SISTAR Takes a Drawing Personality Test on 1theK’s “Oven Radio”

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SISTAR, who recently made a comeback with “Touch My Body,” is this week’s featured guest for 1theK’s “Oven Radio,” a five-day series of five-minute shows. For Monday’s “Oven Radio,” member Soyou took the mic as the main DJ, joking that “As the national ‘some girl,’ I’m the most popular.’”

Among various other short games, the SISTAR members took a very simple, just-for-kicks drawing personality test on the show, which asked them to draw a mountain, sun, moon, well, and snake.

Try it out for yourself, and check out the video below to see what kind of personality you and the SISTAR members have!

Father and Son Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu Make Special Appearance on “Daddy Where Are We Going”

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The father and son tandem of Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu have made a special appearance on the MBC variety program “Daddy Where Are We Going” on July 27.

It’s been seven months since the father and son have traveled with the group so their appearance in the show was highly anticipated.

Lee Junsu went ahead and joined the other fathers and sons in the trip while his father, Lee Jong Hyuk, was still rehearsing for a musical.

Lee Jong Hyuk caught up with everyone by the afternoon and the moment he arrived, laughter ensued. Although he greeted everyone a bit awkwardly when he arrived in the middle of the drop-the-handkerchief game, he laughed when he heard Sung Dong Il say, “Let’s play first and greet later

Sunny Hill to have a comeback soon?

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It looks like Sunny Hill will have a comeback soon!
Sunny Hill"s Joobi tweeted a photo captioned, "Summer". The photo read, "An unforgettable midsummer"s dream like story". The date she wrote the words on is August 1st, hinting that Sunny Hill might have something planned for that day!

Sunny Hill"s official Twitter retweeted her tweet and wrote, "Sunny Hill fans, Sunny Hill is coming back soon", further confirming that the group is coming back soon. 

Are you ready for whatever is coming on August 1st?

Actress Kim Yoo Jung Cast as Lead Female in New Drama

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Child actress Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed to star as the lead female role in a new drama titled “Secret Door” (working title).

On July 28, a representative of the actress’s agency, Sidus HQ, told OSEN through a phone conversation, “Kim Yoo Jung has confirmed her casting for the new SBS Monday—Tuesday drama ‘Secret Door,’ and also participated in the script reading on July 26.”

Kim Yoo Jung will be taking on the role of a fictional character, Seo Ji Dam, in the upcoming historical drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty.

The new SBS drama “Secret Door” is expected to begin airing its first episode around the middle of September, after the completion of “Temptation

Sistar Hyorin skin tone makes Dasom’s face disappear

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 Sistar’s vocalist Hyorin said that she had a problem during their MV shoot.

Last Monday on July 21st, the K-pop girl group’s showcase for their second mini album "Touch&Move" was held at the Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong. Singer K.Will and Junggigo hosted the show. The title song "Touch My Body," composed by Rado and Choi KyuSung of the new production team Black Eyed Pilseung, is a hip-hop dance genre song with an easy melody which anyone can sing along. During the showcase, Hyorin shared a fun story when the group was filming the music video. “In the video, there was a scene with a white background. My face was dark so it needed to be photoshopped. But, when it made other members face even brighter and ended up leaving only eyes, nose and mouth of Dasom

Tao to receive extra treatment in Korea for his “Laws of the Jungle” injury

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Tao will continue to get treatment for his foot injury!

SM Entertainment told OSEN, "Tao was injured while filming "Laws of the Jungle" at the Solomon Islands when he was hurt by the coral reef on his right foot. He got treatment right away by the on-site doctor. He also had examination and treatment at the transfer point in Singapore, and also again in China."

He performed on the 27th for EXO"s solo concert in Changsha, but SM Entertainment said, "He performed on stage without overdoing anything. EXO-M has schedules in China on the 28th, but Tao will be coming to Korea to get more treatment."

Hopefully everything will be fine!

Get to Know Play the Siren’s Members

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New co-ed group Play the Siren has released new photos and information about its members on the group’s official Facebook page. In each picture, the five members are pictured striking individual poses full of attitude against a black, grey, and fluorescent green background bearing the individual’s name.

All five members of Play the Siren are well-rounded. Out of the two female rappers, Chi Chi not only raps but also writes lyrics and dances. The younger Casper looks cute and innocent, but is charismatic and mature while performing. She speaks five languages (Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese) and was accepted to study at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Male member Siren is the leader and producer, and serves to give the group direction and energy

Numerous Stars Pay Their Final Respects at Yoo Chae Young’s Funeral

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On the episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” that was aired on July 27, stars were seen attending the funeral of singer and actress Yoo Chae Young. It was an extremely sad day for everyone in attendance and as Yoo Chae Young was loved by many, there were numerous attendees.

Guests included singers Kim Jang Hoon, Lim Chang Jung, Haha, Byul, Kim Jong Gook, Cool‘s Lee Jae Hoon, actors Song Ji Hyo, Kim Hyun Joo, comedians Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, Park Mi Sun, Song Eunee, and many more.

Kim Jang Hoon said at an interview, “It’s all the more saddening because Chae Young was just a nice girl.” Kim Sung Soo, who performed with her when Yoo Chae Young was a fellow member of the group Cool, said, “It’s so sad and I feel so sorry

Sonnet Son and 1000 Citizens Encourage You to Confess Your Love in “Love Again” Teaser

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Talented vocalist Sonnet Son has unveiled the first teaser clip for her comeback music video “Love Again.”

For the music video, she requested the help of 1000 ordinary citizens and asked them to wrote messages of encouragement to those struggling to confess their love to their crush. The messages seen in the teaser include “If you don’t express it, it is impossible to know,” “She is waiting for you too,” and “It is time!”

The song is a powerful ballad with an easily enjoyable melody. As expected from the young singer, her extremely high notes make the song stand out from the other mainstream ballads.

This is not the first time for Sonnet Son to team up with non-celebrities to produce her music video. In April, her music video for “I’m Okay, Now” received attention for featuring the breakup experiences of 500 Seoul citizens

SISTAR take a drawing test and Soyu shocks Hyorin with her aegyo on “Oven Radio”

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SISTAR is the next artist on "Oven Radio"!

The healthy, sexy four girls, who returned with the album "Touch & Move" this week, are the first girl group to be featured in the series. The group have become DJs for five minutes for five days. 

On the first episode, Soyu appoints herself the MC -- because she is the national "Some" girl over teasing objection from the other girls. SISTAR have a drawing test, share their first impressions of title song "Touch My Body", and explain why Dasom became the most temperamental member. Enjoy the fun five minutes above.

As usual, "Oven Radio" will release five minute clips of SISTAR for five days

What Does 4Minute's HyunA Like To Do For Fun?

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(Photo : OSEN)

HyunA removed her red lipstick and chose to go for a hippie girl look in her latest photo shoot for Grazia magazine.

During the interview segment, the beautiful HyunA shared what some of her hobbies are when she is not busy singing and dancing on stage.

HyunA stated, "I like walking. I like going to parks and browsing around small stores. Sometimes I play badminton with my agency family at the badminton court near where I live."

HyunA went on, "I normally enjoy looking at photo books. I am surprisingly fond of modern art. As I prepared for this album, I searched for pop art and photos that stuck out to me. When I"m looking at cool images one by one, I don"t realize how much time has passed."

(Photo : OSEN)

HyunA makes her anticipated comeback on July 28th with her third mini album "A Talk

5 Reasons 'It's Okay, It's Love' Is One Of The Best K-Dramas Currently Airing

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(Photo : SBS ) EXO"s D.O is one of many reasons to watch "It"s Okay, It"s Love."


The SBS romantic comedy "It’s Okay, It’s Love," also known as "It"s Okay, That"s Love," debuted this past Wednesday. "It’s Okay, It’s Love" stars Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung, as a psychiatrist and would-be patient who become romantically entangled.

Gong Hyo Jin portrays Ji Hae Soo, a psychiatrist who has almost as many hang ups as her patients. She meets author Jang Jae Yeol, portrayed by Jo In Sung, during the taping of a talk show which is produced by her philandering boyfriend.

Jang Jae Yeol is a renowned author and radio show host, who clearly displays signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Aside from this, he is incredibly trusting, which includes the compassion he displays for his psychotic older brother

Fei & Jo Kwon sing “One Summer Night” for “Temptation” in both English and Korean

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Jo Kwon and Fei sang the OST for "Temptation" in both English and Korean versions!

The song "One Summer Night" is the love theme song for Fei and Kang Min Woo"s short, but beautiful love. The song is remade from Chelsea Chan and Abi"s song and re-edited to sound more modern. The song mixes traditional music with classic guitar for a simple sound.

Check out the English version above and the Korean version below!

Let's Discuss: INFINITE & The SM-Woollim Merger [Blog]

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Let"s go back a little less than a year ago in Seoul: INFINITE gets up on stage at the first night of their world tour, performs a bit, and then starts to talk. With tears on their eyes, they apologize and promise fans that things won"t change, and swear that INFINITE will always be INFINITE.

No, a member didn"t leave, but news broke that day anouncing that INFINITE"s company, Woollim Entertainment, would be merging with SM C&C. And yet, in that moment, sitting in the audience, and only picking up every few words with my limited knowledge of Korean, I thought that INFINITE was disbanding. Or, at the very least, a member was heading to the army. The way that INFINITE acted towards Inspirit (the group"s fanclub), seemed like the members had to apologize for practically killing someone

LC9 Uploads J-Hyo Teaser Video Ahead of Comeback

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Boy band LC9 has uploaded a third teaser video as the clock ticks down to the release of new material at noon on July 29. It is still not clear whether the release will come in the form of an album or a single, but what does seem sure is that its title will be “The Half Time.”

In the last few days, a seven-second-long excerpt of the song has been uploaded as a video teaser, and a teaser featuring member King has also been posted to the group’s official YouTube account.

The latest teaser features J-Hyo, who, like King in the previous teaser, sings a very short section of the song into a microphone. If Naga Network, the boys’ talent agency, follows through with more individual teasers, fans could well be in store for yet more videos to drop during the course of July 28 and the morning of July 29

'Sea Fog' Starring JYJ Yoochun Chosen For Gala Spot At Toronto International Film Festival

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(Photo : Sea Fog ) JYJ Yoochun joins a veteran cast of actors for "Sea Fog."

The upcoming release “Sea Fog” has been selected as a Gala film at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The Toronto International Film Festival will be held from September 4 through September 14.

“Sea Fog” is based on the Korean play “Haemoo” and marks the directorial debut of Shim Sung Bo.

“Haemoo” was not entirely fictitious, as it was based on actual events in which a crew of fisherman aid in the smuggling of stowaways en route to South Korea. Poor weather befalls the ship, leading to the deaths of many of the stowaways.

A harrowing tale unravels throughout the film, with Korean water police hot on the tail of the smugglers, who were motivated by money to pursue illegal activity

EXO Baekhyun's Relationship With Girls' Generation Taeyeon Affecting 'Singin' In The Rain' Ticket Sales?

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(Photo : KpopStarz)


SM Entertainment Releases Teaser For New Girl Group, f(x) Fans Express Anger

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(Photo : SM Entertainment ) Is it too early for Red Velvet to debut?

SM released the teaser for “Happiness,” the upcoming release for their new group, Red Velvet. The video features a trippy, psychedelic concept which is reminiscent of J-Pop artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

The song and the concept are catchy, but many fans of f(x) are not thrilled to see a new girl group launched.

Red Velvet would follow f(x) as the latest girl group for SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet is made up of S.M. Rookies Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy. Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy have demonstrated their talent through dance clips, introductory clips, and their participation on K-Drama original soundtracks.

The fourth member is Joy, whose information should be shortly revealed and is included in the marquee of names above the girls in the video

BESTie Drops New Summer Anthem “Hot Baby” MV and First Mini Album

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Girl group BESTie has finally unveiled their first mini album “Hot Baby” and the title track music video of the same name, joining in on the summer fun with other groups like SISTAR and Touch My Body.”

BESTie had their first comeback performance prior to the album release last week on Inkigayo.

(Check out their performance here: Girl’s Day Wins with “Darling” on Inkigayo + Comebacks from SISTAR, BLOCK B, HyunA, Homme, and BESTie)

Title track “Hot Baby” is by the famous producer Duble Sidekick, and the album also features work by composers Hong Ji Sang and Lee Woo Min, who have previously worked with artists such as 2PM and Wonder Girls

Fei and JoKwon lend their voices in duet OST “One Summer Night” for “Temptation”

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Miss A Fei and 2AM JoKwon release their first duet song "One Summer Night" for the 3rd part of OST for new SBS drama "Temptation" starring Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo.

The song is released with an English version as well so global fans could enjoy. The song was previewed during Fei"s cameo (as Jenny) who portrayed Kang Min Woo"s wife.

Listen to the song below and support them by purchasing the song legally (MelOn).