2PM’s Jun.K and GOT7 Take a Playful Picture Together

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2PM’s Jun.K and the boys of the rookie group GOT7, revealed a picture of them working together in a studio.

On July 29, Jun.K released the photo through his Instagram.

In the picture, Jun.K is sitting in the middle, as if he was the leader of the group. The boys of GOT7 are surrounding Jun.K and making playful expression. Jun.K expressed his love for his juniors as he wrote and produced the song, “So Lucky,” for the boys. The song will be one of the tracks on GOT7’s debut single album that will be released in Japan during October.

Meanwhile, 2PM and GOT7 will be performing at the “2014 JYP Nation-One Mic” that will be held on August 9 in Seoul.

What It”s Like Going to a K-Pop Concert

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Going to a concert can go one of two ways - it can be one of those experiences that unfold magically and you find yourself wishing you could do it over and over again. And of course, it could go the other way, wherein everything that could go wrong, goes wrong.

Granted, each concert has a vibe that"s entirely its own. The crowd is different and the atmosphere feels different. But whatever type of concert you decide to attend, if it turns out to be worthwhile, the excitement before, during, and after the experience stays constant throughout.

That"s what K-Pop concerts are like for me. Though I"m way past that age, I turn into a six-year-old child stepping into a crowded candy store for the first time - completely giddy and in awe of everything going on around me.

That"s not to say people who go to other concerts don"t feel the same way

[Spoiler] Added episodes 31 and 32 captures for the Korean drama “Jang Bo-ri Is Here!”

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Added episodes 31 and 32 captures for the Korean drama "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" (2014)Directed by Baek Ho-minWritten by Kim Soon-okNetwork : MBCWith Oh Yeon-seo, Kim Ji-hoon-I, Lee Yoo-ri, Oh Chang-seok, Kim Yong-rim, Kim Hye-ok,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45SynopsisA story about two women whose identities change and their mother"s.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/04/05




AOA Releases an Acoustic Version of “Short Hair”

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Girl group AOA released an acoustic performance of their hit single “Short Hair” via their official Youtube channel.

Rearranged with the jazz twist to the original pop song, the new acoustic version of “Short Hair” features the group’s main vocalists Choa and Yuna, along with vocalist and main rapper Jimin.

Recorded live in a studio, this version of “Short Hair” shows that the main vocal line of AOA are versatile with their singing abilities.

Recently, AOA came back with their single “Short Hair,” which did extremely well on music charts.

The rising girl group will be releasing a photo book called “Hot Summer,” which will have a summer theme

[Drama Review] “Triangle” – Episode 25

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Dong Soo and Young Dal intercept Yang Ha and warn him, but the chaebol blows them off. After being updated by Man Bong and Boss Min, Young Dal heads off quickly to save Yang Ha from assassination. Later, Young Dal entrusts Boss Min to call in and redeem $600 million worth of Chungjin Construction bonds all at once. If Chungjin, Chairman Go"s company, cannot pay (which it can"t), it will go bankrupt. Go begs, steals, and borrows to find the funds, but to no avail. Young Dal"s friends bug the offices of Go and Hyun so they can monitor what"s going on there. Yang Ha"s would-be killer is found and confesses. Yang Ha drinks with Yoo Jin, who finally sees in him the same man she fell in love with a decade ago

[Spoiler] Added episodes 31 and 32 captures for the Korean drama “Hotel King”

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Added episodes 31 and 32 captures for the Korean drama "Hotel King" (2014)Directed by Kim Dae-jinWritten by Jo Eun-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Lee Dong-wook, Lee Da-hae, Wang Ji-hye, Seulong, Lee Deok-hwa, Kim Hae-sook,...32 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:55SynopsisAn heiress struggles to protect the one and only domestic 7-star hotel "CL Hotel", and the general manager becomes an enemy to his father who abandoned him.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/04/05




Shim Eun Kyung to Receive Piano Lessons While Preparing for “Nodame Cantible” Remake

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Shim Eun Kyung is receiving a lot of attention after being cast as the heroine of the Korean remake of “Nodame Cantibile,” and her agency stated “She will start piano lessons tomorrow.”

A representative from Shim Eun Kyung’s agency stated “After confirming her appearance in the Korean version of “Nodame Cantibile” today, Shim Eun Kyung will begin instrument lessons in earnest and will focus on preparing for filming.”

The representative continued by saying “As “Nodame Cantibile” was immensely popular in Korea as well, people will no doubt compare Shim Eun Kyung to Ueno Juri, but Shim Eun Kyung will put her own spin on the character.”

After confirming her appearance in the drama, Shim Eun Kyung stated through the production company “I had fun reading the manga, and I am a fan of Ueno Juri, who played Nodame in the drama version

Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy reunite for “Samsonite Red”

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Kim Soo Hyun and Chinese star Angelababy reunited for a couple photo shoot in which they sport bags from "Samsonite Red" for the fall and winter season; hence, the pictorial features more toned down colors and a modern chic look.

While Angelababy gives off a very youthful vibe in business casual attire, Kim Soo Hyun maintains his chic and smooth image with swept back hair, so that the two look like a sexy couple.

The fall and winter line of "Samsonite Red" will be available in early August.

Secret shares first CF video teaser ft. Hyosung for “I’m In Love”

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The first video teaser for Secret’s impending comeback with the track “I’m In Love” has been released, featuring the loveable Hyosung!

Just a few days ago, Secret was confirmed for a comeback with a new title track, revealed to be titled “I’m In Love.” The popular girl group will be releasing their 5th mini-album, “SECRET SUMMER,” seven months following their last single release, “I Do I Do.”

The first CF teaser stars Hyosung sitting calmly in the middle of the beach, a fish bowl with a goldfish swimming inside as the ocean’s waves hits the sand. She begins to walk alongside the waves, a tear dropping from her eye.

Source: TS2008

BEAST’s Junhyung Kindly Expresses Discontent Towards His Hacker

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BEAST’s Yong Junhyung posted on his Twitter, “I finally found my account. Please stop hacking me” which was a message to whoever kept hacking the singer’s SNS account.

Along with Junyung, other celebrities have had their SNS accounts hacked before. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk‘s hacking incident which happened last year gained a lot of attention.

With so many hacking incidents, it seems like celebrities need to be extra careful with their SNS accounts.

As for Junhyung, he is becoming the main man for many singers’ music videos. Recently, he appeared in Megan Lee‘s debut single “8dayz,” but before that he also appeared in Lee Seung Hwan’s song “I Feel On You,” in Eru’s “I Hate You,” Lyn’s “Breakable Heart,” Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy” and Natthew’s “She’s Bad

[Spoiler] Added episodes 45 and 46 captures for the Korean drama “Very Good Times”

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Added episodes 45 and 46 captures for the Korean drama "Very Good Times" (2013)Directed by Kim Jin-won-IWritten by Lee Kyeong-heeNetwork : KBSWith Lee Seo-jin, Kim Hee-seon, Taecyeon, Ryoo Seung-soo, Kim Ji-ho, Yoon Yeo-jeong,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 19:55SynopsisA family drama about a family"s way of life.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/02/22


SPICA get ready for comeback with “I Did It” teaser picture

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Looks like the sexy and super talented girls of SPICA will be making their comeback soon! And it appears they may be returning with another sexy, retro concept.

Well known fashion stylist, Misha Janette, uploaded a teaser picture for the girls onto her personal Instagram, saying, "The teaser is OUT! I directed the fashion for Kpop super group SPICA "a new single "I Did It" They will be appearing along with G-dragon and Girls Generation at Kcon in LA nxt month! These girls are SO talented and listening to them jam in the dressing room was like WHOAH. You"ll be seeing more of them soon, I promise!! Aren"t they GORGE [sp]."

Stay tuned for more news and confirmation for these divas" comeback!

“Daddy, Where Are We Going” Will Invite a Foreign Family for a Korean-Style Homestay Special

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Popular MBC variety show “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” will be inviting a foreign family for a home-stay special episode.

According to a representative, the team will be inviting a foreign family who came to Korea on tour and spend some fun time with them while showing some traditional Korean tourist attractions.

The representative also said, “We focused on showing the Korean traditional to the foreign family and show how the daily life of Korean families.”

The foreign family will be picked using various interviews and while the shooting dates have not been set yet. Filming will be conducted in accordance with the family’s schedule.

The “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” team has already experienced their own home-stay experiences during the New Zealand special episodes that were aired during the show’s first season

Who Wore It Better: Lee Min Jung vs. Sunhwa vs. Suzy

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For this edition of Who Wore It Better, we have a three-way battle! Actress Lee Min Jung, SECRET"s Sunhwa, and miss A"s Suzy were all seen wearing the same belted, black, off-the-shoulder, baby doll dress by KOSOYOUNG. So, let"s take a look at which beauty wore it best! 

Lee Min Jung wore this piece to the "Cunning Single Lady" press conference. She accessorized with statement earrings and stacked rings. She paired the outfit with black-and-gold pumps and wore her hair in a loose up-do, accentuating her bare shoulders.

Sunhwa, on the other hand, was seen wearing this piece in her drama, "Marriage Not Dating." She went for the all-black look with strappy heels. Her wrists were adorned with bangles, and she carried a color-pop clutch, also opting for perfect, loose barrel curls

Jessica and Krystal recall a time they were drunk + divulge their thoughts on the last episode of their show

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On the July 29 edition of "Jessica & Krystal," the two pretty sisters discussed a time when they got drunk.

The two were asked whether they had gone to get a massage together before. Krystal said, "There was a time we went, last winter. At the time, she and I drank wine and got drunk."

Jessica revealed, "That was the time when Chun Song Yi [played by Jun Ji Hyun] from "You Who Came From The Stars" was popular. The both of us greeted people like her while intoxicated."

Krystal added, "We said "Boong Boong ah~" to every car we passed," as Chun Song Yi called her own car by that name in the drama.

Also in this episode, the sisters revealed their thought on the last day of filming their reality program together

Kim Dae Hee

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Name: 김대희 / Kim Dae Hee (Gim Dae Hui)
Profession: Actor and comedian
Birthdate: 1974-June-24
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: B

TV Shows

Rooftop Prince (SBS, 2012)


City of Damnation (2008)
What Happened Last Night? (2008, cameo)

Goo Hye Sun Reveals a Past Picture of Herself as a High School Student

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Actress Goo Hye Sun revealed a picture of herself taken when she was a high school student on his Twitter on July 29. Along with the picture, she wrote, “Found this picture while cleaning my house.”

Having been one of the most popular ulzzangs (Korean term for “best face” or “good-looking”) ever, Goo Hye Sun’s high school picture indeed looks very pure and pretty.

Contrary to some of the negative acting reviews she received in the past, through the SBS drama “Angel Eyes,” the actress received favourable ones and many have commented that her acting skills have greatly improved.

Goo Hye Sun will be back for the audience through the movie “Daughter” which will be released this year. While she is starring in it, Goo Hye Sun was also responsible for directing and screen-writing the movie

Henry elaborates on liking Lee Hyori for not being pretty

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Yesterday, a preview article revealed that the funny Henry took part in a recording of SBS"s variety program "Magic Eye" and said that he liked Lee Hyori because he found her ugly. Now, the episode aired on July 29, so fans can get a clearer idea of everything he said.

On the show, Hong Jin Kyung said to Henry, "I heard that you were always a fan of Lee Hyori." Henry stated, "I don"t like her because she"s pretty, but because she"s a bit ugly."

Although the statement was surprising, he went on to clarify with an explanation that may cause fans to respect his honesty and bluntness. He said, "Celebrities act pretty and do all their makeup. However, I saw her on TV one day without make up on and she was really--I"m sorry but--she looked very ugly, but that ugly image looked very pretty to me

Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy Are a Perfect-Looking Couple for Samsonite Pictorial

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Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy‘s unreleased pictures of their pictorial have been revealed.

The pictorial was for the bag brand Samsonite for the 2014 Fall/Winter season.

While the two are from different nationalities the two stars apparently bonded very well and they look very stylish for this business casual-themed pictorial.

Being Samsonite’s global model, Angelababy looks lovelier than ever with her cute smile and chic-looking red lipstick.

Samsonite’s new products can be seen from the beginning of August.

In other news, Kim Soo Hyun has set a new record for appearing in 35 commercials, which means having 35 product endorsement deals. 15 of them are for South Korean product endorsements and others, like Coca Cola, Samsung Electronics, and Häagen-Dazs and many others are for Chinese and Asian product endorsements

Jung Il Woo gifts 100 staff members with “Nike” sneakers on the set of “The Night Watchman”

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Just do it and Jung Il Woo did just that as he gifted 100 staff members of the upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama "The Night Watchman" with brand new "Nike" sneakers!

A rep from his agency Star K Entertainment stated, "Since "The Night Watchman" is a drama featuring ghosts, there are many instances when filming goes on until late in the night... After thinking about what would give strength to the staff who suffer through the overnight filming, Jung Il Woo decided to gift the staff, who work a lot outdoors, with sneakers."

Jung Il Woo asked for the sizes of each of the staff members and personally thanked them as he handed each one their sneakers.

"The Night Watchman" is set to premiere following "Triangle" on August 4 at 10 PM KST!