Heo Jae Hyuk Apologizes for Instagram Photo, Claims He Did Not Know About Ferry Accident

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Model Heo Jae Hyuk recently became the center of heavy criticism from netizens with his recent post on Instagram. At 12:20 AM on April 17, the model posted a photo on Instagram of someone holding his breath in a tub full of water, fully clothed in black, with the caption, “A fun game.”

This was less than a day after the sinking of the Korean ferry off the southern coast of South Korea, which happened on the morning of April 16. Currently, 9 passengers have been reported dead with 179 rescued and 287 still missing. Upon receiving heavy criticism, the model deleted the photo, and posted an explanation on his Twitter and Facebook. He said, “It has been less than three months since I’ve come up to Seoul. While I’m living in Sangsu-dong, I don’t have a computer or a TV, so I didn’t have the chance to see the news

Can You Guess What BEAST Members Do When Visiting Yong Jun Hyung’s House?

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What do you think BEAST members do when visiting fellow member Yong Jun Hyung’s house? A recent image shows the members enjoying Yong Jun Hyung’s home as if it was their own!

On April 15, MBC Every1‘s “Showtime” staffs uploaded a photo on their official Twitter that previewed this Thursday’s episode. The photo showed the other members sprawled on the rapper’s red couch, while the rapper lay stuck at the end. Furthermore, members Dongwoon seemed to stir laughter from Doojoon as the image showed the BEAST’s youngest member completely lying down on the couch in order to reach the coffee table with his feet. Furthermore, the image also showed member Hyunseung and Kikwang comfortably taking a mini nap

Broadcast Date Set for Jessica and Krystal’s Reality Show

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Earlier we reported that Jessica and Krystal would be starring in their own reality show, and now the broadcast date has been finalized.

On April 16, the reality show’s staff revealed, “Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal will show their daily life through their reality program “Jessica & Krystal,” which will be broadcast in May.” The official broadcast date for the OnStyle reality show is set for May 6.

Having garnered much attention for being musically talented sisters, both Jessica and Krystal have shined their talents through their respective girl groups. As the sisters are currently singers in SM Entertainment, fans have been anticipating the opportunity to finally see a deeper perspective of the singers’ sisterly bond

JACE reveal 20-minute MV for ‘Goodbye My Ray of Light’

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JACE have returned with a short film music video for their second release "Goodbye My Ray of Light".

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The members themselves, all wearing items from Ralph Lauren"s "Denim and Supply" to set the vintage mood, act in the dramatic MV for their comeback track. Seunghyun plays the male lead in the story, while Youngsup, Dohyun, and Sangeun have supporting roles. 

The MV is about songwriter Seunghyun who meets a girl on Jeju Island and falls in love.

Check out the story above!

Tickets for EXO’s First Seoul Concert Sold Out in Less Than 2 Seconds

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Can you believe that popular boy group EXO had their concert tickets sell out in less than two seconds? According to news reports, the ticketing battle was much more competitive than expected!

On April 16, the tickets for EXO’s first Seoul concert titled “From, EXO #1: The Lost Planet in Seoul” was opened at 8PM (KST) through online market Gmarket. However, within 1.47 seconds, all seats were reserved and the concert was deemed sold out. As fans had prepared to purchase tickets by going to computer rooms with fast internet or asking the assistance of friends, many were unsuccessful to purchase a seat. Moreover, fans even played an online game known as the “Ticketing Practice Game” in which they practiced on their ability to click on the screen. Unfortunately, many fans were unable to even access the seat reservation chart as the excessive amount of fans on the site had caused the site to crash

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung shows off her ‘milk fashion’ while shoe shopping

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Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung was spotted shopping for a girl"s must-have, shoes!

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Photos of Sooyoung"s recent shopping excursion were uploaded onto an online community site with the title, "Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung, all-white look milk fashion! Her proportions are better than those of mannequins."

The Girls" Generation member and "One Night of TV Entertainment" host was spotted shopping for some colorful loafers in her "milk fashion." Although white can be a hard color to pull off, Sooyoung"s legs looked like they ran for miles long in her white skinny jeans and her blouse added a simple yet chic flair. Her makeup and hairstyle were also kept perfectly casual, which highlighted Sooyoung"s beauty even more

Are A Pink Members Jealous of Jung Eun Ji and Son Na Eun’s Popularity?

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Recently, A Pink members shared their thoughts on possibly being forgotten amid the popular members of the group. On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D,” A Pink discussed being known as the group with Jung Eun Ji and Son Na Eun.

When the MCs asked, “What are your thoughts about being overshadowed by Jung Eun Ji and Son Na Eun’s popularity?” leader Park Cho Rong responded, “When one thinks about A Pink, ‘Jung Eun Ji’ and ‘Son Na Eun’ are the first things to come up. However, we all believe that each one of us will have our own opportunities, and that person has to be the one to grab that chance. In honesty, it’s because we lack something that we aren’t as popular because the public has correct views

2PM’s Taecyeon shows off his muscular arms in ‘beastly’ stills for ‘Very Good Days’

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2PM"s Taecyeon has been in his share of dramas but that doesn"t mean his "beastly idol" ways are long gone.

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In stills for "Very Good Days", Taecyeon played the part of the rugged "beastly idol" by setting up a tent on a camping site in Donghae, Gangwondo on April 15 and looking hot while doing it! Luckily for all of us, Taecyeon pulled his sleeves up to show off his muscular arms, which looked even better in broad daylight. He was full of beastly expressions while getting to work with his hammer.

Stay tuned for updates on whether or not "Very Good Days" will be canceled this week in light of the tragic ferry incident in South Korea.

Crayon Pop vs. Orange Caramel

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On a stage filled with scantily-clad girl groups, two girl groups stand out for their rather unique concepts, and we want to know which sort of strange you prefer.

Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel both drew comparisons for their kitschy comebacks, and they’re facing off in this week’s Battle.

So, read on, and vote for your favorite girl group below!

Crayon Pop

The helmets have come off, only to be replaced by handkerchiefs, as Crayon Pop of Bar Bar Bar-fame takes to the stage with comeback track Uh Ee.

Throw in rubber shoes and a chicken leg dance, and you know Crayon Pop is out to be weird, even earning the Lady Gaga’s stamp of approval.

Orange Caramel

Known for their kitschy concept through songs like Bangkok City and Shanghai City, After School unit group Orange Caramel has thrived on being out there

Most Drama Broadcasts Return to Normal Tonight, Variety Shows Canceled

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In light of the recent Sewol Ferry tragedy, many TV networks are canceling the broadcast of their variety shows and dramas today, Thursday April 17, out of respect and to broadcast news updates.

KBS is canceling the broadcast of its Thursday night variety show, “Happy Together.” It will, however, air an episode of its daily drama ”Sky Angel” and the third episode of its prime-time Wednesday-Thursday drama, ”Golden Cross,” whose broadcast was moved to today after its cancellation yesterday.

MBC will continue to air its daily dramas “Shining Romance” and “Mother’s Garden.” The airing of the pilot episode of Kang Ho Dong‘s new variety show, “Star Gazing,” has been canceled for tonight

Kim So Eun assures fans that she and co-star Kang Ha Neul are just friends

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Kim So Eun assured fans that she"s just friends with co-star Kang Ha Neul and nothing more!

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When asked about her relationship with Kang Ha Neul during an interview with "bnt", Kim So Eun clarified, "We are just friends." She also revealed her ideal type, "Actor Won Bin has been my ideal type since I was little." 

Just like artists who make promises they"ll keep if they win #1, Kim So Eun also made a promise of her own, "If the audience count surpasses 2 million, Kang Ha Neul and I will hold a guerilla fan signing event."

"The Girl"s Grave" is directed by Oh In Chun and portrays the story of In Soo (Kang Ha Neul) who has a sixth sense of seeing ghosts

Do Hee and Lee Jong Hyuk Make Cameo Appearance in Children’s Drama

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Lee Jong Hyuk and Tiny G’s Do Hee will be making special appearance on a children’s drama.

The production team of EBS’s Pluto’s Secret Organization (translated) revealed on April 17 that Do Hee, Lee Jong Hyuk and Kim Jung San will appear as cameos.

Having earned popularity by starring in tvN’s Reply 1994, Do Hee will be acting as a customer in a convenient store, fighting back a rude drunk person. Tiny G also sang the theme song of the drama, which led to Do Hee’s cameo appearance.

Lee Jong Hyuk, who also received recognition by appearing in MBC’s Dad! Where Are We Going?, will be acting as detective Kang Suk’s colleague.

According to the staff members, Lee Jong Suk gladly accepted the offer to cameo in the drama, as he claimed he can enjoy watching the drama with his two sons

Kim Bo Reum

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Name: 김보름 / Kim Bo Reum
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1987-Feb-12
Height: 163cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Talent agency: KEYEAST
Education: Myungji College (major in theater and film)

TV Shows

Dream High (KBS2, 2011) debut

Jung Il Woo shares he’s not worried about his upcoming enlistment and more during a recent interview

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Actor Jung Il Woo (26) opened up about his enlistment next year, "Golden Rainbow", and his upcoming appearance on "Infinity Challenge"s cheerleading squad special in Brazil.

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In a recent interview with MyDaily, Jung Il Woo shared, "Pressure concerning the military? Hmm... When I enlist after consistently doing productions and complete my military service well, I think I will be fine. I don"t want to pressure myself prior to my enlistment. Others might grow hasty doing "Golden Rainbow", and people would ask me the reason for choosing such a long production. But I think of acting as a career I"ll have for the rest of my life. That is why I am not worried. I am doing this with the thought that it"s okay to take my time and experience things little by little

2AM’s Jo Kwon Set to Make Musical Return

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2AM member Jo Kwon is set to star in “Priscilla”, a musical adaptation of the hit movie “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

A spokesperson for Seol&Company, the production group behind the musical, confirmed the news, saying, “Jo Kwon will be appearing in ‘Priscilla’ from July 3, at the LG Arts Center in Seoul.”

The comedy musical tells the tale of three cross-dressing men who take a life-changing journey together across the Australian outback. Among the musical numbers included are versions of hit songs from the 1980s and 1990s, originally performed by artists such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

Jo Kwon will play the role of Adam, one of the three male leads. Adam, a cheeky troublemaker, was portrayed by actor Guy Pearce in the original Australian movie, released in 1994

Teen Top Members Would Not Introduce Their Sisters to Each Other

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Being in the USA for its High Kick world tour, Teen Top stopped by the set of Mnet America’s DFLA.

The DFLA Teen Top Exclusive was released on April 16 with Danny Im and Dumbfounded leading the hilarious conversation with Teen Top.

Teen Top talked about how it was to meet with all of its fans in America, who have supported them despite the long-distance relationship. They also swore that if they had younger sisters, they would not introduce any of the members to her.

The members then answered some questions from the fans and ended up drawing caricatures of each other.

Check out the episode below!

Photo Credit: Mnet America

Song Hye Kyo graces the red carpet at the ‘Beijing International Film Festival’

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Song Hye Kyo graced the red carpet at the "Beijing International Film Festival" ("BIFF")!

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The opening ceremony for the 4th annual "Beijing International Film Festival" was held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing on the 16th. 300 names in the film industry including Song Hye Kyo, Park Si Hoo, Oliver Stone, John Woo, Zhang Yimou, Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing, Masami Nagasawa, Liu Yifei, Chae Rim, and Gao Zi Qi attended the event.

Song Hye Kyo looked absolutely stunning in her gown which bared her shoulders on the red carpet while posing with her co-star from the film "The Crossing", Huang Xiaoming, as well as John Woo, Masami Nagasawa, and more

Can You Tell the Difference Between Sohee and EXO’s Xiumin?

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They’ve been known to look alike, but Sohee‘s and EXO‘s Xiumin‘s uncanny resemblance is quite noticeable when compared side by side. Some of the major features that have highlighted the similarities had to do with the cat-like facial features. As both Sohee and Xiumin are known for their monolid eyes, arched brows, and chubby cheeks, it’s no wonder that the two have constantly been compared for their similarities.

Furthermore, when placed side by side, you can’t help but do a double take to distinguish the two apart from each other. With the EXO members even agreeing to the resemblance on a past “Weekly Idol” appearance, it would be a hilarious moment if the two were ever to be seen standing next to each other.

What are you thoughts? Do you thin Sohee and Xiumin look alike?

Source: Korean Fancafe

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‘God’s Quiz’ Unveils Main Trailer for Fourth Season

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Prepping for its May broadcast, OCN’s hit series, God’s Quiz released its main trailer for its upcoming fourth season.

The trailer was released on April 16, showing the team of forensic investigators gathering clues at a crime scene. Season 4 will star Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Joo Hee, Super Junior’s Donghae, Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Park Joon Myun, Kang Sung Pil, and more.

The new series will begin May 18.

Photo Credit: OCN

ZE:A’s Dong Jun Stars in Drama to Benefit Disabled People

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ZE:A’s Dong Jun decided to help raise awareness and understanding of disabled people by donating his talent to a special drama.

Dong Jun attended press conference for drama Climbing Sky Wall (translated) on April 16 in Duksung Girls Middle School. The event was attended by lead actor Dong Jun and his co-star Kim Bo Ra, welcomed by over 300 fans.

Dong Jun took the role of ‘Tae Ho’ in the drama. Tae Ho struggles when his father, a former professional mountain climber, loses the ability to use his lower body due to an accident, but he begins to open up to the world again when he meets a blind girl, Yoo Jin.

The production team praised Dong Jun by saying, “We were looking for an actor who can act out Tae Ho, who is a rebel but has a good heart at the same time. Climbing is not an easy sport but he pulled it off well without any complaint