15 Korean Phrases And Slang Words Every K-Drama Fan Should Know
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15 Korean Phrases And Slang Words Every K-Drama Fan Should Know

Koreans come up with slang words and abbreviations so often that its almost impossible to keep up. But, if youre an avid K-drama watcher, youre probably well in the loop and can pretty much carry conversations using only slang words! Just in case you need to refresh your memory, here are just 15 Korean slang words and phrases that you have most likely heard while watching K-dramas.

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Often used when youre in a slight state of shock or awe.

Dae-bak / 대박: Awesome, Jackpot

Can be used in many different contexts, but usually its used to show frustration.

Jjang-ee-yah / 짱이야: is the best, number 1

Used when youre happy or excited about something.

Ddo-rah-ee / 또라이: Crazy, lunatic

Usually said when in a state of surprise or shock. Can be used as a question or statement.

Omo / Omonah / 어머 / 어머나: Oh no! or Oh my gosh!

Mi-chus-suh?! / 미쳤어?!: Are you crazy?!

Eo-tteok-hae?! /어떡해?!: What do I/we do?!

This word also means, how? when spelled as 어떻게.

The very early stages of dating; when youre not exclusive. You might know that you like each other, but are not boyfriend/girlfriend yet!

chi-maek / 치맥: fried chicken + beer

This combo has been around in Korean culture forever, but it was made popular because of Jun Ji Hyun!

dak-sal / 닭살: cringe-worthy or gross

Its usually used when someone says or does something and youre seriously cringing.

call / 콜: Lets do it! or Im in! or Sure!

If someone asks you, do you want to go for chicken and beer? You can answer, Call!

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