JYP Entertainment assures after investigation that there were no signs of sexual harassment against Suzy

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After a sexual harassment controversy arose as netizens claimed the MC at a Sprite event kept attempting to discreetly touch Suzy multiple times, JYP Entertainment announced that there was nothing to worry about, but would provide a statement after an investigation.

Now, the agency spoke up once again, assuring there really was nothing for fans to worry about. The event organizers first explained, "Because it was a high stage, the MC accidentally touched Suzy while helping her up. Suzy"s side also confirmed this; it was definitely not molestation."

JYP Entertainment said, "The relevant video was taken from below, so it could look that way, but if you see the original, the person appearing as the MC was leading the way, and slightly touched her

HA:TFELT (Yenny) release album spoiler for debut with “Me?”

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Yenny has dropped the album spoiler for her debut mini-album "Me?" as solo artist, HA:TFELT.

The songs range from incredibly soothing tracks laced heavily with guitars and echoes to more upbeat songs. Either way, all the songs are immensely soothing with a unique and eerie vibe that screams an exciting departure from the mainstream, especially from Wonder Girls" style.

It looks like Yenny will really be owning up to her own style as HA:TFELT. The album already sounds amazing, so check out the spoiler video above!

JYJ invites you to the “Back Seat” with MV release

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Be still your beating hearts!  The sexy trio of JYJ have finally dropped their MV for "Back Seat," which includes a ton of lines that are going to get you swooning, as the boys say they"ll "put you in the back seat" and "want to touch your body all night."

Not to mention, three pairs of seductive gazes will be piercing through the screen while their soothing vocals provide some sweet ear candy.  Check out the MV above, and try your best to handle the romantic kissing scenes!

KARA release teaser pictures for charismatic leader Gyuri

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Charismatic leader, Gyuri, is up next with her teaser images for KARA"s comeback!

Like Youngji, she exudes a very sweet innocence in her pictures with an almost fairy-like look.  Although the all-white outfit and soft lighting emphasizes this even more, Gyuri still looks sexy with her charming gaze as well as see-through skirt and lacy crop top.

Stay tuned for more teasers for their sixth mini-album, "Day & Night"!

Concept photo DAY ver. 1. : PARK GYU RI pic.twitter.com/8w778YHJsH

— KARA (@KARA_DSP) July 28, 2014

Concept photo DAY ver. 2. : PARK GYU RI pic.twitter.com/erQJCpyXJH

— KARA (@KARA_DSP) July 28, 2014

HyunA claims it”s an honor to be thought of as Psy”s girlfriend worldwide + discusses possibility of acting

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On the July 28 broadcast of SBS radio program "Cultwo Show," HyunA, who made her solo comeback with "Red," talked about her solo promotions and being recognized worldwide for her appearance in YouTube"s most viewed video of all-time, Psy"s viral MV, "Gangnam Style."

DJ Jung Chan Woo said, "How do you feel doing solo promotions? It"s already your third time now, so aren"t you used to it?" She said, "People think each time that I would have gotten used to it, but it is actually burdensome. When I"m promoting with the members, each one has their position and I trust my members, so I think that makes it a lot better."

Jung Chan Woo continued, "Fans all over the world think of you as Psy"s girlfriend

NU”EST Baekho joins Instagram!

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NU"EST has announced on their official twitter account that member BaekHo can now be followed on instagram.

Fans can now interact and get photo/video updates straight from Baekho himself by following his isntagram @realbaekho. For his first post he uploaded a photo of himself and wrote, "Finally!! I also start instagram kkk"

Don"t miss any updates for him and follow!

EXO’s Tao injures foot on coral reef while filming SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”

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EXO’s Tao has injured his foot while filming SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”.

On the 14th of July, the members of “Law of the Jungle” left to film a new episode for the show, in which Tao stepped on a coral reef and was pierced by it.

Immediately after he was injured, Tao was seen to by a native doctor and given temporary treatment, before being moved to a hospital in Singapore and then China.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 28th of July that Tao did not suffer any serious injuries, however just to be safe, Tao visited a hospital in Changsha for another check up and further treatment of his injury.

EXO had been in China’s Changsa for their round of tours there for “EXO FROM. EXO PLANET #1 - The Lost Planet” on the 27th of July, in which Tao had performed in without any problems, as he had performed lightly to keep his injury from getting worse

Miss A’s Suzy to appear as only guest on SBS’s “Running Man”

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Miss A’s Suzy will be starring on SBS’s “Running Man” as the only guest for next week’s episode.

On the 28th of July, a crew member from the show revealed that Suzy is currently filming for SBS’s “Running Man”, and is filming all around Seoul.

The mission that was given to her for this show is to tour around Seoul city by using public transport and visit important subway stations and locations to complete specific games.

Suzy has starred on “Running Man” several times, showing that the staff of the show and producers really enjoy her presence and the brightness she emits while participating in the show.

The episode of “Running Man” featuring Suzy as the only guest will be aired next week on August 3rd, in which the theme of the episode will be “friends”

Dashing Duo Homme Return with “It Girl”

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Dashing Duo Homme Return with “It Girl” Written by Lindsay On July 28, 2014

Power-vocal duo Homme have returned after three years of hiatus. During that time Lee Hyun (originally of 8eight) completed his compulsory military service and Changmin promoted with his other group, 2AM, both domestically and abroad. Although both men have been preoccupied with worthy pursuits, it is great to have the talented, charismatic duo back together again. They swept the charts with their first two singles, “I Was Able to Eat Well” and “Man Should Laugh,” so hopefully they have enough of a fanbase left to bring their name to the spotlight once again.

Unlike their past singles, which were emotional and dramatic, their new song “It Girl” has a bluesy and bright feel to it

Hyuna’s “Red” music video approved for air on SBS, KBS and MBC

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Hyuna’s recent release with “Red” is becoming a hot issue, in which it was recently revealed that the music video has received the green light on all 3 mainstream broadcasting channels in Korea.

Cube Entertainment revealed on the 28th of July that Hyuna’s music video for “Red” has been approved on SBS, KBS and MBC, as the music video aired on television is different to the music video which is available online, in which they have edited the televised music video to be more appropriate for television.

As of now, Hyuna’s teleivision-appropriate “Red” music video has been approved by all three mainstream broadcasting channels, SBS, KBS and MBC.

Source: Osen, Star News

Suzy to appear as the next guest on “Running Man”

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We will be seeing Suzy on "Running Man" again.

On July 28th, according to Im Hyung Taek PD, Suzy is currently participating in the recording of SBS" "Running Man" today around Seoul using public transportation. It was said that Suzy is the only guest for today and the concept will be "Representative Hallyu Goddess".

This episode will be broadcast in August.

Son Ye Jin Addresses Dating Rumors With Kim Nam Gil

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Actress Son Ye Jin talks about her dating rumors with "Shark" and "Pirates" co-star Kim Nam Gil.

In a recent interview with news portal "Starnews," actress Son Ye Jin talked about her upcoming film "Pirates," her movie co-star Kim Nam Gil, and the dating rumors surrounding the two of them.

On Kim Nam Gil"s personality off-screen, she said, "He"s just like Jang Sa Jung, his character in "Pirates". He seems cool, but in reality, he"s actually talkative and fun to be with. He"s also a bit clumsy, but he"s really friendly."

She continued, "The image he shows other people isn"t actually who he is. I"ve known him since our drama "Shark", so I"m really comfortable working with him. In this respect, I think he suits his character well

5 K-Drama Actors Having a Worse Day Than You

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Happy Monday! As we start off the week groaning and moaning, here’s a short reminder that it could be worse. Just be happy you aren’t these K-drama actors.

Ever been slapped by kimchi? Well, be happy you aren’t actor Won Ki Joon in “Everybody Kimchi.”

Or Hyun Bin, who has a whole meal spit onto his face in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.”

Or Yoo Jae Suk, who lost his pants on national TV for “Running Man.”

And his towel too.

Or Park Dong Bin, who just heard some very shocking news on “We Must Have Loved.”

Or Hong Kyung In, who picked on the wrong “village idiot” in “Secretly, Greatly

“Fashion King Korea 2″ Releases Its Celebrity Lineup, Including Block B’s Zico and P.O, Sunmi, and Others

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SBS variety program “Fashion King Korea 2” finally revealed its star-studded lineup.

In a group cast picture released by SBS were Clara, Sunmi, Yoon Jin SeoHong Jin Kyung, Kwang Hee of ZE:A, Jung Joon Young, and Block B members Zico and P.O. It is interesting to see how each cast member’s own unique style comes through with just this one photo.

“Fashion King Korea 2″ will see these celebrities pair up with a fashion designer to compete with each other. The fashion designers who will be on the show are Choi Bum Suk (General Idea), Ko Tae Yong (Beyond Closet), Han Sang Hyuk (Heich es Heich), Song Hye Myung (Dominic’s Way), Kwak Hyun Joo, and Vandal

Jiyeon and Mighty Mouth”s Shorry J to release an OST for MBC”s drama “Triangle”

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Jiyeon and Shorry J will release a duet as the new OST for drama "Triangle".

According to the production team, Jiyeon, Shorry J and also F-ve Doll"s Seunghee gathered together and sang for the new OST called "Kiss and Cry". The song was previously premiered during the broadcast of the drama on July 25th. It is said to have a medium tempo of a Latin pop song and is produced by hits maker Cho Young Soo.

"Kiss and Cry" will be released at noon on July 29th.

Kim Young Kwang Reveals His Six-Pack Abs in Harper’s Bazaar

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Model-turned-actor Kim Young Kwang showed off his perfect abs in the latest issue of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

On July 28, Bazaar released a few images from its photo shoot with Kim Young Kwang for its August issue. In one of the pictures from the black and white photo shoot, Kim Young Kwang’s perfectly sculpted abs could be seen. In another picture, he has a questioning look on his face, dressed in a simple white t-shirt.

Kim Young Kwang will play one of the main characters of upcoming tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys.” The drama is about the friendship between men whose age ends in nine, ranging from a nine year old kid to a 39-year-old man. Kim Young Kwang will play the 29-year-old Kang Jin Goo.

“Plus Nine Boys” will premiere on tvN on August 29

[Video] JYJ releases photos ahead of release

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Boy trio JYJ released four photographs of its members in the recording studio yesterday as a preview for fans who are awaiting the group"s upcoming album. In one photo released yesterday, three members - Kim Jae-joong, Micky Yoochun and Kim Jun-su - are shown brainstorming ideas, with papers strewn across the table. Each was also photographed during the recording session.

"All three members have the same idea on what to say through their new album", said an official at the recording session, according to their agency CJeS Entertainment. "The album is worth waiting for because [the members] have put their best effort toward recording and delivering music that is not only filled with emotion, but is also comfortable".The group"s new album "Just Us" will be released on Tuesday through online music providers and offline outlets

Tony Ahn Makes His First Public Appearance After His Gambling Incident

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Tony Ahn returned to the public eye after being away for some time following his gambling scandal. He appeared at the end of H.J.g.R‘s ”WISH” concert at the CGV theater in Cheongdam.

Tony Ahn greeted the audience, saying, “Hello, this is Tony Ahn. Actually, since this is my first time meeting everyone in a while, I worried a lot about what I was going to say. I couldn’t sleep at all.”

He also expressed his regrets about the gambling incident: “First of all, I would like to express my sincere apologies to my fans, my members, and the staff. It’s been a long time since my last filming schedule and being given a mic backstage, I thought that it has really been a long time since I’ve held a mic in my hand.”

He also told the audience that he wanted to take this opportunity to show everyone how apologetic he was and how he had reflected so much that he was not even able to watch the World Cup

Girl”s Day”s Sojin to join MBC Music”s “Idol School” as new MC

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Sojin will have her first MC challenge through MBC Music"s new variety show "Idol School".

According to MBC Music on July 28th, Sojin has been confirmed as the new MC for "Idol School" and she will be hosting along with Kim Yeon Woo and Jun Hyun Moo.

"Idol School" is said to be a show which will combine both games and music. About 3-4 teams of rookie idol singers will be invited on the show as guests and they will be competing each other through various games in order to find equipments to set up their own stage at the end.

The first episode will be premiered on August 19th at 6pm kst.

miss A’s Suzy to Guest Star on “Running Man” for a Seoul Tour Episode

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Miss A‘s Suzy will be making a guest appearance on SBS‘ popular variety show “Running Man.”

On July 28, a representative revealed that the idol is currently filming the episode in various locations around Seoul. She appears on the show as “The Representative Goddess of Hallyu.”

The episode will challenge the members to tour around Seoul by using public transportation. The producers have set up fun games for the cast to play at subway stations and other landmarks, making the episode even more entertaining. It has also been reported that Suzy is the only guest participating in this episode.

In the past, Suzy has charmed the viewers of “Running Man” with her bright personality and everlasting energy