7 K-Drama Moments We Wish Would Happen In Real Life
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7 K-Drama Moments We Wish Would Happen In Real Life

Let’s be straight with ourselves: K-dramas are magical. K-dramas are awesome. And in the midst of watching one of your favorite shows — be it supernatural, action, rom-com, or melodrama — I bet you’ve thought at least once: I wish the K-drama gods were in charge of my life (well, maybe not for a melodrama). With that in mind, here are seven K-drama moments we wish would happen in real life! (Hint: most of them are romantic.)

Have you ever made a wish on your birthday? In Goblin, Eun Tak’s birthday wish for a job, a solution to her problem family, and a boyfriend gets fulfilled in a roundabout way with the appearance of a handsome goblin who is also her future husband. It’d be nice if Gong Yoo appeared in front of us to grant our wishes by simply blowing out a candle, but for now, we’ll have to settle for watching him onscreen.

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2. Drunk piggyback rides

In the list of most classic K-drama moves ever is the drunk piggyback ride home. Girl meets guy, girl gets drunk (and somehow manages to stay cute at the same time), and guy carries girl home. It’s the best advertisement for soju ever. As adorable as it is, the chances that a handsome guy will appear to you and carry you home seems slim. However, you never know until you try.


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3. The ability to escape group projects

While our K-drama characters seem to have a lot of good luck in the romance department, they also do pretty well in school. Take Taecyeons professor in Bring It On, Ghost, for example. After coolly breaking off from his assigned group for a class project, Taecyeon turns in his work independently and gets both an A and a compliment from the professor. Taecyeons knack for avoiding group projects is a knack that all college students wish they could have.

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4. The ability to quickly learn anything

Like Habaek in Bride of the Water God or Jun Ji Hyun in The Legend of the Blue Sea, you could have the talent of learning new skills in an insanely short amount of time. K-dramas without English subs would no longer be a problem! Unfortunately, this gift seems to be reserved for non-humans only.

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5. When a god falls from the sky

Your life is a mess, you’re in danger of losing your job, and you need an extension on your loan, when suddenly a super hot god falls from the sky in front of you. Sound familiar? That’s what happens to So Ah in Bride of the Water God. Bonus: he can turn rocks into gold. At least, he can when he gets his powers back.

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The accidental kiss — entirely impossible in the real world, but a common occurrence in K-dramas – happens when an accident (tripping, falling, etc.) causes a guy and a girl to accidentally lock lips. This is something Im sure many fans would like to happen outside of the K-drama world, but for now, well have to be content when it happens between our favorite couples, like Hyun Jae and Woo Seung (multiple times!) in Greatest One-Shot.

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Hey Soompiers, are there any K-drama moments that you wish would happen in real life? Let us know in the comments below!

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