Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Confirmed for New Romance Film

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The new film “Today’s Love” has confirmed “Brilliant Legacy” co-stars Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as the two leads, and will head into filming at the end of this month.

Lee Seung Gi, in his first movie role, plays Junsu, a character who fails at relationships, and always gets broken up with because he just gives too much. Moon Chae Won, on the other hand, returning to the big screen in three years after “War of the Arrows” in 2011, plays the meteorologist Hyun Woo, a woman with a witty tongue and aggressive manner.

“The story about a natural relationship that just might really exist in the world drew me in, and it’s the kind of genre that I like,” Lee Seung Gi said. “I also am a fan of Director Park Jin Pyo, so I’m glad for this opportunity to work with him

Super Junior’s Leeteuk to Return from Military Service Without a Ceremony

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It has been reported that Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, wishes to be discharged from his military service without any kind of special ceremony.

On July 25, SM Entertainment released an official press release stating, “We are making this announcement in regard to press coverage at the scene of Leeteuk’s discharge. Leeteuk plans to be discharged from the military without any interviews with reporters or any special event for fans. This decision has been made out of respect for his desire to return quietly.”

Leeteuk, who enlisted into the military on October 30 of 2012 to complete his mandatory service, will soon be returning to civilian life on July 29. It has been said that the Super Junior leader will be focusing on preparations for the group’s future promotions following his discharge from the military

Junggigo Releases MV for “Too Good” Feat. Boyfriend’s Miinwoo from “High School: Love On” OST

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Rookie solo singer Junggigo released the music video for his song “Too Good” featuring Boyfriend‘s Minwoo through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

“Too Good” is part of the OST for the drama “High School: Love On.” The drama stars INFINITE’s Woohyun and Sungyeol and also child actress Kim Sae Ron. The song is an urban dance number with a style and tempo that match the drama very well and will be used as the ending title and theme song for the characters.

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Yoo Ah In suffers a minor head injury while filming “Sado”

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Actor Yoo Ah In has suffered a minor head injury while filming his movie "Sado".

According to an exclusive by Star News, Yoo Ah In accidentally hit his head on the ground on set in Buan County on the 24th. It has been reported that the actor got immersed into his acting while filming a scene in which he hits his head on the floor and accidentally hit his head on the real stone floor instead of the fake stone prop prepared for the filming.

He received treatment at the hospital and returned to filming. Although the hospital recommended that he focuses on maintaining a stable condition, Yoo Ah In expressed his intent to return to filming.

His agency UAA rep assured worried fans on the 25th, "Yoo Ah In suffered a minor injury while filming "Sado" on the 24th

“High School” to skip out on airing today”s episode due to “2014 K League All-Star Game” broadcast

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KBS 2TV teen-fantasy drama "High School" ("High School: Love On") will not air today due to the "2014 K League All-Star Game" which will air in its time slot today (25th).

According to the KBS program schedule on the 25th, the "2014 K-League All-Star Game" will be aired live on the 25th from 7:50-10 PM KST. The July 25th broadcast of the shows in this time slot including "Cuckoo Nest" (7:50 PM KST), "Vivid Source Plus" (8:30 PM KST), and "High School" (8:55 PM KST) have been suspended.

The following programs "VJ Special Forces", "Love and War 2", and "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook", however, will air as regularly scheduled today.  

Boy Group HIGH4 and Singer Lim Kim Releases MV Teaser For “A Little Close”

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Rookie boy group, HIGH4, have partnered up with female singer, Lim Kim, for a collaboration song, “A Little Close.” In the MV teaser that was released, the boys of High4, Alex, Sunggyu, Myunghan and Youngjun, are seen dancing while Lim Kim is sitting seductively.

High4 is well known for collaborating with IU. They released the song, “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” on April 7, which won first place on various music charts. Despite of the fact that they didn’t perform on music shows, they were ranked first place on music shows.

Since the collaboration between High4 and IU was a success, many are anticipating a lot for this collaboration.

The full song of “A Little Close” is set to release on July 29

Comedic Behind the Scene Stills of the Upcoming film, “Pirates,” Revealed

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The behind the scene stills of the upcoming film, “Pirates,” have been revealed.

Many have high expectations for this film as it’s been rated for ages 12 and up and it’s a film that anyone can enjoy. As many are expecting this to be an enjoyable film, the behind the scene stills are enjoyable as well.

Despite of the hardships they encountered during the hot and cold weather, the smiles on the actors’ faces didn’t disappear. They filmed the movie 100 times within the span of six months and despite of the hardship, there’s a reason the actors were able to endure it. Most of the scenes were filmed on the ocean and Byeokran Island was the second most filmed location. In the stills, actress Son Ye Jin, f(x)’s Sulli, Shin Jung Geun and Lee Yi Kyung are filled with smiles on their faces, creating a friendly atmosphere

CSJH The Grace’s Lina and Musical Actor Jang Seung Jo to Get Married This November

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It has been revealed that CSJH The Grace’s Lina will tie the knot in November of this year to popular musical actor Jang Seung Jo!

According to an insider of the entertainment industry, “Jang Seung Jo and Lina will be holding their wedding ceremony this coming November 22. They are slowly letting news of their marriage known by personally greeting their close friends together. They are very busy and focused on making preparations for the wedding while also completing their own schedules. It appears that they will have to put off their honeymoon for a bit due to musical schedules during the second half of the year.”

Earlier this year in February, the two of them were caught up in dating rumors, but at the time, the agencies of both sides had denied the relationship, stating that the two just had a close senior-junior relationship

CNBLUE tease for upcoming Japanese single “Go Your Way” with a 30 sec clip

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CNBLUE is gearing up for their next Japanese single, "Go Your Way", and what better way to tease fans for the upcoming release than with a video teaser?

They"re doing just that with a new 30 second clip revealed of the PV that will be coming our way to hint at the boys" new sound.

"Go Your Way" will be released officially on August 20 in 4 different editions including one regular edition and 3 special or limited editions.

CSJH The Grace”s Lina and musical actor Jang Seung Jo to tie the knot!

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CSJH The Grace"s Lina (30) and musical actor Jang Seung Jo (33) will tie the knot this November!

This is quite a surprising turn of events as the two"s agencies had denied being a couple when rumors came up earlier this year. They were reported to be dating after meeting each other through the musical "Temptation of Wolves", but both agencies had stated they were of only sunbae-hoobae relationship. However, it has now been revealed that they had been dating for the past 2 years and will be getting married in a few months!

An entertainment insider told Herald POP in an exclusive, "Jang Seung Jo and Lina will hold their wedding ceremony on November 22. They personally met up with and greeted those around them and the news of their wedding is slowly becoming known

Junggigo sings “Too Good” for “Highschool:Love On” OST ft. Boyfriend”s Minwoo

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Are you getting the thrill of the love triangle between Sungyeol, Woohyun, and Seron on the romantic fantasy teen drama "Highschool:Love On"?

Singer Junggigo is going to get you into the blossoming romance even more with his OST "Too Good" for the drama. His warm voice fits well with this med-tempo song along with Boyfriend"s Minwoo"s rap.

Watch the MV below:

YG Entertainment Reveals Concert Details in Kal So Won Video Message

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YG Entertainment has released two trailers for the talent agency’s forthcoming “YG Family 2014 World Tour: Power in Seoul” event, which will be held on August 15 in Seoul. The event is the precursor to the “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour,” which will see YG artists perform in cities around the world.

One trailer features YG’s youngest star, child actress Kal So Won, who rose to fame after starring in the movie, “Miracle in Cell No. 7.” The actress speaks of all the “older brothers and sisters” who will be performing. She mentions “uncle” PSY, Epik High, Akdong Musician, 2NE1, BIGBANG, WINNER and Lee Hi, all of whom now seem set to perform at the event, which will be held at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium in the Jamsil district of the capital

G-Dragon Puts on a Bear Costume, Possible Hint for a Comeback

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Popular singer and BIGBANG member G-Dragon posted two pictures of himself on Instagram that are causing quite a stir among fans.

In these pictures posted on G-Dragon’s personal Instagram profile on July 25, G-Dragon is dressed up in a huge bear costume at a set. In one picture, he looks tired as he takes a break in the costume, and in the other image, he is filming in front of a green screen in the said bear costume.

Fans are now speculating whether he is getting ready for a possible comeback, or at the least an appearance in another YG music video for a fellow labelmate.

In BIGBANG-related news, the five-member boy group will be performing at “AIA Real Life Now Festival” in Seoul on August 15.

Check out G-Dragon’s Instagram pictures below!

U-Know puts all his energy in practice for “The Night Watchman”

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U-Know is practicing hard for the new MBC drama "The Night Watchman".

Pictures of the actor were released on the 25th, sweating like no other under the sun and practicing swinging his sword. Charisma is written all over him.

U-Know plays the role of Moo Seok, the best swordsman there is in Joseon. Despite the fact that he"s drenched in sweat, Jeong is doing his best to master the skills of using the sword. He flings the sword down on a bundle of rice.

Moo Seok"s nature to feel love for his country"s safety takes place in a set in Yongin. U-Know didn"t disappoint anyone from the first day and showed endless passion for his character.

U-Know was supervised by the action director on this day. He continued to practice his moves until he perfected them

Lee Je Hoon Picks “Detective Hong Gil Dong” as His Comeback Project

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Actor Lee Je Hoon has already announced his comeback project only a day after being discharged from his mandatory military service.

His first acting project after his military service is the upcoming film “Detective Hong Gil Dong“. It will be a hybrid film that fuses the famous Korean folktale of Hong Gil Dong with the detective genre. It will be directed by director Jo Sung Hee, known for directing blockbuster hit “A Werewolf Boy“.

After series of critically acclaimed movies like “Bleak Night” and ”Architecture 101“, Lee Je Hoon enlisted for his military service in October of 2010, serving his time at the police department.

Lee Je Hoon’s awaited comeback film “Detective Hong Gil Dong” will begin shooting in November

Yoon Hyeon-min, a handsome doctor in “Finding True Love”

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KBS 2TV drama star Yoon Hyeon-min"s still cuts have been released.

He takes on the role of plastic surgeon Do Joon-ho. In the pictures released, he"s smartly dressed with glasses and a white gown.

Yoon Hyeon-min is famous for being a former baseball player turned actor who left an impressive performance in the drama "Inspiring Generation". In "Finding True Love", he is a handsome character who draws women with his every move.

It seems like the playboy character of Do Joon-ho will be portrayed better than ever by Yoon Hyeon-min.

"Finding True Love" is a melodrama that is written by Jeong Hyeon-jeong and produced by Kim Seong-yoon. To be released on the 18th of August.

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A.KOR make their debut with MV for “Payday”!

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Following duo mixtapes from the rappers, as well as a powerful, sexy album teaser, rookie group A.KOR has finally made their debut with music video for “Payday”!

Sticking to their bold concept represented through their previous video clips, Minju, Kemmy and Jiyoung showcased bold hairstyles, uniquely patterned casual wear, and a strong but happy atmosphere, as they danced with smiles on their faces throughout the video. Seeking to feel more empowered rather than beaten down from their past lovers, the three break through from their depressive moods and party it up with fellow back dancers!

Overall displaying a fun atmosphere, the song itself expresses powerful vocals as well as clean and confident raps, promising high quality performances even from their very first. The upbeat melody and variety in voice balances will easily carry any listener throughout the song

JungGiGo sings “Too Good” (ft. Boyfriend”s Minwoo) for “High School” OST MV

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The talented JungGiGo has participated in his first OST after his major debut with the help of Boyfriend"s Minwoo!
The song is titled "Too Good" and it"s a medium tempo urban dance track that goes along very well with the style of the drama "High School". It"s already being used as the ending theme song of the show, which stars INFINITE"s Woohyun and Sungyeol, alongside actress Kim Sae Ron.

Check out the song as you watch scenes from the drama through the video clip above!

Lim Kim and High4 reveal MV teaser for new collaboration song, “A Little Close”

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A teaser was released today on the 24th of July for the new song “A Little Close” featuring a collaboration between High4 and Lim Kim!

Rookie group High4, featuring members Alex, Sunggyu, Myunghan, and Youngjun, received lots of love and recognition for their previous collaboration with IU for the song, “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” in April. Killing all the music charts, IU and High4 even received first place on a music program. With refreshing visuals and voices, the music video for this song also recently passed 10 million views!

After releasing the teaser with Lim Kim, this new combination is receiving high anticipations from fans. Hoping to surpass the previous collaboration, fans are hoping for another all-kill song with this new alliance between High4 and Lim Kim

Rain to come back with “My Lovely Girl”

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Singer and actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) has decided on his next project.

Rain is starring in the new SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" as Hyeon Wook. This is his first drama in four years since the 2010 drama "The Fugitive Plan B".

Hyeon Wook is the director of a show biz agency and a man who is being treated of a painful history of love with another kind of love. He is also a producer and songwriter who seems unconcerned about the world abut is actually thinking deeply inside.

Jeong Ji-hoon said, "The story of youths being treated in the lively world of show biz really got to me. I wanted to try out the role of Hyeon Wook who is clumsy but steps forward to love one at a time".

"My Lovely Girl" is about Hyeon Wook who loses his lover in an accident but falls in fatalistic love with his dead lover"s sister