San E collaborates with Bumkey for next track, “Body Language”

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Talented rapper San E has collaborated with Bumkey for his next track "Body Language"!

The two labelmates and friends worked together to create their first official collaboration under Brand New Music, and fans are already eager to listen to the song. The track is also San E"s first official single of the year. 

Their agency has also revealed that the lyrics for "Body Language" are quite provocative, describing the song as 19+, and released still cuts from the music video that make it obvious the MV will also follow suit.

Stay tuned for the release of "Body Language" on August 4 KST!

Jung Dong Ha sings a “Destiny Sonata” for “Fated to Love You” OST

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Jung Dong Ha is the next artist to sing for the MBC drama "Fated to Love You" OST!

The former Boohwal singer lent his voice for "Destiny Sonata", the fourth OST to be released. The beautiful track with piano and string sounds is also composer Oh Jun Song"s fourth following "Morning of Canon", "Be the One", and "Ready for Love". 

"Destiny Sonata" is meant to express Lee Gun"s (Jang Hyuk) feelings for Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) in the drama. The lyrics say, "If I reach out and hug you tight, our crossed fates will turn into love. My heart wants you, my destiny."

Check out the MV above!

BoA Is Having Fun in the Sun in Recent Photos

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BoA recently revealed photos of herself enjoying a well-deserved break through her Instagram account.

On July 31, she wrote, “Ah, cold” along with a photo of her feet submerged in the clear water. Another photo was posted on July 22, with the captions “Great,” as she is shown striking a playful pose while taking a stroll through the woods

Netizens, who viewed the photos responded with comments such as, “Is BoA on vacation?”, “BoA’s pretty”, “I want to copy her pedicure”, and “BoA’s feet look cold.”

BoA will begin her promotions in Japan, as she recently released her single, “Masayume Chasing”. She will also be going on tour to accompany her new album, which will be released in September.

Who’s ready for a vacation?!

Kim Tae Woo releases official statement about homage to g.o.d in HyunA”s “From When and Until When” + Cube President and Hyunsik apologize

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Kim Tae Woo"s agency Soul Shop Entertainment has released an official statement concerning HyunA and Hyunsik"s homage to g.o.d in her song "From When and Until When" from her "A Talk" album, and Cube Entertainment President Hong Seung Sung has officially apologized for the matter.

As mentioned previously, issues arose when netizens recognized that the lyrics of HyunA"s song coincided with g.o.d"s past hit "The Reason Why Opposites Attract", and Hyunsik explained that the two wished to make an homage to their sunbaes. Kim Tae Woo has now come out with an official statement through his label with comments that reflect JYP Entertainment"s attitude concerning the news. 

Kim Tae Woo stated through Soul Shop Entertainment on July 31, "Though we"re thankful that HyunA and Hyunsik made an homage as a sign of respect, it"s very regrettable that we were not consulted and there was no consent beforehand as well as that we found out after the fact

FIESTAR Members Reveal They Had to Learn How to Seduce Men in MAXIM Korea

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On the August 2014 issue of men’s magazine MAXIM Korea, three sexy girls from FIESTARYezi, Jei, and Linzy–revealed a rather surprising information about the group.

The girls, who are currently promoting their latest song “One More,” posed in a fashion editorial for MAXIM Korea entitled, “Fiestar in the Morning.” Fitting of the “just woken up” concept that the girls were going for in the shoot, the FIESTAR members were dressed in light clothes and looked as if they just woke up in the morning.

Their pure and innocent appearance gives a contradicting appeal as the girls put on seductive looks on their faces for the shoot. While the sexiness of the girls cannot be denied, the girls of FIESTAR revealed that their sexy appeal doesn’t come naturally for them and in fact, they had to learn it

Debuting girl group 4L release R19 MV teaser for “Move”

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Upcoming 4-member group 4L (Four Ladies) caught attention once again with their new provocative rated-19 MV teaser for "Move".

The sexy concept has gotten more intense from the lesbian-theme to suggestive dance moves involving twerking and self-touching.

The other video introduces member Ja Young in solo clip. Meanwhile, 4L are making their debut on August 4.

Upcoming Drama “The Mermaid” to Have Provocative Yet Cute Materials

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The producer of CJ E&M, Baek Seung Ryong, revealed the relationship between the SNL parodies and the upcoming drama, “The Mermaid.”

On July 30, at the Seoul 63 Convention Center, the press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama, “The Mermaid,” was held. Baek Seung Ryong informed that, “We will include parodies within the drama and will include the characteristics of ‘SNL Korea.”

Producer Baek Seung Ryong has worked on “SNL Korea” and “Rude Miss Young Ae.”

Continuing on, he said, “Just like we did in ‘SNL Korea,’ we’re planning on including a music video every week. Just because it’s R-Rated, it won’t have just provocative material but will focus on including outrageous materials

Girls’ Generations’ Sooyoung Takes a Cute Selfie

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Girl group, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung revealed a cute selfie.

On July 30, the singer uploaded the photo on her Instagram after cutting her bangs. Along with the picture, she wrote a cute message that said, “It hasn’t been that long since it’s been keeps poking my eyes.”

In the revealed picture, Sooyoung is arranging her bangs with her hand. What made the picture stick out the most were her round eyes and the way she’s sticking out her lips, bringing out her cute charm.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung will be appearing in MBC’s upcoming drama, “My Spring Days,” as the character named Lee Bom. Actors Jang Shin Young, Kam Woo Sung and Shim Hye Jin will be appearing in the drama as well

Netizen Rumors Accuse Sulli of Going to the Beach with Choiza

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Netizens are buzzing about supposed photos of f(x)’Sulli and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza at the beach together, a few days after it was announced that Sulli would take a leave from promotions.

On July 30, rapper TopBob, who is cousins with Choiza, shared several photos of what Netizens are guessing as Sulli and Choiza on a vacation at the beach. The photos were deleted, but not before someone collected the photos and shared them in an online community board. The first photo seems to be a photo of Choiza, Sulli, and TopBob looking out into the ocean with their arms raised. The photo caption reads, “Cheers for kidnapping!” and includes hashtags for “kidnapping” and “Donghae” (A seaside city). The community also included what could be recent photos of Sulli, showing the similarity in hairstyles

2PM”s Chansung to star in new Korean – Chinese movie “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

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Chansung has been cast in JYP Pictures and Chinese Eastern Entertainment co-producing movie "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

He will play the role of Jio who is the youngest member of an idol group named Stars. He"s a genius in songwriting, but because of his unique four-dimentional personality and excessive self-pride, he always causes much troubles to the group. Chinese actori Wei Da Xun will play as the lead role.

Chansung has been building up his acting experiences through various drama and films such as KBS"s "Jungle Fish", MBC"s "7th Grade Civil Servant", KBS"s drama special "Your Noir", MBC"s sitcom "High Kick" and even made his on-screen debut through "Red Carpet", so many fans are excited over the news and anticipating for his new movie this time.

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" will be premiered in the late 2014.

Performances from July 31st “M! Countdown”!

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Mnet"s "M! Countdown" is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists! 

On this episode, Yenny (HA:TFELT) made her solo debut with "Ain"t Nobody", Homme came back with "It Girl", Son Seung Yeon returned with "Love Again", Boys Republic made their comeback with "Dress Up", HEYNE came back with "Red Lie", and BESTie said it was "Hot Baby".

[Winner will be updated.]

Other performers of the night were Henry, Hyomin, SISTAR, Block B, B1A4, Slarta John, Eddy Kim, Say Yes, Parc Jae Jung, Lucky J, and Play the Siren.

Check out the performances below!





COMEBACK: Son Seung Yeon


COMEBACK: Boys Republic














Block B




Slarta John


Eddy Kim


Say Yes


Parc Jae Jung


Lucky J


Play the Siren


Lee Hyori says celebrities are partly to blame for the public”s obsession with appearance

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Body image is always a problem no matter the country, so it comes as no surprise that the MCs of SBS"s "Magic Eye", including one of Korea"s biggest divas herself, Lee Hyori, discussed this topic on this week"s episode.

She said, "There are too many people around us who worry over maintaining their diet and appearance. Celebrities are also greatly to blame for ordinary people"s obsession with appearance."

Hong Suk Chun pointed out that Lee Hyori was surely one of the celebrities who greatly affected body image: "Don"t you feel a responsibility because all the women want to be you?"

Lee Hyori said, "When you do photo shoots, you know they edit it a lot, especially in the summertime," and talked about how they stretch out some parts like her legs

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy Shows off Her Very Happy Birthday on Instagram

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Lizzy of girl group Orange Caramel and After School has released a photo taken at her 23rd birthday party.

Early in the morning on July 31, Lizzy uploaded the picture to her Instagram account, commenting “Thanks for wishing me happy birthday! I’m very very touched. I’m becoming a more mature Lizzy! Mom, Dad, I love you.”

The photo shows Lizzy holding a fresh cream birthday cake dotted with fruit and tied with a ribbon. Red and pink candles spell out “I love you” and “23.” Her cheeks are dotted with icing and she is smiling prettily. Seeing her cheerful face, one can’t help but smile in response.

Netizens who saw the photo commented “Happy birthday Soo Young unnie,” “Lizzy is really cute,” and “It looks like a cake commercial

Taeyang”s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” is the most popular karaoke song for 4th consecutive week

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Taeyang"s "Eyes, Nose, Lips" is the most popular karaoke song for the fourth consecutive week!

According to the Gaon Weekly Karaoke Chart for the fourth week of July (7/20-7/26), Taeyang"s "Eyes, Nose, Lips" ranked #1, reigning at the top of the chart for the entire month. "Eyes, Nose, Lips" was released on June 2 and quickly achieved an all-kill on music charts and picked up music show wins. Not to mention the endless covers of the song by various artists. The public seem to want a chance to croon the song as well!

Meanwhile, Taeyang is preparing to kick off his "SOL JAPAN TOUR "RISE" 2014" in Osaka on August 12-13! Check out the full tour schedule here.

Congrats, Taeyang!

SBS, KBS and MBC Fighting Over Time Slots for Sunday Variety Programs

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SBS moved its Sunday variety programs up to 4:00 PM because of KBS’s irregular scheduling.

On July 30, an SBS representative stated “The episodes of “Roommate” and “Running Man” will be moved up five minutes earlier to 4:00 PM on August 3. We’ll have to see if we can move them back, but this is because of KBS’s irregular scheduling. KBS needs to cooperate on the time slots to that the situation can quickly be normalized.”

Earlier, MBC moved up its variety shows “Dad, Where Are You Going?” and “Real Man” 10 minutes to start at 4 PM, but this week will air at 4:10 PM.

According to the channel guide, the broadcasts for KBS’s “Superman Returns” and “1 Night 2 Days” airs at 4:10 PM

Summer Fashion Trends: K-Pop Idols In Magazines [Blog]

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Korean fashion magazines love featuring K-Pop idols in their pages and showcase the latest trends on them. Fashion plays an important part on K-Pop idols" lives; whether these be through their stage outfits, press events, magazines, or airport fashion.

Korea sets trends that are later adopted on a global scale by big fashion houses. And even though a stylist coordinates their outfits when an idol appears on a magazine, and sometimes these looks seem too "out there" for the "real world," they can work with the proper adjustments.

If you wish to emulate K-Pop summer trends, you can always apply them to your everyday style. Be trendy this summer with these different trends that are the season"s "musts."

Upgraded basics, monochromatic, and black and white

Basics are one of the standout trends for this summer since they are a very easy trend to apply

More Than You Needed to Know About the Guns From “The Joseon Gunman”

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The Joseon Gunman,” picturing the story of Park Yoon Kang (Lee Jun Ki), the swordsman who takes up guns to exact revenge on those who broke apart his family, has been topping the Wednesday-Thursday drama ratings, according to the July 24 recording of 11.9% from Nielsen Korea. The drama has held the interest of viewers with its unique premise of gunslingers in the Joseon era.

For all the gun fanatics out there, or if you’re just curious, Star News looked into the specific models used in the drama.

Lee Jun Ki’s rifle is a .357 Rossi Lever-Action Rifle from Brazil, at a length of 125cm and 4.3kg (approx. 9.5 lbs). This is the same gun used by Jung Woo Sung in the film “The Good, the Bad, the Weird.”

Lee Jun Ki’s revolver, a similar model to Jung Woo Sung’s in “The Good, the Bad, the Weird,” is a German

Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with “Half of the World are Men”

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Girl group Sunny Days are back with a new lineup and the song "Half of the World are Men"!

As mentioned before, the previously added members Bichen and Gyuhee have left the group, and Jung Yoon was added to the group. Member Seoyeon will also be inactive during this album promotion due to health reasons, so Sunny Days have made a comeback as five members.

Without further ado, check out their new sound above!

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo on HyunA and Hyunsik’s Homage to Their Song: “We are thankful but (the situation) is unfortunate.”

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Kim Tae Woo, from the group g.o.d, has released an official statement regarding HyunA and BTOB Hyunsik’s alleged plagiarism of g.o.d’s song “The Reason Why Opposites Attract” in HyunA’s newly-released track, “From Where and Until When.”

According to a statement by Kim Tae Woo’s agency Soul Shop Entertainment on July 31, “We’re grateful for HyunA and Lim Hyunsiks homage (to our song) with their self-composed and written song, but it’s very unfortunate that we came to know of this belatedly and we weren’t consulted nor did they get consent from us beforehand.”

“Although we’re left with the regret that it could have been a better picture if they only consulted us ahead of time, we will take this incident well as it has the intention to honor and congratulate g

Singer Kim Kyung Ho revealed to be pushing ahead for a wedding in November

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Singer Kim Kyung Ho (43) will be tying the knot this November!

His party told Star News on July 30, "He"s always been meticulous, so he recently met up a couple times with an acquaintance who runs a wedding enterprise. However, nothing concrete has yet been decided pertaining to the wedding. October will be a bit hard, so he is pushing ahead for November. His girlfriend"s parents are planning to come to South Korea in August, so both families will formally meet at that time."

Currently, Kim Kyung Ho is engaged to his Japanese girlfriend, who is thirteen years his junior. Congratulations in advance to the happy couple!