Kim Soo Hyun Gets Criticized By Netizens for Large Donation

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On April 24, actor Kim Soo Hyun donated 300 million Won to Danwon High School, where many of the high school student victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy had attended. Kim Soo Hyun requested that the money be used to create a memorial for the deceased students and also support family members, peers, teachers and friends of the victims.

Most netizens have responded favorably to the actor’s heartfelt gesture while others have taken to their Twitter accounts to voice discontentment with the actor’s large donation in comparison to contributions from other celebrities.

One netizen wrote, “It’s great that you donated, but it looks like you’re trying too hard to stand out? Then did Ryu Hyun Jin donate only 100 million won because he didn’t have a lot of money? How tactless. Even if you have a lot of money, donating 100 million is the proper thing to do

#TBT – Throwback Videos of a few Classics

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You know it"s Throwback Thursday when you open your Instagram or Twitter and see numerous hashtags of #TBT followed by pictures from the past. You might also see the occasional picture of a friend on a beach with the hashtag #TakeMeBack.

Taking the same concept, we thought it would be fun to bring back some of the fondest throwback memories of your favorite Kpop artists and see how far they"ve come ...... and some not-so fondest... you"ll see what I mean...

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1) Big Bang - Lies

Tony Soprano used to say "Remember When..." was the lowest form of conversation but I disagree. Looking back at "Lies" now, I can see why Big Bang became the super popular group they are today

KBS Deems San E and 4Minute’s Sexually Suggestive Songs Unfit for Broadcast

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KBS recently deemed rapper San E and 4Minute’s songs unfit for broadcast since the lyrics were found to be sexually suggestive in content.

On April 23, a report referenced a certain line in San E’s song, “Body Language” that says, “After doing it, doing it, doing it, doing it, from the top, below, behind and front – all kinds of ways. Undo your buttons and lean your chest against me, ride on top of me and move up and down.”

4Minute’s song, “Come In” has also been judged unfit for broadcast, pertaining to a line that says, “Don’t hesitate and come in deeply, hold me Baby. Touch me.”

What do you think Soompiers? Did they make the right call?


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Seo Kang Joon Picks Back Hug Scene with Lee Min Jung His Most Memorable Scene on “Cunning Single Lady”

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Actor Seo Kang Joon picked back hug scene with Lee Min Jung as the most memorable scene on MBC’s Wednesday – Thursday drama, “Cunning Single Lady.”

On April 21, the actor revealed in a video posted on “Cunning Single Lady” official page, “There is a scene where I confess my love to Lee Min Jung. There are candles lit around us and I say to her, ‘I think about you every morning when I wake up.’ I don’t know why, but this confession scene is most memorable. It was the first scene where I had to show affection and do a back hug.”

He was also asked about the most difficult part while filming the drama, which he answered, “There wasn’t anything that was too hard. I was tired from the lack of sleep, but the sunbaes looked after me and taught me many things. I learned a lot

Hongki poses with Japanese actor Oguri Shun for ‘AJ’ magazine

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F.T Island"s Hongki posed with popular Japanese actor Oguri Shun (whom most may know from Japan"s "Boys Over Flowers") for the third volume of "AJ" magazine.

This magazine allows stars all over Asia to collaborate and work together for special photo shoots. In this case, Korean singer Hongki posed with Japanese actor Oguri Shun. Previous collaborations include Japanese actress Nagasawa Masami and Taiwanese artist Show Lo.

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For this upcoming May issue, both Hongki and Oguri Shun show off their good looks in clean-cut, matching suits. Their photo shoot and interview cover about 30 pages, which is not limited to just Hongki but also shows the other F

Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for April 13 – April 19

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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of April 13 to April 19 below!

1. 15& - "Can"t Hide It"

2. Akdong Musician - "200%"

3. HIGH4 ft. IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms"

4. Park Si Hwan - "I Just Loved You"

5. Akdong Musician - "Give Love"

6. A Pink - "Mr. Chu"

7. Yoon Min Soo & Shin Yong Jae - "Relationship"


New “You’re All Surrounded” Drama Teaser Introduces Its Good-looking Police Squad

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A second teaser for forthcoming SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded” has been released. Starring Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara (of the hit tvN series “Reply 1994”), the drama is set to hit Korean screens early next month, with its first episode scheduled to air on May 7.

Following the adventures of a four-member police squad, the teaser reveals that the drama will not be bereft of exciting episodes. Making up the rest of the team, nicknamed P4 (P standing for “police”), are actors Ahn Jae Hyun and Park Jung Min.

In one of the scenes from the new teaser, the team’s boss, played by Cha Seung Won, berates the P4 group, telling them, “I have just one thing to tell you. There is no way that you will become detectives!” His pointed comment seems to suggest that he will not be making life easy for P4

Ha Yeon Soo reveals her beautiful drawing for the ‘yellow ribbon campaign’ regarding Sewol victims

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Actress Ha Yeon Soo, currently in tvN sitcom "Potato 2013QR3," proved to be multi-talented as she uploaded a picture she drew for the "Yellow Ribbon Campaign," which was created in honor of the Sewol victims and their family.

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This beautiful and skillful drawing was posted onto her official Facebook and joined by a caption that said, "One movement can create a large miracle. They say that the forsythia flowers represent hope," explaining why they were drawn into the picture with praying hands.

Popular Korean Film “Joint Security Area” to Hit the Small Screen

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Popular Korean film “Joint Security Area” (2000), which starred Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Lee Young Ae, will be produced by KBS as an eight-part drama to be released sometime this September. KBS is currently discussing the purchase of publication rights from Park Sang Yeon, the writer of the original novel, “DMZ,” that the story is based upon.

“Joint Security Area” is a mystery thriller concerning a shooting that takes place in the DMZ. Released in 2000, the film brought over five million to the theaters, and the film was also produced as a musical in 2013.

Kim Yong Soo, the head of the KBS Drama Special team, said, “Once we finish the single-episode drama specials, there will be a short break, after which we will start the drama special series

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Donates 10 Million Won to Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts, Apologizes for the Small Amount

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon joins a growing list of celebrities who have donated to the Sewol ferry disaster.

On April 24, an employee of community-based fundraising organization Community Chest of Korea shared, “MBLAQ’s Lee Joon donated 10 million won (about 10 thousand USD). When donating, he said, ‘This is my first time donating. I’m sorry that the amount is small.’”

Fans who heard of his donation were surprised since he’s well-known to be stingy with his money. He would even collected money from his friends who owed him money during childhood.

Other celebrity donors include Major League baseball payer Ryu Hyun Jin, actors Song Seung Hun, Park Jae Min, Ha Ji Won, Joo Sang Wook, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Jang Mi In Ae, Kim Bo Sung and many others

KBS blocks San E’s ‘Body Language,’ 4minute’s ‘Come In,’ and more for inappropriate content

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KBS is on a blocking spree as now San E"s upcoming title track "Body Language," 4minute"s "Come In," and more have been added to the list of inappropriate songs for broadcast.

The banning of San E"s song may not come as too big of a surprise considering the suggestive concept photo above as well as the provocative lyrics that include, "sh*t, do it again and again and again, from on top, from the bottom, from the back, from the front in various ways, unbutton and bare your breasts, ride on top of me, position yourself up and down," and more.

In addition, KBS has blocked 4minute"s "Come In" for controversial lyrics that include, "Don"t hesitate and come in deeply, hug me, baby, touch me, ah, I"m comin" I, I, I"m comin" boy," and, "Reminds me of a man and woman"s sex scene

Sandeul, Kim Yoo Jung & Seo Kyung Suk visit China for new variety program ’7 Hungry House Guests’

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MBC revealed that actress Kim Yoo Jung, B1A4"s Sandeul, and Seo Kyung Suk visited China to film for new variety program "7 Hungry House Guests."

Online communities are abuzz with pictures taken by fans who witnessed the three filming in China. The three went to a night market in Xi"an for shopping and also tried out the street food.

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Meanwhile, MBC"s pilot program "7 Hungry House Guests" centers on the cast traveling around the world to taste the different foods. It will air sometime in May, so keep an eye out!

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INFINITE’s L shares his feelings as ‘Cunning Single Lady’ comes to an end

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INFINITE member L greeted fans on the set of the final filming for his MBC Wed-Thurs drama "Cunning Single Lady".

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L shared, "Hello, it"s L who plays the role of the chauffeur on "Cunning Single Lady". "Cunning Single Lady" is already coming to an end today. I will really miss it. Although I had a fun time with my noonas, hyungs, and everyone, if we had more time, we could have made even more fun memories. I"m sad that it ended so quickly. Anyways, please show a lot of love for the finale of "Cunning Single Lady" today. I also ask for a lot of love for INFINITE"s L. Hwaiting!""

"Cunning Single Lady" aired its final episode today.

Heechul is the next celebrity to surpass 1 million followers on Instagram

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Super Junior"s Heechul is the next K-pop celebrity to surpass 1 million followers on Instagram!

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Known for his quirky and easygoing personality, Heechul has drawn a whole lot of fans to his Instagram, which offers quick updates on his interesting life. If you"re still not following him, make sure you help him reach the next million here!

If you"re especially a fan of the "We Got Married - Global Edition" series, you can see some very cute pictures of him and fictional wife Guo Xue Fu on his Instagram, as well.

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ZE:A’s Siwan and Dongjun get cozy at home for ‘Arena Homme Plus’

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The handsome ZE:A members Dongjun and Siwan recently posed for a spring photo shoot with "Arena Homme Plus" magazine.

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Wearing various casual clothing either patterned or plain, the boys lounged around cozily in what looks like an apartment building as if long-time roommates. They look prepared for the warm weather in shorts and light T-shirts sporting bright colors like green.
Check out more pictures below!

Bromance to bloom on upcoming reality show ‘Roommate’

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SBS" new reality show "Roommate" is set to premiere in May, and according to reports, viewers can expect bromance to bloom!

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Shin Sung Woo & EXO"s Chanyeol, Seo Kang Jun & Park Min Woo, and Lee Dong Wook & Jo Se Ho are said to have become incredibly close throughout filming. Producers previously released the above photos of the roommates from the first filming of the show, and just like the pictures suggest, they"re all getting along very well.

A rep from "Roommate" said, "Though there was some awkwardness at their first meeting, they immediately got friendly with each other. They didn"t even leave when we wrapped up filming."

Stay tuned for the first episode of "Roommate"!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon makes a donation of $9,600 to Sewol ferry tragedy relief

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It"s been revealed that MBLAQ"s Lee Joon made a donation of 10 million won ($9,600 USD) to aid relief efforts for the Sewol ferry tragedy.

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A rep from the Community Chest of Korea stated on April 24, "We didn"t know it was Lee Joon at first as he donated under his birth name Lee Chang Sun. He said it was his first time donating to the organization and apologized for the small sum."

Though many celebrities have donated to the cause, Lee Joon is one of the few idol stars to come forward to aid relief efforts. His agency also commented that he did not inform them that he"d made a donation.

Lee Joon previously donated rice wreaths sent in by his fans to congratulate him for his movie "An Actor is an Actor", MBLAQ"s anniversaries, and other events

Akdong Musician take 2nd ‘M! Countdown’ trophy with ’200%’

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Akdong Musician have taken another #1 trophy with "200%" on the April 24th canceled broadcast of "M! Countdown"!

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This is the duo"s second consecutive win on the show since they debuted with "200%" earlier this month. Like last week"s broadcast, this week"s "M! Countdown" was not aired due to the Sewol ferry tragedy.

The other nominee for the trophy was A Pink with "Mr. Chu", while Mad Clown took third, Lee Sun Hee took fourth, and Orange Caramel rounded out the top 5. 

Congratulations to Akdong Musician, and stay tuned to see if they"ll take the trophy again on the next "M! Countdown".

15& Tops Gaon Digital Chart with “Can’t Hide It”

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JYP‘s female duo 15&, consisting of Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin, are topping two of Gaon‘s charts with their latest single “Can’t Hide It.” They have placed number one on both the weekly digital chart and the digital download chart for the fourth week of April (April 13 ~ April 19).

Akdong Musician came in at second with their single “200%,” a place down from last week’s number one. At number three was HIGH4 and IU‘s “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms,” while Park Si Hwan‘s “I Just Loved You” came fourth.

Gaon reported on April 24 that digital music sales were down 5%, most likely due to the Sewol Ferry incident and the nation’s mourning for the tragedy, as a majority of the music industry has refrained from releasing and promoting new music since the accident occurred on April 16

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny to join EXO’s Baekhyun in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ musical

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Girls" Generation"s Sunny will be joining EXO"s Baekhyun in SM Entertainment"s production of the musical "Singin" in the Rain".

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The agency confirmed that the labelmates would be working together on April 24, "She"ll be starring opposite Super Junior"s Kyuhyun and EXO"s Baekhyun. She"s already started practice." SHINee"s Onew is also set to star in the project.

This marks Sunny"s return to musicals after "Catch Me if You can" in 2012. "Singin" in the Rain" is scheduled to show from June 5 to August 3 at the Choongmoo Art Hall in Seoul.