iKON Releases Playful New Tune Video for Warm-up unmarried MY TYPE

iKON Releases Playful New Tune Video for Warm-up unmarried MY TYPE

iKON Releases Playful New Music Video for Warm-up Single “MY TYPE” The moment each person has been looking ahead to has in any case arrived: iKON‘s music video has ultimately been released!

On September 15, the music video of “MY TYPE” was once published as a warm-up single of the group’s debut album. “MY TYPE” is an upbeat hip-hop song, with the melodies written by CHOICE37, KUSH, and B.I, and the lyrics written through B.I, BOBBY, and KUSH. In the music video, the informal scene of the individuals swooning over their weigh down is sufficient to soften fans’ hearts. From their colorful pastel garments to playful dances, the entirety about the music video displays off the carefree spirit of iKON.

Meanwhile, iKON can be liberating part in their album October 1, and free up their authentic album “WELCOME BACK” on November 2. Their official debut album will have 12 songs, they all written by the members. They'll also be retaining a concert-like debut show off on October 3rd. Meanwhile, iKon, made up of BOBBY, B.I, Goo Joonhoe, Song Yoonhyung, Kim Donghyuk, Kim Jinhwan, and Jung Chanwoo, has won attention even prior to their debut as the long term of YG. It took the crowd two years to debut as they fought for their name thru survival displays equivalent to 2013 Mnet’s “WIN” and 2014 “MIX&MATCH.”

“I don’t think that YG made BIGBANG. BIGBANG made YG. i am hoping iKON will be in a position to build directly to YG as well,” Yang Hyun Suk said. iKON 4 iKON iKON 2

What do you take into accounts the group’s new music video?

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Warm and Cozy'

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Warm and Cozy'


One part of beyond dramas that "Warm and Cozy" has smartly maintained is the unapologetic use of satisfying imagery and setting. whilst the Jeju promotion can get a little bit too much at times, there is not anything ugly in a most often gentle series than having a lovely position to set it in and appearing its local cuisine at the similar time. for other people that have grown bored with romance assembly serial killers or time shuttle or such, "Warm and Cozy" gives a slice of lifestyles experience, if life concerned Family Secrets and intensely rich, very presentable people.

There is a welcome simplicity in this setup. The drama is going for an easy plot, realistic, each day characters and a tale principally about their romances, without outdoor interference. the forged selected to hold it's far capable and entertaining, in spite of some problems with their characters. as smartly as being old school, the series manages to keep away from sure old tropes and stay fresh. no less than in some ways. The ways that it does no longer arrange to drag through, however, are what briefly take it from old fashioned to boring.

For one, the plot is simple, yet at a similar time continuously seems like there isn't any plot to talk of. Romantic comedy does no longer regularly want more of an finish objective than getting a couple together, but the procedure of doing that has to have highs and lows. For a lot of the series, the male lead is in love with any person else and the transition toward the feminine lead occurs without warning and unconvincingly. It isn't a laugh having an oblivious guy and a girl in unrequited love for slightly see you later and it makes Geon-woo"s persona unstable.

Jeong-joo and villagers

At an analogous time, he's the average "bad boy" in the sense that seeing the feminine lead get badly harm by way of him gets a piece too much and should not in point of fact lure the ones into less dysfunctional romances. The secondary couple, which feels more like a Hong sisters" one feels beside the point many of the time, although it's normally more entertaining. In seeking to be old skool and not overly dramatic, the drama forgets that even a straightforward plot wishes progression and is harmed by repetition.

"Warm and Cozy" is an try to pass back. Back to what made romantic comedy in Korean drama relaxing, fun and simple. In many ways though, this doesn't truly paintings anymore, for the explanation that gadgets those displays used to stay entertaining are sometimes have shyed away from nowadays. Still, here is one for the nostalgic and if the romance is to one"s liking, "Warm and Cozy" would possibly just be your thing.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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Get That K-Pop Look: Girls' Generation's Timeless Style In 'Lion Heart' Music Video

Get That K-Pop Look: Girls' Generation's Timeless Style In 'Lion Heart' Music Video

Welcome to this week"s Get That K-pop Look, where we showcase an original K-Pop outfit and give you tips on putting together your own similarly styled, affordable outfit.

Luckily for us, Girls" Generation has been serving up a few decades of fashion prowess with the group"s release of "Lion Heart." We"ve got everything from some flapper fringe dresses to the coiffed, Stepford Wife of the early 60s. So many of the outfits stand out, not just because they"re cute and colorful, but because it demonstrates how the best styles get recycled years later. The same silhouettes come bouncing back, with a little upgrade and a lot of panache.

One of the best examples of that is one of the looks in the music video for "Lion Heart," recently released from Girls" Generation. It"s a little look I like to call K-pop-inspired Astronaut Wife, and it"s easy to put together yourself.

(Photo : KPopStarz)

Vintage Print Soft Womens Silk Scarf from Jolly Chic

Hats are getting more attention as far as head toppers go these days, which is exactly why it"s time to switch things up with a scarf that can double as a headband. There"s zero downside to this look. It requires minimal work and hides a bad hair day, doubles as a silky belt, and adds a little drama to an outfit that you think might be missing a little something.

(Photo : Jolly Chic)

Black and Green Mosaic Lace Back Deep V Cut Out Dress from Kalolia

A dress styled like this is the perfect example of a refreshed retro look. The demure long sleeves and rich colors give it its classic vibe, but the deep V back cut and slimming fit makes this as modern as any dress on the market right now.

(Photo : Kalolia) Gemma Simone Neutral Flower Statement Earrings from JCPenney

A grand earring like this chandelier pair immediately transports the wearer. Put this Gemma Simone pair on and suddenly you"re a 1970s heiress sipping a martini on her Ibiza-bound yacht.

(Photo : JCPenney)

JINsoon Nail Lacquer Kookie White from JINsoon

Just like the GG modern take on some classic looks, this white nail polish takes a matte white to a new, modern level. There"s a hint of fresh turquoise and grey in here, giving your nails full coverage that deserves a double take.

(Photo : JINsoon)

Black Faux Nubuck Cross Ankle Strap Chunky Heel from Ci Ci Hot

The last step in this outfit is making sure the shoe matches the cool elegance of the rest of the outfit. Nothing says timeless chic better than a chunky black heel that looks good on people of all ages with a variety of different outfits. When you"re not dressing these up with a 60s-inspired frock, you can use it to add a little spice to an otherwise casual outfit of boyfriend jeans and an oversized turtleneck.

(Photo : Ci Ci Hot)


Park Shin Hye Receives a particularly warm Welcome Back from Three foods a Day in Preview Video

Park Shin Hye Receives a particularly warm Welcome Back from Three foods a Day in Preview Video

Park Shin Hye Receives a particularly warm Welcome Back from “Three foods a Day” in Preview Video Actor Park Shin Hye is back at Oksoongbong.

During the following episode preview of “Three foods a Day” aired on August 17, Park Shin Hye reappears as guest and receives an excellent welcoming from the fashioned crew.

park shin hye 2

2PM‘s Taecyeon, especially, is overjoyed at an old-time friend’s seek advice from and isn’t afraid to turn his excitement.

park shin hye 3

The feminine actress already gave the impression as the primary guest of “Three foods a Day” closing Might and gained compliment from the body of workers for adjusting to the rustic existence so well.

Back then, she shared a unhappy good-bye with the cast, although they introduced her a mounted spot at the show.

What more or less food do you hope Park Shin Hye makes?

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[Video] SNSD Brings the Paws Out in Lion Heart MV

[Video] SNSD Brings the Paws Out in Lion Heart MV

--> The paws have come out.

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) has released Lion Heart, the primary of it′s double identify songs on August 18.

[Video] SNSD Brings the Paws Out in ′Lion Heart′ MV

The track video, which become once released at the similar day, progresses in 3 chapters with a hilarious finishing you wish to have to paste around till the finish to catch.

The song′s jazzy melody is played up with a slinky choreography noticed interspersed during the video.

Meanwhile, SNSD′s 2nd identify song You Think may be released on August 19.


AOA are ready to make your hearts race with

AOA are ready to make your hearts race with "Heart Attack" dance practice video!

AOA are ready to make your hearts race with

Although fans were able to get a better view of AOA"s full choreography for "Heart Attack" in their "choreography version MV", we"re sure fans were still waiting for the official full dance practice video! And here it is!

The girls are perfectly in sync and looking great in their pretty white and red outfits. It"s definitely a cute and fun dance routine that matches really well with their addictive summer song.

In other news, AOA"s "Heart Attack" MV surpassed 8 million views! Congratulations AOA!

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AOA are sexy and silly goofing around in

AOA are sexy and silly goofing around in "sparking version" video for "Heart Attack"!

AOA are sexy and silly goofing around in

AOA, who"ve been giving their fans"Heart Attack" with their comeback, are here to make your day even better with a special "sparking version" video!

The girls truly sparkle in the video as they goof around with their lacrosse props. They"re definitely sexy, but cute and funny at the same time, you can"t help but love them!

Check it out for yourself above!

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AOA Take 3rd Win For 'Heart Attack' On The July 7 Episode Of SBS MTV's 'The Show' + Performance Recaps

AOA Take 3rd Win For 'Heart Attack' On The July 7 Episode Of SBS MTV's 'The Show' + Performance Recaps

(Photo : Twitter ) AOA (Ace of Angels) took their third trophy win during the July 7 episode of SBS MTV"s The Show.

The stars who made their comeback were Girl"s Day with "Ring My Bell," POTEN with "Go Easy," and Nine Muses with their summer single titled "Hurt Locker."

Nominees for the July 7 episode were Nine Muses, MAMAMOO, Chanyeon, TEEN TOP, and AOA. The winner was AOA for their single titled "Heart Attack." Congratulations to them as they won their third trophy.

This being said, here are the performances that were seen during the July 7 episode.

Performances From The July 7 Episode

Winner: AOA; "Heart Attack"

Comeback Performance: Girl"s Day; "Come Slowly" and "Ring My Bell"

Comeback Performance: POTEN; "Go Easy"


MAMAMOO; "Um Oh Ah Yeh"

MINX; "Love Shake"

NSYoon-G; "Honey Summer"

MelodyDay; "#LoveMe"

Seventeen; "Adore U"

Comeback Performance: Nine Muses; "Hurt Locker" + Ending


Drama moments that warm your heartbin the 4th week of June

Drama moments that warm your heartbin the 4th week of June

Top K-Drama Moments for the 4th Week of June New shows have joined the ratings fray, and as the fight for the most viewership intensifies, the primetime dramas are rolling out their best scenes.

So, which K-drama moments from the fourth week of June made our list? Check it out!

1. Mask: I am his wife

Weve been pulling our hair in frustration, waiting for Ji Sook to fully embrace her Eun Ha persona and stop letting the pathetic loan sharks and her awful brother-in-law, Seok Hoon, intimidate and manipulate her. Finally, there might be hope for her. In an earlier scene, Eun Ha told Min Woo that a wife takes care of her husband. So, when she barged into a shareholders meeting that would strip him of his position as director and announced that shes hes wife, we screamed. Why? Because that could mean shes about to take care of business and protect him. Our fingers are crossed!

2. The Time We Were Not In Love: You are the best

Making up after a fight, Oh Ha Na and Choi Won hang out on a rooftop, eating spicy chicken feet and drinking beer. The best friends talk about Ha Nas dating life, and Won tells her to meet a good man. She declares shell meet a really good man, regardless of his looks. Won playfully rubs her head while he praises her for growing up. Suddenly, she grows quiet, and her face turns serious as though a thought has just sunk in. She tells Won that the man just has to be nice. She adds, A nice man is the best. She then sits down next to Won and rests her arm on his shoulder. With her face only inches away from his, she asks, Dont you think? Won is unable to answer and just stares at her, keenly aware of their closeness. If youre hoping for Ha Na and Won to go from friends to lovers, then this isnt the moment. Breaking out of his spell, he shoves her away, joking that she smells like chicken feet. Gaaah! Party pooped!

3. My Love Eun Dong: All coming back

Ten years ago, Hyun Soo wrote a letter to Eun Dong when she disappeared from his life. It carried all the love and passion he felt for her, but the letter also vanished. After a decade of living life as Jung Eun, Eun Dong is on the brink of remembering her past with Hyun Soo, and as though it sensed it, the letter has emerged from solitude, fulfilling its journey to its rightful owner. Reading Hyun Soos long-hidden words revives her memories, and although it is all too overwhelming for her, at least now, she has the truth. But what will she do with it? Will she choose to continue living the lie her family has built for her, or will she reclaim her fate with Hyun Soo?

4. The Time We Were Not In Love: If you only knew


Ha Na and Won have been friends for so long that she might think she knows everything about him. However, Ha Na is probably unaware about Wons true feelings for her.

The second episodes epilogue reveals the things Won has done for Ha Na, like letting her win each time they have gone up against each other or how he (secretly) remembered her scrunchie that helped him score time with her during a group date. We love knowing how attentive Won is towards Ha Na as it attests to the depth of his feelings for her.

5. I Remember You: Just call me Sherlock Hyun

We love a good first impression, and Lee Hyun sure knows how to make one.

Ji An and her police unit are called to a crime scene. The only person missing is their new team leader.

They arrive there to find a sexy man wearing a sexy suit. Could this be their boss? They try to ask, but he has no time for frivolous questions. Instead, he delves right into the case, making deductions and connections that they wouldnt have made in a million years. Oh dear, why isnt he our team leader? And thats the same question the police unit asked soon after he disappeared, and they met their real team leader. Poor them!

6. Hwajung: Square-off

The war between the Ming and the Jin has landed at Gwang Haes feet. However, he remains resolute about sticking to his plans, even as the Ming threaten to invade his kingdom if he chooses not to ally with them. Gwang Hae decides against revealing this plan to his officials so that he isnt forced to sacrifice the lives of his people for the Ming, but Prince Neungyang tells all in public protest. He openly pleads with the Gwang Hae to comply with the Ming and threatens to take his own life in protest. So begins the power struggle between the two. Aaah, the political angst!

While this might be a short list, we hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Did your favorites make our top moments? Which ones would you like to add? We want to hear from you, so, give your shout out below, and lets do this again next week!



[Spoiler] Added episode 15 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added episode 15 captures for the Korean drama "Warm and Cozy"

Added episode 15 captures for the Korean drama "Warm and Cozy" (2015)Directed by Park Hong-gyoonWritten by Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ranNetwork : MBCWith Yoo Yeon-seok, Kang So-ra, Lee Seong-jae, Kim Seong-oh, Lee Han-wi, Seo I-an,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00Also known as "Jeju Island Gatsby" ( , je-ju-do gae-cheu-bi)SynopsisA romance story between a young couple who works hard managing the restaurant "Warm and Cozy" in the beautiful island, Jeju.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/05/13