to avenge his mother.

2. Jo Dal Goo’s non betrayal.

Liar Game Jo Dal Goo

I felt my heart sink when Jo Dal Goo smuggled that briefcase of money out of Nam Da Jung’s house after she fell asleep. Despite being a creditor and having been in jail, he honestly gives off the impression as being a good guy, so I took it particularly hard when he betrayed her – even if that came from outside threats and influences. Luckily, Ha Woo Jin managed to bring him back to his senses and Jo Dal Goo continues to be a source of support for Nam Da Jung. His humorous side is ever present and, for that, I’m super thankful, but probably not as grateful as I am that he’s constantly watching out for Nam Da Jung by being Ha Woo Jin’s eyes and ears as Ha Woo Jin does some detective work of his own on the sidelines.

3. Nam Da Jung is still too naive.

Liar Game Naivety

I couldn’t refrain from yelling at my computer screen when Nam Da Jung and Jaime made the deal to give each other three stars for all ten rounds. I knew Jaime would be up to no good and also knew that Nam Da Jung would fall for it without even a second thought. They gave the ability to make a contract on the app for a reason!! But, that was Nam Da Jung’s flaw from the very beginning – the simple fact that she is too trusting and never finds it in herself to be suspicious of another person, even if she’s on a game show named Liar Game.

I truly felt her weakness here when she couldn’t even properly defend herself against Jaime’s wild accusations. Even during the photo shoot and dinner with Kang Do Young, Nam Da Jung never even realized something was amiss. Nevertheless, I’m still waiting for the day where Nam Da Jung can finally realize there really is such a thing as trusting too much and can successfully accomplish winning a round of “Liar Game” without Ha Woo Jin’s help.

4. Underlying tension between Kang Do Young and Lee PD.

Liar Game Lee PD Suspicious

For the first time, it seems like Lee PD is beginning to realize something is off about her partner, Kang Do Young. At first, she always seemed to be under the impression that they are working together for somewhat of the same purpose. Except now, she’s getting an inkling that not everything is quite what it seems. I can’t wait to see where her suspicions will take her and how this will affect their partnership, Liar Game, and even Nam Da Jung and Ha Woo Jin. Something tells me she won’t settle for idling to the side as Kang Do Young plays out whatever game he’s truly got planned for them.

5. Hanging by a thread. Literally!

Liar Game Stakes

Talk about palm sweating and heart racing! Of course, I knew it wasn’t possible that Ha Woo Jin would plummet to his death so early in the game, but it certainly didn’t stop me from tensing in anxiety and nervousness whenever Ha Woo Jin began swinging on that thin rope just threatening to snap. The kicker here is that this was the exact same method Ha Woo Jin used a year ago when he sought revenge for his mother, so whoever is the one behind knocking him out cold and replicating the scene has all the important tidbits on Ha Woo Jin and his past. What kind of dangers he might face next is anyone’s guess, but as he’s trying to save himself from becoming pancake on concrete, Nam Da Jung is busy trying to save herself from elimination in the layoff round with a 50/50 game and Jaime as her opponent.

My Thoughts

I love how the pacing has continued to be fast and consistent throughout the episodes and it is my sincere hope that it will continue this way until the end. The intensity is still present, particularly with Ha Woo Jin, and I’m so loving Lee Sang Yoon‘s portrayal of him. I’ve never seen his projects before, but I’ve already put his other projects on my to-watch list because he’s absolutely captivating here. I’m also really enjoying the unknown and how fast roles can be reversed in the games. It’s been a fun ride with just the right touch of mystery, humor, and heart thumping thrill. As always, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, so I’m anxious to see how the next episode plays out.

What did you think about episode 5 and for those who have seen the Japanese version or have read the manga, how does this Korean remake compare? Let us know by posting your comments below!

Catch episode 5 of “Liar Game” on SoompiTV!



Kdrama "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

"My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap by ockoala

It’s Hae Young’s wedding day (AGAIN) and his arrival at the Secret Hotel is met by Sang Hyo who happens to pass him in the corridor. They walk past each other and Hae Young is the first to turn around and thank Sang Hyo for her hard work. She sincerely congratulates him on getting married. Later Sang Hyo sits out in the courtyard and her earlier calm demeanor is all gone as she scoffs about congratulating Hae Young on getting married.

Sung Gyum is getting dressed as pauses as he’s putting on his tie. He has the bellboy take his luggage downstairs first before calling Sang Hyo. He asks to meet her down in the courtyard but she’s makes an excuse that she’s super busy. She even pretends to be calling out instructions to her team as they set up the wedding. Sung Gyum is standing right there in the courtyard and can see she’s totally lying to him.

Sang Hyo freaks out when she spots Sung Gyum standing a few feet away from her. He wonders what to do about her slacking off at work, and grouses his hurt feelings that she’s making excuses not to see him when they are already dating. Sung Gyum then stop teasing and tells Sang Hyo that he’s off on a business trip for a few days and whether it would be enough time for her to forget Gu Hae Young by the time he comes back? Sang Hyo can’t answer initially and Sung Gyum offers her more time. Sang Hyo shakes her head and is determined to forget her past at today’s wedding.

Sung Gyum hands Sang Hyo a new tie he bought since she wouldn’t buy him one and wants her to put it on him. As Sang Hyo puts the tie on Sung Gyum they get really close and Sung Gyum suddenly asks if they should get married. He reminds Sang Hyo that she asked him to marry her first, and as soon as possible at that. Sang Hyo pulls the tie tightly and orders him to forget that drunken proposal. Sung Gyum instead wants to make public their relationship to the hotel employees once he gets back from this trip. He asks if Sang Hyo is okay with that? She smiles and nods her head. Sung Gyum advises Sang Hyo to avoid Eun Joo in the mean time.

Sang Hyo finishes putting the tie on Sung Gyum and the camera pulls back to reveal that Eun Joo is standing there huffing as she watches this intimate tableau. She can’t believe Sung Gyum really plans to date Sang Hyo but is determined not to give up since it’s not over until the couple walks down the aisle.

Hae Young is not making an effort to wash up and get ready for the wedding which makes Shi Chan try to hurry him along. Soo Ah calls Hae Young’s cell and Shi Chan picks up to assure Soo Ah that Hae Young is busy getting ready. Hae Young takes the phone reluctantly and Soo Ah asks if Hae Young is ready to get married? She looks over and we see that her driver secret boyfriend is sitting beside her in the car and she’s really addressing her conversation to him.

Soo Ah tearfully tells oppa that she really loves him and will continue to love him even after the wedding. Soo Ah takes her driver’s hand as he looks at her very sadly. Soo Ah says again that she will really love only him after the wedding. She asks if oppa feels the same way and her driver mouths “I do.” Hae Young ends the call and Soo Ah looks over at her driver and asks him to drive her to the wedding now.

Shi Chan drags Hae Young to the bathroom to force him to get ready and chides him for being all glum on his wedding day. Hae Young still dawdles and Shi Chan orders him to do right by Soo Ah and prepare for the wedding. Soo Ah and her driver are unhappily driving to the wedding and both of them continue to be exceedingly morose as well.

Hae Young takes forever to shave as he keeps zoning out while Shi Chan rushes him from the room. Soo Ah is crying and her driver reminds her not to mess up her make up. Hae Young finally puts on his tux and is all ready which is when Soo Ah finally can’t stand it anymore and starts howling. Her driver also makes up his mind and asks Soo Ah to run away with him.

Sang Hyo reminds Guard Cha to be extra vigilant for the wedding in keeping order. He assures her there is no need to worry about the recent wedding thief anymore. Sang Hyo assumes he’s referring to the dead Manager Hwang who was found with Hae Young’s wallet beside him. Sang Hyo doesn’t think that means Manager Hwang was definitely the thief so asks Guard Cha to still keep an eye out. Young Mi whisks Sang Hyo away to greet the arriving groom parents.

We see Gi Chul hiding behind a beam eavesdropping on the earlier conversation and he looks shifty. He repeats to himself “Gu Hae Young’s wallet, found beside Manager Hwang’s body?” He appears frightened and looks over at Guard Cha before rushing off.

Sang Hyo greets both sets of parents and Hae Young’s parents are very nice whereas Soo Ah’s mom has an attitude and is dismissive towards Sang Hyo. Turns out the two moms were classmates in their younger days. Sang Hyo tries to play nice and says Soo Ah’s mom is just like Soo Ah….so very pretty. LOL.

Sang Hyo explains to Hae Young’s parents about the order of the upcoming ceremony and then offers them some beverages. Hae Young’s dad asks for water and Sang Hyo grabs some while thinking that Hae Young looks so much like Hae Young’s dad. Hae Young’s mom notices Sang Hyo’s name on her name tag and wonders why such an unusual name seems familiar. Sang Hyo tries to quickly leave and dodges a bullet when Hae Young’s mom thinks her name sounds like that of a famous actress. Hae Young’s mom asks her to bring Hae Young to see the parents before the ceremony.

Hae Young still sports a poker face while waiting for the wedding to start and nothing Shi Chan does can get him to cheer up. Hae Young wonders if it’s fate that he’s supposed to marry Soo Ah? If so then why did he have to meet “her”? Hae Young’s phone rings from Soo Ah calling to apologize before informing him that she’s not coming and she can’t marry him. Sang Hyo arrives just in time to hear this call.

Soo Ah thinks it’s wrong to marry him when she’s in love with another man. She hangs up the phone and turns to her driver boyfriend to announce that she feels alive again. She takes off her veil and lets the wind carry it away before the two drive off together.

Hae Young tells a shocked Shi Chan and Sang Hyo that the bride has run away. Sang Hyo orders Hae Young to bring the bride back! For this wedding she even got on her knees and this wedding also impacts the survival of the hotel. Hae Young angrily asks why Sang Hyo only thinks about the wedding when he’s the one dealing with the shocker that was just dropped on him.

Soo Ah’s mom rushes in and confirms that her daughter also called Hae Young to inform him that she’s pulled a runaway bride routine. Soo Ah’s mom is so upset and wonders how she’ll face Hae Young’s mom. Sang Hyo heads down to the ballroom and sees that preparations are almost done. Hae Young has come up with a Plan B and roped Soo Ah’s mom and Shi Chan into it. Shi Chan asks if Hae Young is sure about this and he declares that this is fate.

Sang Hyo brings the hotel team together inside the ballroom to inform them of this shocker. Hae Young also tells his parents the bad news but asks for their trust in him. He promises they won’t be disappointed with how he’s going to handle this matter.

Sang Hyo laments how the wedding preparation is so perfect this time. Eun Joo wonders where the bride is and why she’s not in the waiting room? Sang Hyo drops the shocker that the bride has run away and the wedding is off now!

Guests of the bride’s side of the family all get texts from Soo Ah’s mom not to come to the wedding or to leave immediately.

The hotel employees are all in an uproar with the wedding being cancelled leaving all the food untouched and the reporters waiting outside. Hae Young arrives in the ballroom and announces to everyone that the wedding isn’t being called off. Sang Hyo asks if the bride is back and hears that Soo Ah is still gone. Hae Young says he has Sang Hyo, right? She is his bride and she can just pretend this is like their wedding 7 years ago. Everyone gathered in the ballroom gasps to learn that Hae Young and Sang Hyo were once married.

Hae Young is perfectly serious about his suggestion especially since the wedding preparation was all done according to what Sang Hyo likes. In that case she can have a wedding ceremony that she loves. Sang Hyo wonders if Hae Young has gone crazy but he hasn’t and thinks of this as the proper wedding they didn’t have 7 years ago.

Eun Joo interrupts to write the story behind this wedding – Hae Young and Sang Hyo were married 7 years ago and broke up, but they met again and fell in love again. That’s the story she will tell the reporters outside. Sang Hyo wants to be honest and tell the reporters that the wedding has been called off. Eun Joo brings up how Sang Hyo is the future of the hotel and she’s going to let the hotel be destroyed over this? All the employees here will be out of a job after this and it’s not something Sang Hyo can fix simply by quitting her job.

Hae Young asks Sang Hyo to go through with it but she thinks its absurd. Eun Joo doesn’t find it absurd at all and raises her hand in voting yes, which leads to all the employees also voting yes for the wedding to go through with Sang Hyo and Hae Young. Before Sang Hyo can decide she’s called outside to deal with Soo Ah’s mom causing a commotion in kicking all her guests out of the hotel.

Eun Joo tells Guard Cha to delay the wedding half an hour and to remove all signs that the bride’s name is Jung Soo Ah. The bride has been changed to Nam Sang Hyo. Hae Young asks if Eun Joo thinks Sang Hyo will show up to get married and Eun Joo isn’t sure either but she would be thrilled if Sang Hyo agrees.

Sung Gyum pulls up to a hotel and a group of hotel managers rush out to greet him. He’s surprised they know he’s Director Jo which ruins his plan to secretly observe the this hotel’s management.


As Sung Gyum heads up to his room, a pretty girl spots him and rushes into his arms calling him “Gong Min oppa” (a cameo by Hong Jin Young, Namgong Min’s We Got Married wife). Sung Gyum pries her off him and the manager explains to her that he’s Director Jo Sung Gyum. The girl apologizes for mistaking him for her husband and worries that he’s been meeting girls often and she’s here to catch him cheating on her. LOL. Poor Sung Gyum quickly makes his getaway from this crazy lady.

Sang Hyo is pacing in the courtyard wondering about Hae Young’s suggestion for yet another wedding farce. She thinks Gyung Hee is there to convince her to go ahead with the wedding but Gyung Hee brings up how people have regrets about love when death comes calling. If she had feelings still and had a chance now, she would go ahead and do it. Sang Hyo doesn’t want to let her remaining feelings cause her to make another mistake.

Guard Cha and his team are checking invitations of all the arriving guests, letting on the groom’s side guests enter while redirecting the bride’s side guests away. Inside the ballroom, the older gentleman who had a heart attack is back and he wonders why the something feels off. Eun Joo is assuring another employee that this idea will work since no one from the groom’s side of the family remembers the name of the bride anyways. The older gentleman suddenly thinks the bride’s name is not Nam Sang Hyo, wasn’t it Jung Soo Ah last time. He points to the wedding cake with Soo Ah’s name still on it and Eun Joo quickly grabs the name frosting off and eats it. Ahahaha.

Shi Chan gets on the microphone to thank the guests for attending the wedding of Gu Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo. That gets Jung Eun to stand up and scream at Shi Chan about why the bride has changed to Nam Sang Hyo from Jung Soo Ah. All the guests start whispering about this bride change so Eun Joo takes the microphone and smoothly asks if all the guests believe in fate or miracles? Eun Joo wants to share the love story between Hae Young and Sang Hyo, a story that will make everyone believe in fate and miracles.

Guard Cha informs a shocked GM Lee that Manager Nam is now the bride in the wedding and he’s furious that no one told him until now. He is about to storm out of his office to put a stop to it when he finds Sang Hyo standing at his door. He assures her that no one can force her to go through with this wedding.

Eun Joo is getting so into her storytelling as she shares how Sang Hyo was preparing Hae Young’s wedding and the two of them tried to restrain their feelings for each other. But they still loved each other and Soo Ah saw their true love so she stepped aside and prepared this wedding for Sang Hyo and Hae Young with her blessing. That is why Soo Ah’s mom is here as well to attend the wedding. The guests are all placated and excited about the wedding to start and even a frustrated Jung Eun is told to sit the heck down!

Eun Joo announces the entrance of the groom as Hae Young walks down the aisle. Shi Chan announces the entrance of the bride and all the guests stare in anticipation towards the door. The music starts and keeps on going but the door doesn’t open and no bride is entering. Shi Chan announces again the entrance of the very nervous bride and Hae Young keeps his eyes trained on the door as if praying for Sang Hyo to arrive.

Finally the door to the ballroom opens to reveal Sang Hyo wearing a wedding dress with GM Lee walking her down the aisle. The look of relief on Hae Young’s face is sooooo palpable. GM Lee confirms one last time that Sang Hyo is good with going through with the wedding and she nods back before they head down the aisle towards Hae Young.

Sang Hyo’s smile is totally brilliant and Hae Young’s eyes light back to see her walking towards him again. Young Mi snarks at why Gyung Hee is crying when it’s Sang Hyo getting married? Gyung Hee remembers that the wedding suite needs to be prepared and sends Young Mi to do the final set up. Young Mi angrily storms off muttering about how it’s going to end soon the way she has to be ordered about. Guard Cha notes her departure up to the wedding suite.

Young Mi changes out all the names in the suite from Soo Ah to Sang Hyo before plopping down on the rose petal strewn bed and wondering when it’s her turn to live the high life? She takes out a necklace and talks to herself about the plan to blackmail Soo Ah falling apart with her running off with her secret boyfriend. But at least Manager Hwang left her a life saving route before he died. Someone appears to be spying on Young Mi who takes out her phone and calls someone. She stares at the necklace and asks the caller if her suggestion has been decided? Timing is of the essence since the other side is interested as well. She suddenly hears the suite door open and close loudly.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo exchange their vows again and everything is going swimmingly until Hae Young looks down and notices that Sang Hyo has her fingers crossed. Sang Hyo gives Hae Young a defiant “what?” look right back.

Young Mi is arguing with an unknown person in the suite and holding the necklace, declaring that she got it fair and square. if the person doesn’t want to deal then there are others who want to pay for it. Young Mi goes to the bathroom to prep it for the wedding night as well and scoffs at the person she left in the hotel room. She hears the suite door opening and closing.

The newlyweds have finished their vows and the guests are chanting for them to kiss. Hae Young steps closer and Sang Hyo warns him not to think about it. He pulls her close and strokes her veil before leaning in to kiss her.


Young Mi finishes setting up the bathroom when she’s struck from behind on the head with a heavy object by an unknown assailant. She stumbles forward into the bathroom and touches her head to find her hand covered in blood. A frightened Young Mi steps up on the sunken bathtub rim before tripping and falling dead inside the bathroom as her head strikes the edge of the tub.

Sang Hyo and Hae Young tenderly kiss and she thinks herself that this is just for show. Rose petals fall on them as the guests cheer but a very disgruntled Jung Eun storms out.

The newlyweds are gathered for group pictures and Hae Young has to remind Sang Hyo to smile. She snipes back that she’s not happy and then flashes a smile for the cameras. The hotel employees wonder where Young Mi is and we see her laying totally dead in the suite tub.

Detective Kim is eating with the Vice GM at the precinct when his partner Detective Lee sits down with the update that the person Manager Hwang called on the night he died was Sung Gyum’s mom. WHAT? Detective Kim remembers what Hae Young said, that Manager Hwang was threatening the person on the other end of the call with going to talk with the son.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo have changed into traditional Korean wedding outfits and are paying their respects by bowing to Hae Young’s parents. The parents ask Sang Hyo to take care of their Hae Young. The rest of the relatives tells Sang Hyo to have babies and lots of them, to take care of Hae Young, and not to fight for inheritance with the siblings.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo retire to the wedding suite together and both are exhausted after a long day. Sang Hyo wonders what kind of family Hae Young has and why everyone has such strong opinions? Hae Young reluctantly tells Sang Hyo that his family owns one of the biggest development companies in Korea. He quickly adds that his dad owns it and the succession is going to his brothers. Sang Hyo can’t believe there is so much about Hae Young that she never knew.

Eun Joo calls Sang Hyo for her to stay put in the wedding suite since the reporters are spending the night at the hotel and have totally bought into the wedding. Sang Hyo yells at Hae Young for getting her into this farcical mess. Hae Young is about to ask Sang Hyo to start over again when Sung Gyum calls asking if the wedding is over and she’s sent Hae Young away in her life.

Hae Young is annoyed she’s on the phone with Sung Gyum and purposes declares loudly that he’s going to wash up. Sang Hyo quickly lies that she’s alone. Sung Gyum describes how the stars are dotting the sky and so bright it looks like he can reach out and pluck them. Sang Hyo wants to see such stars and Sung Gyum offers to take her on a trip next time to the same place. Hae Young is about to open the door to the bathroom but hears Sang Hyo’s conversation and storms back, missing out on finding the dead Young Mi in the bathtub.

Before Sang Hyo can answer Sung Gyum’s offer to take a trip together, Hae Young grabs the phone from her hand and tosses it on the bed. Sang Hyo calls Hae Young rude for hanging up her call but he points out that they got married and she’s flirting with another man on the phone. Sang Hyo says the wedding is not real anyways and why does he keep dragging her into his impetuous mess. She storms to bed and pulls the cover over herself to ignore Hae Young.

After Sang Hyo falls asleep, Hae Young stares at her from the sofa grinning like a fool. He quickly pretends to fall asleep while Sang Hyo gets up and stares at him sleeping on the sofa. She wonders if she was too mean to him today? She walks off and Hae Young grins after hearing what she said.

Sang Hyo opens the door to the bathroom and sees the dead Young Mi in the bathtub and screams!

Watch "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama



Kdrama "Plus Nine Boys" Episode 6 Recap

Watch "Plus Nine Boys" Episode 6 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Plus Nine Boys" Episode 6 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Plus Nine Boys" Episode 6 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD  Episodes for Free korean drama

Kdrama "Plus Nine Boys" Episode 6 Recap

I think it’s fair to say that I called this oh so wrong. I thought Baek Ji only had eyes for Dong Goo but she dropped him like a bad habit. I’m all for this because there’s no reason a 9-year-old should be in a 3-year relationship. Min Joon is cute, more talented, nicer to her, willing to spend time with her and do fun things like play a duet on the piano. He’s a shiny new toy but will it last? What’s great here is that she’s behaving realistically. At like 8 years old, we generally prefer those who treat us well instead of fantasizing that those who don’t will change. What will our spoiled brat, Dong Joo, do next to turn things around for him? Or will Min Joon screw up?

Min Goo finally got to speak to to his “destiny.” He’s a clueless little kid who thinks he can pretend to be a player. If I were his friend, I would have unfollowed him a long time ago because he constantly takes selfies and posts weird, cheesy captions on SNS. He uses Soo Ah’s day planner as collateral to get her number then starts stalking her. In his head, they are leads in a movie where he’s a confident lady killer and she’s a young, innocent lamb. But the truth is she’s a noona who’s playing him like a fiddle (in her head because all he does is stalk her and give her milk). After making fun of him with her friends, she devises a plan to make him disappear by using his “destiny” line against him. She borrows a scene from Serendipity and tells him that if they are fated, they will go into adjoining elevators at the same time and pick the same floor. It’s a 15-story building which make his chances low so his friends help him cheat by spying on her in the security room and texting him the floor number she picks.

However, unfortunately for him, fate has other plans and a janitor slows down his journey by catching his elevator on a lower floor and he misses her.

We finally learn why Se Young and Jin Goo can never be. I previously thought Se Young was exaggerating and covering up her feelings when she called him a player and a jerk but she was just being truthful. Two years ago, he’d kissed her while they were working and told her to keep their relationship a secret. She liked him and had been ecstatic about dating him only to see him kissing another woman. It turned out that he kissed tons of women and instructed them all to keep it a secret in order to date multiple women at the same time. Despicable.

She was devastated and when their eyes met when she spotted him with the other woman, he didn’t seem to care.

He ignored her and carried on like nothing happened till one day, he watched her perform a sad song at karaoke and realized that he’d fallen for her.

In present day, he chases her after she slaps him for the kiss and tries to convince her that his feelings run deep. She sarcastically asks him if he wants her to keep it a secret again and he explains that his feelings are real this time. This only incenses her further because it means that he intentionally kissed her and played with her feelings when he wasn’t sincere.

He acknowledges that he was a jerk and understands he doesn’t have the right to want a relationship with her but try as he may, he can’t suppress his feelings. He needs her to understand how desperate he must feel to risk a cherished friendship but she’s not touched – he should have kept his feelings to himself.

He’s at his wit’s end. Is she really saying that she has no feelings for him? She nods. Yes, Buster, I don’t like you. I think she’s lying but wish she wasn’t. If a guy treated me like that, I’d like to think that I’d lose all romantic interest in him and just be glad that I got out before I got in too deep.

He tries to forget her by attending a pool party with hot girls but he just can’t get over her. He ends up waiting for her at the bus stop near her house but she doesn’t get off the bus when she spots him. She also ignores all his texts. Her friends urge her to give him another chance because he’s hot, sweet and sincere but she refuses to go down that road with him.

His confession leads to a major cold shoulder from her which doesn’t thaw even after he defends her at work. They are forced to work late because their joint project failed and she ignores him every time he tries to talk to her, even placing items on their shared cubicle wall to blow her view. It all comes to a head one night when he tries to make her talk to him but she leaves in frustration and walks into the rain. He shows up like a hero and shields her with an umbrella but she’s not having it. Then he finally says the one thing he hasn’t: sorry. He apologizes for not saying it sooner even though he felt it. He doesn’t want to lose their friendship just because he wants more. Everyone sees them as two halves of a whole and he doesn’t think he can be happy without her in his life so he hopes they can salvage their friendship.

For starters, I think Young Hoon’s life is so boring that he lives vicariously through Kwang Soo’s. I’m glad for it because Kwang Soo would sit on his ass otherwise.

I’m not sure I can fully explain why but I don’t like Da In. She’s not a completely awful person but she goes to his home knowing how uncomfortable it must make him and avoids him when he attempts to talk to her as if she’d been wronged in the past. Then we finally learned why she humiliated him and now I really don’t want them to get back together.

Theirs is the perfect example of “There are three sides to every story: his, hers and the truth.” They were a couple in love ten years ago but she increasingly got frustrated because he was often wrapped up in work and broke a lot of their dates. And he would fall asleep the few times he made them. He saw things differently as he was so busy that he often sacrificed sleep to spend time with her and he thought their dates were great because seeing her made him feel energized. She’s still annoyed by the time he was late to an introduction to her friends and showed up looking sweaty and disgusting while he remembers almost get fired because he ran from the set to meet her.

Whenever he had to break a commitment, he would apologize and she would say that it was okay. Her breaking point was when he cancelled their trip at the last moment then rushed her off the phone as soon as he apologized. She felt unappreciated and taken for granted so she wanted to speak to him about it and when they met, instead of listening to her, he grabbed her hand and dragged her to a show recording where her favorite artist was a guest performer. He’d also patted himself on the back for getting her an autographed CD. He was in his own world thinking he was “The World’s Greatest Boyfriend” not noticing the unimpressed look on her face so when he got down to propose, she had no choice but to run away because she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life lonely in an unbalanced relationship.

The rejection snapped him out of his fantasy but she ignored his pleas for an explanation.

I think it’s about time he revealed their past to his family so that his sister can stop begging her to set him up with her friends and her cousin wouldn’t try to hook them up.

In a somewhat related matter, Kwang Soo’s head writer quit and he doesn’t seem to understand why even though she made it very obvious that she was frustrated with him for always nixing all their ideas. Perhaps she wouldn’t have quit if he’d paid more attention to her just like he and Da In may not have broken up if he’d been more observant and had less tunnel vision. I have to say that he’s a very annoying boss because all he does is reject all their ideas without providing any guidance. Is it their fault he was demoted?

I wish Kwang Soo would just get over it and move on. It’s been 10 years and he’s still clinging to an ex that dumped him and married someone else. I don’t think that he’s blameless but instead of telling him off all those times she was upset, she tried to be “understanding” and misled him about her feelings while letting her resentment fester. The worst part is that she got mad at him for not listening to her and after that awful humiliation, she still kept her mouth shut and never let him know how she felt. For once, I would like this to be less like a Korean drama so that her reappearance in his life would help him heal and move on. But alas, this is a pipe dream.

While I think Jin Goo is sincere and will do right by Se Young this time, I don’t really think he deserves another chance. Especially as not enough time has passed since he was the king of jerks. Maybe in ten years if they are both single, but now? Nah. And why does she still have feelings for a guy that treated her this way? Yes, I know she’s gotten close to him as a friend and probably realizes that he’s a great guy now but I think in her position, all romantic feelings I harbored would have evaporated into thin air. Not every nice guy you know is dateable.

This week, my feelings about these couples can be summed up in one sentence: “Life is a long journey and sometimes, what you think is a destination is just a pit stop.”

I’m looking forward to the next episodes changing my mind.

Till then!

Kdrama "Plus Nine Boys" Episode 6 Recap by DramaBeans

The morning after texting Se-young his apology, Jin-gu stares forlornly at his still-unanswered messages as he heads in to work. When he gets to his desk, he finds that she’s erected a fortress of books and tissue boxes on top of their cubicle divider, so that they can no longer see each other. Se-young tells him that he needs to print out their pictures from the trip, her voice all business.

Jin-gu sighs to himself that the figurative wall between them is sturdier than the Great Wall of China. Se-young snubs Jin-gu all day, leaving the room whenever he enters and refusing to sit next to him at lunch.

Kwang-soo’s boss yells at him for phoning in his duties at Sponge, complaining that the ratings are down, and Kwang-soo promises halfheartedly to do better next week. It turns out that his main writer has disappeared, and Young-hoon jokes about how all the women run away from him.

Kwang-soo grumbles that she just disappeared without a word, but Young-hoon insists that there must have been signs that he didn’t see, because there are always signs, and guesses it was the same with Da-in. He says that his wife told him a woman’s words always mean many different things, and Kwang-soo says that women should just say what they mean. Young-hoon advises him to learn to understand women when they speak if he ever wants to get married.

Kwang-soo thinks back on conversations with Da-in where she had seemed disappointed and on the verge of saying something. He could tell something was wrong by her expression but no matter how often he urged her to tell him, she always said it was fine and said nothing more, so he took her words at face value. He thinks to himself now that women’s language has always baffled him.

Min-gu’s friends give him bad advice on how to figure out if Su-ah likes him, but he insists he doesn’t have to play those games because she’s his destiny. After posting another self-indulgent selca online, he waits for Su-ah outside her tutoring academy to give her another milk and coo a cheesy “I love you” pun in English at her. Gag. She goes in without a word and he calls after her that they’ve been dating ten days now, which just earns him an eyeroll.

Su-ah cringes to her friends over Min-gu’s behavior, and one of them laughs along with her while the other defends him for at least being cute. Su-ah whines that even his cuteness can’t make up for following her everywhere, always acting like he’s in a drama. She won’t dump him though — she has a plan to make him leave on his own.

Jin-gu is raked over the coals by his boss, who’s angry that the TV dating show that their dating vacation package was based on got canceled due to scandal. He blames Jin-gu for putting the package together based on the show, though Jin-gu respectfully reminds Director Jo that he’s the one who instructed him to do it.

This goes over about as well as you’d imagine, and Jo just yells at him to fix it then turns on Se-young next for having already printed the pamphlets. Is he actually mad at her for not procrastinating for once? He starts to get personal about how she’s always slow at meals and in the bathroom, and Jin-gu cuts in to defend her.

He raises his voice and insists they couldn’t predict a scandal, and Jo gets back in his face about his attitude. Jin-gu tells Jo that he’s responsible for everything, just like he said, and that Se-young had nothing to do with it. Jo mocks them for being all lovey-dovey on the trip and not working, just taking couple photos (you mean like they were instructed to do?), and orders the two of them to work late and fix the situation.

Dong-gu acts out a romantic scene in class with Baek-ji, and he’s so bad that even Baek-ji cringes. The teacher brings in Min-joon who totally nails the scene, earning himself a pint-sized admirer in the process.

Min-gu intercepts Su-ah again after her class, and she asks when he’s going to stop all this. He says this is forever because it’s destiny, and she asks how he knows that. He says he just feels it, and she counters that she’ll believe it when he can prove it, and asks if he’s seen the movie Serendipity.

Min-gu watches the movie later with his friends, focusing on the scene where the lead characters test if they’re meant to be together by getting in two elevators, and seeing if they choose the same floor. His buddies argue that it makes no sense since it’s just probability, not destiny.

One of his friends correctly guesses that this is just a ploy to get rid of him, and guesses she’ll choose the first floor to throw him off. Min-gu admits that if he fails the test he’ll stop following Su-ah around, but then ruins the one respectful thing he’s said by assuring his friends that he won’t fail. Because it’s destiny dontchaknow.

Kwang-soo and Young-hoon go out for drinks and wonder what happened to Kwang-soo’s head writer, and Young-hoon repeats that it’s futile to try to understand women. He advises Kwang-soo to just go apologize, but Kwang-soo says he didn’t do anything wrong, and she’s the one who disappeared like that. Young-hoon says Da-in must have also run away because of this attitude of Kwang-soo’s.

Se-young and Go-eun meet with Da-in at her cafe, where Go-eun dreamily sighs over how Jin-gu came to Se-young’s defense against Director Jo. She says he’s hard-working which is hot, and Da-in counters that hard-working men may be hot but it’s hard on their girlfriends. She says she once dated a TV producer who was very busy all the time.

She remembers going on date after date with Kwang-soo where he yawned and nodded off constantly, and says that at first she felt sorry for him but after a while she became disappointed in him. Then there was a time when he was supposed to meet her friends and he was late, and when he finally showed, he was sweaty and unkempt. She was glad he came, but upset that he hadn’t made an effort for her friends.

Go-eun takes Da-in’s side, saying the guy should have tried harder, but Se-young defends the boyfriend. Perhaps he’d come straight from work, and anyway at least he didn’t dress up and flirt with her friends. Da-in says she tried to be understanding, but that she had said “It’s okay” so many times, he started to think it really was okay.

Now a few shots in, Kwang-soo argues with Young-hoon and insists that he did his best for Da-in, pulling all-nighters and drinking energy drinks nonstop. We see the same dates from his perspective, where Da-in smiled at his sleepiness and laughed, which made him feel energized. The time when he met her friends, he had to skip work and run through traffic to get there, and nearly got fired for it.

Da-in tells Go-eun and Se-young that all she wanted was a text or call now and then to reassure her, and again Go-eun eggs her on while Se-young says at least that’s better than a guy who gets texts from other girls constantly. Da-in says they broke up because of “that day.”

Young-hoon is still trying to figure out why Da-in broke up with Kwang-soo, but Kwang-soo insists there was no reason for it and storms out. But as he walks down the street, he wonders if there really were signs that he missed.

At acting school, Dong-gu overhears Min-joon asking Baek-ji to be his girlfriend. He promises to play with her, and ride bikes, and buy her things. She agrees and they walk off hand-in-hand, as Dong-gu reels in shock and thinks how he spent a third of his life with Baek-ji. So cute.

At the end of the work day Jae-bum offers to help Se-young finish the work Director Jo ordered, and Jin-gu scowls at them even though she declines. They’re both hard at work hours later, having not said a single word to each other over the Great Wall of Tissue. Finally Jin-gu asks if she wants to eat but she curtly says she’s not hungry, though he catches her scarfing down a bowl of ramyun when he comes back in the office.

They get kicked out of the office when the cleaning woman comes to clean, and stand in the hall in uncomfortable silence. Later Se-young calls tech support rather than just asking Jin-gu for help, and he silently fixes the problem for her and goes back to his desk unthanked.

At breakfast the next day, all three brothers let Mom drag the recycling to the door, and she orders Kwang-soo to take it out. Dong-gu sadly asks if he can go to a different acting school, but she reminds him that all the famous child actors went there and that he can see Baek-ji there. Wrong thing to say, Mom.

Kwang-soo takes out the recycling, still in his underwear, and his ears perk up when he hears Da-in’s voice. Luckily Jin-gu sees her first, knowing her from her cafe, and they talk while Kwang-soo tries to figure out how to disappear. Jin-gu spots Kwang-soo trying to slink away and calls after him, forcing him to stop, and physically drags him over to “meet” Da-in.

They try to pretend they don’t know each other (and that Kwang-soo isn’t obviously standing there in his underwear in front of her again) while Jin-gu obliviously plays matchmaker. Jin-gu heads to work and Kwang-soo tries again to talk to her, but Da-in simply says he’s looking good and runs off, leaving Kwang-soo to mutter to himself about the fact that he’s in shorts. Awww.

Later at work, Young-hoon dissects Da-in’s comment that Kwang-soo looks good, while Kwang-soo is still stuck on the fact that he was caught in his shorts. Young-hoon has decided that Kwang-soo got dumped because he publicly surprised Da-in with the proposal without preparing her for it, but Kwang-soo still doesn’t think that’s it.

Min-gu’s friends have come up with a plan to give his destiny a little boost, which involves bribing the guard and monitoring the elevator CCTVs to see which floor Su-ah chooses. Min-gu decides that you make your own destiny, and this is just his way of assuring Su-ah that she belongs with him. Yeah, this can’t possibly go wrong.

Upset, Se-young makes another cheesecake run to Da-in’s cafe at lunchtime. She hotly denies that she’s angry and uncomfortable with Jin-gu, insisting that he’s just a colleague and there’s nothing to discuss with him. Go-eun joins them and asks Da-in for the end of her story, and she tells them how she and her boyfriend never took a trip together because he was so busy.

They’d planned a trip to Jeju Island and he had run late, then finally called to say he couldn’t make it. Da-in again told him it was okay, but this time she’d cried all the way home. She decided it must have been a one-sided love, because the more she loved him, the lonelier she felt.

She’d meant to talk to him about the issue, but that was the night he’d taken her to the TV show and publicly proposed. She’d tried to get his attention but he wasn’t listening, so by the time he proposed, she was just done, and ran away. She says that he was always sorry but he still never listened to her, and she thought she’d always be lonely if she stayed with him.

Min-gu waits for Su-ah, massaging his hand to calm his stomach, while his friends wait in the guard room to text him which floor Su-ah chooses. Su-ah is all business when she arrives, reminding him of the rules, and confirms that if they get off on the same floor that means they’re officially dating but if they don’t, he won’t bother her again.

They get in their elevators and Su-ah chooses the ninth floor (of course), and Min-gu’s buddies text him so that he chooses it, too. Despite how ridiculous this all is, the beat where Min-gu and Su-ah both check their hair in the mirror is hilarious — it leads me to believe that despite all the silly dramatics, they actually are pretty well-suited for each other.

Everything is great until Min-gu’s elevator stops on the seventh floor for the water delivery guy, who takes his sweet time despite Min-gu’s urging him to hurry. So when Min-gu gets to the ninth floor, Su-ah isn’t there, and his friends find him to tell him she went back down. Disappointed, Min-gu wonders why girls need confirmation of love, and can’t just love first and confirm it later.

As Da-in drives her daughter home from school, she remembers the day when Kwang-soo had pounded on her door, frantic to apologize, asking over and over what he did wrong. She had stayed inside, crying as his pleas grew more desperate until he was literally screaming for her to talk to him. At the same time as she’s driving, Kwang-soo sits in his room listening to music, and the bleak expressions on both of their faces are eerily similar.

Working late again, Jin-gu tries to talk to Se-young about work and gets only the curtest of answers. He asks how long she’s going to keep this up and she only talks about the project, and accidentally knocks over her Tissue Box of Protection. She takes great care setting it back up (even fluffing the tissue to hide her face, haha) and Jin-gu bursts out that she’s being childish.

He says he wants to talk and gets ignored, and he says she’s making things even worse by acting this way. Se-young says that he always does whatever he wants, so why can’t she do what she wants? Jin-gu asks what about all the time they spent together, and whether it means anything to her, but she just answers that he made things this way and she leaves.

Se-young holds it together until she gets to the elevator, where she breaks enough to drop her stony expression and her eyes well up. It’s raining hard and she has no umbrella, so she starts to walk to the bus stop in the pouring rain. Suddenly there’s an umbrella being held over her head and we see that it’s Jin-gu, protecting her from the elements while he stands in the rain getting soaking wet. That is so sweet and sad.

Se-young doesn’t speak when Jin-gu tells her to take the umbrella, but she just starts walking again and he follows, still holding the umbrella over her and letting himself get drenched. He finally calls out, “I’m sorry!” and she stops, and Jin-gu says he knows he should have said that first. He was so sorry that he just kept making excuses, and he admits that everything she said was right.

Jin-gu says to a still-silent Se-young that he doesn’t want to lose a friend because of his greed, and that people say they just go together like related search words: Ma Se-young and Kang Jin-gu. He agrees with them, and declares that he can’t do without her. He says hesitantly that he’d like to go back to being friends like before, and that’s as far as he’ll take it. He tells her not to build that wall anymore starting tomorrow, and leaves her holding the umbrella.

On the bus home, Jin-gu thinks to himself that this might be the right distance to keep between them. Se-young keeps her eyes looking out the window while Jin-gu steals small sad glances in her direction, but then we see that this time they’re not riding the same bus, and Jin-gu is only imagining her there. That is so sad.

All the way home, Jin-gu remembers their fun rides when he’d pretended to live in her neighborhood just to ride the bus with her, and Se-young looks sadly at the umbrella he gave to her. At the same time, Kwang-soo remembers Da-in hitting him with the flowers after his proposal and says in voiceover that the reason men and women have always fought is because they speak different languages.

We see each of our boys at their lowest moments — Kwang-soo begging at Da-in’s door, Min-gu exiting his elevator to an empty hallway, and Jin-gu alone on his bus looking forlornly at the spot where Se-young isn’t. Min-gu tells us that in order to be a good guy, he must catch every word and facial expression she makes. Jin-gu sums it all up: “We’re all in love with aliens.”



Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap

Watch Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes News

"Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap by DramaBeans


The sun rises on a lavish, modern mansion perched at the top of a well-manicured hill. Inside, a TV remote is beaten against a stair corner until it breaks, while other household furniture items are slashed in half by invisible blades.

Outside, it begins to rain. A tree is also neatly cut in half, as are the raindrops. We seem to be viewing the world from the perspective of someone unsteady on their feet, suddenly finding themselves lying on their back in the rain…


The next morning, the head maid of the household, MADAM YOON (Lee Mi-sook) curses her terrible luck—the “master” of the household has started having episodes again. Could this be related to the destruction from the night before?

She goes to the master bedroom, only to find SECRETARY GO (Han Jung-soo) leaving it. When it becomes clear that Secretary Go doesn’t want her to enter the room, Madam Yoon makes enough of a fuss about how the master wouldn’t want to miss his breakfast that he eventually moves out of her way.

When she reaches the inner door, she alerts the “Chairman” that she’ll be letting herself in. Inside, she finds our hero(?), JOO HONG-BIN (Lee Dong-wook) sprawled out on his bed. He doesn’t open his eyes at first, but sniffs the air like an animal.


Hong-bin suddenly rises and tells Madam Yoon to move back. She does, but he ends up in her personal space anyway to look her in the eyes and bluntly ask why she’s being extra subservient with her words this morning.

Clearly afraid of him, Madam Yoon swiftly apologizes for whatever she did to upset him and explains it away as being due to nervousness. But due to Hong-bin’s alarmingly keen sense of smell, he’s able to identify everything she put in her mouth that morning, down to the brand name of her toothpaste and flavor of her mouthwash.

And because of that same sense of smell, he already knows exactly what food his army of maids is preparing downstairs, and even one ingredient which has gone bad. Madam Yoon reacts with alarm and disbelief, at least until she herself can confirm that he was right about the closed jar of food being spoiled.

While looking for something to wear, Hong-bin keeps throwing shirts out that smell unappealing to him for this or that reason indiscernible to the normal nose, but Secretary Go displays some superhuman abilities himself when he catches a hanger Hong-bin tosses out.

After chewing Secretary Go out for his poor choice in skin products, Hong-bin later growls to himself about his sense of smell being super sensitive lately. He doesn’t seem to understand why.

Hong-bin proves to be just as rough-tempered at work, where he beats up a couple of employees for suggesting a change in their product line. He also seems quite happy with himself when he lobs a laptop at one of their heads (there goes the CG budget), and while their screams can be heard from inside, Secretary Go calmly makes a call to arrange for the room to be repaired and the broken electronics replaced. It’s almost like he’s done this all before.


To say that what follows is a trip to Crazytown with Hong-bin as the mayor would be an understatement, but here goes: After another beating is administered to his employees for their incompetence, Hong-bin makes a hurried speech about how he detests people who can’t do their jobs before switching the subject to his eyes, which suddenly feel like they’re burning out of his skull.

But then, psych! He threatens the employees that he’ll gouge his eyeballs out and use them as bowling balls against them unless they submit their letters of resignation immediately. The two employees commiserate after their boss leaves, swearing to themselves that they won’t be fired, because they’re quitting. For the record, I have no idea what’s going on.


While being chauffeured home by Secretary Go and another indentured servant, Hong-bin crabbily insinuates that the two are sleeping together because they both smell like the same, awful skin product he can’t stand. After he kicks the two of them out and opts to drive himself home, Secretary Go and the chauffeur bicker over him stealing Go’s expensive product.

Hong-bin listens to the news on the drive home, hearing a strange report about a bunch of trees being cut down the middle—and it’s not even an isolated incident, either. This same incident happened two weeks ago on a similarly rainy night like last night, leading the police to believe it’s the work of an insane person.


We meet our heroine, SON SE-DONG (Shin Se-kyung, reprising her role as Shin Se-kyung) as she physically blocks her angry landlord from entering her apartment while protesting her innocence regarding her definitely not allowing men to live in her apartment.

A slow pan of the interior reveals a literal harem of boys sneaking out of the window, while outside, Se-dong continues to argue that her mother didn’t raise her that way.

And maybe her landlord would’ve believed her, if not for the one harem boy who makes a ruckus when he tries to retrieve their shoes from the closet so they can all escape. Luckily for Se-dong, by the time her landlord bursts past her, the apartment is testosterone-free.


But when Se-dong can’t help but stare out the window after realizing the boys have hidden themselves on the ledge, her landlord runs to poke his head out in the hopes of catching them. The boys flatten themselves against the wall to remain unseen, while Se-dong quickly closes a cabinet door containing one of the boys crouched inside.

Once her landlord leaves, she ushers the harem boy under the cabinet to come out… only for him to cry that he can’t, because he’s physically stuck.

So she goes out to grab the rest of the boys, and collectively they all put their backs into freeing their comrade. Because of the noise, Se-dong fails to notice that her landlord has re-entered, and is caught red-handed.


While a man we’ll come to know as SEUNG-HWAN (played by Shin Seung-hwan, who I’m guessing lost the name lottery) runs to the hospital after missing the bus, Hong-bin is forced to visit the two employees he put there.

The smell of the room bothers him so much that he stands by the doorway while Secretary Go hands out promotion notices to the injured men in order to keep them quiet and happy. Ha, I do love Secretary Go’s deadpan congratulatory applause though.

Suddenly, Hong-bin hears voices from the next room, which oddly sound like Se-dong and her harem. He stops outside the curtain with tears in his eyes, just listening.


And it does turn out to be Se-dong and her harem behind the curtain, since the boy who was stuck under the kitchen sink is now sporting a back brace all of them are now scribbling on.

But Hong-bin thinks he hears someone else, a “Tae-hee” specifically, as he pulls back the curtain in emotionally-affecting slo-mo…


Seung-hwan shoves his way past Hong-bin, and no one else seems to notice he’s even there as Se-dong pushes her way past him to leave. Hong-bin’s eyes close as he detects Se-dong’s scent (never thought I’d write that sentence), which prompts a stock image montage of different flowers, fruit, sugar, spice, and everything nice.

On the flip side, when Seung-hwan runs after her, Hong-bin interprets his scent through images of garbage and filth.

Seung-hwan attempts to talk Se-dong out of going to the man who bought their company, even though she doesn’t want the actual company back, but the intellectual property he bought with it. I’m guessing this has something to do with her being an artist, since the “Monstro” thing she keeps mentioning sounds like a character or the title of a game.


Regardless, she thinks that getting whatever-it-is back will save the harem boys from being beaten up like they were today, even though Seung-hwan tries to tell her that the CEO who bought them out, Joo Hong-bin (ring a bell?) is known to be a devil—so much so that not even a picture of him can be found on the internet.

He can’t change her mind, but no sooner does Se-dong leave that Hong-bin is revealed to have been listening in on the entire conversation. He calls Secretary Go to ask if he really does look like a devil, before threatening his loyal manservant with death if he doesn’t pick him up and get him to the company before Se-dong arrives via bus.

Secretary Go proves that there was a use for that “Two trains, each having a speed of 30 km/h…” question we all endured in elementary math class when he calculates the speed they’d need to go to get there faster than Se-dong.


But in their hurry, they collide into another car, with an occupant Secretary Go not only recognizes but also respects by calling him “Elder.” The man walks over to Hong-bin, who’s all but hyperventilating in the backseat as he thinks of the ticking clock winding down, and knocks ominously on the glass.

Se-dong gets sidetracked from her journey when Seung-hwan calls her with bad news: Someone we don’t know called him about someone else we don’t know buying a plane ticket to flee to the States. Whoever it is, she has to stop him.

Hong-bin doesn’t want to acknowledge the elder they hit, even though they seem to have quite the history together—but when the elder wants an apology, Hong-bin vaults over the car in a feat of superhuman agility to kick his chauffeur square in the chest as punishment for him not doing the apologizing.


It becomes very clear that Hong-bin’s rage about apologies has little to do with the car accident and more to do with whatever-it-is between him and the elder.

But as he all but foams at the mouth about the situation, storm clouds begin to form, causing Secretary Go to urge him to calm down. Waitaminute… so rain in this show isn’t the full moon to Hong-bin’s werewolf, Hong-bin’s mood can actually control the weather? He’s Wolverine and Storm?

When Hong-bin only grows angrier that the elder isn’t apologizing to him, Secretary Go hoists him over his shoulder and begins running down the street. Storm clouds continue to brew overhead as Secretary Go falters to the sound of something-like-but-not-necessarily-bones-breaking.

He continues on regardless, and dumps Hong-bin in a wrestling ring. Knowing the ramifications if Hong-bin were to cause a storm, he asks Hong-bin to let his frustrations out on him, essentially becoming a punching bag for Hong-bin’s superhuman blows.

Real talk though, I don’t know if this is supposed to be a supernatural fight or if it’s just an exaggerated one. Right now I’m fairly convinced that Hong-bin is an amalgamation of every character from The Avengers, even though he’s got worse anger management issues than the character famous for having anger management issues.

While taking punch after punch, Secretary Go ekes out that Se-dong should be at the company by now, which at least causes Hong-bin to pause as he remembers her scent fondly. But then he goes right back to beating the crap out of his secretary.

Se-dong isn’t at the company though, since she intercepts her sunbae as he attempts to flee to the States. She’s hurt and betrayed by him running out on her, especially since it’d mean saddling her with paying back the loan they took out for their company.

According to her, they’re this close to success for whatever it is that they do (video games?), but her sunbae doesn’t care to hear the details and attempts to run past her. Se-dong’s loud, hysterical sobbing about how he’s running away after selling their company isn’t enough to stop him.

Hong-bin has another reason to be angry when he makes it to his company to find out that Se-dong never showed, since she’s busy chasing down her sunbae at the airport.

Since her sunbae is the one who sold them out to Hong-bin, Hong-bin calls him directly to ask about the circumstances surrounding the sale—he knows that the man didn’t consult with the rest of his employees before the deal was made.

Her sunbae, currently trapped in an airport bathroom with Seung-hwan right outside the stall, doesn’t care to talk about the shady deal since he already benefitted from it money-wise. But that makes Hong-bin angry, and he literally has a “You won’t like me when I’m angry” moment.


A dour-looking woman dressed in every piece of jewelry she owns disembarks with a young boy she seems to hate, and sends him into the men’s bathroom alone.

Seung-hwan notices that the boy doesn’t even know how to pull down his own zipper and helps, while outside, gangsters arrive to chase down the bedazzled ajumma.

In the process—and hand to God, I’m not making this up—one of them trips over a piece of luggage and goes flying toward Se-dong with grabby hands outstretched toward her chest. Then they’re frozen in that position as the camera completes a full 360 degree slo-mo pan around them in this drama’s version of Sword and Flower’s version of the upside-down Spiderman kiss. (It’s the same PD. Unfortunately.)

The moment ends when Se-dong slaps the gangster before screaming bloody murder. Then she throws him to the ground before screaming some more.

Then, she tells Seung-hwan that the man touched her chest so Seung-hwan can launch himself on the man screaming, all while Se-dong continues her high-pitched wailing. Okay, that’s it. I tried. This show is too f*cking insane, even for me.


Se-dong, Seung-hwan, and the random gangster get taken to the airport police station where she pleads her sexual harassment case until the gangster is carted off. Only then does she remember she was chasing her sunbae, but it’s too late—he’s probably well on his way to America by now.

Just as they’re leaving, a woman reports the boy Seung-hwan helped in the bathroom as being lost. The boy isn’t comforted by the sight of the officer and cries, because it reminds him of a seizure-inducing series of flashbacks involving police officers and abandonment issues.

Se-dong steps in to calm the boy down, but no sooner does she try to leave him with the officer once he’s stopped crying does he start right back up again.


In an orb-shaped room suspended from the ceiling, Hong-bin flips through pictures of the woman he thought he smelled earlier. (Ah, so that’s why he followed Se-dong.) He flashes back to being with her when his father/the elder from the car crash, JOO JANG-WON (Kim Gab-soo) confronted her about being too poor for his high-born son.

The memory makes Hong-bin angry, and the angrier he gets, the more the lights start to flicker as a storm begins to brew outside. Secretary Go has only to hear one crack of thunder to know something’s terribly wrong with Hong-bin, and rushes to get to him.


Hong-bin grits his teeth as blades—legitimate, metal blades of different lengths—sprout from his back like a porcupine. And as he stalks outside in the rain with his new weaponized backside, whole sections of the city lose power from the force of his rage.

But then he suddenly loses consciousness and drops like a sack of potatoes onto someone’s roof somewhere.

Madam Yoon gets a call from the bedazzled woman from the airport claiming that the six-year-old boy she brought with her is Hong-bin’s son. The lover he can’t forget, Kim Tae-hee, is the boy’s mother. But the woman can’t stay on the line to say more, since she’s being hunted down for [insert reason here].


Hong-bin wakes up in his own bed, blade-free, thanks to Secretary Go. It seems like he may not know about being a Tim Burton nightmare since he believes the lie Secretary Go tells him about how he fell asleep at the office with a light fever.

The first thing he asks about is Se-dong, who has somehow been allowed to take the unclaimed boy (possibly his son) home from the airport. As she carries the sleeping child on her back, her sunbae calls to tell her that Hong-bin wants to meet with her.


Since she doesn’t know what Hong-bin looks like, she doesn’t recognize him standing outside of her house. He recognizes her less by sight and more by smell, which is so intoxicating to him that he closes his eyes and cups the air closer to his nose to breathe it in. Because what he’s smelling isn’t just her natural pheromones, it’s her breath, as evidenced by the multiple close-ups of her mouth breathing.

Se-dong just stares at the man who asked for her by name, now poised on one leg—all the better to smell her with.

Watch Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews Kdrama "Iron Man/Blade Man" Episode 1 Recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes News



Kdrama "My Spring Days" Episode 1 recap and Screenshot

Kdrama "My Spring Days" Episode 1 recap  by Dramabeans


“People say that you can do anything if you try hard enough,” a voiceover tells us. “But the truth is that there are some things you can’t do, no matter how hard you try.”

The words are said over a series of touching vignettes: a young son helping his blind mother find her way, a mother begging a doctor to save her son, and a young patient, LEE BOM-YI (Sooyoung), smiling when she learns that she’ll receive the heart transplant she needs.

The voiceover continues before and during the transplant surgery that in cases where there is no hope, all anyone can do is pray for a miracle. When the surgery is successful, and Bom-yi’s new heart begins to beat in her chest, we hear: “But miracles do happen. For now, let me tell you about a beautiful miracle that happened to us.”

After some time has passed, Bom-yi wakes up in her own room, filled with books about nutrition and healthy eating for a healthy life. She sighs with relief as she feels her heart beating in her chest, and looks to a map of Udo (an island off the coast of Jeju island) tacked to her wall as she thanks her invisible donor before promising that she’ll live yet another day to the fullest.

Bom-yi heads to a vegetable market auction (which gives me terrible Bachelor’s Vegetable Store flashbacks), and takes the produce to the hospital, where she works as the chief dietician for their cafeteria.

She also oversees patient nutrition, and has a sharp eye for noticing when someone’s not eating as they should be. She politely but firmly scolds a stubborn grandma for not finishing her meal, and attempts to get her to eat so she can help herself on the road to recovery.

But when the grandma complains that a healthy young woman like Bom-yi can’t understand a sickly old woman like her, Bom-yi throws down the gauntlet and unbuttons her shirt to reveal her transplant scar. Now that the grandma is listening, Bom-yi promises to get her anything she wants to eat—she only has to name it.

Since the grandma wants ox bone soup, Bom-yi wakes up her friend/coworker JOO SE-NA (Ga Deuk-hee) at dawn to get the ingredients they need. Though Se-na is not pleased when she finds out that Bom-yi plans to get the hospital’s beef from the same market, since it means she didn’t order it beforehand like she should’ve.

Her plan doesn’t end up working out when she realizes, much too belatedly, that there’s a limit on the amount of beef she can buy—so she can’t get enough for the hospital.


The man selling said beef is our hero, KANG DONG-HA (Kam Woo-sung), who takes special notice of Bom-yi… but not enough to give her even one extra package of beef. She has to get back in line if she wants more.

Looks like we can’t escape some hospital politics, since belabored secretary BAE JI-WON (Jang Shin-young) has to deal with her hospital’s no-nonsense chairwoman and the fact that their star doctor hasn’t yet showed up for an important business meeting.


That star doctor is KANG DONG-WOOK (welcome back, Lee Jun-hyuk!), currently being filmed while performing a surgery.

Bom-yi leaps at the opportunity to buy more beef once crabby ajusshi Dong-ha is no longer manning the counter, but is caught in the act by him anyway. He finally asks her why she needs so much, and she explains that it’s for her job as a hospital dietician—but he doesn’t buy it.

Instead, Dong-ha thinks she’s trying to buy their well-priced (sponsored) beef to turn around and sell it for more money, and accuses her of being a no-good scam artist. Bom-yi won’t stand for that, and demands he apologize.


Dong-ha scoffs, and tells Bom-yi she’s wasting her time looking for mannerly conduct from a butcher. He tells her to go home before he cuts her up like a side of beef, causing Bom-yi to become even more offended that he’d threaten her body, which she considers to be a gift from her parents.

She won’t let this one go, but when Dong-ha roughly turns away from her, he ends up knocking her over. He has no sympathy for the fact that Bom-yi’s beef has now been ruined, nor does he care that other customers are filming them as he threatens to break Bom-yi’s legs if she ever shows up again. I’m pretty sure he means it.

While discussing methods to get star doctor Dong-wook to renew his contract with their hospital, it’s revealed that hospital chairwoman JO MYUNG-HEE (Shim Hye-jin) is Bom-yi’s mother.

To add to the drama, Bom-yi and Dong-wook are set to be married (whether it’s an official engagement, I’m not sure), but even having Dong-wook as her son-in-law doesn’t soothe Chairwoman Jo’s worry that he’ll sign with one of the many other hospitals dying to have him.

But when her cohort recommends ousting her husband, Bom-yi’s father, from his position as director so that they can offer it to Dong-wook as an incentive to stay, Chairwoman Jo actually seems to consider it.


We meet Bom-yi’s father, LEE HYUK-SOO (Kwon Hae-hyo), while talking shop with Dong-wook. Daddy Lee knows he wasn’t invited to the big meeting because of his wife, but wants to know why Dong-wook didn’t go.

Dong-wook sighs that his interests just aren’t with Chairwoman Jo’s hospital, which Daddy Lee tsks at him for—how else is he going to earn money for that organ transplant hospital he’s always wanted to build? It’s clear the two have a friendly rapport, even if Daddy Lee is a little bit crabby that Dong-wook will be stealing his Bom-yi away by marrying her.

His crabbiness is just for show, because he loves Dong-wook like his own son now, and especially since he saw him crying the day of Bom-yi’s heart transplant five years ago. Surprisingly, Dong-wook’s tears then weren’t just for Bom-yi (who he probably didn’t know then), but because the donor was a relative of his. Uh oh. He’s Dong-ha’s brother, isn’t he?

After feeding the stubborn grandma the ox bone soup she’d wanted so badly, Bom-yi grumbles about the crabby butcher ajusshi she got in a fight with as Dong-wook treats her scrapes.


Though he tries to ease her mind about it like a good oppa, Bom-yi can’t help but feel that what Dong-ha said about her “living her life for free” is true—she should have been dead a long time ago, but because she got a new heart, she got an extra life for free.

Dong-wook gently argues that a heart isn’t free, but it’s precisely because it can’t be bought with money that Bom-yi argues it is, because that makes it priceless. And since she can’t pay for a priceless thing, that makes it free.

While Big Beef employs a legal team to pull down the now-viral video of Dong-ha knocking Bom-yi over, Dong-ha is schooled in parenting by his own daughter when he makes his younger son cry by taking away his toy.


Since they’re in the middle of the airport (having come from Seoul to Jeju Island), Dong-ha eventually just throws his son over his shoulder. They’ve got to get to Udo, which means Dong-ha doesn’t have time to indulge his son screaming that he hates him.

As fate would have it, Bom-yi has also just arrived on the island, and she also takes a ferry to Udo, the island from the map she looks at every morning.


She sees only the back of a man on the shore throwing liquor and food into the sea, and instead of looking at his suit and concluding that he’s performing a memorial service, she concludes that he’s littering and presumes to take him to task for it.

It’s Dong-ha, of course, and while he instantly recognizes her from their incident at the butcher shop, she can’t do the same because he was wearing a mask then. The second she leaves him alone, Dong-ha resumes paying his respects to the dead.


When Bom-yi spots Dong-ha’s children waiting nearby, she has no idea why tears suddenly spring to her eyes. After brushing them away, she notices that daughter KANG PU-REUN has bled through her pants, and tells the girl so she can go home and change.

Bom-yi wraps her sweater around Pu-reun’s waist for modesty, while her brother, KANG BA-DA, asks Bom-yi why she was crying earlier. She’d rather switch the subject, and finds it cute that their names mean “Blue sea” when put together. (Pureun translates to “blue” while bada translates to “sea.”)

Little Ba-da doesn’t think it’s so cute, since their grandmother’s told them that the “blue sea” is responsible for their mother’s death. When Bom-yi comforts him though, Ba-da asks his older sister if that’s what their mother used to do.

Dong-ha sees the three of them just as Bom-yi wraps Pu-reun’s shirt around her waist so she can go home comfortably. She even gives the girl her business card so she can call her any time, which is when Dong-ha intervenes.

“Don’t you recognize me?” he asks, but Bom-yi doesn’t. His tone is accusatory as he asks his daughter why she was acting so close to a stranger, which soon turns into a bicker-a-thon between him, Pu-reun, and Bom-yi.

He finally backs down the way all dads do when daughters talk menstrual cycles, which is pretty funny. Bom-yi leans in the same way his daughter did to whisper in Dong-ha’s ear that he better take good care of his children, since she knows they don’t have a mother. I’m sure your intentions are good Bom-yi, but maaaybe leave the parenting to the parent who’s twice your age.


Apparently, the reason Big Beef is now involved in the butcher shop kerfuffle is because Bom-yi filed a complaint afterward, leading to a meeting between their people and her people, represented by secretary Ji-won. After curtly assuring them that Bom-yi isn’t after settlement money, Ji-won considers the matter closed.

Daddy Lee is proud of his headstrong daughter when Ji-won brings the news to them, but Chairwoman Jo doesn’t find it quite so amusing. Regardless, she asks Ji-won to gather every bit of information possible on her future son-in-law.

Dong-wook finds out through Daddy Lee that the online butcher shop scandal brewing because of Bom-yi is partially his fault, since he wrote her a doctor’s note that got her out of work for a day.


Neither of them know where Bom-yi went off to, and Daddy Lee jokes that she must have another man. But when Dong-wook wonders whether Bom-yi knows where her heart came from, Daddy Lee claims she doesn’t know who the donor is—but because the heart was delivered via helicopter, Bom-yi would have a rough idea of where it came from.

Daddy Lee guesses she went to Udo (judging from the map in her bedroom), and since today is the anniversary of her donor’s death, they figure that’s why she went.

It is, since Bom-yi has brought memorial food to the sea shore for the donor she’s never met. “Thank you,” she says, with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry… I should’ve come here earlier.” It’s sad how she tries to be cheerful despite herself, as if she’s afraid of making the spirit of her donor upset on her account.

“Can I ask… how should I live? Can you tell me?” Bom-yi asks. “You know, there were places you wanted to go, things you wanted to do, and even people you wanted to meet… right? I don’t know how, but if you just tell me, I’ll do anything. I know it won’t make a difference, and I know it’s for my own sake, but… this is the only thing I can do for you.”


The touching music accompanying her monologue is cut comically short when Dong-ha suddenly interrupts from nearby to ask what she’s doing there—is she planning to throw herself into the sea?

Bom-yi gives him a long-winded explanation as to why she’d never opt to die young when she has to live each day to the fullest for a very very long time, and I love how Dong-ha is all, Well, then get down from there.

But then he has to clarify that he’s not the one worried about her being perched precariously on a rock, it’s his neighbors.

Cut to: A bunch of the islanders standing on the shore, watching her curiously. Hah. Out of pride, Bom-yi refuses Dong-ha’s help, but no sooner does he turn around that she slips and falls into the ocean.

She passes out fairly quickly and starts to sink, while Dong-ha runs and dives in after her. But a phantom pair of hands reach up from the depths to push Bom-yi up by her feet, jarring her back to consciousness moments before Dong-ha is able to grab her and pull her to the surface.

Under the water, we see the woman who pushed Bom-yi to safety smile sadly and wave goodbye. Is this the spirit of her donor?

Dong-ha administers CPR to Bom-yi, but the name he cries is his late wife’s as he desperately tries to get her to wake up. One of his neighbors brings him back to reality, and Dong-ha reverts to calling Bom-yi “agasshi” as he continues to administer CPR until she spits out water.

No sooner does Bom-yi open her eyes that she says, “There’s someone in there! I saw someone in the water!” Assuming she’s lost her mind, Dong-ha hurriedly carries her on his back to the nearest clinic, where he has to keep pushing her back down to the cot every time she gets up to insist she’s fine.

The physical comedy that ensues with the doctor, Dong-ha, and Bom-yi is pretty funny, especially when the neighbor who accompanied them chastises her for yelling at Dong-ha when he saved her life… only for her to bluntly reply, “I almost died because of him!”

She claims that it’s his fault she was in a hurry, and when she threatens to sue him, Dong-ha fires back that she sure likes to use that word a lot. When she doesn’t understand him, Dong-ha seems genuinely confused as he asks her if she has a legitimate problem with recognizing faces.

Bom-yi is offended because she totally recognizes him… as the man she met throwing garbage into the sea. Hahaha, and that’s the final straw for Dong-ha, who decides that it’s time to leave the crazy girl alone.


After he has to point out that she’s wearing the bag she thinks she’s lost, Bom-yi looks down and notices that Dong-ha’s foot is bleeding—he’d lost his shoes while piggybacking her earlier. At least she finally thanks him, however reluctantly.

Of course, it’s out of the kindness of his heart that Dong-ha invites her to his house to take a shower (since he saw her wringing the water out of her shirt), but it comes out like an invitation to shower together.

Bom-yi scoffs and storms out, leaving Dong-ha to repeat his question to himself to figure out where he went wrong. Hah. But when she happens by a picture of Dong-wook on the clinic wall, she can’t actually call him since her phone got dunked with her.

When Pu-reun asks her father what happened to “that unni,” clearly worried about her, he tells her that Bom-yi is going to take the last ferry out. Pu-reun says there are no more ferries for the day, which Dong-ha definitely hears, but doesn’t immediately respond to.

Instead, he and his children sing together the whole truck ride home, all smiles and laughter.

Bom-yi finds out the hard way that she won’t be taking a ferry today, and gets into the first bus she sees outside, figuring it’ll take her somewhere.

In what must be some sort of dream sequence, the bus driver is revealed to be Dong-ha, and Bom-yi is the only passenger. It starts to feel less and less like a dream when she asks him why he didn’t tell her about the ferry thing sooner, enough to make me think it IS real. Huh?

She asks that Dong-ha drop her off “downtown,” which, on a small island like Udo, is the middle of nowhere. Bom-yi wanders the country roads until she hails down a passing truck—also driven by Dong-ha.


Bom-yi blinks, then asks herself if he has a twin or if everyone on this island just looks similar. I still don’t know if she’s just imagining everyone in town as Dong-ha, or if Dong-ha is using all these random methods to help her without looking like he cares.

Dong-ha drops her off when she asks to be taken to an inn, but she’s surprised to see the neighbor who accompanied them to the clinic… and especially surprised to see Dong-ha’s two children, who inform her that this isn’t an inn. It’s their house.

Bom-yi realizes what Dong-ha pulled belatedly, and he brushes his act of kindness off by saying it would’ve been much easier if she’d just accepted his offer earlier. Wait… so he went through all that trouble to help her? (And the Best Ajusshi Ever award goes to…)

While Pu-reun takes her clothes out to dry, Bom-yi wears a dress that once belonged to their mother—it was the only article of her clothing Dong-ha didn’t throw away.

Meanwhile, Dong-wook tries to call Bom-yi with no response. After pulling out a picture with him, his brother Dong-ha, and his brother’s late wife, he thinks back to Daddy Lee’s question about how exactly the donor was related to him.


And when Dong-wook deflects the question by asking if Daddy Lee really thinks he came to this hospital just to stay close to the heart… well, that pretty much says everything, doesn’t it?

Dong-wook cites a theory called “cellular memory” that posits the idea that memories aren’t just stored in brain tissue, applicable only to transplant patients who may take on new behaviors because of the organ they received.

Buuut, he claims that while Bom-yi’s transplant was a happy surprise for him, it’s not the sole reason he fell for her. Daddy Lee is the one to tell him that he should keep the details a secret from his family, since Bom-yi will be seeing a lot of them once they’re married.


Back on Udo, Dong-ha is in for an unwelcome surprise when he sees Bom-yi outside in his wife’s favorite dress. He’s instantly flooded with memories of his wife, and sees Bom-yi as her…

…But when Bom-yi catches him staring and doesn’t know why, she just stares right back.



Kdrama My Secret Hotel Episode 6 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama My Secret Hotel Episode 6 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama My Secret Hotel: Episode 6 Recap Screenshot by Dramabeans

Three minutes — the time it takes ramyun to cook — is long enough to fall in love, Sung-gyum tells Sang-hyo. He asks her to date officially, and gives her thee minutes to reply. Right then, Sang-hyo’s phone vibrates and we see that it’s Hae-young, but she doesn’t answer.

With one minute to go, she starts to confess something to Sung-gyum but is cut off when a car speeds by, and Sung-gyum quickly pulls her in to avoid it. The car is Hae-young’s: He witnesses the accidental hug and curses himself for his drive-by.

Meanwhile, three minutes are up: “I’ll assume I got my answer.” But then Sung-gyum relents and instead gives her three days.


In her apartment, Sang-hyo says to herself, “Never mind three minutes… I fell in love in three seconds.” She reminisces how she and Hae-young first met, when she was a server and spilled food all over him. A googly-eyed Hae-young can’t take his eyes off her and asks her out immediately. “Give me a little of your time… I want to talk to you. Just an hour — no, just thirty minutes.” It’s nervous and awkward until she says yes. Aww.

Hae-young is now sitting outside her apartment, thinking about her, while up above, Sang-hyo nurses a coffee on her balcony, thinking of him. He wonders if she’s really forgotten everything.


Elsewhere, police have tracked down and arrested the three poker thugs. The ringleader tries to run but is cut down very quickly by Detective Kim (did he just run into your fist?), who conducts the world’s most hilarious arrest: “You have the right to remain silent, but it’s better if you don’t.” And he tops it all off with a wink. HAHA.

At the station, the gamblers admit to the detectives that they were at the hotel, until Team Leader Cha threw them out. They deny killing Hwang even though he “deserved to be killed.” Detective Kim orders them locked up for now.


Another detective brings Kim some new evidence: Unusual CCTV footage shows that the video for July 23rd is identical to August 23rd (the day of the incident), proving someone has tampered with them.

The next morning, everyone at the hotel is congratulating Sang-hyo for securing Hae-young and Soo-ah’s wedding. The strain of smiling wears on her.

In his office, Hae-young is brooding on Sang-hyo being with Sung-gyum while his co-workers discuss his… performance issues. When he catches them, they all laugh it off as innocent talk about building strong structures…so they stand tall and straight — oh no, please, stop, the subtext is killing me.


Jung-eun strides in like Catwoman in a slinky skirt with a thigh-high split. She spreads herself out on Hae-young’s desk, all legs and scary pout and wants to know if Hae-young feels anything. He just tells her to get out.

Disappointed Jung-eun promises to really leave him alone now, but in exchange (and her eyes travel south)… he should see a doctor. The whole encounter confirms his colleagues’ fears about his manhood. Poor Hae-young, he’s so confused.

Sang-hyo is visiting with GM Lee. He’s also pleased at her success, but comments that she doesn’t look so happy. As she’s about to leave, she asks GM Lee if he ever had a woman he loved. “I was wondering if the memory of love fades with one’s own effort,” she explains, and laughs at herself a little.


Sang-hyo catches up to Eun-joo waiting for an elevator. When it arrives — with Sung-gyum inside — Eun-joo dives in and tries to shut the door on Sang-hyo. These two, ha. Sang-hyo foils her but stops short when she sees the other occupant. Sung-gyum is undisturbed by the sudden meeting and pulls her on.

Awkward quiet ensues. Sung-gyum asks her if she’s thought about whether she’ll date him. Eun-joo starts at that, and Sang-hyo frantically pushes buttons to escape. She runs out with the excuse that she forgot something, and Eun-joo follows. Sun-gyum just looks pleased.

Sang-hyo hides while Eun-joo runs around yelling for her. She overhears a female employee in distress — it’s Slimy Manager’s office. He harasses and threatens the woman, playing on her fears about losing her job if she doesn’t go along. Sang-hyo’s voice cuts in, telling him to drop his hand. She lets the employee escape and warns Slimy Manager — who is, in fact, vice general manager of the hotel — that she’ll finish him at the ethics committee meeting if he doesn’t apologize to the employee. He mocks her because he’s a slimy twat.

Eun-joo’s found her again, so it’s time to run. She flies into Detective Kim and asks him to watch her back; she’s about to bolt when she turns back and seals her request with a wink. HAHAHAHA. Poor smitten Detective Kim tries to block Eun-joo from following, but she elbows past anyway.


Team Leader Cha takes Detective Kim to the security office where he explains that each day’s film is moved to an archive every night. Kim says this means someone had to have switched the recording. Only four people have access to that archive, Cha says: GM Lee, Jo Sung-gyum, Slimy (Vice General) Manager, and himself. Cha confirms that he himself would have moved that day’s video, too.

A guard (the same one from Episode 2) chimes in to tell Detective Kim that on the wedding day, he saw Slimy Manager emerging from the archive room while everyone else was at the wedding hall. While Detective Kim chews on that, a look passes between the guard and Cha.

Based on the new evidence, Detective Kim escorts Slimy Manager to the station, while Kyung-hee and Sang-hyo look on.


Eun-joo finally has Sang-hyo cornered. She wants to know if she’s really going to date Sung-gyum. Sang-hyo hasn’t decided yet and Eun-joo insists she should tell him no right away, because she likes him. Sang-hyo makes to leave without satisfying her, when she catches sight of Hae-young, who’s overheard everything. He lets out the quietest sigh.

Soo-ah is trying on her new new wedding dress, with Young-mi and Kyung-hee attending; she can’t wear last time’s dress because it would be bad luck. Young-mi wonders at how rich she must be to throw away a dress she wore only once. Soo-ah throws back, “Do I look like I can’t afford that?”


When they are alone, Young-mi shows Soo-ah pictures on her phone of her “friend” who resembles Soo-ah. Soo-ah takes one look and is sure that it’s herself — she suddenly realizes when and where they’re from, and her face says it isn’t good. Young-mi confirms it was last month in Hong Kong, and passes her a sheaf of the original photos. In the background of each selca of Young-mi is a canoodling couple, one-half of which is unmistakably Soo-ah.

Thoroughly rattled, Soo-ah asks how much Young-mi wants. Ah, blackmail. “For each photo, the price of your wedding dress.” When Soo-ah objects, she retorts, “You look like you can afford it — or can’t you?”

Sang-hyo runs into Hae-young and urges him to meet Soo-ah, who’s waiting for him. But he’s fixated on the question of whether she will date Sung-gyum, and she says there’s no reason for her not to. If that’s the case, Hae-young argues, why didn’t she say so to Eun-joo? Even before he finishes asking whether she might have any feelings towards him (Hae-young), she cuts him off with a denial. Switching to formal address, she requests for him to come finish the wedding preps.

In the car park, Soo-ah gets upset with Chauffeur Kim (whose name is Ki-ho) and cries that it’s all his fault. By now, it’s clear there’s something between them — he must be the other person in Young-mi’s photos.


Hae-young and Sang-hyo are surprised to find Soo-ah gone when they arrive at the fitting suite. Young-mi passes on the message that something urgent came up (blackmail…) and the groom should take care of the rest.

In their office, Gi-chul is gossiping about Slimy Manager’s arrest in connection with Hwang’s murder and Young-mi looks shifty at the mention of his name. Gi-chul is uncomfortable with the detectives coming round and blusters when Young-mi asks if he did something wrong. Young-mi delivers a speech about how people ought to live their lives right, which makes Kyung-hee smile weirdly at her. I have a feeling she knows more than she lets on.


Detective Kim is still putting pressure on Slimy Manager (by playing copycat to his whining, ha) about the swapped tapes. Slimy extracts a promise that the hotel won’t hear about it before admitting he switched them to hide the elevator harassment incident that Sang-hyo witnessed. He insists he had nothing to do with Hwang’s incident, but Detective Kim keeps him locked up to check his alibi first.

Team Leader Cha reports to GM Lee about Slimy Manager’s arrest and what happened to the CCTV footage from that day. GM Lee receives something on his phone which makes him sigh that he thought getting rid of Hwang would be the end of it, but he’s still haunted by the dead man. He tells Cha that there’s something they need to take care of.


Sang-hyo tries to get Hae-young to choose a theme for his wedding, but he is listless and tells her to choose whatever she likes. She moves on to flowers, and he’s just as uninterested. Just then, she notices Kyung-hee looking unwell and sends her home.

Out of their sight, Kyung-hee wavers on her feet. GM Lee and Cha pass by to see her clutching the wall, and Lee asks if she’s ill, but she says she’s fine. Cha pauses an extra moment, but leaves without comment.

Alone in the office, Hae-young repeats that Sang-hyo should just choose whatever she likes, because he doesn’t care. She says he should tell her what type of wedding he wants so he won’t regret it later.


“Then how about this?” He starts, “Instead of an extravagant dress, the bride wears a clean and down-to-earth one-piece dress. In her hands, rather than a ready-made bouquet, she holds some flowers that she likes.” A small church, he adds, without any guests or fanfare — just two hearts. Sang-hyo immediately recognizes the description of their own wedding, and tears up.

She reminds him that that didn’t work out, so this time, he should do it properly. She gets up for coffee, but her hands are shaking so badly that she doesn’t see Hae-young coming up behind her and spills hot coffee all over him.

He tells her it’s okay, and past and present intercut as he says the same words as the first time they met. “Give me some of your time. Just one hour. No — just thirty minutes.” He has to tell her something before the day is out. He holds onto her and tells her he’ll be waiting for her in the car park. Overwhelmed, she runs out.

Sang-hyo cries alone in a corridor and in his car, Hae-young waits.


In his apartment, Sung-gyum keeps typing and deleting a text to Sang-hyo when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sang-hyo, who tearfully tells him the truth of her short marriage seven years ago: “I fell in love with him the moment I met him… I loved him to death and hated him to death. I tried so hard it nearly killed me. So that it wouldn’t kill me, I erased it from my memory.”

Sung-gyum asks if she’s telling him because she felt pressured about dating him. She replies that he should know — and would he date her, even though she’s divorced? He tells her that he also had a first love, so he doesn’t have a problem with her past.

“Even if that past is right in front of me?” She finally confesses that her ex-husband is Hae-young, whose wedding she is planning. Now Sung-gyum adds up the meaning of all of those times he saw her upset. He asks her angrily how she could hide something like that, and takes back what he said about waiting for her answer: “From this moment on, we… are dating.” And he kisses her.

Hae-young is still waiting in his car and perks up adorably when he sees Sang-hyo… but right behind her is Sung-gyum and she gets into his car. Sad Hae-young. She notices him too late, and looks away.

Sung-gyum drops her home. He thanks her for telling him, and also for dating him. He asks her to smile tomorrow: “Then I’d feel like I helped.”

Hae-young calls Shi-chan to drink with him, and asks him to stay with him for the night, which causes Shi-chan to spit-take. Not like that, dummy. If he’s left alone, Hae-young is afraid he’ll go to “that woman.” It’s a night of surprises for Shi-chan, who’s flabbergasted that Hae-young saw her (he doesn’t know it’s Sang-hyo), especially right before his wedding. So what happened? Hae-young admits he was rejected: “There was something I had to tell her, but she didn’t want to hear it.”

He asks Shi-chan if he should really go ahead with this marriage. Shi-chan reminds him that he told him to think it through at the start; he reveals to us that the real reason for Hae-young’s marriage was because his father refused to have heart surgery if he didn’t do it. In the face of that, Hae-young couldn’t refuse, and he didn’t care who it was: “I figured all women were the same unless it was her.”

Sensible Shi-chan points out he still got rejected, and Soo-ah is by no means a poor substitute: She’s pretty, from a good family, and crazy about him.

Or not: In her car, Soo-ah is arguing with Chauffeur Ki-ho, to stay out later — so this must be a secret date. Soo-ah says that they won’t be able to be together like this after she’s married: She’ll forget Ki-ho then, and be a faithful, loving wife to Hae-young. She tearfully begs him to stay together, since there’s not much time left. Moved, Ki-ho kisses her.


Hae-young moons around outside Sang-hyo’s apartment, regretting not staying with Shi-chan. As her lights go out, he wishes her goodnight.

In the morning, Hae-young watches her leave, telling himself it’s the last time he gets to see her like this. Were you there all night?!

Wedding time already, and it’s Hae-young’s turn to walk the aisle. With a last look at Sang-hyo and a wistful smile, he goes, followed quickly by Soo-ah. Hae-young looks up at where the broken skylight used to be, and wishes for another body to fall.


The officiator asks for their vows, and after the longest few moments, he gives his. They are really married. I am nearly crying here.

Facing the guests, Hae-young only sees Sang-hyo. “This is how it ends,” he thinks.

Someone is calling Hae-young — WHAT?! OH MY GOD WHAT.

It was a dream. It was all a dream. Shi-chan wakes him up at his desk and feeds him coffee. Shi-chan reproaches him for spending the night at the office when it’s his wedding day today. Hae-young says, “It’s the day my nightmare becomes reality.”

Shi-chan doesn’t have time for his self-pity, and packs him off to get ready at the hotel, as per Soo-ah’s orders. It might well be the gallows, with Hae-young’s expression.

The wedding hall is in the last steps of its preparation. Kyung-hee checks up on Sang-hyo, worried that she looks nervous. She sweetly sends her off to take a break, since there’s still plenty of time.

Shi-chan and Hae-young arrive at the hotel, but Shi-chan forgot the ring in the car. Hae-young: “Why didn’t you just lose it?” Shi-chan tells him to go on ahead but warns him not to sneak out. (That’s a great idea! DO IT!)

Of course, this is exactly when Sang-hyo is also coming out. They walk towards each other — and then past. But Hae-young stops her, and acknowledges how hard she’s worked. She congratulates him on his wedding.

In their heads, they each say goodbye to the other, and carry on walking away in opposite directions.

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Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap by Dramabeans


Just as Manager Tak is about to send everyone home now that they’re missing their bride and groom, Gun and Mi-young come through the door hand in hand. Grandma Wang is beside herself with joy.

Mi-young notices Mom is missing, but still begins her walk down the aisle… At least until Mom yells frantically from the doorway, “I’m here!!” She all but falls into Gun’s arms as she worries she’s too late, but everyone’s all smiles and laughter. She’s just in time.

Gun and Mi-young begin their official walk down the aisle this time, which is like night and day compared to when Gun looked like he was walking to his grave the first time around.

Yong notices one of the candles is unlit during the ceremony, and uses his magical fire powers to light it. Haha. I still don’t get this bit, but I’m glad they’re committing to it through the end.

Then it’s the exchange of vows. They promise to take each other as husband and wife, and say aloud (and together) their promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, till death do they part.

But then there’s the addendum they both say: “No, even if death separates us, we swear to be together forever.” Now man and wife, they kiss to seal the deal. (*sniff*)

On their way to their honeymoon spot on Jeju Island, Gun complains about how short their trip has to be because of Mi-young’s work schedule. She preempts his question on whether work is more important to her than he is, which causes him to stop the car as he extols his impressive lineage, all, Pfft, like I was going to ask anyway! (He was totally going to ask.)

Mi-young takes things into her own hands by literally taking the wheel, leaving Gun panicked in the passenger seat as he asks her if she even has a license. She says she does, but that she’s never driven a car before. HAH.


It’s her way of getting out of Gun’s proposal that she’d have to kiss him at every stop light, but it backfires adorably when Gun realizes that he can kiss her at will now that he’s not the one driving. Cue cuteness overload.

Manager Tak and Yong, dressed like spies, undertake a mission they call “Revival Macau,” which entails them preparing the honeymoon suite (Room 2009) so that Gun and Mi-young can get down to business. Grandma Wang’s orders, of course—she wants a grandchild stat.

We flash back to Grandma Wang telling Gun that she wants a grandchild to hold in ten months, only for Gun to tell her that he planned on enjoying newlywed life with his snail for at least six months. Since that didn’t sit well with her, Manager Tak and Yong are there to make sure things go according to her plan.


Our newlywed couple arrives at Room 2006, and it’s funny how both of them make sure that last number is stuck on and totally unflippable. Little do they know that the two spies are watching from the peephole in Room 2009 across the hall.

After Mi-young puts the kibosh on sexy times before the sun sets, the two of them slow dance under the stars. Mi-young tells him that her father used to dance with her when she was young, calling her “Princess Mi-young” even though she admits that she never felt like much of a princess, and more like a maid.


Gun takes offense to that as he says that his Mi-young is no maid, but a pretty and kind princess who found the key to this prince’s heart. She laughs at the cheesiness of calling him “Prince Lee Gun,” while Manager Tak and Yong literally watch on with snacks in hand.

But they’ve still got something else planned: They’re going to drug the two of them again to really recreate that night in Macau. I’m… not quite sure how to respond to that.

To make matters worse, Gun reiterates to Mi-young that this is their first real night together, considering that neither of them remember that night in Macau.


So to be sure they remember tonight, they make a pact to keep themselves clearheaded, unaware that Manager Tak and Yong have already bribed the bartender to drug their drinks. But when Gun is rejected for a love shot, he brings up how she had no problem doing it with Daniel…

…Which opens another can of worms, since Mi-young had no idea Gun was following her around back then and isn’t all that pleased about it. They both down their (drugged) drinks as a challenge before ordering another round, and Gun makes another misstep when he tells her she shouldn’t drink so much. Mi-young isn’t the snail she used to be, and isn’t a fan of being told what to do.

She leaves in a huff, but Gun isn’t too worried—she’s only got one place to go, and it’s the same as him. He does notice a familiar taste in the drink a little too late, since we find Mi-young stumbling back to her room as she grumbles about having a lover’s quarrel with Gun.


Gun is next to all but crawl his way down the hall, laughing hysterically at the generic paintings on the hotel walls for whatever reason. He can’t escape that feeling of deja vu as he stubbornly tries to enter what should be Room 2006, but which has now been labeled Room 2009 by the Spy Duo.

Mi-young is already in bed when Gun crawls into it, and they find each other with their eyes closed before Gun pulls the blanket over their heads…

Grandma Wang asks the multiple portraits of the Lee Clan ancestors to bless Gun and Mi-young so that they return as three, instead of two. Mama Yong also joins in the prayers, even adding her hope that they’ll have twins.


Dressed in traditional wedding hanbok in a cartoonishly familiar world, Gun and Mi-young act out their wild night together much like they did in Episode 2, replete with zany innuendo. Wouldn’t be the same without it.

They wake up with a scream the next morning, neither of them having any recollection of what happened the night before. Gun cries as he remembers this exact situation in Macau, especially since he’s been looking forward to sleeping with her for years now… and he can’t remember it.

He can’t even remember if they slept slept together, though all signs point to yes. They try to piece together the events of last night, and while both of them remember feeling strangely drunk, Gun belatedly remembers seeing Manager Tak and Yong outside his room. He was just too drugged to recognize them then.


Gun finds them across the hall in Room 2009, and makes the two of them kneel with their hands over their heads like schoolchildren. But Manager Tak and Yong spill the beans to Mi-young that it’s all because of what Gun told Grandma Wang about not wanting a child right away.

Still, Gun can’t get over how the Spy Duo ruined the first night of his honeymoon—but I love how he ends up being the one to hold Mi-young back when she launches at the pair for insinuating that sacrificing one night isn’t such a huge deal when they’ll have countless more in the future.


Daniel confronts Se-ra’s mother with the picture of him and his sister as children, and she doesn’t deny that the little girl is indeed Se-ra. While the weight of this revelation settles in, Se-ra arrives in time for her mother to pull her aside and tell her the truth: She’s adopted.

Se-ra’s mother, freshly lobotomized, shares a tender moment with her adopted daughter as they both agree that they’re still mother and daughter even if they’re not related by blood.

After Gun gets to brag about his wife’s success as an artist, the two lie on the hotel rooftop and stare at the stars. They reminisce about when their fate actually began, and while Mi-young thinks it was when he called her his lady luck at the casino, he thinks it started when they first met, chasing after his ring.


“The thing called fate,” Gun muses, “I thought it would be special, but I don’t think it is. Right now, the person in front of me… Everything will be fine as long as I’m with her. Not being able to imagine being with anyone else but her… I think that’s what fate is.”

“I’m okay even if we aren’t fated to love each other,” Mi-young replies. “Because I’d still love you like we were.” Gun takes her hand as he tells her that her future with him won’t be without difficulties, but Mi-young isn’t afraid, and doesn’t want him to be either: “Let’s do our best to love each other and be happy together every moment of every day for the rest of our lives.”

So Gun makes a vow to her as they look up at the night sky: “Until the day all those stars disappear, I’ll love you like you’re my fate every day.” Mi-young: “Until the day all those stars disappear, I’ll love you like you’re my fate every day.”


And at what feels like long last, the two get to have a night together they’ll actually remember, complete with candlelight and all their unspoken words of undying love passing between them as they kiss, undress, and make love.

One month later.

Grandma Wang and Gun wait in the doctor’s office with bated breath until Mi-young comes out bearing news… she’s having twins! Grandma Wang is over the moon with happiness as she praises her grandson’s virility, which, hah.


But it’s not long before Gun jokingly blames his grandmother for taking away their chance to live as plain ol’ newlyweds, even though he can’t stay that upset. Plus, Grandma Wang isn’t the least bit sorry.

Se-ra finds a post-it note inviting her out for ice cream from her oppa. It’s their first time meeting since they found out they’re brother and sister, since both of them needed time to process their feelings.

But from now on, Daniel wants them to live as siblings, which Se-ra agrees to. In a throwback to their first meeting on the plane, Daniel draws a portrait of his sister—only now he doesn’t have to guess what she looks like.


When Se-ra asks why he’s drawing his sister alone, Daniel’s eyes brim with tears as he mentions the day he lost her while buying ice cream. He tells it like a story that isn’t about her, which is maybe the only way he can get through it, but all that matters is that Se-ra understands.

They both have tears in their eyes as Daniel laments that he wasn’t fast enough back then and has been sorry for it ever since, to which Se-ra replies that he can make it up now by buying his sister that long-awaited ice cream.

Daniel holds out his hand to her, “I’ll never go off by myself again. I’ll always hold on tightly to our Mi-young’s hand.” Se-ra smiles through her tears as she takes his hand and calls him “Oppa.”

Three years later. Doctor Moon and Gun take a look at his crystal clear brain scans, with the good doctor surmising that if he’s had no more symptoms at his age, he can expect to live the rest of his life free of his family’s genetic disease.

However, Gun knows that Doctor Moon is courting Mi-young’s mother, and gives him some tips… like calling her “Lettuce Wrap Lady,” Gun’s favorite nickname for her. And it totally works, earning Doctor Moon a date with an extra-coquettish Mom.

Since we’re wrapping up everyone’s stories neatly, we find out that Manager Tak does have a passion outside of serving Gun—and that passion is dance. (In a fun throwback, his instructor turns out to be one of the many clones of Gun and Mi-young’s prenatal class teacher.)


He totally fangirls when he learns he’ll be taking lessons from a legendary dancer named Charles, only to recognize the pink-clad legend after he salsa’s up to him as none other than Lawyer Hong. Like Manager Tak, he needed a hobby, and it’s not long before the two stop using petty human words in favor of dance, the universal language.

While waiting for Se-ra to get out of her teaching job, Daniel watches with amusement as one of her young male students professes his undying love for her. Then he scares the kid off by saying that he’s the one who loves Se-ra most in this world, only for her to reply that Daniel is also the man she loves the most in this world.

Afterward, Se-ra uses Daniel’s given name to scold him for saying his sister is the person he loves most when he could be dating. Daniel tosses back that she doesn’t have much room to talk when she’s pretty, but also just as single.

Mama Yong reluctantly attends a meeting with Ji-yeon and her father, intent on showing her disapproval once and for all. But when Ji-yeon’s father is revealed to be a chaebol, and she a chaebol heiress, Mama Yong sure does change her tune fast.


When Yong asks why Ji-yeon kept her lineage a secret from him, she admits that she didn’t want him to love her because of her money. But now that Mama Yong smells money, she’s all for a quick marriage.

Gun and Mi-young have a picnic with their twins, a boy and a girl, now toddlers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gun was born to be a father, but he manages to surprise even Mi-young when he offers to read the kids his favorite story…


…And he pulls out a hand-drawn, hand-written book called “Princess Snail.” It’s the story of a princess who wore round glasses like their mother, and who was bad at studying. Haha.

The story goes on to say that the princess had an illness making her incapable of refusing a stranger’s request, as well as being incapable of abandoning anyone. In fact, as he tells them, she didn’t even know she was a princess, and thought she was a maid.

Then Gun tells of the rude prince from a neighboring land who called the princess “Snail,” and, living up to her namesake, the princess crept into his life and heart. The prince fell in love with the princess, and suffered an illness where he couldn’t live without her.


As we get taken through a flashback reel, Gun alludes to his real illness by saying that others were worried for the prince, but that he wasn’t afraid because the princess was by his side. “As long as the princess is next to him, the prince will never get sick again.”

He flips to the last page of the book, with a drawing of him and Mi-young, their two children, and lots of adorable snails as he finishes the tale: “The princess and the prince had twins and are living happily ever after.” And forever more, just in case the “ever after” wasn’t enough.

When Gun asks Mi-young if she ever regretted marrying him, she treats it like the ridiculous question it is—why would she?


“Thank you for being by my side from today, and at this very moment.” Gun says.

“Thank you for always being with me that time, not sometime, but this moment,” Mi-young replies.

“I love you, Princess Snail.”

“I love you, Prince Lee Gun.”

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Kdrama Temptation Ep 14 recap

Kdrama Temptation Ep 14 recap

I gotta admit this week left me scratching my head. The writer is continuing his attempts to draw our attention away from the original plot, which is about adultery, selfishness and coveting things (or people) that do not belong to us. The absurd, nonsensical dialogue from last week carried over to this week, with the characters sprouting more stuff that just doesn’t fit.

Min Woo goes to Room #1102 but only to tell Ji-Sun that he’s having one drink and then leaving. Erm, what’s the point, to show he’s still a cheating scumbag or an attempt at making Seok Hoon the good guy? Ji-Sun kisses him and pulls him inside the room, closing the door.

Strangely enough, Hong Joo suddenly decides to check up on Min Woo. When he answers the door, the only thing he cares about is Hong Joo is having him tailed. Yes, he’s a total bastard and I’m sorry I thought he would change or that he loved Hong Joo. I’m an idiot.

Seok Hoon spends hour pouring over Ajin Group’s financial stats, trying to find evidence that Min Woo is hiding illegal workings. That “stare” between him and Hong Joo at last weeks ending meant absolutely nothing, just as I guessed. He finds information about Min Woo’s cottage.

Se Young’s doctor friend visits, with warnings for Se Young to take her medication and sympathy because she broke up with her “first love”. She’s full of understanding about how painful this must be. *snort* I do wonder what this woman would say if she had all the facts. Better yet, what if it were her marriage Se Young wanted to test, just to see if she could and for giggles?

Se Young’s Father is also suddenly sympathetic to Se Young but knows she’s holding a grudge because he forced her to break up with that guy. Things are cold in Hong Joo’s new home but I’m beyond screaming at my screen for her to get the hell away from all these disgusting people. She’s too naive and there’s not a single person worth her time in the whole bunch.

Seok Hoon travels out to the cottage and spots Min Woo walking in with Ji-Sun. Inside, Min Woo tells his ex that things won’t go the way she wants, he knows she’s trying to seduce him and win back her position. However, he intends to hold onto his marriage with Hong Joo. I knew he was a playboy but is he also supposed to be this wishy-washy? Dude, you’re still doing it wrong.

Hong Joo goes to see her Father, taking the herbal medicine her Mother-In-Law bought for him. This actually speaks volumes about what kind of person she is. While all these other characters are meeting old lovers or desperately trying to justify their own cheating, she’s visiting her Father. *sings* “One of these things is not like the others…”.

Min Woo’s Mother asks to meet Se Young to discuss news that Ajin Group and DongSung Group are fighting, she wonders why? Se Young (again) is ambiguous and gives a tiny bit of information designed to make Min Woo the bad guy. She (of course) says nothing about the games she’s been playing with people’s lives or her own role in all of it. Nope, it’s all Min Woo’s fault.

She asks about Se Young’s Father, her Daughter-In-Law is bringing herbal medicine she purchased. Right then, Hong Joo enters and MIL leaves the two alone for a moment. Hong Joo manages to school Dragon-lady about empathy, something Se Young lacks knowledge of. The scene mirrors an earlier one but it’s Se Young who spills tea on her clothing. Hong Joo tells her to just throw it away since she disposes of things and people easily.

Se-Jin prepares food at Hong-Gyu’s house for his Father, calling him “Abeonim”. These scenes are super cute but again, there are too many people operating in a vacuum, without all the pertinent information. There’s no way this man would allow Se Young’s sister into his home if he knew who Se Young was and what she had done. This part of the story is being dragged out too long.

When Se-Jin tells Hong-Gyu that her Unni broke up with the guy she was dating, he actually looks sorry. This continues to be infuriating and not believable. Like I said last week, I do understand being against his sister’s revenge thing but taking the cheating couple’s side is just more stones the writer is throwing in my face. Is it supposed to be a “guy” thing? Ya know, it’s okay you cheated on my sister? *wink wink* It’s very insulting.

Ji-Sun and Se Young meet to discuss Ji-Sun’s failed attempt at shaking Min Woo. How sad that Dragon-lady has learned nothing from her “wave” experiment and supports Ji-Sun’s attempts to destroy Hong Joo’s second marriage. It’s also insulting to listen to these two women calmly discussing this, like it’s not a big deal. I know Min Woo is the target but lets not kid ourselves that both of them aren’t delighted it will affect Hong Joo.

Hong Joo apologizes to Min Woo at home, she has no right to get angry considering why she married him. She knows what Ji-Sun is up to (no, you really don’t) and extracts a promise that it won’t happen again because she wants this marriage to work. *silence* When did she change her mind, where we shown how and why? When Min Woo asks why she didn’t give Seok Hoon this type of chance, she says Seok Hoon’s heart had already left.

Having lunch with Min Woo, Hong Joo is shocked to see Seok Hoon show up with his new boss, CEO Jang. Min Woo invites them to sit together and all goes well until CEO Jang asks Hong Joo about having a baby. Seok Hoon trades insults with Min Woo which eventually makes Hong Joo leave, having had enough of both of them. I’m right there with ya, girl.

The two men threaten each other once she leaves, with Seok Hoon telling Min Woo not to hurt Hong Joo. *sputters* Wait, wut???? Ahahaha, I just can’t with this jerk! Min Woo asks if he misses Hong Joo now that he’s broken up with Se Young? Seok Hoon punches him. Min Woo then goes out to Hong Joo and asks if she’s met Seok Hoon alone? *yanks out hair* Where the hell is this going?

Attorney Choi warns Se Young that Min Woo managed to spark his buddies at the Ministry of Finance to begin a hard-core investigation into DongSung Group. He warns her to stop it at costs. Um, why? If the company is clean, what does she have to be worried about? She makes a series of phone calls but gets no where and suddenly doubles over in pain.

She later meets Seok Hoon and they discuss Min Woo hiding illegal company stuff at his cottage but she doesn’t tell him about the up coming investigation. That night, she has another nightmare seeing Seok Hoon with Hong Joo and rushes to his apartment for comfort. LMAO when she sees the wedding ring he kept, which we all saw coming weeks ago.

The next day, an army of investigators from the Ministry Of Finance show up at DongSung Group and carry out those blue boxes full of stuff. *hehehe* Yea, I kinda loved this part but these scenes prove to be worthless since nothing really happens. It does land a blow right when DongSung is about to launch their ice-cream business and they have to pay a fine but that’s it.

Upon hearing the news, Seok Hoon rushes to Se Young’s office, asking why she didn’t tell him. She’s not nice, reminding him they broke up and he shouldn’t be here. She then demands to know who he’s going to protect: her or Hong Joo? OMG, she’s such a monster that I can’t stand to look at her on my screen. At the same time, I’m laughing at her for asking that question. Feeling insecure? Bwahahaha.

She’s all worried about seeing his wedding ring at his house and I’m dying of laughter. He reassures her she’s the only one. Did Kwon Sang Woo almost laugh there? LMAO! Maybe he feels the dialogue is utterly ridiculous too, it’s cute when actors break out of character for a second!

Se Young’s Father calls her to the house and demands an explanation for why Min Woo is targeting DongSung Group. YES, please explain fully, would ya? *snort* No way, she throws blame for everything onto Kang Min Woo. I’m not surprised, arrogant Dragon-lady would rather die than admit she’s done anything wrong. OMO, is that how Karma will bite her?

Hong Joo takes the kids (minus evil oldest daughter) to the cottage for the day, just to play. Youngest daughter, Sung Ah finds a hairpin in the sofa and announces her Mom has one just like it (LOL, kids say the darndest things). Hong Joo looks confused…did she really trust Min Woo not to see his ex? How long is the writer going to beat up on this woman? Cuz I’ve had enough, it’s overkill.

Min Woo offers Hong-Gyu a job but he turns him down flat and tells Min Woo to lavish that attention on his sister since she tends to suffer by herself when she’s hurt. On his way out, he sees Se-Jin and hides. Se-Jin begs Min Woo to call off the investigation and reconcile with her sister. Seriously, this is being dragged out too long. It’s past time for this girl to find out who Hong-Gyu is and what her oldest sister has been up to. Not that it will make any difference since this writer is determined to force this less-than-palatable OTP down our throats.

Hong Joo finds Ji-Sun at her mall and slaps her across the face. *fistpump* Although that was a bad idea, I can’t help but appreciate this new Hong Joo and wish she had slapped Dragon-lady even harder back in Hong Kong. Ji-Sun warns her that she’ll regret her actions. *sarcasm* Yea, I think we need to dump on Hong Joo some more.

Se Young learns how large the fine is and goes to ask Min Woo to get it lowered. Pffftttt, why he should baffles me as much as why she thinks she has the right to ask him for a favor. After being turned down, she runs into Hong Joo. They throw more nasty remarks at each other but Hong Joo ends it by telling her to take care of her health. ROFL! Was this episode supposed to be this funny?

Hong Joo makes it clear to Min Woo she knows he’s been seeing Ji-Sun and tells him to not get caught. Huh? Don’t get caught by the media or maybe by his Mother? WTF is that supposed to mean or is it more useless dialogue? Seok Hoon meets Ji-Sun to ask for her help in bringing Min Woo down. She’s his ex-wife and her mall is part of Ajin Group so why would she help him?

Seok Hoon actually says “I know you divorced because you were unfairly chased out.” OH MY GOD, he did not just say that! *facepalm* He asks her about security at the cottage. LOL, is he taking up a new career as a burglar and planning to break in? I’m wondering WTF is going on.

Se Young visits her doctor friend who informs her she has zero time to waste, she must have that surgery to remove the cyst. Se Young says she can’t, which prompts doctor friend to ask if the company is more important than her life? Well, doh. Plus it fits if she dies, that’s Karma biting her in the ass. But what a lame ending for fans of this Stairway To Heaven couple.

Min Woo arrives home to find his Mother badgering Hong Joo about having a baby again. He lectures Hong Joo inside their bedroom, he didn’t like the way she handled that. LOL, we knew all along he’s a Momma’s boy but this is too much. Hong Joo tells him off and leaves the room.

I loved the scenes between Se Young and little sister Se-Jin but don’t anymore. Se Young isn’t honest with her and in fact, drills her for information about Hong Joo (which is wrong on so many levels). Se-Jin brings up that Hong-Gyu’s ex-brother-in-law used to be really good to his sister but they got divorced. Poor child doesn’t have a clue. Se Young sneaks in a question: does Hong-Gyu’s sister ever sees her ex-husband? You just nasty.

Ji-Sun gives Min Woo a heads up that Seok Hoon might try to steal financial records from the cottage. She implies Hong Joo is seeing her ex and is the culprit who gave Seok Hoon that information. Ahhh…so she does know that Hong Joo is Seok Hoon’s ex-wife! Wow, that was hard to dig out. Writer-Nim isn’t making things very clear.

This sends Min Woo rushing to the cottage to retrieve said records with Seok Hoon chasing him. The next part was such fabricated horse manure that I laughed through the entire thing. Seok Hoon cuts Min Woo off, forcing him to stop and demands he hand over the evidence. Okayyy…sure, why not? They fight, Seok Hoon wins and takes the evidence to the one prosecutor Min Woo can’t bribe.

The next day, it’s all over the media and Min Woo is arrested. Ahahaha, the writer is now making shit up entirely out of thin air. Se Young makes preparations at the company to take a leave of absence (to have the surgery?) and Seok Hoon finds out.

When Min Woo arrives home, his Mother babies him like he’s coming home from war and tells him to rest since he suffered so much. In their bedroom, he sees a photo Hong Joo took with the kids at the cottage and asks why she went there. He tells her Seok Hoon turned him in and with that in mind, he asks if she’s the one who told Seok Hoon about the cottage? How the hell would she know about hidden records? *blinks* So he’s accusing Hong Joo of betraying him.

Min Woo doesn’t seem to realize Hong Joo isn’t that kind of person but since she married him to get revenge, he’s bound to think otherwise. On her end, it’s like Hong Joo unleashed a wild dog (with Ji-Sun’s help) and now has no power to call it back. Min Woo looks at her with crazy-eyes, asking what he should do now. Hong Joo honey, it’s time to get out and get away from these detestable people.

Ji-Sun takes a pregnancy test and it’s positive. So is it Min Woo’s baby or the first-love from college? I’m gonna guess the first love since she told Se Young her plans with Min Woo were a fail but I could be wrong and she did manage to seduce him. This should be easily solved by DNA testing but we know that makes too much sense. *kekeke*

Hong-Gyu gets a call that his sister is home and arrives to find her suitcase but she left to run an errand. Her Father believes her MIL told her to rest here for a few days but I’m thinking she got out while she could, before Min Woo, his Mother or his evil oldest daughter murder her in her sleep.

Hong Joo’s errand is to see Seok Hoon, she asks him to come outside because she has something to tell him. She wants to know if he’s the one who had Min Woo arrested (although she already seems to know this) and is he taking revenge for Se Young? She tells him Min Woo thinks she conspired with Seok Hoon. He coldly tells her to solve her husbands problems herself.

Ouch. What a bastard. She tells him she knows she shouldn’t be there but she has no one else to talk to. She apologizes and turns to leave when he grabs her arm, calling her name. When she turns back around, he drops her arm, holds out his wedding ring and tells her to throw it away herself.

Which is when Dragon-lady pulls up and sees him, holding out his hand to Hong Joo (she can’t see the ring). Hong Joo grabs onto his hand and cries, asking how they came to this? Dragon-lady looks upset, which sends me off into fits of giggles. Unbelievable.

Hong Joo falls to her knees and as Dragon-lady watches, Seok Hoon bends over to pat her on the back. Suddenly, Dragon-lady suffers another stabbing pain and accidentally honks the horn. The couple both turn to look while Dragon-lady glares at Seok Hoon.


We’ve gone so far into crazy that I feel like I’m watching a revenge drama that’s turning to crap. The writer continues his cover-up of Dragon-lady’s original intentions which keeps the majority of the characters in the dark about what truly happened (which is frustrating). If he kept to the character descriptions, I can’t see it because we weren’t shown Min Woo “changing and falling in love” with Hong Joo. Was that wrong or did the writer change his mind in his attempt to justify the OTP?

It’s also strange to me that most Kdramas of the melo type try to impart some type of message or lesson to the audience but it feels like this one is saying a relationship born out of cheating is a good thing. (LOL) Nonsense. It’s sad that Hong Joo finally choose to share her feelings but did it have to be the cheating scumbag ex-husband? Ugh, he’s not worth it!

I also firmly believe that any relationship that hurts another human being is not something to pursue. Why would anyone want to hurt a stranger, a close friend or even their own family? As I’ve heard in Kdramas, don’t live your life that way. LMAO.

On the other hand, if this drama isn’t going to try teaching any message, that is a good thing and we should all relax and enjoy the insanity. However, if Dragon-lady dies at the end, I know I won’t be the only one who feels like I got screwed (again) with this couple. Lets keep our fingers crossed for apologies and redemption. BTW, did I miss Hong Joo’s revenge?