Zhang Liyin reveals press release of her impending summer comeback “Agape,” ft. EXO-M’s Tao, f(x)’s Victoria, and model-turned-actor Song Jaerim

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After having released her first video teaser for comeback song “Agape,” solo singer Zhang Liyin has now revealed a press release regarding her title track!

Previously, all that was known of her comeback music video was that it would include famous hoobae celebrities Tao, Victoria, and Song Jaerim. However, this recent press release uploaded via SM Entertainment’s official website gave more information for fans anticipating her summer comeback this year. Below is a translation of the Korean press release:

“The Chinese comeback of SM’s talented R&B singer Zhang Liyin!

-3rd single ‘Agape’ to be released via music portals on Saturday, August 2nd!

-f(x) Victoria & EXO Tao [have been] revealed in the music video teaser!

SM’s talented R&B singer Zhang Liyin is making a comeback with her third single ‘Agape

Kim Soo Hyun’s Chinese Fans Donate to a School in Need to Celebrate His 7th Debut Anniversary

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Lately, in celebration of various events, fandoms have been donating to charitable causes under their star’s name. Lee Seung Gi’s fans raised approximately 10,000 USD and created the “Lee Seung Gi Forest,” and Park Yoochun’s fans donated about 6,600 USD to World Vision under his name.

Recently, according to a Chinese entertainment media outlet, Kim Soo Hyun’s fans in China have done the same. In celebration of the seventh anniversary of the actor’s debut, fans put together 7247 Chinese Yuan (approx. 1200 USD) and donated it to a school in need.

This was carried out by one of Kim Soo Hyun’s many fan clubs in China, called “SooHyun Time.” The project was put together from beginning to end by the fan club, from raising the money to the selection of the school to receive the donations

Jung Kyung Soon

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Name: 정경순 / Jung Kyung Soon
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1963-Sep-15
Star sign: Virgo

TV Shows

Welcome Rain to My Life (SBS, 2012)
The Empress (E-Channel, 2011)
Thorn Birds (KBS2, 2011)
You Don’t Know Women (SBS, 2010)
Doenjang-gun and Natto-jjang’s Marriage War (MBC, 2010)
That Person Is Coming (MBC, 2008)
Daughter in Law (SBS, 2008)
New Heart (MBC, 2007)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (MBC, 2007)
Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)
One Day Suddenly (SBS, 2006)
Dangerous Love (KBS2, 2005)
Land (SBS, 2004)
Girl School (KBS2, 2002)
Romance (MBC, 2002)
Life is Beautiful (KBS2, 2001)
Medical Center (SBS, 2000)
LA Arirang (SBS, 1995)


The First Amendment of Korea (2003)

Tony An makes his first public appearance after his gambling incident

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Tony An stepped out onto the public eye for the first time since his gambling incident.

Currently, the members of H.S.g.R are filming their OnStyle show "Where Is my Super Hero?" (or "WISH") with the exception of Tony An. However, on the 27th, after Eun Ji Won, Moon Hee Jun, Chun Myung Hoon, and Danny Ahn were done with their "WISH" performnace at the Shinsadong CGV, Tony An stepped out onto the stage.

He greeted, "Hello, it"s Tony An. First, it seems like it"s been a long time since I saw you. To be honest, I worried over what to tell you. I wasn"t able to sleep at all. I"m very sorry. I"m so sorry to the fans, to the members, and to the staff

BESTie returns to the music scene with upbeat new summer track “Hot Baby”

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After a year of hiatus following their last anniversary thank-you video, four-member girl group BESTie recently made a comeback with their brand new summer track, “Hot Baby”!

Inducing soft lighting, natural elements such as grassy backgrounds, sunny glows, and bubbles, as well as colorful summer clothing, Haeyeon, Yooji, Dahye, and Hyeryeong have fun at a casual summer party while singing about their hopes of a great relationship with a significant other. Their voices are melodic and travel over a wide range, as they call for their lovers to confess and begin their great relationship as soon as possible. All in all, the music video induces a positive atmosphere and upbeat tune, making it a great summer listen.

Furthermore, although the MV is filmed in just one setting, both the members’ cute antics, as well as their outfit changes and frequent close-ups keep the MV diverse until the song’s end

ZE:A’s Taehun to Debut as an MMA Fighter

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Boy group ZE:A‘s member Taehun will be the first idol ever to debut as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Taehun will be participating in the upcoming MMA game called “Revolution 2 – Start of a Revolution” which will be held on August 15 at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Handball Arena.

He is the first currently-active idol to try his hand at mixed martial arts. Fans of ZE:A and MMA alike are curious to see how he will do as an MMA fighter.

In the official announcement, Taehun said, “It was my dream to stand in the ring. I am so happy to finally have my dream come true and I’m practicing hard with excitement. I am going to try my best during the match, whether I win or lose.”

“High School: Love On” ranks #1 in content power for the 2nd week of July

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"High School: Love On" has ranked #1 in content power for the 2nd week of July!
Content power is measured by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea, and it"s a ratings system that integrates the different types of media and measures consumer activities around a certain product. Three different items are taken into account: the issue ranking that analyzes the number of people who read news related to the program, the search ranking that measures the number of people who searched for the site on portal sites, and a buzz ranking that a program has on SNS.

"High School: Love On" managed to rank #1 in the content power ranking and in the social media buzz ranking in just 2 episodes. 

Congratulations to "High School"!

Sunny Hill Hints at a Possible Comeback

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Girl group Sunny Hill may be coming back soon!

Member Jubi posted an ominous picture to her Twitter account on July 27 that read, “an unforgettable dreamlike story of summer,” written in her handwriting. This image was then retweeted by the official Sunny Hill Twitter, which added, “Hillers (Sunny Hill’s official fan club name), Sunny Hill unnis will be returning soon.”

If they do indeed comeback this summer, it would be Sunny Hill’s official comeback in over a year, after they released their mini album “Young Folk” in June of last year. They released a digital single called “Don’t Say Anything” in January of this year, but did not promote the song.

Earlier this year, Sunny Hill turned into a four-member girl group after their producer and male member Janghyun left to pursue his career as a producer

Girl’s Day Sojin Confirmed as Host for MBC Music’s “Idol School”

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Sojin of Girl’s Day will be taking on her first role as an MC through MBC Music’s new variety show “Idol School.”

According to recent reports, the idol will be joined by popular MC Jeon Hyun Moo and singer Kim Yeon Woo.

“Idol School” is a variety show that challenges idol groups to build their music show stages. To earn equipment such as lights, they have to win fun games, and the final winner gets to utilize the props during their performance.

In addition to receiving her first-ever hosting position, Sojin was recently cast for a role in TV Joseon’s new drama “Greatest Marriage.”

“Idol School” will premiere in August, while Girl’s Day is actively promoting their bright summer song “Darling

ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik Gets Promoted to “Corporal,” K.Will, Henry, and Park Gun Hyung as “Private First Class” on “Real Men”

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ZE:A‘s Park Hyungsik, K.Will, Super Junior-M‘s Henry, and Park Gun Hyung are no longer just privates!

On the July 27 episode of the MBC variety show “Real Men,” the members were shown as they get promoted to the guerrilla unit.

“My left chest feels heavier,” Park Hyungsik said as he revealed that he was promoted as Corporal. K.Will chimed in, “I was also promoted to Private First Class.”

Later, Henry and Park Gun Hyung who were also promoted to “Private First Class” arrived. Everyone got promoted except for Chun Jung Myung so the moment Henry saw Chun Jung Myung, he jokingly said, “Is it okay to order you around now?” and Chun Jung Myung replied, “Yes, you can ask me for anything

EXO’s Tao Injures Foot While Filming for “Law of the Jungle,” to Receive Further Treatment in Korea

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EXO-M‘s Tao made the fans worry by returning from his filming of SBS ”Law of the Jungle in Solomon Islands” with an injured foot.

SM Entertainment explained today that Tao was stabbed on his right foot by the coral reefs while filming “Law of the Jungle” on July 14, ultimately injuring it. He received on-site treatment, as well as hospital treatment in Singapore and Changsha, China after filming the show. “Thankfully,” the agency explained, “there were no big injuries.”

Tao expressed his desire to keep his promise to the fans and perform at EXO‘s concert- “The Lost Planet in Changsha“- yesterday despite being injured, and upon having a check-up with the medical team, he still performed, although trying to take it as easy as he could because of his injury

SISTAR Takes a Drawing Personality Test on 1theK’s “Oven Radio”

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SISTAR, who recently made a comeback with “Touch My Body,” is this week’s featured guest for 1theK’s “Oven Radio,” a five-day series of five-minute shows. For Monday’s “Oven Radio,” member Soyou took the mic as the main DJ, joking that “As the national ‘some girl,’ I’m the most popular.’”

Among various other short games, the SISTAR members took a very simple, just-for-kicks drawing personality test on the show, which asked them to draw a mountain, sun, moon, well, and snake.

Try it out for yourself, and check out the video below to see what kind of personality you and the SISTAR members have!

Father and Son Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu Make Special Appearance on “Daddy Where Are We Going”

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The father and son tandem of Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu have made a special appearance on the MBC variety program “Daddy Where Are We Going” on July 27.

It’s been seven months since the father and son have traveled with the group so their appearance in the show was highly anticipated.

Lee Junsu went ahead and joined the other fathers and sons in the trip while his father, Lee Jong Hyuk, was still rehearsing for a musical.

Lee Jong Hyuk caught up with everyone by the afternoon and the moment he arrived, laughter ensued. Although he greeted everyone a bit awkwardly when he arrived in the middle of the drop-the-handkerchief game, he laughed when he heard Sung Dong Il say, “Let’s play first and greet later

Sunny Hill to have a comeback soon?

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It looks like Sunny Hill will have a comeback soon!
Sunny Hill"s Joobi tweeted a photo captioned, "Summer". The photo read, "An unforgettable midsummer"s dream like story". The date she wrote the words on is August 1st, hinting that Sunny Hill might have something planned for that day!

Sunny Hill"s official Twitter retweeted her tweet and wrote, "Sunny Hill fans, Sunny Hill is coming back soon", further confirming that the group is coming back soon. 

Are you ready for whatever is coming on August 1st?

Actress Kim Yoo Jung Cast as Lead Female in New Drama

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Child actress Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed to star as the lead female role in a new drama titled “Secret Door” (working title).

On July 28, a representative of the actress’s agency, Sidus HQ, told OSEN through a phone conversation, “Kim Yoo Jung has confirmed her casting for the new SBS Monday—Tuesday drama ‘Secret Door,’ and also participated in the script reading on July 26.”

Kim Yoo Jung will be taking on the role of a fictional character, Seo Ji Dam, in the upcoming historical drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty.

The new SBS drama “Secret Door” is expected to begin airing its first episode around the middle of September, after the completion of “Temptation

Sistar Hyorin skin tone makes Dasom’s face disappear

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 Sistar’s vocalist Hyorin said that she had a problem during their MV shoot.

Last Monday on July 21st, the K-pop girl group’s showcase for their second mini album "Touch&Move" was held at the Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong. Singer K.Will and Junggigo hosted the show. The title song "Touch My Body," composed by Rado and Choi KyuSung of the new production team Black Eyed Pilseung, is a hip-hop dance genre song with an easy melody which anyone can sing along. During the showcase, Hyorin shared a fun story when the group was filming the music video. “In the video, there was a scene with a white background. My face was dark so it needed to be photoshopped. But, when it made other members face even brighter and ended up leaving only eyes, nose and mouth of Dasom

Tao to receive extra treatment in Korea for his “Laws of the Jungle” injury

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Tao will continue to get treatment for his foot injury!

SM Entertainment told OSEN, "Tao was injured while filming "Laws of the Jungle" at the Solomon Islands when he was hurt by the coral reef on his right foot. He got treatment right away by the on-site doctor. He also had examination and treatment at the transfer point in Singapore, and also again in China."

He performed on the 27th for EXO"s solo concert in Changsha, but SM Entertainment said, "He performed on stage without overdoing anything. EXO-M has schedules in China on the 28th, but Tao will be coming to Korea to get more treatment."

Hopefully everything will be fine!

Get to Know Play the Siren’s Members

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New co-ed group Play the Siren has released new photos and information about its members on the group’s official Facebook page. In each picture, the five members are pictured striking individual poses full of attitude against a black, grey, and fluorescent green background bearing the individual’s name.

All five members of Play the Siren are well-rounded. Out of the two female rappers, Chi Chi not only raps but also writes lyrics and dances. The younger Casper looks cute and innocent, but is charismatic and mature while performing. She speaks five languages (Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese) and was accepted to study at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Male member Siren is the leader and producer, and serves to give the group direction and energy

Numerous Stars Pay Their Final Respects at Yoo Chae Young’s Funeral

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On the episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” that was aired on July 27, stars were seen attending the funeral of singer and actress Yoo Chae Young. It was an extremely sad day for everyone in attendance and as Yoo Chae Young was loved by many, there were numerous attendees.

Guests included singers Kim Jang Hoon, Lim Chang Jung, Haha, Byul, Kim Jong Gook, Cool‘s Lee Jae Hoon, actors Song Ji Hyo, Kim Hyun Joo, comedians Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, Park Mi Sun, Song Eunee, and many more.

Kim Jang Hoon said at an interview, “It’s all the more saddening because Chae Young was just a nice girl.” Kim Sung Soo, who performed with her when Yoo Chae Young was a fellow member of the group Cool, said, “It’s so sad and I feel so sorry

Sonnet Son and 1000 Citizens Encourage You to Confess Your Love in “Love Again” Teaser

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Talented vocalist Sonnet Son has unveiled the first teaser clip for her comeback music video “Love Again.”

For the music video, she requested the help of 1000 ordinary citizens and asked them to wrote messages of encouragement to those struggling to confess their love to their crush. The messages seen in the teaser include “If you don’t express it, it is impossible to know,” “She is waiting for you too,” and “It is time!”

The song is a powerful ballad with an easily enjoyable melody. As expected from the young singer, her extremely high notes make the song stand out from the other mainstream ballads.

This is not the first time for Sonnet Son to team up with non-celebrities to produce her music video. In April, her music video for “I’m Okay, Now” received attention for featuring the breakup experiences of 500 Seoul citizens