[Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie “Super Virgin”

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Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Super Virgin"

"Super Virgin" (2012)Directed by Back Seung-keeWith Back Seung-kee, Son I-yong, Park Ji-na, Seong Choong-kyeong, Jo Han-cheol, Sin Ye-joo,...SynopsisIn a small town in Inchoen, there is a thirty years old man "Won-June" who works at a small civic group. For him, the normal life which is having careers, getting married, and having a relationship is the difficult thing. One day, a bioengineering doctor comes to him and suggests to be a subject to a medical experiment on a living body. Finally, Won-Jun who is full with a sense of inferiority, takes the offer without self-esteem.Release date in Korea : 2014/08/07

Beenzino, Dok2, and The Quiett to postpone their concert in New York City

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Although many hip hop fans were eagerly looking forward to the "11:11" concert in New York City this Saturday with Beenzino, Dok2, and The Quiett, it seems that they may need to wait longer.

SIVA Group and 1llionaire Records apologized for this delay in the event, saying, "Due to unforeseen issues that are out of our control regarding travel visas, the "11:11" 1llionaire concert that was originally scheduled on Saturday, August 2, 2014 will be moved to September 5, 2014." It will take place in the same location, B.B. King Blues Club, but the day will now be Friday rather than Saturday.

It looks like people will need to wait another month to see these three talented artists

SHINee”s Taemin with EXO” Kai and Sehun to appear in “Running Man” on August 17th

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Taemin, Kai and Sehun will make their appearance in August 17th"s episode of SBS" "Running Man".

On July 31st, according to official sources, Taemin, Kai and Sehun participated in the recording of "Running Man" on July 29th at a swimming pool in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do. The other guests were previously revealed were H.O.T"s Moon Hee Joon, Sechskies" Eun Ji Won, g.o.d"s Danny Ahn, NRG"s Chun Myung Hoon and Sistar"s Soyou.

As the guests include idols from both old and young generations so many people are anticipating for their meeting on the show.

Don"t miss this episode of "Running Man" which will be broadcast on August 18th.

Cube to remove HyunA”s “From When and Until When” from music sites and future physical album copies

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There has been a lot of talk about one of HyunA"s new songs "From When and Until When" from her "A Talk" mini album, but soon it will no longer be available to download or find in the physical copies of her album as Cube Entertainment has announced their decision to remove the song.


To recap, a portion of the lyrics from the song had been discovered to be the same as a portion of lyrics from g.o.d"s past hit song released under JYP Entertainment. As questions were raised, BTOB"s Hyunsik who composed the song and co-wrote the lyrics with HyunA responded that it had been meant as an homage to the veteran group. In response, both JYP Entertainment as well as g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo had expressed that although they are thankful about the tribute, they wish that they had been told of this beforehand

Agency denies Jeong dating rumors

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Actress Jeong Ga-eun of the SBS drama "Master"s Sun" has denied rumors she is dating the second-eldest son of a local conglomerate"s chairman, who is two years younger than her. She is 37.The original report that broke the news said the two met through mutual acquaintances recently and have developed their friendship into a romance. It also said that they have been frequently spotted together playing golf since February.However, an official at Jeong"s agency told local media that such rumors are not true. The official said they did play golf together and got to know each other, but that it only happened once. The official added that they are just getting to know each and are not in a relationship.By Lee Sun-min

Screenwriter No Hee Kyung Already Finished Writing “It’s Okay, It’s Love”

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Screenwriter No Hee Kyung has already finished the script for “It’s Okay, It’s Love“, which is rare for any drama production.

According to a representative of the currently-airing romance drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” the show’s writer No Hee Kyung has completed the script for all 16 episodes on July 29.

This is a very rare occasion, especially for a drama that has just aired its fourth episode. Korean dramas are notorious for scripts being completed right before the shooting, or even having incomplete scripts for the filming. For the writer to have the script done so early means more time can be spent on finessing the details of the drama.

The cast has already finished reading the script up to the 10th episode

C-CLOWN are cute sailor boys in “GanGee” magazine

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C-CLOWN took part in a sweet summer photo shoot with "GanGee" fashion magazine"s August issue, transforming into sailor boys!

Each member shows off his individual charm in his own close up that"s sweet enough to cause a toothache.

You can check out stories about their comeback, dating experiences, hot confessions, and more as well as their full pictorial in the August issue of "GanGee"!

Jeon Soo-kyeong to wed in September

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Actress Jeon Soo-kyeong of the 2013 film "Marriage Blue" will be a September bride, according to Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.The 48-year-old actress will wed 55-year-old Eric M. Swanson, general manager of the Millennium Seoul Hilton.The couple has been dating for about four years and will tie the knot on Sept. 22.The ceremony will happen on Monday because Jeon is currently performing in the musical "Chicago", and there are no performances on Mondays.The venue is the Hilton Hotel where the groom-to-be currently works.Swanson is the son of the late Cho Chang-su, who is famous for having been a Korean curator at the Smithsonian Institution"s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. The two met through mutual friends in October 2010. Their love grew further while Jeon was fighting thyroid cancer and Swanson stayed by her side

BESTie say there is a ghost that resides in their practice room

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Although Halloween is still a few months away, the MCs on Mnet"s "Dirty Talk" put on special, scary costumes as they conversed with guests about the "ghost marketing" tactics sometimes used by artists to bring more attention to their new release or comeback. BESTie, revealed that they actually had some spooky experiences of their own.

Haeryung said, "I used to not believe in ghosts, but there"s one often in our rehearsal room... I think it lives there," explaining that the ghost could be seen rolled up in a ball on the roof or in other positions.

Dahye said, "If you work in the company, you"ve seen the ghost at least once." Hyeryung continued, "Sometimes you can see the face

[Video] Added new character posters, stills and videos for the Korean movie “Sea Fog”

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Added new character posters, stills and videos for the upcoming Korean movie "Sea Fog"

"Sea Fog" (2014)Directed by Sim Seong-boWith Kim Yoon-seok, Micky Yoochun, Han Ye-ri, Lee Hee-joon, Moon Seong-geun, Kim Sang-ho,...Also known as "Haemoo"SynopsisBased on an original play, this movie is about a crew on a smuggler ship out in the endless ocean.Based on true events, the story is about a large 69-ton fishing boat"s crew as they attempt to smuggle in illegal migrants in order to keep their fishing jobs. But their plan goes wrong when they meet a tragic accident while transporting the thirty or so illegal migrants on the ship amid a heavy Sea Fog. And amid the chaos, the youngest crew Dong-sik tries to protect a young female migrant who he falls in love with against the crazed Captain Kang and other crew members

[POP QUIZ] Which character in a K-Drama are you?

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You have a new boyfriend/girlfriend! How do you tell your friends? Drag your pet out for a catwalk "round the neighborhood. ✓ Announce it at a fancy dinner via a shmancy toast. ✓ Plan a group hangout event where your friends can meet him/her. ✓ Casually bring it up in conversations. ✓ No need to say anything. People will be gossiping "bout it anyway. Cue hairflip. ✓ What bf/gf? … Also, what friends?! #Foreveralone ✓ Excessive PDA time. "TOUCH MA BODAY~" ✓ Even if you tell them, they wouldn"t believe you. Sigh. ✓ You have to break up with your lover. What do you do? "I found someone better, kthxbye." ✓ "I don"t deserve you. Find someone better!" Ugly sob. ✓ Try to get THEM to break up with YOU. Eh? Eh? ✓ "GTFO LOSER." Cue the kimchi slap. ✓ "Nothing like going out with a--" BAM. Hit by a car. ✓ Text. It"s done

2AM’s Jinwoon Discusses “Marriage Without Love,” His Dating Style, and Ideal Type with CeCi

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2AM’s Jinwoon recently took part in a pictorial and interview for the August issue of CeCi magazine, during which he talked about “Marriage Without Love,” the drama he’s currently starring in, as well as his dating style and ideal type.

Jinwoon—whose drama character, Han Yeo Reum, has been getting involved in a “square romance” with Han Groo, Yeon Woo Jin, and Secret’s Sunhwa in the “Marriage Without Love” storyline—displayed a bright and refreshing appearance for the newly released photo shoot.

In the interview following the photo shoot, Jinwoon described his own dating style as being very different from his character: “Push-and-pull (playing hard to get) is too difficult

AOA get ready for their debut in Japan with “Miniskirt” in October

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Trending girl group AOA will now be advancing into the Japanese market as they prepare for their debut on October 1 with first single, "Miniskirt"!

The girls uploaded pictures and a video in anticipation, speaking in fluent, impressive Japanese. They also tweeted on July 31, "This is AOA"s Yuna!! Guess what we"re recording~ Hehe it"s none other than "Miniskirt," which received a tremendous amount of love and will be released in Japan on October 1. Clap clap clap. Please watch over hearty AOA promotions in Japan, too!!"

#AOA 유나입니다!! 저희 무슨 녹음 중이게~~요? 헤헷 바로 바로 엄청나게 많은 사랑을 주셨던 #짧은치마가 10월 1일 일본에서 발매됩니다♥ 짝 짝짝 일본에서도 왕성한 aoa 활동 많이 지켜봐 주세요 !! pic

WINNER releases video teaser “2-14 S/S GRAND LAUNCH” following the end of their “WINNER WEEK” campaign

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With the beginning of August (KST), WINNER has finally released their debut album teaser following batches of different teasers two months prior.

During the beginning of July, YG Entertainment had launched a “WINNER WEEK” campaign, in which six mini teaser movies have been released throughout the first week of the month. Concept teasers have also been revealed during the month of June, following their victory on YG’s survival program. Previous teasers include “Pre-Test Week,” “New York Week,” and another video teaser titled “The Visitor.”

Now, however, YG Entertainment is drawing anticipation with signs of WINNER’s August debut, with a unique new teaser uploaded through WINNER’s official YouTube channel.

The album teaser begins with the intense final moment of the last battle between Team A and Team B, in which Team A had claimed the victory

BESTie release sexy bikini B cuts of U.JI

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On July 30, YNB Entertainment provided a treat for fans by releasing some B cuts of BESTie"s U.JI from the group"s recent photo shoot with "@star1"!

Wearing a black-and-white checkered bikini bordered with a sexy bold red, U.JI gets to show off her slim and enviable figure in this fun, summery shoot. A rep from the photo shoot said, "Despite the very hot weather, U.JI kept upping the atmosphere with her continuously bright energy. The results also came out very satisfactorily."

CNBLUE’s “Go Your Way” Japanese MV released

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The full music video for CNBLUE’s upcoming Japanese single, “Go Your Way,” has been released!

Set to release their new Japanese single, “Go Your Way,” on August 20th, CNBLUE has revealed their powerful, guitar-rifting track via Warner Music Japan’s YouTube channel.

Featuring men clad in black fighting around them in an aluminum filled room, CNBLUE’s performs through the chaos, showcasing their instrument and vocal prowess.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE has a jammed packed schedule next month as they prepare to promote their new Japanese single. They will be participating and performing at the “a-nation island - ROCK NATION” and the “SUMMER SONIC 2014” concerts between August 15th and 18th.

Source: Warner Music Japan

‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ Jo In Sung saves Lee Kwang Soo

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The romantic comedy SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love," actor Jo In Sung saved his friend Lee Kwang Soo. On the third episode of the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love," which aired on July 30, 2014, detective novelist Jang Jae Yeol, played by actor Jo In Sung, fought for Park Soo Kwang, played by actor Lee Kwang Soo, who got in danger after asking a girl"s number. At a bar, Park Soo Kwang saw a woman he liked and asked for her number. Later on at the same bar, the woman"s friends came to Park Soo Kwang and shouted at him. Surprised, Park Soo Kwang freaked out and Jang Jae Yeol helped him out. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" tells a story of "romantic mental clinic" between a mysterious detective novelist who is at times romantic, played by Jo In Sung, and a psychiatrist, played by Gong Hyo Jin

BESTie Releases Dance Practice for “Hot Baby”

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Girl group BESTie has released their dance practice for their sexy summer track “Hot Baby.

In the video, the girls show off their long legs through the choreography. Like many other groups, they use cute dolls to mark the center of the stage.

BESTie revealed their music video for the track earlier this week, along with the release of their first mini album. Created by the famous producer Duble Sidekick, “Hot Baby” is a fun and energetic song.

Check out their recent live performance of the song from Inkigayo this past weekend.

Big Bang becomes first K-Pop group to reach 3 million subscribers on YouTube

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Big Bang was the first K-Pop group to surpass 2 million subscribers on YouTube, but it does not stop there. They are now the first K-Pop group to surpass a whopping 3 million subscribers! Other K-Pop groups with their own, exclusive YouTube channels have yet to reach this milestone.

Meanwhile, 2NE1, which became the first girl group and second K-Pop group, to reach 2 million is nearing 2.5, so may be joining their YG label mate soon once again. Another YG artist, Psy, has the most subscribers in the industry with about 7.3 million.

Congratulations to Big Bang on proving their immense star power once again! Check out their channel here.

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[Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie “18 – Eighteen Noir”

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Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "18 - Eighteen Noir"

"18 - Eighteen Noir" (2014)Directed by Han Yun SunWith Lee Jae-eung, Cha Yeop, Lee Ik-joon, Bae Yoo-ram, Seo Joo-ah, Kim Gwang-seop,...SynopsisDong Do is normal high school student. One day, he becomes friends with his classmate Hyun Seung and his bullying clique. Cigarettes and harsh words belched out of their mouths attract him, and friendship engaging violence gradually engages him. Meanwhile, he has a crush on Yeon Hee in the clique and the friendship returns to him as a fear for violence.FestivalPiFan 2014Release date in Korea : 2014/08/14