Does CNBLUE’s Jonghyun Resemble Keanu Reaves? Jung Hyung Dong Thinks So

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“Weekly Idol” Jung Hyung Dong said that CNBLUE’s Jonghyun is a Keanu Reeves look-a-like.

The June 30 broadcast of MBC Every1′s “Weekly Idol” marked the show’s three year anniversary and was broadcast in a two part special episode titled “Weekly Idol’s 100 Brightest Stars.” FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA and other singers from the FNC Entertainment label appeared as guests.

Upon seeing CNBLUE lead vocalist and guitarist Jonghyun, MC Jung Hyung Don said “You’ve combed your hair back too much! I thought you were Keanu Reeves,” causing the rest in attendance to burst out laughing. “Actually I got (dental) implants yesterday,” the rock star confessed, “But my family and label said I should still come out on the show, so here I am

Director Lee Seok Hoon Found Working With Sulli On “Pirates” to Be a Pleasure

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Lee Seok Hoon (42) recently gave an interview about his experience in creating the 2014 blockbuster “Pirates,” in which he expressed his thoughts about f(x)’s Sulli’s casting in the film as the female heroine’s right hand woman and youngest in the crew of pirates.

The veteran director admitted that her inclusion in the cast came as a surprise. Although the singer does not have a great deal of acting experience, her pleasant energy won her the chance to play this role. Director Lee was initially concerned that an idol was not a good choice, but once he worked with Sulli that worry disappeared.

“There were many different opinions as to Sulli’s casting. I initially wanted someone like Ra Miran, but in the end I was persuaded to give her a chance

[Spoiler] Added episode 26 captures for the Korean drama “Triangle – Drama”

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Added episode 26 captures for the Korean drama "Triangle - Drama" (2014)Directed by Choi Jeong-gyoo, Yoo Cheol-yongWritten by Choi Wan-gyooNetwork : MBCWith Lee Beom-soo, Kim Jae-joong, Si Wan, Oh Yeon-soo, Baek Jin-hee, Kim So-hyeon-I,...26 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00SynopsisA drama about three brothers who reunite after 20 years, ever since the death of their parents from two decades ago.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/05/05


Go Ara is So Busy That She Naps During Filming

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Popular actress Go Ara has been caught napping while in the studio!

On July 31, Go Ara tweeted “Ack^^;; I got busted… hehe,” and uploaded a photo of herself catching some Zs in an unexpected location.

In the photo, Go Ara is closing her eyes and leaning her head on her hands while in the midst of filming a pictorial. The staff bustles around her, busily setting up the lights. Her apparent embarrassment at falling asleep while on the job is particularly humorous and endearing.

In other news, Go Ara has received praise for her role as “Eo Soo Seon” in the SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded.” She is currently taking a break from acting as she considers her next project.

Lee Hyun Woo and Park Seo Jun Get Cozy Together in New Selca

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Actor Lee Hyun Woo recently released a photo taken with fellow entertainer Park Seo Jun.

On the afternoon of July 31, Lee Hyun Woo uploaded the photo on the Chinese SNS Weibo, commenting “I’m filming a commercial with Seo Jun hyung.” Both are represented by the same entertainment company and were picked to feature in the advertisement together.

In the picture, the two men exude a sense of warmth as they stand shoulder to shoulder looking up at the camera. Their handsome appearance and sense of camaraderie has attracted the attention of their female fans.

Lee Hyun Woo is also in the midst of filming the movie “The Engineers,” in which he will star alongside Kim Woo Bin. Park Seo Jun is likewise filming the movie “Chronicles of Evil

Boys Republic Grow Into Men for Vogue Girl’s August Pictorial

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Idol group Boys Republic have reinvented themselves in a polished, suit-wearing image.

On July 30, a representative for the group disclosed that Boys Republic will feature in a pictorial for fashion magazine Vogue Girl’s August issue, which will show the boys in a mix of suits, leather jackets, and lettered knits for a classic and stylish “boyfriend look.” In the pictorial, the five members can be seen wearing a comfortably warm and mature style. It is said that the magazine staff constantly praised the group during the shooting.

In the accompanying interview, Suwoong was picked out by his group mates as Boys Republic’s naughtiest member. “He acts cute in front of people, but in reality he likes to provoke others. Just a little while ago he suddenly started doing this weird dance in the fitting room for no reason,” the other members said, causing the filming staff to burst into laughter

Oh Yeon Seo Purses Her Lips for a Selca

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Actress Oh Yeon Seo revealed a selca of herself in which her appearance stands out.

On July 31, Oh Yeon Seo posted the selca along with the short message of “In the middle of filming!” to her Instagram account. In the left picture of the selca, Oh Yeon Seo is giving a slight smile while looking at the camera, while in the right picture she has her lips pursed all the way out. Oh Yeon Seo’s full lips that are calling out for a kiss and her top tier looks have captured the attention of the people who have viewed the selca.

Meanwhile, Oh Yeon Seo plays the lead role of Jang Bo Ri in the MBC weekend drama “Jang Bo Ri is Here,” where she is giving off an enthusiastic performance.

T.O.P Takes on Action in “Commitment”

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T.O.P Takes on Action in “Commitment” Written by Lo On July 31, 2014

Commitment was arguably the most buzzed-about Korean film of 2013. Partially because of the high concept of a reluctant teenager forced into espionage, but mostly because said teenager was played the one and only T.O.P. However, buzz and quality are usually not connected. How did Commitment hold up to its promised weight?

Spoilers Ahead

Commitment is a violent, gory shoot-’em-up filled with injuries and murder and an alarmingly cavalier attitude towards death. It really only bothers with the modern politics of the North-South divide because it’s a convenient backdrop for the blood and gore. This is not said as a criticism but a clarification. Many were disappointed by the rather small part the politics played in the film

Sunny talks about her perverted nickname Byungyu + the kidnapping attempt on Taeyeon

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On the July 31 edition of MBC"s "Stargazing," Girls" Generation"s Sunny talked about her "pervert status" and recalled the time leader Taeyeon was almost kidnapped on stage.

On the show, the fans talked about how it was well known that Sunny was a byuntae (pervert), saying how she often touched the other members" butts, gave lots of kisses, and did a lot of other perverted things to the point her nickname is Byungyu - a mix of "byuntae (pervert)" and her real name, Lee Sun Gyu.

The program even showed a picture of Sunny pinching Tiffany"s butt. When asked why she liked butts, Sunny said hesitatingly that she just liked the feeling of them. She also revealed that the members were shocked at first, but now got used to it

SISTAR Wins #1 on This Week’s M!Countdown + Performances by HA:FELT, Henry, Block B, and More!

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On this week’s episode of M! Countdown, SISTAR beats INFINITE, taking home the win for “Touch My Body.” Congratulations!

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls’ Yenny), Homme, Boys Republic, BESTie held comeback stages for their songs “Ain’t Nobody,” “It Girl,” “Dress Up,” and “Hot Baby,” respectively.

Other performers of the night includes Henry, Block B, B1A4, INFINITE, Hyomin, and more!

Check out the performances below!






Block B




Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for July 20 – July 26

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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of July 20 to July 26 below!

< gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. SISTAR - "Touch my Body"

2. INFINITE - "Back"

3. Block B - "HER"

4. Girl"s Day - "Darling"

5. Block B - "Jackpot"

6. Park Myung Soo ft. Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) & UL - "Tteokbokki"

7. SISTAR ft. Verbal Jint - "SOLO DAY"


[Spoiler] Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama “The King of High School Manners”

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Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama "The King of High School Manners" (2014)Directed by Yoo Je-wonWritten by Jo Seong-hee, Yang Hee-seongNetwork : tvNWith Seo In-guk, Lee Ha-na, Lee Yeol-eum, Lee Soo-hyeok, Lee Tae-hwan, Cheon I-seul,...Mon, Tue 23:00SynopsisA romantic comedy about a high school student who enters a major company and becomes part of its management.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/16


San-E’s full music video for “Body Language” accidentally pre-released online

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San-E’s full music video for “Body Language” featuring Bumkey was accidentally uploaded at 10 am KST on the 31st of July on YouTube and Twitter.

Brand New Music originally planned to upload the teaser for the music video on the 31st, however they had accidentally uploaded the full music video and had to remove the video immediately.

Unfortunately, the full music video has already been duplicated and is spreading rapidly online, when the full song was to be released on the 4th of August, thus this accidental leak may affect San-E’s promotions of the song later on.

A representative from Brand New Music revealed that they could not prevent the rapid spread of the music video due to the fact that they had been busy with meetings and conferences regarding San-E’s comeback.

The music video was said to be highly explicit, with several sexual references in the lyrics as well as many erotic scenes, and thus had been rated inappropriate for broadcasting previously

Contestants take on exclusive performances in “Show Me the Money 3″

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On the July 31 installment of Mnet"s "Show Me the Money 3," the contestants got to take on exclusive performances to show off their talents to an excited audience!

Bobby performed Red Cafe"s "I"m Ill," rousing up the crowd with his energetic performance while C Jamm performed "A YO," IRON took on "Look Out For Detox," and Olltii rapped "No Dollmodel." Unfortunately for B.I, he forgot a part of his lyrics once more during his performance, but he still had the crowd jumping on their feet!

Check out some of their awesome performances!

[Spoiler] Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama “Temptation”

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Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama "Temptation" (2014)Directed by Park Yeong-soo-IWritten by Han Ji-hoonNetwork : SBSWith Choi Ji-woo, kwon Sang-woo, Park Ha-seon, Lee Jeong-jin, Yoon Ah-jeong, Lee Jung-shin,...Mon, Tue 22:00SynopsisA married man recieves a large amount of money from another woman to pay off his debt and leaves himself in her hands.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/14


SISTAR talk about skinship and dating

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On July 31, the SISTAR members coolly talked about skinship and dating on KBS radio program "Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min"s 2 O"Clock."

It started with the question, "When is it a good time to start kissing and other skinship when you"re dating?"

Bora said, "Wouldn"t it be different depending on the situation? I think it would be hard on the first date. Wouldn"t you do it depending on how the first date goes?" Hyorin responded, "I"m not sure about that. It just happens or it doesn"t."

The DJs then asked whether they had broken up with any boyfriends before they got to kiss. Hyorin said, "I never met a guy for a short period of time

Kim So Hyun transforms from a girl into a lady

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Actress Kim So Hyun transformed from a girl into a lady. On Sunday, actress Kim So Hyun shared on her Instagram pictures of herself from fashion shoots for a magazine. Actress Kim So Hyun shared the pictures and said, "The pictures staff members took for me on the day of the fashion shoot. Thank you!" In the pictures, actress Kim So Hyun wore a black dress and thick makeup. Actress Kim So Hyun seemed so mature and elegant that she rarely seemed to be a middle school student. In related news, actress Kim So Hyun is going to star in the cable channel OCN"s new drama "Reset" with actor Chun Jung Myung, which is going to premiere on August 10, 2014.



Lyn Revealed to Be Collaborating With VIXX’s Leo

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After previously teasing a collaboration with one of the six VIXX members, singer Lyn has revealed the member to be none other than VIXX main vocal Leo!

The duet, part of Jellyfish Entertainment‘s “Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island” project, will combine the harmonic voices of Lyn and Leo and is scheduled to be released on August 5.

Previously, Lyn has collaborated with Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung in a remake of Shin Hye Sung’s “Buen Camino.”

Sunny talks about Girls” Generation”s dating and her future

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Girls" Generation"s Sunny appeared on the July 31 edition of MBC"s "Stargazing" and talked honestly about dating.

In relation to YoonA and Lee Seung Gi, Tiffany and Nichkhun, and Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho, Sunny stated, "After the dating news, they became cautious and can"t even go on dates well. They order chicken in the dorm with the other members. Girls" Generation members talk about dating often. I was aware of it."

Kang Ho Dong said, "Sunny might be in a relationship with a boyfriend right now, too. Are you the type to publicize your relationship if you"re in one? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sunny replied, "I don"t

[Spoiler] Added episode 12 captures for the Korean drama “Trot Romance”

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Added episode 12 captures for the Korean drama "Trot Romance" (2014)Directed by Lee Eun-jin, Lee Jae-sangWritten by Kang Yoon-kyeong, Oh Seon-hyeongWith Ji Hyeon-woo, Jung Eun-ji, Sin Seong-rok, Lee Se-yeong, Son Ho-joon, Sin Bo-ra,...20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00Also known as "Trot Lovers"SynopsisA woman in her 20s who has a talent for trot, meets a genius trot writer and becomes a trot singer.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/23