'Fated to Love You' Jang Hyuk's Emoticons Revealed

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"Fated to Love You" Jang Hyuk"s emoticons appeared.

On August 21st, MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama "Fated to Love You", there were 40 emoticons of Gun that was released on Kakaotalk.

In the released emoticons, there is a picture of "Fated to Love You - It"s Me, Lee Gun" as Lee Gun"s character is perfected by Jang Hyuk"s chic yet comical faces. There are a thousand different faces portrayed because his expressions can range drastically from one extreme to the next..

On the page "Fated to Love You - It"s Me, Lee Gun", this is the first piece that was made using the MBC drama"s emoticons. One of the staff members who created the emoticon said, "Until now, people have been constantly asking for the emoticons to be released of Gun. Gun"s emoticons are different than other star emoticons and this is also the emoticons in the character

Shinhwa give EXO tips on how to do well on variety shows on “EXO 90:2014″

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EXO met up with variety show kings Shinhwa, so of course, they couldn"t leave without getting some pointers from the veteran idol group on "EXO 90:2014"!

Chen recalled how he grew up watching Shinhwa on TV, "I grew up watching "X-Man" and "Love Letter". Honestly, we are still lacking in variety skills. But at that time, Shinhwa was everywhere on variety shows. I want to learn what one needs to be good at variety shows."

Minwoo gave his advice, "The most important thing is that you leave a history [of footage] when you do something funny. So don"t be afraid of that "dark past"." After showing a screen capture of Hyesung"s cross-dressing on "SNL Korea", Minwoo commented, "That one-piece [that Hyesung was wearing] sold out in stores

“Running Man” to Discover the Horror of Theme Parks in Next Episode, Featuring Ailee, 2AM Seulong, Ji Chang Wook, and More

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Tomorrow’s (August 31) episode of SBSRunning Man” has a motley arrangement of stars visiting the show, including Lee Sung Jae, Song Eun Yi, g.o.d‘s Kim Tae Woo, Skull, Ailee, 2AM‘s Im Seulong, and Ji Chang Wook. Each of the guests will then be paired with a member of the “Running Man” cast, for “Number Race 2 – 1470.”

The “Running Man” members will be traveling to theme parks all over Korea, going on a search for their partners, hidden at the various parks. Once partnered up, they will embark on a thrilling parade of missions, testing their stomachs on the various rides, sure to be a thing of horror for some of the members

Jay Park reveals what he looks for in a woman + how he acts around a crush

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Singer Jay Park had a lot to say on the August 29 edition of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt". He opened up about what he looked for in the opposite gender and how he acted around a woman he liked.

He said, "For me, I think because I came from America, I find the butt and hips important. I also like smiles. I have an obsession with teeth. I like people who have a bright smile like Kim Yuna. I find it more important to have good body proportions than big boobs."

Sung Si Kyung also asked Jay Park, "Are you the type to flirt with a woman if you have interest in her?"

Jay Park revealed, "When I was younger, I was so shy that I could not even speak to her

Kim Hee Ae, A Shining Aura at the Launching of Montblanc Boheme Ladies Watch Collection

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On August 28,  Kim Hee Ae, as the representative celebrity of Korea, stepped foot on the red carpet at the Children’s Art Center in Shanghai, China for the grand launching of Montblanc Boheme Ladies Watch Collection.

Together with top global stars such as Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”), top model Ana Beatriz Barros, Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun-Mei from “Secret,” and many more, Kim Hee Ae participated in this special evening.

Wearing a beautiful sparkled lavender evening dress, Kim Hee Ae captured the public gaze with her elegance and confidence.

Montblanc invited Kim Hee Ae because “her elegance and sophistication matched best with the elegance and self-confidence expressed by the Boheme collection” and “she is at the height of her popularity due to the recent drama ‘Secret Love Affair

100% thanks fans on a video

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On August 26th, 100% uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel.

The video contains their message to their fans who didn"t give up on supporting all their activities especially their successful promotions for "U Beauty."

100% expressed their unending gratitude, and gave assurance of their love for their supporters.

Watch below:

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“The Three Musketeers” Yang Dong Geun Is the “Joseon Rapper”

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New tvN drama “The Three Musketeers” is currently gaining a foothold among the audience’s hearts, but one particular “Musketeer,” Yang Dong Geun, is winning attention for his portrayal of Heo Seung Po.

On August 30, a video clip collection of Yang Dong Geun, in character as Heo Seung Po and in his appearances as a producer in the rap-survival show “Show Me the Money 3″ was made public. His producer persona in “Show Me the Money” and his delivery of lines as the Joseon warrior Heo Seung Po were edited together, which resulted in a funny clip. You can watch the clip below.

Yang Dong Geun brings a swagger and humor to his portrayal of Heo Seung Po, showing off a screen presence suited to his character and a natural chemistry with the different characters of the cast

Ladies” Code reveal which celebrities they want to befriend

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During the KBS radio program "Lee So Ra"s Music Plaza" on August 29, Ladies" Code revealed with which celebrities they wanted to become friends.

DJ Lee So Ra asked, "Did Ladies" Code make a lot of celebrity friends?" to which the girls replied, "As we play among ourselves, we have not yet had the chance to hang out with outside people. We want to make a lot of celebrity friends."

Lee So Ra said, "Are there celebrity friends you want to befriend besides your members? Give me the name of a celebrity you want to become close to whether that person is an actor or singer or more."

Sojung said, "I want myself and other idol friends my age to discuss our hardships. Among people my age, there is IU, who I want to become close to because I feel like there"s a lot I can learn from her

Lee Soo Hyuk Sports Fall Fashion for GQ and Vogue

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Model and actor Lee Soo Hyuk recently turned into the perfect ‘autumn man’ for the September issues of fashion magazines GQ and Vogue.

Standing 184 cm tall with a prominent physique and facial features, Lee Soo Hyuk completed the autumn look, wearing a knitted sweater matched with a denim flannel shirt, a chocolate-colored suede coat over a formal wear, and a chic gray blazer fit for both formal and casual settings.

Lee Soo Hyuk’s full pictorial can be found in the September issues of Vogue and GQ.

Lee Soo Hyuk made his latest drama appearance in the tvN series “High School King,” where he starred alongside Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na.

Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong Won, and Jo Sung Mok look like one lovely family at “My Brilliant Life” screening

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Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong Won, and child actor Jo Sung Mok warmed hearts even before the premiere of their upcoming movie "My Brilliant Life" ("My Palpitating Life") with a snapshot of their onscreen family!

The snapshot was shared through the movie"s Facebook on August 29 and shows the co-stars looking like one beautiful family behind the scenes of their movie screening at CGV Yongsan, Seoul with five days left until the premiere. Fans were especially excited to see what Jo Sung Mok looks like without the makeup used to age him as shown in the posters and teasers.

"My Brilliant Life" is set to premiere on September 3!

WINNER”s 1st two episodes on 1theK”s show “PRIME”

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1theK has its new original online show entitled "PRIME," a platform to enjoy your favorite artist"sperformances, interview and fan meeting within four episodes.

YG Entertainment"s WINNER was featured. On the first episode, WINNER sang the acoustic version of "Color Ring, " while on the second episode they performed their debut song "Empty."  The third episode will be released on September 2nd.

Watch below:

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JJCC Brings Out Dancing Robots for “Bing Bing Bing”

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JJCC Brings Out Dancing Robots for “Bing Bing Bing” Written by Andy On August 30, 2014

After releasing a number of humorous countdown videos for their comeback, JJCC have released their new track, “Bing Bing Bing (One Way).”

When the initial teaser came out, I was unsure as to what to think of “Bing Bing Bing.” It was quite the departure from their debut track, “At First.” “At First” was an R&B track, while “Bing Bing Bing” is electronic dance. Despite my misgivings, “Bing Bing Bing” has turned out quite nicely and well put together.

The initial listen doesn’t really make the song special or even leave an impact — I was almost ready to completely write it off as just another typical Duble Sidekick dance track. However, after a few more plays, the catchiness came through

Lee Bum Soo Looks Sharp as He Discusses “The Divine Move” in a Pictorial for Marie Claire Korea

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Fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea has released the pictorial for actor Lee Bum Soo, who is in the September issue of the magazine.

In this pictorial, Lee Bum Soo is wearing black pants and matching them with a patterned sweater and a shirt.

In the other picture, Lee Bum Soo has all of his hair slicked back while wearing a simple suit and scarf, with a patterned handkerchief to add a pop of color to the outfit.

In the interview, Lee Bum Soo expressed his worries and philosophy about the evil character “Executioner,” who he played in the movie “The Divine Move” that opened in theaters in July. He frankly talked about how his acting and life have changed with the times.

You can see more of the pictorial and read the full interview in the September issue of Marie Claire Korea

T.O.P reveals something about actress-beauty queen Honey Lee

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A revelation was disclosed on the episode of  SBS’s "One Night of TV Entertainment" on August 27th.

During the interview, lots of new information were unleashed. Big Bang’s T.O.P shared that actress/ beauty queen/ classical musician Honey Lee was a trainee at YG, and that she almost became a member of the famous 2NE1; while Honey Lee told, “It was good. Seung Hyun (T.O.P) remembers me as a high school student. He became sexy as he grew up. Now we face each other as an actor and an actress.”

T.O.P and Honey Lee worked together in an upcoming gambling movie entitled "Tazza 2," which is directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol

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miss A Gets Excited to Meet Fans in Hong Kong Today

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The ladies of miss A expressed their excitement to see their fans with only a few hours to go ’til the “2014 JYP NATION IN HONG KONG – ONE MIC” Concert.

JYP Entertainment posted a gentle reminder on its Weibo page that today, August 30, is the day they are all waiting for. “’2014 JYP NATION IN HONG KONG -ONE MIC’ D-Day! Concert Begins,” said the post together with a few photos.

In the photos, the ladies of miss A each held paper signs, promoting the concert that will take place today. miss A’s Chinese members Fei and Jia took the photo together, Min happily posed with her dog, and Suzy put her sign up to her nose to slightly cover her face, leaving something for the fans to look forward to later at the concert

WINNER’s Mino says “I’m Him” in solo MV release

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WINNER’s Mino has unveiled the much anticipated music video for his solo track “I’m Him” on August 30!

In the midst of WINNER’s promotions for their title track "Empty," YG Entertainment has released the official music video for member Mino’s solo track, which can originally be found on WINNER’s debut album “2014 S/S.”

Lyrics written by Mino himself, “I’m Him” is an intense hip-hop track with heavy bass that compliments his deep and raspy voice. In addition to its exceptional hook and lyrics, the track’s unique but energetic synth sound will certainly catch your ear.

The video features bright colourful video effects, in a dark background and club setting. The original style of having video effects across the screen seemed to impress fans, with the video gathering 10,000 likes the second it was posted

“Plus Nine Boys” Is Off to a Good Start, Number One in Time Slot for Target Audience

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New tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys” has gotten off on a good first foot. The first episode aired on August 29, and turned out to be an excellent combination of an interesting storyline, unique characters, and direction. Viewer ratings for the show were positive, the drama hitting an average of 1.2 percent and peaking at 2 percent. For its target audience (ages 20-49), the ratings were number one for its time slot.

The drama introduces three brothers and their uncle, all ten years apart, and all at the fateful ‘nine’ age: nine-year-old cutie Kang Dong Woo (played by Choi Ro Woon), 19-year-old judo boy Kang Min Goo (BTOB Yook Sungjae), 29-year-old tour planner Kang Jin Goo (Kim Young Kwang), and 39-year-old variety producer Goo Kwang Soo (Oh Jung Sae)

Fashionista Choi Ji-woo in “Temptation”

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*This series of articles about celebrity fashion is published in partnership with K-Star Fashion. Click here for previous parts. The fashion style of actress Choi Ji-woo, currently starring in the soap opera "Temptation" as a smart, beautiful and rich female CEO, has recently come under the spotlight.Choi has been showcasing an exceptional sense of fashion in each episode, from the beautiful feminine to the high-end graceful.Today we will take a look at the clothes and accessories she features on the small screen and provide styling tips to our Korea.net readers. This coming fall, we can all dress like fashionista Choi Ji-woo.

A maxi dress with a zebra print

One of the eye-catching styles that Choi showcased on TV was a maxi dress with a zebra print

MBC Music Core 08.30.14: Taemin Wins with “Danger”

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After winning yesterday on Music Bank, Taemin‘s “Danger” get’s another victory this weekend through Music Core.

Check out the winning announcement below. He gets lovingly tackled by the Super Junior members once he was revealed as this week’s winner.

Comeback stages today were by Super Junior, SISTAR, BESTie and EXID. More performances were by KARA, Orange Caramel (went with a “Frozen” theme this week!), Taemin, Secret, Sunny Hill, BTS, HIGH4, 4TEN, Ladies’ Code, Parl Bo Ram, Lip Service, Alphabat and LABOUM.–Whole Show (Might be taken down later)

Super Junior





Orange Caramel



Sunny Hill


Park Bo Ram

Ladies’ Code

Performances from August 30th “Show! Music Core”!

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MBC"s "Show! Music Core" is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists with hosts Kim So Hyun, SHINee"s Minho, and Block B"s Zico.

On this episode, Super Junior made their long-awaited comeback with "MAMACITA", SISTAR followed up with "I Swear", BESTie came back with "I Need You", EXID returned with "Up & Down", 4TEN debuted with "Tornado", LABOUM made their debut with "Pit-a-Pat", AlphaBAT said "Oh My Gosh!", and HIGH4 came back with "Headache".

[Winner will be updated.]

Other performers of the night included KARA, SECRET, Taemin, Orange Caramel, BTS, Sunny Hill, Park Bo Ram, Ladies" Code, and Lip Service