SM Entertainment and indie band Red Velvet reach agreement about name use

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SM Entertainment and indie band Red Velvet have reached an agreement concerning the use of the same name for the major agency"s upcoming four-member girl group.


The two parties have now come out with official statements regarding the matter and have ultimately decided to continue as is and promote with the same name. Ha Hwi Soo of the indie band Red Velvet told Star News, "[After meeting personally with a head at SM], we"ve concluded that we"ll promote with the same name. From now onward, neither will interfere with the use of the name Red Velvet."

A rep from SM Entertainment also stated, "After holding an amicable meeting with the two-member band Red Velvet, we"ve decided that both parties will use the name. Our company"s Red Velvet won"t have any setbacks for their debut, and we thank the two-member band Red Velvet for their consideration

Davichi release OST for “It”s Okay It”s Love” + MV

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Davichi release the second part of "It"s Okay It"s Love" OST and release an accompanying MV for it.

The song with the same title as the drama is a mellow song showcasing Davichi"s soulful and emotional vocals. The MV shows clips from the drama.

Super Junior seen preparing for their comeback with Tony Testa

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Super Junior have been working on the moves for their upcoming album with Tony Testa!

The U.S.-based creative director and choreographer revealed behind-the-scenes photos of the Super Junior members in the dance studio. He tweeted the above photo on July 29 with the message: "Good work, gentlemen."

He later added, "Thanks for the amazing gift," along with a photo with Eunhyuk and "Final day of reh with mio amico," as well as a photo with Siwon. Tony Testa has previously worked with EXO, SHINee, and TVXQ

Stay tuned for Super Junior"s comeback with returned leader Leeteuk!

Jiggy Dog releases MV for “The Best Thing I Did” feat. A Pink”s Hayoung

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Jiggy Dog have released "The Best Thing I Did" featuring A Pink"s Hayoung!

"The Best Thing I Did", the title track for Jiggy Dog"s third mini-album, features the hip hop group"s crisp rap, Hayoung"s sweet vocals, and acoustic sounds. The song about someone who thinks the best thing he did is date his significant other was written, composed, arranged, and produced by Jiggy Dog.

Check out the MV for "The Best Thing I Did" above!

JYJ sell 120,000 pre-orders of “Just Us” album

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The response for JYJ"s brand new album "Just Us" is hot!

According to C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ"s full-length album "Just Us" sold 120,000 copies before its official release on July 29 KST. Pre-orders for "Just Us" opened up a week ago, and fans were ready and willing to reserve their copies. The trio"s label added that the album has been ranking high on music charts.

In other news, the "2014 JYJ Membership Week" kicks off on the 31st. Congratulations to JYJ! Have you heard their new title track "Back Seat" yet?

Henry reveals 1st episode of “Henry”s Real Music: You, Fantastic” project

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Henry is introducing more of himself in his new project series "Henry"s Real Music: You, Fantastic"!

The Super Junior-M member will be showing different aspects of himself in the "Fantastic" project, which he came up with. In the first episode, Henry goes over everything "between an entertainer and an artist" in an interview with himself. 

Check out the video above (Turn on the English captions.)!

INFINITE”s Hoya injures ankle, Woollim says not serious

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INFINITE"s Hoya is reported to have injured his ankle at a filming for "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" in Seoul on July 29.

While performing for the music interview show, Hoya rolled his ankle and had to visit the hospital to receive a cast. A more detailed checkup for the INFINITE member"s ankle was also scheduled at the hospital on the 30th.

Woollim Entertainment has stated, "He"ll be receiving an examination today. Hoya"s injury isn"t serious. His promotions won"t be affected. He plans to perform on stage at the upcoming concert in August as well."

Let"s hope Hoya"s ankle heals up as soon as possible!

INFINITE’s L Confirms Casting in Rain’s Comeback Drama “My Lovely Girl”

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INFINITE member L will be appearing on SBS’ upcoming drama “My Lovely Girl,” which is scheduled to air its first episode in September.

According to a broadcast official on July 30, L recently confirmed his casting in this new drama, seeking to establish his position as an “acting idol.”

The INFINITE member will take on the role of a ‘flower boy’ singer in this drama’s storyline. It appears that many different singers will make appearances on “My Lovely Girl,” however, L is expected to play a pivotal role with a large part.

Previously, L has played So Ji Sub’s younger counterpart in SBS’ “Master’s Sun,” as well as the role of an erratic secretary in MBC’s “Cunning Single Lady,” leaving an impression on viewers

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Injured while Playing Soccer, Rushed to Hospital

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BEAST member Lee Kikwang was recently rushed to the hospital after injuring his foot while playing soccer for the filming of the KBS variety show “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

The cast of the “Cool Kiz on the Block” were participating in a friendly opening game of the FC Seoul 30th Anniversary event. They were up against former FC Seoul payers, called the FC Seoul “Old Star” team. Lee Kikwang was playing soccer as part of “Cool Kiz on the Block” team when the ball hit his right ankle. He expressed pain after being hit and was immediately taken to the hospital. It is yet unknown how severe his injury is. He is currently being examined and treated.

Also participating as part of the “Cool Kiz on the Block” team were Kang Ho Dong, fellow BEAST member Yoon Doojoon, SHINee’s Minho, and ormer FC Seoul member and national athlete, Lee Young Pyo

Album Review: HyunA Is Much More Than Just A Pretty Face With ‘A Talk’ [AUDIO]

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(Photo : Cube Entertainment ) HyunA has released her third EP, "A Talk."


4Minute’s HyunA has released her third extended play album “A Talk.” HyunA last presented her sultry vocals on the 4Minute mini album “4Minute World”. She received critical acclaim for the growth of her range and performance style on the 2013 Troublemaker album “Chemistry.”

HyunA is undeniably one of the sexiest female vocalists in K-Pop but she has been more restrained on her previous solo releases “Bubble Pop!” and “Melting.”

It is obvious that she no longer wants to be known, outside of K-Pop,as the girl in the music video for PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” On “A Talk,” HyunA approaches the level of confidence and competency that is witnessed with artists like 2NE1’s CL

Girls” Generation”s Jessica shows off her new bangs

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It has been a while, but it looks like Girls" Generation"s Jessica is sporting bangs once again for a refreshingly youthful look!

She showed off her new hairstyle on Weibo on July 28 with the message: "Just a slight change :)." She later added, "TGIT," indicating her gratitude for Tuesday.

In the photos, Jessica is wearing little to no makeup for a natural look as she lies comfortably in bed.

Do you like Jessica"s new hairdo?

miss A’s Jia Considering Offer to Star Alongside Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in Korean-Chinese Film “Third Love”

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miss A member Jia has received an offer to act in a Korean-Chinese joint production titled “Third Love,” and is in the middle of looking it over.

On July 30, a representative of miss A’s agency, JYP Entertainment, told MyDaily, “After receiving a casting offer for ‘Third Love,’ Jia is currently considering it positively.”

“Third Love” is a Korea and China co-produced film that will be led by director Lee Jae Han. As of now, actor Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei have confirmed their casting for this new movie.

If confirmed, this will be Jia’s first time hitting the big screen, following her television debut in China, through the drama “One and a Half Summer,” which also starred 2PM’s Nichkhun

New Footage of Alleged Sexual Harassment of Suzy Released, Showing Angle Really Matters

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Earlier today, a video was uploaded on Youtube with the title, “A different angle that clarifies the first part that caused controversy around Suzy at the water gun festival.” The short six-second video captures miss A‘s Suzy and the host of the event (MC) standing on a platform from a high back angle. It shows the male host extend his right hand behind Suzy to direct her further from the edge of the platform. There is no physical contact between the MC and Suzy as she turns her head and walks backwards from the edge.

The video was uploaded by Youtube user A Youtube Channel to provide counter evidence to claims put forth by some netizens that Suzy was sexually harassed by the male MC at the “Sinchon Water Gun Festival“ she attended as the endorsement model for Sprite on July 26

Boys Republic “dress up” for “Vogue Girl”

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It was Boys Republic"s turn to "dress up" for "Vogue Girl"!

During their interview with the magazine, they were asked, "Who is the most repulsive member?" Dabin (Sunwoo) picked Suwoong and joked how disgustingly cute Suwoong acts, explaining, "The way he only shows a cute image in front of others is very repulsive. I went inside Suwoong"s fitting room earlier, and he suddenly performed a repulsive dance."

Suwoong shared, "I joke around a lot with [Dabin (Sunwoo)] hyung. Even when filming, I stare at him from behind and poke him. On our way here, we also tugged on each other"s hair."

Check out more of Boys Republic"s interview and pictorial in "Vogue Girl"s August issue!

11 New Character Posters Revealed for Upcoming Movie “Tazza 2”

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Tazza: The High Rollers 2,” which is set to premiere this September, has released brand new posters of the 11 main characters that will be starring in the upcoming movie.

On July 30, a representative of “Tazza 2” unveiled the character posters for BIGBANG’s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun), Shin Se Kyung, Kwak Do Won, Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Yoon Suk, Honey Lee, Lee Kyung Young, Go Soo Hee, Oh Jung Se, and Park Hyo Joo, who are all playing a leading role in the movie’s storyline. These posters are receiving interest for the way it displays each and every character’s individual, strong personalities.

This new movie is the latest project by director Kang Hyung Chul, who has previously drawn large numbers of moviegoers to theaters with films such as “Speedy Scandal,” and “Sunny

[Translated Naver Article] B.A.P “will be coming back with a different side to them”

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B.A.P play sports in Osaka on the 11th episode of “B.A.P ATTACK!”

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B.A.P took out their competitive, sporty sides on the 11th episode of "B.A.P ATTACK!"!

B.A.P traveled from Nagoya to Osaka for their tour and spent their free time playing sports! Leader Bang Yong Guk especially looked like a fish meeting water and revealed that he"s most happy when he"s doing music or exercising.

Check out B.A.P"s competitive spirit above!

Shoo says she wants to add to her family of five

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On the July 29th installment of tvN"s "Taxi", S.E.S" Shoo appeared with her husband Lim Hyo Sung, their son Lim Yoo, and their twin daughters Ra Hee and Ra Yool.

MC Oh Man Suk asked Shoo if she wanted a fourth child to which Shoo responded without hesitation, "I think I could do it. I think I"m addicted. How many times would you experience the pain of natural childbirth in your life? I want to try enduring that pain again."

Their son Lim Yoo was then asked whether he liked Ra Hee or Ra Yool better. He shouted, "Ra Yool! I like her better because of her face." Everybody couldn"t help but laugh that he happened to choose the face as the reason when the girls were twins

Rocker Kim Kyung Ho Preparing for November Wedding

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Korean rocker Kim Kyung Ho will be getting married later on this year.

According to multiple sources, Kim Kyung Ho will official announcement his upcoming married after his September U.S. concert. He has already discussed the matter with his agency and is preparing to make the official announcement in October, then have the ceremony in November. His bride-to-be is a Japanese woman who is thirteen years his junior.

Kim Kyung Ho’s agency responded to these rumors by telling Sports Chosun, “It is true that Kim Kyung Ho had a meeting with the agency about marriage…the agency is helping him with the various preparations needed for a wedding. Because he is currently focused on his concerts in China and the U.S. he cannot make an official announcement now, but it is true that he will get married later on this year

EXO-M member Chen’s OST MV “Best Luck” for “It’s Alright, This Is Love” officially released!

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Following the first teaser, as well as a support selfie from fellow member Chanyeol, Chen has officially released his first OST MV for SBS drama “It’s Alright, This Is Love”!

The song itself has already placed high on all nine music charts upon its release just a week ago on Wednesday, July 23rd, making fans anticipative as to what the MV itself will present to fans of both Chen and the drama. Much like the teaser revealed, shots of Chen consist of him singing the OST track passionately inside the recording studio with just a simple black crew neck on, bringing all the more attention to his voice and emotions.

Meanwhile, the clips shown from the romantic drama itself consist of those seen and not seen from female duo Davichi’s 2nd OST MV for the same drama. Though “Best Luck” is also a ballad, it leans more towards a topic of gratitude and happiness of being lucky to have met the special girl, and gotten to know her through various experiences