‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestants Learn Acting From K-Drama Stars Clara & Yoon Jong Hoon At Namsan Tower

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(Photo : The CW ) K-Drama actress Clara with J. Alexander during "America"s Next Top Model."

“America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 21 contestants performed Korean drama scenes with Clara and Yoon Jong Hoon in the latest episode, “The Guy With Moves Like Elvis.” The latest challenge for the Cycle 21 contestants was to perform a scene from the tvN drama “Emergency Couple” with Yoon Jong Hoon and Clara standing in as acting partners.

“Emergency Couple” was a popular tvN K-Drama which concluded in April 2014. The drama also starred Song Ji Hyo (Running Man) and Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book, The Heirs) as a divorced couple who struggled to work together as interns at a hospital.

The five contestants watched scenes from “Emergency Couple” prior to meeting the actors at Namsan Tower

4Minute’s Gayoon Sings Another Version of BEAST’s “12:30”

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Following the release of a mysterious teaser for ‘another version’ of BEAST’s title track “12:30” from the group’s latest seventh mini album titled “TIME,” many people were curious as to who the star of this new version would be.

It has finally been revealed that BEAST’s labelmate, 4Minute member Gayoon shared her voice to sing a solo cover of “12:30.”

On November 24, Cube Entertainment revealed a video of Gayoon singing the cover through its official YouTube channel. The brand new version of “12:30” puts a more classical and mellow twist on the original, as the melody expresses a piano-inspired melody. The 4Minute member’s vocals blend perfectly with the beautiful sound of the instruments playing in the backdrop

A Pink Releases Music Video for “LUV” from Comeback Mini Album

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A Pink has officially made their comeback with the release of their fifth mini album “Pink LUV” on November 24 at midnight, coming eight months after their fourth mini “Pink Blossom.”

The title track “LUV” takes a slightly different direction from A Pink’s previous dance tracks, taking an upbeat melody to express the emotion of a breakup. Overall, the new track and music video show a more mature A Pink, from the emotion portrayed to the outfit concept.

Meanwhile, A Pink has already held their comeback stages on this past week’s music shows.

Watch the music video below.

K-pop or K-fizzle on U.S. TV

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K-pop or K-fizzle on U.S. TV Written by Willis On November 23, 2014

Recently, it was announced that Nick Cannon would be creating a new show based around a group of friends who love K-pop. This could possibly be an avenue for showcasing the Hallyu movement in greater detail, and maybe be the catalyst for bringing popular Korean entertainment to the U.S. mainstream.

Interestingly, K-pop has already made several small guest appearances in a few U.S. television series in the past couple of weeks. A while back, fans were excited to hear Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” in an older episode of Glee, but in the past few weeks both Crayon Pop and BtoB could be heard and seen on some other shows.

As interest in different Korean industries and brands grow internationally, the niche K-pop culture in the U

4minute”s Gayoon covers B2ST”s “12:30″

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4minute"s Gayoon has released a lovely cover of B2ST"s latest title track, "12:30"!

In contrast with the original"s powerful sounds and foot-tapping beat, Gayoon"s cover features a more melodic and softer atmosphere, complemented by a simple music video that focuses on calming ocean waves and Gayoon"s beauty itself.

Check out the video above!

A Pink releases music video for “LUV” comeback!

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The sweet girls of A Pink has been soothing the hearts and minds of K-Pop fans for the past few days with their latest title track, "LUV". Now, fans can experience it one more time with the newly-released music video!

The music video release comes after a one-week delay, but it looks like it was worth the wait! The video features a more mature look for the sweet ladies, with a tastefully sexy vibe alongside a slightly slower rhythm.

Check out the video above!

KARA’s Hara & Seo Kang Jun join forces for “1st Look” magazine

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KARA‘s Hara and actor Seo Kang Jun came together for a classy, intimate photoshoot for 1st Look magazine’s December issue, showing off both their individual charms and chemistry together.

The duo used their youthful looks to model the latest winter fashion in their photoshoot as they posed against a simple, grey background in a studio. Their stylish clothes highlight their long legs and slim bodies and draw attention to their special Reebok shoes.

In their individual photos, they vary their positions from standing to sitting in chairs, all the while gazing pensively into a point in the distance.The couple also show off their sweet chemistry and friendship as they pose for photos together and wear matching couple clothes.

Hara’s straight hair falls down her shoulders and face, framing her milky skinned small features shaped into a soulful gaze and sensual expression, while Kang Jun leaves his hair in a slightly tousled fashion that emphasizes his sharp, defined facial structure as he charismatically looks at the camera

M.I.B’s Kangnam: “I Was Bullied in Kindergarten for Being Short and Half-Korean”

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Hip-hop group M.I.B‘s Kangnam has opened up about his difficult past as the victim of bullying.

TV personalities Hong Jin Ho and Jo Se Ho were guests on the November 23 episode of JTBC’s new talk show, “Inside Story Salon,” which is hosted by Kangnam, Yoon Jung Shin, Jin Jung Kwon, and Jang Dong Min.

In this episode, the MCs and guests talked about crowd psychology, and how people change when surrounded and influenced by others. As they were discussing bullying, Kangnam confessed, “No matter if you are in Korea or Japan, bullying is the same. I got hit multiple times in kindergarten.”

“I was short, I had a small frame, and furthermore, I was half-Korean

Yang Hyun Suk Explains the Secret to IU’s Popularity

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Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment, has shared his opinion on the popularity of female soloist IU.

On the November 23 episode of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 4,” contestant Park Yoon Ha impressed the judges with her promising singing skills. Yang Hyun Suk, one of the three judges of the show, said, “You have said that you like clean and pure singers like IU, Younha, and Akdong Musician. I have figured out why IU is so popular.”

“IU’s is able to express appropriately. Instead of singing like a singer, she gives the impression of your ex-girlfriend singing,” Yang Hyun Suk explained.

“Park Yoon Ha, if you polish your skills a bit more and find your own style like IU, you will be able to sing with a much more charming voice,” the judge advised the contestant

Bangtan Boys and Vietnamese THANH collaborate for “Danger” (Mo-Blue-Mix) MV

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Vietnamese artist THANH (Thanh Bui) offered a collaboration project with Bangtan Boys, and result was just released.

THANH wrote the English lyrics of Bangtan Boys" song "Danger." A music video was revealed featuring the "Mo-Blu-Mix" of "Danger."

Watch below:

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SOURCE: ibighit

Yoo Jae Suk Tells Kim Jong Kook to Stop Singing Ballads on “Running Man”?

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Yoo Jae Suk gave his fellow cast mate Kim Jong Kook some hilarious advice on the latest episode of SBS’ “Running Man.”

On the November 23 episode of the popular variety show, the members turned into aliens from another planet and participated in various challenges to earn a return ticket to their home galaxy. For a more authentic experience, each member put on a hilarious costume that matched their unique charms as aliens.

While moving to the next mission location, Yoo Jae Suk said to Kim Jong Kook, “For you next album, use this concept for your promotions.”

“Isn’t this your first time wearing such outfit after Turbo? It is time to wear these clothes again,” Yoo Jae Suk continued, and finally made everyone laugh by telling Kim Jong Kook, “Stop wearing T-shirts that are about to burst, and stop singing ballads!”

See also: ‘Monday Couple’ Reunites for a Snack Mission on “Running Man”

At last MR.MR drops “I Promise You” MV (Disneyland version)

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Boy group MR.MR made their fans" wish came true.
MR.MR. fans finally made a music video for the song "I Promise You" that was released more than a year ago. Since then, their fans wanted to see its MV. 
Now, MR.MR dropped the long awaited MV, and they call it the Disneyland version because it was recorded at Tokyo Disneyland.

 Watch below:

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HI SUHYUN”s MV for “I”m Different” hits 2M views

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On the official Facebook of YG Family, they proudly announced that HI SUHYUN’s music video for "I’m Different" reached two million views.

It was on November 18th when the MV was uploaded on YouTube, and as of this writing it already has more than 2.5 million views.

Here"s the MV:

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SOURCE: YG Family Facebook

DJ Flashfinger reveals “Owl Vision After Movie” MV

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DJ Flashfinger dropped the music video for "Owl Vision After Movie."
The setting shows the night life of Koreans. The electronic beat made the crowd go gaga. 
DJ Flashfinger just ended his first American tour. He stopped in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington.

Watch below:

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‘Monday Couple’ Reunites for a Snack Mission on “Running Man”

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Gary and Song Ji Hyo, the one and only ‘Monday Couple,’ reunited for a special mission on the latest episode of SBS’ “Running Man.”

On the November 23 episode of the show, the members dressed up as shiny and mysterious aliens from another world. In order to return to their home planet, the aliens had to complete challenging missions.

After successfully completing the first mission, in which the members had to create a ‘mystery circle,’ the aliens were given their next challenge. The second mission was to eat 100 pieces of chips rolling down from the conveyor belt. To make everything even more challenging, the members were prohibited from using their hands in the process.

When it was time for Song Ji Hyo to try her luck, Gary stepped in to assist his partner and placed Song Ji Hyo’s head on his knees while tightly grasping her head with his hands

[VIDEO] f(x) Proves That They’re Variety Pros on AS4U!

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This week on KBS’s “A Song For You” it was time for Amber’s groupmates to shine! She and the other MCs, Super Junior’s Kangin and BTOB’s Sungjae, were joined by f(x) members Victoria and Luna. Luna and Victoria proved to be variety veterans and made the episode equal parts hilarious and impressive.

Even though Soompi providing KBS our Weekly Music Chart should be enough of a reason to watch, it doesn’t hurt to let you know all of the other great aspects of the episode that you need to see!

1. Sungjae’s crush on Sulli and Krystal – can he choose just one?

 Who knew Sungjae was an f(x) fanboy? He’s definitely regretting admitting it though – since neither of his favorites were present at the filming and his preferences left the rest of f(x) a little… bitter

HI SUHYUN and Bobby Look Close Behind-the-Scenes of “I’m Different” Music Video

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YG Entertainment‘s new unit HI SUHYUN recently released a behind-the-scenes video for their “I’m Different” music video. The clip features exclusive interviews of each member.

Lee Hi expressed that acting was not her forte, but that through playing a role for her “I’m Different” music video, she was able to build confidence and slowly break out of her shell. iKON’s Bobby said he was surprised at how funny and cheerful Lee Hi was, and that he was able to become closer with her while acting in the music video.

AKMU‘s Lee Suhyun talked about her friendship with Bobby, saying that they bicker with each other like a brother and sister would

“Dad! Where Are We Going” Jung Woong In’s Daughter Da Yoon Puts On a Mean Game Face

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On the November 23 episode of “Dad! Where Are You Going,” the families on the show got together for a field day.

Jung Woong In and his daughters Se Yoon, So Yoon, and Da Yoon all participated in the field day, and of the three, Da Yoon was chosen as the mascot. When she got her costume on, Da Yoon was ready to go and put on her game face, ready to stare her competitors down, and like father like daughter, Da Yoon puts on quite the intimidating look.

You can watch the field day with the “Dad! Where Are We Going?” kids on SoompiTV!

Song Min Gook Melts Hearts by Feeding Lee Seo Eon on “Superman Returns”

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Is there anything more adorable than Song Il Gook‘s son, Min Gook, taking care of Lee Hwi Jae‘s son, Seo Eon, like a real older brother?

In the latest episode of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” TV personality Lee Hwi Jae and his twins, Seo Eon and Seo Jun, visited the home of actor Song Il Gook and his triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se.

When it was time for lunch, the five toddlers were put in high chairs and served their meals. While the triplets were enjoying their lunch, Seo Eon started playing with his food, and finally, he ended up dropping the tray on the floor. Confused and taken aback by the sudden accident, Seo Eon turned to his right and tried making eye-contact with Min Gook

Actor Joo Sang Wook to Appear on SBS’ “Healing Camp”

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‘Rom-Com King’ Joo Sang Wook has been confirmed to appear on SBS’ talk show, “Healing Camp.”

The episode featuring the star will air on November 24, and it will mark Joo Sang Wook’s first appearance on “Healing Camp” since October 2013.

Currently starring on SBS’ weekend drama “ Birth of a Beauty ,” the charming actor will reveal his love for comfort food in the special episode entitled ‘Midnight Snack Camp.’

In the recently unveiled behind-the-scenes photos, the actor is cutting up vegetables like a pro and looking handsome in his sleek clothing.

In addition to Joo Sang Wook, the late night cooking session will be joined by TV personality Kim Gwang Gyu, actor/singer Yoon Sang Hyun, and professional chef Baek Jong Won