“K-Pop Star 3” Winner Bernard Park to Guest Appear at JYP Nation

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The winner of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 3,” Bernard Park, will be appearing at the “2014 JYP NATION-ONE MIC [sic]” as a special guest.

On July 28, through Naver Starcast, “JYP Nation-One Mic Talk” was recorded live, where Bernard Park spoke of his album preparations through a phone call.

The singer said, “I will be at the ‘2014 JYP NATION-ONE MIC’ Seoul concert as a special guest. I can’t say which songs I will be performing, but I am preparing about two songs.”

Bernard Park was the winner of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 3” and chose to debut under JYP Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the “2014 JYP NATION-ONE MIC” will be held in Seoul on August 9 and August 10

Girl’s Day’s Minah Dating Soccer Player Son Heung Min

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It is being reported that Girl’s Day member Minah is dating soccer player Son Heung Min.

On July 29, news source The Fact released a report and photos of Minah and Son Heung Min holding hands and enjoying an evening date. The Fact reported that the two made time for each other despite their busy schedules to go on evening dates on July 16 and 17. During the dates they were careful not to be too physically affectionate when they were outside, but held hands and links arms when they were alone. On one of their dates, Son Heung Min bought Minah a lovely bouquet of flowers.

In response to these photo, Girl’s Day’s agency DreamT Entertainment told The Fact over the phone, “Minah and Son Heung Min were fans of each other before and starting meeting because of their interest in each other

Suzy sexually harassed at a public event + JYP reaction

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Recently, Suzy has become center of an online debate as the victim of a sexual harassment at an outdoor event.
At the event, Suzy was standing in front of 6000 people in the "Sprite Shower" water gun festival in Sinchon, Seoul, Korea. When a male MC introduced Suzy, he was seen touching her thigh twice, making her confused for a moment. The fancam videos were spread quickly on the Internet and people were showing their anger and mixed feelings towards the incident.
Responded to the issue, JYP Entertainment dismissed the rumor and said, "There was no such an accident. It was the video angle that make people misunderstand".
Do you think it was just because of the angle:


Girl”s Day”s Minah and soccer player Son Heung Min reported to be a couple + DreamT denies

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Another new potential celebrity couple for 2014 has been unveiled by "The Fact" (formerly "Sports Seoul") and it is none other than Girl"s Day"s Minah (21)and soccer star Son Heung Min (22)!

"The Fact" says they spotted Minah and Son Heung Min on sweet dates from the 16th to the 17th for about 4 hours on two nights. Despite their busy schedules, the two still apparently made time for one another to enjoy dates around various locations like the Gangnam Station and the Han River Park.

As Son Heung Min had to leave for training on the 19th, it"s said he even prepared a sweet event by surprising Minah with flowers when she got into his car on their night date on the 17th to confess his feelings for her.

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes of HyunA’s “Red” Music Video

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Have you been wondering how the colorful music video for HyunA‘s latest hit “Red” was produced?

Well, look no further, as Cube Entertainment unveiled a making-of clip of the music video on July 29.

In addition to offering a detailed look at the artistic props and sets, the video reveals how much fun the staff had while filming. During the short interview, HyunA tells how the video was shot in Korea over three days, with the sets being very simple and more focus put on the stand-out props. She was also responsible for designing the final set inspired by Ancient Egyptian architecture.

HyunA has already performed her comeback stages on last week’s music shows, and her music video for “Red” dropped on July 28.

LC9 Releases “East of Eden” Music Video

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LC9 recently released the MV for their latest single, “East of Eden!”

The music video was released on July 28 through their official YouTube channel. “East of Eden” has a simple beat but it complements the raps and vocals for a medium tempo R&B track. The boys focus on their vocal ability and rapping skills, as opposed to emphasizing their dancing ability in this particular music video. “East of Eden” is the title track of their newest album, “The Half Time.”

In related news, LC9 debuted with “Mama Beat” last June as a male idol group that could perform powerful dance moves. They are currently preparing for their second mini album promotional activities this fall.

GOT7 to make their Japanese debut this October

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GOT7 will make their Japanese debut this October!

Japanese media outlet Nikkan Sports broke the news of GOT7"s Japanese debut which has been confirmed by JYP Entertainment! GOT7 will release their Japanese debut single album with a title track by producer Han Mi Il this October. 2PM"s Jun.K also composed, wrote, and produced "SO LUCKY" for his labelmates" debut single album.

They will make their debut even more exciting with their tour "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014 TOUR" which will kick off in October with a finale concert featuring special guest Jun.K!

HyunA give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Red” + MV surpasses 1 million views

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HyunA is as hot a trend as ever as she dropped her latest comeback MV for "Red" last night and gained over 1 million views on YouTube in less than 19 hours! You can celebrate with her by taking a look at how the MV came together with a behind-the-scenes footage from the filming that has just been released.

The idol once again shows that despite her strong and sexy image on camera, she"s more reserved and cute behind the scenes as she explains to fans about the three days of filming and asks everyone for their love and support.

Check out the clip above and her MV here to join the 1 million+ views that have already accumulated!

Queen”s raise funds to plant a forest for T-ara”s 5th anniversary

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Queen"s raised funds to plant a forest in T-ara"s name for the group"s 5th anniversary on July 29, which undoubtedly warmed the hearts of the members.

T-ara"s domestic fan club site "t-arafan.com" and their international fan sites "Diadem", "TARA6JAPAN", "T-ARACHINA", and "T-ARAHK" came together to take part in "TREE PLANET"s "Star Forest Project". 250 fans contributed to the fund raiser and raised approximately 9 million KRW (~8,800 USD).

Queen"s shared, "We are very joyful to have a forest made in T-ara"s name. We hope that this forest will be a place where many people can comfortably rest and once the forest is completed, we also want to visit."

The members also expressed through Core Contents Media"s Twitter, "Today is T-ara"s 5th anniversary since debut!! We are happy thanks to our awesome Queen"s and the T-ara members who have continued to strive forward!!

Sunny Hill Returns as Four-Member Group With Newest Track, “Once in Summer”

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Sunny Hill will be pre-releasing “One in Summer” from Part A of their first full-length album. It will be Sunny Hill’s first official track release as a newly-arranged group of four females after their producer and male member, Janghyun, left to pursue his career as a producer.

On July 28, Sunny Hill released “Once in Summer” album teaser images on their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The release of “Once in Summer” marks approximately one year since Sunny Hill released their mini album, “Young Folk,” back in June of last year. Sunny Hill plans to release Part A of their first full-length album sometime in mid-August, and is currently working on it at the moment. Sunny Hill will be joining the list of artists preparing to make their comeback in August, some of the which include PSY, JYJ, KARA and Secret

‘Hotel King’ Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae make one fine couple

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The recently ended MBC Saturday Sunday drama "Hotel King" actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Lee Da Hae showed up at the after party of the drama. On July 27, 2014, the production team of the recently ended MBC Saturday Sunday drama "Hotel King" hosted an after party for the drama"s staff members, actors and actresses. The recently ended MBC Saturday Sunday drama "Hotel King" told the story of a man named Cha Jae Wan, played by actor Lee Dong Wook, who rises to become a hotelier.

Actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Lee Da Hae in the drama played a couple who overcome the hardships put by Cha Jae Wan"s (Lee Dong Wook) father, and marry each other.

Starting next week, the new MBC Saturday Sunday drama "Mama" is going to air.



Secret Releases a TV Commercial for “I’m in Love”

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Secret has become the first girl group ever to release a TV commercial for their upcoming single.

Secret has released a 30-second teaser spot for their single “I’m in Love,” prominently featuring group leader Hyosung. This TV spot will air on major broadcasting networks. No other girl group has aired a TV commercial to promote their music releases.

In the commercial, Hyosung can be seen walking on a beach, and at the end of the video, she sheds a single tear. The song sounds like it will be a melancholy track, different from Secret’s previous upbeat image, which was very popular.

The single will be released on August 11.

Check out Secret’s TV commercial for “I’m in Love” below!

[To:ur Imagination] Experience Korea’s Dynamic Culture with “America’s Got Talent” Winner Kenichi Ebina

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We’ve previously announced that KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) is hosting two fun events for foreign fans: Event 1 (win a free trip to Korea or other prizes), Event 2 (simply share a video link to win an iPad mini or other prizes). Both events take minimal effort to participate, which you can see from our tutorial articles. Just click on the respective events for the easy 5 step process!

For this series, we will be covering the different attractions of Korea that’s a must for tourists as well as the latest hotspots enjoyed by the locals. Four foreign celebrities participated in the first event and wrote down what they’d like to do if given the chance to visit Korea for 3-4 days.

Our next featured celebrity is performer Kenichi Ebina who won the eighth season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2013

EXO”s Chen sings “The Best Luck” in “It”s Okay, That”s Love” OST MV featuring scenes from the drama

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EXO"s Chen, who already topped charts with his OST release, is here once again in the MV for the song from SBS drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love"!

As mentioned before, he participated in the OST to show his support for fellow member, D.O, who is acting in the drama alongside names Gong Hyo Jin, Jo In Sung, and Lee Kwang Soo.

See how well Chen"s voice fits the mood of the drama by taking a look at the video featuring scenes from the show as well as clips of Chen recording the song!

Hyuna responds to rumors about being PSY’s girlfriend: “It’s an honor.”

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Recently, Hyuna has participated as the latest guest of SBS POWER FM “Escape Untouched Keoltu Show” on Monday, July 28th, where she responded to international rumors of her relationship with PSY.

Previously on July of 2012, Hyuna was known to have starred in PSY’s music video for global hit single “Gangnam Style”, in which she danced in front of him in a subway before participating alongside him to dance the horse-riding dance. As the view streak had passed over two billion views many eyes have seen Hyuna with PSY in the video.

Therefore, rumors regarding their relationship have developed in recent years. Seeing how they had danced in sync so well with each other, viewers could have assumed that they were really close. When she had been told that, “Worldwide fans know you as PSY’s girlfriend, Hyuna had replied, “It’s such an honor [to hear that]

Jiyeon and Shorry J join efforts for “Triangle” OST “Kiss And Cry” feat. F-ve Dolls” Seunghee

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T-ara"s Jiyeon and Mighty Mouth"s Shorry J lent their voices for the song "Kiss And Cry" from the "Triangle" OST with the help of F-ve Dolls" Seunghee!

"Kiss and cry" is a medium-tempo, latin pop song composed by renowned composer Cho Young Soo. With the finale coming up, Jiyeon and Shorry J, who play Sung Yoo Jin and Jerry, respectively, in the drama, gave viewers a farewell gift in the form of this song.

Get ready for the finale of "Triangle" by listening to "Kiss And Cry"!

Reports suggest Shindong may miss out on Super Junior promotions with Leeteuk due to enlistment in August

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Now that leader Leeteuk has been discharged from military service, the baton has been passed over to Shindong who will be the next Super Junior member to reportedly enlist mid August, if reports are to be believed.

According to multiple sources, following his discharge today (29th), Leeteuk will join his fellow members to record their upcoming 7th album and preparations for their their world tour "Super Show 6", which will kick off in Seoul on September 20-21. It"s also been mentioned that he will also be participating in SMTOWN"s concert in August ahead of Super Junior"s comeback schedule.

As for Shindong, fans have been awaiting the confirmation of his enlistment date, and although no official word has come from SM, a few media outlets have reported that it is expected to be mid August

HIGH4 releases music video for “A Little Close” featuring Lim Kim

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HIGH4 releases music video for “A Little Close” featuring Lim Kim!

On July 24th, HIGH4 teased with a glance into the music video for “A Little Close” with Lim Kim. Now, the group has released the full music video for this song.

Written by Lee Jonghoon who also wrote “Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms,” “A Little Close” has fun elements of R&B with a modern twist.

The addictive melody line shows off HIGH4 and Lim Kim’s unique vocal colors. The lyrics paint a picture of a guy and a girl wish to get closer to each other despite an initial awkwardness between them.

HIGH4’s first mini-album will be released later this summer in August so stay tuned for the group’s upcoming songs!

Check out “A Little Close” here:

How do you like “A Little Close”?

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Homme reveals special live performance of “It Girl”

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Homme reveals a special live performance of their newest track, “It Girl”!

After bringing fans the full music video for their rhythmic track, the vocal duo shares a groovy live performance of “It Girl.”

8eight’s Lee Hyun and 2AM’s Changmin wear the same sleek suits as featured in the music video. The live video also features a similar brightly lit, blue background. Accompanied by live instrumentals, percussion, and supporting vocals, Homme’s live performance of “It Girl” is spunky and expressive.

Homme belts out their powerful vocals and beautiful harmonies with emotion in this song off their “Pour Les Femmes” album.

Check it out here:

Which version do you like more?

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[HanCinema"s Drama Review] “Fated To Love You” Episode 4

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Choi Jin-hyeok"s Daniel had a larger role to play. He is looking for a long lost sibling, who may be Mi-young. But the image he portrays is a softer, more vulnerable man than the cocky one we met in the first two episodes. His interest in Mi-young is sparked by her kindness, just like Geon"s was. It"s a nice parallel that both men were attracted by the same quality. He also has a connection to Geon"s family, which will prove interesting when love lines and family lines get crossed. The other second lead, Se-ra, is much less interesting. While she may be genuine in her feelings for Geon, she is very one-dimensional because of her selfishness.

It is clear where our main characters need to grow, and that makes me anticipate their journey. Mi-young needs a backbone - she needs to stand up for herself. Geon needs to learn to have the consideration that Mi-young has for others