Sunny Hill return as a 4-member group with MV for lovely pre-release track “Once In Summer”

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Sunny Hill will be dropping their studio album in two parts very soon, but before then, they have dropped the MV for their pre-release track, "Once In Summer"!

They return as a four-member girl group following the leave of male member Janghyun earlier this year. The ladies bring out their sweet and lovely voices to make this summer even brighter and warmer with the happy-go-lucky song. The lyrics reminisce on the fond memories of a first love, so it"s a song that we can all relate to.

Check it out through the video above, and stay tuned for "Part A" of their album that will be out sometime in August.

Sunny Hill returns with pre-release song “Once In Summer”

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It was revealed earlier in the week that Sunny Hill would be making their comeback and following teaser photos for their return, Sunny Hill is back with “Once In Summer”!

With news that Sunny Hill will be returning with their first full-length studio album soon, Sunny Hill has also released the music video for “Once In Summer,” a song from the upcoming album.

With Janghyun leaving the group earlier in the year to work behind-the-scenes as a producer, Sunny Hill has returned with a soft ballad, a contrast to their previous title songs. “Once In Summer” is a gentle song that reminisces of an innocent and romantic summer relationship. Accompanying the light pastel colors of the music video that show sweet moments of a relationship, the soothing vocals of Seunga, Misung, Jubi and Kota come together in their newest song creating a relaxing and calm melody that brings the emotions of their lyrics through

[Photos] Added first images for the upcoming Korean movie “The Tailors”

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Added first images for the upcoming Korean movie "The Tailors" (2014)

Directed by Lee Won-seok

With Han Seok-Kyu, Ko Soo, Park Shin-hye, Yoo Yeon-seok, Ma Dong-seok, Shin So-yul,...

A story about tailors who made the Royal Family"s clothes during the Chosun times.

Release date in Korea : 2014

Ladies’ Code Stuggle to Get Kissed for “Kiss Kiss” Teaser

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After releasing a teaser image, Ladies’ Code released their first music video teaser for “Kiss Kiss.”

The music video teaser shows the members puckering up and fighting a fierce wind to get s kiss. The video also includes some interesting choreography as large lips.

“Kiss Kiss” will be the girls’ first release since single album, “So Wonderful,” which dropped in February this year. Ladies’ Code made its debut in March 2013 with the mini album, “Code#1 Bad Girl,” including the hit single, “Bad Girl.” The girls followed up this success with the popular tracks, “Hate You” and “Pretty Pretty” from their second mini album.

“Kiss Kiss” and its music video will be released on August 7

Can You Find All Eight Hearts in the “It’s Okay It’s Love” Logo?

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There’s a secret to the “It’s Okay It’s Love” logo! There are eight hearts incorporated into the logo design. Do you think you can find them all?

Calligraphy has been a popular style for drama logos lately, and the “It’s Okay It’s Love” design was done by calligrapher Jun Eun Sun, whose work is also featured on writer No Hee Kyung and director Kim Kyu Tae’s “That Winter the Wind Blows” and “Padam Padam.” Jun Eun Sun has also done work for “Good Doctor” and “Secret,” among other dramas, plays, ads, books, etc.

Calligrapher Jun Eun Sun said, “It hasn’t been that long since hand-written calligraphy has been used for dramas and other works

Red Velvet Makes Debut with Psychedelic “Happiness” Music Video

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SM Entertainment newest girl group Red Velvet has made their official debut with the music video “Happiness.”

Red Velvet is SM’s first new group since the wildly popular EXO, which debuted roughly two years ago. The group consist of members SeulgiIreneWendy, and Joy, previously a part of SM’s pre-debut team SMRookies. The name Red Velvet symbolizes the combination of sexiness and power (red) and a feminine softness (velvet).

The music video for “Happiness” is a psychedelic trip, full of colors and kaleidoscope effects. The song is about finding true happiness and going against the norm.

Red Velvet will also be having their debut performance on a music show today on “Music Bank” and continue to perform on “Music Core” and “Inkigayo

It's Okay, It's Love' Five Questions

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In "It"s Okay, It"s Love" is showing off five reasons that it is sustaining its popularity

On the 3rd episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "It"s Okay, It"s Love" (script Roh Hee Kyung, director Kim Kyu Tae) Jae Yeol (played by Jo In Sung) kissed Hae Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and the plot progressed very quickly at LTE speed. At this, the staff introduced five things that is leading to its popularity.

FIrst, they ask what a bathroom means to Jang Je Yeol. Second, they are asking why Kang Woo randomly disppaeared and showed four reasons for a possible explanation. Third, they asked about the meaning of the color of the bandana on Kang Woo"s wrist. They said that he only wears red and yellow.

Fourth, they asked what the qualifications are to live in 169-1 In Hongik University and showed the address that the protagonist lives in

Ladies” Code want a “Kiss Kiss” in MV teaser

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The funky, quirky girls of Ladies" Code are back with a fun MV teaser for their upcoming summer comeback with "Kiss Kiss"!

The song already sounds quite catchy from the background audio we hear in the video clip. We are also brought to laughs as the members struggle to get a kiss, and even put on lip costumes to perform some of their choreography!

The girls will be dropping the full single next week, so get psyched and get ready!

Sunny Hill start anew in MV for “Once in Summer”

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Sunny Hill start anew as quartet girl vocal group with the release of their pre-release track "Once in Summer" and its music video.

The girls are looking beautiful in the video with their warm and soulful vocals surrounding the heartwarming lyrics.

Sunny Hill is scheduled to released their 1st full length album "Part A" this month. Meanwhile, enjoy their pre-release track below:

Red Velvet unveil colorful MV for their debut single “Happiness”

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Just like their title song, the pretty quartet are going to have vibrant and colorful concept. Various imagery and unconventional motion graphics are present in their music video. Their visuals and lively song are sure to attract viewers and larger fanbase.

Red Velvet are debuting on stage starting today at KBS" Music Bank, tomorrow at MBC" Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on Sunday.

Watch their music video below:

Actress Lee Young Eun to Get Married This September!

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Actress Lee Young Eun (32, Korean age) will be tying the knot this coming September 27!

A broadcast official told TV Report on August 1, “Lee Young Eun will become a bride in the fall. The couple will be shooting their wedding pictorial next week.”

Despite having an incredibly busy schedule in the midst of filming for the drama “High School King,” as well as “My Secret Hotel,” which will be airing its first episode on August 18, the actress has been making preparations for the upcoming wedding ceremony with her fiance. It has been reported that the groom-to-be is not involved in the entertainment industry, but an ordinary company worker who is two years her junior.

Lee Young Eun first made her debut as a clothing brand model, and began actively promoting in the industry after appearing on the variety program “Kang Ho Dong’s Soul Mates” in 2003

SM Entertainment”s new group Red Velvet introduce themselves with debut MV for “Happiness”

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After all the teasing, SM"s latest girl group, Red Velvet, are here to spread some "Happiness" with their debut MV!


Just like their teaser video, the full MV is bold with the bright use of various colors and an explosion of the exotic jungle theme. The song is upbeat and perfect for the summertime, as well.

The girl group is comprised of S.M.Rookies" Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy, as well as Joy. Seulgi was brought into the agency back in 2007 through an audition and she"s a multi-talented member who can sing, dance, play the guitar, and speak Japanese. Irene was cast by SM in 2009 and she is skilled in singing, rapping, and modern dance. Wendy was brought in in 2012 through "SM Global Audition" in Canada and she is of course fluent in English and can play the flute, guitar, and saxophone, all in addition to her great vocal talents

“The Admiral: Roaring Currents” Premieres in the North America on August 15

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Choi Min-sik ("Old Boy", Lucy) Takes on Epic Historical War Action Film About the Naval Battle of Myeong-Nyang

July 30, 2014 – "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", will make its North America debut in major market cinemas on August 15, 2014. The film follows the events of a legendary Korean naval battle, Myeong-Nyang, and the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin (Choi Min-sik) who leads only 12 battleships to victory against 330 Japanese ones.

A large scale production set with eight life-size ships made with authentic materials used in the actual battle was used in the filming of "The Admiral". Through deep research director Lee Han-Min strived to recreate the amazing events that took place in 1597.

Choi Min-sik, most known for his lead role in the cult hit "Old Boy", has made a name for himself within the international film community to be able to reinvent himself with every role

EXO’s Sehun and Kai Shows Off Fresh Looks For Grazia Magazine

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Grazia Magazine featured EXO‘s dancing pair and youngest members Sehun and Kai for the magazine’s new issue to be released this August.

The dancing duo’s theme for this photoshoot is all about youth, both being born in 1994 and taking the role of the youngest members in the famous boy group. Sehun and Kai also showed off their fresh looks and comfortably posed for the magazine like real-life models, temporarily leaving the performance stage to enjoy the camera lights. Aside from the photo shoot, they were also sat down for an interview. The making of and behind-the-scenes video will also be uploaded on Grazia Magazine’s official facebook.

Grazia Magazine with EXO’s Sehun and Kai on the main cover will be released on August 5

Park Shin Hye chosen as the lovely model for “AGATHA PARIS”

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Actress Park Shin Hye was more stunning than the jewelry she was seen modeling as the new muse for "AGATHA PARIS"!

Park Shin Hye showed a "lovely, French chic" concept for the brand"s 2014 F/W pictorial which wasn"t hard to pull off for the actress who is known for her lovable and innocent charms.

Park Shin Hye has finished filming for her upcoming movie "The Tailors" and will continue on her Asia tour "2014 Story of Angel" in Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, and Changsa of China, as well as Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.

Park Bo Ram of “Superstar K2” Reveals Another Teaser Photo Ahead of Debut

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Past “Superstar K2” participant Park Bo Ram has released a second teaser image ahead of her upcoming debut.

On August 1, Park Bo Ram unveiled the new teaser photo through her own personal Instagram account. In the photo, you can see the singer flaunting her stunning profile and collarbones, as she is dressed in a shoulder-revealing top.

As a contestant on “Superstar K2,” she had displayed a more plump appearance. However, through a consistent routine of diet and exercise, she now shows off a completely transformed figure.

Park Bo Ram was also chosen to be a pictorial model for fashion magazine First Look, which will be available on August 7, the day of her official debut into the music industry.

Be on the lookout for Park Bo Ram’s very first debut stage on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on August 7!

SPICA Set to Release American Debut, “I Did It”

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Girl group SPICA is gearing up for its United States debut, with a music release slated for August 6. The track is titled “I Did It,” and is described as being an up-tempo pop number, with something of a nineties feel and English lyrics. Aspects of hip hop and punk have also been used in the production.

Michael Laburt, well-known for his video work in both Japan and America will be taking charge of directing the music video for the track.

SPICA said, “We hope to get a lot of support for the new song. We are looking forward to launching our first single and music video in America, and are so excited to meet new fans.”

The girls are also set to perform at an event called KCON, to be held at the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles on August 9

[Photos] Added new poster and stills for the Korean movie “The Wicked”

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Added new poster and stills for the upcoming Korean movie "The Wicked" (2014)Directed by Yoo YoungseonWith Park Joo-hee-I, Na Soo-yoon, Lee Mi-so, Sin Ye-jin, Ahn Sun-young, Lee Ik-joon,...SynopsisSaeyoung is a new employee who eventually stands against Leesun, her stubborn team leader. Leesun is upset by Saeyoung"s behavior, but she soon learns about ominous stories about Saeyoung. As the stories about Saeyoung are revealed one after another, she becomes a source of fear to Leesun. Saeyoung"s stalking-like bullying continues, and Leesun tries to run away from her.In this film, Saeyoung is the character of a devil incarnate. As the plot unravels, her unlucky past also reveals itself, which nevertheless does not make her less wicked because she is not a character we can easily develops sympathy with

It's Okay, It's Love' Gong Hyo Jin's Crying A Main Topic

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In "It"s Okay, It"s Love" actress Gong Hyo Jin cried in the rain while pouring out her emotions. This has moved the hearts of viewers.

On the 3rd episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "It"s Okay, It"s Love" (script Roh Hee Kyung, director Kim Kyu Tae) broadcast on July 30th, Ji Hye Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin) was in the rain as she cried out.

Ji Hye Soo is a psychologist who has emotional disorders becausee of a trauma from when she was young. She says things in a very direct way that is really getting to the hearts of viewers because her actions and words are honest in each and every episode.

On this episode, Hye Soo showed a very dramatic side as she learned that her boyfriend Choi Ho (played by Do Sang Woo) was cheating on her

GOT7 to star in an online drama by JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou

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GOT7 have been cast in an online drama (title yet to be determined) produced by JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou!

JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou previously collaborated for GOT7"s reality series "I GOT7" and the synergy effect is expected to be even better this time around, given their prior experience working together. The online fantasy romance drama portrays the story of dreams, love, and friendship between a girl with emotional baggage and mysterious flower boys. Singing and dancing will also be incorporated into the drama. GOT7 will play the roles of a popular idol group and mysterious flower boys who protect the female lead.

The online drama is set to crank in mid-August and premiere on Youku Tudou later this year!