tvN Drama “High School King” Confirms One Episode Extension, Will Also Air Special Broadcast

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On July 22, a representative of tvN’s Monday—Tuesday drama “High School King” told Newsen through a phone conversation that the drama will be getting a one episode extension.

“High School King” was initially scheduled to end with a total of 16 episodes. However, due to the great amount of love shown by the viewers, they have confirmed the extension. After receiving the opinions of the production team, they have come to the decision to extend the drama with one extra episode and to add an extra special broadcast, for a total of 18 episodes.

The drama’s rep explained, “We are still discussing the details of what will be aired on the special broadcast.”

You can watch “High School King,” which will be coming to an end on August 12, here exclusively at KDrama

DJ Koo Names JYJ Kim Jae Joong as His Best Junior Singer

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DJ Koo praised JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong.

During July 22’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Power Time, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Who do you think is the best hubae?” and DJ Koo answered, “JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong,” without hesitation.

Choi Hwa Jung asked, “What is the reason you chose Kim Jae Joong out of your numerous hubaes?”

DJ Koo shared, “I met Kim Jae Joong once when I was DJ’ing at a club. He is really popular so he was surrounded by all these women but he still came running to me to say hello.”

He added, “He continued to watch me DJ and danced next to me so I was thankful. He is really polite.”

Choi Hwa Jung also agreed, “He really is polite.”

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SECRET say ‘YooHoo’ to fans at 3rd solo concert in Japan

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SECRET said "YooHoo" to fans during their third solo concert in Japan!

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"2014 Secret"s Summer LIVE ~YooHoo~" is SECRET"s third solo concert following their "Secret 1st Japan Tour SECRET TIME 2012" and "2013 LOVE IN SECRET". Their four-concert series was held at the MAIHAMA Amphitheater, Tokyo on July 19 and Matsushita IMP Hall on the 21st. 

SECRET performed their hit songs "Shy Boy" and "Madonna" as well as their Japanese tracks "TWINKLE TWINKLE", "DRIVE TO YOU", and "SECRET DREAM". For their solos, Hyosung took the stage with "Good-night Kiss" and "You Don"t Know Women", Sunhwa performed "I Have A Man", and Ji Eun and Hana performed a duet stage along to "Run To You"

2AM’s Jung Jinwoon Shows Off His Sexy Body For “Arena Homme Plus” Magazine

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2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon worked with “Arena Homme Plus” magazine where he showed off the sexy and manly body that he worked hard on to make.

In the revealed photos, despite of him wearing an everyday outfit, his fit and sexy body can be seen and his charming smile has captured the attention of many. Although Jung Jinwoon is the youngest member of 2AM, he has escaped that image and brought out his sexy charm through this photo shoot.

Currently, Jung Jinwoon is playing the role of the handsome boy named Han Yeo Reum in tvN’s drama, “Marriage, Not Dating.” The drama is aired every Fridays and Saturdays.

Jung Jinwoon’s sexy pictorials will be on the August edition of “Arena Homme Plus” magazine.

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NU’EST Talks Shedding Old Image with ‘Re:BIRTH’ at Mwave’s MEETGREET

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As the album title Re:BIRTH suggests, it’s out with the old and in with the new for NU’EST, who made its comeback as much matured men after 10 months.

NU’EST was a guest on Mwave’s MEET&GREET on July 21, where the boys introduced their new album and lead single Good Bye Bye as a new beginning – not only for the main character in the song, but for the group as well.

Minhyun described Good Bye Bye as a song about a mature man who learns to let go of love and the extended allegory of NU’EST letting go its past before singing a snippet of the track for fans.

Check out the full clip below!

SM Rookie Taeyong Raps for New Video

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SM Entertainment′s rookies are slowly moving out from behind the veil, so make sure to keep a look out!

On July 22, SM Entertainment released a rap video of SM rookie Taeyong titled Open the Door.

The rookie is said to have written the rap himself.

Taeyong is 19 years old, and is renowned for his rap, dance skills and looks.

SM Entertainment launched the SM Rookies official website on July 17, aiming to get its rookies some exposure prior to debut.

It will continue to release content under the names SR14G, or SM Rookies 2014 Girls, and SR14B, SM Rookies 2014 Boys.

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Haru and YG Entertainment wish Tablo a happy birthday with special signs

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Haru and YG Entertainment were among the many that wished Epik High"s Tablo a happy birthday!

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Tablo turns 35 (international age: 34) on July 22 and has a lot to celebrate this year as a father, husband, and rapper. He is currently multi-tasking as a producer on "Show Me The Money 3", Haru"s father on "Superman is Back", and as a member of Epik High who are busy with their YG Family tour and recording.

Happy birthday, Tablo!


— YG Family (@ygent_official) July 22, 2014

Mwave Takes You Behind the Scenes of MAMAMOO’s ‘MEETGREET’

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K-Pop’s new diva idol group MAMAMOO stopped by the Mwave studio recently, and we’re revealing never-before-seen footage from the set of MAMAMOO’s MEET&GREET for the first time!

From their arrival to snapping Polaroids, - with Mr. Ambiguous mustaches in tow, of course - we captured the MAMAMOO girls during their downtime.

See the MAMAMOO members moments before they went live below!

SNSD’s Sunny Lightly Injures Her Eye After Getting Hit by Door Car

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It has been revealed that Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny has injured her eye.

SM Entertainment spoke with Newsen on July 22 and said, “Sunny got hit by the door car on July 20, injuring her left eye. The eye is red and since some of the capillaries have burst in her eye, she has been directed to wear an eye patch.”

SM rep shared, “The injury has not been interfering with her daily life activities. She is filming MBC’s Star Gazing at the moment. She will be carrying out all of her schedules as planned.”

Meanwhile, Sunny attended filming for MBC’s Star Gazing along with Super Junior-M’s Henry and actor Ahn Jae Mo. The episode will air next week.

Photo credit: Newsen

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong officially discharged from military service

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SS501"s Kim Kyu Jong was officially discharged from his military service requirement today (22nd)!

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According to his agency B2M Entertainment on the 22nd, Kim Kyu Jong held his discharge ceremony at the military manpower office in Jeonbuk, Jeonju on the 22nd at 9:30 AM KST.

A rep stated, "Kim Kyu Jong was set to be discharged by 10 AM KST today, but the discharge ceremony was held earlier than expected... When Kim Kyu Jong stepped out of the Jeonbuk military manpower office, there were already around 100 fans waiting to greet him there and Kim Kyu Jong gave a short greeting and waved his hand to show his gratitude."

"Kim Kyu Jong has departed for his home in Jeonju and will spend time with his parents for a few days

Ra.D Drops Video Teaser for “As Always” Ahead of Album Release

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Singer and music producer Ra.D has uploaded a teaser video for forthcoming release, “As Always,” another track from the star’s upcoming third studio album, “Soundz.”

The album promises a mainly laid-back R&B feel, although a few ballad tracks will also be included, too. Earlier this month, the pre-release song “Fly Away” was unleashed as a precursor to the full 12-track studio album, Ra.D’s first LP since “RealCollabo,” which was released six years ago.

The teaser features a brief snippet of the song and a glance at a few scenes from the video, which appear to show the singer floating off his chair and into the air at one point.

Earlier this month, Ra.D, uploaded an audio preview of the full “Soundz” album featuring a selection of still photos and a brief description of each song

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong Released from Military Duties Today

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Kim Kyu Jong finally finished serving his military duties and returned to the arms of his waiting fans.

On the morning of July 22 Kim Kyu Jong was released from the Jeonbuk Jeonju Regional Military Manpower Office.

He served for two years as a public service worker since July 2012.

The singer did not hold any separate event to celebrate his release.

Photo credit: B2M Entertainment

MAMAMOO Takes a Selfie at Mwave’s ‘MEETGREET’

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Rookie group MAMAMOO was a guest on Mwave’s MEET&GREET, where the talented girl group met with fans to chat about their debut mini album HELLO.

But before MAMAMOO went live for the MEET&GREET on July 11, we handed the camera over to the girls to greet their fans personally.

See what the girls had to say in the selfie clip below!

Kris Takes Pictures with Italian Designer Marcelo Burlon

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Kris (Wu Yi Fan) has once again surfaced on Instagram as he posed with famous Italian designer Marcelo Burlon.

On July 21, fashion designer and DJ Marcelo Burlon posted two pictures on his Instagram, one of himself posing with Wu Yi Fan and another one of Wu Yi Fan by himself. In the captions, Marcelo Burlon mentioned that Wu Yi Fan was visiting the County of Milan headquarters in Italy. In the photos, Wu Yi Fan can be seen wearing clothes from County of Milan.

Despite leaving his SM group EXO on turbulent terms, Wu Yi Fan has continued to have a promising career as he recently shot Chinese film “Somewhere Only We Know” in Prague. He also posted on his Instagram for the first time in two months few days ago, updating his fans on his status

JYJ Releases Sexy Teaser for ′Back Seat′

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JYJ is finally coming back, and the return is going to be as sexy as ever.

C-JeS Entertainment released a teaser for the R&B promotional track Back Seat from the group′s second full length album on July 22.

Wearing slick black suits and new hairdos, the JYJ members danced to their new song as images of them cuddling with some girls provided a sexy intro.

JYJ′s Back Seat will be released on July 29.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Girl’s Day’s Solo Concert to Air on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’

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Girl’s Day’s 4th anniversary solo concert will be exclusively aired through SBS MTV’s The Show.

Girl’s Day’s agency announced on July 22, “Girl’s Day’s first solo concert, which was held on July 13 in AX Korea in Gwangjin-gu, will be revealed through July 22’s broadcast of The Show.”

Girl’s Day performed numerous songs during the concert, including Female President, Twinkle Twinkle, Expect, Hug Me Once, Don’t Forget Me as well as the new songs Darling and Look At Me.

The concert will also reveal the story behind Minah bursting into tears as well as the members sharing their secrets.

The agency rep stated, “We’re happy that Girl’s Day’s solo concert will be aired as a special on The Show, which will provide not only entertainment but also another charm of Girl’s Day

NU’EST’s Baekho Celebrates Birthday with Fans at Mwave’s ‘MEETGREET’

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NU’EST, who recently returned with new album Re:BIRTH, expressed their excitement to be back at the Mwave studio after meeting with fans almost a year ago at Mwave’s MEET&GREET.

But it was a special day for one member in particular – Baekho, who celebrated his 20th birthday on July 21, the day of the live, online fan meeting.

When the cake arrived on the scene during the live broadcast, Minhyun said, “I think this is the first time one of us is receiving a cake from someone other than our fans.

NU’EST continued the party during Happy Hour, as Baekho chose three additional fans, who were not picked during the main drawing, to receive NU’EST goodies.

Check out the clip below!

Block B Brightens Up in Summer Colors with ′H.E.R′ Teasers

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Block B′s about to make a colorful return, and the teasers are there to prove it.

In a series of colorful and comical teasers, Block B unveiled the concept of its upcoming fourth mini album H.E.R.

The most recent teaser video, dropped on July 22, finally gave a peek into what the choreography and song will look and sound like.

H.E.R will be released on July 24. Block B aims to hold a showcase before the album′s launch on July 23.

Photo credit: Seven Seasons

Secret Holds Concert Tour in Japan Before August Comeback in Korea

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Secret held yet another successful concert tour in Japan, making it their third tour in the country.

The group′s 2014 Secret′s Summer Live ~YooHoo~ was held in Tokyo and Osaka from July 19-21.

The tour follows the group′s Secret 1st Japan Tour Secret Time 2012 and its 2013 Love In Secret tour of previous years.

Secret made sure to entertain fans with its hits Shy Boy and Madonna, as well as tracks from its Japanese album such as Twinkle Twinkle, Drive to You and Secret Dream.

The members even performed solo. Jun Hyo Seong performed her solo debut single Good-Night Kiss and track I Hate Night Time.

Han Sunhwa performed I Have a Boyfriend while Song Jieun and Hana sang a duet of Run To You

SISTAR Shakes More Booty in Dance Practice Vid for ′Touch My Body′

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This dance practice video isn′t just a practice vid; it′s like a whole new music video.

On July 22, Starship Entertainment released the dance practice video for SISTAR′s Touch My Body.

The video starts with a short interview, asking the members where they think the point of their choreography is.

The members answer with such words as hips, body lines and light touches.

Check out the girls working it to Touch My Body in colorful tops, hot pants and white heels!

SISTAR′s Touch My Body, the promotional single of the group′s second mini album Touch & Move, has been enjoying great popularity at the top of various music charts.

Photo credit: Starship Entertainment