Filmmaker Salima Koroma Talks About 'Bad Rap' Documentary Featuring Jay Park, Dumbfoundead & Other Korean-American Hip-Hop Artists [Exclusive Interview]

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(Photo : Salima)

Is it safe to call you a filmmaker/editor/director extraordinaire?

Haha. Extraordinaire? That"s epic! I don"t want to be like Kanye West where I"m going around telling people I"m a genius or an extraordinaire - but hopefully one day I can be considered a household name. A filmmaker who"s made a huge, very important mark. I want people to know and respect the work I do because I love creating films! But right now, I"m just working on getting my filmmaking skills up and learning from other talented people.

You"re currently working on a documentary called "Bad Rap." Please tell our readers about this awesome film.

If you live in America or anywhere, really - think about how many Asian-American rappers there are

TaeTiSeo cancel their guest spot on “Kiss the Radio”

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It"s been reported that TaeTiSeo have canceled their guest spot on KBS COOL FM"s "Super Junior"s Kiss the Radio".

The trio were originally scheduled to attend the October 2nd recording for the radio show hosted by Super Junior"s Ryeowook, but their appearance was canceled on September 30. "Kiss the Radio" tweeted, "We"re letting you know that the Girls" Generation - TaeTiSeo appearance scheduled for Wednesday of this week has been canceled. We ask for our listeners understanding."

Though an official reason wasn"t given, many suspect that Jessica"s leave from Girls" Generation may have been a contributing factor. As for the other members, Sunny is said to not be appearing on camera for her radio show, MBC FM4U"s "Sunny"s FM Date". Sooyoung won"t be hosting SBS" "One Night of TV Entertainment" this week either as the program"s been canceled due to the "2014 Incheon Asian Games"

WINNER ask fans to like their Facebook page for unrevealed photos

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WINNER have asked fans to like their official Facebook page for extra eye candy.

In a new video, the boys of WINNER got together to remind fans to give their page a like. YG Entertainment also posted the message: "WINNER would like to thank all of their Facebook fans! Not a fan yet? Share the video and tag your friends! When WINNER reaches 1 million likes, we will upload unreleased photos of WINNER!"
Check out WINNER"s video above, and help their FB page reach a million (currently at 831,077 likes) for the unrevealed photos.

“K-Pop Star 3″s Nam Young Joo reveals MV for debut song “Fragile and Kind”

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Nam Young Joo, a top 10 contestant from SBS" "K-Pop Star 3", has made her debut with the song "Fragile and Kind".

CNBLUE"s Jonghyun wrote, composed, and produced "Fragile and Kind" for Nam Young Joo"s debut, and the medium-tempo track features his guitar as well as her subtle vocals. The song details the feelings of a girl who wants to love but is afraid of getting hurt. 

Watch Nam Young Joo"s debut MV above, and let us know what you think!

Lee Dong Wook is handsome in Hawaii for “Arena Homme Plus”

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Lee Dong Wook was whisked off to Hawaii for "Arena Homme Plus"!

The handsome actor donned clothing from "S.T. Dupont"s 2014 F/W collection as well as watches and other accessories from "Cartier". The magazine concept made him look like the kind of guy who enjoys long walks on the beach and is on the search for that special someone, and with his sculpted features, what girl wouldn"t want to date him!

A rep stated, "Lee Dong Wook monitored each cut one by one, and meticulously checked his expressions and poses, actively and passionately taking part in the photo shoot."

Check out his full pictorial in "Arena Homme Plus"s October issue. Also stay tuned for another episode of "Iron Man" on Wednesday!

“THE TaeTiSeo” extended by one episode

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OnStyle has announced that TaeTiSeo"s reality show "THE TaeTiSeo" has been extended by one episode!

The show"s rep told OSEN on September 30, ""THE TaeTiSeo", which was initially set for 6 episodes, has been extended by 1 episode for a total of 7 episodes. The finale will be in a different format [compared to that of the previous episodes]... The viewers" response to the program has been very good, and because the viewer ratings are doing well, we"ve decided to extend it after deliberation."

The upcoming 5th episode on the 30th will take viewers on TaeTiSeo"s trip to New York. With this one-episode extension, "THE TaeTiSeo" will end on October 14. Stay tuned for "THE TaeTiSeo" every Tuesday at 11 PM KST!

“Roommate” unveils character card for Park Joon Hyung + BTS photos of Seo Kang Jun, Jackson, and Youngji

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SBS" "Roommate" released the character card for g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung as well as BTS photos of GOT7"s Jackson, 5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun, and KARA"s Youngji!

Park Joon Hyung"s character card reads:

"24-hour full operation! Year-round chit-chat ~man!

Powerful snoring~man!

Eating anything like a storm! Big eater~ man!

Words that he often uses: Wassup~man, You know what I"m taking about, right?, A little bit, Gub~ju (Guk~ju)."

Seo Kang Jun also shared on his group"s Twitter, "With Jackson, who I met up with at the "Hallyu Dream Concert" in Gyeongju~," along with a photo of their bromance. "Roommate" also released a BTS photo of the "maknae line" Seo Kang Jun, Jackson, and Youngji at the "2014 Hallyu Dream Festival"

Crayon Pop”s twins unit Strawberry Milk to release 1st mini album “Explode” on October 15th

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Strawberry Milk will make their debut with 1st mini album "Explode".

There are 4 songs in the mini album includes "Let Me Know", "Hello", "Feel So Good" and the title song "OK". In particular, Way, who was once in an indie band, wrote the lyrics for "Let Me Know". Through this chance she is expected to gain a title as a singer-songwriter.

The mini album as well as the music video will come out at 12pm kst on October 15th.

Fujii Mina to have a possible love triangle with Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)”s Victoria in “My Sassy Girl 2″

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Fujii Mina is the next international actress to join the lineup of the upcoming sequel "My Sassy Girl 2"!

Her agency Dragon Heart Global confirmed, "Fujii Mina will star in "My Sassy Girl 2". Please look forward to it." Fujii Mina will play the role of a woman who has a one-sided crush on Gyun Woo (Cha Tae Hyun), which means a possible love triangle with Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)"s Victoria.

Jo Geun Shik will also direct this highly-anticipated sequel, which is being produced as a joint project between Korean and Chinese companies. The movie is expected to premiere in May of 2015.

Kim Gyu Chul

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Name: 김규철 / Kim Gyu Chul (Kim Gyoo Cheol)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1960-Apr-06
Height: 173cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B

TV Shows

May Queen (MBC, 2012)
Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)
TV Novel – Dear Love (KBS2, 2012)
King Gwanggaeto the Great (KBS1, 2011)
Baby-faced Beauty (KBS2, 2011)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
President (KBS2, 2010)
Ang Shim Jung (E Channel, 2010)
Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young (KBS1, 2010)
Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (KBS2, 2010)
Merchant Kim Man Deok (KBS1, 2010)
Stars Falling From the Sky (SBS, 2010)
Hot Blood (KBS2, 2009)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009)
The Kingdom of The Winds (KBS2, 2008)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008)
Strongest Chil Woo (KBS2, 2008) cameo
Don’t Be Swayed (MBC, 2008)
The Devil (KBS2, 2007)
The Return of Shim Chung (KBS2, 2007)
Drama City Episode “자장가 부르는 아기” (KBS2, 2006-Dec-16)
My Lovely Miss Dal Ja (SBS, 2006)
Fugitive Lee Doo Young (KBS2, 2006)
Dae Jo Yeong (KBS1, 2006)
Dangerous Love (KBS2, 2006)
Hwarang Fighter Maru (KBS2, 2006)
Bad Family (SBS, 2006)
Resurrection (KBS2, 2005)
The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin (KBS1, 2004)
Choice (SBS, 2004)
Traveling Women (SBS, 2004)
Not Divorced (KBS2, 2003)
Land of Wine (SBS, 2003)
Age of Warriors (KBS1, 2003)
On the Prairie (KBS2, 2003)
Loving You (KBS2, 2002)
Since We Met (MBC, 2002)
Days in the Sun (KBS2, 2002)
Couple (이 부부가 사는 법) (SBS, 2001)
Flower Story (KBS1, 2001)
Orient Theatre (KBS2, 2001)
Delicious Proposal (MBC, 2001)
I Want To Keep Seeing You (SBS, 2000)
Foolish Love (KBS2, 2000)
Rising Sun, Rising Moon (KBS1, 1999)
Paper Crane (KBS2, 1998)
Hong Gil Dong (SBS, 1998)
When She Beckons (KBS2, 1997)
West Palace (KBS2, 1995)


Going by the Book (2007)
Righteous Ties (2006)


2009 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Series Actor Award (Hometown Legends)

Yoo Yun Suk talks about his rivalry between Song Joong Ki, his fanboy love for Sung Yuri, and his past heartaches

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Actor Yoo Yun Suk discussed his fellow actor Song Joong Ki, his one-sided relationship with Sung Yuri, and his past romantic relationships on the latest episode of SBS" "Healing Camp".

Following his introduction as a guest on the show, Yoo Yun Suk revealed that he has been a true fan of Sung Yuri since her Fin.K.L days. He revealed he had treasured her picture in his wallet because she was so "cute."

Sung Yuri started off and said, "I"m acquainted with Yoo Yun Suk." The actor then added, "It"s true. I have been a fan, and now I"ve been signed under the same agency with her. Truthfully, even now if I go near Sung Yuri, I get nervous. In the past, I used to keep a picture of her in my wallet

Jiyoung shares a stunning preview cut from her 1st photobook to be released in November

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Jiyoung is getting ready to start her acting career in Japan, and to mark her official debut, she"ll be releasing her first photo book.

Jiyoung announced on her Instagram on September 30, "My first photo book will be released on November 13th #知英物語 #JiyoungStory," along with the photo book cover above.

The idol star made a mature transformation from her cute image as the former maknae of KARA, looking absolutely stunning in the preview cut. As mentioned previously, Jiyoung will make her official acting debut under Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power and through the upcoming Japanese drama remake "Jigoku Sensei Nube" ("Hell Teacher Nube"), which is set to air every Saturday starting in October

“The TaeTiSeo” to be extended with one more episode

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To all the fans of "The TaeTiSeo", the show has been confirmed to have one more extended episode.

On September 30th, a rep from OnStyle said,"Because of the good reviews and hot responses from fans, we have decided to extend the show from 6 episodes to 7 episodes. The last episode will be aired on October 14th".

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo is currently actively promoting "Holler" on various music programs.

SHINee chart at #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart

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SHINee"s third Japanese studio album "I"m You Boy" charted at #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart!

Oricon Style stated on September 30, "SHINee charted at #1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart for the first time in 4 years since their Japanese debut." SHINee released "I"m You Boy" on the 24th, which sold 45,000 copies on its first week, dominating the Oricon Daily Album Chart before charting at #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart.

SHINee recently kicked off their Japanese tour, "SHINee WORLD 2014 ~I"m Your Boy~", in Chiba on the 28th and will hold 30 concerts in 20 cities across Japan until December.

Congrats, SHINee!

LUNAFLY celebrate their 2nd anniversary with a tribute song for fans

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On September 27th, LUNAFLY released a special track “Thank You” as a present for fans on celebrating LUNAFLY"s 2nd-year anniversary.
"Thank You" is an English song composed by the members themselves, with the music video showing behind-the-scenes footage from their global tour. They want to thank fans all around the world for always supporting and helping them create a lot of precious memories for the past two years. The song is expected to be available on iTunes on October 7th.
All three members (Sam, Teo, and Yun) also wrote their thankful messages and shared fans gifts on Twitter to show their appreciation.
Listen to the song now:


[Video] Added Korean drama “Discovery of Romance” episode 13

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Added episode 13 for the Korean drama "Discovery of Romance"

Watch on DramaFever

"Discovery of Romance" (2014)Directed by Kim Seong-yoon, Lee Eung-bokWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Jeong Yu-mi, Eric Moon, Seong Joon, Yoon Jin-i, Yoon Hyeon-min, Kim Seul-gi-I,...16 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Discovery of Love" and formerly known as "Finding True Love" on HanCinema Synopsis Han Yeo-reum (Jeong Yu-mi)"s life seems perfect. She is a designer who owns her own successful workshop, she lives with her two best childhood friends, and she has a sweet, successful boyfriend of 3 years, Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon), who might pop the big question any day. Her life seems to be heading in the right direction, until she suddenly comes face to face with her selfish and snobby, but somehow charming, designer ex-boyfriend of 5 years, Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon)

BTOB take you behind the scenes of their “You”re So Fly” MV + 1st episode of “BTOB”s THE BEAT”

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BTOB is here to capture your hearts with not only their good looks, but fun personalities to boot in Part 1 of their making film from their "You"re So Fly" MV as well as the first episode of "BTOB"s THE BEAT"!

Eunkwang was in charge of the comedy among the group by hilariously fighting bugs, parodying Sungjae"s character Kang Min Gu on "9th Boy", and showing off his English skills. Changsub was also revealed to be the member who hasn"t changed even a tiny bit since his debut by showing his love for music in the goofiest way possible, to which Sungjae joked that it"s because he doesn"t read books.

You can check out more of their fun moments in the first installment of "BTOB"s THE BEAT" below!

“Fashion King – Movie” poster release

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The teaser poster for "Fashion King - Movie" has been revealed.

With Joo Won as the main, the poster has been released on Naver Movie.

Joo Won is wearing a blue shirt and posing like he"s all that. His hair is bowl-cut and he synchronizes 100% with the original character Woo Ki-myeong.

In a following teaser video, Joo Won is being called Woo Ki-myeong. Choi Seol-ri is the top of the school student Eun-jin and Ahn Jae-hyeon is Won-ho, a model-like character.

Meanwhile, "Fashion King - Movie" is based on a Naver Web-toon that recorded 4.4 million clicks which add up to an accumulated number of 5 million and was chosen as the best web-toon for 26 weeks in a row.

Woo Ki-myeong is a high school student who opens his eyes to fashion so that he can stand out to a girl he has a crush on

Insiders give possible reasons why Jessica might be “forced out” from the group

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As SM Entertainment continues to remain silent, rumors suggesting possible reasons that may have caused an alleged dispute between Jessica and the agency or perhaps within Girls" Generation are flying about,

The main reasons that have been brought up by insiders include two main issues. One is about a potential marriage with Tyler Kwon, as we mentioned earlier, and the other pertains to the launch of her own fashion line "Blanc". New reports indicate that the two issues may actually be connected as Tyler Kwon is being mentioned as one of the investors in Jessica"s new line.

"Dispatch" also recently released a report to say they spotted Jessica and Tyler Kwon arriving at the airport from New York around the same time on the 29th KST

Kang Ji Young to release her 1st Japanese photobook this November

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Kang Ji Young has unveiled the first image cut from her upcoming photobook in Japan.

On September 30th, she updated her Instagram,"My first photobook will be released on November 13th #JiyoungStory" and uploaded along a photo from the photobook which shows her staring at her reflection in the mirror, exuded a more mature charm which is 180 degree different from her former idol image.

After departing from Kara, Jiyoung went to London for an overseas study and later siged with Japanese company Sweet Power to pursue her acting career. In addition, she will make her acting debut in Japanese drama "Hell Teacher Nube" which will be broadcasted this October.