Kwon Sangwoo admits that he has fallen for WINNER

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The Korean heartthrob admitted that he has been obsessed with Winner’s new song on his fan cafe.

In the post, Kwon Sangwoo reveals , “Wow, what is this song. It’s awesome. I’m going to the filming location while listening to this song. Winner’s “Empty” is my style.”

Kwon Sangwoo is currently filming for the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama, “Temptation”, featuring also Choi Jiwoo, Lee Jungjin, and Park Hasun.

Meanwhile, Winner have been sweeping the Korean music charts with their debut album, and recently also won first place on MCountdown and Inkigayo!

Have you also been obsessed with Winner’s new song, “Empty”?

Source: Tenasia

Super Junior”s Kyuhyun joins his next musical “The Days”

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Super Junior"s Kyuhyun has been cast in his third musical "The Days"!

Kyuhyun has played lead roles in the musicals "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" and "Singin" in the Rain" just this year alone. "The Days" producing agency Insight Entertainment stated on August 27, "Super Junior"s Kyuhyun, who has been continually showing his growth as a musical actor, has been confirmed as part of the cast."

In "The Days", he"ll be playing the character Mooyeong, a witty and free-spirited security guard for Blue House as well as friend of Jeong Hak. Yoo Jun Sang, Lee Gun Myung, Choi Jae Woong, and Kang Tae Eul are set to play Jeong Hak, while Kyuhyun, Kim Seung Dae, Oh Jeong Hyuk, and Ji Chang Wook will be playing Mooyeong

K-Drama OST Roundup: TVXQ Changmin Sings ‘Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You’ For ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

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(Photo : MBC, tvN) Changmin appears on "The Night Watchman"s Journal" original soundtrack.

TVXQ’s Max Changmin lends his voice to the part three of the original soundtrack for “The Night Watchman’s Journal” with the stirring love theme “Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You.”

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” also known as “Diary of a Night Watchman” is a fantasy historical drama starring Jung Il Woo (The Moon Embracing the Sun) and TVXQ’s Yunho.

EDEN also appear on part three of the original soundtrack with the soulful track “Come to Me.”

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” airs on MBC on Mondays and Tuesdays in the 22:00 time slot

Kwon Sang Woo Admits Being A Fan of WINNER, Says “Empty” is His Jam

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WINNER has earned themselves an A-list celebrity fan in top actor Kwon Sang Woo.

In a recent update post to his fans through his official fan cafe, Kwon Sang Woo wasn’t able to hold his admiration of WINNER and the group’s title track, “Empty.”

“Wow, what’s this song? Daebak (amazing). I listen to this song as I go to my filming location. WINNER’s ‘Empty’ is my style,” Kwon Sang Woo said in his post.

Kwon Sang Woo is currently busy filming the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation” with “Stairway to Heaven” co-star Choi Ji Woo. The actor has proven how much of a fan he is by acknowledging on his official fan update that he does listen to WINNER’s song “Empty” while going to and from his filming location

4TEN dance like a “Tornado” in choreography video

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New girl group 4TEN have released a dance practice session for their debut song "Tornado"!

The Jungle Entertainment girl group is raising a lot of interest as the sister group to M.I.B. Like their labelmates, 4TEN are going with a hip hop style and concept for their debut with the single "Tornado".

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for 4TEN"s debut stage!

[Interview] Jhameel Spreads A Positive Message Through His Music

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(Photo : Kpopstarz ) Jhameel delivered a message of hope for his fans at KCON 2014.

Jhameel recently performed at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena as one of the opening acts for the second night of KCON 2014. Jhameel also appeared at KCON as one of the featured special guests.

When Jhameel performed, the audience enthusiastically took notice. KCON 2014 provided Jhameel with an opportunity to extend past his original audience base into the new horizon of K-Pop fans.

The singer-songwriter delivers a positive message to his youthful audience. Many of his fans turned out to see him perform at KCON, even though he is not a K-Pop artist. His cross-over appeal was best witnessed when we met Jhameel, following one of his performances.

As we walked through the convention area, fans stopped Jhameel to take photos and pass on messages of how his music impacted their lives

Choo Sarang flashes a “choovely” smile in an adorable snapshot

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My, oh my, how Choo Sarang has grown!

Choo Sarang"s Facebook was updated for the first time in over a month with an adorable snapshot on August 26. The above photo was posted with the caption, "Sarang is excited!" As it"s been a while since we"ve last seen any SNS updates of Choo Sarang, fans noticed Choo Sarang"s growth from the "choovely" baby we all know and love into a pretty, young girl.

Continue to watch her grow up on KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back" every Sunday!

Shin Sung Rok and Jin Se Yeon Host Seoul International Drama Awards 2014

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“My Love From the Star” and “Trot Lovers” actor Shin Sung Rok and “Bridal Mask” and “Five Fingers” actress Jin Se Yeon will lead this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards 2014 (SDA) as its masters of ceremonies.

According to the organizing committee of SDA on August 27, the appearance of Shin Sung Rok and Jin Se Yeon as MCs of the awards ceremony is already confirmed.

Both Shin Sung Rok and Jin Se Yeon have been receiving recognition for their performances in the projects that they have recently acted in.

Shin Sung Rok, a prolific theater and screen actor, has appeared as an effective antagonist in “My Love From the Star,” a nominee for the Outstanding Korean Drama award

Dispatch releases evidence from assault case against Kim Hyun Joong

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Dispatch has released evidence from the assault case against Kim Hyun Joong. (Warning: The images below may be disturbing to some readers.)

The released document and photos shed more light on the exact nature of the reported assault committed against the star"s girlfriend. The chest, both arms, left buttock, and left shoulder are listed as injured in the alleged altercation or altercations between Kim Hyun Joong and his girlfriend.

Dispatch also contacted Kim Hyun Joong"s agency KeyEast Entertainment to comment. The label stated, "For now we are sticking to what was said in our official statement, and any further information will be released through police investigations." When asked if their position might change after investigations, the agency reiterated, "Rather than not changing our position, it will be revealed through police investigations

“A” Provides Pictures of Injuries Allegedly Caused by Kim Hyun Joong

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Local news source Dispatch has once again released documentation related to the alleged assault and battery case against Kim Hyun Joong filed by his girlfriend, “A.”

Today, Dispatch published pictures of the injuries “A” allegedly obtained from abuse by Kim Hyun Joong, as well as the injury certificate from the hospital that “A” submitted to the police for investigation. “A” claims she received these injuries at Kim Hyun Joong’s house on May 30 of this year. “A” claims that as of May, the two were dating and had been fighting over Kim Hyun Joong’s women issues. On May 30, the arguing led to physical abuse by Kim Hyun Joong.

According to the injury certificate, the doctor who examined her observed that “A” suffered spraining and bruising on her left shoulder joint, and she experienced tenderness and bruising in her chest, both arms, left hip, and left side of her face

Shin Se Kyung gives her own take on filming the nothing-but-underwear scenes for “Tazza 2″

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Shin Se Kyung gave her own take on filming a scene for "Tazza 2" in which the actors played a card game while wearing nothing but their underwear, which T.O.P talked about yesterday.

During an interview with OSEN at a cafe in Samcheong-dong on August 26, she said, "I was shy and tried to cover myself up only at the beginning of filming. Later on, after a few days passed, it was okay. At first, when the director said "cut," I covered myself with a blanket or something, but later on, I found monitoring myself more important, so I would run out to the camera first to see how it came out. I even got used to that immediately."

The actress was also asked if she was satisfied with how her body appeared onscreen

Cube Entertainment merges with Cube DC bringing Rain, Roh Ji Hoon, 4minute, B2ST, and more under one roof

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Cube Entertainment has fully merged with its subsidiary company Cube DC, bringing artists from both agencies together.

On August 27, Cube Entertainment announced, "In order to increase our management efficiency and synergy between the agencies, we"ve decided to merge together." The parent company now owns 100% of Cube DC"s shares, and there will be no substantial effect in terms of stock issuance.

Cube DC has managed names like Rain, Shin Ji Hoon, Roh Ji Hoon, and actor Kwak Seung Nam, while Cube Entertainment is home to idols 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, and BTOB as well as Kim Ki Ri, Oh Ye Ri, Na Jong Chan, and Jo Seo Ha.

Maybe we can look forward to collaborations? Stay tuned!

Check Out a Behind-the-Scenes Reel of “Plus Nine Boys” Kim Young Kwang, BTOB Yook Sungjae, and Oh Jung Sae for Vogue

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A behind-the-scenes reel of the “Plus Nine BoysVogue photo shoot was recently revealed on tvN’s official YouTube channel. The three oldest of the “plus nine boys” from the drama were featured in the shoot: Kim Young Kwang (playing 29-year-old Kang Jin Goo), BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae (19-year-old Kang Min Goo), and Oh Jung Sae (39-year-old Goo Kwang Soo).

The photo shoot was a playful one, the three actors striking playful poses appropriate for their respectful character ages, whether holding a dumbbell or sipping liquor from the bottle with a straw. Watch the video below:

“Plus Nine Boys” airs its first episode on Friday, August 29 at 8:40 p.m. (KST)

Taeyeon says she”s scared of the the excessive of media exposure on “THE TaeTiSeo”

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Taeyeon shared her thought about the media exposure of her private life on "THE TaeTiSeo".

On August 26th, OnStyle broadcast the 1st episode of "THE TaeTiSeo" showing the girls enjoying themselves in L.A after KCON.

Taeyeon said in a separate interview during the show,"I"ve been exposed more every year and I have a fear of that","Because I don"t if it"s a good or a bad thing but the feeling is like I"m shrinking into myself".

When the other members were asked to comment about Taeyeon"s personality, Tiffany said,"Taeyeon is a very unsual person. She"s a friend that is hard to get a grasp of". Seohyun said,"She"s the style that takes care of you behind your back".

Heechul also made his brief appearance on the show and talked about Taeyeon,"Taeyeon" mood swings are really serious, and because I"m also the same so we"re called as the "mood swings siblings"","But I like her because she"s not fake and genuinely care for the people around her"

Hong Soo Ah takes on retro, sexy, and innocent looks for “International bnt”

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"International BNT" released a photo shoot with actress Hong Soo Ah on August 26, showing that she could tackle any look and still look gorgeous.

The shoot with three different concepts took place at a classic hotel in Seoul. One concept was the pure and innocent look, which Hong Soo Ah pulled off easily dressed in all white, while another was a much sexier look with a tinge of retro as she wears a glittery, all-black outfit. The third also has a retro vibe as she looks like a "70s go-go girl with a floral two-piece and puffed up hair in a classy jazz bar.

In the interview, she said, "I think of China as a place with a lot of opportunities. Luckily enough, I was able to first experience being the lead of a drama and a movie while in China and acted to my heart"s content

[Photos] Added new special poster for the upcoming Korean movie “Night Flight”

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Added new special poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Night Flight" (2013)

Directed by Lee Song-hee-il

With Kwak Si-yang, Lee Jae-joon, Choi Joon-ha, Kim Chang-hwan, Lee Ik-joon, Jeong In-gi,...

The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival Selection
Three teenage boys who were once close friends grow apart when they reach high school: Yong-ju lives hiding his true gender identity, Gi-woong becomes the leader of the school gang, and Gi-taek an obsessive manga fan. Tired of the constant malicious bullying by Gi-woong"s gang, Gi-taek betrays them by disclosing that Yong-ju has loved Gi-woong for years. Surrounded by an insecure boundary of the school and wounded by betrayals, the boys are driven into catastrophe.

Release date in Korea : 2014/08/28

2PM”s Nichkhun and “rosa.K” celebrate the launch of their collaboration line of bags

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2PM"s Nichkhun celebrated the launch of his collaboration line of bags with "rosa.K" at the brand"s showcase!

The showcase was held at Lotte Hotel World"s Crystal Ballroom in Jamsil, Seoul on August 26. Approximately 200 people attended the exclusive event including 2AM"s Jo Kwon and Jinwoon, Sunmi, miss A"s Fei and Jia, DJ DOC"s Kim Chang Ryul, Park Ji Yoon, Eric Nam, Kim Tae Hoon, Park Joo Hyung, Yoon Park, Jung Yoon Sun, and Wang Ji Hye.

Nichkhun shared through a Q&A session following the presentation, "I am still far from being qualified enough to be called a handbag designer... But I am joyful that my ideas and concepts were expressed through the handbags well

Cube Entertainment Merges with Cube DC to Bring Rain, BEAST, 4Minute and Others under the Same Roof

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Talent agency Cube Entertainment has merged with its subsidiary Cube DC, marking the birth of a larger and more diverse company.

On August 27, Cube Entertainment announced, “To increase our economic competitiveness and foster the synergy effect between the firms, we decided to acquire Cube DC.”

The companies approved the merger with a swap ratio of 1:0, meaning that Cube Entertainment has acquired 100% of Cube DC’s shares. Consequently, there will be no substantial change in the issuance of stocks.

It is unclear whether the merger will result in an increased amount of collaborative efforts among the artists and whether Cube DC artists will participate in the United Cube concert.

Cube DC has been the home to artists Rain, Shin Ji Hoon, No Ji Hoon, and actor Kwak Seung Nam, whereas Cube Entertainment hosts idol groups 4Minute, BEAST, G

Actress Lee Min Jung Is Full of Elegance For Cosmopolitan

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Actress Lee Min Jung showed off her elegant side through her recent Cosmopolitan pictorial. The pictures seem to focus on the bags that the actress is holding but one would find it difficult to concentrate on the accessories as the actress looks truly stunning.

During the interview that followed the shoot, the actress talked about participating in promoting the handbag brand Vincis Bench and said, “I feel like someone who was about to take a test. I was so lost in watching other people’s handbags. I really felt like I was the designer behind these bags and I had lots of fun.”

Earlier this year, the actress appeared in the drama “Cunning Single Lady,” for which she received positive reviews on her acting skills.

Three tracks from Hyung Don & Dae Joon”s “Dark Gangster Rap Volume 1″ deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS

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Three tracks from Hyung Don & Dae Joon"s (Jung Hyung Don & Defconn) third mini album "Dark Gangster Rap Volume 1" have been deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS.

A KBS rep stated, ""PARK YOU" alludes to curse words in its lyrics. Also, "It"s Confirmed" mentions specific brands including "KakaoTalk" as well as suggestive expressions. "The Song That Almost Became the Title Track" also includes scornful remarks towards oneself, so we deemed it unsuitable."

Their "PARK YOU" MV, which was released on July 14, also received a 19+ rating.

Defconn previously tweeted in response to the 19+ rating, "The "PARK YOU" MV received a "19+ rating". It just somehow came to be like that