Henry Plays in a String Quartet for Strings Version of “Fantastic”

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Super Junior-M member Henry, who is recently promoting as a solo artist, gave his fans an extra treat by sharing a special version of his latest song “Fantastic.”

Already widely known for his various music talents, including playing the violin, this “String Quartet” version of “Fantastic” gives the energetic dance song a more classic feel. The video starts off black and then puts the spotlight on Henry who plays a violin solo. He is then joined by three other string instrumentalist for a version of “Fantastic” that is quite pleasing to the ears.

Watch this version and don’t forget to watch the original music video in the link below.

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Thanks to strings for the tip!

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HyunA Is Too Sexy for Words in “Red” MV Teaser

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HyunA has finally released a video teaser for her upcoming single, “Red,” from her new solo mini album, “A Talk.”

HyunA previously revealed her tracklist for the album, whose title track is “Red.” The other tracks are “French Kiss,” “Black List,” and “From Where to Where” which features BEAST‘s Yang Yo Seob. HyunA is also credited for writing the lyrics to “From Where to Where” and “Black List.”

HyunA continues the monkey theme from yesterday’s image teaser in this music video clip with splashes of red thrown around around the set, as well as sporting red underwear in the video. HyunA seems to be alluding to the popular children’s song in Korea about a monkey’s butt being red with the juxtaposition of the color and monkeys in her music video

EXO’s Chen lends his charming voice for ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ OST

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One of EXO"s main vocalists, Chen, is here with his first solo release in the form of an OST song for SBS drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love"! If he hasn"t captured your heart already with his cute smile, he"ll sure gain your heart with his charming voice.

As mentioned before, he participated in the OST to show his support for fellow member, D.O, who is acting in the drama alongside top names Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung.

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The song "The Best Luck" has been released today to coincide the drama premiere, so make sure you give the lovely song a listen before you watch the upcoming episode!

Homme Releases “It Girl” Music Video Featuring Cameo from Nine Muses’ Kyungri

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Duo Homme has released a music video for the group’s comeback track, “It Girl.” The video features Nine Muses star Kyungri, and scenes show the boys wearing camouflage-pattern suits, perhaps a reference to the fact that member Lee Hyun very recently completed his military service.

The track is taken from the new mini album, “Pour Les Femmes,” which means “For the Ladies” in French.

The group was founded in 2010 and comprises of Lee Hyun, one of the three members of 8eight, and 2AM’s Chamgmin. Their debut was “I Was Able to Eat Well,” featuring Lee Chae Young.

The track is a playful, upbeat number with a lively and energetic chorus and a piano accompaniment, and the video shows the boys fawning over Kyungri, interspersed with secenes of them singing and dancing with two non-Korean models

Heyne Releases Teaser for 3rd Digitial Single “Red Lie”

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The very cute and tiny solo singer Heyne will be releasing her third digital single and released the first music video teaser through her Heyne Official YouTube channel.

Heyne’s third single is titled “Red Lie” and is about how a girl feels after being lied to by the boy that she loves. The teaser promises a bright and colorful music video with quirky masks and fun festival themes.

“Red Lie” and its music video will be released on July 24.

Check out the teaser below!

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JYJ Reveals “Branding” TV Commercial Ahead of Comeback

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Boy band JYJ has unveiled a television commercial that will be used to promote the group as a “brand.” The new advertisement comes ahead of the act’s forthcoming comeback.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the group explained that the commercial aims to emphasize how much dynamism the boys have when they perform as a band. The representative said, “JYJ has been at the top of Korean entertainment, through individuals’ drama, movie and musical performances, as well as their solo work. We wanted to find a way to express the synergy they have when they are together.”

The spokesperson added, “The commercial is not intended to just promote the new JYJ album or the boys’ forthcoming tour. We wanted to boost JYJ’s brand awareness.”

The voiceover in the video says, “One for all, all for one,” a reference to the motto of Alexandre Dumas’ famous literary characters, The Three Musketeers

HyunA is ‘Red’ hot in MV teaser for her solo comeback

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HyunA continues to release teaser after teaser for her anticipated solo comeback, and we get the most exciting one yet with a MV teaser for title track "Red" today!

She sports her signature look of jet black hair and bold red lips in the teaser, and we also see a special appearance by a cute monkey to balance out the sexy vibe. How this will all play out, we can"t be certain, so check back for the full release!

Her comeback stage will be taking place on the 25th and album release is on the 28th.

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Homme serenade their ‘It Girl’ in new MV starring Nine Muses’ Kyung Li

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Homme (2AM"s Changmin and 8eight"s Lee Hyun) are serenading their "It Girl" in their new MV starring Nine Muses" Kyung Li!

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Homme shared, "As much as we are making a comeback during summer, we will do our best to soothe hearts with our refreshing music."

Their new mini-album "Pour les femmes" consists of five tracks including the title track as well as "There Is No Reason To Miss You", which was produced by Bang Shi Hyuk and written by Changmin.

Homme will kick off their comeback stage on MBC Music"s "Show Champion" today (23rd)!

K-Pop Star 2’s Song Ha Ye Speaks Out Ahead of Solo Debut

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Audition show star Song Ha Ye has taken to her Facebook page to speak out about her imminent debut solo release and to post a recent photograph of herself. The singer shot to fame when she took part in the SBS talent contest, “K-Pop Star Season 2,” in 2013.

In the photo, the star appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight since her appearance on the show.

She accompanied the picture with a caption which read, “At last! There are only a few days left until you can hear my song. Will I do well? The only way to survive is to keep practicing. So I am going to keep on doing just that. Please support me!”

Song Ha Ye’s debut solo release will be available on August 8.

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B1A4 have a blast in LA in ‘Solo Day’ MV making film

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B1A4 greeted fans from LA in the making film for their "Solo Day" MV!

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Fans were able to relieve their stress by watching the boys spending a cool and relaxing time on the beach and at the pool, cruising in their car, and showing their "eating broadcast" at a diner. The upbeat song also cheers up all of the single fans out there!

Check out B1A4"s irresistibly cute personalities in the MV making film above!

Actress Lee Yoon Ji Is Tying the Knot!

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Actress Lee Yoon Ji is set to tie the knot!

On July 23, agency Namoo Actors announced through a press release that actress Lee Yoon Ji is getting married on September 27 at the 63 building in Seoul.

The agency said, “Lee Yoon Ji and the groom were friends of 10 years, and it’s been about three to four months since they’ve become more than that. The husband-to-be is a 33-year-old dentist, with a thoughtful and reliable personality. They’ve known each other for a long time, and their decision to marry came very easily.”

In consideration for the families of the bride and groom, the wedding will be a private affair.

Namoo Actors said, “We ask for your blessing and congratulations for this new chapter in Lee Yoon Ji’s life. She will be back for future acting projects

Taeyang’s Brother Dong Hyun Bae Signs with MGB Entertainment

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BIGBANG Taeyang’s older brother, actor Dong Hyun Bae, has signed with MGB Entertainment, becoming labelmates with actors Yoon Sang Hyun and Seo Young Hee, among others.

A rep from MGB Entertainment said, “Dong Hyun Bae’s passion for acting and his inherent talent and abilities are limitless. On top of that, he is very sincere. With this contract, we will do our best to help him get the most out of his past experience as a play and musical actor.”

Dong Hyun Bae debuted in 2006 in the film “Humble Confession.” He has since appeared in various works such as the film “Commitment” (2013), the drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” (2012), and the musical “Grease

′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Releases Stills of Jung Il Woo, TVXQ′s Yunho and Seo Ye Ji

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It′s almost time to say goodbye to Triangle, but The Night Watchman′s Journal′s coming up next with its all-star cast.

MBC The Night Watchman′s Journal′s production company released photos from the first shoot of the drama on July 23.

The photos show Jung Il Woo, Seo Ye Ji and TVXQ′s Yunho interacting with each other in their roles.

Jung Il Woo looks bright and humorous as he puts on the role of Lee Rin, a prince who can see ghosts.

In one photo, he′s even shown being tossed into the air with a big grin on his face after he succeeds at getting a piece of cloth from a woman′s hanbok jacket.

Another photo shows Soo Ryeon and Mu Seok staring into each other′s eyes. Soo Ryeon is the daughter of a renowned household in Joseon, and has a crush on Prince Lee Rin

Sonnet Son Releases Jacket Photo for New Album “Sonnet Blooms”

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Singer Sonnet Son (Son Seung Yeon) released the jacket photo of her new album “Sonnet Blooms.”

On July 22, Sonnet Son’s agency, Fortune Entertainment, released the jacket photo for the album which comes out on July 30, signifying the start of a genuine comeback.

The photo contains a new side of Sonnet Son, as the “antique feminine flair” emphasizes Sonnet Son’s feminine beauty. Sonnet Son fits this concept very well, as her blond hair, red lipstick and smoky makeup give off an alluring atmosphere. Not only that, but she uses her deep eyes and expressions that match her beauty to express heavy emotions.

As the winner of season one of Mnet’s “Voice Korea,” Sonnet Son had a splendid debut in the industry by flaunting her original vocal color

Sunmi Goes Blond for Dazed and Confused

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Singer Sunmi showed off her shocking blond hair.

Recently, Sunmi transformed into a blond cowgirl for the August edition of the English magazine Dazed and Confused. While Sunmi has shown a loveable image up until now, her strong eyes emitted the hidden charms through this pictorial. It’s been said that Sunmi presented the staff with vigor through her vivaciousness despite the filming starting early in the morning.

In the interview, Sunmi talked about what has been going on in her life recently, such as appearing in the fashion survival program “Fashion King Season 2″ with B1A4. Sunmi was resolved to have her first appearance on a reality program, and she stated, “My image on stage is different from my everyday image, and I thought there were not very many opportunities to show how I really am

C-JeS Launches JYJ’s Commercial with 1 Billion Won Investment

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JYJ is returning with a bang.

C-JeS Entertainment announced, “JYJ’s brand commercial began airing on July 21. This commercial has been scheduled to air during the ‘golden hours’ on each of the major channels and we have invested 1 billion won for it to be aired for the next three weeks with the same frequency as the other major companies’ commercials.Fans have been responding enthusiastically since the commercial began airing.”

The commercial production team stated, “The JYJ members have carried out individual activities in the last four years, climbing to the top in their careers through dramas, movies, musicals and solo albums. We wanted to express their passion and individuality as well as the synergy effect that they show when they’re together.”

C-JeS Entertainment rep stated, “This commercial is not a commercial to promote JYJ’s album or tour but to spread JYJ’s name as a brand

JYJ stir excitement with a ‘branding commercial video’ to be broadcast on TV

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JYJ will be taking a different approach to promote their name by utilizing "brand commercials" ahead of their awaited return. This means that they"ll be airing commercials on broadcast stations to reach out to a wider audience.

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C-JeS announced, "Starting on the 21st, JYJ"s brand commercial started airing.. The commercials are scheduled to air during the golden time slots on the various broadcast stations." It"s said the cost to produce and air these ads total 1 billion KRW (~1 million USD).

The agency also added, "This ad is not for JYJ"s album nor tour, but rather just to spread the awareness of the JYJ brand (name)."

The commercial has also been revealed through their YouTube channel so check it out above, and try to hold in your excitement for their comeback taking place next week!

EXO Chen′s Solo OST for ′It′s Okay, It′s Love′ to be Released Today

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EXO Chen′s first solo single and first OST piece will finally be unveiled today, July 23.

Chen′s single Best Luck is the first OST to be released for the SBS drama It′s Okay, It′s Love.

The song is in the Pop R&B genre, with a 30-member string orchestra and powerful R&B rhythm and is about a man who believes meeting his lover was the best thing in his life.

It was composed by Cho Young Soo, and vocalist group 2BiC joined as background vocals.

2BiC decided to join the song as EXO member D.O., who will launch his acting career with It′s Okay, It′s Love, once said on radio that 2BiC is his favorite group.

It′s Okay, It′s Love is a romance story between the mystery novel writer Jang Jae Yeol (Zo In Sung) and psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo (Kong Hyo Jin)

YG’s Lydia Is Next to Cover Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

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YG composer/producer Lydia will be next up to put her spin on Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” for “Cover Project by YG Family 003,” following up on labelmates Akdong Musician and Tablo.

Lydia is known for her role in co-composing 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me,” Lee Hi’s “1, 2, 3, 4,” and “It’s Over,” as well as her feature on G-Dragon’s “R.O.D.”

Since its release, Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” has been hot, staying at the number one spot on Melon for five weeks straight and winning Taeyang a total of eight trophies from the various music programs.

Lydia’s cover will be released on July 23 at 9PM (KST)

Yoon Jong Shin Teams up with Younha for Latest “Monthly Project” Release

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Veteran singer and music producer Yoon Jong Shin has revealed that solo star Younha will work on the latest in his series of collaborative monthly releases entitled Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin.

July’s track will be entitled “Bat Girl,” and Yoon Jong Shin has taken to social network sites to promote the forthcoming release with a series of teaser images featuring both Younha and himself. No official date has yet been announced for the release.

The track comes on the back of June’s effort, “Somehow,” which featured the vocals of Canadian-Chinese musician Kelly.

Yoon Jong Shin has changed his Twitter profile photograph to a collage image that features the two stars posing with large, colorful lollipops, while photos were also uploaded to his Facebook page