Which Mon-Tues drama was #1 in viewer ratings this week?

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With only two more episodes left, "Triangle" maintained the #1 spot in its time slot this week!

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the July 22nd episode of MBC"s "Triangle" achieved its previous record-breaking viewer rating of 10.0%, which is a 0.5% increase from its previous viewer rating of 9.5%.

SBS" "Temptation" fell 0.7% from a 9.0% to 8.3% viewer rating, and KBS 2TV"s "Trot Lovers" also dropped 0.8% from a 8.4% to 7.6% viewer rating.

Which drama would you recommend to fellow K-drama lovers?

Block B Talks Gap Period, Story Behind MV Filming and More

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Making a comeback with a new mini album, Block B brought up their brief absence from the scene.

During the showcase for Block B’s mini album H.E.R., which was held on July 23 in AX Korea, Gwangjin-gu, Block B’s Zico brought up about having gone through an unexpected gap period due to the sinking of the Sewol ferry.

Zico said, “We had a lot of time due to the unexpected gap period. Instead of taking a break, we spent busy days by attending events in Korea, carrying out schedules overseas and concerts. The album was completed with our constant efforts.”

Having produced the new album, Zico said, “It’s an album that I prepared for the past three months. I wanted to change our image by pursuing a new color of music. We changed our clothes once more by challenging ourselves with a new genre of rock blues

5urprise’s Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan make you giggle in shorts for ‘The Star’ and ‘Arena Homme Plus’

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5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan surprised fans with their goofy side for "The Star" and "Arena Homme Plus"s August issue!

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Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan have been making a name for themselves as actor-dols and are currently starring in the upcoming KBS 2TV weekend drama "What"s With This Family" and tvN"s "High School King", respectively.

The flower boys showed fans that they"re not always as serious as they appear to be in their dramas and warmed up to fans with their goofball expressions in shorts. Seo Kang Jun also picked roommate Jo Se Ho as the funniest comedian he knows.

Catch Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan on "What"s With This Family" and "High School King"!

SISTAR′s Dasom Cast for Movie ′Like a French Movie′

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SISTAR′s Dasom will be costarring with actor Ryu Deok Hwan in her first ever big screen acting piece.

Dasom recently confirmed she will be debuting on the silver screen with director Shin Yeon Sik.

The title of the piece is Like a French Movie. It will be a four-episode omnibus film.

Dasom will appear in two of the four omnibus episodes. She was able to be cast as a part of Shin Yeon Sik′s project, in which he digs out new actors who have potential to grow bigger.

Dasom′s agency Starship Entertainment told Newsen on July 23, "Dasom will lead in two of director Shin Yeon Sik′s omnibus films. In one of the two, she will costar with Ryu Deok Hwan as his lover, a cute woman who works at a beer bar. In the other episode she′ll costar with actor Jeong Man Sik

B2ST′s Yong Jun Hyung Gets Drunk, EXO Shows Group Love and More

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Many stars today got tangled in fashion while others had one drink too many.

Find out what antics they engaged in on today′s Twitter Roundup!

Supreme Team′s Simon D started his day warmly with a photo captioned, "The value of family."

Epik High′s Tablo, who really understands what family can mean to someone, answered "Beautiful..."

Girl′s Day was all for rainboots today.

Yura posted a photo of herself wearing rainboots, saying, "For when it′s raining~~~~!" while fellow member Minah also put on her own, saying, "I waited for a rainy day because I wanted to wear my rainboots~"

T-ara′s Hyo Min showed she cared for the styles of her precious ones.

"I designed this snapback myself~ It was a surprise present♥♥ Thank you all so much for showing you liked it even though it′s not that good; I hope you wear it every day~~" she said

Mnet’s ‘Singer Game’ to Air Competition Between JYP Vs. Starship Entertainment

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JYP and Starship Entertainment will be battling each other.

An affiliate of Mnet’s Singer Game spoke with Newsen on July 23 and announced, “The second episode of Singer Game will feature a competition between JYP and Starship Entertainment.”

The affiliate added, “The filming was carried out yesterday (July 22). The episode is set to air on August 6.”

Singer Game is a vocal battle program that features some of the country’s top vocalists engaging in one on one singing competitions.

Mnet’s Singer Game will air the first episode on July 23 at 11 p.m. (KST) featuring a competition between Wheesung and Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo.

Photo credit: Mnet

ZE:A’s Hyung Sik Wraps Up Filming on ‘Real Man’

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ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik filmed his last episode on Real Man.

Hyung Sik stepped off Real Man after the ranger training session that took place between July 14 and 18, due to his overlapping drama schedule.

About this, the PD of Real Man told Newsen on July 23, “Park Hyung Sik safely finished the ranger training last week, wrapping up the final filming. He did his best until the end, especially because it was his last episode.”

The PD shared, “The production team knew about Hyung Sik leaving the show before the other members did. The members were sad but faced the parting more calmly than we expected. The parting between Park Hyung Sik and the members will be aired in the upcoming episode.”

He also added, “We had a good bye party for Park Hyung Sik after filming, attended by all the members and the production team members

Shin Dong Yup, Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung are a fierce family on the set of ‘Fashion King Korea 2′

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Shin Dong Yup, Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung looked ready to compete with their fierce expressions on the set of "Fashion King Korea 2"!

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MC Shin Dong Yup was the man of the hour, getting the attention of Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung at the "Fashion King Korea 2" studio in Paju, Gyeonggido earlier this month. The MC and three celebrity contestants looked their best in matching black-and-white outfits and posed playfully for the camera.

Jung Joon YoungClaraBlock B"s Zico and P.OSunmiZE:A"s KwangheeYoon Jin SeoJo Se Ho, and Hong Jin Kyung will team up with designers Go Tae YongChoi Bum SeokHan Sang HyukLogan,Song Hye MyungKwak Hyun Joo, and Yang Hee Min for the fashion survival program

Infinity Challenge Goes to Bangkok for a Busy Vacation

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The MBC Infinity Challenge members will be going on vacation.

The producers of the show prepared a special vacation trip for the members in order to thank them for their hard work in long term projects like the election special, speed racing special and more.

Thanks to the producer′s gift, the members excitedly left for Bangkok, Thailand.

The members, however, soon realized the trip of course wouldn′t be like every other vacation trip. The moment the members met their guide in the city, they learned they wouldn′t get their trip easy.

They had to fight to visit every location and visit every spot the guide had prepared for them.

But in the end, the members managed to score and had tropical fruit, watched an elephant show, played around at a waterpark, went snorkeling, ate seafood, got a massage, watched big shows and more

Block B Members Talks Cute Concept and Makes No.1 Promise for ‘H.E.R’

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Block B spilled on having made an image transformation.

The Block B members attended the showcase for the new mini album H.E.R on July 23 in AX Korea, Gwangjin-gu, and shared the most challenging part on making the image transformation into a cute concept.

Block B’s U-Kwon said, “Until now, we tried to show a powerful image so we filmed with bold facial expressions. But if you watch our new music video it’s full of pink colors and has a bright atmosphere. It was really hard to make pretty faces. The hardest part was making the facial expressions.”

When asked why they decided to do a cute love song, Zico answered, “I thought that ‘we party the hardest’ concept was unique for our group but it became too common now. So we wanted to avoid that.”

When asked to make a number one promise, Zico promised that they will present a performance with each member dressed as an animal, with the members naming animals such as fox, mole, duck, donkey, porcupine, anteater, dinosaur, monkey, worm and more

Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) shows her maturing beauty in album jacket for ‘Sonnet Blooms’

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Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) bloomed, literally, as shown by her maturing beauty in the jacket for her upcoming album "Sonnet Blooms"!

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Her agency Fortune Entertainment unveiled the album jacket on July 22 ahead of her album release on the 30th. Her upcoming album "Sonnet Blooms" consists of 10 tracks including title track "You Again", "I"m Not Crazy", "I Hear Your Voice", "It Became Bearable", and "Different Tears Everyday".

Son Seung Yeon will awaken our ears with her beautiful voice once again in her MV teaser for "You Again" on the 28th and album release on the 30th!

JYP Releases Fun “Exclusive Interview” for 2014 JYP Nation “One Mic” Concert

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Are you ready for JYP Entertainment’s 2014 JYP Nation “One Mic” concert? It’s coming up soon on August 9 and 10 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, and the JYP artists have just released a goofy ‘exclusive interview’ video, raising fans’ anticipation once again for seeing all of the artists on the same stage.

In the interview, the artists have fun trying to name the concert lineup, their most anticipated performance, and the concept of the concert.

JYP head Park Jin Young said, “The theme of this concert is ‘One Mic.” It means the singers will sing in one microphone. Watching singers’ connected stages will be a point to focus on.”

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Henry, f’s Victoria, Super Junior’s Kangin, Kim Byung Man, and More to Take Part in New Chuseok Special

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The cast lineup for a brand new SBS Chuseok special program, “Clenched Fist Chef,” which was organized by Kim Byung Man, has been confirmed.

On July 23, PD Lee Young Jun, who will be directing the program, told Star News, “It has been confirmed that in addition to Kim Byung Man, Super Junior’s Kangin, Super Junior-M’s Henry, f(x)’s Victoria, and Rose Motel’s Yook Joong Wan will also be appearing on ’Clenched Fist Chef.’”

The PD further explained, “The members will be leaving for China around the middle of August in order to film for ‘Clenched Fist Chef.’ They are scheduled to return after recording in China for 4 days

Girl’s Day Reveals Beauty Ranking, Ideal Type in “60-second Interview”

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Girl’s Day tried whether they can make the time again in the “60-second Interview” portion of MTV’s “The Show” on its July 22 broadcast.

The girls, who have appeared in the show five months ago, tried their best to answer the fans’ questions from the start to the end of the program.

The members shared their quick and honest answers on questions such as “who among the members do not fit the ‘Darling’ concept,” “what is Sojin‘s beauty ranking of the members,” “who do the girls want to be paired with in a reality couple show,” “the nicknames they like,” and more.

The eldest member, Sojin, ranked Yura as the prettiest followed by Mina, Hyeri, and herself last

Take a Look At 4Minute’s HyunA’s Hipster Fashion in “Grazia” Magazine

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Girl group, 4Minute’s HyunA, worked with “Grazia” magazine and suggested the hipster concept for the photo shoot.

In the photo shoot with “Grazia” magazine, HyunA showed her professionalism and various of poses. She received compliments like, “I want to cut her out and keep her in my pocket.”

After the photo shoot, she sat down with “Grazia” and revealed the simple leisure she enjoyed. She said, “I enjoy going on walks. I usually walk around the park or look around small shops. At times, I play badminton with the company staff at a badminton court near my house.”

She also revealed that her other hobby is viewing artworks. She said, “Usually, I enjoy looking at photo albums. It’s surprising that I like Contemporary Art, right? While preparing for this album, I tried to find pop arts and any etchings of figures

Lee Joon Gi Wants His Character in ‘Joseon Shooter’ to Die in the End

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Lee Joon Gi revealed that he wants his character to face death in the end.

At the press conference for KBS 2TV’s Joseon Shooter on July 22, Lee Joon Gi brought up the ending of the drama.

Lee Joon Gi said, “’Park Yoon Gang’ is a character in the center of a chaotic time in history, reflecting the pain of people during the time period, instead of getting entwined in his personal revenge. I will be portraying the people’s hero as well as a portrait of young people of that time period through ‘Park Yoon Gang.’”

The actor then revealed, “I personally wish that the main character would die in the end. But all of the heroic projects that I’ve done so far had open endings. I even asked the production team to kill my character before it’s over but they told me that they don’t want to leave a depressing feel for the viewers by showing an open ending

Actor Lee Jae Hoon to be Discharged from the Military Tomorrow

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Actor Lee Jae Hoon will officially be finishing up his mandatory military service tomorrow, on July 24.

On July 23, a representative from the actor’s agency, Saram Entertainment told TV Report, “We just had a meeting with the police unit. They have expressed their wishes for the agency to not be involved in Lee Jae Hoon’s discharge. They have asked the agency to not attend tomorrow’s discharge ceremony.”

The rep continued, “We were not able to receive Lee Jae Hoon’s approximate discharge time. The agency will have to wait for the actor outside of the police department. The police unit hopes for a quiet discharge, as sensitive as the current state of affairs is at this time.”

It appears that the Metropolitan Police Special Promotional Unit, for which Lee Jae Hoon served his military service time, is being careful and conscious of the public eye due to the scrutiny of celebrities who are currently serving in the military

Actress Lee Yoon Ji to tie the knot!

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Actress Lee Yoon Ji (30) will be tying the knot with her boyfriend (33) this September!

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Her agency Namoo Actors shared the good news on September 23, "Actress Lee Yoon Ji will hold her wedding ceremony at the 63 Building in Yeouido on September 27."

"Actress Lee Yoon Ji and her fiance have been close friends for the past ten years and started dating 3-4 months ago... Her fiance is a 33-year-old dentist who is considerate and dependable. As they knew each other for a long time, they have confidence in each other and naturally decided to get married."

"We ask for your messages of encouragement and congratulations for Lee Yoon Ji who will start anew as an actress and woman

Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Actors of ′My Secret Hotel′ Attend Script Reading

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The tvN drama My Secret Hotel has finally started production.

The actors of My Secret Hotel gathered at the CJ E&M Center on July 18 to prepare for the drama in a script reading.

Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and the other leads and actors were present for the session.

Yoo In Na especially is said to have shown her passion by underlining important lines, always carrying a pencil with her at all times.

"There′s no other drama as interesting as My Secret Hotel. I think it will be great as long as I keep my act together," she said.

The producer of the drama Hwang Joon Hyuk also said, "Everyone showed how they were the perfect matches for their characters even though it was their first act together. We′re looking forward to the piece even more now

“Weekly Idol” Gathers Total of 100 Idols Including BEAST, A Pink for 3rd Anniversary

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The MBC Every1 show “Weekly Idol” proved its power over the K-pop idols and personally invited 100 of them to come to the show to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary.

On the July 23 episode of the show, “Weekly Idol” has an ambitious project for its 3rd year anniversary wherein they personally invited the “100 Idols Who Graced Weekly Idol.”

In the preview for the episode, the “Weekly Idol” MCs Jung Hyung Don (Dony) and Defconn (Cony), who were the first ones to step on the red carpet, said, “‘Weekly Idol’ that was supposed to be on a six-week, short term show has finally reached three years. We’ve written a new history in idol programs.”

Then, the idols who were invited to the special 3rd year anniversary show--BEAST, CN BLUE, 4Minute, A Pink, Rainbow, BTOB, GOT7, and others popular idol groups–started visiting the program nonstop from morning until night