JYJ reveals additional video teaser for their next full length album “JUST US” ahead of their comeback

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In the midst of preparing for their well-anticipated comeback, JYJ has revealed an additional video teaser with a little surprise at the end!

Showing clips of their music video teaser that was previously released, as well as concept photos of the three individual members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, the clip ended with the familiar message, “THE RETURN OF THE KING.” The last few seconds raised additional hype with the short phrase: “JYJ CONCERT 2014/8/9.”

JYJ reported beforehand amidst additional details of their title track “Back Seat” that they would be holding a comeback showcase on August 3rd at the Seoul Coex D Hall. Fortunately, fans can also anticipate the start of their Asia tour, “The Return of the King,” just six days later on August 9th

CSJH The Grace’s Lina Writes a Hand Written Letter To Her Fans

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Lina, a member of the girl group, CSJH The Grace, revealed her thoughts about getting married to the musical actor, Jang Seung Jo.

On July 28, through her Twitter, she revealed a photo of the letter she wrote to her fans along with a message that said, “To my loving fans.”

In the letter, Lina wrote, “Hello, it’s Lina. I hope everyone is doing well despite of this hot weather. I’m doing well. You’re surprised because of the sudden marriage new, right? Since this is an important moment in my life, I thought carefully and was worried about when I should tell you guys but I ended up telling you later than expected. I’m really, really sorry. However, I’m so thankful that you’re happy and congratulating me. I’m thankful for always cheering me on. Although I still lack in a lot of things, I will show a more mature side of myself by caring for each other

Kim Yoo Jung to play the lead female role in SBS” upcoming drama “Secret Door”

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Actress Kim Yoo Jung will make her on-screen comeback in a new historical drama.

According to Sidus HQ on July 28th, Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed to star in new SBS" drama "Secret Door"(working title) as she previously participated in the first script reading on the 26th"

She will take on the lead female role Seo Ji Dam who is a fictional character in the drama. "Secret Door" will portrait the conflict between King Yeongjo who aims for ultimate power and his son Crown Prince Sado who prefers to equality. The story will unveil the truth about Sado"s mysterious death 500 years ago.

"Secret Door" will follow "Temptation" and broadcast in mid-September.

Shin Sung Rok lends his deep voice for “Trot Lovers” OST

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Shin Sung Rok proved that he was not only a talented actor but also a very good singer, which allows him to juggle both musicals and dramas. He lent his voice to his current KBS 2TV drama, "Trot Lovers", showcasing a very attractive, deep voice that was also very clear and smooth.

The love song, "Boiling", allows him to express how his heart is overcome by his feelings for his loved one. With a smooth rhythm and an acoustic sound that is easy on the ears, the song seems to channel an old school, somewhat retro sound that can"t be categorized as trot, but seems to suit the drama just the same.

Listen to it above!

CSJH The Grace”s Lina thanks fans for their congratulations on her engagement to Jang Seung Jo

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A few days ago, it was revealed that CSJH The Grace"s Lina and musical actor, Jang Seung Jo, will be tying the knot!

To personally address this great news, Lina uploaded a picture of her handwritten letter onto Twitter. It said:

"Hello. It"s Lina. Are you doing well and staying healthy despite the sweltering weather? I am doing well.

You were very surprised by the news of our marriage through the sudden articles, right? Because this is a very important and big event in my life, I was carefully mulling over and worrying about when to tell everybody, but I ended up one step behind in my delivery. I"m really, really sorry.

Regardless, you"ve expressed more happiness and congratulations than anybody else, so you have no idea how grateful I am and how much strength you"ve given me

[Video] Added 2 new teaser trailers and plenty of images for the Korean drama “Mama – Nothing to Fear”

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Added 2 new teaser trailers and plenty of images for the upcoming Korean drama "Mama - Nothing to Fear"

"Mama - Nothing to Fear" (2014)Directed by Kim Sang-hyeobWritten by Yoo Yoon-kyeongNetwork : MBCWith Song Yoon-ah, Jeong Joon-ho, Moon Jeong-hee, Hong Jong-hyeon, Son Seong-yoon, Jeong Jae-soon,...Sat, Sun 21:55SynopsisA drama about a single mom who has terminal illness.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/08/02


HyunA Likes Being Known as PSY’s Girlfriend

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4minute’s HyunA has expressed her thoughts about responses to her appearance in PSY’s mega-hit music video “Gangnam Style.”

HyunA, who has recently made her solo comeback with “Red”, appeared on SBS Power FM’s “2 o’Clock Escape Call to Show” on July 28.

“My international fans think I am PSY’s girlfriend,” she said. “It’s a real honor. I like being called PSY’s girlfriend. It never makes me feel bad.”

She also talked about her current promotional activities for her latest solo EP “A Talk.”

“Even though people think I would be accustomed to it by now, it’s actually quite tiring,” and “When I am promoting together with my group, it’s nice because we can support each other

K-Pop Feature: Unsung – 7 Underrated Boy Groups

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Unsung - 7 Underrated Boy Groups

Last week, allkpop did a feature on "7 Underrated Girl Groups." Similarly, there are many boy groups that currently receive an unprecedented level of love from Korean and international fans alike. However, there are some groups that, despite their incredible talents, have not been able to reach the level of success they deserve. So, let"s take a look at which 7 groups made my list!


LEDApple has gone through some intense line-up changes since their debut in 2010. One thing has remained consistent, though: they are a talented rock group that deserves more attention. They have demonstrated their strong musical abilities through numerous covers of popular Korean and American songs, which have done well on the web

Yeo Jin Goo reveals he doesn”t have a cell phone + talks about his graduation photo

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Yeo Jin Goo revealed he doesn"t own a cell phone and more during his interview on the July 27 episode of MBC"s "Section TV". During the interview, he said, "When I get into stuff like that, I never let go, so it"s better if I just don"t have one." When asked how he contacted his friends, he answered coolly, "I still have a house phone."

On his middle school graduation photo, he said, "I feel cheated. I wasn"t ready, and all my friends were all stiff, so I relaxed. But it came out so cheesy. I took another photo, but the cheesy one went in the album."

What do you think about his graduation photo?

‘Running Man’ Gary confesses his love to Song Ji Hyo

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The popular SBS entertainment program "I like Sundays - Running Man" Monday couple Gary confessed his love to Song Ji Hyo again. On the most recent episode of the SBS entertainment program "I like Sundays - Running Man," which aired on July 27, 2014, Running Man members and the only guest of the week, Joo Won, went on a taste world tour with Hong Suk Chun.

On this day"s episode, Song Ji Hyo and Gary challenged themselves to a mission where they had to use chopsticks wearing thick gloves. When Song Ji Hyo completed the mission, Gary fell in love with her all over again. After the mission, Gary said to Song Ji Hyo, "To be honest with you, I fell in love with you all over again just now. You seemed very family oriented," and made the audiences laugh. In related news, the SBS entertainment program "I like Sundays - Running Man" shows Running Man members, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Kim Jong Gook, Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo, and guests playing game

Girl’s Day Yura Confesses to Feeling like She and Hong Jong Hyun Are Actually Dating

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Yura of Girl’s Day has opened up about her life as a married woman on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

The idol was a guest on the July 27 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “K.Will’s Young Street” along with fellow member Sojin and singer Eddy Kim.

As Yura and her on-screen husband Hong Jong Hyun have quickly become a hot topic, K.Will opened up the discussion by asking her, “Do you like being married?”

“I really do,” Yura said, and continued to talk about the differences between her life before and after the show, “I graduated a mixed school. Girls’ middle and high school graduates have different personalities compared to those from mixed schools

[Photos] Added first stills and updated cast for the Korean drama “Finding True Love”

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Added first stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Finding True Love" (2014)Directed by Kim Seong-yoonWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Jeong Yu-mi, Eric Moon, Seong Joon, Yoon Jin-i, Jeong Soo-yeong, Yoon Hyeon-min,...Mon, Tue 22:00SynopsisA romantic comedy drama about finding true love when an ex-boyfriend appears in front of his ex who is in a relationship.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/08


Sunny Hill preparing for comeback with “Once In A Summer” in August

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Sunny Hill will be joining the list of comeback artists this summer with their new track, “Once In A Summer.”

On July 27th, Sunny Hill member Jubee tweeted a photo of a daily calendar opened to August 1st with the words “An unforgettable midsummer dream,” written, which was later re-tweeted on Sunny Hill’s official Twitter account.

Through an image teaser, later revealed on the 28th via their Facebook Page, Sunny Hill will be releasing a new track titled “Once In A Summer” on August 1st at midnight KST along with its music video.

Stay tune for further information regarding their comeback!

Source: Top Star News, TV Report, sunnyhill.loen

B1A4′s Baro Sings for Actress Son Ye Jin On “B1A4′s One Fine Day”

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B1A4’s Baro, sang a song while thinking of the actress, Son Ye Jin.

On July 28, on MBC Music’s “B1A4’s One Fine Day,” the members of B1A4 drove a camping car and officially began their trip to the south coast.

On the day of the recording, the boys left their dorm at 4 AM and despite of the fact that they woke up early in the morning, the boys couldn’t contain their excitement as they talked and played around throughout trip. Baro, who was sitting in the front seat, turned on the karaoke that was installed and instantly became the MC.

Baro decided to sing “Don’t Worry,” sung by the legendary rock band, Deulgukhwa (A Wild Chrysanthemum).

Then, the members asked him, “Is that for Ye Jin, the actress Son Ye Jin?” and Baro answered with, “It’s that Ye Jin!”

The members expressed their jealousy towards him as Baro and Son Ye Jin became friendly through MBC’s “Infinity Challenge

INFINITE”s Sungjong to replace Dongwoon and work with Ryeowook on “Super Idol Chart Show”

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With the departure of B2ST"s maknae Dongwoon from "Super Idol Chart Show," a new maknae will be taking his place: INFINITE"s Sungjong!

A rep from Mnet said on July 28, "Sungjong has been made host of "Super Idol Chart Show." From hereon, he will be working with Super Junior"s Ryeowook." This will be Sungjong"s first time MC-ing as a part of his solo activities!

You"ll be able to see his bright and happy face starting in the middle of August.

Park Shi Hoo Sings for the OST of His Comeback Movie “Scent”

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Actor Park Shi Hoo will be making a memorable return to the acting scene by lending his voice for the OST of the movie.

According to Chinese media sources, the actor will sing the Korean version of the theme song for “Scent,” and thus participating in the OST. The Korean version is titled “The Sound of You Coming.”

The soundtrack is receiving attention for the work of producer Kim Hyung Suk, who is known for composing the theme song of “My Sassy Girl.” This time around, the talent has produced a song that crosses cultural borders with its emotional melody. The producer commented, “Park Shi Hoo’s warm and honest voice fits the song perfectly,” and praised the actor’s singing

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 2

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"How does this work again?"

Seul Bi steps in front of a car, but Woo Hyun saves her. Sung Yeol continues to be rotten to his stepmother, Ji Hye, throughout the episode. A purse snatcher makes off with Ji Hye"s purse, but is chased down by the idols, the angel, and Sung Yeol"s father. Seul Bi uses her power to disarm the thug, but faints afterward. Seul Bi"s angelic mentor appears and gives her documents so that she has a verifiable identity and all that. Grandma is taking pills, but hides them when Seul Bi enters the restaurant. Since Woo Hyun has transferred schools, he now gets to know Sung Yeol and has run-ins with the bullies.

As punishment for fighting, the two boys have to run laps. Here, they seem on better terms, and Sung Yeol allows Woo Hyun to punch him in retaliation

HA:TFELT (Yenny) shares mini-album “Me?” spoiler video

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With less than two days remaining until the release of Wonder Girl Yenny’s (HA:TFELT) debut mini-album, a spoiler video containing brief previews of her tracks.

The spoiler video begins with a side view of a desk, neatly adorning a lamp, a notebook, a stack full of colorful pens, an ink bottle and calligraphy pen.

Each of the remaining tracks’ lyric are written on the paper with various items such as a paintbrush, lipstick, pen and pencil by someone presumed to be HA:TFELT.

Tracks included on her upcoming mini-album include, “Iron Girl” ft. Wonder Girl’s Hyerim, “Truth,” title track “Ain’t Nobody,” “Bond” ft. Beenzino, “Wherever Together,” “Peter Pan,” and “Nothing Lasts Forever

Shin Sung Rok Participates in “Trot Lovers” OST

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KBS2′s popular Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers” has just released it’s OST Part 5, “Boiling.”

Public interest in the release is high due to the participation of music director and hit maker Kang Dong Yoon (“Ant”) and musical actor Shin Sung Rok. Kang Dong Yoon wrote the lyrics and composed the tracks, and Shin Sung Rok (who plays the role of Jo Geun Woo in “Trot Lovers) participated vocally.

The darling of the musical world, Shin Sung Rok is not only an actor but is able to sing as well. His sincere voice on the soundtrack is expected to win many female hearts. He is expected to release a solo project in the near future.

The smooth rhythm and clean acoustic sound of “Boiling” is perfectly suited to Shin Sung Rok’s princely character, who is able to express his heart in front of the lead heroine of the drama without reservation

[Video] Special trailer released for the Korean movie “Tunnel 3D”

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Special trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Tunnel 3D"

"Tunnel 3D" (2014)Directed by Park Gyoo-taekWith Jeong Yoo-mi, Yeon Woo-jin, Song Jae-rim, Jeong Si-yeon, Son Byeong-ho, Lee Si-won,...Crank in 2014/02/06Crank up 2014/04/20SynopsisA 3D thriller about the things that happen while building a resort.A group of friends are invited to the launch party of a luxury resort. A strange man barges in, and scares everyone away by declaring that they will all be killed by a curse. They return to the resort to find the strange man watching them, and accidentally end up killing him. They decide to dispose of the body in a coal mine, but get trapped inside the dark tunnels facing the buried horrors within.Release date in Korea : 2014/08/13