GOT7 dress up in holiday party outfits + conduct interview with fashion magazine “Grazia”

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Rookie idol group, GOT7 transformed into chic holiday party idols for recent pictorial with fashion magazine, "Grazia." In addition to the pictures, the GOT7 members also participated in an exclusive interview with the magazine.

During the interview, Jr. revealed that he took on reading as his favorite past-time hobby. He said, "When the days get repetitive, people become easily exhausted. There was a time I was talking to someone and I couldn"t comprehend what they were saying, I suddenly felt stupid. That"s when I picked up reading. Currently, I"m reading Milan Kundera"s "The Unbearable Lightness of Being.""

Jackson expressed his love for his family and especially his parents when he said, "I call my parents every day and remind them to eat healthily

U-KISS Gives Fans the Girlfriend Experience in “Sweetie” PV

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U-KISS shows off how romantic they could be in the music video for their 10th Japanese single, “Sweetie.”

Released on November 28, the music video for “Sweetie” gives the U-KISS fans the “girlfriend experience” as each of the member seemingly interacts with the viewing KissMe.

The music video, which also gives off a holiday vibe, shows each of the boys preparing for their special meeting with the girl or KissMe–Kevin preps a table full of pastries, Eli picks out a movie for their movie date, Soohyun makes a sweet phonecall, Hoon composes a song, Jun practices how to give his gift, and Kiseop waits outside in the snow to pick up the girl

Kyuhyun Takes Second M!Countdown Win with “At Gwanghwamun”

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With the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) just one week away, this week’s episode of M!Countdown featured many of this years top performances.

Check out the full episode, featuring past performances by

MINX play with adorable babies

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MINX spend some great time with 2 adorable babies, check out their new video below:

GOT7 release Crazy Boyfriend version practice video for “Stop Stop It”

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GOT7 have more to show in new practice video.

The boys show their charm in the latest practice video, check it out below:

GOT7 Goofs Off in Crazy Boyfriend Version of “Stop Stop It” Dance Practice Video

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Ever wanted to see the cool boys of GOT7 act crazy and do unbelievably cute aegyo?

In the Crazy Boyfriend version of their dance practice video for their latest track “Stop Stop It” released on November 28, the boys of GOT7 did just that!

The crazy boyfriend version video, which is the second practice video the group released for their song “Stop Stop It,” features the seven members of GOT7 having some fun while doing the cool choreography for the track. Contrary to the cool image the boys showed in the previous dance practice video, the boys now show how fun and crazy they could be while making really cute gestures as they smile and look straight to the camera.

The boys also showed their playful sides as they display skinship and kid around with the members while they go about the choreography

[Album Review] WASSUP – “Showtime”

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Track List:
1. Showtime
2. Too Loud, U
3. Stupid Liar (Ft. NiiHWA)
4. Where Are You Looking? (Nada Solo)
5. Hug Me
6. Too Loud, U (Club Mix)
7. Too Loud, U (inst.)
8. Showtime (inst.)

Arguably best known for their twerking that seems splashed all over MVs these days, the lovely ladies of fierce and sexy rap group Wassup have just released their second mini-album. It"s been a few months since we"ve heard anything from them ("Fire" did nothing for me), so I"ve been hoping for something more. What"s even better is that Nada helped both compose and write the tracks on this disc, and banged out all the raps herself.

"Showtime" begins with an autotuned voice speaking Spanish. The only words I could grasp were "bonita" (pretty or cute) and the "uno, dos, tres, quatro" that kicks off the song

“Law of the Jungle” Lee Tae-Im shines with beautiful figure and sharp eyes

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On the episode of "Law of the Jungle" in Costa Rica, Byoungman tribe showed some struggles for survival.

Lee Tae-im boasted her great confidence and interest in the ocean. She drew much attention swimming in the ocean freely showing off her beautiful figure.

She also spotted Costa Rica"s rare animals easily while revealing her new aspect as a tough woman and creating herself a new image like a woman worrior. Ryoo Dam was impressed saying "She is an expert in rare species of animals"

Highlights: “Pinocchio” Episode 6

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Episode six of “Pinocchio” sees all of our main characters starting their journalism careers in earnest. As such, it’s a busy episode, as they battle each other and the clock, desperately trying to get any scoop to relay back to their impatient, strict sunbaes.

These were the my five favorite scenes of “Pinocchio” episode six:

1. Song Cha Ok gives good parenting advice

Honestly, I would not have anticipated that In Ha’s mother would have anything valuable to say on the subject of parenting. That was my bad. I forgot that even though she’s cold and completely without ethics, Cha Ok is still a very smart woman, as she proved when she went to visit Dal Pyung. Her advice that he allow In Ha to work at MSC was so spot-on—and we saw just how thrilled In Ha was when her father announced that he wouldn’t stand in the way of her dreams

'Liar Game' Shin Sung Rok Expresses His Feelings Ending Drama

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Actor Shin Sung Rok wrapped up the filming for tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "Liar Game" (script Ryu Yong Jae, director Kim Hong Sun) and expressed his feelings about his affection towards the series.

On November 26th, through HB Entertainment, Shin Sung Rok said, "I was very thrilled to have played the role of Kang Do Young and I"m very happy that I have gotten a lot of love out of this."

Moreover, he said, "From a while ago, I"ve been wanting to be in a genre drama and this dream was fulfilled by "Liar Game." In particular, the character of Kang Do Young is perfect for that of a genre drama, as I was able to feel his charisma. I will cherish these moments of having been in a good piece and having been loved for such roles" as he expressed his affection for the drama

'Pinocchio' Lee Jong Suk's Secret – Studying The Script

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Lee Jong Suk of the SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Pinocchio" (script Park Hye Ryu, director Jo Soo Won) was caught on camera as he focused on his script.

Through his management company, Lee Jong Suk released a picture from his shooting of "Pinocchio." Here, he is looking at the script and focusing on the character. Ordinarily, he is very focused and attentive as a "diligent" actor and this is reflecting precisely that.

In particular, viewers can see that he has marked the script with post-its where there are important lines of scenes. Throughout the waiting period of the filming, he is studying the script as his hidden efforts are captured.

In "Pinocchio" Lee Jong Suk is acting in the role of Choi Dahl Po, a reporter in the Society column

'Liar Game' Shin Sung Rok, Best At Acting A Psycopath

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Shin Sung Rok affirmed that in the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama of "Liar Game" that ended on November 25th, he was an expert at acting in the role of a psychopath.

In the drama, Shin Sung Rok was a reality show host and producer, but his role spanned beyond that of an ordinarily show producer. As the show, "Liar Game" went on, he was able to understand exactly how viewers felt and had the supernatural power of controlling their feelings as well as the overall industry. With this, his character added tension to the plot week after week.

In particular, the character of Kang Do Young is a newly created role that has set itself apart from the original version of the piece, "Liar Game." Unless the original version, Shin Sung Rok was able to bring a significantly "Korean" aspect to the acting as his role was different to that of the original piece

'Pinocchio' What Will Happen to Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye

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On the trailer for the 5th episode of "Pinocchio," a scene captured was where Choi Dahl Po (played by Lee Jong Suk) and Choi In Ha (played by Park Shin Hye) had a strange conversation on the rooftop.

From when he was young, Dahl Po had feelings for In Ha. Choi Dahl Pyung (played by Shin Jung Geun) got a sense of this. On the 4th episode, Suh Beom Jo (played by Kim Young Kwang) had asked In Ha whether she had feelings for Dahl Po and she said, "No, not at all" but then started to hiccup, as she was embarrassed. She had realized through her Pinocchio syndrome that she had started to like Dahl Po.

In the released trailer, it"s interesting to see that In Ha is chasing after Dahl Po and continuing to hiccup. Afterwards, in a very different scene, In Ha asks Dahl Po, "Do you know why this hiccupping started?" as her direct question is drawing a strange tension

“Three Meals in a Day” Choi Ji-woo, a guest Lee Seo-jin waiting for finally drops by.

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Lee Seo-jin is happy with Hallyu star, Choi Ji-woo appears as a new guest in Three Meals in a Day.

On the episode of tvN"s Three Meals in a Day, with the appearance of Choi Ji-woo as a new guest, the ordinary life of Lee Seo-jin and Son Ho-joon becomes vibrant.

Choi Ji-woo became all enthusiastic unlike the previous guests and pulled out some bok choy for Kim-chi and made fire into the Korean old-fashioned furnace, agung-yi.

In response, Lee Seo-jin commented "I hope Choi Ji-woo join the show as a fixed member. She works so well and does her best.

He liked it most when she cleaned the outdoor floor, did the dishes. Lee Seo-jin said "I have been wanting a guest like her" being content.

Choi Ji-woo joked around saying "I came hoping to be able to enjoy a lot of organic food

Kim Soo Ro

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Name: 김수로 / Kim Soo Ro (Kim Su Ro)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1970-May-07
Height: 185cm
Weight: 81kg
Blood Type: B
Star sign: Pisces
Family: Wife/Actress Lee Kyung Hwa, Sister Miss Korea 1993 Kim Sang Mi
Talent agency: SidusHQ
Education: Dongguk University
Skills: Jazz dance

TV Shows

A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012)
God of Study (KBS2, 2010)
Fight (tvN, 2008) cameo
Thank You (MBC, 2007)


Gosa / Death Bell 2 (2010)
Five Senses of Eros (2009)
Our School E.T (2008)
Big Bang (2007)
Life is Cool (2006)
A Cruel Attendance (2006)
Detective Mr. Gong (2006) cameo
Vampire Cop Ricky (2006)
Shadowless Sword (2005) cameo
My Lovely Week (2005)
Super Family (2005)
S Diary (2004)
Windstruck (2004)
Dance With The Wind (2004)
Taegukgi (2004) cameo
Madeleine (2002)
Fun Movie (2002)
Volcano High (2001)
The Last Witness (2001)
Hi, Dharma (2001)
Kick the moon (2001) cameo
Last Present (2001) cameo
Libera Me (2000)
The Foul King (2000)
Attack the Gas Station! (1999)
Shiri (1999)


2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama – Actor (God of Study)

[Spoiler] Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama “Mister Baek”

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Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama "Mister Baek" (2014)Directed by Lee Sang-yeob-IWritten by Choi Yoon-jungNetwork : MBCWith Sin Ha-gyoon, Jang Nara, Lee Joon, Park Ye-jin, Jeong Seok-won, Hwang Bo-ra,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA hotel owner in his 70s, who has known nothing but money all his life, suddenly turns into a young man in his 30s.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/05


Official movie poster + 30-second trailer for “Somewhere Only We Know” featuring Kris (Wu Yi Fan) released

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The official movie poster and 30-second teaser trailer for the upcoming Chinese film, "Somewhere Only We Know" starring former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) were released.

Two versions of the movie poster were released. The first poster features Wu Yi Fan posing intimately with a lady in front of a grand clock while the other poster has the same woman happily riding a bike with another man.

In the movie, Wu Yi Fan"s character will be experiencing heartache as he is caught up in a love triangle. Check out the teaser for the film, "Somewhere Only We Know" above!

Tip: Lynette

Sistar’s Hyorin Reveals Her Dislike of Dieting in Interview with Bnt International

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Sistar‘s main vocal Hyorin recently had a photo shoot and an interview with Bnt International. 

In the photo shoot, Hyorin can be seen sporting various winter street wear, showing off her great figure.

During the interview with the magazine, Hyorin revealed that she does not like dieting. “Singing high notes makes my body shiver because it’s that difficult. If I started starving myself to have a good figure, I won’t be able to withstand it.” She added that she sings from her stomach, so she needs to eat very well.

As a tip to maintain a great figure, Hyorin suggested cutting down on snacks. “Even if you stop eating snacks, you will start losing weight. I hate working out.”

She was also very honest in the interview, as she exclaimed, “I want to get a nose job but my company won’t let me

Hyeri picks Shin Dong Yup as her ideal type + Yoo Se Yoon gets jealous

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On the November 28 episode of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt", Girl"s Day member Hyeri made an appearance and discussed her ideal type.

When asked, "What kind of style [in a guy] do you usually like?" Hyeri responded, "I like a considerate person."

In the video shown above, Hyeri is asked at the 0:33 mark to pick her ideal type among the MCs of the show. Hyeri then looks directly at Yoo Se Yoon. After the members on the show joked that Hyeri would pick Yoo Se Yoon because a gagman is always a safe choice, Yoo Se Yoon states to Hyeri, "If you don"t pick me after this, I"m going to cry."

Despite Yoo Se Yoon"s warning, Hyeri states, "I was really originally a fan of Shin Dong Yup sunbae," selecting him as her ideal type

Nam Sang-mi to get married

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Actress Nam Sang-mi is getting married early next year. "Nam will tie the knot on Jan. 24 with a man of the same age who runs his own business", her agency, JR Entertainment, said in a press release on Friday. "They were set up in 2013 by a mutual friend and came to develop a romantic relationship". The entertainment agency added that the 30-year-old actress will have her wedding at a small church located in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, and that the wedding will be restricted to family and close friends for the sake of her husband-to-be"s privacy. The agency continued that Nam will keep pursuing her acting career after the wedding. Although Nam debuted in 2003 as an actress, she became famous online even before her debut. Nam was working as a part-time worker at a fast food franchise while attending high school when a college student from a nearby university took a picture of her taking an order and uploaded it onto the web