SISTAR’s Dasom to Make Silver Screen Debut in “Like a French Movie”

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After trying her acting chops in the KBS 2TV sitcom “Family” and KBS 1TV daily drama, “Melody of Love,SISTAR‘s Dasom will present herself as an actress again and will make her big screen debut in the film, “Like a French Movie.”

According to a representative from the film, while Dasom is confirmed to appear in the movie “Like a French Movie,” other particular details regarding the movie is still being ironed out.

“Like a French Movie” is a film with four episodes and Dasom will appear as lead in the second episode.

Meanwhile, aside from Dasom, actor Steven Yeun, who has gained popularity not only in the US but in Korea as well for his role in the US series “The Walking Dead,” is also confirmed to appear in the film,”Like a French Movie

YG’s Lydia Releases Her Cover of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

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Following Akdong Musician and Tablo, YG composer/producer Lydia is the latest YG artist to release a cover of Taeyang‘s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

Lydia is known for her role in co-composing 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me,” Lee Hi’s “1, 2, 3, 4,” and “It’s Over,” as well as her feature on G-Dragon’s “R.O.D.”

With the lyrics in English, Lydia emotional singing voice is a great fit for the song.

This past weekend, Tablo performed his version of “Eyes, Nose, Lips” on Inkigayo along with Taeyang.

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C-Clown to Film in China for Variety Show “Han Wei Xing Dong Tai”

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Idol group C-Clown will finally be able to meet their Chinese fans, taking their first step in advancing to China by filming for the variety show “Han Wei Xing Dong Tai“.

C-Clown’s agency explained that the group will be appearing in MC Play J’s Star Interview corner. The variety show previously had Baek Ji Young, Sistar, Infinite, G.Na and other hallyu stars appear on it as well. The agency further said that they will be taking this opportunity to advance into China and meet their fans.

Meanwhile, C-Clown is still currently promoting their title song “Let’s Love” from their their fourth mini album of the same title. The group is on the planning stages of going on a South American tour this coming August.

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Girls’ Generation tops Oricon’s daily album chart with ‘The Best’

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Girls" Generation is doing very well with the release of their Japanese best-of compilation album, "The Best"! With their widespread popularity in Japan, it really comes as no surprise that all their on-site fans are rushing to the stores to purchase this gem of a Girls" Generation album, which includes all of their hit singles from 2010 to 2014 along with a new track, "Indestructible."

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The album was released on July 23 and it has already topped the daily albums chart on Oricon with 37,104 sales! Congratulations to the girls on this achievement.

Kim Gu Ra and Kyuhyun discuss negatively affected musical ticket sales after Baekhyun’s dating scandal

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On the July 23 installment of "Radio Star," the still hot topic of Baekhyun and Taeyeon"s dating scandal arose once more as Kim Gu Ra asked the guests, who were acting in musical "Blood Brothers," who had immense ticket power.

He continued, saying that after Baekhyun was revealed to be in a relationship, a lot of ticket purchases were canceled for his musical, "Singin" In The Rain." Kim Gu Ra said that Baekhyun had to be taken out of the three idols in the production, defending his statement by saying that the decrease in ticket profits was temporary but still looms large.

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Kyuhyun, who is also participating in "Singin" In The Rain," spoke up at this moment, admitting directly to the viewers, "I think many of you need to come [watch the show]," making the whole room burst into laughter

Crayon Pop Gifts Lady Gaga with Own “Bar Bar Bar” Costume

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After spending some time with Lady Gaga as opening acts for her North American Tour, “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball,” it seems that Crayon Pop has become attached to the singer that they welcomed her to be part of them and gifted the singer her very own “Bar Bar Bar” costume!

On the group’s official Twitter account on July 22, Crayon Pop uploaded two group photos taken together with Lady Gaga who is holding her very own set of “Bar Bar Bar” costume complete with the trademark Crayon Pop helmet on her head. Just like the shirt that Crayon Pop wears, “Gaga-yon Pop” Lady Gaga also has her name printed on the back in Korean letters.

가가용팝..!! #ladygaga #CrayonPop

— 크레용팝(Crayon Pop) (@crayonpop) July 23, 2014

Crayon Pop, who left Korea on June 25, started their trip as opening act for Lady Gaga’s North American tour, “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball” from Milwaukee on June 27 followed by stops in Atlantic City, Dallas, and Montreal

Jung Hyung Don and B2ST’s Dongwoon share an accidental kiss on ‘Weekly Idol’

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Remember when G-Dragon sent a wreath to the set of "Weekly Idol" to congratulate them on their third anniversary? Remember that he only mentioned Defconn and completely left out his well-known bromance partner, Jung Hyung Don? Well, it looks like Jung Hyung Don has exacted his revenge on the "Weekly Idol" special for the third anniversary that aired on July 23!

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The B2ST members came on the show as part of the 100 idols who visited especially for the third anniversary special. During their segment on the show, Jung Hyung Don asked them to fulfill their promise to them after winning on a music show by giving him a peck on the cheek. The boys complied, so that Jung Hyung Don walked down the line to get a kiss from Doojoon and Yoseob on the cheek

Boys Republic release spoiler clip for member Sungjun rocking high heels

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The next member of Boys Republic to release a solo spoiler clip for their comeback with "Dress Up" is handsome rapper, Sungjun, who is also rocking some fabulous high heels!

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After walking gracefully over to a rack of clothes, he turns down and then turns into his playful, clownish self while rapping a preview of his part from the song. The whole track will be dropped on July 25!

SISTAR’s Dasom to make her film debut in ‘Like a French Movie’

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SISTAR"s Dasom has been cast in the upcoming film "Like a French Movie"!

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Dasom will be making her film debut in "Like a French Movie", which will be directed by Shin Yeon Shik. She"ll be featured as the lead character in two parts of the four-episode omnibus film. Starship Entertainment stated, "Dasom will lead in two of director Shin Yeon Shik"s omnibus film. In one part, she"ll be playing Ryu Deok Hwan"s lover, who is a cute woman working at a bar. In the second, she"ll be costarring alongside actor Jeong Man Shik."

The SISTAR member has been building her acting chops in TV series like "Shutup Family" and "Melody of Love", and this casting marks her growth into a big screen actress.

Stay tuned for more info!

B1A4 win with ‘Solo Day’ on ‘Show Champion’

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B1A4 took home their first trophy on "Show Champion" for "Solo Day"!

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The music program tweeted on July 23, "The "Champion Song" this week goes to B1A4!!! We congratulate them on their first win with "Solo Day"~*" and uploaded two pictures of the happy group.

You can check out their performances of "Solo Day" and "You Make Me a Fool" below, as well as their awesome win! Congratulations, guys.

Chinese fans present Jang Na Ra and ‘Fated to Love You’ staff with snack car

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Jang Na Ra"s Chinese fans presented the actress and "Fated to Love You" drama staff with a special snack car!

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To support and cheer on the cast and staff who"ve been filming through the heat and a tight schedule, Jang Na Ra"s Chinese fans sent over a food truck filled with sandwiches for 100 people as well as beverages for 200. The thoughtful gesture was the perfect gift to energize everyone who were filming on a cruise ship around the Han River in Yeouido. 

Her fans patiently waited for Jang Na Ra, the other actors, and staff to complete their five-hour filming from 2PM to 7PM KST in silence, leaving a deep impression on everyone. Jang Na Ra is reported to have laughed out loud when she saw the snack car"s banner, which read, "The snack truck brought to you by Snail Girl," referring to her nickname

Taeyang’s older brother Dong Hyun Bae signs with MGB Entertainment

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Taeyang"s older brother, actor Dong Hyun Bae, has signed with MGB Entertainment, joining actors Yoon Sang Hyun, Song Jae Hee, Park Tam Hee, Seo Young Hee, and Park Dong Bin.

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The agency announced on July 23, "Dong Hyun Bae signed an exclusive contract with us recently. Dong Hyun Bae is an actor who has endless passion and inherent talent. More than anything, he"s also sincere. He"s an actor who"s gained experience in theater and musicals, and we"ll help him live up to his potential. We plan to support him professionally, so he can show you all his other charms in various fields besides acting." 

Dong Hyun Bae debuted in the 2006 film "Simple Confession" and went on to appear in numerous movies like "Korea 1%", "Commitment", the dramas "Holy Land" and "Shut Up and Flower Boy Band", and the musical "Grease" among others

‘Show! Music Core’ producer discusses changes in performances after lip-sync ban

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A producer from MBC"s "Show! Music Core" discussed the changes he noticed in performances after the lip-sync ban took place. 

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CP Park Hyun Suk told Star News on July 23, "After the 100% lip-sync ban, the atmosphere has changed on set. The performances have a lot more movement and presence. Following the news that we won"t put singers who don"t use their voices at all on stage, the appearing artists sing more and put on more lively performances."

When Park Hyun Suk initially stated that "those who don"t sing on stage don"t have the basics to be a singer" and proposed the complete lip-sync ban, reactions of K-pop fans and artists were mixed as some, including Super Junior"s Ryeowook, suggested "Show! Music Core" staff should also focus on improving their sound system quality while others liked the idea of completely live performances

MBC to Ban Lip-syncing on “Music Core,” Super Junior’s Ryeowook Speaks Up in Response

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MBC has revealed their stance on lip-syncing: Idol singers who perform with AR (all recorded: music and voice) and MR (music recorded) on stage will not be allowed on their music show, “Music Core.”
In an interview with Munhwa Ilbo on July 1, “Music Core” chief producer (CP), Park Hyun Suk, shared, “Those who do not sing on stage do not possess the basic qualities of a singer. We will thoroughly check the MR provided by each agency and get rid of the singers who only open their mouths.”

As a result of idol groups putting more focus on a powerful performance rather than live singing, there are many instances in which it has become too difficult for a majority of them to complete a live performance. It has come to the point where the MR that supports the singers is becoming more like AR

YGE reveals Lydia Paek’s official cover of Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’

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YG Entertainment has revealed Lydia Paek"s official cover of Taeyang"s hit song "Eyes, Nose, Lips"!

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Lydia is the next YGE artist to sing an official cover following Akdong Musician and Epik High"s Tablo for "Cover Project by YG Family 003". As the first solo female singer in the cover lineup so far, fans have been eager to listen to her rendition.

Check out Lydia"s cover above, and let us know which of the three YG Family covers is your favorite so far!

Lady Gaga suits up with Crayon Pop

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Lady Gaga suited up with the five girls of Crayon Pop!

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The girl group has been opening up for Lady Gaga"s "artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball" concert tour in North America, and the two acts got together backstage in Crayon Pop"s trademark helmet and costume for "Bar Bar Bar". Crayon Pop tweeted on July 23, "Gaga-yon Pop," along with the photos above.

Chrome Entertainment stated, "Crayon Pop wanted to give Lady Gaga a gift to remember them by. As Lady Gaga invited Crayon Pop to open for her concert after watching the music video for "Bar Bar Bar", the group produced a costume for her." The agency added, "Lady Gaga and the band, dancers, and staff hold hands and pray before the concert for a safe show with no choreography accidents

‘Real Men’ reported to continue with 7 members after ZE:A Hyungsik’s leave

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MBC"s "Real Men" has announced that the show will continue with seven members after ZE:A Hyungsik"s leave.

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An rep from MBC told Osen on July 23, "The "Real Men" producers are not looking for a new cast member following Hyungsik"s leave. They plan to continue with the original 7 members." Hyungsik wrapped up his last filming of the reality show on the 18th. 

His label Star Empire previously told TVDaily, "After Hyungsik joined the drama ["What"s With This Family"], he couldn"t run with both, and had to leave "Real Men". The last episodes will be his guerrilla training from where he went today. Hyungsik is very disappointed. The label tried to adjust his schedule as much as possible, but it was unavoidable. Hyungsik started "Real Men" through guerilla training, and he"s going to be ending it with the same thing

Kang Hye Jung gives her husband Tablo a birthday surprise

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Kang Hye Jung had a birthday surprise for her husband Tablo!

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On July 22, she surprised Tablo at his MBC FM show "Tablo"s Dreaming Radio" with a visit and a cake. The radio show tweeted, "The queen of wifely duty visited "Dreaming Radio" to congratulate Tablo on his birthday. The example of the saying, "Is there another woman like this?" Kang Hye Jung."

As you can see in the photos above, Tablo was incredibly happy to see his wife in the studio and gave her a back hug. YG Entertainment and his daughter Haru also wished him a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Tablo once again!

Eddy Kim reveals ‘playboy’ version of ‘Darling’ MV

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Singer-songwriter Eddy Kim has released a "playboy" version of his music video for "Darling"!

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The singer was hopelessly in love in the original MV for the title track of his upcoming repackaged album, and in this "playboy" version, he plays it a little more coy and chic. His debut mini-album "The Manual" was re-released in a new package to celebrate the 100th day since his debut. 

Check out the "playboy" version of his "Darling" MV above!

“It’s Okay It’s Love” Sets Us Up with Some Tantalizing Stills, and a Word from the Producers

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The new drama “It’s Okay It’s Love” is airing its first episode tonight (July 23, KST), and the production has revealed some preview stills to whet our drama appetites!

The first set of stills shows Jung Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) in a sea of pretty ladies at his pool birthday party, where he is the DJ. Jung Jae Yeol’s brother then shows up, with whom he has had a bad relationship due to an unknown past event, and we see in subsequent photos Jo In Sung lying on the floor and his brother being restrained, gripping a knife.

In yet another set of stills, we see Jung Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) and Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) in what seems to be a tense conversation. The next photo then shows a passed out Ji Hae Soo, being held by Jung Jae Yeol, who is bleeding