Actresses in BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ drama revealed to be SM and JYP trainees

Actresses in BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ drama revealed to be SM and JYP trainees

If you’ve watched the highlight reels for BTS’ special drama ‘Love Yourself’, you would’ve noticed there’s a hint of romance for each member with different actresses.

Fans are highly excited for ‘Love Yourself’ but many have become more curious about the identity of the ‘lucky’ girls in the drama. To solve the mystery, netizens with hawk eyes and stellar detective skills have dug up the identity of the girls. t turns out they are actually trainees under SM and JYP Entertainment.

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Rap Monster’s partner is revealed to be JYP trainee Oh Han Sul. She’s also well known to be the look-alike of f(x)’s Krystal.

The girl in the love triangle with j-hope and Jimin is reportedly another JYP trainee. Her name is Ryu Jin. Netizens believe she’ll most likely be making her debut in the new JYP girl group along with Jeon So Mi.

The actress partnering with SUGA is named to be an SM trainee Park Jung Yeon. She has also gained attention for being the daughter of singer Park Hak Ki. 

The identity of V and Jungkook’s partners are unknown but many believe they’re also idol trainees. 

How are you enjoying BTS members’ romance in ‘Love Yourself’ so far? 

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