Project trio NASTY NASTY drop their sexy MV teaser for “Knock”

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Looks like you"re going to have to "Knock" on the door before entering the bedroom because some sexy time is taking place for the upcoming project trio, NASTY NASTY, which includes Nine Muses" Kyung Li, ZE:A"s Kevin, and newcomer Sojin.

This MV teaser takes things to the next level as they do slow and sexy shots of the girls" bodies, shows Kevin pushing one onto the bed, and more for an overall, provocative teaser that are sure to get fans excited for the official release on September 3!

BTS releases Jimin”s shocking teaser for webtoon project “We On”

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So far we"ve had BTSRap MonsterJinSuga, and J-Hope introduced for their upcoming webtoon project "We On". Today we start off the maknae line with Jimin! According to the teaser, Jimin"s powers are based on the natural powers and he"s the mood maker of the group.

"We On" is a collaboration webtoon from Jaedam MediaCJ E&M, and Big Hit Entertainment, written and drawn by Lee Soon Gi and Park Jong Sung. "We On" is planned as a Korean blockbuster-scale comic featuring the school action hero genre that Korean readers are familiar with. The 7 characters" charms are maximized through their visuals and their super powers, and it is modeled to be the Korean version of the Avengers. A preview of the webtoon was given to fans who bought their 1st album "Dark & Wild", where a photo card with cartoon versions of the members were included

Have You Seen The Chinese Versions Of These Favorite K-Dramas?

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If you"re enjoying the funny and tear-inducing scenes in the current k-drama "Fated To Love You," you may want to check out the Chinese version. The k-drama starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Wang Ji Won and Choi Jin Hyuk is a remake of a Taiwanese drama of the same name.

In the 2008 Taiwanese drama the Jang Nara role is played by Joe Chen and Ethan Juan plays the Jang Hyuk role. Baron Chen plays the Choi Jin Hyuk role and Bianca Bai takes on the Wang Ji Won role. The series scored the highest average single episode rating in China and won several awards.

But "Fated To Love You" is not the first k-drama remake of a Taiwanese drama. One of the best-known k-dramas, often described as the gateway drama, is "Boys Over Flowers." Although it is based on a Japanese manga "Hani Yori Dango," it aired as two seasons of "Meteor Garden" before the Korean version

Jung Yong Hwa And Lee Jin Wook: 'The Three Musketeers' Brings On The Bromance

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The k-drama remake of "The Three Musketeers" is off to a sword-brandishing start. Anyone who knows the Alexander Dumas novel that inspired the retelling may guess that its heavy on the bromance. But what"s fun about the k-drama version is how appealing the bromance already is in the first episode.

Pitting CNBLUE"s Jung Yong Hwa against actor Lee Jin Wook in a love triangle is tricky as both actors are very appealing male leads. Having to choose between their k-drama characters would be tough, even if a kingdom depended on it. Both characters are very likeable.

Jung Yong Hwa plays Park Dal Hyang, an idealistic adventurer who has dedicated his life to winning the woman he loves. Only he does not know that his love is already married to the Crown Prince and to even harbor feelings for her might be perceived as treason

Eunji”s little brother reveals which A Pink member he wanted to see the most on “A Pink”s Showtime”

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Eunji"s little brother appeared on the August 28th episode of "A Pink"s Showtime" and revealed which A Pink member he wanted to see the most.


Eunji and her younger brother Jung Min Ki, who have 8 years between them, spent some much-needed time together. They hung out with the A Pink members at their dorm, where they cooked for him and had fun. Min Ki was asked which A Pink member he wanted to see the most, and he responded, "I wanted to see Bomi noona. She sticks out because she"s so lively."

However, when he was asked who his ideal type was, he answered, "My noona"s #1." 

Isn"t that cute? Watch the episode below!

g.o.d Confirmed to Star in Upcoming Episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”

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For the first time in the history of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” one artist will be the star of the whole episode.

A representative of KBS revealed on August 28, “g.o.d will be the main guest of ‘Sketchbook’ during an upcoming filming, taking place on September 2.” Since its first episode in 2009, the popular music show has featured multiple artists in all of its episodes, but g.o.d will now be making an exception to this rule.

While every episode has included four performers on average, with 8 to 9 stages total, g.o.d will be singing 10 of their hit songs. The source commented, “g.o.d will not only sing songs from their new album, but also their best hits.”

The group has received numerous love calls from producers and TV shows after releasing their eighth album in July, but the members have decided to keep their TV appearances to a minimum

g.o.d to be first artists to have own guest spot on “Yoo Hee Yeol”s Sketchbook”

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g.o.d will be the first artists to get their own dedicated guest spot on the music show "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook".

The idol group recently returned after a 12-year hiatus with their album "Chapter 8", and a KBS rep revealed on August 28 that they"ll be the first to have an entire episode of "Sketchbook" to themselves. The rep stated, "g.o.d will be the only guests at the filming on September 2 at Seoul Yeouido"s KBS hall for "Sketchbook"."

"Sketchbook" premiered in April of 2009 and regularly features 4 sets of guests and 8-9 songs on average, and g.o.d has been scheduled to perform 10 of their past hits and current tracks.

This episode of "Sketchbook" is set to air on September 5 KST! 

Teen Top Chunji and Kim Yerim surprise with their kissing scene in “Entertain Us”

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Teen Top Chunji and Kim Yerim have a surprising sweet kiss in the recent episode of Mnet"s black drama "Entertain Us".

Chunji and Yerim"s loveline excite viewers with the still cuts of their sweet and romantic night wherein Yerim prepared a surprise magic event for Chunji. Overwhelmed, the Teen Top vocalist responds with a kiss.

Kim Yerim, who confessed that this is her first kiss scene after debut, "Ever since I received the script, I"ve been nervous and shaky. However, I think that"s a beautiful scene so I feed good."

Don"t miss this sweet and romantic scene on "Entertain Us" later at 00:10AM.

WINNER takes #1 on Mnet M! Countdown for “Empty” on August 28

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WINNER has taken their 2nd Mnet M! Countdown win this week for their title track “Empty” on August 28, 2014.

Unable to participate in the live recording of this week’s episode, WINNER pre-recorded their performance so they could complete another schedule.

Going up against Taemin’s “Danger,” WINNER takes their second M! Countdown win in a row. MC Jung Junyeong accepted their trophy on their behalf as a result of their absence.

Other performances included the comeback of SISTAR, 4TEN and Laboum’s debut stage, Red Velvet, BTS, Taemin and more!

Source: WINNER, Hanguk Kyungjae

Sunmi to cover Park Ji Yoon”s hit song “Adult Ceremony” for “Fashion King Korea 2″

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Sunmi will be covering Park Ji Yoon"s hit song "Adult Ceremony" for the August 30th episode of SBS" "Fashion King Korea 2"!

The contestants on the show received the mission for a "Music Collabo Look", which had them take inspiration from music. Sunmi teamed up with designer Yang Hee Min, who wanted to go for a strong statement and chose "Adult Ceremony" for his motif.

The designer himself rearranged the track, while Sunmi got in the studio to record the new version. Sunmi stated, "I like Yang Hee Min"s cover more than the original song," adding that she had confidence in her performance as well as the designer"s clothes.

This episode of "Fashion King Korea 2" featuring Sunmi is set to air on August 30 at 12:15AM KST!

GOT7 to Release Japanese Debut Single in October, Receives a Track from 2PM’s Jun.K

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The release date for JYP Entertainment‘s new male group GOT7‘s Japanese debut single, “Around the World,” has finally been revealed!

On August 27, JYP Entertainment launched the group’s official Japanese homepage along with details about their highly anticipated debut.

As hinted in the title, the single reflects the seven members’ dream to become recognized “around the world.” The title track is a collaborative effort between producers from Korea, the United States and Japan, whereas an additional track titled “So Lucky” has been fully produced by labelmate and 2PM member Jun.K.

To bring out GOT7′s unique charms, Jun.K made sure to compose a song with a strong hip-hop sound and powerful rap breaks, and the producer also advised his juniors during the recording process

100% surprise fans with their “Summer Hero” MV

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100% have released a special music video for their track "Summer Hero" just for their fans!

The boys officially wrapped up their promotions for "U Beauty", and they"re saying goodbye with this new MV featuring footage from their promotions, album jacket photo shoot, and more. "Summer Hero" is a track from the group"s recent summer album, "Sun Kiss", which was released last month.

Check out 100%"s "Summer Hero" MV above!

A Pink”s Na-Eun, Eunji, and ZE:A”s Siwan head to the Alps for “M-LIMITED”

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A Pink"s Eunji and Na-Eun as well as ZE:A"s Siwan have teamed up to promote "M-LIMITED"s 2014 F/W line!


The three idol stars traveled to the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, for the outdoor clothing brand"s concept "My own travel note." "M-LIMITED" launched in May of last year and has opened 120 stores so far. 

Check out the CF, making-of, and pictures featuring Eunji, Na-Eun, and Siwan below!



100% gift fans a special MV for “Summer Hero”

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Recently, 100% has officially wrapped up their promotions for "U Beauty" through a video message. However, seems like the boys are giving their Perfections a little late gift to enjoy.

100% release a special MV for their track "Summer Hero" from their Cool Summer Album "Sunkiss". Compiled in the video are clips during their "U Beauty" promotions, jacket photoshoot, and more.


Kang Dong Won Reveals He Has Maintained the Same Weight for 12 Years

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Actor Kang Dong Won has made his anticipated return to the big screen with two major pieces, “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” and “My Brilliant Life,” rewarding his fans for the long wait of four years.

Even in the midst of his hectic filming schedule, the star has put great effort into his caring for his figure. Known for his slim body, Kang Dong Won revealed he went through a rough period of gaining and losing weight for his two movies.

“Before we started filming ["My Brilliant Life"], I gained ten kilograms (22 pounds). For my character in ‘Kundo,’ I got down to 64 kilograms (141 pounds), but right after wrapping it up, I put on a lot of weight and weighed 74 kilograms (163). I was on my heaviest since filming the movie ‘M,’ when I also weighed that much

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Asks SONE Not to Be Their Shield

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On August 28, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny uploaded a photo of herself and her fans on her personal Instagram. With this photo, she included a sincere message towards SONE, the official fan club of Girls Generation.

She said, “SONE…Just for today I’m going to be an idol and embarrassingly say…I love you. Thank you for always being around us. But now you don’t always have to be behind us quietly. And you don’t always have to be our shield, and being hurt for us. Please be by our side like a friend, like family, and like a member of Girls Generation. I’m always thankful and I love you.” She continued, “You know that nothing that tear up the time that Girls Generation and SONE have been together, right? We’ve always been thankful, and still continuing to be thankful, and will always be thankful in the future

Jay Park Reveals the Album Cover for “EVOLUTION”

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Jay Park has been actively releasing sneak peaks to his soon-to-be launched 2nd full length album “EVOLUTION.” On August 27, he updated his Twitter account with the album cover of “EVOLUTION”.

The profile shot of Jay Park on the cover draws an authentically artistic element, as it is sketched and layered with symbolic graphics. Jay Park has recently made public statements on how his 2nd album will be both personal and genuine. His comeback is highly anticipated, for it has been well over 18 months since his first album. He has tenaciously took part in producing and creating all 17 tracks of his 2nd album, and is determined to present his ingenuous personality as an artist. Read more about it here.

Jay Park’s 2nd album, “EVOLUTION,” will officially launch on September 1

The Best and Worst Remake Dramas Based on Viewer Ratings Revealed

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A huge part of the Korean drama industry has been taken over by remakes of foreign dramas and anime. An example of a recent remake would be MBC’s “Fated to Love You,” which is an adaptation of a Taiwanese drama of a similar name. Recently, a list of the Best three and Worst three drama remakes were made:

“It doesn’t get any better than this” Best 3

The top remake of all time is 2009 KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers,” which brought upon a worldwide F4 syndrome with a best rating of 33.5% and an average rating of 28.5%. It started Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, and Kim Bum. “Boys Over Flowers” was a remake of a Japanese manga of the same name. Just like it gathered an enormous amount of popularity as a manga, the drama adaptation brought much success as well

T.O.P comments on Honey Lee almost becoming a 2NE1 member in the past

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Big Bang"s T.O.P revealed he first met his "Tazza 2" co-star Honey Lee when she was a YG Entertainment trainee.

During an interview with the cast of "Tazza 2" on the August 27th broadcast of SBS" "One Night of TV Entertainment", Shin Se Kyung asked Honey Lee, "When you heard that you"ll be starring in a romance film with [T.O.P], how did you feel?" Honey Lee answered, "I felt good... I remember [T.O.P] from when I was in high school, so when I met him again as an actor, I thought as an actress myself that he became a very sexy and really well-grown actor."

T.O.P recalled, "Honestly, Honey noona used to be a YG trainee, and she almost became a member of 2NE1

Winner Grabs Second Win on “M!Countdown” with “Empty” + Performances

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Hotly rising rookie group Winner has won no.1 for the second time on “M!Countdown” with their debut album title track “Empty.” The group went against SHINee‘s Taemin and his solo debut track, “Danger.”

Winner was not there to accept the award and a pre-recorded performance of “Empty” was broadcast.

Other performers this week were JJCC, Laboum, Red Velvet, Ladies’ Code, Royal Pirates, Park Bo Ram, BTS, BESTie, Say Yes, Boys Republic, Sunny Hill, SISTAR, Zhang Liyin, 4Ten, and HIGH4.

Winner winning at end of video:

Winner “Empty”

SISTAR “I Swear”

Red Velvet “Happiness”