WINNER and actress Nam Bo Ra become models for ‘Fanta’

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WINNER and actress Nam Bo Ra became the new CF models for this year"s "Fanta" campaign!

Leader Kang Seung Yoon had already been the model for "Fanta" for the past two years, even making a "Fanta Idol Group" with fellow models Lee Kwang Soo and Baek Jin Hee. Now, it seems he will be able to model with his real idol group members!

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A rep from "Coca-Cola" said, "A "Fanta"stic group has been created with the five members of rookie idol group Winner, whose members are individualistic with personal talents in vocal, rap, dance, and composing, coinciding with the various flavors of "Fanta" and this year"s campaign "Create your own Fanta," which is how they were chosen as models

MBLAQ Members Explain Their Relationship with Rain

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On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” the members of MBLAQ appeared as the guests along with girl group A Pink.

On the show, MC Shin Dong asked, “What is the current relationship between MBLAQ and Rain?”

G.O said, “Rain hyung was an artist signed under our company (J. Tune Camp). He signed with another company once his contract ended. He was not the CEO; the CEO is another person. He looked for a better environment and better terms after his contract ended, and we think that’s totally normal from and artist’s point of view.”

Shin Dong then asked, “MBLAQ has an image of ‘a group made by Rain.’ Is Rain no longer involved?” Seungho answered, “Before Rain hyung enlisted in the army, he told us, ‘I helped you guys a lot, but you need to learn how to do things yourselves and think for yourselves

Fancam of Suzy’s ‘Let It Go’ performance and fall shows her high level of professionalism

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It was reported a few days ago that Suzy hurt her ankle during a concert in Beijing, but was doing all right despite the injury. Now, fancams of the actual performance of "Let It Go" and her alarming fall are circulating the internet, grabbing a lot of attention from people who found her professionalism the most notable thing in the videos as she stood right back up and continued singing.

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You can check out her impressive control and maturity in the fancam above around the 30 second mark! Hopefully, she is doing a lot better and will recover fully very soon.

BoA cancels interviews and VIP premiere of ‘Make Your Move’ in light of the tragic ship incident

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Due to the tragic sinking of a ship off the coast of South Korea, many celebrities have canceled and postponed events. BoA is the next one after A Pink to announce her intentions to refrain from activities temporarily.

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A rep from her Hollywood venture film "Make Your Move" told TV Report on April 16, "The "Make Your Move" VIP premiere planned for today has been canceled. After learning about the sunken ship incident, we deemed continuing on with the event discourteous to the bereaved family and decided to cancel it on site. BoA also canceled the upcoming planned interviews regarding the movie."

A lot of other celebrities have already done the same and will probably continue to do so in light of the unfortunate circumstances

Mad Clown Takes the Show Champion Trophy For “Without You”

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Mad Clown takes the win on this week’s Show Champion with his newest song, “Without You,” featuring SISTAR‘s Hyorin!

The rapper gave an almost incredulous laugh as he accepted the award from staff, thanking fans for their support. According to the show’s official Twitter page, Mad Clown also displayed an innocent charm backstage as he tried to give back the trophy before leaving.

Congratulations to Mad Clown! Check out his winning speech here:

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B.A.P attend Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners game in Arlington

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While promoting in the United States, B.A.P got to take some time off to enjoy the traditional American pastime, a baseball game!

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On April 15, they were spotted at the Globe Life Park in Arlington for the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners game where they appeared to be having a fun time. Himchan even got a picture of himself with someone wearing a Choo 17 jersey in the background. Fittingly, Himchan wrote as the Instagram caption, "Mr. Choo," to reference Shin Soo Choo on the Texas Rangers or perhaps A Pink"s new song title.

Check out the SNS updates below! Did you get to see B.A.P perform?

Actress Park Jin Hee to Marry a Lawyer Five Years Younger Next Month

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Actress Park Jin Hee (age 35) will hear wedding bells soon. She revealed earlier this month that she’s dating a man five years her junior.

On April 15, someone close to Park Jin Hee revealed, “Both sides are planning to hold a very small and intimate wedding with only family and closest friends. Both the bride and the groom are taking care of the details.”

Her fiance is a lawyer who works at a law firm in Seoul. They met through mutual acquaintances last year and dated for a year before planning to tie the knot.

Park Jin Hee made her debut in 1997 through teen drama “Start,” and has been active in dramas and movies since.

Congrats to the couple!

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Haru gets a kiss on the cheek from Taeyang

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It looks like Taeyang might be trying to win Haru"s heart back (since she"d moved onto G-Dragon and all) as he was snapped in a picture giving her a cute peck on the cheeks! Although she looks a bit alarmed, undoubtedly many fans would love to switch positions with her.

The picture was uploaded onto Big Bang"s official Weibo recently with, "My superstar Haru TAE YANG." In the photo, Tablo looks like a proud father as he hugs his daughter close, not seeming to realize Taeyang is sneaking in a kiss because who can resist those chubby cheeks?

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Maybe this might be enough for Taeyang to become Haru"s Big Bang bias again? Netizens replied, "How can all three of them be so cute?" "The playful uncle and nice look alike

Akdong Musician’s “Galaxy” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

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KBS has been on a roll lately.

On April 16, it was revealed that KBS banned one of Akdong Musician’s songs, “Galaxy,” from the duo’s debut album “Play.” The reasoning was that the lyrics of the song include the word ‘galaxy’ a total of nine times, which could potentially lead listeners to think that it is an endorsement for the Samsung brand of the same name. MBC and SBS, however, did not find a problem with the song.

Upon receiving the results of the song review, YG Entertainment said that they will not be changing the lyrics for KBS broadcast.

KBS recently also banned songs by Crayon Pop, Mad Clown, and rookie Eddy Kim.

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Crayon Pop’s “Uh-ee” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast Due to Japanese Lyrics

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Mad Clown wins with ‘Without You’ on ‘Show Champion’

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Mad Clown went home with the trophy on the April 16 edition of "Show Champion"!

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The music show tweeted, "The "Champion Song" of "Show Champion" on April 16 is..? Mad Clown"s "Without You"! The innocent Mad Clown, who tried to give back the trophy he received before leaving ^^;; His first win on "Show Champion"! Congratulations once again!"

Check out his win below and congratulations!

A Pink postpones their fan meeting for 3rd anniversary out of respect for the sunken passenger ship

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A Pink has decided to postpone their upcoming fan meeting in light of the tragic passenger ship sinking off the southern coast of South Korea.

The girls" agency A Cube Entertainment released a statement on April 16 saying that the fan meeting for April 19 has been canceled. The event was originally going to take place at Kwangwoon University as the second fan meeting celebrating the group"s third anniversary since debut.

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A rep said, "Due to the magnitude of the passenger ship sinking, A Pink felt too much pain and did not think they could sing for their fans with a light heart, which is how this decision came to be made. We plan on having the canceled fan meeting some other time in the future and will later announce the new date and location

Son Ho Young expresses how he felt returning to the entertainment world

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On the April 16th episode of Olive TV"s "Share House", Son Ho Young revealed how he felt returning to the entertainment world after the tragic events of last year.

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In his meeting with the producers, Son Ho Young expressed, "For 10 months, I couldn"t work and just drank more... Of course, I wanted to see my fans," adding that it was a tough decision to make a comeback. 

He continued, "After spending time here, I hope that what"s in my heart will be healed when I leave." 

"Share House" centers around 10 celebrities who live under one roof. Let"s hope the show and his roommates make Son Ho Young feel better!

G.NA’s comeback MV to star actors Otani Ryohei and Kim Min Gyo

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G.NA has already started filming the music video for her comeback track "Pretty Lingerie" ("GN.A"s Secret"), and it looks like Japanese actor Otani Ryohei as well as actor and director Kim Min Gyo will be featured in the MV!

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Cube Entertainment shared the above behind-the-scenes photos of G.NA with the starring actors on set, raising curiosity about what kind of roles they"ll have in the MV. Kim Min Gyo and G.NA previously worked together on the tvN comedy program "SNL Korea", and from the still cuts, it seems he"ll be playing a less-than-polite character.

"Pretty Lingerie" is about what happens when a woman falls in love. Stay tuned for G.NA"s first comeback in a year on April 21!

Super Junior’s Heechul Posts Pictures of “Date” with Puff Kuo

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Super Junior member Heechul has posted an Instagram photo of his “date” with his “We Got Married” co-star, Taiwanese singer actress Puff Kuo. Posted on April 15, the photo was accompanied by a caption which read, “Look, everyone! I’m on a date with a real woman, not a 2D cardboard cutout!” Heechul also made reference to the fact that there was “something of a 1980s’ newlywed feel” about the picture. He noted that Puff Kuo and he seemed to have matching “couple” hairstyles. He commented, intriguingly, that he should stop having naughty thoughts or his hair would quickly “grow longer than Puff’s.”

The picture shows the couple posing for the picture in front of a bank of yellow forsythia flowers, with Heechul’s arm around Puff Kuo’s shoulder, with both stars striking friendly poses

A Pink’s Chorong Looks Like MBLAQ’s Mir?

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A past photo of A Pink’s Park Chorong is drawing attention since its unveiling.

On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” childhood photos of Chorong and MBLAQ’s Mir were revealed.

As soon as the childhood photos of the two singers were revealed on the screen, the people present onset went wild. Both Chorong and Mir exclaimed in shock. The reason was the childhood images of the two singers showed a surprising resemblance.

Chorong said about her skin color, “My skin wasn’t actually that dark. I got tanned from going on a school trip.” MC Jang Dong Min created a wave of laughter when he remarked, “Was your trip to a fire pit?”

Meanwhile Mir commented nonchalantly, “This is the first time my photo has come in second place

First generation girl group S.E.S show off their lasting friendship

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Legendary first generation girl group S.E.S recently reunited and snapped some pictures together.

Bada uploaded the pictures onto Twitter on April 15 of herself with fellow S.E.S members Eugene and Shoo, showing that nothing has changed. The three still look beautiful and are extremely close.

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Bada wrote, "We are three. We still get along quite well. Life is beautiful." Netizens responded, "It"s nice to see their unchanging friendship," "I miss their past promotions," "Hope you guys form as S.E.S once again," and more.

Announcing the Soompi Forums Easter Egg Hunt!

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Happy Easter! This year, we’re happy to introduce our brand-new Soompi Forums Easter Egg Hunt! If chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks aren’t quite doing the trick for you, search for Easter eggs on our forums and win prizes including Soompi Shop gift certificates!

Those of you who remember our Holiday Present Hunt (which we’ve been running on our forums for the past three years) will understand the concept. Everyday for the next seven days, we’ll post a hint in our forum thread regarding the location of a new Easter egg. Using your hint, surf around the forums and look for the egg within our many threads! When you find it, copy the URL and thread title. We’ll post a hint at least once everyday for the next seven days. There will be six regular colored eggs and two golden eggs

Sung Joon updates fans on life after ‘I Need Romance 3′ in his charismatic pictorial for ‘InStyle’

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Sung Joon updated fans on what he"s been up to after "I Need Romance 3" and his acting goals for "InStyle"!

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The actor revealed he"s been busy cycling these days, "After finishing "I Need Romance 3", I bought a bicycle, and I commuted with it from my house in Yangjaedong to Apgujeong for one month... Since I overexerted myself riding it, I got a bad cold and lost more weight than I did while filming my drama."

He also shared his goal as an actor, "Like Matthew McConaughey in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club", I want to take on acting in which I totally fall into the situation of a realistic production."

Check out his sexy and suave pictorial!

Choo Sarang sings her cover of ‘Let It Go’

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Up next to cover "Let It Go" wasn"t a singer but the "choovely" baby Choo Sarang!

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Choo Sung Hoon shared on Choo Sarang"s Facebook on the 15th, "Let It Go (Frozen OST Choo Sarang version)," along with a video of her singing along to the song.

Fans have already heard Tablo"s daughter Haru sing along to "Let It Go" on "Superman is Back", and now it was Choo Sarang"s turn to break into song and sing the popular "Frozen" OST. Choo Sarang playfully played her kid piano and was full of her "Choovely" charm to make this cover irresistibly cute and just plain adorable!

Choo Sarang is no doubt an entertainer!

Actor Jung Suk Won Joins JYJ at C-JeS Entertainment

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Actor Jung Suk Won has joined a new home at C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on April 16, “Actor Jung Suk Won has become one of our family members. As much as he has devoted endlessly and worked hard since his debut, we will do our best to support Jung Suk Won to continue expanding his acting spectrum in the future. Please show him your support.”

Jung Suk Won made his debut through KBS’ “Belle.” He rose to fame in the 2009 SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” Since then he has appeared in various dramas including SBS’ “Midas,” KBS 2TV’s “Ojakgyo Brothers,” SBS’ “Rooftop Prince,” and KBS 2TV’s “Iris II: New Generation.”

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won joins many famous names in the Korean entertainment industry at C-JeS Entertainment including JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Kang Hye Jung, Song Ji Hyo, and Gummy