JYP and Starship Entertainment go head to head in covers for second episode of “Singer Game”

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In the second episode of Mnet"s "Singer Game," artists under JYP Entertainment and Starship Entertainment duked it out by taking on amazing covers.

While HA:TFELT and 15& took on G-Dragon"s "That XX" with amazingly soothing vocals and perfect harmonies that are sure to cause goosebumps to creep up your arms, rookie group GOT7 took on their senior label mate 2PM"s "10 Points out of 10," also making it their own with their unique style!

Starship"s smooth vocals JungGiGo and talented rapper Mad Clown performed Eddy Kim"s "The Manual" together, a beautiful performance that will get heads nodding.

KARA’s Goo Hara Displays an Innocent Charm in “Day & Night” Individual Teaser

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Goo Hara is the last KARA member to reveal individual teaser images for the group’s upcoming sixth mini album, “DAY & NIGHT.”

In the two photos released today, Goo Hara can be seen in two youthful braids, donning a white dress with lacy stockings, exuding an innocent charm. Goo Hara wraps up the official “Day” teaser images for the group, following the teaser images of Gyuri, Younji, and Seungyeon.

“DAY & NIGHT” will be released on August 18.

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls’ Yeeun) Releases Solo Debut MV for “Ain’t Nobody”

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Wonder GirlsYeeun makes her solo debut today under the stage name HA:TFELT. The music video for her track “Aint Nobody” was released at midnight KST along with her mini album “Me?

Two days ago, she released an album spoiler to let fans preview all her new tracks. Other songs in her mini album include “Iron Girl,” “Truth,” “Bond,” “Wherever Together,” “Peter Pan,” and “Nothing Lasts Forever.” “Iron Girl” features fellow Wonder Girls’ member Hyerim while “Bond” features rapper Beenzino

Netizen offers new fan cams with different angles supporting JYP”s denial of Suzy”s sexual harassment

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Even after JYP Entertainment and the event organizers stepped up to explain that Suzy was not sexually harassed by the MC at the Sprite event, rather the fan cam showed things incorrectly based on the angle, netizens still showed some doubts about this.

However, on July 30, one netizen stepped up by uploading two fan cam videos of the whole thing taken from the rear angle rather than from the front and below the stage. These two videos, entitled: "The part from Suzy"s water gun festival that became a controversy - a different angle that will provide an explanation."

Indeed, both videos show that while the MC"s hands went near Suzy"s body a couple times, he never actually had direct contact with her, but was rather gesturing for her to move

Kim Soo Yeon of Bubble Sisters to Get Married

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The wedding bells are ringing for Kim Soo Yeon, a member of the vocal group Bubble Sisters.

Kim Soo Yeon will be marrying at a wedding hall located in Seoul on November 7 at 5:30 PM. The groom is an entrepreneur running an inter design company. A representative in the music industry stated “The two have been dating for several years and have deep affection and trust for each other. Their personalities and interests align well, so their relationship naturally went towards marriage.”

Both families already knew that both of them were dating, and both families got together for their first meeting and have been in contact ever since. After receiving permission from both families, Kim Soo Yeon and her fiance chose a date.

Kim Soo Yeon is from the vocal group Bubble Sister, which debuted in 2003 and became one of the female power vocal groups that received attention along with Big Mama

2AM’s Im Seulong and Actress Lee Min Jung Take a Selfie Together

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Actress Lee Min Jung and boy group, 2AM’s Im Seulong took a selfie together at the “Pirates” VIP screening.

On July 29, Lee Min Jung uploaded the photo on her Instagram along with a message that said, “At the ‘Pirates’ screening with Seulong.”

On the same day, the screening of “Pirates” was held at the Seoul Lotte Cinema. After getting married to actor, Lee Byung Hun, it seems like Lee Min Jung got prettier.

Lee Min Jung and Im Seulong worked on a drama theater called, “Lunch Box” in 2010 and both are close friends with the actress, Son Ye Jin. Lee Min Jung and Son Ye Jin are labelmates while Im Seulong and Son Ye Jin appeared together in the drama, “Personal Taste

Girl”s Day win on “Show Champion” with “Darling”

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Congratulations to Girl"s Day! The four sweet ladies have been doing very well with their summer track "Darling," even earning themselves the coveted trophy on "Show Champion"!

The music show tweeted on July 30, "Who won the "Champion Song" on "Show Champion" on July 30? The lovable darlings, Girl"s Day! Congratulations ^^"

You can check out their cute performance in blue-and-pink matching outfits below as well as their awesome win.

Five Fun Facts About Infinite’s L

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Infinite"s L, also known as Kim Myungsoo, has been cast in a new role. He will have a part in the upcoming SBS drama "My Lovely Girl," which also stars Rain.

True to life, he will play a flower boy singer, and although several singers will appear in the drama, his role will be an important one. The drama is also notable because it marks Rain"s small screen comeback.

It won"t be L"s first time playing a musician in a drama as he played an indie band member who goes on to be an idol in "Shut Up Flower Boy Band."

What else should you know about this singer-actor?

1. His first role was in a Japanese drama but he went on to appear in a few Korean dramas, most recently playing the young So Ji Sub in "The Master"s Sun" and Joo Sang Wook"s secretary in "Cunning Single Lady

A Tragic Finale For 'Triangle' Earns First Place In The Ratings

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In keeping with its dark plot "Triangle" did not end happily for all the characters. But that was appropriate and a happy ending would not have been true to the tragic story of three brothers who suffered after they were separated in childhood.

Spoiler alert: If you have not yet seen the end of this drama, don"t read any further. It was inevitable with all the attempts to kill the three brothers that one of them would not make it to the finale. And it"s not the brother viewers might have imagined at the drama"s beginning. While this pointless death will forever haunt the remaining two brothers, it does help end the long criminal career of the drama"s too villains Go Bok Tae and President Yoon. And that resolution brings some peace. It also gives the remaining brothers a chance at the life they might have had if their father had not been murdered

HA:TFELT releases “Ain’t Nobody” MV and 1st mini-album, “Me?”

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Wonder Girls’ Yenny is finally making her solo debut with her 1st mini-album, “Me?”.

Released on July 30th at midnight KST, Yenny released her mini-album and title music video “Ain’t Nobody” under her producer and now, stage name, HA:TFELT.

"Ain’t Nobody" is a passionate, medium-tempo track with lyrics telling her significant other that no one would love them like she does, but she understands he was not taught to love correctly.

The music video follows HA:TFELT as she sings her heart out, scenes of her significant other meeting other girls all the meanwhile.

Watch her debut music video below!

Source: jypentertainment

Hara is the last KARA member to release stunning solo teaser pictures

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Last but in no way least, Hara is the final KARA member to release her individual teaser pictures for the girls" sweet comeback with sixth mini-album, "Day & Night"!

Like the others, she shows off her beauty in soft lighting as wears shades of white for a very pure and angelic appearance. Her hair is also cutely braided into two, loose pigtails for a very youthful and girly look.

Are you excited for KARA"s comeback?

Concept photo DAY ver. 2. : GU HARA pic.twitter.com/wwOLBw3i05

— KARA (@KARA_DSP) July 30, 2014

Concept photo DAY ver. 1. : GU HARA pic.twitter.com/SRfuB0PDzC

— KARA (@KARA_DSP) July 30, 2014

SM”s new girl group Red Velvet release more group photos

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Upcoming SM girl group, Red Velvet, released two more group photos for their upcoming, highly anticipated debut with "Happiness"!

Both group photos show the slightly different concepts the girls took on so far for their individual pictures. One adheres closely to the wild and funky jungle theme while the other tones it down as each girl sports a different, light color with flowers in their hair.


Either way, the girls look stunning with their individually colored ombre hairstyles as they hold hands and link arms, showing their already well-developed camaraderie. Have you chosen your bias yet?

BTS begins countdown to comeback trailer for upcoming studio album

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BTS will be joining the August comeback war as they prepare to release their first studio album!

On July 30, BTS began a countdown until the release of their comeback trailer, which can be found on their official website. After their debut, a year and two months ago, BTS will be releasing their first studio album, making fans anticipate their return next month.

Their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, said, “It has been six months since their last release in February, ‘Boy In Luv’. Their first studio album will include all types of music. It will also showcase the hip-hop group’s identity as well.”

BTS has proven themselves to be the super rookie group following their debut last year. They have also recently enjoyed their success on Japan’s Oricon Charts, having released their debut Japanese single in June and July

Wonder Girls” Yenny (HA:TFELT) makes her solo debut with “Ain”t Nobody” MV + mini album “Me?”

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Wonder Girls" Yenny showed what she"s capable of as singer-songwriter HA:TFELT through her solo debut with mini album "Me?"!

HA:TFELT previously gave a preview of her mini album through her artistic teasers and special exhibition

Infinite’s L considering a position for SBS’s new drama, “My Lovely Girl”

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Infinite’s L is currently considering joining the cast of SBS’s upcoming drama, “My Lovely Girl” starring Rain.

On the 30th of July, Woollim Entertainment revealed that L had indeed received an offer for a part in “My Lovely Girl”, and that they are viewing it with a positive mind.

If L were to star in “My Lovely Girl”, he would be playing the part of an idol named “Siwoo” from a group named “Infinite Power”, and will have an interesting character throughout the series.

"My Lovely Girl" will be a romantic comedy about those who dream to become stars in the K-pop industry, and will start airing on the 17th of September after "It’s Alright, It’s Love".

Will you be tuning in?

Source: My Daily

Kim Jong Kook”s fan club feeds the cast and staff of “Running Man”

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Singer Kim Jong Kook"s fan club Papitus fed the cast and staff of SBS variety show "Running Man". 

On July 29, Papitus delivered samgyetang (Korean chicken ginseng soup), a buffet, and drinks for 150 cast, staff, and guests of "Running Man". Kim Jong Kook"s agency Urban Works Entertainment stated, "Papitus has sent over meals every year on Kim Jong Kook"s birthday or debut day. This time, the fan club specially prepared the healthy meal of samgyetang for all the staff. Kim Jong Kook was incredibly thankful to his fans."

Considering how much Kim Jong Kook loves healthy food and fitness, the fan club knew what they were doing when they brought over samgyetang. Hopefully, it made for an extra energetic episode of "Running Man"!

Jiggy Dogg release the MV for new single “The Best Thing I Did” ft. A Pink”s Hayoung

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Jiggy Dogg hip hop and rap duo drops their new single "The Best Thing I Did" and music video featuring the sweet vocals of A Pink"s Hayoung.

Jiggy Dogg who composed, arranged, and produced the song showcase their rhythmic rap and balances it with Hayoung"s warm and sweet vocals.

Watch the MV below where we can see them in action:

INFINITE”s L reported to be starring in upcoming SBS drama “My Lovely Girl”

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INFINITE"s L is reported to be starring in the upcoming SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" (tentative title)!

According to a network insider on July 30, L"s casting for the role of a prickly "flower boy" singer has been confirmed. He"ll be starring alongside Rain, who"ll be playing the leading role of an agency head, and fans are eagerly awaiting both artists" return to television.

L has previously starred in SBS" "Master"s Sun" and MBC"s "Cunning Single Lady" series. "My Lovely Girl" is expected to premiere on September 17.

Stay tuned for more info on L and the drama! 

New Starship Entertainment artist Joo Young reveals his cover of “Call You Mine”

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New Starship Entertainment artist Joo Young has revealed a cover of Jeff Bernat"s "Call You Mine"!

The R&B singer debuted in 2010 with the digital single album "Same as You" and recently joined the Starship family. Not much is known about Joo Young"s upcoming promotions, but he will be performing at the "2014 Starship x Troopers Concert" on August 31.

Check out Joo Young"s soulful cover above and some of his previous releases below!

B2ST”s Kikwang injures ankle during filming for “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”

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Following news of INFINITE"s Hoya, B2ST"s Kikwang is also reported to have sustained an injury.

On July 30 KST, Kikwang was taken to the hospital after injuring his ankle while filming for the KBS 2TV variety show "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education". A rep from the program stated, "After examination, they thankfully said that nothing was wrong with his bones. As Kikwang has injured a ligament, he"ll have to wear a half-cast for the time being."

Let"s hope that the "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education" MVP gets better soon!