Taemin takes his first win for “Danger” on KBS Music Bank!

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Having released his first solo mini-album “ACE” just over two weeks ago, SHINee’s Taemin has won his first award for his debut and title track “Danger” on tonight’s KBS Music Bank episode!

Going up against Jang Beomjun’s “Difficult Woman,” Taemin wins with 6,180 points on August 29! This is Taemin’s first solo win ever, making this particular win emotional for him.

With a happy smile on his face, Taemin said, “I can’t thank you enough for all the love. I’d like to thank [the SHINee] members and our fans who’ve supported me.”

His encore stage begins with Super Junior members staying with Taemin as he promotes Super Junior’s signature dance move from their latest track “MAMACITA (YAYAYA)

'M! Countdown' Highlights: WINNER Beats SHINee's Taemin And Wins #1 On The August 28, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

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(Photo : Newsen)

Another week of "M! Countdown" is here again that featured some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Fan chants and screams were all heard last night.

The stars who made their comeback on this episode were Zhang Li Yin with "Agape," JJCC flexed their muscles with "One Way," rock band Royal Pirates are in love with "Love Toxic," HIGH4 has a "Headache" for their comeback, LABOUM made their debut with "Pit-a-Pat," beautiful ladies of BESTie came back saying, "I Need You," sexy girls SISTAR returned with "I Swear," and new female group 4TEN are causing a "Tornado" for their debut.

Your nominees for the night were SHINee"s Taemin and WINNER. The artist that took the first place trophy on "M! Countdown" was WINNER for their single titled, "Empty." This is their fourth first place trophy

Super Junior”s “MAMACITA” MV hits over 2 million views in 1 day

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ELF must have been primed and ready for Super Junior"s comeback as the music video for their new track "MAMACITA" has already hit over 2 million views!

The MV reached 1 million views just 8 hours after being released, and the view count quickly passed 2 million in 22 hours. As of now, the view count is at 2,380,783 and rising rapidly, which is not a surprise considering Super Junior"s global fan base.

"MAMACITA" is the title song of Super Junior"s seventh album of the same name. It marks their return after 2 years and 2 months away.

Congratulations to Super Junior! Have you watched the MV yet?

Cross Gene reveals BTS of “Elle” photo shoot with Takuya

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Multinational boy band Cross Gene has revealed the behind-the-scenes of "Elle" magazine"s photo shoot with member Takuya

The footage shows the Japanese actor and leader of Cross Gene playing with a dog on set, getting his makeup done, and pulling off charismatic poses. As the group hasn"t had much time in the spotlight, this is a perfect time for fans to get to know one of the members a little more.

Check out the BTS above!

SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” featuring f(x)’s Krystal and Rain releases 2nd video teaser

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A second video teaser has been released for the upcoming fall K-drama, “My Lovely Girl”, starring Rain and f(x)’s Krystal.

After Rain revealed shots of the drama and the first video teaser, a new teaser has been released. In the teaser read the captions, “The lost memories of a past love… a melody from my memories… I want you to listen to it.

"My Lovely Girl" is a drama about a young man and woman who have suffered setbacks in the entertainment industry, and help to heal each other’s emotional wounds, slowly falling in love through music.

The first broadcast of “My Lovely Girl” is slated for September 17th on SBS after “It’s Okay, It’s Love” ends its run.

In addition to filming the drama, f(x)’s Krystal has been busy with photo shoots including shooting an advertisement for Etude House, and Singles magazine

A Pink and comedian Lee Kuk Ju team up for another “G9″ CF

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A Pink and comedian Lee Kuk Ju have released another hilarious CF for "G9"!

While in the previous CF, A Pink and the comedian danced to "Mr. Chu", the girls jam out in an airplane and act like mannequins in the latest commercial for the shopping service. Lee Kuk Ju does her trademark jokes, while A Pink make sure to stay steady and follow her lead.

Check it out above!

What If Some Favorite K-Drama Actresses Had Become K-Pop Stars?

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Some popular k-drama actresses might have debuted in a k-pop group. Would they have made the same impression as singers?

For example, both Gu Hye Sun and Lee Honey at one time were considered potential members of 2NE1.

On a recent episode of "Night of TV Entrainment" Big Bang"s T.O.P. spoke about his "Tazza 2" co-star Lee Honey and her almost k-pop debut.

"Honey Lee was a YG Entertainment trainee, like me," he said. "For a while, it looked like she was going to debut with 2NE1. I remember thinking, "Why does she want to get into the world of music if she looks as beautiful as she does?" The next thing I knew, she had become Miss Korea!"

Gu Hye Sun was also originally set to debut in 2NE1 with Park Bom and Sandara Park, but YG"s Yang Hyun Suk suggested she try acting instead

Album Review: Super Junior Are Back With Their Most Versatile Album To Date, ‘MAMACITA’

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(Photo : SM Entertainment ) Super Junior have their best release yet with "MAMACITA."

On August 29, SM Entertainment digitally released the seventh Super Junior album entitled “MAMACITA.” Super Junior reestablishes their overall relevancy within the crowded sector of K-Pop male groups with their comeback album. The physical release of "MAMACITA" will occur on September 1. 

Super Junior is poised to celebrate their tenth year since their debut. “MAMACITA” is the follow up to the 2012 studio album “Sexy, Free & Single.” "MAMACITA" incorporates the vocals of the ten members of Super Junior. The album marks the return of Super Junior leader Leeteuk and Heechul, since they completed their military service.

The overall album is solid, with all of the tracks demonstrating an elevated level of musicality

MBLAQ possibly making a comeback?

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It looks like MBLAQ might be making a comeback soon!

On August 29, J.Tune Camp posted the above image to Twitter as well as the message, "I"m not a monster. Coming soon 2014.9." Fans are suspecting that the agency is teasing MBLAQ"s impending return. 

If the fans are right, the teaser image indicates that the boys will be taking on a dark, creepy concept next.

Stay tuned for more updates!

YG announces its first Beijing concert

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YG Entertainment, home to popular K-pop stars such as Big Bang, Psy and 2NE1, is holding a concert featuring its most well-known groups in Beijing. The agency said yesterday that it will host the group concert "YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Beijing" for the first time in China"s capital on Oct. 19 at Worker"s Stadium.Global star Psy, who released the single "Hangover" in June, is scheduled to appear. The singer is expected to announce the release of his new song "Daddy", which he recently filmed a music video for. "He will show off his characteristic cheerfulness on stage to keep fans entertained", the agency said.Boy group Big Bang and girl group 2NE1 will also perform at the concert. Epik High, with rapper Tablo, who has become more popular by appearing on the KBS entertainment show "The Return of Superman", will also perform

Lessons We Learn From K-Dramas

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K-dramas are pretty moral. Here are just a few of the moral judgments they make in an entertaining way. Bad guys rarely get away with their evil deeds indefinitely. Hard work pays off. Having compassion is important. People can change. Destorying your life in the pursuit of revenge is a bad idea. Love that"s true will wait.

If you think about it, you"ve probably seen a few examples.

Good triumphs over evil: K-dramas feature some pretty terrible villains who seem to get away with the most horrible deeds. But they don"t get away with it forever. They all eventually pay for their crimes.

n "Big Man" an innocent man"s life was threatened for a rich man"s organ transplant. The crime was a k-drama low. But in the end the corporate bad guys get punished

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min to have a campus date on the upcoming “We Got Married”

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Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young will be having a romantic campus date on the August 29th episode of MBC"s "We Got Married".

The couple headed over to Hong Jin Young"s hometown and decided to have a date on the campus of her alma mater where Nam Goong Min got to check out his onscreen wife"s dissertation for her PhD. They both also revealed to each other that they"d never gotten to enjoy being part of a campus couple.

Check out this episode on August 30 at 5PM KST!

Jay Park chooses Suzy and IU as his ideal types on “Witch-Hunt”

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Jay Park recently made a guest appearance on JTBC’s show “Witch-Hunt.” On the show, he participated in a game called “Ideal Type World Cup.” The premise is simple: a bracket filled with various female K-pop idols, with the contestant choosing winners for each ‘battle’ until only one “ideal type” remains.

Jay Park’s chose Miss A’s Suzy and IU to be his top two “ideal type” finalists. On “Witch-Hunt”, he also discussed a story submitted by a fan regarding the topic, “I don’t like younger girls.” Jay Park commented on the issue, saying, “according to one my close bros, you’ll like younger girls as you grow older.”

Also, regarding idols, Jay Park stated that he wasn’t interested in dating any idols 3 to 4 years ago, but jokingly said that he now loves every female K-pop idol

Girl Group 4TEN Debuts With “Tornado”

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Girl Group 4TEN Debuts With “Tornado” Written by Laverne On August 29, 2014

The latest debut in the K-pop industry is the four member girl group 4TEN. Hailing from Jungle Entertainment, the girls are label mates with hip-hop group M.I.B. and are the first girl group to debut under the company. The group’s roles are evenly split with two rappers — Tem and Eujin — and two vocalists — Hye-ji and Hye-jin.

Not only did the members participate in writing the lyrics, but the music video for “Tornado” was also filmed in Los Angeles — a far destination for rookies. But did their travel pay off?

I’d have to say no: filming in LA was a waste

Performances from August 29th “Music Bank”!

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KBS" "Music Bank" is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists! 

On this episode, Super Junior made their long-awaited comeback with "MAMACITA", SISTAR followed up with "I Swear", BESTie came back with "I Need You", LABOUM made their debut with "Pit-a-Pat", 4TEN debuted with "Tornado", and EXID came back with "UP & DOWN".

[Winner will be updated.]

Other performers of the night were Taemin, KARA, SECRET, Orange Caramel, Sunny Hill, BTS, Ladies" Code, Boys Republic, Say Yes, cksltm, Sunny Days, and JJCC.

Check out the performances below! [Videos will be updated as available

INFINITE’s L and Hoya, f(x)’s Krystal, and BESTie’s Haeryung Spotted at a Club in New Stills for “My Lovely Girl”

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Some of the idol actors from SBS’ upcoming drama “My Lovely Girl” were shown at a club in brand new still cuts.

In the stills that were revealed on August 29, f(x)’s Krystal, INFINITE’s L and Hoya, as well as BESTie’s Haeryung, can be seen having a good time at a location that appears to be a nightclub.

Within the drama’s storyline, L and Hoya play the role of idol group members from an entertainment company called AnA. On the other hand, Krystal, who plays the character of Se Na, and Haeryung, who plays Ra Eum—both playing the role of actors in the drama—are together in the same place as L and Hoya

“Hats On” releases cut for F/W line featuring B1A4

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"Hats On" released a cut from the photo shoot for the brand"s 2014 F/W line featuring three-year endorsement models B1A4.

For the upcoming line, the boys pulled off a simple, modern concept with a playful style, making it obvious why the hat brand has selected them as models since 2012. In the cut, B1A4 are wearing the new snapback and bike hats with folding visors that "Hats On" are revealing for this fall.

Which B1A4 member"s hat are you liking the most?

Super Junior’s “MAMACITA” MV Reaches Over 2M Views Within 24 Hours of Release!

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The music video for Super Junior’s new comeback title track “MAMACITA (Ayaya)” has recorded over two million views in just 22 hours of its release!

After being revealed on August 28 at 6 PM (KST) through SMTOWN’s official YouTube, the view count for the music video has already passed the two million and the number is continuing to increase with time. With the views of not only fans nationwide, but also the views of fans overseas, the number count will only go up from here.

“MAMACITA” is the title song of Super Junior’s seventh official full-length album, and it is the first time that the group is making their comeback in about two years and two months. The song breaks away from existing electronic music, as Super Junior will be displaying a whole new range of charms with this particular track

G.NA, Girl”s Day”s Hyeri, and more take on gas chamber training on upcoming “Real Men”

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G.NA, Girl"s Day"s Hyeri, and more are taking on gas chamber training on the upcoming episode of "Real Men".

The cast of the women"s special of "Real Men", Hong Eun Hee, Kim So Yeon, Ra Mi Ran, Hyeri, G.NA, Park Seung Hee, and Meng Seung Ji, were horrified to find that they"d have to train for chemical warfare, which the all-male cast members also found very scary and difficult.

When faced with the challenge, G.NA cried out, "Please save me! Please let me out of here!" Hyeri and Meng Seung Ji also tried to push away the squad commander to get out of the gas chamber. Hong Eun Hee and Kim So Yeon, however, shocked their fellow female soldiers with how they endured the training room.

This episode of "Real Men" airs on August 31 KST!

100% releases special MV for “Summer Hero”

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100% has treated fans with a special music video for their “Summer Hero” track!

Earlier this summer, 100% came back with their summer single album “Sun Kiss,” and has been doing promotions with their title song “U Beauty.”

Now, they’ve released a unique music video just for their fans! The video shows various clips of the boys in their album jacket photoshoot, promotion activities and practices. 100% also show their fun, relaxed sides as they goofily make faces in front of the camera and play with bubbles.

"Summer Hero" is also a track from their recent album "Sun Kiss."

Check out the music video below!

Source: 100PERCENT