"2014 KBS Drama Awards" Lee Joon-ki feeling responsibility as an actor to promote Korean dramas

Lee Joon-ki won the Excellence Award for Actor in mid-length dramas.

2014 KBS Drama Awards took place in KBS Hall at 8:30 PM on December 31st , hosted by Kim Sang-kyeong, Park Min-yeong and Seo In-guk.

Lee Joon-ki received the Excellence Award for Actor for his role in KBS2 "The Joseon Shooter" in mid-length dramas.

He said "Since Korean dramas are getting more popular worldwide, I as an actor feel the responsibility to make a dedication. I will work hard and play a role model to promote Korean dramas. I"ll show you better performance".

KBS has been strong with "Jeong Do-jeon", "Inspiring Generation", "Golden Cross", "The Joseon Shooter", "Very Good Times" and "This Is Family" in mid-length and full length dramas and with "Women By Nature" and "Cuckoo Nest" in daily dramas in 2014.


Actor Seo Kang-joon In Talks For New MBC Drama

Actor Seo Kang-joon In Talks For New MBC Drama "Hwajeong"

Actor Seo Kang-joon is considering starring in the new MBC drama "Hwajeong".

He's currently reviewing the offer so nothing has been confirmed yet.

According to several sources, Seo Kang-joon is revising the role of Hong Joo-won, the eldest son in a prestige family of the Joseon times. He might be in romance with Lee Yeon-hee who plays Princess Jeong Myeong.

"Hwajeong" is writen by Kim I-yeong and prodyced by Kim Sang-ho-I. The drama will be released in spring next year.

Source : www.newsen.com/news_v...


Actor Lee Joon Transforms Into A Professional Dancer In Drama

Actor Lee Joon Transforms Into A Professional Dancer In Drama "Mister Baek"

Lee Joon shows off his modern-dance skills in stills from

Audiences will have chance to enjoy the modern –dance skill of actor Lee Joon on MBC’s drama, “Mister Baek.

In the still cuts, Dae Han (Lee Joon) expresses his feelings through dance after getting into a psychological warfare with Shin Hyung (Shin Ha Kyun). Lee Joon is said to have prepared the choreography for this scene with his background as a modern-dance major and ballet minor at Korea National University of Arts.

A rep stated, "You can tell that he is definitely a dancer by his acting. His alluring glare and movements felt beautiful."

Stay tuned for the episode today!



Girl"s Day Minah and actor Seo Kang Joon cast as leads in a web-drama produced by Samsung

Entertainment officials reveals on 16th that Girl"s Day Minah and actor Seo Kang Jun from "Roommate" are cast as leads for the upcoming musical we-drama "Best Future" (literal English translation).

The drama draws a plot about an aspiring singer which will be played by actor Seo Kang Jun and will later be joined by Minah"s character through a house sharing set up, where interesting stories will unfold afterwards. The drama"s set up is compared to a TV sitcom incorporated with music therefore called "musicom" and expected to revive some songs from 80s-90s.

The drama is directed by Han Chang Geun, scripted by Kim Won Jin who worked with 2007"s hit drama "Witch Yohee", and music director Jang Ho Il from Group 015B. It is produced by Samsung Group and will be aired through SNS such as Youtube in October.


Actor Seo Kang Joon Talks About His Busy Life, Personality, and His Favorite Drama Through NYLON

Actor Seo Kang Joon Talks About His Busy Life, Personality, and His Favorite Drama Through NYLON

Actor Seo Kang Joon recently posed for the fashion magazine NYLON. This is the interview that ensued following the shooting. Check out the pictures and interview!

We met too early in the morning, right? Your manager was worrying that your face was going to be puffy but fortunately, I can see that your face looks great.

I think the manager was worrying because I was busy yesterday and went to bed at 4 a.m. But as I knew I was going to shoot a pictorial, I put some hydrating cream on my face before going to bed.

Youre right. Your skin looks good. It seems like all the young actors are getting many skin treatment these days.

I dont particularly go to skin clinics but I do put on a lot of the basic skin lotions and hydrating creams.

But everybody does that nowadays.

Oh, really? I thought I was doing a lot.

You work out as well, right? Like actresses who only eat celery and drink water

I dont do that, but I did lose a lot of weight. Its because I heard I had a lot of cheek fat while I filmed the After School Bokbulbok with the other 5urprise members.

You must feel like it was worth it to work out for all these pictorials you recently shot. Do you like shooting pictorials? There are a lot of skilled actors who feel awkward when taking pictorial shots.

It was hard at first. I didnt know a lot of things, but as the number of pictorials grew, I think Im having fun now. Now I know what kind of picture will come out if I make a particular pose. I also think that the pictures depend a lot of the lighting.

Quite recently, I heard that you did about 60 interviews. A lot of the questions you are asked must be the same. What do you think when you hear the question? If it was me, I would think Oh, this question again.

Not for me. Even if I say the same answer 50 times, it would be the first time for the interviewer.

Are there are any questions that you faced difficulty in answering?

Questions like, Is there anything else you want to say?

And how do you answer that?

I say whatever comes to my mind at that time which is usually a short message to the fans or a new resolution that I have for myself.

So what is your new resolution?

I want to work without resting in between. My body would be tired but I think I would feel a sense of accomplishment and it would be worth it.

Maybe you dont like to sit still. I heard you watched about thousands of movies until you were 20. Then how many movies did you watch every month?

I watched those thousands of movies in about four to five years. To do that, you need to watch movies every day for three years. So for me, I watched movies every day for four to five years. I watched one to two movies every night before going to bed. Sometimes I dozed off to sleep while watching them

The movies must have helped you a lot.

Youre right. They helped me without me knowing. When I receive a script and feel like Im not skilled enough, I think about some of the scenes from the movies I watched.

Can you pick one particular movie you like the most out of the thousand?

I think the one that I remember the most is Eternal Sunshine. The scenes colors, emotions, and visuals were just fascinating. I liked that the ending was shown from the beginning.

Usually, you can sense a persons personality depending on what kind of movie that person likes. If you liked a girl, what kind of movie would you want her to like?

A classic movie, like Waterloo Bridge. I would think to myself, That person really is interested in movies!

Do you have any dramas you like? Actors only tend to talk about their favourite movies in interviews.

I do, its The Greatest Love! I watch various dramas that are currently popular. The most recent one that I watched was Doctor Stranger.

I would have never guessed that your favourite drama would be The Greatest Love because of your calm personality. If you were to act in that drama, who would you want to portray? The role of Yoon Gye Sang?

No. I would want to act the role of Cha Seung Wons Dok Go Jin.

But I cant really picture you in the character of Dok Go Jin.

Me too, but I want to do it. But I doubt I can do it well because Im so young.

Your roles in dramas such as The Suspicious Housekeeper, Drama FestivalHaneuljaes Murder, and Cunning Single Lady were all very important and you gained a lot of attention in such a short span of time. You must be dazed.

Yes. I felt a lot of pressure because I acted with a lot of great actors in every project. I didnt have a lot of confidence I would pull the character off very well. So I studied a lot. For Haneuljaes Murder I met with the director three weeks prior to filming and we talked a lot about how I should portray my character.

How did you find three weeks to prepare for your role when youre increasingly having such high demands as a rookie? Arent you worried?

Yes, that happened when I was filming Cunning Single Lady. I thought that it would have been better if I had more time to prepare for the role. My character needed to look as charming as Joo Chang Wooks character but its too bad that it didnt go that way. When I watched the drama, I felt like I didnt measure up to him.

Still, your acting skills were great and there were a lot around me who loved your character. Maybe youre a genius in acting?

No, a lot of the 5urprise members are skilled. They would be able to achieve a lot. But not me. I cant improvise and just go for it. I have to study in advance and I like to analyze my character before starting work.

How do you think you are changing as an actor?

I think Im getting more competent. Not just in acting, but in getting along with the staff members, which I think is very important to learn. I meet a lot of people and I learn a lot from them.

It feels like you just memorized that last answer. Your facial expression didnt even change. Are you being shy?

Haha. Yes. Im not very outgoing.

Dont you get stressed? I see a lot of rookie actors and idols who bow and say hello in a big voice.

Thats right. I think when you are a rookie, there is a special kind of custom. You need to be outgoing and approach people first but there are times I cant do that well because as a shy and awkward person, I fear they will see me as fake.

With such a shy personality, how do you film the reality show Roommate? You need to live with the other members for five days a week.

Im an introvert but as I get close with people, Im very playful. I cant approach people well but when I see someone and want to be friends, I do my best.

Do you have any inconveniences why filming Roommate or living together with the other members? A lot of problems arise when living together. Like why someone is not cleaning the bathroom.

I try to understand them. I do get angry when someone does not do their chores but I do tell them to do it quickly.

Do you consider yourself as a man of principles?

No. There are a lot of things I cant keep promises to.

Anyways, do you always talk so calmingly?


You must have been a model student at school.

No, I liked to play. I went to play games with friends and though I become quiet when I meet someone who Im not close to, we were a bunch of loud guys.

What was the word you heard the most back in the days?



Yes. My parents called me Son~

That was the word you heard the most? Where do your parents live?

At Sanbon.

Oh right, your nickname is Sanbons vitamin.

That just came up at Radio Star as a joke but its consistently becoming a much-talked topic.

Then think of a new word.

Younger male friend? Like the word I was called while doing Cunning Single Lady.

As a younger male friend, what do you do in your free time? You dont even do Twitter or Instagram.

I watch dramas through IPTV or go shopping.

How do you do your shopping? Are you very detailed? Or just buy whatever?

I just scan, pick the prettiest outfit and try it on.

Then your shopping time must be short.

How is it for other people?

For some people, it takes half a day.

Wow! Really? Then I really am quick.

Do you shop with other 5urprise members as well?

No. When I shop for clothes, I really just shop.

When are the 5urprise members coming to the audience? It is the first time that there is officially a group of actors who act and sing at the same time.

There is nothing that has been officially planned yet, but even if we do release a single, its not definite that its going to be dance music. For now, were just practicing very hard at singing and dancing.

Youre appearing in the drama Whats With This Family while youre so busy. This drama is full of veteran actors such as Kim Sang Gyung and Yoo Dong Geun. How are you going to study for this production?

Truthfully, Im not the one who chose to appear in it, but I was lucky enough to be given a chance. Since its a weekend drama, it would be good training for me. Im going to learn a lot of the other actors.

Is there anything you want to do after shooting the drama?

An MC at the music show. I did it once but I found it fun to talk with other MCs in such a high-toned animated voice.

What about other than work? Anything is good.

I want to ski in the Alps. Oh, and becoming a pianist! I have played the piano a lot. But still, I want to do a lot of work, like shooting for pictorials and doing interviews.

You seems to have a lot of desires. Including this one, how many interviews do you think you have done?

Lets see..Ive done about 60 after the dramaso nowoh I dont know. Haha.


Actor Seo Kang Joon Coincidentally Runs Into Park Ji Sung While Filming for New Drama

Actor Seo Kang Joon Coincidentally Runs Into Park Ji Sung While Filming for New Drama

On July 18, through 5urprise’s official Twitter page, actor Seo Kang Joon posted, “I really never thought [this would happen] but I met [soccer player] Park Ji Sung today. I’m a huge fan so it was an honor to be able to meet him, and as someone that loves soccer, I’m overwhelmed! I’ll continue to be a fan of Captain Park forever~~” along with a photo of the actor and soccer player together.

In the revealed photo, Seo Kang Joon and Park Ji Sung can both be seen flashing big smiles for the camera in a friendly selca.

A representative of the actor’s agency, Fantagio, explained, “Seo Kang Joon coincidentally met Park Ji Sung, who happened to be passing by, during his drama filming. Seo Kang Joon, who has always openly chosen soccer as his favorite sport, politely asked Park Ji Sung, whom he has always admired, for a picture together as soon as he saw [the athlete]. Park Ji Sung willingly took a picture and the two greeted one another.”

It has been reported that Seo Kang Joon was extremely overwhelmed after meeting Park Ji Sung and was unable to hide his excitement, even though it was a brief moment.

Meanwhile, Seo Kang Joon is currently appearing on SBS’ variety program “Roommate,” and is busy with filming for a new KBS weekend drama called “What’s With This Family,” set to begin airing on August 16.


Actor Lee Joon Ki Spends His Break From Drama Eating

Actor Lee Joon Ki Spends His Break From Drama Eating


The new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun" actor Lee Joon Ki shared how he spends his short break from the busy schedule of filming the drama.

Actor Lee Joon Ki today tweeted a picture of himself in front of a lot of dishes, saying, "Short break in the middle of hectic schedule. Eating delicious food is good for your body. Thanks for all of your love." In the picture, actor Lee Joon Ki seemed excited for the food in front of him. In related news, the KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun" tells a story of a last samurai of the Josun dynasty, who becomes a heroic gunman who cares for the poor. Actors Lee Joon Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Jung Hye Bin, Yoo Oh Sung and Han Joo Wan star in the drama. 


Actor Lee Joon Ki In Fusion Historical Drama Gunman in Josun

Actor Lee Joon Ki In Fusion Historical Drama Gunman in Josun


The new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun" is a fusion historical drama that is geared towards young audiences. On the first episode of the new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun," which aired in the night of June 25, 2014, actor Lee Joon Ki performed Park Yoon Kang, who is the last samurai. Park Yoon Kang, as the last samurai who are being attacked by the new gunmen, had to hide in the house of Hui Ryung. He meets Hui Ryung"s daughter Jung Soo In (Nam Sang Mi), and later finds out her double life as a man outside of her house. When Park Yoon Kang was outside of the house, he saw a gunman and tried to put up a fight with him. However, the gunman did not fight with him, and he later realized it was Jung Soo In. In related news, the KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun" tells a story of a last samurai of the Josun dynasty, who becomes a heroic gunman who cares for the poor. Actors Lee Joon Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Jung Hye Bin, Yoo Oh Sung and Han Joo Wan star in the drama.


Actor Yoo Joon-sang receives offer to lead an upcoming MBC drama 'My Spring Day'

Actor Yoo Joon-sang receives offer to lead an upcoming MBC drama 'My Spring Day'

Actor Yoo Joon-sang receives offer to lead an upcoming MBC drama 'My Spring Day'

Actor Yoo Joon-sang received the proposal for the MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama 'My Spring Day.'

Yoo Joon-sang is being wooed for the lead man role. According to his representative, he is considering the offer seriously.

'My Spring Day' will be a story of a woman whose life is threatened by a terminal illness, but started living a new life after having a heart transplant. Yoo Joon-sang will be the leading man who will fall in love with her. It will be directed by Lee Jae-dong and written by Park Ji-sook.

It may be aired in September after 'Fated to Love You.' written by: [email protected] SOURCE: OSEN


K-Drama OST Roundup: Actor Park Seo Joon Sings For 'Witch's Romance', While Kang Ha Neul Lends His Voice For 'Angel Eyes'

K-Drama OST Roundup: Actor Park Seo Joon Sings For 'Witch's Romance', While Kang Ha Neul Lends His Voice For 'Angel Eyes'

Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul are part of the OST Roundup. Korean drama original soundtracks have returned to a regular schedule of release, in the past two weeks.The most recent soundtrack releases have been a mix between contributions from indie artists, girl groups, and subunits. This week, two actors released soundtracks for dramas in which they hold starring roles.

Park Seo Joon sings "Come Into My Heart" for the tvN romantic drama "Witch"s Romance". Park Seo Joon portrays Yoon Dong Ha, a twenty-five year old career part-timer.Yoon Dong Ha becomes entangled with Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa), a thirty-nine year old journalist who was jilted at the alter by her sunbae and former finance.The emotional ballad "Come Into My Heart" represents the conflict expressed by Dong Ha after he confesses his feelings to Ji Yeon.

Actor Kang Ha Neul lends his soulful voice for an acoustic version of the song "Three Things I Have Left" for the "Angel Eyes" soundtrack.Kang Ha Neul stars as the younger version of Park Dong Joo in the popular SBS Saturday-Sunday drama."Three Things I Have Left" illustrates the complexity and desperation surrounding the relationship between Park Dong Joo and his teenage love, Yoon Soo Wan.In addition to the plot surrounding the reunion between Dong Joo and Soo Wan, "Angel Eyes" has began to illustrate a love line for Teddy Seo (Seungri).

While the ratings between "Doctor Stranger" and "Triangle" were initially very close, the separation has grown with "Doctor Stranger" taking a marked lead."Doctor Stranger" stars Lee Jong Suk in a complex medical espionage drama, whose intriguing love line has captivated audiences.Even with an newly redefined relationship chart "Doctor Stranger"remains both confusing and fascinating.Lee Ki Chan appears on the soundtrack for "Doctor Stranger" with "Meet You Now".

The dark drama "Gap Dong" continues its plot to reveal the culprit behind a series of gruesome murders.Actor Yoon Sang Hyun of "Secret Garden" and "I Can Hear Your Voice" stars in the drama with MBLAQ Lee Joon included within the cast. Lee Joon has received acclaim for his continuous portrayal of gritty characters which are beyond the scope normally considered for idol actors. "Every Single Day" is a rich rock ballad from RUSH for part one of the soundtrack.

Ladies" Code provide the aptly named track "Crazily Hooked" for the madcap drama "Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team"."Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team" is a tvN drama which stars Super Junior"s Heechul, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Min Woo, Park Doo Sik, as well veteran actors Lee Soon Jae, Byun Hee Bong, and Jang Gwang. "Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team" provides a new spin on the fantasy time jump drama, with the incorporation of magical aging.