Lee Hyori Opens Up About Pressure to Look Good in the Public Eye

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On the July 29 broadcast of SBS’ talk show “Magic Eye,” Lee Hyori and the show’s other MCs and guests engaged in a discussion on the topic of “appearance,” including the pressure to look good as a celebrity in the public eye.

During their discussion, Lee Hyori shared a behind-the-scenes story about what happened after she took part in a lingerie photo shoot.

She explained, “I once shot a lingerie advertisement. It was a photo shoot where I sat at a desk, and after seeing the photos, a 36-year-old housewife, who’s the same age as me, left a comment saying, ‘I’m envious that her stomach fat doesn’t fold even when she’s sitting. I really want to die.’”

Hyori added on, “After seeing that comment, I felt irresponsible as a celebrity

Actress Kim So Hyun Looks All Grown Up in Recent Pictures

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Child actress Kim So Hyun recently revealed photos of herself that give off a sophisticated vibe and show off her mature charms.

On July 26, actress Kim So Hyun posted on her personal Instagram account, “The staff members took this picture for me on the day of my photo shoot~!!! Thank you~” along with two photos.

In the uploaded pictures, Kim So Hyun can be seen in a black pleated dress, wearing a darker makeup look than usual. She is drawing attention for her grown up appearance that makes it hard to believe she is actually a middle school student.

Meanwhile, the actress will be starring in an upcoming OCN drama titled “Reset,” to begin airing on August 10, in which she will be taking on two separate roles as actor Chun Jung Myung’s first love, Seung Hee, as well as a high school student named Eun Bi

Actor Kim Woo Bin and Entertainer Hong Seok Cheon Show Their Loyalty In Recent Photos

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Entertainer Hong Seok Cheon and actor Kim Woo Bin recently took pictures together showing their loyalty for each other.

On July 29, Hong Seok Cheon uploaded photos on his Twitter with a message that said, “With Woo Bin, who’s busy filming a movie and my little brother Jang Mi Kwan, who’s preparing to be an actor. Friendship and loyalty. Loyalty as much as Kim Bo Sung. Let’s not change. My awesome little brothers.”

In the revealed photos, Kim Woo Bin, Hong Seok Cheon and his acquaintance are seen sitting together and smiling widely towards the camera. Hong Seok Cheon has both his arms around the two actors, showing the close friendship they have. Also, Kim Woo Bin’s chic charms can be seen as he’s seen wearing all black.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin has been busy filming the film, “The Technicians

'Hotel King' Lee Dong Wook's Charismatic King

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"Hotel King" Lee Dong Wook showed his soft yet cold hearted charisma.

On July 26th, Lee Dong Wook"s management company King Kong Entertainment showed Lee Dong Wook on the set of MBC weekend drama "Hotel King" with his weight and presence along with his great visual. He perfects his image according to the character that he plays that works at CL Hotel, but nonetheless, maintains the perfectionist image with a soft side that is attracting viewers in each episode.

In the picture, Lee Dong Wook is smiling slightly and enjoying a conversation with the staff members. It"s as if he is giving off a "heart fluttering" warning. The scene where he is looking at the sequence of events in the outdoor set is another insightful scene.

The sincere look that he has along with the general sincerity is also captivating the hearts of viewers

Baek Jiyoung to hold solo concert tour + reveals promotional teaser video

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Baek Jiyoung will be holding her very own solo concert tour soon and and a short video clip was also released for her concert tour, titled “Baek Jiyoung Show: That Woman”!

Marking her 15th anniversary since debut, Baek Jiyoung will be having a solo concert to celebrate with her fans! Including OST songs, she has released around a whopping 160 songs since her first song in 1999 with “Choice”, rising to the top of Korean music charts as the top female heart-touching vocalist.

When asked about the upcoming concert, Baek Jiyoung’s company, Music Works, and co-sponsor CJ E&M stated, “This concert will not be a concert of just performances and talk. It will be a performance that tells a story that will entice the eyes and ears. Almost like watching a musical, you will be able to really hear and see the story of “That Woman” concert

EXO”s Chanyeol, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, and Shin Sung Woo enjoy an outing in BTS photos from “Roommate”

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"Roommate" shared BTS photos of four of the male roommates EXO"s Chanyeol, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, and Shin Sung Woo!

"Roommate" PD Park Sang Hyuk tweeted the photos, sharing with fans, "Four cool male roommates on a hot summer day" and "Roommates Sung Woo. Dong Wook. Se Ho. Chanyeol."

As the roommates recently celebrated their 100th day since moving into their sharehouse, it seems the four have been becoming especially close like brothers.

Stay tuned for more of their friendship on "Roommate" this Sunday!

뜨거운 어느 여름날, 멋진 룸메이트 4남자 pic.twitter.com/x8wKfmFqsg

— 박상혁 Park, Sanghyuk (@SBSPD) July 30, 2014

룸메이트 성우

Nichkhun reveals he”s preparing for 2PM”s comeback + BTS cuts and clip for “YONEX KOREA”

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Nichkhun assured HOTTEST that 2PM are preparing to make their comeback, which is hopefully soon! "YONEX KOREA" also eased the wait for fans with BTS cuts and clip of Nichkhun"s photo shoot for the badminton brand.

Nichkhun thanked HOTTEST for their love and support during his interview with the brand, sharing, "We will prepare hard to release a new album in Korea within this year. Thank you for always supporting us."

The idol also showed his love for badminton while shooting his 2014 F/W catalogue for "YONEX KOREA", so treat yourself to his handsome visuals while you wait for 2PM"s comeback, which Wooyoung hinted that it might be September during the "One Mic" press conference event!

“Superstar K2″s Park Bo Ram to make her debut on August 7 + teaser image

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"Superstar K2"s Park Bo Ram will finally make her debut on August 7!

Park Bo Ram unveiled the teaser image on her Instagram @ramramram2 on the 30th in a puzzle format with the hashtags, "#ParkBoRam #GotPrettier", perhaps in reference to her dramatic weight loss transformation.

Her agency MMO rep stated, "Thank you to those who have been showing a lot of interest in Park Bo Ram"s transformation. Park Bo Ram, who will make her debut in four years [since "Superstar K2"], has been putting all her effort into her visuals and skills. We ask that you look forward to the various charms that Park Bo Ram will show."

Park Bo Ram has already proven her talents before, so all that there is left to see is how she has honed her skills since the audition program when she makes her debut!

Actress Han Go Eun Joins Dating Reality Show “A Week of Romance,” to Date Stranger in Italy

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Actress Han Go Eun will be finding her fated love in Italy. On July 30, it was revealed that Han Go Eun has confirmed her appearance on MBC Every1’s new reality program, “A Week of Romance,” and is planning on leaving for Italy mid-August.

“A Week of Romance” is a dating reality program where the guest travels to a foreign location and goes on romantic dates with a stranger for a week. After Han Go Eun, actress Jo Yeo Jung will be appearing on the show.

Han Go Eun will be going on a romantic date with a local in Italy. She will not be given any information on her date such as appearance, age, or occupation, so it will definitely be a fateful meeting.

Han Go Eun is known to be a stylish and elegant actress, and many are interested in seeing the actress in a natural environment

Bob Girls Go Blue in New Pictorial for HIM

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Rookie girl group Bob Girls (Dahye, Yujeong, Jina, Danbi) have released a pictorial for military magazine HIM, themed “new army chief.” For the magazine’s August issue, titled “Attention! New Girl Group,” Bob Girls look sexy yet cute in their tank tops and shorts. The outfits are accented with cheerful headbands.

In the accompanying interview, the girls voiced their thoughts on their first performance in front of a military crowd. “We thought the soldiers weren’t that familiar with our group yet, so we wondered what their reaction would be… but their response was great. Seeing our military fans up close made us want to dance and sing even more enthusiastically.”

Member Yujeong said, “My older brother is serving as a captain in the army, so I know more about military life than a normal girl

Yiruma to Hold Concerts in Malaysia and Hong Kong for the First Time

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Come October, music fans in Malaysia and Hong Kong are in for a big treat! Yiruma is set to perform in both countries for the very first time on October 4 and 8 respectively. The concerts will both be one-night-only, so don’t miss the opportunity to hear Yiruma perform live in person!

Says Yiruma of his forthcoming concerts in Malaysia and Hong Kong, “I am very grateful that I will be performing in Malaysia and Hong Kong for the first time. I have heard that many fans there are already enjoying my music. Hopefully, my live performance will make you feel much more lyrical and emotional.” In April, Yiruma performed to a sold out crowd in Singapore and received a standing ovation during closing.

Tickets have gone on sale; check out the ticketing information below.

YIRUMA LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2014Date: October 4, 2014, Saturday Time: 8:00PM Venue: Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre Ticket Pricing: RM588*, RM328, RM258, RM228*Each RM588 ticket comes with a free [Best of the Best] CD which can be redeemed at venue and autographed by Yiruma in person after the concert

Rookie Actress Ryu Hye Young Signs with C-JeS Entertainment

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Rookie actress Ryu Hye Young has signed with talent management company C-JeS Entertainment, adding onto the agency’s impressive roster of top star actors.

On July 30, C-JeS Entertainment announced that Ryu Hye Young has signed a contract with them. They added, “Ryu Hye Young is a rising star who has acted in feature-length movies, short films, and theater productions since debut. We will be supporting her to see that she is able to film more varying roles in the future.”

Ryu Hye Young debuted in 2007 with a short film called “A Female High School Student.” She then appeared in small but critically acclaimed movies like “Adolescent” and “Forrest.” 

In 2012, she received the Best Female Actor award at the Multicultural International Short Film Festival for her portrayal in the short film “Graduation Trip

[Video] Added new trailer, stills and poster for the Korean drama “The Three Musketeers – Drama”

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Added new trailer, stills and poster for the upcoming Korean drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama"

"The Three Musketeers - Drama" (2014)Directed by Kim Byeong-sooWritten by Song Jae-jeongNetwork : tvNWith Jeong Yong-hwa, Lee Jin-wook, Yang Dong-geun, Jeong Hae-in, Seo Hyeon-jin, Yoo In-yeong,...SynopsisA historical drama based in the Joseon era about the deeds of heroes.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/08/17


JYPE express thanks for the homage in HyunA”s “From When and Until When” lyrics, but ask for prior notice next time

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JYP Entertainment responded to the issue surrounding the extremely similar lyrics found in one of HyunA"s new songs "From When and Until When" and their former artist g.o.d"s "The Reason Why Opposites Attract" (which was released under JYPE).

As mentioned before, it was discovered that HyunA"s song include a portion of lyrics that were exactly the same as a portion found in g.o.d"s past hit song with the exception of one word. With questions rising regarding possible plagiarism, BTOB"s Hyunsik, the composer and co-lyricist of the song, tweeted that the lyrics were meant as a homage to g.o.d and that there were no bad intentions.

A JYP Entertainment rep told MyDaily on the 30th that although they are thankful about the homage, they hope a prior agreement will be made ahead of time in the future

Hwayoung to make her movie debut in “Today”s Love”

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Hwayoung will make her movie debut in "Today"s Love"!

Her agency Wellmade Ent. revealed, "Hwayoung will join Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in the romance film "Today"s Love" which portrays a delicate relationship between a man and woman."

Hwayoung shared, "As much as "Today"s Love" is my first movie, I am worried and nervous. To that extent, I want to do well. As much as I will be working with good sunbaes like Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, I will do my best to bring a fun and sweet movie with my acting. Although I"m lacking and a novice, I hope that you will look upon me fondly."

She"ll be playing the character Heejin, who is a university student who is fully of bright and lively charms

Indie band Red Velvet voice out against SM Entertainment”s choice of name for new girl group

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SM Entertainment"s fresh faces, Red Velvet, are already receiving quite a bit of attention before their official debut, but unfortunately not everyone is excited about the group, or more specifically, their name.

Although you may think of the new 4-member girl group when you hear "Red Velvet", it is also the name of an indie band, who have been expressing their frustration about SM"s name choice.

The indie band Red Velvet, who have been active since 2013 in the Hongdae area, voiced their thoughts online, with member Ha Hee Soo writing, "I"m a member of indie band Red Velvet. We released a single last year and have held performances in Hongdae, and were in the midst of preparing for our next album

[Video] Added Korean drama “Trot Romance” episode 12

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Added episode 12 for the Korean drama "Trot Romance"

Watch on DramaFever

"Trot Romance" (2014) Directed by Lee Eun-jin, Lee Jae-sang Written by Kang Yoon-kyeong, Oh Seon-hyeong With Ji Hyeon-woo, Jung Eun-ji, Sin Seong-rok, Lee Se-yeong, Son Ho-joon, Sin Bo-ra,... 20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Trot Lovers" Synopsis A woman in her 20s who has a talent for trot, meets a genius trot writer and becomes a trot singer. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/23

Watch on DramaFever

Note : due to licensing, videos may not be available in your country

Yoochun Talks About Upcoming Military Enlistment and How JYJ Considered Enlisting Together as a Group

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who will soon be making his big screen debut through “Sea Fog,” recently sat down for an interview with Star News on July 30 to discuss his very first film, as well as his thoughts on his upcoming military enlistment.

The new film, “Sea Fog,” is receiving attention, as it will be Yoochun’s final project before entering his military service. The JYJ member expressed, “If I could, I would like to do one more project before going. But that’s not something I can simply jump into because I want to—the timing has to be right.”

For now, Yoochun is expected to leave for service within this year. However, he carefully shared his wish to enlist next year, if possible.

He continued, “It would be great if I could do another project before going

Henry Feels Stressed About Looking Young, Says He Likes Lee Hyori for Her Ugly Looks?

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Super Junior-M’s Henry appeared as a guest on the July 29 broadcast of SBS’ talk show “Magic Eye,” to discuss the topic of ‘appearance.’

During the show, Henry shared that he doesn’t get treated like an adult due to his youthful appearance, and also confessed that he likes Lee Hyori for her ugly looks.

The singer explained that he feels stressed about how young he looks for his age. Henry went on to share an experience he had because he appears to look much younger than 26 years old (Korean age). During a Super Junior concert rehearsal, the staff called the other members’ names politely, while they called him “Henry” and spoke to him informally.

He added that the cleaning lady at the group’s dorm also spoke to him as if he was a child, unlike the way she spoke to the other members, which caused him stress as well

“Superstar K2” Participant Park Bo Ram to Debut in August

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Park Bo Ram, the participant of Mnet’s “Superstar K2,” will officially debut on August 7.

It’s been four years since after her appearance on “Superstar K2.”

With her debut just a couple of days away, Park Bo Ram revealed the teaser images on July 30 on her SNS. Singers Yoon Jong Shin, Huh Gak and Hong Dae Kwang showed their support for the singer by uploading teaser images of her on their SNS.

In the picture, Park Bo Ram has transformed 180 degrees. She showed off her pretty face as she’s seen with long, blonde hair and wearing a white, see-through top. There are rumors that she was able to succeed in changing her image by dieting.

Park Bo Ram left a strong impression by performing her version of, “As Time Goes By